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I am a mother of 8 and wife to be of the most amazing man in this world. I'm new to blogging and find myself with more downtime than usual, why not utilize it and educate others while helping myself. As a beginner blogger i'm sharing family experiences, life events, educational topics including health, family and finances.
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Clippin’ ain’t easy…

In 2016 the average income for a single family home was between $34k to $35k; that average is based on an average household size of 5. Imagine this income with a household size greater than that… more like 11! I don’t know about you but that calls for saving literally every penny in any and every way possible. Welcome … Continue reading Clippin’ ain’t...

Gluten Free Hell – Next Exit

We have to whaaaat? April 10, 2017 – In my latest post I talked about how we were preparing for a new adventure, well that adventure is approaching rather quickly. Our son is all set to go with the Brain Balance Achievement Center and we are excited and looking forward to the positive changes Maikel … Continue reading Gluten Free Hell –...

Who am I?

As April approaches we begin to do as we, meaning Autism parents, do all year long; Educate others and support our little troopers who suffer from this unfortunate disorder or delay as I like to call it, as part of World Autism Month.  Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental delay in the brain which effects … Continue reading Who am...

Children are our future, teach them well

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”  Denis Waitley Sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow As I begin this short post I want to start by saying, as parents our children depend on us to teach them and … Continue reading Children are our future, teach...

Spring is not just for Cleaning

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW This weekend I not only got to spend time with all of my nieces but I started fixing up my house. Have any of you ever done any remodeling on your own? It’s sooooo much harder than the DIY channel makes it seem, damn you TV! I am the type wife … Continue reading Spring is not just...

Post Live Q & A

This past Sunday, March 5th, I had the opportunity to do a live Q & A session for an online Support group; I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel or if I was even going to follow through as I am not a speaker at all, to be honest I hate attention it’s just … Continue reading Post Live Q...

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