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What is a top sheet or flat sheet

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What is a top sheet or flat sheet

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  • October 17, 2018 11:21:29 AM

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This blog is about what is top sheet generally top sheet is know by the name flat sheet. This is a big research that 40% people in USA do not like to use top sheet. This blog is to aware our people by the name Top or Flat sheet and use and advantages of flat sheet. Ava Aroha Linen Supplier (USA&CA)

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What is a flat sheet?

What is Flat Sheet? Peoples are searching for a question that what is flat sheet? What is a flat sheet and why … More

What is Flat Sheet?

Peoples are searching for a question that what is flat sheet? What is a flat sheet and why it is necessary to know, for all of us.

Flat Sheet

Top sheet is a bedding accessory often called as flat sheet. Top sheet/Flat sheet hang down from bed instead of having elastic on its edge to fit it with mattress. So many people in America (Almost 40%) do not like to use it because they think that, putting top sheet on bed is just like having extra layer on our bed. Sellers in America started selling sheet set excluding flat sheet and they sale flat sheet only separately. Use of flat sheet has its own importance.  We have some benefit and purpose of using flat sheet that are as follows: white flat sheet

·         It is not important to have exact size of flat sheet to our bed. Large size top sheet we can use on small size bed sheet.

·         Use of flat sheet keeps blanket/Comforter or duvet cover clean.

·         Use of flat sheet is not like having extra layer on bed but we get softness and comfort using it.

·         Use of Flat sheet reduce burden of laundry. It is very hard to wash duvet covers and blankets because after getting they become very heavy but if we use flat sheets we can put them in washing machine with all our regular cloths thus it is easy to clean.

·         If we use duvet covers or comforters only we have to wash them frequently and as result of it they will get faded and abrasion damage our product so we can use flat sheet only which cost nothing much and thus it is cost efficient too.

·         We can use top sheet during hot nights rather than using duvets.

·         It is sign of having complete sheet set in our home which give the luxury appearance to our bed. I don’t consider bedding set complete, until it include flat sheet.

I think now I have completed the answer of what is top sheet or what is flat sheet but still if you have some new thoughts and suggestions about it please comment. Your comment is like chocolate for me and I love chocolate. Home Blog Directory

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What is a top sheet or flat sheet -




40% of Americans are not using top sheets so sellers and suppliers’ sale flat sheet only and they exclude flat … More

40% of Americans are not using top sheets so sellers and suppliers’ sale flat sheet only and they exclude flat sheet from sheet set. “Top sheet or not!” this sentence searched over Google so many times. People always ask bedding and home decor experts that, do we really need top sheets.

flat sheet only

There are some advantages of using top sheets and then it would be up to you that “Top Sheet or Not!”

  • Top sheets help in temperature control :

It can be pleasant to utilize your sheets under light covers in the spring and summer, so you can undoubtedly change in accordance with your coveted temperature without jumping out of bed

  • You can use top sheet instead of duvet covers on a hot nights :

During hot nights you cannot use duvet covers so, top sheet is better option to use. 300-400 thread count top sheet is better option for us to use during hot nights because it we use more that this thread count, it makes top sheet heavier. Use of 300-400 TC top sheets during hot season is convenient.

  • It complete your bedding set :

It complete our bedding set. Luxury Bedding set excluding top sheet is not complete set and also it shows the luxury of our house. It is not like having extra layer on our bed but it means that you have actual bed set.

  • Reduce heavy laundering work load :

You can put top sheet in machine easily with your other clothes even. If you wash duvet covers it become heavy after getting wet and we face problem while washing them. If top sheets get wet in rainy season  you can easily dry them.

  • Cost efficient with extra features :

If you wash duvet covers frequently they get faded and start looking ugly so you can not wash them again and again. Instead of it if you use flat sheets you can wash them as you think of need. Flat sheet only doesn’t cost much.


Do you really have a good Bedroom?

People don’t know the definition of good bedroom because good bedroom is all about having good bedding accessories rather than … More

Featured Images

creating your ownPeople don’t know the definition of good bedroom because good bedroom is all about having good bedding accessories rather than having good colors on walls, having costly stuff of decoration into the room.

Of course having some good stuff into your room makes it decorative not comfortable. Also you can be comfortable with that kind of room it looks cool attractive may be luxurious what want you really want from your bedroom?

This is the question why I’m writing this article and answer is good sound sleep.

For good sound sleep you should have good bedding material like flat sheet & fitted sheet, pillows and pillow cases, comforter and duvet covers, Body pillows and to make your bed attractive you can use bed skirts, using bed skirts you can hide stuff you kept under the bed. There is one more thing that is black and white reversible duvet cover. You can have two colors in one duvet cover. You can have choice.

