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Unique Visitor Statistics

Blogging Fusion now offers a Unique Visitors metric as well. In the simplest of terms, this number represents how many pairs of eyes viewed a particular website during a specified period of time. It can help you better understand the size and reach of a website's audience and is useful for:

Strategy and investment teams measuring a brand's reach

Publishers assessing the exposure for a competitor's piece of content

Advertisers quantifying the impact of our company's reach

You can view the Unique Visitors metrics below, broken down by Year, Date, Month and Hour and even our best day on record thus far!

January : Unique Hits 29,196 /

February : Unique Hits 31,445 /

March : Unique Hits 38,207 /

April : Unique Hits 40,753 /

May : Unique Hits 32,144 /

June : Unique Hits 32,093 /

July : Unique Hits 38,905 /

August : Unique Hits 29,731 /

September : Unique Hits 27,583 /