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How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

The survey response rates are a strong indicator of relationship strength with your customers, especially with the large strategic accounts in B2B Saas.  They give you

The survey response rates are a strong indicator of relationship strength with your customers, especially with the large strategic accounts in B2B Saas. 

They give you an opportunity to engage with your customers and understand what is working and not working for them. The valuable feedback gets you an accurate predictor of retention and offers you with trustworthy insights that can help you in adopting the VOC program across your organization. 

High survey response rates not only help you analyze your relationship strength but also identifies the customers that are most likely to churn. Particularly the non-responders!

Did you know that the non-responders of your surveys are 7x more likely to churn? 

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Getting your potential and existing customers to respond to your survey has always been the biggest challenge and it takes a multi-prong approach to achieve an 80% response rate.

After studying multiple client surveys and talking to many CX experts, we have designed and outlined this holistic approach that can help you achieve the magic number that can do wonders for your business. 

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

1. Set the expectations while onboarding

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

WIIFM (What’s in it for me)! 

For every survey you send to a client, that’s what they’ll ask. So, build a relationship of trust and set expectations with them at the time of onboarding. 

From the very start,

  • Set the expectations.
  • Inform them that you will send regular feedback requests.
  • Communicate the “Why”. Share the importance of taking a survey. Tell them how their responses will help in giving a direction to the product roadmap, service experience, product experience, product adoption, and future actions. 
  • Agree upon the feedback frequency.
  • Define the communication channels like in-app, WhatsApp, or email. This plays a key role in getting the highest level of response rate. 

Share the entire process of feedback. Let the decision-makers know when and why you’ll be sending the relationship surveys and what values they can drive from it. The product users should know if the surveys will be sent at a milestone, or once in a month. They can share their concerns and your customer service managers can reach out one to one to make sure the product users are driving the full value of their investment.

At the very start, prove to them that there is something in it for them. Assure that they will be listened to. And you will take action on their feedback.

2. Segmentation – Create the relevant lists

Segment your lists into more targeted groups. Relevant as this is, it is ignored by most CSM/Account managers. It is not only about the right questions but about the people you are asking those questions to. 

  • Don’t download the ‘customer list’ from your CRM blindly. Why? The IDs get outdated, people (client-side) move on and new ones take their place. After onboarding, your sales team handoffs the account to the CSM and the IDs of the relevant decision-makers or the product users never make it to the list.
  • Don’t use the ‘registered user list’. Why? It might include only the end-user and not the decision-maker or business influencers.

Instead, take the help of your ‘Customer Success Manager’ or ‘Account Manager’ who are in touch with their accounts to make the list of stakeholders, decision-makers, and the actual users. They have updated information! 

Now the question is, who are your customers? Which survey should you send to them?

  • Transactional Surveys: Transactional surveys aim to collect customer feedback on a certain interaction or transaction such as product adoption, feature adoption, or product performance. Send them to the product-users. Their valuable feedback helps in prioritizing product improvements and roadmap and they are the ones that become the actual advocates or influencers of your product. For instance, sending in-app surveys to the product users gives a better response rate than sending emails.
  • Relationship Surveys: Relationship surveys take the feedback from the customers on their overall experience with your brand. Their responses help you monitor customer health at regular intervals. It helps in measuring the relationship index between you and your customers and tell you if the decision-maker is going to buy from you again or the product user is satisfied with your product.

3. Pre-notify your customers – Heads up, we’re asking for your feedback!

Always prep your customers first before sending out a survey! Alerting them about a survey will make them more inclined towards responding. Pre-notifying your customer about the survey increases the response rates by 4% to 25%. Be it a CEO, country manager, general manager, or business head. Notifying them about a survey before inviting them for it shows that you respect their time and they’ll be more interested in pitching in. 

4. Survey frequency – Don’t bombard your customers with surveys

Nothing frightens the loyal customers more than frequent emails. Your customers have already agreed on taking the surveys. When and how many! Stay on it. 

Don’t over-survey your customers. Why annoy with multiple surveys in a month or say a week? 

One transactional survey in a month and a relationship survey in a quarter is enough. Set up automated survey throttling to stop customers from receiving multiple survey requests from all the channels. 

5. Personalize your emails

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

a.) Set expectations in your subject line

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Experiment with your subject lines as no matter what the assumptions are, people judge emails by their subject lines. 33% of the email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone.

Personalize your subject line and set the expectations. Add the name of the customer, ticket number, or product name and communicate the purpose of the email. For example,

  • “[FIRSTNAME], We’re looking for new suggestions.”
  • “We can’t figure out how to improve the [PRODUCT]. Please help!”
  • “Hi [FIRSTNAME], how are you liking [product].”
  • “[YourCompanyName] Values Your Opinion.”
  • “Be honest. What do you think of our new update?”

b.) Share the purpose of the survey very clearly – Don’t surprise them!

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Communicate the purpose of your survey. Tell them why you are taking this survey and how it will benefit them. For example, if you’re sending a transactional survey that’s going to take 2 minutes to complete, tell them upfront how it helps them. Instead of a generic invitation like ‘Let us know what you think’ or ‘Take our survey’, ask them, 

  • ‘Would you help us design a better product experience for you by answering this short 2-minute survey?’
  • ‘Three Quick Questions to improve our product’

c.) Communicate why, ifs, and how

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Your email should communicate why your customer should take this survey, what will you do with their responses, and how much time it is going to take. Most important of all, give them a way out with an ‘Opt-out’ option or an ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

d.) Email signature – ‘From name’

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Your customers are more likely to open emails from someone they know. Send surveys from the names of the CSMs who are regularly in touch with them rather from a company-wide survey. Add a customized professional signature at the end of every email.

Use piped-text signatures for every list. 

While sending a relationship survey to the decision-makers, use executives’ signatures. In the case of a product user, use the signature of customer success managers (people who they know). 

This simple and automated process helps a lot in boosting the survey response rate.

e.) Create an urgency

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Encourage your customers to take the survey now by adding a deadline or using “Take the survey now!” in the Call To Action. It helps in preventing them from procrastinating and offers you quick responses. But remember to be polite!

6. Make your survey easy and fun on the eyes

Your survey should be visually pleasing and straightforward. It shouldn’t feel like an exam. It should incorporate trust, attention to detail, and reliability to keep the respondents engaged.

  • Maintain an intuitive flow of the questions. Make your survey engaging and appealing.
  • Add humor, use creativity, and add fun elements as per your target group.
  • Be creative with your questions. Instead of asking “One thing you’d like to see us start or stop doing?”, ask  “If you were our CEO for a day what is the one thing you would change?”
  • Keep your surveys short, simple, and to the point. 52% of the respondents drop out of the survey when they spend more than three minutes on a survey.
  • Too big a question requires more effort on the part of the respondent. Ignore them or keep them at the end of the survey.
  • Use a progress bar. It gives a clear indication of the total length of the survey and encourages respondents to complete the survey. Adding a progress bar boosts your survey responses by 12%.
  • Minimize the number of screen interactions as it takes effort to click or scroll on the respondent’s part. 
  • Using a call to action button instead of text in your email. It increases the click-through rate by 28%.

7. Set-up reminders

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Responding to your survey is not the top priority for your customer. They have their task list and responding to your survey is likely to be a low priority item on their list. 

They may wait until the last day to respond or sometimes even forget!

