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  • Homer Les
  • August 06, 2019 02:20:33 PM

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A blog for all who would choose to follow Jesus with uncompromising faith

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The Fast Track to Maturity

Christmas last year was enjoyable. Maybe too enjoyable. The influx of sweets and other treats caused my weight to balloon greater than it should. Feeling sick and overweight, I decided to fast. I have been on a water only fast for a few days; specifically distilled water. In the past we felt that fasting was […] The post The Fast Track to Maturity appeared first on Uncompromising...

Christmas last year was enjoyable. Maybe too enjoyable. The influx of sweets and other treats caused my weight to balloon greater than it should. Feeling sick and overweight, I decided to fast. I have been on a water only fast for a few days; specifically distilled water. In the past we felt that fasting was a spiritual exercise; but we have since confirmed its great health benefits. My fast was to help with my health problems, and deal with my excess fat. However, as always, God took my ordinary experience and infused them with His timeless truth.

The Complete Guide to Fasting

As we were out walking Milo today, Wanda and I were discussing what we had learned from our experiences with fasting. Wanda has a long history with fasting and is well versed in it; but her understanding was always connected to spirituality. For my last birthday, Ida and Fanny purchased the book The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung. In this book, Wanda learned that fasting is a healthy part of normal life. Dr. Fung outlined how the abundance of sugars and carbs we consume daily can cause a great deal of weight gain and unwanted health problems. We store excessive amounts as fat in our bodies. Often, this excess fat we store causes Type 2 diabetes; or insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes is increasing; especially with the low fat, high carb western diet. The medical profession has tried dealing with type 2 diabetes with drugs that lower blood sugar; but that exacerbates the problem by increasing the person’s weight by flooding the body with more insulin; not less. Traditional medicine, with its synthetic drugs, does not have the answer. Patients suffering from metabolic problems are told it is a progressive disease. This troubled Dr. Fung.

Fat in the freezer

To solve the problem, Dr. Fung spent a considerable amount of time studying fasting and its health effects on the body. What he found was fascinating. Traditional weight loss plans of low fat and calorie restriction consumption, cause the metabolism of the body to slow down. Diets had a 99 percent failure rate and more weight gain than before the diet, when people returned to normal eating. He wanted to know why. He concluded that we store our excess fat in two places not one. He likens it to fat stored in the ‘fridge’ and fat stored in the ‘freezer’. Traditional diets only take the fat out of the ‘fridge’ because the body never goes into fat burning mode. The only way to access the fat stored in the ‘freezer’ was to bring down insulin levels. Insulin acts like a guard around the ‘freezer’. Water fasting causes the body to access the ‘freezer’ within 36 hours. It resets the body and brings it back into balance. Giving the body a Sabbath rest. This reset included stopping Type 2 diabetes. He was stunned at the success rate of his patients. By denying the body food and sugars for a time, the toxins built up in the fat reserves of the body could be released; bringing optimal health to the person fasting. We can confirm his conclusions.

We have found that when we fast, we felt better and we lose weight. Today I feel healthier than I have in the past months.

The cyclical nature of food

When God created us He did so perfectly; and with the knowledge of what we would encounter as humans. Throughout history, periods of feasting and famine have been very regular. Remember that God used a famine to move the house of Jacob into Egypt. God designed our bodies to handle the cyclical and sometimes unreliable access to food. As humans we would bulk up during times of plenty; and burn that bulk during times of want. As we consume food, we displace what we cannot digest as waste and use the rest to fuel our bodies. We put that excess into the ‘fridge’ of our bodies and use it as necessary. When the ‘fridge’ is full, what we cannot burn, within a period of time, is stored in our ‘freezer’; our excessive fat reserves. As long as we have periods of feasting and fasting, balance is maintained and the ‘freezer’ is kept empty.

The problem today lies with our constant, reliable access to food; and an overabundance of sugars that have plagued us in the past two centuries. God did not design our bodies to handle such continual access to food; especially sweets. The plague of obesity facing North America, and other parts of the world, is a huge problem.

We can exercise and diet all we want; but if we cannot empty the ‘freezer’ of excess fat we will be in trouble. This is the reason why fasting is so important to help us keep a healthy balance to our weight and health.

Spiritual Turkish delight

Now Wanda and I are not medical experts. This blog is primarily aimed to help people deal with issues of spirit not weight. So you might wonder why we are writing about fasting. Herein lies the genius of God; and the utter simplicity in how He leads us.

This morning, I was reading a word from a prophet that seemed to me so focused on symbolic imagery. I saw no practical relevance in it. It neither inspired nor helped; but rather confused me with esoteric words and flowery language. At the moment I referred to it as spiritual Turkish Delight. Sweet and wonderful to taste; but vacant of any nutritional value. I often see this with prophetic writings; and it disturbs me that there is little practical application to what they are trying to convey. As ones who have gone through a difficult wilderness, we know just how important a grounded, practical faith is. We need it to survive the harsh reality of life.

We need the meat and potatoes of a practical faith; not spiritual Turkish Delight that ends up tasting good but leaving us empty.

