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“My thoughts dedicated to GOD, my caring parents, all my loving teachers and all my well-wishers.” :Vasanth, Virgo Libran born in Kovvur to Satyavathi and Veerabhadracharyulu.
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How could time-travel from future to past be possible?

A tachyonic antitelephone is a hypothetical device in theoretical physics that could be used to send signals into one's own past.Tachyonic antitelephone has resemblances with 'Aakaash Vaani', in our Hindu mythology, which informs people in present about future with voices from sky. More at DNA [which itself is Information] of a future person is transferred to past using Tachyonic Antitelephone, then one can give birth to that...

Why devotional service to GOD so powerful?

We All know that one has to water the roots of the tree for it to grow well and give us delicious fruits to relish. There is no point in watering the branches or leaves for making the tree grow well. Similarly, those who realize that GOD is the root of His Creation understand worshipping GOD results in fruitful reactions thus fulfilling one's desires.Understanding GOD is Everywhere and in Everybody will make us realize that harming a living entity is, in fact, harming GOD which will lead to...

Are Hell and Heaven real?

I don't believe in separate Heaven or Hell.I remember my elders teaching me that if someone sins in this life, then they will be fried in oil in Hell. After being blessed with little bit of consciousness by GOD I realized RNA is Soul.So, if a human sinner dies then his ashes are merged into rivers. These ashes are consumed by fish. These fish give birth to other fish which can have the RNA of the sinner. Fishermen catch the fish with sinner RNA and your mom fries them in the kitchen before...

Everything is Information. Energy is Information carrier.

Multiverse is a Cosmic Computer.Physicist John Wheeler said the universe had three parts: First, “Everything is Particles,” second, “Everything is Fields,” and third, “Everything is information.” In the 1980s he coined the phrase “It from bit.” The idea is that the universe emanates from the information inherent within it. Each it or particle is a bit. It from bit.In 1989 Wheeler announced “every it--every particle, every field of force, even the space-time continuum...

How Everything is recorded in Space & Time?

Chitragupta (Sanskrit: चित्रगुप्त, 'hidden picture' or 'rich in secrets') is a Hindu god assigned with the task of keeping complete records of actions of human beings on the earth. Upon their death, Chitragupta has the task of deciding heaven or the hell for the humans, depending on their actions on the earth.Even Heaven is not the best abode for Spiritual people. Goloka Vrindavan is the ultimate abode for one's Soul which gives eternal bliss to the Soul...

Why is the Spiritual world superior to the Material world?

Spiritual world to Material world is like Software to Hardware. One can see hardware and cannot see software, but feel the software. The software is the one which runs the hardware. It is the software which adds value to the device just like an Android OS to your gadget. We see that software is priced higher than hardware, in some cases. Hardware once designed can be manufactured with automation just like living beings born with reproduction. Whereas in case of software, many minds continually...

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