Send reminders to the non-respondents after 3 days and 7 days of sending the initial survey email. A follow-up/ reminder email to the non-respondents increases the response rate by 15%.


Hope you got the 80% success rate on the response rates now!


The responses have increased but haven’t touched 80% yet?

Here’s what more you can do!


8. Get your email address whitelisted

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Make sure your surveys are reaching your customers! It’s possible that the IT team at your customer’s end may have blocked outside emails. Some companies, especially the financial institution block the outside email addresses.

Talk to their technical team or gain access to a system administrator and whitelist email addresses from your customer’s server. Launch your surveys from a whitelisted email address to bypass the spam filters.

9. In-line email surveys 

Embed the survey in the mail body itself. 

Embedding the question in the body of the email itself increases the survey response rate dramatically. 

It eases the customer’s efforts. All they need to do is hit the number and click on submit. Easy!

However, it works best for transactional surveys where you need insights on product adoption, feature adoption, or product performance from the end-users. Launching an in-line email survey for the decision-makers is not the best idea as most of the time, people don’t answer the next question. The results don’t drive any value to the organization.


10. Personal outreach

How to achieve an 80% survey response rate for your B2B SaaS?

Still no luck? Pick your phone and call your customers. 

This call will ensure prompt action or they will just tell you why they are not responding. 

Personally reaching out to your customers builds up your relationship index. Your CSM needs to know what’s bothering them. Also, it shows that you care and encourage their trust in you. This will make them more inclined to respond. 

11. Follow up on the feedback and take action

IMPORTANT! Want your customer to take action every time you ask for feedback? 

The most relevant step of all! – Take action on your customers’ feedback. It directly impacts the response rate and increases it by 20%

Conducting an effective survey is as important as taking action on the results. After taking the survey, if you are not following a closed-loop on it and taking the required action then it’s a failed strategy. Listen and take action for every customer’s feedback to show them they have been listened to. It reflects that you care for them and you work around their needs. Taking action on every feedback is the best way to guarantee the increased responses for the future. 



Provide value, value, and value

The survey response rate increases exponentially when the customers feel that they will gain value from responding.

And yes! Some prominent numbers you should look at!

  • A personalized email survey boosts the response rates by 7.8% or more.
  • Survey response rates vary with the type of surveys.
  • Response Time – 7 out of 8 customers respond in a week.
  • Response time of the day – The best time to send B2B surveys is after 3 PM. 
  • Survey Length – The optimal survey length should be of 3 minutes or 5 questions (depends on the mouse clicks).

Designing a lucrative survey is no rocket science but it has to be objective with a clear agenda. The difficult part is to achieve quantitative and qualitative feedback. There are no rules or magic formula to it. Every website, every business, every agenda is different and every respondent is unique. The critical part is to find a balance between what works for you and what works for your customers.

Top 150+ Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020

The Super-Heroes of Customer Experience are here! Customer Experience – The new focus of 2020! Customer Experience has become a top priority for businesses in 2020.

The Super-Heroes of Customer Experience are here!

Customer Experience – The new focus of 2020!

Customer Experience has become a top priority for businesses in 2020. It is now considered to be the key brand differentiator and a critical factor for your brand’s success and revenue growth. While many brands are struggling to deliver the relevant and delightful experiences to the customers, certain Customer Experience Leaders have broken the code and delivered what is considered to the best!

Here is a list of top 150+ Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers who have taken Customer Experience to the whole new level. They have not only brought new perspectives on the table but have redefined the customer experience exceptionally!

The below-given list is a general list and is irrespective of any ranking or order.  All the Thought Leaders present in this list have significantly impacted the Customer Experience Domain in their own way.

Meet the Top 150+ Global Customer Experience Thought Leaders and Influencers of 2020.


Adam Toporek – Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Strategic Advisor 

Adam Toporek is an internationally-recognized Customer Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Customer Service Trainer who helps organizations transform their relationships with their customers through better strategy, training, and communication. He is the author of ‘Be Your Customer’s Hero’, the founder of the popular Customers That Stick® blog, the Co-Host of the Crack the Customer Code podcast, and the creator of multiple virtual training courses on customer service and experience.



Annette Franz – Customer Experience Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author 

With almost 30 years in the customer experience domain, Annette Franz, CCXP is the Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She is an internationally recognized Customer Experience Thought Leader, Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of ‘Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience’ (and at the Heart of Your Business). She is also the 2020 CXPA Board Chair and an Advisory Board Member for CX@UCI. She strongly believes that corporate culture and employee experience directly impact customer experience.



Augie Ray – Customer Experience Expert, Blogger, Speaker, Consultant

As a VP Analyst for Customer Experience at Gartner, Augie Ray has been helping Fortune 500 firms to understand CX, how to succeed, how to gauge results, and how to make CX matter to the stakeholders. He has 25 years of experience on the leading edge of digital transformation, social, and marketing strategy and has previously worked at American Express, Prudential Financial, USAA, and Forrester Research in senior roles. A leader in customer experience, he has spent years in leading successful CX, Voice of the Customer (VoC), and marketing teams.



Chad Horenfeldt – Director of Customer Success at Kustomer

With over 15 years of experience in customer success, Chad Horenfeldt has a proven reputation as a driven, creative, outcome-focused leader specialized in building and developing Customer Success teams. Currently, he is serving as the Director of Customer Success at Kustomer and an Advisor at The Success League. He specializes in customer success, customer experience, SaaS start-ups, B2B & B2C marketing strategy, and e-commerce.



Blake Morgan – Customer Experience Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author

Industry Leader in customer experience, Blake Morgan is a Keynote Speaker, Author of two books, a Customer Experience Futurist, and a Guest Lecturer at Columbia University. Additionally, she is an Adjunct Faculty at the Rutgers executive education MBA program, Contributor of the Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Hemispheres Magazine, Host of The Modern Customer podcast, and Co-Host of The Be Your Own Boss podcast.



Brenda Lynn Dichoso – Head of Customer Experience Performance Management at PT Smartfren Telecom

Brenda Lynn Dichoso is a customer experience executive with direct vertical market experience in designing, implementing, and managing complex customer care operations in a telecom set-up. She has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is currently serving as the Customer Experience Performance Management Head at PT Smartfren Telecom. She is leading the implementation of Customer Experience (CE) Performance Management Framework including the CE Council to monitor and improve the end-to-end customers’ experience of Smartfren’s products and services. 



Colin Shaw – Author, Keynote Speaker, Co-Host, renowned CX Global Influencer 

Founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy LLC, Colin is recognized as a world thought leader in customer experience. He has been named as one of the world’s ‘Top 150 Business Influencers’ by LinkedIn, and The Financial Times has recognized his company Beyond Philosophy as being one of the best management consultancies for two years in a row. Colin is an accomplished Speaker, a renowned Best-Selling Author, and a Co-Host of a successful podcast, The Intuitive Customer.



Rudy Dalimunthe – VP of CX at Tokopedia, Ex Indosat – XL Axiata – Ernst & Young, CX & Customer Engagement Professional

With over 20 years’ of extensive work experience across the Big 4 Assurance & Consulting Companies, plus Two Major Telecom companies in Indonesia, Rudy Dalimunthe is currently working with  Indonesia’s #1 E-Commerce company, Tokopedia. He successfully led and brought his companies in successful CX transformation and has won many awards in customer engagement & customer experience management areas. He carries broad knowledge across Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Strategic Vendor Management, Relationship Marketing, Product Development, Risk & Partnership Management, and Online & Offline Retail Management.