Leaven of the religious

As Wanda and I were discussing all of this on our walk, a simple line came to me. “Jesus said to them, Be careful and on your guard against the leaven (ferment) of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 16:6. At that moment God revealed to us a primary truth about fasting; and its spiritual significance. We knew that, in the natural, bread is full of sugar, flour and yeast; or leaven. All of these cause the body to increase in fat. When we eat this ‘leavened’ religious teaching, we store this toxic brew of manmade rules and ideologies into our ‘self’ nature. This is like our storage of sugars and carbs as fat. If we do not fast, we will never get rid of this toxic storage. The same can be said if we do not go through an extended period of time, breaking free from the pollution of religion. We will end up storing that excess ‘leaven’ in our ‘self-nature’ and become ill. The wilderness is a place where we feast on Jesus. He said, “The one who eats My flesh and drinks My blood [believes in Me, accepts Me as Savior] has eternal life [that is, now possesses it], and I will raise him up [from the dead] on the last day.” John 6:51.

We need to learn how to feast on Him and fast from ‘self’.

Fasting from religion

In our journey, we encountered many people. The sickest were those trapped in religion. They willfully refused to see how their ‘self’ nature had become extremely toxic. They were driving themselves farther and farther away from their loving God, and could not see the danger they were in. The prescription for them would be to fast; to rid themselves of religion and ‘self’ by an extended time in the wilderness. In the wilderness, they would fast from religion and would only have Living Water to drink. By drinking Him exclusively, they would eventually be rid of the toxicity of religion and ‘self’; all that would keep them from entering into the life Jesus had prepared for them. The wilderness is a fast. Not necessarily from food although that may happen; but from the toxicity of religious leaders, people, and our own ‘self’ nature.

Patient endurance

A word of caution is in order. For those who think they can just jump into a fast or go to the wilderness and be successful, be forewarned. Having been on a number of fasts, we can tell you it is not pleasant. When you physically fast, the initial stages are difficult. As the body throws off toxins in the system, there is nausea, headaches, chills, fatigue, and muscle pain; overall discomfort. All of this is quite normal; and to be expected. If one perseveres however, eventually a feeling of well-being comes back as balance and health are restored. Over time regular fasting becomes easier as we acclimate to the change. Likewise, the wilderness is a difficult adventure as we throw off the toxins of ‘self’. Many times the pain and suffering will seem, and feel, unbearable. This is where patient endurance and perseverance are crucial to your success.

If you continue to follow Jesus, eventually you will be successful and will be much healthier spiritually.

Both fasting and the wilderness are God’s design to keep us healthy. Together they give us lessons that will aid us in our spiritual growth and maturity. By denying our bodies and ‘self’, of those things once fed on, we learn that God designed us to feast on Him; and Him alone. When we expel the toxicity of ‘self’, we will joyously discover we are healthier than we have ever been; and we will embrace a closer relationship with the One who dearly loves us. We encourage you to give your body a rest from that which brings it no benefit. Loose the bonds of religion from your tired aching body; find freedom with Him in the wilderness.


Homer and Wanda

The post The Fast Track to Maturity appeared first on Uncompromising Faith.


We once read a story by a woman heartbroken over her friend so poor that she had nothing to eat but potatoes for a whole week. As we ate nothing but potatoes in the little blue house week after week, month after month, we would chuckle at the difference in perspective. Having nothing to eat […] The post Lefse appeared first on Uncompromising...

We once read a story by a woman heartbroken over her friend so poor that she had nothing to eat but potatoes for a whole week. As we ate nothing but potatoes in the little blue house week after week, month after month, we would chuckle at the difference in perspective. Having nothing to eat but potatoes all the time can be very wearying but we were always thankful to at least have food. We learned from God then that real poverty goes much deeper than some temporary, mild discomfort. Real poverty, of soul and body, awakens an awareness of just how fragile we are and how much we need to rely on God for our day-to-day existence. Our recent experience with lefse underscored this reality.

Making lefse

Since we had little to eat but potatoes in the little blue house on PEI, we tried every recipe in the book to disguise them from our taste buds; often without success. One way that succeeded was when I made lefse. Lefse is a Scandinavian flatbread, much like a tortilla, made with potatoes. It is surprisingly difficult to make. The reason for this difficulty is that the potato base makes for a very sticky dough. There is a specific process, and a few tricks, to work with the starchy tuber to turn it into proper lefse.

It takes a great deal of effort to prepare, then cook, the potatoes and then mash them to just the right consistency. Once complete, the mash must be chilled. A balanced dough made from mashed potatoes and flour that is just the right stickiness is the next step. Finally, the dough must be rolled out to the right thickness and then cooked at an exact temperature. Fail in any of these steps and you have nothing but frustrations and a sticky mess to clean up. Succeed and you have the most mouthwatering delicious sweet flatbread that can hardly be described.

...and the cleanup

I knew cooking and preparing the potatoes would be a messy occupation. However, being undeterred by this prospect, and stirred on by a gnawing hunger, I transformed 50 pounds of potatoes and 5 pounds of flour into this tasty treat. After a long, hard, exhausting day the operation was a success. We were all delighted to have food that had little resemblance to the tiresome tuber.

