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Patriotic Films— A Readymade Formula For Success

Bollywood has lately seen a lot of patriotic films coming up on the silver-screen. It is interesting to see how The post Patriotic Films— A Readymade Formula For Success appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

Bollywood has lately seen a lot of patriotic films coming up on the silver-screen. It is interesting to see how and why this growing trend has risen in recent years. Rishi Kant brings you an extensive analysis of this inextricable link between Bollywood and patriotism.

With the release of Tanhaji, Ajay Devgn hopped onto the bandwagon of actors doing films with a nationalistic flair to it. The state of affairs presently is that making a nationalistic or patriotic film is a calculated risk when it comes to box-office collection. Still, the industry is at the cusp of when every actor would jump at this opportunity. Devgn had earlier played the titular role in The Legend of Bhagat Singh in 2002. But at the time, the Indian audience was still longing for more coming-of-age, romantic, if not Karan Johar-esque films. Consequently, the film’s performance at the box office hardly reflected its critical success.

Presently, it is hard to imagine a time when doing a film which appealed to one’s patriotism was somewhat unconventional. A few films do stand out, however. Border (1997) and L.O.C. Kargil (2003), based on the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War and the 1999 Operation Vijay in Kargil respectively, with its ensemble cast and massive budgets, had amassed equally impressive numbers at the box office. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001), which was set during the Partition of India in 1947 and briefly touched upon the animosity felt by the inhabitants of the two nations did a phenomenal job for the producers commercially and could be considered as Sunny Deol’s magnum opus.

Rang De Basanti (2006), on the other hand, became one of the finest films produced in the 21st century, if not in the history of Bollywood. It had just about the right composition of a period film and a film which dealt with contemporary issues— a corrupt government and a disillusioned youth idolising the west. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra making the present analogous with the past.

Nevertheless, Akshay Kumar, who not only pioneered the idea of injecting patriotism in his films, currently is the frontrunner in being associated with such films. A timeless actor, who has a reputation of shifting gears in his roles. He went from an archetypal macho-man with a signature bravado in the 90s to a hilarious and jovial character in the 2000s. His versatility as an actor is one of the reasons that his career has been a remarkable success. Hence, it is unsurprising to see his penchant for period dramas or depictions of heroic folklore.

Few of his films include Mission Mangal (2019), which is based on Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) first interplanetary expedition to Mars. It would be rough on him to call the film one disseminating propaganda, as it only embellished the efforts put in by India’s space research agency to put itself on the space map. It indeed leaves a feeling of pride to see India matching the achievements of the ‘superpower’ nations— the U.S.A. and Russia. What makes this achievement even more impressive is that India was Britain’s colony a little over sixty years ago.

A prime instance of bringing a valiant moment in India’s long and eventful history under the British rule in the limelight is Kesari (2019). The events of the film, albeit celebrated and known to the Sikh community, needed an appearance in mainstream Bollywood cinema, a need which was filled by Akshay. While most acts of bravery have been against the British Empire, much attention was garnered to watch the dramatic recreation of the utmost loyalty to the Empire.

But two of the most successful examples of patriotic films are Parmanu (2018) and Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019). John Abraham plays a passionate, nationalistic civil servant who wants to contribute to his nation, as his father served gallantly in the 1962 Indo-China War. The film showed the audacious resolute of a few government employees encompassing different arms of the administration, united by their love for the country. Their daunting spirit is present throughout the film, as they carry out preparations for a successful nuclear test, veiling it from the watchful eyes of America. John has also done a couple of other patriotic films, Satyamev Jayate (2018) and Batla House (2019).

Uri, on the other hand, is a fictional account of the vengeance to the Uri attack of 2016. It became one of the highest-grossing films in 2019. The attack on Uri was of great ignominy to the Indian diaspora, and it can be said that even a fictional, dramatic depiction to avenge the death of the Indian soldiers received an overwhelming response. The dynamic Vicky Kaushal, who is known for his compelling performances, donned the hat of an army officer. The war-cry, “How’s the Josh?” “High Sir!”, soon became a catchphrase.

There cannot be a definitive set of reasons to list out why such films are outperforming others. In a broader sense, the political and cultural dynamics of India went through a paradigm shift. Indians started to disassociate themselves from the west’s modus vivendi. It is part of a worldwide movement as a response to the growing trends of globalisation.