Ian Golding – Customer Experience Consultant, Speaker, Author, Blogger

Founder of Customer Experience Consultancy, Ian Golding is a renowned Blogger, Writer, Speaker, and Customer Experience Educator. He is the first CX professional to become an Authorized Resource and Training Provider for the CCXP accreditation. He is the Chairman of the judging committee of many prestigious awards such as the UK Customer Experience Awards and the Gulf Customer Experience Awards. One of the UK’s foremost CX experts, Ian is the author of the bestseller, ‘Customer What? : The Honest and Practical Guide to Customer Experience.’



Mila Widyani – Head of Customer Experience at CIMB Niaga

A Customer Experience Thought Leader and Influencer, Mila Widyani is a dynamic professional who strongly believes that CX is the key to driving a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s economy. She has an accumulative experience of 16 years in the Audit and Banking industry. Previously she has worked in senior roles at Citi, Royal Bank of Scotland, ABN AMRO Bank, and EY and now she is heading Customer Experience at CIMB Niaga.



James Dodkins – Customer Experience Influencer, Keynote Speaker, Author, CX Trainer

International Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Content Creator, James Dodkins is named as the UK’s #1 CX Influencer by Customer Experience Magazine. He has taken customer centricity to the next level through his work with some of the world’s leading brands (Disney, Lego, Nike), his pioneering video content, and his globally popular musical Customer Experience keynote, ‘Rules For Rockstars’. He is also the host of Amazon Prime’s ‘This Week in CX’, and is known to many as the ‘Customer Experience Rockstar.’ 



Nate Brown – Customer Experience Speaker & Trainer 

Head of Customer Experience for UL EHS, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, and CEO of Officium Labs, Nate Brown is an ICMI Top 50 Thought Leader. He is a Customer Experience Blogger and Speaker and offers expertise in customer journey mapping, a voice of the customer programs, survey process and analysis, employee engagement, and others.



Shep Hyken – CX Expert, NY Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

A New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Shep Hyken is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. He is an author of Moments of Magic®, The Loyal Customer, The Cult of the Customer, The Amazement Revolution, Amaze Every Customer Every Time, Be Amazing or Go Home, and The Convenience Revolution and a creator of a customer service training program, Customer Focus™, aiming to help clients build a customer service culture and loyalty mindset. He also has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession.



Nandkishor Tripathi – Global Head of Customer Experience at SurveySensum

Multi-Award Winner, Nandkishor Tripathi is a Market Research Operations and CX Methodology Specialist with over 16 years of proven track record in delivering customer experience at the highest levels. He has worked with multinational brands like Microsoft, Tesla, Iron Mountain, Autodesk, McKinsey, Fandango, Sequoia, MGM, Verizon, Hulu, and many more and has managed over 100 implementation projects of various complexities. Currently, he is heading Customer Experience at SurveySensum where he is designing the customer journey experience road map for driving results for end-clients’ success and growth.



Joakim Thörn – XM Scientist and Keynote Speaker

XM Scientist and Co-Founder at Effectly AB and, Joakim Thörn is a subject-matter expert and a speaker who specializes in facilitating and helping clients expand their market presence through experience-based differentiation. He is also a CX Mentor at the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) where he aids in increasing the impact and visibility of Customer Experience professionals, facilitates effective member-to-member sharing, and establishes respected standards. 



Katie Stabler – CCXP, Founder and Director of CX at Cultivate Customer Experience

Katie Stabler is an accomplished & inspiring senior customer experience leader with experience in leading CX programs within complex structures and regulated environments. She is the Founder and Director of CULTIVATE Customer Experience by Design, of a Global Customer Experience Consultancy that helps you understand your customers and deliver an exceptional experience for exceptional results.



Jay Nathan – Founder of Customer Imperative and Gain Grow Retain

With over a decade of experience in customer success and customer service, Jay Nathan has developed customer retention and growth methodology for building, managing, and scaling tech companies serving businesses of all sizes. He also founded a purpose-driven company, Customer Imperative, that focuses on helping B2B SaaS to retain customers, grow revenue, and scale customer success and Gain Grow Retain, a community for customer success leaders to share their work, collaborate and grow their careers.



Adrian Swinscoe – Customer Service & Experience Advisor, Speaker, Workshop, Masterclass Leader

A Customer Experience Podcaster, Blogger, Best-Selling Author of ‘How to Wow’ and a new book ‘Punk CX’, and Forbes Contributor, Adrian Swinscoe is also a Customer Experience and Service Consultant. With a mission to help the businesses deliver better customer experiences, he advises them on customer experience and customer engagement and offers insights to success.



Shane Goldberg – Founder and Principal at CustCore Consulting

Shane Goldberg has more than 20 years of experience across customer experience, business improvement, sales operations, and product management. Founder and Principal at CustCore Consulting, a specialist consultancy firm, Shane helps companies to WOW their customers by unlocking new areas of growth through defining, measuring, and improving customer experience across all parts of their customer’s journeys.



Aimee Lucas – Customer & Employee Experience Researcher, Advisor, Trainer, Speaker, CCXP

Aimee Lucas has over 20 years of experience in improving service delivery and transforming customer experiences through employee engagement and customer-centric process improvement initiatives. Currently working at Qualtrics as a Sr. Principal Analyst, most of her work is focused on research, advisory, and training efforts on shaping the future of experience management (XM). She is also a Global Public Speaker and Trainer and is skilled in customizing key messages for a variety of professional audiences.



Clare Muscutt – CX Magazine Top Female Influencer, CX Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Championing Women in CX 

Recognized as one of the most prominent and valued millennial voices in CX, Clare Muscutt is an International Consultant, Keynote Speaker and soon to be the Author of the book ‘How to be Awesome at CX’. She held a number of CX leadership roles in FTSE 100 organizations and later founded her own customer experience design based consultancy firm, CMXperience. She is a leader of the women in the CX community and host of the podcast ‘Inspiring Women in CX.’ She has also been recognized as the 2020 UK Top Female Influencer by CX Magazine and has received numerous awards for her impressive commercial results.



Women in CX:

Lynn Hunsaker – CXPA Board, Customer Experience Leader, Trainer, Author 

Lynn Hunsaker started her career as chair of a 20-country, 6-division task force designing customer satisfaction methodology as a manager in the Strategic Planning department at then-Fortune-250-ranked Sonoco Products. She led CX company-wide for 11 years at Applied Materials. She is now Chief Customer Officer at ClearAction Continuum. She is also a recognized Training Provider for the CCXP Exam, Author of 6 benchmarking studies and 3 handbooks, Professor at UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension, and serves on the CXPA Board of Directors.



Mary Drumond – CX Thought Leader, Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix, Host of Voices of CX

With over a decade of experience in management, digital marketing strategies, public speaking, growth strategies, and multi-language communication skills (trilingual), Mary Drumond is now the Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix. She is also the Host and Producer of the Voices of CX Podcast and interviews CX thought-leaders, executives, researchers, academia and Customer Experience front-liners, and occupies the position of Editor in Chief of the Voices of CX Blog.