When Wanda came in for cleanup however, her happy emotion was replaced with something just a little less so. My wanton redecoration with flour was not wholly appreciated I guess. We often say that the wilderness is a war zone and to Wanda it seemed I had intentionally exploded a bag of flour in the dining/laundry room. It is no exaggeration that we found flour in undiscovered places for many months afterward. Because of this we agreed that lefse would now stay in the ‘special occasion’ category.

The hardest path

As humans we have a great potential to avoid difficulty wherever, and whenever, possible.

We are hard wired, it seems, to choose ease and comfort over difficulty and pain. When ‘self’ is in control the default of taking the easiest path possible becomes something of an uncompromising obsession. Even without ‘self’ it is hard to accept the hardship and challenges that confront us in life. It should be no surprise then that the path of the wilderness is chock full of limitations, restrictions and deprivations designed to test our character and kill our ‘self’ nature. God intentionally gives us the hardest path we can withstand to harden us to difficulty and to teach us to rely on Him. His purpose is not to frustrate but to instill in us patient endurance and faith.

We need to learn how to follow Jesus patiently through difficulty and endure long to find the reward of faith on the other side.

Wistful longing

Now with all the trouble and mess that lefse is to make you can understand why I was not eager to make this troublesome treat again. That is also why, when the urge rose within me this holiday season to have lefse, that I started looking for bakeries and shops where I might buy some lefse. Like most humans I was seeking the easiest path first. I was not hopeful of success however, as there is no Scandinavian population where we live. Since I did not want to raise false hopes with my family, I kept my enquiries quiet and discreet.

Even though God had blessed us with abundance, this Christmas season I did not feel that having lefse was even possible. Little did I realize He had other plans.

My mistake, if you can call it that, was to let it slip that I desired lefse this holiday season. With this knowledge in hand my family then began plotting, yes plotting, to get me my desire. It was not unlike David wistfully longing for the sweet water from Bethlehem’s well while the Philistines occupied the town. His mighty men overheard his cry, went to Bethlehem and fought their way through enemy territory to draw some water for David. Their love for him was so great it led them to sacrifice themselves for his benefit. It was overwhelming for him. In my case, however, it soon became clear that there was no hope of my family being able to buy any lefse locally. The same roadblocks I had faced stymied them. Our quest seemed to be at the end of the line.

The subtle silver thread

Often, as we walk with God, the stirrings and ideas that spring up within us originate in His heart. It may seem strange but when you realize that God loves you deeply and personally you see that the ideas He gives often have a very practical purpose. Let’s take our example for a moment. Here I was longing for a treat I have had in Christmas’s past and have not eaten in at least 4 years. Even though I had this longing there appeared to be no path forward to satisfy it. It seemed like I was headed for more frustration and disappointment. I say ‘seemed like’ because even though we could not see a way to get lefse God had a plan we could not see. This is where the practical purpose comes in. You see, the goal of lefse was always secondary to God’s primary goal to take this opportunity to build trust and faith in us. To do this however we had to follow the subtle silver thread of His lead to see where it would take us.

We had to push beyond the easy path and face the challenge before us.


Having exhausted the path of purchasing lefse outright we began to think about making it. Such thoughts I countered with logical, and very practical, objections. First, to peel potatoes, boil them and mash them in this little motel room would be a difficult task requiring an effort which I was not prepared to exert. Second, Wanda will never let me forget the flour explosion from the little blue house she had to clean up after my last big venture into lefse making. We have no room in this motel to make such a mess. The space for rolling out dough and cooking is a fraction of the space I have had in the past. Third, even if we could overcome the first two obstacles we did not have the cooking tools, a mixer, glass bowl, rolling pin and skillet, necessary to making lefse.

With all these objections in mind you would be right in thinking the challenges were just too great and we would just give up. For most people you would be correct but we are battle-hardened veterans of the wilderness. We saw these difficulties as opportunities and challenges we might overcome. We would, however, require God’s lead and provision before it would be possible. That lead happened when Wanda had the urge to look for a lefse recipe that used instant potatoes instead of fresh potatoes. Surprisingly, she found one.

The mission

Now I like the taste of fresh potatoes in lefse but the work involved preparing them was prohibitive. I was willing to compromise and allow the use of instant potatoes because there was no other alternative. In one stroke God had removed the challenge of extended effort and space required to prepare fresh potatoes. After overcoming that hurdle we then began working out the logistics of preparation. We had all the ingredients but lacked the proper tools. Since we had a little money left over after Christmas gift shopping we hunted for the tools we needed. We didn’t need new, so we went to the local thrift shop to see what we could find.

God has led us down the path of taking the small idea I had and turned it into a mission. We had gone past the point of just talking about buying lefse, to making lefse, and now into where we were doing something about it. This is a critical step in faith. When we get an idea, even if we do not realize that it is from God, we need to pursue it into action to turn it into faith. Just having the idea is not enough, we must act on the lead otherwise we will not learn to follow Jesus in faith.

