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Parental Guidance

  • Matt
  • February 12, 2020 07:46:47 AM

A Little About Us

I decided to start this blog (and YouTube Vlog) not to be theatrical and complain about living with a sex offense. Instead, I prefer to tell stories and help others that may be in the same situation. Stories have the power to educate, build compassion, and deepen empathy for others.

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A Global Pandemic and the Sex Offender Registry

Do you think the terms self-isolate, stay at home and social distancing, in addition to describing... The post A Global Pandemic and the Sex Offender Registry appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

Do you think the terms self-isolate, stay at home and social distancing, in addition to describing the current Covid-19 pandemic, can also describe life on the sex offender registry? Some people on the sex offender registry suffer from anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts because of overwhelming feelings of social rejection and ostracism.

The post A Global Pandemic and the Sex Offender Registry appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

Free Ebook for Moms and Dads in Prison Children of Incarcerated Parents

When I was incarcerated in Texas I decided to write an ebook to help moms and... The post Free Ebook for Moms and Dads in Prison Children of Incarcerated Parents appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

When I was incarcerated in Texas I decided to write an ebook to help moms and dads communicate with their children. The idea was inspired by staying in communication with my own daughter over my four year prison sentence.

Please print out this FREE ebook and mail to your loved one. Please share to help other incarcerated parents stay in contact with their children. Thank you.


Annie E. Casey Foundation “Kids Count” Project

Nationally, the number of kids who have had a parent in jail or prison at some point in their childhood hovers around 5.1 million — a conservative estimate. Among states, the percentage of children with an incarcerated parent varies dramatically, from only 3 percent in New Jersey to 13 percent in Kentucky.

Overwhelmingly, incarcerated parents are fathers, many of them young. In state and federal prisons, about 45 percent of men age 24 or younger are fathers. For the same age group, about 48 percent of women in federal prison and 55 percent in state facilities are mothers. Although the percentages are higher for women, the actual numbers of mothers behind bars are a fraction of those for fathers, mirroring the total prison population. The number of children with a father in prison rose by more than half between 1991 and 2007, and those with a mother behind bars more than doubled.


The post Free Ebook for Moms and Dads in Prison Children of Incarcerated Parents appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

Interview with The Outspoken Offender

Matt Duhamel, also known as The Outspoken Offender, who resides in the USA and was arrested... The post Interview with The Outspoken Offender appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

Matt Duhamel, also known as The Outspoken Offender, who resides in the USA and was arrested in 2006 for receipt and distribution of child sexual exploitation material, continues to discuss and help others affected by America’s sex offender registry.

This interview is one of the most compelling interviews a sex offender has ever given and shows the world through his eyes what it is like to be on the sex offender registry.

He has been very open what life is like being on the sex offender’s registry and his arrest in 2006. He is not asking for people to feel sorry for him, what he is asking for is for people to understand what life is like for him and others who are released from prison.

The Outspoken Offender
The Outspoken Offender

Since being released from prison he has seen the world in a different light, and he himself has seen how the world treats him differently. For people with no criminal record getting a place to live is easy, but once landlords find out you are on the sex offenders registry then most landlords shut the door in your face, according to Duhamel.

To try and make people understand what life is like for him and others like him, he has started a blog and YouTube channel titled, The Outspoken Offender. The blog aims to bring greater awareness as well as explain that people on the registry still have a place in society.

The blog is first and foremost a resource offering support and encouragement for people and their families who find themselves on the sex offender registry. The Outspoken Offender is also campaigning for those on the list to be treated more humane, as Duhamel says in his own words, “You are not defined by your past.”

The Outspoken Offender also looks at how getting a job when a boss knows you have a sexual criminal record is very hard. All though some people may feel shocked by some of the blog posts, the blog does provide a real insight on what it is like to be on the sex offender registry. So, we decided to learn more about The Outspoken Offender and see what it is like being on the registry and how he’s helping others.

Interview with In2Town Magazine

You were arrested in 2006, what were you arrested for?

I was arrested for possession, receipt and distribution of material related to child sexual exploitation. I take full responsibility for my actions and feel bad everyday for what I did. With a partner, I was helping operate about a dozen child and teen modeling websites. Parents and photographers from around the world would send us photos and videos of child and teen models. Though all the content on the websites were considered non-nude, we were both arrested and convicted. I was unaware at the time that the United States has what’s called the “Dost Test” or “Factors” which helps the court determine if content rises to the level of child pornography. Nudity is NOT a requirement of the Dost Factors, and photos and videos can still be considered illegal even if the minor is partially or fully clothed.

