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Sound Of My Voice Explained: Is Maggie A Time Traveller?

Sound Of My Voice is a Psychological Thriller directed by Zal Batmanglij. The super-talented Brit Marling has co-written the film along with Zal. Her other films include Another Earth andContinue readingSound Of My Voice Explained: Is Maggie A Time Traveller? The post Sound Of My Voice Explained: Is Maggie A Time Traveller? appeared first on This is...

Sound Of My Voice is a Psychological Thriller directed by Zal Batmanglij. The super-talented Brit Marling has co-written the film along with Zal. Her other films include Another Earth and I, Origins. Sound Of My Voice is centred on a couple trying to infiltrate and expose a cult whose leader claims to be a time traveller from the year 2054 who has come to save the people she loves. The film purposely gives no closure to the aspects of Maggie, Abigail or Carol Briggs. So this article is going to have a ton of speculation based on the contents of the film. Please feel free to state your theories in the comments section below. This is Barry, welcome to my site, and here is the plot analysis and the ending of the 2011 film Sound Of My Voice explained, spoilers ahead.

You can rent or buy Sound Of My Voice by clicking below:


Here are links to the key aspects of the movie:

Is Maggie lying about Time Travel in Sound Of My Voice?

Well, this is the burning question that crosses our mind continuously as watch the film, isn’t it? And there really can be two answers to this, and sadly writer, Brit Marling, and director, Zal Batmanglij, have left this open-ended intentionally. Their initial plan was to make a trilogy and give out a lot more answers, but as we all know, trilogies only raise more questions than give answers. So let us, for a moment, consider that Maggie is not a time traveller and see what we’re left with.

Maggie is actually Shelly Whipple who is wanted for in Sacramento for armed robbery and in Fresno for arson. She’s now in hiding and tricking a group of people into believing that she’s from the year 2054. Instead of just laying low, Maggie is trying to brainwash a bunch of people so that they can be recruited into her syndicate. But this leaves us to question the premise she’s building the cult on. Maggie might do far better with her cult recruitment if she lured people based on a more relatable sentiment. One would expect Maggie to have a more airtight story about the future, including details of the time travel. Someone as smart as Maggie is unlikely to sing a 90’s Cranberries song when asked, she would have said something to the extent of “We don’t have any music in the future”. The audience is in the same shoes as that of the cult members, and the song choice makes you wonder if Maggie is bullshitting. But in that scene, it appears that she honestly didn’t know the origins of that song.

maggie cranberries song

Abigail is a girl who doesn’t fit into Maggie’s plans for the cult. This is the first child that she’s interested in. There is a popular theory that Maggie is Abigail’s mother and not the other way around. It is Maggie who thought her the secret handshake. The speculation doesn’t have weight because Abigail has no recollection of who Maggie is. If she was old enough to learn the secret handshake, she would remember her own mother. The woman from the justice department seems very paranoid about the room she’s staying in. That doesn’t fall in line with her otherwise alleged job description. There is undoubtedly more to her than meets the eye. 

In all, if Maggie were lying, it makes her a terrible liar, a person with a rather silly plan, and the whole premise of the film becomes a little dull. Therefore …

Sound Of My Voice: Plot Explained: Maggie Is Really A Time Traveller

I’m going to focus on the time traveller aspect to address the various events in the film and see how they tie back up. Why? Well, I’m a sucker for time-travel films, and this element makes Sound Of My Voice more exciting.

The story follows Peter, a teacher, and his partner, Lorna, who are looking to expose a cult which is led by a woman, Maggie, claiming to be from the future. Maggie resides in the basement of a house and seems to need oxygen support and blood transfusions to stay healthy. She attributes this to time travel and its side effects. Peter and Lorna infiltrate the cult and Peter wants to try and record the events in the basement where they hold their meetings. He swallows a transmitter to ensure he can smuggle it in. 

Peter’s past and the Apple vomiting scene

Peter’s mom died of cancer on his 13th birthday. After this, he moved in with his grandparents. It appears he was sexually abused as a boy by his own grandfather. While his grandmother did her best to protect him, many a time he was caught alone after school. Peter has not shared this with anyone. In one of the sessions, Maggie offers the members a peculiar apple and asks them to puke it out. She refers to this as letting go of the past and fears associated with it. Peter refuses as the transmitter is in his stomach.

emotional orgasm sound of my voice

Maggie knows Peters history well enough. Recall a flash-back where we see Peter’s past narrated by a young girl. My theory is that this is Maggie’s voice when she was younger, in the future, learning about Peter. In addition to this, Maggie seems to possess the power of persuasion as stated in this interview. Perhaps something she inherited from her mother, Abigail. Maggie is able to trigger an intense emotional reaction in Peter, and he finally vomits. While he secretively removes the transmitter, I think Maggie already knew about it. Which is also why she picked the apple activity for that day.

Who is Abigail, and what is wrong with her? 

Abigail is claimed by Maggie to be her mother. Abigail seems to live with her father and seems to have some sort of precognitive capabilities. She always wears her cap, which indicates that she wants to stay cut-off from any external stimuli. Abigail incessantly builds elaborate towers with her building blocks which appear to be blueprints of a post-apocalyptic world. She also gets into trouble for writing “TERRORIST” on another student’s bag. Considering that Abigail is anti-social and aloof, it seems odd that she’d go out of her way to pick a fight with another student in this manner. What I think is Abigail foresaw the student committing an act of terror many years into the future. Her premonitions could be the external stimuli I mentioned earlier.

sleep disorder Abigail

Why does Abigail’s father inject something into her feet?

It appears that Abigail’s father has had to deal with the manifestations of her abilities. She doesn’t seem to tire or call it in for the day. He prefers to keep her tranquil by secretly injecting her with some sort of a sedative. Why do I say secretly? Well, injections between the toes are known to be quite painful, but the reason it is done is so that the needle mark is concealed easily. I don’t think Abigail’s father was sexually abusing her as he stays beside her while he does work on his laptop till she falls asleep. This sedative can possibly explain why Abigail tends to fall asleep at odd places and times, and it is required to keep her in check.

Bring me Abigail!

Just as Peter is easing into the cult, he’s put in a spot when Maggie demands that he must bring her Abigail who is a student in his class. Refusing this means exiting the cult. I believe Maggie is using Peter’s to facilitate the followers witnessing Maggie’s and Abigail’s meeting. This girl is her mother and proving this would form substantial evidence for Peter and all the other cult members that Maggie is indeed from the future. Peter agrees.

Carol Briggs justice department

Who is the Carol Briggs what is she doing in the hotel room?