If the idea is from God, He will shine a light on the path forward to bring it to fruition, if not it will lead nowhere. In our case we needed the hand of God to steer us as we progressed in our travels to get just the right tools at just the right prices.

Getting started

At our local thrift shop, we found everything we needed but the rolling pin. We were giddy at how this little idea was taking form and God was directing our steps of faith. It took us a little longer, and a few more shops, to find the rolling pin but we bought that too. Now that we had our ingredients, and our tools, we had to put everything to work to see if everything would work out. I must admit that by this point we knew God was leading our mission and our confidence in success was strong.

The final test we faced was to put everything together and try making lefse. As I began I was stunned at how simple and quick, it was to prepare the potatoes. What took me 6-8 hours in the past took me mere minutes now. Soon the mash was chilling in the car outside because we lacked the fridge space to chill it inside. Thankfully the temperature was hovering around 0° C and was perfect for the job. After an hour I took the chilled potatoes out and made the dough. This was also easier than expected. Once again the prepared dough went out to the car for a second chilling and I relaxed.

The result

The final, and messiest, hurdle would be rolling out the dough and cooking it. This was the time I would need the most space and end up making the most mess. We cleaned out the tiny counter space we had to make room. It was tight, but I felt it might work. Then I floured the counter and the rolling pin. Being as careful as possible I rolled out the first ball and was amazed at how easy it was. Years of experience had taught my hands what to expect so I could control the texture of the lefse without a great deal of mess.

Finally, I heated the skillet and the first lefse went into the pan. In a few minutes it was done and a quest that had started a few weeks earlier ended. Wanda declared the lefse delicious, and we were all overjoyed at the successful completion to our mission.


Our success came only because of an equal partnership with each other and with Jesus. All of us contributed, in our own way, to the result. Without each person contributing, the luscious lefse would not have happened. This is why obedience to the lead of God is so important to our walk of faith. You see, we need to realize that we are equal partners with God in our journey of faith otherwise we will become angry and paralyzed by our own weaknesses. Too often we make the mistake of charging ahead with our own ideas without God’s lead or we sit on our thumbs expecting God to do all the work for us. Neither of these actions is right.

We need to realize that we must partner with God and follow His lead in all things in order to navigate the wilderness and learn faith.

To give and receive

The wilderness is a dance that will not be successful unless we learn to partner with God in everything we do. Jesus is not focused on just the big things in our lives and around us, He is focused on us. Everything about us is important to Him. Nothing is off the table in what He wants to teach us in how to cooperate with Him. Our task is to follow that lead; no matter how impossible the road ahead looks. We need to trust Him to provide at the right time that which we need to complete the assignment. In our case the reward was a delicious lefse we did not think was possible here, and a renewed respect, and gratitude, for His leading.

This season is a time of giving and receiving. This little ‘lefson’ is our gift to you this holiday. We call out to you today to give to Jesus your complete attention and, in turn, receive His lead with joy. He will lead you to the quiet waters, green meadows and safe places to rest if you commit to follow Him completely. I promise you, no matter how rocky the path ahead looks, you can always trust the Shepherd to lead you to the proper place you need to be. May you also find the tasty reward of faith at the end of your journey.


Homer and Wanda

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Limitations and ‘Self’

Truth is timeless. Sometimes the spirit of God comes through our words and so packs them with truth they deserve another review. This is such a word; a word that began life as a comment to a post on Precious One’s blog. After reading it again we feel the need to repost this simple word […] The post Limitations and ‘Self’ appeared first on Uncompromising...

Truth is timeless. Sometimes the spirit of God comes through our words and so packs them with truth they deserve another review. This is such a word; a word that began life as a comment to a post on Precious One’s blog. After reading it again we feel the need to repost this simple word as its own post with a few minor revisions. In this season of exposing our limitations we pray you find encouragement and hope in this word.

Natural limitations

Uncompromising Faith Limitations and Self CPU

When I (Homer) worked in the computer industry as a trainer I would often teach my students there were 4 components of a computer (CPU, memory, hard drive and network) that allowed it to work. Each of these components had limitations and the slowest item would be the bottleneck. The computer would not perform faster until that one item was replaced. If you replaced that item the machine would work faster but the bottleneck would then shift to another component. An elusive chase for ever increasing speed meant that you had to constantly replace the slowest component.

When God created us He blessed us all with natural limitations. God designed these limitations to keep us reliant on Him, however, satan upended this plan. Satan gave us the ‘self’ nature through Adam which causes us to rely on ‘self’ instead of God. As the ’self’ nature grows in us, extending its roots deep into our lives the less we feel we need Jesus. Our limitations aren’t our problem but our ‘self’ nature is and must be removed.

There are some weeds or noxious plants where it is not enough to just pull out the plant. If you don’t systematically remove the entire root structure, the weed will just come back. Dandelions are such an example. They have a weak connection between root and plant. If you just pull out the plant it is designed to break off at the root so the plant can regenerate. Your ‘self’ nature like a dandelion. If you don’t get the roots ‘self’ will always come back.