Why have you decided to be so honest about your arrest?

Well, I’ve been honest about it from the start. In fact, I discuss my arrest and conviction in my documentary film, The Forgiveness Journey. I’ve also done a lot of public speaking about my past. More recently, I’ve decided to speak about it more aggressively because of how the registry has negatively affected my life over the years. My life will never be the same since my arrest. In April of 2017 when I had successfully completed my five years of probation, part of me wanted to believe once I served my time, I could live a fairly “normal” life under the sex offender registry. I was wrong. Though my day to day life is normal, it’s the denial of employment, housing and social ostracism that I battle with constantly.

How were you caught?

After I was arrested, I’d learned that the FBI was investigating my business for about a year and half. I believe one of the girls started to brag to her friends about how she was a model on the internet. Word got around and the local authorities were contacted. From there, the FBI started their investigation on our websites.

Most sex offenders hide away and keep their crime secret, do you feel safe coming forward and speaking out?

I think the vast majority hide, but things are changing. More people on the registry are starting to speak out and talk about how the registry not only affects them, but their own children and families. They are talking more about collateral damage, which I also discuss in my videos and blog. But to answer your question, yes, I do feel safe.

Have you been verbally or physically attacked since your release from prison?

No, I have not.

When you tell a person that you are on the sex-offenders register how do they react?

Well, I don’t normally tell people unless I know them well. Of course online, that’s a different story. When I’m face to face with someone, I don’t just start talking about my offense. You could look at it this way: when you meet someone, do you start automatically talking about your past? Do you talk about your divorce that happened three years ago, or the time that you stole money from your employer? Probably not. The same goes for my past crime.

When you were arrested was it a wake-up call?

That is a good question. I knew what I was doing was morally wrong. Inside, I battled with what I was doing everyday. At one point, I told my business partner that I wanted out, so I left the business for about six months. Then the bills started piling up. I ended up going back and running more websites. I didn’t want to lose the lavish lifestyle I was living including my 5,200 square foot home, Maserati sports car, and other material stuff.

How did your arrest affect your family?

It was devastating to them. I think it still is in certain ways. I’m not one to just break the law or get into trouble. I was a shy kid, somewhat nerdy, but outgoing and funny with certain people. I got pretty good grades and was not a troublemaker. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. The passion to run a business from an early age and make a lot of money may have played a part in my poor decisions.

Before your arrest you had a successful career in TV news, radio broadcasting and film production, how has that changed?

Well, I can no longer find a job in this industry. I have tried, and in fact, just about a month ago I had two interviews set up for a TV news producer position. Unfortunately, they used Google as their personal background check and found out about my conviction. (my case was highly publicized) I never even had a chance to explain my past with them. They cancelled the interviews and told me it would “never work.” This is what I’m talking about when it comes to employment. When you’re living with a sex offense conviction, you rarely get the chance to explain or prove yourself. It’s ridiculous.

You spent 49 months inside a federal prison, (2007-2012), how did the other prisoners react to your crime?

I spent my time in a low-security federal prison which specialized in people with sex offenses or drug crimes. So it was expected that you were there for one of these convictions. Because of this, it was fairly safe with very little violence. I was never physically harmed by another inmate, though I had a few verbal altercations.

You spent five years on federal supervision, and you are a registered sex offender, do you take offense at being called a sex offender?

Yes, in some ways I do. I know I use the term, but would rather say “registered citizen.” But if I use that all the time, most people won’t understand who I’m referring to.

I just don’t like the word “sex” because my crime didn’t involve sex. None of the content that I possessed involved actual sex acts, nor did I have sex with anyone underage. The real problem is the phrase, sex offender because when people hear it, they automatically assume the worst.

Some people believe that sex offenders have no place in society and should be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives, what is your opinion on this?

Of course I don’t believe this. If we were to lock up all the sex offenders for life, what about the drug dealer selling drugs to kids, getting them hooked on illegal drugs?

Not all convicted sex offenders commit crimes because they have pedophilia. Most people feel that just because you are on the registry, that you’re automatically a threat to children. This just isn’t true. So to lock up all sex offenders would be wrong and barbaric.

It was reported that some experts believe that sex offenders are people who are ill and damaged and need help instead of locking up, would you agree?