Cinema is one way to attain a more Indian flavour to life, to go back to the history books and relive some moments which enunciate the greatness of this nation. Be it directors, producers or actors, the film fraternity were able to sense this growing trend and did the needful. Consequently, more films appealing to the “proud” feeling of being an Indian, or the erstwhile Hindustan are releasing one after the other.

Although a period drama film is a very tricky subject in filmmaking in India, people are still thronging to watch Tanhaji. It deals with another revered yet unsung warrior of the past, Tanhaji Malusare, who was the military commander of Shivaji, a deity-like figure among the Maratha people. It has beaten the Deepika Padukone starrer Chapaak, which dealt with the contemporary issue of acid attacks on women in India.

It isn’t going to be long before every mainstream actor gets onto this bandwagon to a successful film, both commercially and critically. Maybe there could be remakes on the lives of freedom-fighters such as Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad. This trend is here to stay and will run its cycle until it is replaced by something new.


The post Patriotic Films— A Readymade Formula For Success appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

Guess Who: Actress Gave Favors For The Sake Of Movie Projects

This actress gave out "favors" to financial backers in exchange for movie roles. Can you guess the celeb Crazydaysandnights is talking about? The post Guess Who: Actress Gave Favors For The Sake Of Movie Projects appeared first on The Opinionated...

Crazydaysandnights has published a blind item about a global star who granted favors in exchange for a movie project.

We have always doubted the genuineness of this global star’s marriage to a pop star. Even hollywood has its doubts. Another claim we had made is that this actress can go to any lengths for the sake of her career. Turns out hollywood portals too are of the same opinion.

If this blind item is to be believed this global star has been sleeping with top execs in return for movie roles. Another star was replaced by her. If rumors are to be believed, her husband is gay. She is just the beard in the relationship. It is mutually beneficial, as it garners her a lot of publicity. On the other hand her husband can continue to bed men.

She is rumored to have slept with several prominent people during her stint in bollywood as well. Her do all it takes attitude coupled with her acting talent led her to becoming a part of the bollywood A-list. It will be difficult to break into hollywood’s A-list though.

Blind Item

All of those “favors” that the foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress all of you know have handed out over the past year or so really worked out in her favor. She landed a role because one of the financial backers has been a beneficiary of her “largesse.” He called in some favors and the actress originally tapped for the project was replaced.

Our Guess

Movie Actress: Priyanka Chopra


The post Guess Who: Actress Gave Favors For The Sake Of Movie Projects appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

OI Original: The Lap Dancer

This item song expert used to be a lap dancer in North America before she made it big in bollywood. Can you guess the celeb we are talking about? The post OI Original: The Lap Dancer appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

This bombshell used to be a lap dancer in North America, before making it big in bollywood.

She has the whole country dancing to her tunes. Every item song she features in is a hit. She has gone from being a item song expert to getting full fledged roles in movies. It is rumored that her closeness to a top producer is the reason for her phenomenal rise.

But a source informs us that this lady has a shady past. She used to be a lap dancer in North America. This foreign born beauty then decided to try her luck in bollywood. She was dating a B-lister, but they broke up after she found out the hard way that he was cheating on her. She has been close to the top producer since then.

Can you guess the celeb we are talking about? Please do drop a comment if you do!


The post OI Original: The Lap Dancer appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

Guess Who: Actor Asked To Refrain From Expressing His Opinion

This actor has been asked to refrain from expressing his political opinions by his producer. Can you guess the celebs Rajeev Masand is talking about? The post Guess Who: Actor Asked To Refrain From Expressing His Opinion appeared first on The Opinionated...

Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about an actor who has been asked to refrain from expressing his political opinions by his producer-co-star.

This movie which plays to the gallery as far as right wing audiences are concerned, is a blockbuster. it is raking in the moolah at the box office. So obviously the producer-hero of the film doesn’t want his profits to dwindle thanks to foolish comments made by his co-star. The actor mentioned in the blind item plays the villain & has earned rave reviews for his performance. He has aced the role of a menacing, sadist general. We have been receiving whatsapp forwards from right wing leaning friends about how the villain’s grand father too sided with the enemy for real, a few centuries back. Turns out the grandpa was handsomely rewarded for it. Such info is good for the film, considering he plays the villain & gets killed in the end, no? But looks like the producer wants to play it safe.