Mike Wittenstein – Virtual Speaker, Coach, Consultant, and Founder of Storyminers

Mike Wittenstein has been helping leaders and their teams through times of immense change around customer experience for over three decades. He is the world’s only working Speaker, Consultant, and Experience Designer to have earned the top designations in his chosen fields (CSP, CMC, CCXP). Mike is the Founder and Managing Partner at Storyminers and helps mid-market companies to achieve higher operating results and profitable exits using Storyminers’ unique combination of Story, Strategy, Experience Design, and Technology.



Salman Sharif – FCXP (CX-II), CX Advisor, and EMEA at Forrester

A former UK Customer Experience Awards judge, Salman Sharif is a Customer Experience Specialist and Influencer. He has extensive experience in designing, managing, and delivering insight-driven projects for clients around the world. He is currently at Forrester as a Senior Customer Experience Advisor where he is supporting Senior CX Leaders from FTSE 500 companies across the EMEA region.



James Hardwick – Industry Director for Gaming, Media, Entertainment, and Software at Oracle

James Hardwick is a Customer Experience Specialist and Thought Leader. He is backed by leading industry publication CX Magazine as one of the top 25 CX Professionals in the U.K. and has over 10 years of accomplished growth focussed on CX marketing & digital transformation experience. James has worked with both start-ups & top S&P 500 organizations, including co-founding a successful iGaming business that was successfully exited through sale to a U.K. based AIM stock listed company. He currently works as Industry Director for Gaming, Media, Entertainment & Software at Oracle within their CX Intelligence Platform business.



Sarah Sargent – CCXP, Director of Customer Experience at Radian Group

Sarah Sargent is a highly accomplished & inspiring Customer Service & Customer Experience Director at Radian Group where she is reinvigorating CX in social housing. She is the first Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) in Yorkshire in 2018 and has experience in both large-scale multi-site, multi-channel operations, and smaller, entrepreneurial businesses. She has carved a successful career in both customer service and CX leadership across Financial Services and Telcos.



Nick Lygo-Baker – CCXP, CMRP, CX Strategy & VoC Expert, Owner & Founding Director at Paradigm CX

After holding multiple global leadership roles within the top Customer Research organizations, Nick Lygo-Baker founded Paradigm CX Ltd. in 2018 where his passion for delivering CX strategies for organizations was seeded in Mystery Shopping and Customer Satisfaction research. He is both CCXP and CMRP certified, has been listed in the top 25 CX professionals by CX Magazine, and also published a book on Customer Experience. He specializes in operationalizing customer insight to drive better customer outcomes.



Tiffany Carpenter – CX Visionary, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, Author

Tiffany Carpenter has over two decades of experience in helping organizations transform customer experience across their sales, service, and marketing operations. She is a Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, and Published Author and is currently heading the Customer Intelligence Solutions at SAS where she is guiding organizations on the application of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to harness customer insights and deliver relevant one-to-one experiences. Along with this, she is an Advisory Board Member of the CMO Council and is also the Co-Founder of Griswold Studios.



Matt Watkinson – Author, Keynote Speaker, CX Influencer

Matt Watkinson is a CEO and Co-Founder of Methodical, an experience design agency, Keynote Speaker, Author, and a Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School, London. He is a subject matter expert in customer experience and his work has been cited by the world’s top research firms. Also, his first book, ‘The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences’, won the CMI’s Management Book of the Year and is becoming the only book on its topic to win a major award, and the second book, ‘The Grid’, was shortlisted for 2019’s Management Book of the Year. 



Dennis Wakabayashi – Corporate CX Champion, Business Problem Solver, CX Influencer

Dennis Wakabayashi is a Corporate Customer Experience Champion and an Influencer. He has been named one of the top 50 Customer Service (CX) Experts of the decade in May 2020, Top 10 CX influencer by, and was included in the Top 40 over 40 Digital Marketers in the USA by He is a Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions Delivery at RR Donnelley and an Advisory Council Member for the Adobe Experience League.



Aneesh R Kammath – Customer Experience Coach and Specialist

With 12 years of experience in business consulting and customer experience, Aneesh Kammath is currently leading the digital customer experience as an Associate Director at Suyati, where he is practicing and building capabilities to align CX as key differentiation to technology services and managing the implementation of the Customer Analytics Technology platform called “Buyer Rhythms”. He specializes in CX Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, CX Program Management, CX Consulting for Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom industries.



Claire Boscq-Scott – Global CX Guru, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant

Listed in the UK Customer Experience Influencers by CXMagazine, Claire Boscq-Scott is a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, and Author of two books, Thrive with the Hive and Thriving by Caring. She is a Global CX Guru who aims to bring a more holistic approach to Employee & Customer Experience and empowering companies to create Sensorial experiences.



Irit (Golan) Eizips – Customer Success Strategist, Chief Customer Officer & CEO at CSM Practice

Irit Eizips is Chief Customer Officer and CEO at CSM Practice, a global customer success management consulting firm that specializes in the design and implementation of best of breed scalable customer success programs using an optimal combination of strategy, playbooks, and technology. She has been featured as a speaker at conferences and Customer Success publications and has been consistently voted top Customer Success Influencer for the past 7 years.



James Perryman – Coaching, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Consultant

With over 20 years of proven experience, James Perryman is helping businesses improve employee engagement, culture, and customer experience, by showing them how to bring purpose, advocacy, and empowerment to employees and customers, creating every day exceptional experiences. He is the Founder at Momentus Limited, where coaching, mentoring, and training are combined successfully to differentiate brands and set them apart from the competition. He is also Co-Founder at MyPeopleClub, an online community and learning platform for people working in HR, Coaching & Training.



Kaye Chapman – Learning & Development Manager at Comm100 and CX Accelerator Community Organizer

Kaye Chapman is a Customer Experience and Learning Specialist, working with global Fortune 500, government, and private firms around the world to design outstanding customer experiences and to embed effective people development strategies. She holds an MA gained through University College London, the top university for education in the world, and currently works as a Learning and Development Manager at Comm100. Kaye is a Community Organizer and Facilitator for the CX Accelerator Slack community, the leading online community for CX professionals. She is also an established writer who has shared articles on Zendesk, CustomerThink, ICMI, CX Accelerator, Business2Community, and more.



Kia Abbott – CCXP and Customer Experience Manager at Cape Union Mart Group

Customer Experience Manager at Cape Union Mart Group, Kia Abbott is driving the journey to become a customer-led, data-driven organization that can effectively create meaningful customer experiences that delight customers in stores and online. She has extensive consulting experience across strategy, innovation, and communication and is a passionate customer champion, who uses customer experience strategy and data-driven insights to solve business problems.



Roy Atkinson – Writer, International Speaker, Top Influencer in the Service and Support Industry Service Management, Support Industry Analyst

Roy Atkinson is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. He is a prolific Writer, Service Management and Support Industry Analyst, and an International Speaker with a specialization in exploring the connection between customer service and technology, with extensive experience in the IT and technology industries. He has been featured in The Economist, Social Media Today, Computerworld, BizTech Magazine, and many others and has contributed to books on Customer Service, Social Media, and IT Change Management. Currently, he is working as the Group Principal Analyst at HDI and ICMI (part of Informa Tech),  and Secretary of Board of Directors at HDC Inc. 



Diane Magers – CCXP, CX Expert, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts

Diane Magers is a certified CX professional with senior CX, sales, and marketing executive with diverse and exceptional leadership skills. With over 25 years of transforming customer and employee experiences working in and with startups, mid-size, and Fortune 100 companies. She speaks on CX at industry events and consults companies to support and educate them as they build or enhance their customer experience practices. She is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts, Experience Management Strategic Advisor at Macquarium, former CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, and now Emeritus Chair.



