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The Market Runners is a Melbourne based organic fruit & vegetable delivery company. We share about our services, health tips, organic products benefits and more from this blog.
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Working From Home

New technology and the new work culture in many organizations mean that a lot of people are now working from home. It’s not just entrepreneurs, but casual and part time workers in over the phone and over the mail customer service and research, free lancers in BOP businesses, financial and marketing consultants and many other professions that today enjoy this option.
Though the sound of working from home might sound fun, it has often been taxing for many. Taking care of work on top of taking care of children and household chores often takes its toll. For others, work itself becomes all engrossing as the borderline between ‘working hours’ and ‘family time’ dissolves. So, here are some tips to keep working from home fun and healthy.

Take short breaks
It’s a tip taken straight out of the text books of ‘healthy office habits’. Don’t forget that you are working, just because you are working from home. It’s very important to make sure you're taking breaks in between working long hours. It’s quite important to keep in mind that if, for example, you're working for an hour, you should take a 10-minute break, get up, stretch or walk around and then return to your task. You can even use the breaks to finish some household chores – it does not add to the pressure, it acts as a break to the monotony and gets the mind refreshed, not to mention, gets the household work done.

Be comfortably seated

Again an old office work environment tip. Don’t get too relaxed just because you are working from home. Don't work from the bed, don’t slouch on the sofa or stay all day on the bean bag. Too many options to relax has cost too many their backs and necks. Sit straight and avoid slouching. Work as if you were at office. Relax in between, but don’t relax all the time. If you want to avoid stiff necks and back pains that is.

The chance to stay healthy without working out

This is the best deal you can get off from working at home! You have complete freedom to order something, keep your mouth busy while the mind's at work. However, don’t just stuff yourself with anything, otherwise even the treadmill won’t be able to take off what you put in. Eat fresh, eat healthy. Take that opportunity and form a habit of only filling up with healthy eats. You get almost anything online these days so order fresh bread, fresh milk, fresh fruits and vegetables from home. Save yourself the pain of going to the market and the gym!

Enjoy working from home!

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The Benefits of Organic Milk over Regular Dairy Produce

Organic food isn’t a new addition to supermarkets these days; it had been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Modern farming methods have come under scrutiny in recent times, not only for their treatment of animals in the production of food and drink, but also in the quality of foods that have entered the food chain.

With many people horrified after seeing the conditions that some animals are kept in with battery farming or intensive farming, the keen interest of consumers to move away from unnatural methods of raising food animals has turned the tide in favour of organic, green farming. Consumers have been demanding easier access to both free-range and organic produce, with milk delivery in Melbourne being one of the most popular ways to regularly access organic dairy products.

Consumers have already started to make the switch to kinder methods of farming such as free-range farming for chickens and other livestock. The condition of the animals plays an important role in keeping the animals fit and healthy, as well as giving the consumers peace of mind that the animals raised for food have been well-treated throughout their life. But there is a common misconception with the differences between free-range and organic amongst the general public.

Free-range farming is a simple method of food production whereby the animals that are bred for food are kept in natural conditions with free reign of movement throughout their protected area. This ensures that many livestock animals are fit and healthy during the farming process.

Organic farming on the other hand encompasses a complete farming process from land to feed, rearing and beyond. Organic farming practices employ a process that aims to work in harmony with nature, to protect the environment, encourage wildlife and place welfare of animals highly.

Whilst free-range farming employs enough space for the livestock to enjoy a happy life, organic farming encompasses this method, as well as adhering to strict guidelines on animal health and feed. Free-range farmers feed their stock with general animal feed as used in many other conventional farms, including battery farming.

Organic farming on the other hand requires that all feed is organically sourced, contains the necessary organic constituents to promote healthy growth and vitality without additives or chemicals. 

Organic farming also has standards in place that rejects GM (genetically modified) foods from its stock feeds. This is seen as an important role in keeping a natural and healthy growth of stock and allowing that health and vitality to be passed onto the consumer.