Carol Briggs claims to be from the justice department and has been assigned Maggie’s case. Carol has a picture of Maggie from her younger days. I believe this photo is not from the past, but from the future. It’s a picture of Maggie before she travelled back in time. It appears that years after that photo was taken Maggie committed armed robbery and arson in the future. To me, that photograph was of a young woman who was naive and carefree and not yet capable of crime. Technically, Carol has been asked to bring in someone who is not yet born in her time. The information she has with her is quite detailed. Carol knows that Lorna and Peter are trying to expose the cult centred around Maggie even though they’ve been doing this in utmost secrecy. Carol also knows that Peter and Lorna have had a disagreement. She chooses to get in touch with Lorna at that exact moment and convinces her. Carol is possibly a time traveller too or works for an agency that works across time which might explain how she strikes at the right time. Carol trusts no one and thoroughly sweeps the hotel room to ensure it is not bugged. So this gives the feeling that she’s working for someone she doesn’t fully trust.

Maggies Picture Sound Of My Voice

Sound Of My Voice: The Terminator Connection

Director, Zal Batmanglij states his love for the Terminator movies in this interview. Actor, Christopher Denham, also quotes a connection to The Terminator in this interview of his. What is the relevance of The Terminator you ask? Well, in that film, there is a war in the future, and a human needs to be sent back to save Sarah Connor, who will mother the resistance leader. The machines send back a Terminator to ensure Sarah Connor is dead before she can conceive. Both the machines and John Connor end up creating themselves because of their use of time-travel. Based on what Maggie has to say, the future in Sound Of My Voice may not feature machines based on AI, but there is a civil war that brings a lot of agony. The Terminator analogy suggests that Maggie has come to start the group that fights for one side of that civil war. She has come to recruit (and save) those people who she loves in the future.

Why has Maggie travelled back in time?

Maggie is lying about having had amnesia on arrival and that Klaus found her and saved her. We don’t know how but Klaus knew who to look for and the tattoo was the verification he needed to pick up Maggie. Just like Carol, Klaus could have been given information about Maggie and how to find her. While Maggie claims to not remember why she travelled back in time, I’m going to theorize that she was sent back to start the cult and recruit a crucial future member, Peter. The speculation is quite the leap, right? Hang on. I want to go back to a bunch of dialogues in the film that support the theory, so bear with me.

First, this conversation Peter and Maggie have after she kicks Lam out when he asks for proof that she’s from the future: 

Peter: Why’d you kick Lam out?
Maggie: Because I knew Christine growing up. But I never saw Lam. I don’t think he belonged with us.
Peter: Are Lorna and I there?
Maggie: That’s for you to decide.

Maggie indicates that Peter will need to make a choice at some point in the future. She doesn’t give Peter a black-and-white answer because he needs to go through the journey of faith. The other statement that Maggie makes to the cult members at a later point is this:

Very soon this group is gonna begin its journey. I won’t be with you. It’s just change. And you guys are gonna be fine. And if you allow yourself to get quiet now and again to really be still you will hear the sound of my voice.

Maggie knows that she’s only responsible for bringing the group together, but not lead them through the journey. The ending of the movie Sound Of My Voice leaves the otherwise cynical Peter looking at Maggie and the little girl, Abigail, in disbelief as they share the secret cult handshake. Peter realizes that Maggie was telling the truth all along, and Abigail is actually her mother. That handshake appeared childish right from the get-go, now we know why. When Abigail asks who Maggie was, Peter responds saying:

I don’t know

Peter has gone from being sure that Maggie is a faker to not knowing what to believe anymore. This is his journey of faith. The film ends with the lines Maggie once told Peter:

Peter, it’s not my choice. It’s yours.

This line, when stated earlier by Maggie, was preceded by:

You were powerless then. But you’re not anymore. 

Okay enough of these dialogues, time to make my point…

Abigail is Maggie's mother Ending Scene

Sound Of My Voice: Final Thoughts On Maggie And The Ending

Maggie seems to be aware that she’s not going to be with the cult for much longer; she states it. This is probably because in the future her people have talked about their first leader exiting after bringing in Peter and Lorna. What she apparently doesn’t know is that the authorities would take her away and that Peter (and Lorna) would be the ones responsible for her capture. You can see the surprise and anger on her face when she realizes what Peter has done. But it’s this incident that has made Peter a believer. I’d reckon that Peter eventually joins the cult and becomes one of its critical members. He’s not powerless anymore. As Maggie mentions, Peter possibly decides to convince Lorna too.

The final piece of the puzzle is the narration done by a young girl introducing both Peter and Lorna and their pasts. My hypothesis is that this is a young Maggie’s voice, in the future, learning about two critical members of the cult. This knowledge about Peter’s past is why Maggie is able to emotionally manipulate him during the Apple session. So, in summary, Maggie is sent back in time to bootstrap the syndicate she is part of. Her operations purposefully draw the attention of Peter and Lorna who are looking to track down and expose cults. Maggie asks Peter to get her Abigail as it would prove to him she’s telling the truth. Ultimately Abigail’s meeting leads to Maggie’s capture and Peter’s belief. Peter and Lorna join the cult, and history repeats itself as they prepare for the civil war.

The post Sound Of My Voice Explained: Is Maggie A Time Traveller? appeared first on This is Barry.

Joker Ending Explained (2019 Movie)

IMAGE CREDIT: Warner Bros. under Public Domain Superhero movies have taken over the world of cinema. CNBC reports that Disney has made over $18.2 billion at the global box office since they acquired MarvelContinue readingJoker Ending Explained (2019 Movie) The post Joker Ending Explained (2019 Movie) appeared first on This is...

IMAGE CREDIT: Warner Bros. under Public Domain

Superhero movies have taken over the world of cinema. CNBC reports that Disney has made over $18.2 billion at the global box office since they acquired Marvel back in 2009. This has led to a superhero movie arms race, as companies continue to churn out film after film starring the world’s most famous superheroes. And while this isn’t inherently bad (as this has led to some pretty entertaining superhero films), the genre is getting quite saturated with movies that are all starting to look and feel the same.

However, this all changed when Joker was released last year. The film pretty much broke the superhero movie mold. It did this by exploring a darker side of the genre by diving into the demented psyche of its titular character. Instead of following a hero, Joker is all about a failed stand-up comic, Arthur Fleck. The film follows Fleck’s descent into madness as he turns into the Clown Prince of Crime that we all love to hate.

Joker also managed to break the monotony of the superhero film genre by approaching filmmaking from a different angle. Unlike cookie-cutter superhero movies, Joker took a more artistic approach, especially when it came to cinematography. This was a conscious effort on the filmmakers’ part, as the film’s cinematographer, Lawrence Sher, has talked about how they wanted to make sure that the film’s visuals were complementary to the story and themes that they were trying to portray on the big screen. These types of artistic shots are made possible with today’s evolving technology in the world of cinematography. The array of professional video cameras and lenses featured on Adorama underscores just how diverse the equipment has become. Now that there are better action cameras for outdoor shots and smaller cameras for more intimate scenes, it’s easier to deal with any issues that filmmakers may come across. For the case of Joker, it also allowed the cinematographer more creative freedom. Sher pointed out that the use of longer lenses allowed them to capture scenes that served as “an almost voyeuristic view into [Joker’s] life,” while the use of wider lenses let audiences feel as if they had private moments with the character.