Uncompromising Faith Limitations and Self Dandelion

Our limitations

God is pointing out things in your life He wants you to deal with. He always starts with small things because He knows the root of ‘self’ is so deeply embedded in you it would kill you if He removed it all at once. God is a gentle surgeon, so He starts with getting your will to agree with Him and deal with the small things first. Your obedience is good. But like the computer, once you deal with those items He shifts your attention to the new bottleneck of ‘self’. This process will continue for a long time as He goes deeper and deeper into your being to root out ‘self’ in you. Trust us on this one, it is a long process, but it ends at some point. Unlike God ‘self’ is large but not infinite.

Don’t be surprised when life gets more difficult during this process. Remember the ‘self’ nature is satan fueled and does not want to die. ‘Self’ will fight you and God at every step of obedience. You can see this anytime you say, “I can spend all my energy on improving myself and I’ll be fine.” This is a common deception ‘self’ throws out. ‘Self’ wants to be at the center of our walk with God so it can derail the process and curtail God’s purposes in destroying ‘self’. Don’t fall for this trap.

We are not ‘good’ people

The primary dilemma is that ‘self’ convinces us we are ‘good’ people in need of only slight adjustments. That is an outright lie and deception.

Our ‘self’ is rotten to the core and at total enmity with God. The two cannot dwell together in spirit. The ‘self’ nature must be eradicated. On this earth God gives us great mercy to deal with ‘self’ but we must agree with Him in getting rid of it or we will suffer horrible consequences. Avail yourself of God’s great gift in helping to expose and deal with the ‘self’ nature in you. Each time He exposes ‘self’ in you be quick to repent and ask Him to reveal more. Your training will go much faster and be less painful if you do this.

You are on a good path and we encourage you to keep listening and working with Jesus as He gets rid of ‘self’ in you. The journey will be hard, very hard at times, but please don’t quit. The rewards of a life lived without ‘self’ controlling, limiting and destroying us is beyond compare. Jesus is worth the sacrifice. Trust Him.


Homer and Wanda

The post Limitations and ‘Self’ appeared first on Uncompromising Faith.

Battle Strategy: Truth

God helps those who help themselves. Do you believe that? We hope not because these words not true. In fact, wrote that quote, and it has become a calling card for ‘self’. The truth is God does NOT help those who help themselves. Why should He? The pride and self-reliance of one who helps himself […] The post Battle Strategy: Truth appeared first on Uncompromising...

God helps those who help themselves. Do you believe that? We hope not because these words not true. In fact, Benjamin Franklin wrote that quote, and it has become a calling card for ‘self’. The truth is God does NOT help those who help themselves. Why should He? The pride and self-reliance of one who helps himself has everything under control. What does he/she need God for? This lie by Benjamin Franklin is just one example of the many lies that believers accept as truth today. Many believers have lost their ability to discern what is true in the swamp of moral relativism and ‘self’. Today we throw out a lifeline to help others understand God’s battle strategy for truth.

Truth is not relative but absolute and unchanging whether or not we accept it.

Jesus is truth

When Jesus stated, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me” in John 14:6 He was giving us facts about Himself. Whether we believe doesn’t affect its truthfulness. A problem arises when ‘self’ in its prideful arrogance thinks it is greater than God and can be an arbiter of what is true and what isn’t. This is ironic since the father of lies himself, satan gave us the ‘self’ nature.

Self’ will never accept truth and spirit will never accept lies. To receive and obey truth, one must let ‘self’ die and allow the spirit to be in control. 

We can begin by learning the lessons of special active obedience that Jesus learned. “Although He was a Son, He learned [active, special] obedience through what He suffered,” Hebrews 5:8. Jesus gave up everything to come to earth. Once here He continually surrendered His will to God the Father. He learned to actively and sacrificially obey the will of the Father even as it meant He suffered in doing so. If we follow in that same level of active, sacrificial obedience to the Father, regardless of the cost, it will kill ‘self’ and allow truth to reign in our spirits. Likewise, if there is no, or little, active obedience to the Father’s will in us then there will be an abundance of ‘self’ and its lies.

Steps of truth

The path of truth is travelled with steps of sacrificial obedience.

How does one find the truth? The written word of God, the Bible, is truth. God Himself can only speak truth so to read God’s word and listen to Jesus’ voice one is hearing truth. What we do with the truth, in sacrificial obedience, will open us to more truth.

We will NOT progress further in truth if we do not obey the truth we already know.

If we choose not to obey Jesus, we will dig deeper into lies. Keep in mind satan is craftier and smarter than we are. He can easily fool us and teach us lies as he has been doing this to mankind for millennia. The only sure way to know truth is to draw close to Jesus in sacrificial obedience. Abandon all thoughts and hopes that we can discern truth without God and sacrificial obedience to Him. We can’t because we already have the ‘self’ nature. Everyone does. ‘Self’ in us is much stronger than our spirit because we have had it since birth.