With many people surprised by the high quality of food produced by organic farming methods, milk delivery and dairy products delivery in general in Melbourne have been swamped with demand. It has been proven recently in a scientific study funded by the European Union by the University of Newcastle, UK that organic milk is far better for you than regular milk.

The findings are another example that going organic not only brings a sense of environmental care for nature, but also the added benefits of improved quality of health. Organic milk contains much higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids that boost your immune system and helps to regulate your body’s ability to absorb fats and nutrients.

Milk is just one prime example of the benefits of organic foods, and with a diet rich in organic produce it is little wonder why so many are choosing to make the switch themselves. Dairy products delivery has become one of the most popular services in Melbourne, making it easier than ever to benefit from the most wholesome of dairy products.

Australia’s 5 Most Favourite Fruits

It is no secret that eating fruit is great for your health; and with simple daily portions of fruit each day you can boost your immune system, gain a little extra energy and create the most delicious meals in next to no time at all. Fruit has always plays an important role in diet, and with today’s availability of the freshest, most exotic fruit from around the world, there is no excuse not to include fruit with every meal. Here are the top five favourite fruit that can be used to make a variety of delectable delights to savour.
1) Passion fruit
The passion fruit, which is native to many South American countries as well as being grown in New Zealand, offers the palette a taste of the exotic and provides a tantalising addition to any fruit juice drink. Added to a fruit salad, the passion fruit provides not only a tasty treat but also visual stimulation thanks to its exotic colours and abundance of delicious gooey seeds to feast on.
2) Bananas
Bananas are always popular amongst fruit lovers, and with their added ability to go together so well with sweet desserts such as ice cream sundaes and sticky toffee cakes, the mighty banana is a powerhouse when it comes to juices and smoothies. Rich in potassium, bananas also offer you a shot of vitamins and minerals making them one of the best health food fruits money can buy.
3) Watermelons
Watermelons are such a perfect addition for a hot summers’ day, and with their high water content allow for one of the best fruits to add to a fruit punch. In recent studies, watermelons have proved to be one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Being high in lycopene, watermelons vitamin and nutrient content promote good cardiovascular health and made for a perfect addition to a well-balanced, healthy diet for the health conscious.
4) Strawberries
Strawberries have always been popular as a special treat whenever they come into season. With the addition of a little whipped cream, the simple strawberry delivers more flavour punch than its little size appears t offer. Strawberries also make great pies and puddings and with the addition of mango, banana, oranges, pear and apples you can make a tasty fruit cocktail in less than five minutes that will please the whole family.
5) Apples
Always a favourite the world over, this deliciously crunchy fruit can be served in a multitude of ways to add to many meals, create homely desserts and to enjoy on its own as a snack. From pies, salads and even juices; the apple is possibly the most diverse fruit on Earth when it comes to possibilities, and is always the favourite when it comes to a light, guilt-free snack on the go.

Do Carrots Really Help You See In the Dark?

If you’re a parent, you’ll know the feeling of telling your child just about anything to get them to behave. There’s something about the gullibility and innocence of kids that makes them all the more adorable. Mothers and Fathers the world over have come up with different stories to encourage their kids or to eat their vegies, which are generally not popular among with the young.

The idea that carrots can help people see better in the dark initially seems like a good example; a harmless white lie that parents tell so their children finish their dinner. After all, who wouldn’t want better nocturnal vision?

That said, there must be something behind the myth that led it to become so widely known and appreciated. Perhaps carrots don’t give us a superhuman ability to see in the dark (which is how kids probably interpret the information) but couldn’t the cliché have come about due to some mild benefit that carrot has to our eyesight?

This question has been put to the test on a number of occasions. Likely, the basis of the old adage (if you will) extends from the fact that carrots are very high in vitamin A, which is vital for sight. Nutritionists say that deficiencies in the vitamin can lead to poor eyesight, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that consuming more and more improves our vision in constant proportion.