Another thing that the film has going for it is its unique use of color grading. This Medium article showcases the variety of color grading choices made for the movie, and breaks down how the team behind the film meticulously crafted the visuals using the latest color grading software. The team behind Joker took full advantage of all the tools they had at their disposal, all of which resulted in a nomination for Best Cinematography at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Now, like all great films, the jury is still out on Joker, as it’s one of the most divisive films to be released in recent memory. One of the most contested aspects of the film is the ending. Some people are convinced that the ending of the film is more open-ended than we are led to believe. If you want to know what we think about this, read on as we break down Joker’s ending.

Joker Ending Explained

None Of It Was Real

The film ends with Fleck in a mental institution after all the chaos he caused. While this may seem pretty straightforward, some claim that none of the events in the film actually happened — that it was all just a delusion caused by Fleck’s deteriorating mind. This isn’t impossible, as the film shows us how his delusions can sometimes take over the narrative as shown in several scenes (his date with Sophie and his first interaction with Franklin Murray comes to mind). Little details like all the clocks in the film being set to one time only strengthen this theory, as it may have been a clue left by the people behind the making of the film.

Arthur Fleck Isn’t Joker

The film culminates with riots happening across Gotham City – normal citizens rally after being inspired by Fleck’s brazen acts of defiance against a world that doesn’t care for those living at its fringes. To show their solidarity with Fleck, everyone involved in the riots wear clown masks or clown makeup. This has led some people to believe that Fleck isn’t Joker but is the figure that inspired Joker to be Joker. The most solid piece of evidence here is Fleck’s age. It’s unlikely that Fleck is the Joker that Batman fights against, as Bruce Wayne is still a kid when the events of Joker are happening.


If you’re looking for a canon ending, then you aren’t going to get one, as Todd Phillips himself refuses to debunk any of the theories that people have come up with. However, we do lean towards one specific theory more than any other. Our bet’s on Fleck not being the Joker that battles Batman. Age is pretty much the deciding factor here, as Fleck would just be too old by the time Bruce Wayne turns into Batman.

If you’re looking for more pieces like this, check out the rest of the articles under our Film Explanation section. We recommend checking out our take on 2018’s psychological thrillerCam!


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Palm Springs Plot And Ending Explained (Dinosaurs Too!)

Palm Springs is a romantic, infinite time-loop film directed by Max Barbakow that wastes no time in setting the context. It assumes that you have already watched enough time-loop moviesContinue readingPalm Springs Plot And Ending Explained (Dinosaurs Too!) The post Palm Springs Plot And Ending Explained (Dinosaurs Too!) appeared first on This is...

Palm Springs is a romantic, infinite time-loop film directed by Max Barbakow that wastes no time in setting the context. It assumes that you have already watched enough time-loop movies like Groundhog Day, Source Code, Edge Of Tomorrow, Happy Death Day and so on. Palm Springs’ cast has Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in the leading roles. It’s a sweet and straightforward film, and this article will be a short one. Here’s the plot and ending of the 2020 film Palm Springs explained.

In case you’re new to my site, here’s how it works. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your questionYou can find other films using the search option on top of this page.


Here are links to the key aspects of the movie:

Palm Springs: Plot Explained

Why are people time-looping in Palm Springs?

There is a mysterious cave beside the venue of the wedding which has a wormhole that traps any person who enters it into an infinite time-loop. For some unexplained reason, the loop resets when the person either sleeps or dies. I guess we can say the reset is triggered when there is low or no brain activity. The other thing that can reset the loop is when one re-enters the cave. Also, the cycle resets to the first point in the day when one woke up.

How long has Nyles been time-looping?

Well, we don’t know, but unlike other time-loop films, it’s not been days. It appears to be years, a lifetime even. Nyles is merely an outline of the person he once used to be. He’s now a cynical person thanks to what the looping has done to him. There is no escape, and the one person he wakes up next to is cheating on him. He’s been putting up with his situation for decades and now no longer cares about anything or anybody.

Palm Springs Roy

Who’s Roy and what’s his story?

Roy is one of the guests at the wedding that Nyles happens to meet in one of his loops. The two smoke too many mushrooms and head to the cave. Nyles is unable to stop Roy from entering the cave, and this results in him also being trapped in his own infinite-loop. Roy blames Nyles for not having warned him about the eternal time trap, so he exacts revenge by killing Nyles in a variety of painful ways. However, Roy drove to the wedding from Irvine; hence Roy’s loops always have him waking up in Irvine. So he only drives over to kill Nyles occasionally, when he’s really in a bad mood.

Who’s Sarah and what’s her story?

Sarah is the sister of the bride and detests the idea of marriages and has been in a failed one herself. Nyles has slept with most men and women in the wedding party. Sarah is one such person he has wooed and taken to bed thousands of times. The film shows us a loop where Nyles blows people away with his speech and is using prior knowledge of the dance party to coordinate his way towards Sarah. Just as they begin making out beside the cave, Roy shoots an arrow at Nyles. Sarah follows a severely wounded Nyles into the cave and is imprisoned in the never-ending loops. Sarah is cheating with her sister’s husband-to-be and endlessly wakes up by his side on the day of her sister’s wedding. She is desperate to break out of the loop because of this and can’t stand to face the horrible person that she is.

Nyles’ And Sarah’s Dilemma

Nyles and Sarah grow close. While Nyles falls in love, Sarah feels that their relationship is superficial because they’re stuck together. Had it not been for this fantastical mishap, the two would have never even remotely considered each other. Now that Niles has found someone to loop with, he prefers to spend eternity with her. Sleeping with Nyles further amplifies Sarah’s need to exit.

palm springs fight

After tricking Roy and crushing his legs against a car, Nyles and Sarah fight and, in the heat of the moment, Nyles spills the beans that he slept with Sarah thousands of times before she began looping. Unable to deal with Nyles’ untruthfulness, Sarah keeps her distance from Nyles. Remember, Sarah wakes up with the husband-to-be, and not in her own room. Also, because she wakes up earlier than Nyles, she’s long gone from the venue before Nyles’ loop begins. 

How does Sarah find out how to break the loop? 

Well, believe it or not, Sarah decides to learn Quantum Physics. Yes. She spends years in her loops studying and understanding Quantum Mechanics with help from tutors over the internet. A little over the top but Sarah is only learning enough to understand the jargon so that she can experiment a little to understand the nature of the loops. In her research, Sarah finds out that there is a finite time when a person stays in the cave’s wormhole before being reset. At this point, an explosion could throw the looper out.

palm springs goat

Sarah finds herself a goat which she first sends into the cave to start it looping. This enables her to track and locate the goat each day to confirm that it is indeed in loops. She then straps C-4 onto the unsuspecting goat and sends it into the cave again and blows it up. The following day, the goat is not in its usual spot. In subsequent loops, she’s unable to find it and concludes that the goat is free and hence doesn’t reset where she usually finds it.

To Exit Or Not To Exit?