Greg Ortbach – CX Engagement Catalyst and Co-host of #CustServ Chat

Greg Ortbach has over 20 years of proven experience in building relationships, cultivating partnerships, retaining top accounts, and growing profit channels. He has been named as the Top 25 CX Influencers to Follow by Panviva, Top 50 Thought Leaders to Follow on Twitter by ICMI, Top 50 Call Center Twitter Accounts to Follow by Playvox, and a Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pro On Twitter by Huffington Post. Currently, he is working as a Business Development Agent at Allstate, provides CX consulting through Catalyst Engagement, and is a co-host on the popular weekly Twitter chat #CustServ with @Marsha Collier.



Martin Hill-Wilson – Emotive CX Mentor, Customer Service, and AI Engagement Strategist

A Customer Service & AI Engagement Strategist, Martin Hill-Wilson is a Mentor, Advisor, and Trainer on Customer Service. He founded Brainfood Consulting, an advisory and education service in 2009 and since then he is training professionals around the world on AI-Driven Customer Contact Strategies and Mobile-first customer service planning. He also advises firms, gives out whitepapers and keynotes on co-designing practical engagement strategies that balance customer and business needs. Also, he is running the planning course of Emotive CX for Customer Interaction. 



Mike Aoki – CX Expert, Trainer, Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

President of Reflective Keynotes Inc, Mike Aoki has over  20 years of successful experience in customer service, sales, and management. He is a Trainer, Bestselling Author, and a Keynote Speaker. He has expertise in customer service and sales and has been interviewed by the Globe and Mail, Contact Centre Pipeline magazine, and the Customer Experience Radio Show. He is a GTACC Award winner and has been listed in the ICMI Top 50.



Jaakko Männistö – Head Coach at CX Academy

Jaakko Männistö is an entrepreneur, Founder, and Omnichannel Customer Experience Professional. He founded Feedbackly, a customer feedback software in 2012, and CXForum, a CX network CX of CX professionals and companies to bring knowledge and methods together to create better experiences unconditionally in 2019. He is also a Keynote Speaker, Head Coach at CX Academy, and Vice-Chairman and Board Member of Suomen Yrittäjät, Finnish entrepreneurs organization. He has also written books on Customer Experience and Customer Journey.



Olga Guseva – CCXP, Co-Author of “Customer Experience” #1 bestseller on Amazon

An international Customer Experience Strategy Expert and Customer-Centric culture transformation Specialist, Olga Guseva is a Keynote Speaker, internationally published Author, Blogger, and Consultant. She is a recognized CXPA trainer, CCXP, CXPA member, and the founder of Integria Consult, a consulting company, focused on Customer Experience and working with the leading Russian brands.



Nathalie Schooling – CX Influencer and CEO at nlighten

A renowned CX Strategist and Facilitator, Nathalie Schooling has over 25 years of experience in the customer service and client experience industry. She is the CEO of nlighten, South Africa’s leading multi-disciplinary CX partner which has built with insights, passion, and customer service expertise. She aims to enable businesses to improve their service and create memorable and sustainable customer experiences that build their reputation, enhance their profitability, and make them sustainable regardless of market conditions.



Jo Boswell – Customer Experience Innovator, Board Advisor, Executive Coach, CX Influencer

Jo Boswell is a CX Influencer who advises organizations on CX innovation and supports CX leaders with coaching development. She focuses particularly on helping organizations harness customer data, insight, and technology to drive CX improvements, whilst driving the cultural change needed to unlock value for themselves and their customers. She has spent 27 years in senior roles at British Airways prior to founding her company, Sentio-B, a CX consulting firm in 2018. She serves there as the Founder Director and is providing advisory and coaching services for Boards and senior leaders on how to drive transformation in their customer experience. She was listed in the  Top 20 Customer Experience influencers by CX Magazine in 2019.



Alan Pennington – Deputy Chairman at SuiteCX and Special Advisor CX/EX

Alan Pennington is a Customer Experience Thought Leader who specializes in advising FTSE 100 & Fortune 250 Companies on how to assess, measure, and re-design their customer experience. He is a CX Expert, Advisor, and Author and has been listed in the top 25 Global CX Thought Leaders and Influencers 2019. He has written the book, ‘The Customer Experience Book’ which has received a great appreciation from the audience. Currently, he is serving as the Deputy Chairman at SuiteCX, the leading US-based CX software business, and is a Special Advisor on CX at Deloitte.



Miles. C Thomas – Global Head of Customer Service and Experience at International Baccalaureate

A CX influencer and certified Customer Experience Management professional, Miles C. Thomas is the Head of Customer Service at the International Baccalaureate. In 2020, he participated in the CX World games which have brought together exceptional global CX talent to help good causes and organizations deal with the COVID-19 impact. In 2019, he founded HumanizedCX, a resource for SMEs to learn more about how they can implement CX initiatives. He was also a Judge at the UK CX Awards and was named in the top 25 CX leaders following being a finalist in the CX Impact awards 2018. He specializes in providing global operational and strategic leadership in customer service and customer experience within mission-driven, global, technical, and multilingual environments.



Stacy Sherman – Digital Marketer, Forbes Writer, Director of CX at Schindler

Bringing in a different perspective of humanizing business to differentiate companies beyond price, and building winning cultures, Stacy Sherman is a CX Strategist and Influencer who aims to connect authentic people & inspire great customer experiences fueled by motivated, engaged employees. Currently, she is the Director of Customer Experience and leading Employee engagement at Schindler Elevator Corp. She is also a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Podcaster, Blogger, Forbes Contributor, Host of “Women Leaders Making A Difference” community, and founding CX Board Member and Advisor at George Washington & Seton Hall University. She is also a prolific International Author and her two books on Customer Experience are launching soon.



Denise Lee Yohn – Brand Leadership Expert, CX Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker Author

CX Thought Leader, Denise Lee Yohn is the expert on brand-building for national media outlets such as CNBC and FOX Business TV. She is an in-demand speaker and consultant, an influential writer, and the author of the bestselling books, ‘What Great Brands Do’ and ‘FUSION’. She is the former VP/GM of Brand & Strategy at Sony, Contributor to the HBR and Forbes, and Advisor to world-class brands including Frito-Lay and Oakley.



Joseph Michelli – CX Keynote Speaker, Consultant, New York Times Bestselling Author

Joseph A. Michelli is the Chief Experience Officer at The Michelli Experience specializing in helping front-line employees, managers, and senior leaders deliver relevant and engaging service experiences. He is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and an international speaker on leadership, employee engagement, customer experience, customer loyalty, and consumer advocacy. He is an opinion columnist at CEOWorld Magazine, a network member of Talent Plus, and an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. 



Jim Tincher – CCXP, CXPA, CX Expert, Author

Jim Tincher is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about building a world-class customer experience that results in engaged customers who come back time and again. He founded Heart of the Customer in 2014 to help companies of all sizes increase customer engagement. He helps employees in engaging customers through a personal connection. With a passion for customer experience, he teaches that true customer engagement only happens when you solve a problem and create a personal connection while doing so. He is also an active member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), author, and frequent keynote speaker.