Dr. Andrew Rochford, the media personality, put the idea that carrots help you see in the dark to t he test by consuming 15 kg’s of the vegetable over some 10 days. Andrew’s eyesight was tested in various lights prior to the experiment and again having eaten all those carrots. Unfortunately, there were no drastic improvements to the doctor’s vision in the dark or otherwise, which confirms that making the claim is somewhat misleading. However, if you are deficient in Vitamin A, your eyesight will suffer, in which case consuming carrots may improve it.

This explains part of the reason for the saying, however not all. In World War II, the British Ministry of Food spread a propaganda story that eating carrots had helped the Air Force defeat the Nazi Bombers at night. However, the true reason that they were able to do so was interception radar, which allowed the pilot to be able to pinpoint their enemies’ location. Not only did this rumour help protect the Brits’ secret weapon, but it also encouraged the folks back home to eat more healthy!

The Top Five Interestingly Shaped Fruit That Ill Whet Your Appetite

Nature is an amazing thing and fruit and veggies are no exception! There are some truly bizarre varieties of fruit in the world, some of which you’ve probably never even heard of before. In this article we take a look at some of the weirdest looking ones we could find – it just so happens most of them are also delicious!

5. The African Cucumber

The African Cucumber, also known as the Horned Melon, isn’t so well known in the world of exotic fruits, which shouldn’t be the case. This spiky fruit has a tangy, colourful flavour that brings to mind mango and cucumber. And the exterior tastes a lot like bananas. It can be found in places on the west coast of the United States and in parts of New Zealand.

4) Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya

The dragon or Pitahaya fruit is one of those exotic fruits that seems like a combination of several fruits all rolled into one. Looking like a giant strawberry, its centre is reminiscent of a kind of coconut macaroon and it’s is also lauded for its mouth-watering taste. Interestingly, this bizarre looking fruit is pollinated by bats of all creatures and it’s found in hot climates over in South America and Asia. However, don’t be fooled by its strange features and bat-pollinating ways, it’s said to have a delicious taste similar to melon and mango with a nutty aftertaste.

3) Budda’s Hand Fruit

Budda’s Hand is another interestingly shaped fruit that originates in hot climates of East Asia and India. Its tentacle-shaped body is eerily reminiscent of a squid or octopus. Considered to be inedible in many parts of the world, this fruit which contains no internal flesh to eat on is basically 100% rind. Not only can it be picked and added to several sweet and sour meals, it can also be boiled and grated, similarly to lemon zest. People add it to many meals to improve the taste for a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ that will keep your guests guessing all night.

2) Square Watermelons – deliciousness cubed!

Although the shape of these watermelons may seem a little odd at first glance, these Japanese cubes of watermelon refreshment are in fact an innovation in the world of fruit. No longer will your watermelons roll around on the table thanks to their uniquely manufactured shape. These watermelons have been designed for easy storage in your refrigerator, making them the ideal accessory for any practical fruit lover.


1) The Duck Tomato

It isn’t just manufactured fruit and vegetables that make us smile; natural freaks of nature can give us all manner of wacky shapes of our fruit. In this instance, a tomato has grown to resemble a duck in all its glory. There is nothing genetically modified about this duck tomato and packs all of the taste you’d expect from Mother Nature. From duck tomato’s to witches head carrots and penis-shaped peppers; Nature has a wonderful way of making us think twice about what we see before we eat it.

Bonus Freak of Nature: Screaming Peppers – Scared of your culinary skills

The next time you are preparing a little salad to go with your lunch, spare a thought for the time and effort it has taken in growing the fruit and vegetables for your meal. After this green bell pepper was cut into it seemed like they had a little something to say about the culinary skills of the person preparing the meal. With scary faces like these hidden behind any inconspicuous vegetable, it may make you think twice before obliterating your greens with a knife.

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