My opinion on this question may vary from other registered sex offenders. I do feel that someone that has an attraction to prepubescent children (pedophilia) can’t be cured. Though, pedophilia can be managed effectively through counseling to help reduce sexual thoughts, fantasies, and urges, but there is no cure.

First, I want to be clear that I’m not condoning sexual abuse in anyway. I’m not a doctor, but I feel that pedophilia is not a disorder as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). I feel that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. The nature/nurture debate is still being considered and how each one effects someone with pedophilia. There is also a lot of research from Dr. James Cantor, of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, that supports the theory that pedophilia may be something you’re born with. (See:

The Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme in the USA allows people to find out if they have a sex offender living next to them or near them, what is your opinion on the scheme?

I disagree with it. People that have committed sexual based offenses have lived in our communities and neighborhoods for many years, not just since the invention of the registry. I understand that people want to feel safe, but relying on a bloated, inaccurate and misleading registry is not the way to do it. It does not make safer neighborhoods and it only instills fear.

There are terms and conditions that you must stick to when being on the sex offenders register, how has this changed your life?

It’s not so much the duties of actually registering your information at the police department like employment information, place of residence, or place of education that causes me grief. It’s the public shaming and rejection that is hard to deal with. I also hate the fact that when people see that I’m on the registry, I’m a danger to their children. I don’t like being pre-judged without the opportunity to speak about what happened, and why I did the things I did fourteen years ago.

You have publicly said that the sex offender registry has caused more damage than good, can you explain what you mean by this?

Its caused more harm and damage because of how it forces sex offenders to the fringes of society. This is not a good place to be. A lot of sex offenders go homeless because of “child protection zones” and residential restrictions. The question that American’s need to ask is: wouldn’t you feel better having someone on the registry housed and employed, rather than being homeless, pissed off at society, broke, while roaming the streets?

In 2017, you made a film, NOT FOR RENT!, a documentary that discusses discriminatory housing issues among ex-felons and sex offenders. Do you blame landlords for being careful to whom they rent out their property to?

I don’t blame the landlords, per say. I understand they want to protect their properties. I do blame the media and how they’ve caused a moral panic in America. This in turn has caused everyone, including landlords to be highly discriminatory without even knowing all the facts. Landlords are also afraid of what neighbors may think if they were to rent to a former inmate or registered sex offender. I’ve seen this happen first hand with rental properties that I’ve tried to rent.

Would you like a law to be brought in to stop landlords turning people away with a criminal record?

Very much so. In fact, it’s already happening in a few American cities such as Seattle. Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Ordinance prevents landlords from checking prospective tenants’ criminal histories. This is a positive housing trend in America but these ordinances need to include people on the registry as well.

Let’s be honest, if you were not on the sex offender register and you owned a block of flats with families living there, would you rent out an apartment to someone you knew were on the sex offender list?

If I hadn’t gone through the criminal justice system, probably not. I don’t like saying that, but it’s true. You see, if you haven’t been affected by the criminal justice system, it’s hard to have empathy for the people that have gone through it. I hear a lot of people say, “I would never get arrested or go to jail.” I thought that too and look what happened. It can happen to anyone at any time. You don’t have to be a criminal to go to prison.

Do you believe that sex offenders should be given a second chance and have a place in society?

Yes, very much. We’re all humans. We all make mistakes but all of us deserve a place in society. Now with that said, there’s a very small amount of people that need to be watched closer than others, but the vast majority of people on the registry are no harm to others. That’s one of the huge problems with the registry: we lump everyone together!

Sex offenders find it hard to gain employment, why do you believe that is?

I’m going through this issue right now. I’ve applied for 254 jobs on Indeed and more on LinkedIn and Craigslist, and I’ve only received one job interview which was last week. I also found out a few days ago I did not get the job.

I think they have a hard time because employers are scared. They are scared of what other people (such as customers, clients, other employees) will think of them if they hire someone on the registry. There was a time when the store manager of the national chain, Walgreens wanted to hire me. He knew about my offense, but the corporate office said “No.” Corporate never met me, never talked to me, nothing. They decided that it would be too much of a safety factor if I worked there. They only looked at the crime, not the person. Again, I was being labeled dangerous and that really upset me.

You have said it is wrong that employers don’t employ sex offenders, are you saying that you would like a law brought in to stop this from happening?

Well, I think what Seattle is doing is a good example. We need to have the “Ban the Box” campaign for all employers, for all crimes, including sex offenses. Now of course the employer can still decide if he/she wants to hire the applicant, but at least the prospective applicant has a chance to discuss their situation with an employer before being refused an interview.