In your bedroom your bed plays very important role. It makes a room, Bedroom. If one is not comfortable with bed I don’t consider that bedroom is ideal bedroom.

Your bed should be like, if you go to your bed a feeling should come that you want to have deep sleep on it.

There is very important role your bed plays in your life!!! Even your bed can have impact on your work. You may hear some thoughts like “Bed is just a decoration in busy men’s bedroom” but if you are busy man, then it is more important to have good bedding accessories because “Your good last night makes your next day good” and good bedding accessories makes your night good.

If you will have sound sleep you will fell fresh next day. You will not take so much time to come out of the bed. Good bedding stuff let us take sound sleep, which is really a need of life. Peoples should take care of it.

In this era of competition, peoples have forgotten everything. They don’t even think of food and sleep. So much of workload takes stress and frustration they should have luxury bedding, actually! Everybody needs luxury bedding.

Luxury bedding means not having so much costly bedding accessories but 300-400 thread count linen bedding accessories to have good sleep. There may be some up vote and down vote for this but it is enough. It do not cost so much and also maintain luxury in the sense of living standard.

Colors and patterns in bedding accessories makes good decoration so, you can choose according you decoration purpose also.

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7 Reason Your Flat Sheet Only is Your Soul-Mate – AanyaLinen

    Ever think that how much a flat sheet only matters? Let me link it in another way. Do … More




Ever think that how much a flat sheet only matters? Let me link it in another way. Do you know that we spend about 1/3rd of our life on bed? Yes, we do! There is no doubt that a good bed can add some quality hours of sleep. And bed sheet is crucial in that bed apart from cosy duvet and relaxing pillows.

A memory of vacations had a corner of hotel rooms too, what about hotel-bed experiences? An incredible experience of relax and fresh mornings, have a very wide role of beddings and coverings on it. Have you ever tried to recreate the same experience at your home? If no, then take a chance to create a same aura at your home, in your bedroom, at your bed on your flat sheet only.

A flat sheet only can be your soul mate in many ways, a bed sheet can change your mood, can calm your senses, can make you relax or can make you rejuvenate.

mood booster


Here, listing 7 reasons for how a sheet-set can be your soul-mate:

  1. Mood Booster: In flat sheet, color plays an important role. Yes, it does! Color of your sheet-set decides your mood. After a hectic day, what an individual can expect? I think, a relaxing aura can work. Your sheet-set can be a mood booster for you. So try to pick a color of your sheet-set according to your mood or here we can say according to your work. On one side, a rockstar can go for bright colors whereas, an investment banker would choose soothing colors for their good night sleep. Think for it once. In case of mine, I will chose white sheet set.
  2. Sleep snug: flat Sheet only can be snug for your sleep or can be bleak, it depends on various things like a color, a cloth quality and most important which we usually ignore is a thread quality. Yes! A thread quality is must when it comes to check about sheet-set. To get an idea about it, opt for a cotton sheet-set, but remember, there are many types of cotton, and to choose among them, but it’s the length of the fiber that dictates quality of the bed sheet. 300-400 thread count with white linen bedding is better to feel luxury.
  3. A companion of your night: In 1/3rd life, which we spend on bed, why it should not be in a full-fledged comfort. When it’s about whole night on a single bed, on same mattress, it’s covering should be in a way that make you feel like your companion, or can say your night partner.
  4. Personality reveal: Do you know that flat sheet only reveal about personality, it’s about your choices, your selection about graphics, colors, designs, quality. And I think when it’s about personality, it can be called as your soul-mate too!
  5. Fashion fusion: Aha, Fashion with sheet-set! How? Nowadays, interior of your living place is becoming a vital class of society. And when it comes to bedroom, a bed with fluffy mattress is of no match if not paired with classy bed sheet according to color of your bedroom. Give a try to bed sheet of AanyaLinen to spice up the fashion of bedroom.
  6. Color of your choice: Color, personally every individual have different choices when it comes to choose color. Do you know, study reveals that people with a blue bedroom manage to get the most sleep per night? However, it’s best to avoid purple, which is said to be too stimulating that can reduce your sleeping hours to less than six hours.
  7. Comfort Zone: A flat sheet only can be your comfort zone too. Ever think that when you are tired, first thing we need for relaxation is our bed or our couch and an image appears in mind is of covering, a flat sheet! Your real soul-mate.

How to identify true Egyptian Cotton Flat Sheets Only

The need to understand the difference between normal cotton and Egyptian cotton is firstly to understand what Egyptian cotton is … More

white flat sheet

The need to understand the difference between normal cotton and Egyptian cotton is firstly to understand what Egyptian cotton is and why is there so much hype around this particular fabric? Egyptian cotton is the platinum of cotton fabrics around the world and the reason for it to be is hidden in its name itself that is from Egypt. If a cotton fabric is to be called/labelled as Egyptian cotton then it has to be directly linked with it being grown from Egypt that too from the banks of river Nile.