Sarah returns to Nyles one morning to tell him that she has figured a way out. Nyles is not too excited about this because he’s scared of what lies on the other side. For all they know, they may wake up 20 – 30 years later or probably even die. Nyles finds this to be a terrible trade-off considering the two of them could loop happily ever after. Sarah is clear, she does not want to live a lie, and furthermore, doesn’t want to wake up cheating with the man who is to wed her own sister later in the day.

Palm Springs Ending Explained

Nyles finally realizes that he is absolutely in love with Sarah and would go to the extent of risking death besides her. The two of them enter the cave and blow themselves up. Nyles and Sarah chill at their usual spot, the pool of a house whose residents are out on a day trip. For all the while they’ve been looping it was the 9th of November. The ending of Palm Springs shows us that it is now the 10th of November and the family is back. Both Sarah and Nyles have broken free from their loops and get to move ahead with their lives, together.

Palm Springs Ending: What Happened To Roy?

Before Sarah and Nyles set off to blow themselves up, Sarah leaves a message for Roy explaining the exit plan. Once Nyles and Sarah break from their loops, their collective memories exit with them too. At the end of Palm Springs when Roy meets Nyles, it is the 9th of November. Remember, Roy is still looping. This Nyles Roy meets no longer carries the collective memories of all the loops. This Nyles is meeting Roy for the very first time and hence doesn’t recognize him. This is proof for Roy that he too can break out of his loop by blowing himself up, and he does, it’s just not shown in the film.

Palm Springs Dinosaurs Explained

What’s up with the Dinosaurs in end of Palm Springs?

The first time Nyles and Sarah see the dinosaurs, they are both high as a kite and are most likely sharing a hallucination. They’re happily tripping. However, the final scene pans away to show the audience three dinosaurs walking past the landscape at a distance. I’d peg the final visuals to be a metaphoric representation of how unreal breaking out of the loop must feel like. The initial appearance of the extinct creatures was hallucinatory. Sarah and Nyles have been looping for what appears to be a lifetime. Now that they have escaped, their actual yesterday and the life they lived up to the point of the looping would feel as fuzzy and imaginary as the hazy dinosaurs we are shown in the ending of Palm Springs.

Who’s the old lady? What’s up with her?

The old lady is Sarah’s grandmother. Of all the wedding guests, she’s the only one who converses with the looping couple. In the beginning, she tells this to Nyles:

Dear, I have been to more weddings in my life than you can imagine. You might be surprised. And I have to say that your speech is the best wedding speech I’ve ever heard.

and in the end, just before Sarah plans her exit from the loop, she has this to say:

Well, I suppose now that you’ll be going soon. Good luck.

We’ll this is purely speculation, but I believe the old lady is also looping, and she’s not planning to leave. She seems content living this cheerful day over and over again. Nana is perhaps hinting that of all the speeches Nyles has given in the various loops, that particular one was the best. In the end, nana has also probably noticed that Sarah has been missing from hundreds of loops and is finally back to give a speech that appears to be a final goodbye. Nana possibly guesses that Sarah has found a way to exit and wishes her good luck.

old lady nana looping palm springs

Is nana an older version of Sarah?

Hell no! Nana being an older Sarah is an impossible theory. I think it is a result of watching too much Dark. Remember, the person in the time loop does not age. So if Sarah leaves the loop, and grows old, she would need a time machine to travel back to the date of the wedding. The cave can’t help you go back in time. An old Sarah can’t just find the cave, enter it decades later and miraculously be back at the wedding. She would only end up being in loops on a date many years in the future. So, no, nana is not an older Sarah.

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Netflix DARK: Complete Jonas Timeline Explained (With Diagram)

In this article, I have summarized the complete timeline of Jonas from the Netflix series DARK. I have created a detailed timeline diagram that shows Jonas becoming a time traveller,Continue readingNetflix DARK: Complete Jonas Timeline Explained (With Diagram) The post Netflix DARK: Complete Jonas Timeline Explained (With Diagram) appeared first on This is...

In this article, I have summarized the complete timeline of Jonas from the Netflix series DARK. I have created a detailed timeline diagram that shows Jonas becoming a time traveller, then the Stranger and ultimately, Adam. I’ve also tried to capture the three instances of Jonas created because of Quantum Entanglement but have not crowed the diagram with that information. Each of the encircled numbers in the illustration maps to the description in the below text. This is Barry, welcome to my site and here’s the complete Jonas timeline in Dark with a detailed Timeline Diagram.

Other links on Netflix DARK you will find useful:

In case you’re new to my site, here’s how it works. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your questionYou can find other films using the search option on top of this page.

Netflix DARK: Complete Jonas Timeline Diagram

Netflix Dark Jonas Complete Timeline Diagram

Let’s now follow the entire life of Jonas from his birth to him ending up as Adam as shown in the Dark Jonas Timeline Diagram above.

(1) Jonas is born in the early 2000s.

(2) Jonas travels back in time through the passage on 8 Nov 2019.

(3) Jonas arrives on 8 Nov 1986 using the Cave to verify Mikkel is actually there, and he is indeed his father.

(4) Jonas gets back on the 9 Nov 2019 through the Cave. He spends a few days preparing for his journey again through time. On 12 Nov 2019, Jonas uses the Cave to go back in time. He wants to bring back Mikkel and erase himself.

(5) On 12 Nov 1986, Jonas arrives and is kidnapped by Helge and put in the experiment room. The Stranger meets Jonas and reveals that he’s his older self.

(6) Thanks to a wormhole, Jonas ends up in the future, in the year 12 Nov 2052.

(7) After spending months in the future, Jonas stabilizes the God Particle at the Power Plant. He is almost hung to death by an older Elisabeth but is spared when she finds out who he is. Jonas develops a scar on his neck because of this event. We’ll refer to him as Scarred-Jonas. In Feb 2053, Silja helps Scarred-Jonas use the stabilized God Particle Orb.

(8) Scarred-Jonas arrives in the past on 24 Jun 1921. He’s taken to the headquarters of Sic Mundus where he meets Adam. Adam discloses that he an older version of Jonas, he shows him the same scar. Adam lies to Scarred-Jonas that he needs to go to save his father, stop him from committing suicide. Adam wants to ensure no one messes with the timeline until he can execute his plan to destroy both worlds.

(9) Scarred-Jonas meets his father on the 4 Nov 2019 only to realize that it is he who triggers the suicide. Old-Claudia shows up and convinces Scarred-Jonas and Michael that the past should not change at this point. She too intends to destroy both worlds but is not working with Adam. Scarred-Jonas leaves with Old-Claudia, who tells him to go to the past and meet her younger self.

(10) Scarred-Jonas lands up on 26 Jun 1987 to meet Young-Claudia who has just killed her father, Egon. The two of them leave.

(11) Scarred-Jonas returns to 27 Jun 2020, the day of the Apocalypse, with Young-Claudia and asks her to take Regina to the bunker. He then goes to his home where he meets Martha. They kiss. Adam (from the past) shows up and kills Martha.

Because of Quantum Entanglement, Jonas splits into three instances.