Jonathan Levitt – Chief Marketing Officer at Voxco Survey Software

Jonathan Levitt has over 25 years of experience in helping a diverse list of brands understand their audience and leverage technology and data to build better product and customer experiences. He is a Marketing visionary, sought after speaker, and a prolific writer, with a unique slant on branding, customer experience, and digital marketing. He has worked with brands of all sizes including leading global players such as Walmart, Target, Williams-Sonoma, MasterCard, Dell, The New York Times, Ford, and Google and has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, eMarketing & Commerce, Chief Marketer, and more.



Andrew McFarland – Chief Customer Officer at Black Box

Andrew is known for rapidly transforming business practices to decrease costs and optimize performance, developing innovative business strategies and client-focused solutions in fast-paced environments to drive growth and improve margins. He is the Chief Customer Officer at Black Box, a global solutions integrator and a proven leader who develops employees, drives the vision, and consistently exceeds goals. His expertise lies in Business Transformation, Customer Success, Organizational Change, and People Leadership.



Debbie Akwara – CX-Preneur, CX Author, CX Conference Speaker

Debbie Akwara is a CX entrepreneur that designs products, services, and solutions that helps businesses attract, satisfy, and retain customers while improving the customer experience management (CXM) capabilities of teams. She has over 20 years of experience in delivering CX success for local, pan African, and international organizations. She is a CX Consultant, Author, and Speaker. She is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Niche Customer Experience Consulting Firm (Nigeria’s 1st boutique CX consulting firm) through which she is on a mission to grow businesses across West Africa, one CX at a time. She is also the Founder of H.E.E.L.P. Foundation.



Bob Azman – Consultant, CX Officer, Educator, Keynote Speaker, Board Member

Bob Azman is a Global Operations Executive with over 25 years of experience in Customer Experience and an exemplary record of providing customer-driven solutions to companies in high growth or rapidly changing business environments. He is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Innovative CX Solutions, a customer experience consulting firm specializing in CX Strategy and Execution, Sales and Service Experience Design and Talent Development, an adjunct professor in supply chain and operations at the University of Minnesota, and a senior lecturer in customer experience at the Rutgers School of Business.



Nick Macfarlane – CX Speaker, Thought Leader, Head of Customer Experience at Sky

Nick has been with the Sky for almost ten years and currently heads Sky Spain’s Customer Experience function using advanced conversational analytics with a goal of understanding Spanish customers and ensuring the delivery of a brilliant end to end experience. He believes in humanizing Customer Experience and focuses on delivering business value with it. According to him encouraging customer conversation across the organization can help uncover key insights. He is a thought leader, speaker, and has been the UK Customer Experience Awards Judge. 



Megan Germann – CCXP, Author, Voice of the Customer Advocate

Megan has extensive experience in conducting primary and secondary research, analyzing data, and bringing key insights to life through storytelling. She is a customer-focused leader and influencer leading cross-functional teams to drive actionable business to improve customer experience and increase revenue. She is the Sr. Lead CX Analytics and Insights Manager at CenturyLink. She is also the Founder & President of Megan Germann Insights & Consulting, helping organizations uncover insights, creating a roadmap for success. 



Emilia D’Anzica – Customer Success Evangelist, Author, Speaker, Customer Success Influencer

Emilia is a Customer Success Evangelist with expertise in structuring and scaling post-sales customer experiences. She is a Speaker, Author, and Customer Success Influencer. She was named one of the 2018 ‘7 Influential Women in Customer Success’ by Gainsight, one of the top 2018, 2017, and 2016 CS influencers & strategists by Mindtouch and received a Stevies Award for Customer Service in 2016. She is a former Chief Customer Officer of Copper and a former Board advisor at and Emilia now spends her time consulting for companies seeking to scale their customer success organizations.



Ali Malik – CCXP, CX/EX/VOC/MS Specialist, Brands Strategist & Enabler, Author, Activist

Ali Malik is a certified CX Professional (CCXP) and specialist in CX, Brands & Market Research, designing Metrics & Measurements, Mystery Shopping & Voice of Customer & Employees Programs. He is a Strategic Brand Management & CX-Expert who helps companies to create Customer-Centric cultures and enable their Employees and Customer Experiences. He is a man on a mission to create CX awareness in South Asia and the Middle East region particularly in Asia & Beyond, for the last 10 years. Since then, he has helped dozens of companies in conducting meaningful business insights, designing and engineering CX, optimizing Customer Service Excellence, Voice of Customers, NPS, Analytics, CX Strategy & Frameworks.



Becky (Lisson) Roemen – Manager of CX Solutions and Consulting at Avtex Solutions, LLC

Recognized as a Top 50 CX Industry Thought Leader by ICMI, Becky Roemen is an experienced CX Transformation Strategist with demonstrated success and thought leadership. Her expertise in both technology and marketing gives way to refined capabilities in developing and implementing a transformational customer experience strategy that provides value and drives customer loyalty. She is a trusted industry voice for guidance on emerging contact center channels and technologies. Currently, she is the Manager of CX and Consulting at Avtex Solutions and Advisory Board Member at CX Accelerator.



Joey Coleman – Professional Speaker and Writer on All Things Customer Experience

When companies like Whirlpool, Zappos, Volkswagen Australia, Principal Financial, and Deloitte want to boost their customers’ experience, they call on renowned customer experience thought leader Joey Coleman. A keynote speaker, workshop leader, and consultant, Joey helps businesses design creative ways to engage customers – especially in the crucial First 100 Days® of the customer lifecycle. His book ‘Never Lose a Customer Again’ is a #2 Wall Street Journal bestseller. For almost 20 years Joey has worked with businesses around the world to help them shape their customer interactions, creating raving fans and zealous advocates in the process.




Michael Pace – Customer Service Thought Leader, Director of Global Member Services at Virgin Pulse

Striving to build amazing experiences resulting in worldwide leading CX scoring, Net Promoter Scores, Customer Satisfaction, and company profitability, Michael Pace is a Customer Service Executive with a proven record of creating and motivating high performing teams to exceed both personal and organizational objectives. He is the Director of Global Member Services at Virgin Pulse, Principal at The Pace of Service, and President at NECCF. He has worked across multiple industries and also has been listed as one of the most influential customer service leaders by the Huffington Post.



Luke Jamieson – Head of CX/EX at Customer Driven, and Founder and CEO of Playfulli

Named as one of the Top 25 CX Influencers of 2019 by Panviva, Luke Jamieson is the Founder & CEO of Playfulli and an expert in helping organizations use play to define the purpose, increase employee experience to support diversity, foster positive cultures and deliver on sustainable progress. He has been named as the Top 50 Thought leaders for Design Thinking and the Future of Work by Thinkers360 and Top 20 Gamification Gurus by Rise Global. He is also the Co-Host of the podcast, ‘The Games We Play’, which explores how we gamify our everyday lives.



Arie Goldshlager – Customer Strategy, Customer Analytics, Innovation Consultant

CX Thought Leader and Influencer, Arie Goldshlager has over 25 years of experience in Customer Strategy, Customer Lifecycle Management, Customer Insight, CX Analytics, and Innovation. Previously, he has worked in senior roles at KPMG, SunTrust Bank, Ernst & Young, and, and currently, he is an independent consultant. In 2011, he founded The Fine Balance Consulting Group with an approach to build customer strategy and customer analytics solutions to strike a balance between the company, customer, and frontline employee perspectives. 