The influence of the world and satan with his minions also work tirelessly to convince us of lies. Our only way out of this milieu is to follow Jesus. As the great judge and truth giver Jesus and His Holy Spirit will always lead us in truth. Our only job, and this is critical, is to obey completely the truth we receive from Him.

Simple truth and difficult truth

Truth is like eating. Start with easy truth until you grow up and can handle more difficult truth. God will not serve difficult truth to you until you obey the current truth on your plate.

Simple truth is easy to accept, as in “For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.” John 3:16. Difficult truth is hard to obey, like “So then, any of you who does not forsake (renounce, surrender claim to, give up, say goodbye to) all that he has cannot be My disciple.” Luke 14:33. Both are true but one is much easier to obey actively than the other. It is also good to remember that there are layers to the same spiritual truth that are only unveiled to us as we mature enough to receive it. What we miss as spiritual children we will understand as spiritual adults.

When we first meet Jesus He gives us simple truth easy to accept because it does not cost us anything. Suitable to our spiritual age as children the early truth we learn is sweet and delicious. This truth makes no claim against our ‘self’ nature right away. The design, instead, is to awaken our spirit to Him. Once awakened the spirit longs for more truth.

Painful truth

The truth Jesus leads us in then causes us to hurt a little. Not much at first but enough to make us think, do we want to continue? The pain that we are feeling are the first pangs of death to ‘self’. If we stop here ‘self’ will win and put our spirit back into prison or to sleep. “Therefore He says, Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall shine (make day dawn) upon you and give you light.” Eph. 5:14.

If we face the pain of a dying ‘self’ Jesus will lead us into more difficult truth that will strengthen, mature and embolden our spirit. The ‘self’ nature will fight back ferociously. This is where the spirit learns the truth about the ‘self’ nature and how to fight against it. As our spirit gains strength through the power of the Holy Spirit and sacrificial obedience it will defeat ‘self’ handily. This process of obedience to truth will continue until God the Father declares us to be His adult sons.

Truth is critical to our spiritual growth. God has designed life this way for truth is the only way to counter the lies of satan and ‘self’. We know that ‘self’ loves lies and hates truth. ‘Self’ will fight against truth and growth of the spirit as it does not want to die. That is why ‘self’ must kill any threatening truth. Spirit, however, loves truth for spirit knows that truth is life. Spirit will repent of ‘self’ and lies when truth comes. As we grow Jesus will continually lead us into truth designed to mature us into adult sons. Our reaction to truth will tell us a lot about how strong or weak our ‘self’ nature is.

Kill it or repent

As Jesus led our family in the wilderness, He taught us that there are only two choices we have to the truth He puts on our plate. Those choices are to kill it or repent. When God presents new truth to us, He makes sure the truth is appropriate for the spiritual age of the individual. He does not give university level challenges to spiritual children. He knows how old you are in the spirit and will give you only the truth you are ready for. Jesus then waits for your response. The most common response we saw was to kill the truth. The truth was ignored, laughed at, minimized or the message and messenger attacked. Regardless of the response it was not acceptance.

We observed many times believers trying to attack the one God used to bring forth truth and the truth itself. The ‘self’ in these believers rising to varying levels of anger and response to dismiss the offensive truth. It was sad to watch believers argue against what was written in God’s word in their attempts to not accept the truth God was giving them. When a previously unknown biblical truth is first presented to believers, we can assure you most of the responses will be to kill it. The reason for this is that these believers have given themselves over more to ‘self’ than to their spirit led by Jesus.

What calls itself the church today is in a sad state of moral disrepair.

Accepting truth

On the odd occasion we would see the rare situation where people would accept truth and repentance would take place. It is humbling and sobering to experience as one faces the ugliness of their own ‘self’ and accepts God’s truth over the lies they formerly believed. It is also a beautiful process as one lets goes of the lies that bound them in fear and pain and Jesus releases them with truth. We forget the pain of ‘self’ and embrace the joy of new found freedom in spirit and truth.

Today you have a choice to repent of the lies your ‘self’ has believed and be set free by the truth Jesus brings. The small suffering caused by sacrificial obedience and death of ‘self’ is far, far less than the great freedom that comes from knowing the truth. Jesus is TRUTH. Let His truth set you free starting today.


Homer and Wanda

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We have many memories of our journey of uncompromising faith. Some are full of joy and awe at God’s powerful hand of provision. Others are full of such pain that every year our hearts weep for the loss. Today is such an anniversary as we remember our dear bird Cordi. The following is an excerpt […] The post Cordi appeared first on Uncompromising...

We have many memories of our journey of uncompromising faith. Some are full of joy and awe at God’s powerful hand of provision. Others are full of such pain that every year our hearts weep for the loss. Today is such an anniversary as we remember our dear bird Cordi.

The following is an excerpt from our book Wilderness – How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less.