(11A) Scarred Jonas runs to his basement to escape the Apocalypse.

(11B) Scarred Jonas is taken by Eve’s Martha to the other world where he sleeps with her to conceive The Unknown and is eventually killed.

(11C) Scarred Jonas is taken by Adam (from the future) to Eve’s World and sends him on his way to save the Origin World.

The paths of Jonas in 11B and 11C erase Jonas from existence. We’ll now continue with the path of Jonas from 11A.

(12) Scarred-Jonas grows old in the post-apocalyptic world and becomes The Stranger. He works with Claudia and Young-Noah to stabilize the God Particle for time-travel. Finally, in the year 2052, The Stranger is sent back in time by Claudia. 

(13) The Stranger arrives on 5 Nov 2019. He leaves Jonas the map to the passage in the Cave and a lamp. After this, he heads to the past to meet H.G. Tannhaus to get his portable time machine fixed.

(14) The Stranger makes a couple of trips between Nov 2019 and Nov 1986 to get the time machine fixed. He also steals some God Particles from the truck in 2019. On 12 Nov 1986, The Stranger meets and talks to Jonas locked in the experiment-room.

(15) The Stranger travels forward to 12 Nov 2019 and triggers the time-machine thinking he’s going to destroy the time passage in the Cave. Instead, he results in the creation of the wormhole.

(16) The Stranger stays on in 2019 up until 27 Jun 2020, the day of the Apocalypse. During his stay, he meets many of the people from Winden to disclose his real identity. Just before the Apocalypse, he uses a time machine and travels to the past with Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska.

(17) The Stranger arrives on 27 Jun 1888 by mistake due to a malfunction of the time machine. He is stuck there along with Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska. The grows old there and in-between he encounters Hannah who has travelled through time to meet him on Eve’s advice. The Stranger’s face has deformed by now thanks to all the radiation exposure and has lost his mind. Assuming Eve is trying to end his plans, The Deformed Stranger kills Hannah. 

(18) On 24 Jun 1921 Adam meets Scarred-Jonas and sends him to the future to stop his dad from committing suicide, knowing very well that this trip is the reason that Michael will die.

(19) On 27 Jun 1921, Adam gets his machine working and uses it to travel to the future.

(20) Adam arrives on 27 Jun 2020, the day of the Apocalypse, and heads over to his house and shoots Martha.

(21) Adam travels to the future, possibly Jun 2053 and sets up the new headquarters of Sic Mundus in the destroyed Power Plant. Here he continues to operate and eventually traps and kills a pregnant Martha. His plan to destroy the worlds is unaccomplished despite killing Martha. Old Claudia appears and tells Adam that the only way is to save the Origin World. And that Adam needs to go back to the time of the Apocalypse and give Scarred-Jonas a third path, one that restores the Origin World but destroys both Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds.

(22) Adam arrives for the second time to the point of the Apocalypse, 27 Jun 2020, right after Martha has been shot. He takes Scarred-Jonas with him to Eve’s World moments before the Apocalypse. This goes back to the path of (11C). After this, Adam goes to Eve and makes peace. Jonas from the (11C) path, with the help of Eve’s World’s Martha, heads to the Origin World and saves it by preventing Marek from dying.


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Netflix DARK: Things and People Created Due To The Bootstrap Paradox

The time-travel based Netflix series DARK saw the concept of the Bootstrap Paradox being abundantly tossed around all over the series. Not only things but people were also created becauseContinue readingNetflix DARK: Things and People Created Due To The Bootstrap Paradox The post Netflix DARK: Things and People Created Due To The Bootstrap Paradox appeared first on This is...

The time-travel based Netflix series DARK saw the concept of the Bootstrap Paradox being abundantly tossed around all over the series. Not only things but people were also created because of the Bootstrap Paradox in both Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds. Let’s take a look at what the Bootstrap Paradox is and how it plays a critical role in the series. This is Barry, welcome to my site, and here is the list of things and people created due to the Bootstrap Paradox in the Netflix series Dark. I want to state clearly that when I use the word “Bootstrap” or “Bootstrapped” in this article, I mean “as a result of the Bootstrap Paradox” and not the dictionary term “Bootstrap“. This is a time-travel based discussion and nothing shall be linear, massive spoilers ahead. You can watch DARK – here.

Other links that will help understand the Netflix series Dark are:

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What is the Bootstrap Paradox? What is the Predestination Paradox?

When you have the possibility of time-travel, it always shows up with some time-paradoxes. 

Predestination Paradox is one where an event in the future predestines the event in the past. My favourite example is a man who has lost his wife to a car accident. He travels back in time to stop it, but in turn, causes the accident that kills his wife. He predestines his past—a paradox. 

Items that come into existence seeming from nowhere within a Predestination loop is the result of a Bootstrap Paradox. An example would be this. Kyle gives Sarah a pen on the 1st July and tells her to give it to him 5 days later. Sarah hands the pen over to Kyle on the 6th. Kyle then goes back in time to the 1st. Kyle gives Sarah the pen on 1st July and tells her to give it to him 5 days later. Before 1st July and after 6th July the pen doesn’t exist. It was bootstrapped out of nowhere. If you trace the origin of the pen, it will loop back on to itself.

Now that we have the definition out of the way, let’s go through the list of things and people that got created because of the Bootstrap Paradox in the Netflix Series DARK.

Netflix Dark: People Created Because Of The Bootstrap Paradox

1. Charlotte in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Charlotte was a baby that was brought to H.G. Tannhaus by a middle-aged Elisabeth and Charlotte. The two women steal baby Charlotte from Elizabeth in the future and take it back to the past. This baby grows old to be Charlotte, who goes to the future to steal the baby. Yes, you should read that again 🙂

Charlotte Elisabeth bootstrap Dark

2. Elisabeth in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Elisabeth is born to Charlotte and Peter. Elisabeth eventually grows old to marry Noah and has a baby. This baby is Charlotte. This is the same baby that the middle-aged Elisabeth and Charlotte steal and take to H.G. Tannhaus.

In short, Charlotte is Elisabeth’s mother, and Elisabeth is Charlotte’s mother. They bootstrap each other.

3. Franziska in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Dark Franziska Doppler bootstrap

Franziska is Charlotte’s elder daughter and Elisabeth’s sister. Franziska the result of an Inherited Bootstrap because she’s born to a parent, Charlotte, who is one of two people who create each other, the Elisabeth-Charlotte Bootstrap. Franziska is not responsible for her own birth, but she’s the extension of a family line which has no origin. In Adam’s World, Franziska survives the Apocalypse because she goes back in time with an older Jonas. In Eve’s World, Franziska is unconnected to time-travel and perishes in the Apocalypse.

4. The Unknown

DARK The unknown who is he

The Unknown, who is the Father of Tronte, was born to Martha, who is Tronte’s granddaughter. The Unknown is his own great-great-grandson. He is one person born as a result of two Worlds – Jonas from Adam’s World and Martha from Eve’s World are his parents. There is only one The Unknown for both worlds. Which means this man slept with the Agnes from both Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds. Look at that, this dude might look all angry-young-man constantly (not to mention, even the kid is always pissed off), but he woos his own great-great-grandmother twice, once in each World.