Bill Quiseng – Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, Customer Service Blogger

A writer in customer service for front-line associates and leadership for managers, Bill Quiseng has over thirty years of luxury resort/club management experience. Currently, he is the General Manager of Marriott Vacation Club Pulse San Diego. He is also a Customer Service Blogger and Keynote Speaker. He continues to give customer service presentations in front of Chambers of Commerce, private companies, financial institutions, high schools, community colleges, universities, and associations.



Bob Thompson – Founder of CustomerThink, Author

Author of Hooked on Customers, Bob Thompson has 20 years of experience in customer-facing roles, in sales, technical support, consulting and executive positions, and another 15 years of experience in customer management consulting research, and online community development. In 1998, he founded CustomerThink, a community for business leaders seeking to develop and execute customer-centric business strategies. He aims to harness the collective intelligence of customer-centric thought leaders, using the collaborative platform to help business leaders understand how to create mutually beneficial customer relationships.



Bruce Temkin – Experience Management (#XM) Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder of

Co-Founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Bruce Temkin is a Customer Experience visionary, International Keynote Speaker, and Advisor. He helps organizations dramatically improve business results by engaging the hearts and minds of their employees, customers, and partners. He is the head of the Experience Management (XM) Institute at Qualtrics and also the Co-Founder, Architect, and Chairman Emeritus of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).



Dan Gingiss – Keynote Speaker, Trainer, CX Coach, Content Creator, Marketing Consultant, Author

A Customer Experience Officer of The Experience Maker, Fan Gingiss is a  Keynote Speaker, CX Coach, and Author with a passion for social media and marketing. He believes that remarkable customer experience is your best sales and marketing strategy and teaches audiences and businesses on how to make the brand lovers louder than the haters by creating experiences such that they can’t wait to share with their friends and followers.



Flavio Martins – Sr. Product Manager at DigiCert 

A global leader with a diversified background in Customer Support, Customer Experience, Technical Support, and driving revenue from Customer Success Operations, Flavio Martins is a technology-focused product manager with 15+ years of customer service leadership experience. He is currently working at DigiCert as Sr. Product Manager and oversees conceptualization, design, and delivery of key tasks for the development of our customer service platforms that improve customer service experience in our contact center. 



Jeannie Walters – CX Speaker, Consultant, Workshop Leader, Writer, Educator 

With 20 years of experience, Jeannie Walters has been assisting all types of companies, including Fortune 500 to achieve Customer Experience success. She is a founding member of CXPA, a member of Forbes Coaches Council, TEDx Speaker, certified CX Advisor, and Co-Host of the ‘Crack The Customer Code’ Podcast. She is the CEO and Chief Customer Experience Investigator at Experience Investigators, specializing in qualitative, human evaluations of the real customer experience through a process called Customer Experience Investigation (CXI®).



Kate Nasser –  Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Author

The People Skills Coach™ and the author of Leading Morale, Kate Nasser has 20 years of experience in the industry and she continues to inspire leaders and teams to develop their skills. She delivers keynotes, coaching, workshops (in-person and online), and consulting for superior customer service, teamwork, employee engagement, and leading change to Fortune 500 companies, government, and mid-size organizations like Thomson Reuters, Honeywell, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, etc.



Marilyn Suttle – Success Strategy Coach, Engagement Speaker, Virtual Trainer, Retreat Facilitator

An internationally recognized customer service expert, Certified Virtual Speaker, and bestselling author, Marilyn works with leaders who want caring, engaged, and resilient teams who create strong customer relationships that last. Her inspirational (and fun) programs teach audiences how to make Suttle Shifts for breakthrough success at work and in life using service excellence practices and mindset management. She endears customers to organizations, consumers to brands, and leaders to their highest vision of success.



Naeem Arif – The CustomerFirst Enabler, 6x Bestselling Author, CCXP

Naeem Arif is a multi-award winning Entrepreneur and Management Consultant known to people as the Customer First Enabler. He has over 25 years of experience with expertise in Business Transformation, Customer Experience, and Retail/Hospitality. Member of the Forbes Business Council, 2020, chair of the Midlands Retail and Hospitality Forum, committee member of the Chamber of Commerce (Sutton Coldfield), and trustee Ecogen Foundation, Naeem is now running his own consultancy firm, NA Consulting Ltd. He was also ranked as the 4th Most influential CX professional in Europe.



Tiffani Bova – Growth and Transformation Advisor, Storyteller, Bestselling Author

Tiffany Bova has helped the companies around the world to transform the way they engage with customers, grow their business, and create amazing customer experiences. She has been named as the Thinkers50 2019 Global Ranking of Management Thinkers, one of the “Most Powerful and Influential Women in California” by the National Diversity Council, and has been listed in the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers. She is currently working as the Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. She is the author of the bestselling book ‘Growth IQ; which was named a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, contributed to HBR, Forbes, Bloomberg, The WSJ, Economist, and more and the host of the “What’s Next!” Podcast.



Rajeev Karkhanis – CCXP, CX Management, Human-centered Service Design, Service Management

Rajeev  Karkhanis has over 30 years of experience in delivering business growth and direction on overall operations and revenue goal performance. He is a certified CCXP with expertise in Customer Experience and Service Design. He is a Founder & Chief Consultant of a training & consulting firm XperienceByDesign Consulting Services, focused on transforming Customer Experience and Non-Executive Director at Canomiks.



Jenny Dempsey – CX Manager at and Co-Founder at

Jenny Dempsey has over 15 years of experience in Customer Experience. She is the Customer Experience Manager at and the Head of Customer Experience at Also, she is the Co-Founder of and CX & CS Consultant and Self-Care Coach at



Barry Dalton – CIO, COO, and Digital Business, Customer Experience Strategy, and Technology Leader

Barry Dalton is a CX Strategy and CX Technology Leader accomplished in designing and implementing strategy and technology architecture across marketing, sales & service with a particular industry focus on consumer products, pharmaceuticals, retail, and technology. He is a VP of Digital and Analytics Transformation at Genpact, and is responsible for top-line growth, delivery oversight, IP, and thought leadership for Genpact’s digital capabilities & consulting services.



Chip Bell – Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant 

Chip Bell is a world-renowned Keynote Speaker and Consultant on innovative service, customer partnership, customer loyalty, service leadership, and customer relationship management. He is also a prolific author and has written 23 books, 9 of which have been a national or international best-seller. Also, he has written over 700 articles and blogs, has appeared live on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, ABC, and his work has been featured in Fortune, Businessweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, CEO Magazine, and Entrepreneur. 



Dwane Lay – VP of Customer Experience at Dovetail Software

Dwane Lay is the VP of Customer Experience at Dovetail. He prides himself on his ability to make order out of chaos and makes clients get the most out of their implementations, both before and after go-live. He puts his skills to use by ensuring that his customers have a seamless software implementation from start to finish. He is the author of ‘Lean HR’ and Co-Host of ‘DriveThru HR’.



Ernan Roman – Ernan Roman, President, ERDM Corp. Author, “Voice of the Customer Marketing”

Ernan Roman has been inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame due to the results of ERDM’s VoC research-based CX strategies achieve for IBM, Microsoft, Gilt, 10x Genomics, Shinola and was acknowledged for his CX contributions; “Top 15 Influencers Changing the CX Game”, “Top 40 Digital Luminaries”, “100 Most Influential People in Business Marketing”, “2019 Customer Experience Update MVP Award”. His blog, CX & Loyalty Innovation Updates, appears in, Forbes, CX Network, ANA, CRMC, and Business2Community. 