The producer-star of the film, must be relieved that the movie has done blockbuster business. There were rumors that he was short on cash, while the movie was being made. It was rumored that his wife had to bail him out.

We read about the villain & his wife’s net worth online. If the article is to be believed the couple is filthy rich. His palace alone is worth 750cr+. Turns out his begum owns a lot of property herself. We are not surprised, considering how she makes her husband spend for everything, despite her earning millions. All her money gets invested, while the husband is going broke paying her bills. A source tells us that this is all her mother’s upbringing. They are ruthless when it comes to money.

Blind Item

An actor who earned praise for his performance in a big-budget epic recently received an angry call from his producer/co-star who was not pleased with his candid and public admissions regarding the film’s ‘authenticity’. The producer-star reportedly asked the actor to refrain from expressing his opinion because it could be used—and in fact, was already being used—to undermine the film “and to further a political narrative”. The actor, in turn, politely promised not to speak any more on the subject.

The film, which is a big box-office smash, has been accused by its critics of distorting history and has been singled out for its ‘problematic politics’. The makers have insisted that the film is factually correct, and as it turns out, the film’s blockbuster success has suggested that the audience couldn’t care less, either way. In that scenario, the producer-star would rather that his co-actor not upset the apple cart by weighing in with his own opinion, especially when it is critical of what the film is saying.

Our Guess

Actor: Saif Ali Khan

Producer/Co-star: Ajay Devgan

Movie: Tanhaji


The post Guess Who: Actor Asked To Refrain From Expressing His Opinion appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

Anupam Kher And Nasseruddin Shah: A Tale Of Two Narratives

What started as a simple interview by Nasseruddin Shah has now turned into a "viral" controversy with shots fired from both ends. The post Anupam Kher And Nasseruddin Shah: A Tale Of Two Narratives appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

What started as a simple interview by Nasseruddin Shah has now turned into a “viral” controversy with shots fired from both ends.

Bollywood bigwigs are no longer mere men flexing their machoism on the big-screen, or women tempting with their luscious looks or a bold, magnetic personality. Their roles have
encompassed to the world beyond shootings and award-shows. Today, the very best of the actors are cultural icons. They are philanthropists— they champion for social change, stand
with the underprivileged. Most do it for their image among the fans, but a few genuinely use their influence and popularity for the greater good.

However, in this new age of internet activism, the ilk does not shy away from voicing their opinions on Twitter. Swara Bhasker, known for her unconventional performances, is also known
for vociferating her apprehension against the political landscape. In fact, in the current climate where the entire nation is going through a turbulent time, Swara had majorly been a
lone wolf in expressing her views, while the stalwarts decided to stay mum. This silence was broken controversially, when Deepika Padukone, ahead of the release of Chapaak, went to
JNU to stand in solidarity with the protestors.

In this coterie of opinionated actors, there also exists Anupam Kher. A graduate of the prestigious National School of Drama, the 64-year-old actor, is also a champion of political
tweets, circling the exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits, or about the growing intolerance in India. Therefore, it would not be a surprise to many, if Kher lashes out in a battle of words
with someone who begs to differ. In his case, it is another veteran from the film fraternity, Nasseruddin Shah.

Shah has often found himself locking horns with Kher. While the former is a sharp critic of the Government, the latter has majorly been supportive of its policies. Consequently, the two had again entered in a spat recently when Shah was is an interview for The Wire. It was primarily focused on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register rhetoric and its impact on India.

When asked about those in the industry who have been supportive of the controversial policies, Shah cited the example of Kher with a remark that most certainly irked him. “Anupam Kher has been very vocal. I don’t think he needs to be taken seriously. He is a clown. Any number of his contemporaries from NSD and FTII can attest to his sycophantic nature. It’s in his blood, he can’t help it,” told the 70-year-old.

Kher took no time to respond to the comments made by Shah and shared a minute-and-a-half long video on his Twitter handle, where he called his A Wednesday co-star living a frustrated life despite having a long, illustrious career. However, what sparked controversy was when he claimed that the “clown” remark was made under the influence of intoxicants. “We all know that the intoxicating substances you have been consuming all this while have clouded your capacity to tell what’s right and what’s wrong,” said Kher in the video. He signed off the video on a nationalistic note by saying, “You know what’s in my blood? Hindustan.”