5. Tronte in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Tronte Dark Bootstrap

Tronte is born to The Unknown. Tronte’s granddaughter, Martha, is the mother of his father. Which also makes Tronte his own great-great-grandson. Tronte was married to Jana, who is not part of this bootstrap mess. She’s just a nice lady from an ordinary family who happens to marry into a pile of time-warped mess in both Worlds.

6. Mads in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Mads dark bootstrap paradox

Since Tronte is bootstrapped, his son, Mads, is associated to the Bootstrap Paradox indirectly. Mads is no way responsible for his own birth but belongs to a family tree with no origin. This poor kid plays the role of a dead bodyand the only image of him alive is a photograph. His physical self is always a mutilated body with its eyes burnt to a crisp. Mads is one of the kids who got abducted by Helge and Noah and taken to conduct time-experiments with a machine that doesn’t work yet. At the point when Mads is strapped into the device, the only thing it was capable of doing was, well, burn the eyes to a crisp, kill the subject strapped in, and toss him into another time.

7. Ulrich in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Ulrich Dark Bootstrap Paradox

Ulrich is Tronte’s and Jana’s other kid, and Mad’s brother. Again, because Tronte exists as a result of the Bootstrap Paradox, Ulrich does too. Since this is the same Nielsen family-line Ulrich is also his own great-great-grandfather. In Adam’s World, he goes looking for his missing son and ends up in 1953 where he’s admitted to a mental facility and lives his entire life in there. In Eve’s World, Ulrich follows Helge into 1986 and is bludgeoned to death by Helge.

8. Martha in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Dark Martha bootstrap paradox

Martha is Ulrich’s daughter, and she is her own great-great-grandmother. Martha is one of the DARK’s central characters. In Adam’s World, she is killed just before the Apocalypse. In Eve’s World, she goes on to become Eve perpetuating lies to sustain the Knot between the Worlds. Eve’s World’s Martha and Jonas conceive a child, The Unknown. She also branches out into other instances of herself thanks to Quantum Entanglement – read more.

9. Magnus in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Magnus Dark Bootstrap

Magnus is Ulrich’s elder son. He is indirectly associated with the Bootstrap Paradox because his father. Magnus does nothing to to cause his own birth but belongs to a family line which has no origin. In Adam’s World, Magnus survives the Apocalypse by travelling back in time with an older Jonas. In Eve’s World, Magus doesn’t believe anything Martha has to say about the Apocalypse and dies when it happens.

10. Mikkel in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

mikkel michael dark bootstrap

Mikkel is an interesting case. In Adam’s World, Mikkel is led back to the past, 1986, by Jonas. This results in Mikkel meeting and marrying Hannah and giving birth to Jonas. Furthermore, Jonas goes on to father The Unknown. In Adam’s World, Mikkel is his own great-great-great-grandfather. In Eve’s World, Mikkel doesn’t go back in time and there is no Jonas. So Mikkel is not directly associated to the Bootstrap Paradox but belongs to a family tree that has no origin.

11. Jonas in Adam’s World

jonas bootstrap dark paradox

Jonas is Michael’s and Hannah’s son. Michael is Mikkel who is taken back in time to 1986 by Jonas. Jonas comes into existence as a result of his own action. Furthermore, Jonas gives birth to The Unknown and becomes part of a second Bootstrap Paradox where he is his own great-great-great-grandfather. There is no Jonas in Eve’s World as Mikkel never goes back to 1986. Like Martha, Jonas also branches out into multiple instances of himself because of Quantum Entanglement – read more

Netflix DARK: Things Created Due To The Bootstrap Paradox

1. The Time-Machine in Adam’s World

time machine dark bootstrap

An old Claudia gets blueprints to the time-machine from Eve and gives it to H.G. Tannhaus in Adam’s World. He uses the blueprints to build the part of the time-machine. Later, an older Jonas shows up with a completed  but broken broken time-machine and hands it to H.G. Tannhaus. He then reverse engineers and creates a working time-machine filling in the gaps for all the missing pieces in the blueprints. The time-machine is completed because of its completed future self.

Plot Hole: Who created the time-machine of Eve’s World?

We are told nothing about the most powerful device of this series – the spherical time-machine of Eve’s World. There is only one set of blueprints, and those are the designs for the machine in the briefcase. Eve’s World’s apparatus is far more powerful. It does not have any limitation to when you can travel to. You can also use it to travel between worlds. To build this, there needs to have been another set of blueprints. Nothing is shown about this leaving us to speculate about the most critical device of the DARK series.

2. The Book “A Journey Through Time” in Adam’s World

a journey through time book dark bootstrap paradox

Ulrich hands the book “A Journey Through Time” to H.G. Tannhaus back in the year 1953. It has already been written by H.G. Tannhaus in the future. The young H.G. Tannhaus copies word to word from this book and sends it for publication. The book and all the information in it are bootstrapped. The book creates itself through the causal timeloop. 

We don’t know if such a book exists in Eve’s World or its significance there.

3. Katharina’s Name in Adam’s World

Katharina Name Bootstrap

Hannah steals Older Jonas’ time-machine and goes to 1954 to verify it is indeed Ulrich who is stuck there in prison. She lies to the authorities saying her name is Katharina (Ulrich’s wife’s name). Hannah exacts her revenge by letting Ulrich rot in jail. After that, she gets pregnant with Egon’s child. She considers aborting it and at the abortion clinic meets a young Helena, Katharina’s future mother. When Helena asks, Hanna lies that her name is Katharina. Helena finds the name to be very attractive. Years later she names her daughter Katharina who Hannah impersonates.

4. Blueprints of the Time-Machine of Adam’s World

dark bootstrap paradox blueprints

This piece of document appears bootstrapped in the series DARK. We are first shown Claudia give this to H.G. Tannhaus. From him, Older Jonas takes it once his time-machine has been fixed by H.G. Tannhaus. After that, older Jonas keeps it with him for many years and leaves it behind in 1921 as Adam. The Unknown shows up in 1921, takes the blueprints and burns the place down. It then goes to Eve and Eve passes it on to Claudia. As you can see, the document has no origin and is bootstrapped just like the time-machine.

5. The Apocalypse in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

apocalypse bootstrap dark

Yes, the Apocalypse is the result of the Bootstrap Paradox. The Leak is the thing that sets the ground for the Apocalypse. The Leak creates the substance called the God Particle. In both worlds this Leak is triggered by The Unknown in 1986. The Unknown, himself, was born in 2020 as a result of Jonas and Martha sleeping with each other. His birth happens in the post-apocalyptic world. The Apocalypse creates the unstable wibbly-wobbly orb. The Unknown steals files from the Power Plant with which it’s understood that the God Particle was responsible for the Apocalypse and the wibbly-wobbly in the first place. The Unknown man, child and aged travel to both Worlds, to 1986, and cause the Leak which results in the God Particle. Their knowledge of how to set grounds for the Apocalypse helps them set the ground for the Apocalypse.