On the morning of November 20th, I received a significant dream from the Lord. In this dream I walked into a church. Inside, were 4 ladies at tables, all in a row, handing out bulletins for the service. The first lady ignored me, but the next one gave me a bulletin. I walked past them and into the sanctuary. There was only one man there, who was familiar to me. He strode up, friendly, and said these words “[Homer], God is going to lead you into the valley of despair; but then He will lead you out.” There was a long pause between the word ‘despair’ and the word ‘but’. After this message, He gave me a hug and the dream ended. Upon waking, I pondered the imagery and meaning of the dream, and shared my experience with Wanda. We knew the dream was significant, but had no quality interpretation. It didn’t take long to appear.

Uncompromising Faith Cordi Cages

In the front entryway of our house, were the 4 bird cages with our 4 ‘ladies.’ Cordi, our beloved black capped conure, was closest to our bedroom. Next was Colors, Fanny’s lovebird. Then there was Destiny, our quaker. Closest to the front door was Lennie-girl. This was Ida’s Senegal parrot. We loved these birds. On this fateful day we would endure such trauma, that it would take months to recover. By day’s end, the pall of death would envelop our little blue house.

That cold, dark afternoon, Angus came by to pick up the camper and I went outside to help. When I came back to the house, I saw Cordi lying on the ground; just outside the front door. This was puzzling, for she was never out of doors except in her cage. I picked her up and took her inside. Something had happened. As I held her precious struggling life in my hand, and looked into her eyes, she passed away. Shock and disbelief gave way to explosive grief. Cordi, our favorite little bird and the most colorful of all, was gone.

We wrapped her little body in cloth, with myrrh from Jerusalem, and placed her in a box. Solemnly, we walked to the land we had intended to buy, and dug a small grave. There we buried our hearts; along with our beautiful girl. Losing the R.V. that day was hard; but losing Cordi was devastating. Her passing triggered 3 months of intense mourning. Wanda was inconsolable. Our little lady’s death marked the beginning of tragedies that seemed unending; foreshadowing the rough road ahead. My dream was coming to pass.

The loss of our beloved Cordi was arguably the most difficult we had to endure during our time in the little blue house. Sometimes we have seen our little friend in dreams and cherish her memory. We know that she is safe and warm with her Creator and we look forward to the day when we will be reunited.

No matter what living being we have loved passes from this life to the next we know God cares for each one. He carefully records our love for them in His book of Remembrance. Our hope remains steadfast that we will see Cordi again some day soon but our hearts still ache for the loss.


Homer and Wanda


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What is Coming

The time of silence in this tomb has not been easy. Our life has been quiet in this motel room for the past 28 months. We struggle sometimes with frustration and discouragement, as our family longs to be released. We have not written a blog for a considerable time. Why? Because we committed to write […] The post What is Coming appeared first on Uncompromising...

The time of silence in this tomb has not been easy. Our life has been quiet in this motel room for the past 28 months. We struggle sometimes with frustration and discouragement, as our family longs to be released. We have not written a blog for a considerable time. Why? Because we committed to write only what the Lord gives. However, God has given us insight into what is coming and now is the time to write the vision.


Let us preface this blog with a clarification of what it is not. God has not shown us a detailed picture of the future, but the strategy of what He is doing. Only those that have traversed or are traversing the wilderness season will come to realize the importance of what is coming, and what God is doing. Soon.

Explosion of deviance

Like most Christians in the Body of Christ, we watch our world with growing consternation.  We see the rise of the progressive left wing liberal ideology, creeping like an aggressive cancer over the earth. The sexual deviance of the LGBT agenda and its attempt to be normalized across the globe, has not gone unnoticed. The blight of socialism has grown inexorably, like a grotesque balloon across the world. It’s the mantra of man depending on man. Leaning on man is an abomination before a sovereign God, who calls us to trust only in Him. The scourge of abortion, unchecked illegal immigration, and the absolute and total hatred for law and order has broken our hearts. During the terrible and scandalous reign of Obama, light was almost snuffed out as darkness loomed large over the earth.

The globalists rule with condescending arrogance.

The past few years have seen an absolute exponential growth in the darkness that covers the earth. ‘Self’ has unleashed evil unprecedentedly. It has given the prince of darkness and his minions terrific latitude and power. They used it to spread their filth wherever they go, and whenever they find a human vessel to be their host. The question becomes, how did they get such power? And what we can do about it? God knew these questions and prepared answers before He ever created the earth.

The power of ‘self’

We link the first question with our inherently evil ‘self’ nature. Although satan and the demons possess great spiritual power, they originally had no dominion on earth. God gave to Adam and all his descendants this dominion. The evil one used deception and deceit to trick man into handing over that dominion, usurping mankind’s heritage. As more and more people give in to their base ‘self’ nature, it gives satan and his demons even more dominion, power and control. They then use this power to gain even more control, thus plunging humans into a vicious downward cycle. It has always been this way, but only recently have we seen it in such proportions. Only in the time of Noah was it worse.

If you look, at the evil rampant in the world, you can always see ‘self’ at the core.

Socialism is all about man putting his trust in other men, and not God, but the people they trust are filled with ‘self’, and are about as stable as shifting sand. Because ‘self’ wants to do what it wants without consequence, hatred of law and order is embraced. The law just gets in the way. Illegal immigration is the same way. Racism is yet another extension of ‘self’. It has hatred for those that are different. The LGBT agenda is all about the unchecked sexual deviance of ‘self’. We could continue, but the point is, the unchecked rise of ‘self’ in our generation, is at the root of what we face today.