What is your opinion on pedophile hunters?

I don’t think much about these groups. But I do agree with law enforcement when they say these groups are putting the law in their own hands and should not get involved.

You have launched a blog called The Outspoken Offender, why have you decided to do that? What has been the reaction to the blog?

The reaction so far has been very positive. The YouTube channel and blog have only been up for about a month but there’s been a lot of interest. I think some people are surprised that I’ve come out so publicly because I don’t think it’s ever been done before, at least not like this. My video titled, “Confident Sex Offender Visits Burger King and Eats at Subway” has had the most publicity so far. I don’t think a video like this has ever been done before.

What do you hope to achieve from your blog?

First and foremost, I want to help others that may be in the same situation. That is my main goal. I want other people that have been affected by incarceration or have been placed on the sex offender registry know that they can still be a success. Secondly, I want to reduce the stigma, social ostracism and rejection that registrants and their families face everyday. I think it’s very important that we also address the families of registrants because they can receive rejection, hate, and even physical harm. Social rejection is probably the hardest thing to deal with, because as humans, we need to belong. The feeling of belonging is a basic human need, and most people affected by the criminal justice system in America (especially registered sex offenders) lack this basic need.

The post Interview with The Outspoken Offender appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

SORS Survey for People on Sex Offender Registries

I learned about the new SORS survey a few days ago. I took the survey and... The post SORS Survey for People on Sex Offender Registries appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

I learned about the new SORS survey a few days ago. I took the survey and I’m encouraging others to do so as well. SORS is a national study addressing the need for up-to-date, nuanced research on the effects of sex offense registries. This study is led by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Ceres Policy Research, UCLA School of Law, and the University of Miami School of Law.

Participation in SORS

Please complete the survey using this link: SORS Survey.

If you are registered for a sex offense, over the age of 18, and live in the United States, you are eligible to participate in this study. Survey information is completely anonymous and confidential. You will not be asked to provide your name or contact information. Research findings will only be reported for groups of people (e.g., by age group) and will never identify information for any specific participant individually.

If you are in contact with other registrants, please send them this link and encourage them to participate. The link may be shared widely on listservs, websites, newsletters, social media, etc. Your participation will help to advance knowledge about this topic. Thank you!

The post SORS Survey for People on Sex Offender Registries appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

How to Find a Rental with a Felony Record or Sex Offense [FREE COURSE]

Finding an apartment or a rental house with a felony record or a sex offense can... The post How to Find a Rental with a Felony Record or Sex Offense [FREE COURSE] appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

Finding an apartment or a rental house with a felony record or a sex offense can drive you insane! Most landlords deny people on the sex offender registry and some have implemented illegal blanket bans for people with a felony conviction.

Follow my simple tips on how to locate potential rentals on Craigslist and Zillow. It can be a challenge to find a place to live with a felony record, but it’s not impossible!

Download the free 2016 HUD Guidance here:

Video Transcript

If you have a felony on your record, or if you’re on the Sex Offender Registry, finding rental housing can drive you insane! Like this man here, it almost make you wanna pull your eyes out because you’re so frustrated and angry, that you keep getting denied over and over, from landlords and property owners. So what I’m gonna do is a little different. We’re gonna head over to my house here in just a second, I’m gonna give you some really basic pointers, but they can help so much when your searching for a rental. So, let’s go to my house in three, two, one.

2016 HUD Announcement

Okay, in the office now, and before we get to some rentals, I want to show you a document that was released by HUD, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, on April 4, 2016. This is a guidance for landlords and property owners, when it comes to people with felony records and rental housing. This is a very good document to have on hand when you’re out searching for a rental. There’s a lot more background here, but I’m gonna scroll down to an important part here. This is where it talks about blanket bans for rentals and for tenants. A housing provider that imposes a blanket prohibition on any person with any conviction record, no matter when the conviction occurred, what the underlying conduct entailed, or what the convicted person has done since, will be unable to meet this burden. What that basically means is, they’re advising HUD not to place blanket bans on rental properties. But we’re still seeing it. And this document is a little confusing, because it doesn’t really go into people with the sex offense record. But still, none-the-less, this is a excellent document to have, and I’ll put this link where you can download it on the YouTube description.

