Tips for Writing Professional Blog Posts

Tips for Writing Professional Blog Posts

Writing blog posts is no longer a hobby — it is a profitable time spending for many, and you can be one of those lucky ones. Blogging is open to everyone, and it is both beneficial and challenging. You don’t need any special preparation to start writing blog posts, but others can do the same, so there is a constant rivalry. To make your professional blog posts noticed and potentially profitable, use these practical tips provided by experienced writers from academic writing company.

Capture Reader's Attention from the First Lines

The biggest mistake a blogger can make is a combination of an excellent truly magnetic title with very poor first paragraphs of the blog post article. Without even having read for a minute the visitor leaves the pages of the web resource with a desire to never return or read this nonsense.

Therefore, before you write an article for your blog, think over the beginning of the article at the very moment when its name is still emerging in your brain. And when you start writing, from the very first lines, it is important to make the reader’s imagination work for you. That is, you need to be interested, so to speak, to give seed, after which you definitely want to read the entire text to the very end.

Use Lists and Bullet-Lists

Present some information in the form of lists. To write articles for the blog correctly, you need to master different types of information presentation. In particular, it should be in the form of lists.

Thus, the information is absorbed better than in the form of a solid text canvas. It is important to remember that it is undesirable to use too many list items, and each of them should not be too long. It is better if everything is short and to the point.

Master Storytelling

Any film (series, book), in which there is an intriguing plot, makes the viewer experience and keep an eye on the events, afraid to miss something important. The same approach can be used to write interesting articles for the blog.

  1. Make up the "main character," the existence of which/whom will be known from the very first lines.
  2. Tell us about his/her/its difficult fate and the "villains" that prevent him from living in peace.
  3. Add intrigue.
  4. Finish writing a blog article with a traditional happy ending.

Fill the Plot with Exciting Events!

This will allow you to write an article to the blog that will make the user worry. For example, if you follow the previous recommendation about creating a plot, you can create an example:

  • A new site appears in the network, which is desperately trying to break into the TOP of the search results.
  • Malicious search engines constantly interfere with this, improve their algorithms and try to send the "main character" under the filters.
  • The unscrupulous competitor, who fills up the already risky reference mass of with very poor-quality links, thereby helping the villains to find a reason for imposing sanctions.
  • The competitor himself turned out to be in a pit that he dug for the “main character" - went to the ban for bad purchased links.
  • The main character improves his mastery of promotion, bypasses all the "norms of the law", and the "villains" are powerless in their attempts to punish him for it.

Don't Leave Your Reader in the Middle

It is impossible all the time to lead the reader by the hand and just before the end throw it away, just breaking off the story. Therefore, if you took up writing a blog post and were able to interest a reader, be so kind as to satisfy his interest.

Give him something that was hinted at the very beginning. Summarize, summarize all the information provided in the article. Point out the essential points and mention that the topic of the article is fully disclosed.

Be Yourself

Do not try to copy the writing style of professional copywriters. Writing articles to the blog should come from your “I,” which is unique.

Do not write the text "because you need." Write only when there is an inspiration for it. Do not take topics that you frankly do not like in advance. Choose only those about which you want to write and which, in your opinion, can really be interesting to readers of the blog.

Of course, you will not be able to learn how to write articles for a blog (step-by-step tutorial is good, but you need practice) just reading this post. It will take some time.

But with each article written taking into account the above recommendations, you will improve your skills and, perhaps, soon you will be able to give beginners tips on how to write interesting articles for the blog.

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