6. The Notebook’s Contents

notebook dark bootstrap

While the Notebook itself is not bootstrapped, the information in it is. The Unknown is shown to be the one who compiles all the key events and puts it into the Notebook . Many of the characters eventually find this Notebook and based on the information in it, conduct the events. Each of those events is bootstrapped. The event happened, hence The Unknown entered it into the Notebook; because it is entered into the Notebook the characters make sure the events occur as per the Notebook.

Things and People Not Part Of The Bootstrap Paradox Yet Appear To Be

1. Noah and Agnes in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

noah agnes not bootstrapped dark

Noah and Agnes are born to Bartosz and Silja. Bartosz’s parents, Regina and Aleksander, are not bootstrapped. Similarly, Silja’s parents, Hannah and Egon, are not bootstrapped. Both Bartosz and Silja have a linear ancestry, which also means Noah and Agnes have a linear ancestry and are not the result of the Bootstrap Paradox. It’s only that Noah and Agnes are both born to time-travelling parents in the past. Their actions don’t result in their own birth.

2. Silja in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Silja is the mother of Noah and Agnes. Her mother is Hannah, and her father is Egon. Neither of them is a result of the Bootstrap Paradox. Silja could not have been born if not for the time machine and Hannah going back in time, but that said, Silja is not bootstrapped. Silja’s actions don’t have any connection to her own birth down the timeline.

Silja Bartosz not bootstrapped

3. Bartosz in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

Much like Silja, Bartosz is born to Regina and Aleksander. Both these individuals are free of the Bootstrap Paradox. Though Bartosz travels back in time to father Noah and Agnes, he is not part of the paradox. In the Origin World, it appears that Regina never met Aleksander. So it might mean Bartosz is never born in the Origin World.

4. The Pendant

pendant dark not bootstrapped

The Pendant originates from Egon Tiedemann in 1954 when he gifts it to Hannah. Hannah leaves it with young Helene’s items at the abortion clinic. When Helene bludgeons and kills the time-travelling Katharina in 1987, it falls at the lakeside. Then decades later Jonas finds it when he’s with Martha by the lake. It then gets passed on to Martha. The Pendant is never shown to make its way back to Egon in 1954. So it’s only being passed around in time but has a definitive start and end and is not bootstrapped.

5. The Pennies

dark penny not bootstrapped

The Pennies that are found on the dead children travel back and forth in time but are initially manufactured in 1986. These are not bootstrapped into either of the Worlds.

6. Jana Nielsen in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds

jana dark not bootstrapped

The prevalent inference is that the entire Nielsen family is bootstrapped. But no, not everyone. Jana is Tronte’s wife. While Tronte is a bootstrapped individual, Jana is just a normal girl who falls in love and marries him. We don’t see any reference to her in the Origin World because she never runs into Tronte and is possibly married to someone else and is unconnected to the core characters.

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DARK Series Ending Explained (What The Heck Happened?)

In this article, I’m going to talk specifically about the ending of the Netflix series DARK. My primary focus will be on summarizing the critical elements that connect to theContinue readingDARK Series Ending Explained (What The Heck Happened?) The post DARK Series Ending Explained (What The Heck Happened?) appeared first on This is...

In this article, I’m going to talk specifically about the ending of the Netflix series DARK. My primary focus will be on summarizing the critical elements that connect to the ending of DARK. So if you are still watching the series, please do not read further, massive spoilers ahead. This is Barry, welcome to my site, and here is the DARK series ending explained.

You’ll find this other link helpful in understanding the Netflix DARK Series:

In case you’re new to my site, here’s how it works. If the article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answer to your questionYou can find other films using the search option on top of this page.


Here are links to the key aspects to understand the ending of the series Dark:

DARK Series: How many Worlds are there in total?

There are three worlds in total.

  • Adam’s World (which we know from Season 1 and Season 2)
  • Eve’s World (which is revealed in the Season Finale of Season 2)
  • The Origin World (which is revealed in the Season Finale of Season 3)

Adam’s and Eve’s Knotted Worlds are born from a third Origin World.

DARK Series Ending Explained: Timeline Diagram

Netflix Series Dark timeline diagram

(Click To Enlarge)

DARK: What is the Origin World? How did Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds get created?

In 1971, H.G. Tannhaus has an argument with his son, Marek. Because of this, Marek leaves with his wife and baby on a rainy night. Thanks to visibility issues they drive over a broken bridge and the three of them die. H.G. Tannhaus is unable to deal with their deaths and obsesses over the idea of creating a time device that he can use to go back and save them. He spends 15 years building it. Finally, in 1986, he completes this device and turns it on.

The ending of DARK reveals that H.G. Tannhaus ends up destroying his World with his machine and giving birth to two Knotted Worlds – Adam’s and Eve’s. This is not the case of one timeline splitting into two. This is one Universe being replaced by two other Universes with both pasts and futures differing from the Origin Universe. The entire DARK series is based on two temporal Worlds that are a byproduct of a quantum experiment conducted by one man in the Origin World.

What is H.G. Tannhaus doing in Helge’s bunker?

In the Origin World, this place is not owned by Helge. Helge owns the bunker only in Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds. In the Origin World, is H.G. Tannhaus is the owner of this bunker and he is building the time device in that place.

What is Quantum Entanglement, how is Jonas dead and alive?

Here’s how it works in DARK. Two concepts need to be understood – Bootstrap Paradox and Quantum Entanglement.

The first one is the Bootstrap Paradox. This is when an object or a person seemingly comes into existence because of time-travel. The example of this in the series is the Briefcase Time-Machine of Adam’s World. Examples of bootstrapped people are Elisabeth and Charlotte, who are each other’s mothers. This is not the result of Quantum Entanglement. No matter how convoluted this might seem, there is only one Charlotte and one Elisabeth in one world.

Let’s look at the incident where Jonas is in his house looking at the dead Martha from his World moments before the apocalypse. We suddenly have Martha from Eve’s World showing up and taking Jonas away. Up until that moment, we know that Jonas grows old to eventually become Adam, and he has never visited the other World. But now you have Jonas not only travelling to Eve’s World but sleeping with Martha and eventually dying. How does this happen? The answer to this is Quantum Entanglement. The various paths that Jonas takes all exist simultaneously. So one Jonas goes on to become Adam, and another goes with Martha has sex with her and is killed off. The same thing happens with Martha too, one Martha gets taken and killed by Adam, while another shoots Jonas and eventually becomes Eve.

adam claudia eve dark

DARK Series Ending: What does Adam want?