Let’s Start Searching

Okay, so with that, let’s go ahead and get into Craigslist first. And I just picked this apartment building in Denver, for an example. Now if I was looking for a place, what I do automatically, this is your first tip, is find out if it is owned by a property manager or if it’s being run by a property manager. And what I’m seeing is, yes it is. Deerwoods, that’s the name of the company, it has a lot of information here, a lot of details. Which tells me, from my experience, that it is from a property management company. One thing that I want to point out here, and this goes against what I was just talking about. No prior or current registered sex offenders. What that is telling me, is even if you are off the registry but you were on it before. You can’t rent from this company. No felony or any violent crime convictions, within the previous five years. Now that’s good, that’s good and bad, but that’s good, because if your felony conviction is older than five years you may have a chance. But no sex offenders, present or in the past. Skip this, I would not waste my time on this.

One thing that if you do want to pursue this type of rental, which I wouldn’t recommend, but if you do. And you want to look up what the companies rental criteria is. Now I don’t have this particular company pulled up, their rental criteria, but I’m gonna go to one as an example. This is called Keyrenter, and this is also in the Denver area, it’s just an example city that I’m using for this little course.

Review Rental Criteria First

First thing that I would do, is if you’re ever interested in pursuing a rental with a company, is go to their website, most of them have rental criteria listed. So this is where this is here. First thing I do, is look under criminal history. Let’s see what this says. Boom, my eyes already are focused here. Persons, who are listed on any sex offender list will most likely be denied. That is actually a little bit better, from some other ones that I’ve seen, where it just says, if you’re on the Sex Offender Registry, you will be denied. So here is the huge problem, these types of restrictions can cause lawsuits. And I encourage people to do this. Challenge these companies, they are putting a blanket ban on a certain class of offender. And they’re doing it here, this certain company. There’s many many more that I’ve found. Okay, so if you don’t have a sex offense record, let’s read on. Applicants with convictions related to crimes involving violence, gang activity, arson or injury to persons will most likely be denied. So what they’re doing here is like, yeah we’ll do an individual basis, we’ll be evaluating on individual basis but then they’ll say, not this, not that, not this, and it gets very frustrating. So again, I would not, it’s up to you, but from my experience, I would not waste my time on this company.

No ADU’s

Let’s go to another one on Craigslist. And I am going to say stay away from ADU’s, those are additional dwelling units. And most of the time, these units are on someone else’s property, the owners property. And so you can see where that causes trouble. If you’re on the registry, you’re going to have to use the owners address, most likely. That’s gonna cause problems. So if you see and additional dwelling unit, I would stay away from that and really wouldn’t waste my time.

Search for Private Owners

One of the biggest tips I can give you is search for private owners. The best you can, and you can really pick these out, from the listing. I don’t see a business company name here, I don’t see all these restrictions, and deposits, and can’t have this, can’t have that. So I highly recommend looking for a private owner of a place. But that’s not always gonna give you 100% chance to get the rental, because from what I am seeing, from what I can tell, this maybe a private owner, but he or she has no prior felony convictions. Convections? Well, he misspelled that but, convictions. If this is a property management company, they are going against the HUD guidance. This could open up a lot of lawsuits. I hope it does. If this is a private owner, then he may be able to do this. He or she. So look for things like this, if you see something like this, skip it, move out of it.

Zillow is a Great Source

If you don’t know about Zillow, open up an account with Zillow, it’s absolutely free, it’s awesome. Again, I’m gonna scoot over to Denver, right now, I have houses only. That’s gonna be your best bet, but feel free to mark some things here that you may look into. I’ve got a heart on this one, I wanted to show you this. I’m gonna move myself out of the way a little bit. If I can, well we can scroll up here. Okay, Keyrenter, we were just talking about Keyrenter, in Denver. So my recommendation is when you see a management company, avoid it, chances are it’s a 95% chance you’re not going to get it, and it sucks. But it’s got application criteria, mention of that, that’s gonna be a big challenge to get over. It’s just got a lot of criteria things. And we were just on and I just showed you that. So let’s move on to something else. Let’s try to find something that’s going to actually work.

Real Estate Companies

Here’s a house, two bedroom, one bath. Brokerage, from what I’ve learned. Real estate companies that are actually renting a house or a brokerage, they’re a little more flexible, than a property management company. So that is something that we could check out here. And if you’re on Zillow, you want to ask ’em a question, or you can apply now. Zillow has, in your account, you can have an application already filled out, and all your information and then you just send it to the landlord. Let’s try something else.

