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Blog about Marketing, Freelance and Workflow to help readers find ideas, tips and a lot of useful information for their online business
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What is The Best Way to Get Started as a Freelance Designer

In a world where everything is happening through online parameters, freelancing is a great value of money and a way to polish your skills. When it comes to being a freelance designer, one needs to focus a lot on their skills and their specialties. While freelance designing is extremely wonderful for those who have knowledge about it, the market today for this particular category is highly saturated, making creative miss out on minor points that can make them successful. 5 Points You Need to Follow to Kick Start Your Freelance Designer Journey In the world of freelancing, one needs to become a black sheep in the herd of sheep – one needs to prove their potential and creativity. Given that you done decent amount of work on your skills, following are a couple of points you need to follow in..

The post What is The Best Way to Get Started as a Freelance Designer appeared first on Tip My Business.

How to Make Your APP Viral

Every developer’s ultimate desire is to make their go App viral. However, not all excellent and useful apps go viral. So, what differentiates viral apps from other great apps that are equally useful? While there could be many differences ranging from design to usability, there are some features or marketing techniques that can make an app viral to an extent. Before we discuss these strategies, let us understand a term, coefficient of viral growth that is used to measure virality. If the coefficient of viral growth is 1, it means each user refers one additional user. If coefficient of viral growth is greater than or equal to 1, your app will be exponentially viral. If the coefficient of viral growth is less than one, then the app will partially be viral. In this case, you need to retain your existing..

The post How to Make Your APP Viral appeared first on Tip My Business.

How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

Having a great product or service is the primary requirement of starting a business. However, excellent quality alone will not help you succeed in an overcrowded marketplace. At a time when imitation has become a norm, it’s hard to differentiate the brand based solely on the product’s feature and benefits. Your product must be visible to the consumers when they are looking for it. You need to develop a sound strategy and a concrete action plan to create a unique positioning in the market. Following tips can help you create unique identity without spending a fortune on advertising. Break The Rules Of The Game I am not talking about breaking the law. It is all about breaking the rules of your industry. You can’t expect to stand out by doing what your competitors are already doing. So, don’t follow the..

The post How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace appeared first on Tip My Business.

4 Things To Keep In Mind Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy

In digital marketing, the strategy decides the fate of a campaign. Very few marketers get desired results from their first digital campaign. It requires a learning curve and a lot of iterations to create a perfect campaign. A right strategy can shorten the learning curve and help you accomplish your business goals more efficiently. However, a faulty plan can also ruin the entire marketing drive. For instance, many websites don’t generate leads for months despite witnessing 100+ visitors a day. Therefore, it is essential to put maximum efforts in preparing a digital marketing strategy and pay apt attention to every detail of it. A unique approach is imperative for every digital marketing campaign. However, you can devise an excellent strategy for any campaign if you take care of the following points:  #1. No Plan Is Perfect You may have a..

The post 4 Things To Keep In Mind Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy appeared first on Tip My Business.

A Five Step Guide For Freelance Marketers

The Internet has enabled freelance marketers to work for a range of clients from across the world. These golden opportunities have met with fierce competition especially from freelancers from emerging countries. Online marketplaces like Upwork, PayPerHour, Guru and have made a flat world where hundreds of freelancers compete from the different parts of the world for the same project. However, as a new freelance marketer, you have enormous opportunities to succeed if you take care of these five things: #1. Choose A Particular Niche As a marketer, you have various options like SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Data Science, Brand Management, PPC, etc. Each of these fields is too vast to be mastered by a single individual. Presenting yourself as an expert in any one field will boost your credentials. If you are of the opinion that choosing..

The post A Five Step Guide For Freelance Marketers appeared first on Tip My Business.

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