The main reason that Egyptian cotton is the epitome of luxury fabrics is that, it is the softest and of the best of quality of fabrics and the reason being is, it has its fibers being the longest on an average more than 1.5 inch or even more. The longer the fiber, the longer the longer the longevity. The manufacturers who claim to use or write “100% Egyptian Cotton”  around the world are actually false claiming their facts, reason being only 1% of cotton around the world is Egyptian cotton and the rest 99% is cotton produced around world. The Egyptian cotton farming is also dwindling slowly in the recent years. With less than 1% of Egyptian cotton being produced, it becomes very exclusive and also increases the price considerably. Original cost of bedsheets being woven out of this fabric is anywhere ~$600-$800 and in some cases breaching the ~$1000 price. This makes it clear that any price below this and claiming it to be Egyptian cotton should be taken with a pinch of salt and also should cause concern while making a purchase.

It is hard to convince and change the customer’s perception that Egyptian cotton flat sheet only is the best available cotton fabric in the world, as with the DNA testing of other cotton fibers which are actually much better than Egyptian cotton. Other possible identifiers being;

  • Totally extracted from different plant species

The Egyptian cotton flat sheet only is hand-picked unlike other cotton plants making it to have longer fibers which allows it to have stronger and softer fabric after being finally woven. This also increase the life of the product by providing more strength than other regular cotton fabrics.

  • Is it worth the cost?

Yes, the Egyptian cotton flat sheet only is always finer, softer and stronger than regular cotton yarns as the prior has more fibers per square centimeter than the later. This makes the extra amount of money worth as amortized cost over the period of the product makes it actually very cheap and not costly.

  • The Geographical connection

The Egyptian cotton flat sheet only is always procured from Egypt from top notch brands, and by merely labelling them 100% Egyptian cotton is always not right. In Egypt, the cotton is still being collected by hand whereas in America it is done through machines making the quality deteriorated then and there itself. Also, these bed sheets are exclusive to luxury stores due to its super exclusivity.

These are some of the facts of Egyptian cotton flat sheet only and the steps to identify and be cautious before making a purchase. It’s always better to know better before making the purchase of such high end luxury items.

The Perfect bedding style this Spring with white linen bedding

  The body needs to rejuvenate its body, mind and soul and it does by sleeping and resting at night, … More


stripe sheet

The body needs to rejuvenate its body, mind and soul and it does by sleeping and resting at night, what’s important here is that the quality of sleep a person gets during the wee hours of the night. Most importantly the mental tiredness needs to be cooled down. All this is done by having a good sleep. We so happen to forget in the process the main partner in crime in this case that is our bedsheet that is always out of the radar of our comfort zone.

In day to day activity, white linen bedding also plays an important role to culminate the entire hygiene of a person, this leads to increase in bed bugs that in one way helps to decompose the dead skin cells that withers off during the night, but when this bed bugs start to multiply due to bad hygiene, then it becomes very tedious to maintain the overall cleanliness and can lead to skin rashes with other skin infections.

What is the material that is to be used?

A person generally uses white linen bedding sheets during a little warmer climate as and when increase in the temperature leads to higher sweat, which in turn would increase the use of white linen bedding sheets in the home. Thus, to make the aunty use less of cotton bed sheets, we failed to hide it from her. Also cotton helps to absorb sweat and can be good with the Bangalore bound trains, so that there could be enough to fart.

What color to possibly use for bedsheets?

White linen bedding is best.With the use of light color schemes and light color backing, she is being forced to bring all that she can afford, psychologically having lighter tone colors helps a persons to think in a clear way with a clear vision. There can be small but steady steps that can be taken in that direction. A person’s room with the lightest form of colors have the least temper and can easily focus at any given focus at hand.

Can Synthetic be used as a substitute to cotton fabrics?

No, not until and unless it is being used as an alternate in the times of need especially in the spring where the temperature is quite high normally which can lead to skin rashes, bad body odor, and many other skin complications. Synthetic is basically wrinkle free, but not maintenance free, we might seem to benefit from it, but as a bachelor lifestyle goes by, it can’t survive the harsh environment the quality of a bedsheet can have neither will it stay for its period of longevity.

It’s easy said than done that all these are the pre-requisites for a good bed time advice for a better sleep and a clean bed cover. But all these are those basic necessities which when pondered upon makes it harder as each day passes by. But, these are those small things which can brighten a person’s day, quench the thirst of person’s cleanliness and sets a calm nature that helps a person conduct in the long run.  

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