Let’s go to the Aurora area, these are just random, I’m just picking these here. Property owner, that’s what we like to see, this is owned by a private person. Not necessarily 100% chance but the chances go up. Okay, private owner, awesome. Me personally, again, I would avoid this. They’re doing showings, an open house of some kind, maybe, if there’s a open house, you’re gonna get tons of people wanting to rent this place and you’re going to be competing against dozens and dozens of people. Still this is just my personal opinion, I would skip this, because of the open house. Management company, good bye. This sucks, I know, I’ve been doing this for many years. Having to go through listings. Property owner, we’ve got a name here. Let’s read, you always want to hit read more. Okay, background check, boom, and credit check. Even though he’s a property owner, he probably got maybe a small business or something. Doing some rentals, would I try? Maybe, if you always want to save these, you could just click save on your Zillow, and move on to another one. Let’s try this in the Stapleton area. Keyrenter, we just talked about that, good bye.

If you’re watching this video we are talking about how to find the best rental if you are on the Sex Offender Registry or you have a felony. It is extremely time consuming, it is a huge challenge. And this is why I’m doing this video, to help you that you may be facing the same problem.

Okay, here’s one, Denver again. Listed by property owner, a very basic listing. Eat-in kitchen, fenced back yard, great. So from here, I will look more into the rental facts and features, will this house work for me? Maybe, I would definitely mark this as a save. There’s not a lot of information and restrictions. So it’s a good possibility, that maybe this person, this David guy, is a little more flexible.

Going Against HUD

Let’s go back to Craigslist. Okay, so here’s another one on Craigslist. Same type of idea, we’re gonna find out if it’s owned my a company, and it is. This company, Wine Properties, LLC Houses. Okay, I totally ignore everything, the information. I go straight down to qualifications, and look at this. No felony convictions, again a company going against the HUD guidance. Ah this pisses me off so much. No felony convictions. The HUD guidance says, at least look at the length. How long ago was the offense? Maybe you could put if the offense was over seven years. But no, this company says absolutely nothing. Screw this place, and move on.

Okay so let’s go and look at this listing here, this is by a private owner, and again no criminal records. I’m seeing this a lot more and I’m kind of surprised. So that gives you kind of an idea of what things to look for and how to read the listings, and what things you want to look for when you’re looking for rental houses.

The first thing, look at rental criteria, we’re gonna do a little review here. Look at rental criteria on the property management company. Does it mention anything about felonies or sex offense restrictions? Then when you’re on sites like Craigslist, look for private owners. Now I know this is a private owner here, and it says no criminal records, but there are plenty of rentals there that you can find if you do a lot of research that will give you a chance. Hey I’m living in a house right now, and I’m on the Sex Offender Registry. So that shows you that it is possible. It depends on the area that you live in. Chicago may be more strict than Tampa, or something, for example.

Have at least 5 References

Have a list of references ready to go, when you apply or when you meet with the landlord. Get at least like five references. Another tip is, if you have the means, the financial means, maybe you can put down an extra months rent. I know it’s a lot of money, we’re looking at probably first months rent, last months rent, and a deposit. But if you have the financial means to put an additional deposit down, that may solve some, reduce some of the concerns that the property owner has.

And the final tip that I have for you, is just try to be positive, as much as you can. I know it can be very frustrating. But if you apply some of these tips, and avoid some of the rental listings that are just not gonna happen, that will save a lot of the frustration.


So I hope you like this video, spread the word. This is a huge problem, people with felony records and sex offender convictions are higher risks for homelessness, unemployment, and it is a crisis that I am trying to bring attention to. And if you want to see some more information on how difficult it is to find a rental, you could always view my documentary film. It’s called “NOT FOR RENT!” I did that a couple of years ago. It talks about people with felony records. The challenges they have faced finding rentals.

Okay, stay positive, I’d love to hear your comments. Have a great day.

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Homeless Because of the Sex Offender Registry

Though the video is a dramatization, homelessness among former offenders and people who’ve been blacklisted from... The post Homeless Because of the Sex Offender Registry appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

Though the video is a dramatization, homelessness among former offenders and people who’ve been blacklisted from society (Sex Offender Registry), is a huge problem. Studies show that formerly incarcerated people are almost 10 times more likely to be homeless than the general public. Furthermore, people who had spent several years in the community were 4 times more likely to be homeless than the general public. The problem is real.

The post Homeless Because of the Sex Offender Registry appeared first on The Outpoken Offender.

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