The sharp point

Like many others, we observed this, and were deeply troubled. We could only answer for our own choices and not the choices of billions. Our desire was to follow God, just as much as others wanted to follow ‘self’, but we did not realize the depth of our own ‘self’ deception. God had to take us through the wilderness, just to show us what we were like. Only then could we understand what others are like, and what He is now doing about the rampant rise of ‘self’. Our journey of homelessness and wandering was a preparation, and a model, for the life of faith. God is leading His people in this journey of faith all over the world. From this place of owned understanding, we learned valuable battle strategies. Strategies that will counter the rising darkness of ‘self’ and satan.

In one vision on our journey, God showed me the tip of a sword. It was very, very sharp. Over time, we began to understand that we were a sword in the Lord’s hand, and with it He was pricking the ‘self’ nature of those we encountered. It was hard to learn these lessons, but we were trained how to handle these assignments. We have much experience with this process, and understand that God often sharpens His pioneers to a hard point, because they must break through very hard ground. Only the sharpest and hardest of instruments will succeed.

The rise of pioneers

As God began winding down our wilderness training, the world experienced the sudden and unexpected rise of Nigel Farage, Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump and others. God trained these people for many years, to be sharpened into powerful tools fit for the Lord’s purposes. Many do not understand these people. This is often the case with people who live by faith, who challenge the status quo. But as those who have been through the wilderness training, we can testify that these men have been molded specifically for this time. For God’s will to be fulfilled on the earth.

These men and women are breaking the hardpan of evil that has covered Earth, in a blanket of black. Their hardened and sharp words of truth and logic, are penetrating the pall of lies satan has tried to seduce and smother people with. Many are waking up to the truth for the first time. Patriots and Christians appreciate this new freedom, but others bitterly oppose the truth.  Wanting instead to believe that black is white, and white is black.

These pioneers face tremendous challenges and yet thrive. Instead of weakening, they are getting stronger, because the Lord is behind this change. Evil cannot win against truth, but even still, these people cannot break through the darkness alone. For all the good coming out, and change that is happening, it is not enough to break the grip of satan over vast swaths of territory, and the entrenched ‘self’ in humanity. There is something more that needs to happen, and this is what is coming.

Two pictures

The other day we received a personal prophetic word from a dear sister and friend. In this word she relayed to us we are in a very real and present war. Although it seems like nothing happens in this little motel room, we find ourselves in the heart of a fierce spiritual battle and yet did not realize it. Early one morning, however, God began speaking to me about what is coming, and how He plans to break the power of evil on this planet. There are three distinct pictures that He gave me for understanding, but we can only share two of them with you in this blog.

The plow

Uncompromising Faith What is Coming Plow

What God first showed me, was that when breaking through anything hard, you need something sharp. It can be a plow or a spear, but as long as it is sharp, it can penetrate the surface. However, a plow cannot penetrate hardpan just by itself, it needs something more. What that ‘more’ is, we call force. The greater the force behind the plow, the further it can penetrate. Now take a log for instance. I can hit a dry log many times with an axe, and it will still stay solid. What if there were a way to multiply that force, so the sharp point could penetrate the log and split it apart easily with just one blow? Like this.

Operation Overlord

On June 6, 1944, the world saw many brave men storm the beaches of Normandy, France, to rescue the world from the entrenched evil that had overrun Europe. Those men at the forefront of Operation Overlord, however, would have been pushed back into the sea had not the allies sent many, many more men, weapons and supplies after them to counter the German army. Those valiant warriors were the tip of the spear necessary to gain a foothold but without the fighting forces that came after, they would have failed. You see, the principle is the same, whether it is a plow, a log or a war. If you want to break apart something hard and entrenched, you need two things, a sharp point and a great deal of force behind it.

Standing up to the enemy

Now do you see now what God is doing? He has already sent His pioneers to break the hardened ground of the established systems of man. There are many others besides Donald, Jordan and Nigel that are calling out the darkness, and facing it head on. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pioneers walking in faith, as God has led them to confront the rampant abuse of ‘self’. They have been hardened and strengthened to difficulties and stand in faith against the enemy. These precious ones established a beachhead, but now God is about to multiply the force behind them.

God will bring His power into direct confrontation with the forces of darkness covering the earth.

This is your call to arms. This is your time to rise in faith as He leads. Fear not the enemy, for God has already defeated him. Do not fear man, for there is nothing unstable man can do to you to separate you from the Father. You need to stand in this day of evil, and let the force of God move through you, to counter the surrounding enemy. Let His power flow through, to speak the words and follow as He leads. God has already broken the ground before you, with His pioneers. Follow those footsteps in faith, trusting in Jesus to make the way clear. This is His strategy. This is His design. Know that as you go forth, you go with His mighty force behind you. What is coming to destroy ‘self’ is you.


Homer and Wanda


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