Both of them represents two contrasting narratives. Kher is a strong advocate of the ousted Kashmiri Pandits and through his tweets, is running an online ‘campaign’ of sorts to continue to remind people of the bloodshed and injustice done to them in the 90s. He has never been shy to express his political allegiance publicly and continues to stand by it.

Shah, on the other hand, has been critical of Kher championing for the Kashmiri Pandits despite not being one of them. He, along with Swara Bhasker, represents a small number of artists who openly express dissent. In the aforementioned interview, lauded the younger faction of the industry to speak on the status quo. He even supported Deepika’s decision to go to JNU. “You have to laud the courage of a girl like Deepika who is in the top firmament and yet takes a step like this. Even if she has a lot to lose. Let us see how she takes it. She’ll lose a few endorsements, sure. Will that impoverish her? Will that lessen her popularity? Will that make her less beautiful than she is? They’re going to come around sooner or later. The only god that film industry worships is money,” he said.

It is indeed unprofessional for actors of their stature to take personal jibes at each other on a public forum. Irrespective of one’s political opinion, their comments were uncalled for and took the spat too far. It doesn’t matter who was right. The Kher-Shah incident is not an anomaly. In a similar event, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan indulged in a squabble over the latter’s remark over the idea of India.

Our democratic framework gives every citizen of this country to be entitled to their opinions. It is imperative for us to understand and respect that, especially for these celebrities, who have the power to influence a broad audience. Indulging in such petty arguments with personal comments jabbed at each other is unworthy of Nasseruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. If nothing else at all, it goes out to show how two different, if not conflicting opinions, are dealt with in this country.

Even if we bare this issue down to both the actors’ image from a PR perspective, then it can be undoubtedly said that it has done more harm to them than good. It did not take long for these videos to go “viral,” and now this issue has been politicised with the inclusion of Swaraj Kaushal, husband of the late Sushma Swaraj. In a series of tweets posted by him, he embellished Kher and his wife Kirron, and asked Shah to be ‘grateful.’ He even went on to remark about Shah’s marriage to Ratna Pathak, a Hindu woman.

Perhaps these are the perils of being an opinionated, vocal figure in Bollywood. Your words will be politicised and aligned with a particular ideology, even if you don’t want them to.


The post Anupam Kher And Nasseruddin Shah: A Tale Of Two Narratives appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

Guess Who: Actress Lands Herself A Plum Role

This item number actress has landed herself a plum role in an upcoming movie thanks to her sugar daddy. Can you guess the celebs Spotboye is talking about? The post Guess Who: Actress Lands Herself A Plum Role appeared first on The Opinionated...

Spotboye has published a blind item about an actress who has landed a plum role in an upcoming movie thanks to her sugar daddy.

Pinkvilla was the first one to write about this lady’s proximity to a big shot producer. She made it big two years back after she featured in a hit item number. She has been regularly featuring in other item numbers since then. while she was just an item number specialist earlier, she started getting supporting parts in movies. Now she will be transitioning into plum roles in movies. Don’t be shocked if she lands the leading role in movies soon. Her sugar daddy seems more than happy to promote her. It is now an open secret that they share a mutually beneficial relationship.

This producer & the female celeb have made it very obvious. Other such couples are shrewd enough to make it look less obvious. It is now very well known that a lot of actresses have to go the “extra mile” to keep landing big projects. Their lives have become simpler thanks to the rise of the gay clique. Now even the men have to go through the casting process which women get subjected to. In fact these days women have a better chance at making it big as the gay clique is ready to give them a break solely based on their talent.

Blind Item

It’s purely give and take for these two. This actress who’s in a ‘Friends with Benefits’ kind of a relation with a producer earned a meaty role in a film equivalent to the leading lady.

This actress who’s mostly cast in cameos, this time finds herself in a plum role; in fact her part is equivalent to the leading lady. A lil birdie informs us that the actress is in a symbiotic relationship with a producer and that has benefited her quite well. You know how it is! It’s all about give and take, so we can tag this affair on similar lines. We also heard that her prominence in the film was one of the prime reasons for the A-lister choosing to opt out earlier. Anyway, the end result is, both the current actresses of the film and the producer are not complaining and are in complete harmony.

Our Guess

Actress: Nora Fatehi

Producer: Bhushan Kumar

A-lister: Katrina Kaif

Movie: Street Dancer


The post Guess Who: Actress Lands Herself A Plum Role appeared first on The Opinionated Indian.

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