Adam wants to destroy the Knot and both Worlds. That’s what he really wants but he lies to most people he came across because he didn’t want anyone (including his younger selves) to interfere with his plans. His master plan was to wait until Martha got pregnant, kidnap her, and use the power of both worlds to kill her and her unborn. At the end of DARK, we are shown that Adam successfully kills Martha and her unborn. But thanks to Quantum Entanglement, at the point of the apocalypse in 2020, another Martha comes to existence who still bears Jonas’ child and grows old to become Eve. Adam’s plan fails.

DARK Ending: What does Eve want?

Eve wants to preserve the Knot and both Worlds. She goes with the principle that, no matter how convoluted the Knot made it for certain people, the two Worlds otherwise exists and should not be deleted. She, too, lies to most people (including her younger selves) to ensure that no one ends up destroying both Worlds. Her plan doesn’t work out either.

DARK Ending: What does Claudia want?

Claudia wants to destroy both Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds and save the Origin World. She knows more about the nature of the two worlds than Adam or Eve. Claudia from Adam’s World kills and takes the time-machine from Claudia from Eve’s World. Using this, she travels extensively through time and the two Worlds to find out that both the Worlds were ulcers growing from a third Origin World. She traces the first explosion in her Power Plant back in 1986 to have a source outside of both Adam’s and Eve’s World, H.G. Tannhaus’ time device in an Origin World.

How did Claudia find out about the Origin World?

Over decades, Claudia puts together the relationship-tree of people that belong to both Worlds. She realizes that many people have ancestry that points back to themselves. For example, all of the Nielsens exist because of their own family. Martha gives birth to The Unknown who fathers Tronte with Agnes. They exist as the result of a Bootstrap Paradox. Claudia notices that her daughter Regina is not part of a paradox. In her quest to save Regina, she stumbles upon a third world, the Origin World. A world that was destroyed by H.G. Tannhaus to give birth to the two Knotted Worlds.

DARK: Plot-Hole: How Claudia knows so much?

Fundamentally, I find this incomplete on the part of the series. Claudia belonged to Adam’s World. With the spherical time-machine from Eve’s World, she could travel through time and between both worlds. There is no way Claudia could access the Origin World. And furthermore, she couldn’t know the details of dates and events of the Origin World either – that from 1971 to 1986 H.G. Tannhaus built a faulty time device. And that his faulty time machine destroyed his world and created two knotted ones. She also somehow knows that the date that Jonas and Martha need to travel back to is 1986. All Claudia could know about the event in 1986 is the leak that was triggered in the Power Plant. Sadly, DARK ended with this gaping void and didn’t give much closure to Claudia’s path. Do drop a comment if you have thoughts around this.

DARK The unknown who is he

Who are the three people child, man and the aged?

The child, man and the aged are same person from three different times. They don’t have a name and series calls them The Unknown. He is the son born to Martha and Jonas. Apart from killing a few people who could threaten the existence of the Knot between Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds, The Unknown also fathers Tronte Neilson in both the Worlds – here’s more details on how we know this.

The Unknown is responsible for the Power Plant leak in both Adam’s and Eve’s Worlds. Remember they steal a manual from Claudia’s office in Adam’s World. The manual is the “Volume Control Manual” which generally has details about removing contaminants from the reactor – Chemical Volume & Control Manual. Either both Power Plants are identical, or they steal this manual from Eve’s World’s Power Plant too [off screen]. Using this information, they now travel back to 1986 to create the leak, which is what we see stored in the yellow canisters. The Unknowns create the leak that gives birth to the God Particle. Years later, this God Particle triggers the apocalypse in both Worlds.

What happens at the end of the DARK Series?

Adam’s Realization

Claudia explains to Adam that H.G. Tannhaus (in the Origin World) destroyed his world by mistake. That Adam can use the point of time in the apocalypse, where time stands still for an instant, and give his younger self the ability to take a new path – go to the Origin World. But this would be possible only if Jonas and Martha did it together, it cannot be one World’s decision. Adam travels back to the point of the apocalypse (2020) and leaves with Jonas and travels back in time moments before the apocalypse in Eve’s world (2019). Jonas intercepts Martha’s meeting with Old-Magnus and Old-Franziska and takes her to 1986, just before the explosion at the Power Plant. They use the space-time rift caused by the explosion to travel to the Origin World.

dark jonas martha cave

What is that place that looked like the Matrix at the end of DARK?

This place is in space-time between the Origin World and the Knotted Worlds. They are at the beginning of their two Worlds and at the end of the Origin World. I’m not sure what the implication of this scene is, especially when they see their younger selves. Looks like this was destined to happen and shows that the connection between Martha and Jonas always existed. From here, Martha and Jonas use the time machine to travel to 1971 to save the Origin world.

DARK Series Ending Explained

The ending of the DARK series shows us that Jonas and Martha successfully stop Marek from using that broken bridge in 1971 in the Origin World. This results in him and his family not dying. Marek goes back to H.G. Tannhaus’ home. Given H.G. Tannhaus doesn’t lose his son and family, he doesn’t obsess over time-travel and never builds the time device. 1986 comes and goes without any incident that destroys the Origin World. But as a result, both Adam’s and Eve’s world are destroyed, and everyone in it is erased from existence.

DARK: Plot-Hole: Grandfather Paradox

At the moment of the apocalypse, we have already two Jonas. One never goes to Eve’s world and grows up to be Adam. The other goes to Eve’s World, sleeps with Martha and is eventually killed. Because of Quantum Entanglement, we’re told that both Jonas can co-exist in the same timeline. The real problem kicks in when Adam shows up at that same instance of the apocalypse and takes Jonas down a third path. The third path destroys the Knotted Worlds. And this is a problem because only if the Worlds are not destroyed can there be an Adam to help Jonas end the Worlds. You see how that’s a problem? By destroying the Worlds, Jonas also removed the possibility of there being an Adam. Then who helps Jonas kill the Worlds? If this is also attributed to Quantum Entanglement, then this needs to extend to the Origin World. Marek should be both dead and alive, which then means the Time Device in the Origin World also needs to be both created and not. We are shown no such thing. This is a classic Grandfather Paradox in the Origin World especially because there is no implication of Quantum Superposition. Many time-travel movies have fallen prey to this in the past. Slick films like Predestination or Primer don’t dabble in this plot-hole, but DARK does.

DARK Series: The Last Scene

As the series DARK comes to a end in Regina’s house in the Origin World. We don’t know exactly when but this is possibly around early 2000s.

  • Katharina, Hannah and Regina are good friends. There is no Ulrich in this world, so Regina perhaps never got bullied the way she did. No Ulrich also means that Katharina and Hannah didn’t fall in love with the same person. 
  • Katharina is a single woman.
  • Charlotte doesn’t exist, so Peter never gets married to her. Instead, he’s together with Benni Wöller.
  • Hannah is married to Torben Wöller (Benni’s brother) and is expecting. She decides to call their child Jonas. It’s important to know that this child and Jonas Kahnwald are entirely different people. It’s not that the time-loop is restarting or anything like that.

This Origin world will now be a normal one with no time-travelling or where people and objects will be bootstrapped. To see what the family-tree looks like in the Origin World, go here – DARK Series Family Tree.

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