Frank Eliason – Consultant at Frank Eliason, LLC

Frank Eliason has over 20 years of experience in customer experience and prides himself as a simple customer service guy. He has consulted multiple Fortune 500 companies bringing best in class insights and long-term strategy. Further, he is also responsible for starting social media Customer Service at Comcast which got him referenced in many articles and books, such as BusinessWeek as “the most famous customer service manager in the U.S., possibly in the world.”



Steve Towers – CX Management Pioneer, Top #30 Guru, CEO and Founder of BP Group

One of the 30 most influential Global Customer Service Experts in 2020, Steve Towers is a Customer & Experience Management Pioneer and Business Transformation Leader with over 40 years of experience in driving and achieving organizational goals in both the private and public sectors in a variety of key ‘C’ leadership and top-level consulting positions. He is an international speaker, author of a bestseller, and has received the “Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution to Business” at Gartner’s Annual Summit in 2007.



Ingrid Lindberg – Keynote Speaker, CXO, Founder, and CEO of Chief Customer

Ingrid Lindberg has over 20 years of experience in creating industry-changing and award-winning customer experience strategies for Finance, Retail, and Healthcare industries. She is a sought after keynote speaker and coaches the C-Suite leaders and firms. She has served in senior roles at Cigna, Prime Therapeutics, Kobie Marketing, and Ceridian Benefits Services and has been the CXO multiple times. She founded Chief Customer in 2015, and since then she is helping companies become customer-centric and transform to fulfill the promise they have made to their customers. 



Jackie Huba – Customer Loyalty Expert, 4x Author, Keynote Speaker, Strategic Marketing Executive 

Founder and Executive Director of Drag Out The Vote, a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Jackie Huba has over two decades of experience in helping companies achieve business and customer goals. She is also a contributor and sought after keynote and a TEDx speaker of customer evangelism, word of mouth, customer loyalty, and social media. She is also the author of four best-selling books and three of them are on customer loyalty. 



Jay Baer – Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, CX/Marketing Fusion Strategist, 6x Author

Founder of Convince & Convert, a digital marketing, and customer experience advisory firm that helps the world’s most iconic brands gain and keep more customers, Jay Baer is the master when it comes to providing insights on the undeniable connection between Customer Experience and marketing. He is the 7th-generation entrepreneur and 6 best-selling business books Author. Recently, he has been inducted into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame.



Nienke Bloem – Keynote Speaker, CCXP, Consultant, Co-Founder and Facilitator at The Customer Experience Game

Nienke Bloem is a CX Expert with a proven track record. She is a CCXP certified expert, keynote speaker on Customer Experience, and one of the world’s 7 global Resource and Training Partners of the CXPA. She is also the Co-Founder and Facilitator of The Customer Experience Game, a facilitated board game in which you compete against each other in teams and wherein trained facilitators to guide your organizations in bringing Customer Experience to life.



DeAnna Avis – CCXP, National Customer Experience Manager at Solus ARC

A multi-award-winning CX Practitioner and Artist, DeAnna Avis has over a decade of experience in leading customer-centric projects around the world. She has been named as one of the top 25 CX Professionals by CXM, and the silver winner of the CXA 2019 Award, Currently, she is working as CX Manager at the Aviva owned Solus Accident Repair Centres and bringing in the customer-centricity culture change to put the customer at the heart of all.



Hannah Louise Cox – Executive Search Consultant at Douglas Jackson

Prides herself as a huge advocate of the customer and providing an exceptional Customer Experience, Hannah Lousie identifies talent within the Customer Experience space to engage for specialist roles, in order to shape business strategies and transform cultures. She is a passionate blogger and industry awards judge and has earned the Outstanding Contribution to Judging 2019 by UK Digital Experience Awards. She is currently working as an Executive Search Consultant at Douglas Jackson.



Matt Currall – Managing Director and Client Portfolio Director at Capita

Managing Director at Capita, Matt Currall is an industry-acclaimed CX Leader with a proven track record of building people-focussed cultures that empower and inspire performance. He has over 15 years of experience in value delivery and has worked in senior roles at Ascent Performance Group, Vitality UK, Stream Global Services, Endsleigh Insurance, and Barclaycard. He is best known for his award-winning work on the use of psychological motivation theory to stimulate emotional commitment in employees to drive customer excellence. 



Stuart Bishop – Director of Service at Cheshire Datasystems Ltd

Stuart Bishop has over two decades of experience in Customer Service and is a Companion Member of the Institute of Customer Service since 2015. He specializes in transforming teams and creating a focus on the customer. Currently, he is a Director of Service at a leading UK Tech company, Cheshire Datasystems Ltd where he is exploring how to combine it with a human element for superior CX and the potential of tech including AI and machine learning.



Emma Donnelly – Head Of Customer Service at Redrow Homes

Identified as ‘Top 25 CX Professionals’ to watch out for in 2020, Emma Donnelly is the Head of Customer Relations, Social Media and Compliance Manager with expertise in staff supervision, customer service, and stakeholder management. She is named as the ‘Inspirational Leader of the Year at the UK Business Awards 2018, ‘Leader of the Year’ at the UK Complaints Handling Awards 2018, and the ‘Professional Woman of the Year’ at the CXA’18 Awards. Currently, Emma is heading the Customer Service at Redrow Homes where she is leading the strategic Customer Service vision and delivery of a busy, multi-discipline CX team.



Laura Bowyer – Head of Customer Excellence, UK and Ireland at KFC

Laura Bowyer has a proven track record of creating customer-centric cultures within FMCG and Hospitality and is currently heading the Customer Excellence of KFC. She is a certified Customer Experience practitioner (CCXP) and a former Secretary of the Inter-Company Consumer Affairs Association. Her approach towards stronger customer service is the introduction of VOC programs and effective training programs for front-line teams.



Marion Ellis – CCXP, MD of BlueBox Partners

Marion Ellis has over 20 years of experience in the residential property sector and is now the Managing Director of BlueBox Partners. She created a Surveyor Hub online community of experienced residential valuers and surveyors to support professional development and personal well-being. She also built the Women in Surveying community project in 2018 and was elected as a member of the RICS Governing Council in 2019.



Nancy Porte – CCXP, VP, & Global Customer Experience Leader

Nancy Porte has spent a better part of a decade as the VP of Global Customer Experience at Verint where she has established the vision, strategy, governance, and operational plan for Customer Experience, developed Voice of the Customer programs, transformed the organization and increased satisfaction, and loyalty through differentiated customer experience. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and Executive Leader experienced in building corporate revenue through a loyal and referenceable customer base.



Nicolle Paradise – Global Senior Director of Client Experience, SaaS Board Advisor, Investor

Nicolle Paradise is a decisive, data-driven SaaS client experience (CX) and client success (CS) executive with 15+ years of experience architecting, measuring, scaling, operationalizing, and transforming global, rapid-growth organizations that deliver measurable outcomes for clients, profitability for shareholders, and inspire employees. She is currently the Global Senior Director of CX at ADP, and also serves as a SaaS Board Advisor + Investor. Nicolle was the Head of Audience Experience @ TEDx San Francisco and now resides in New York City.



Rajat Chawla – Asia’s 1st Certified CX Mentor, Transformist™, Author, International Speaker

Rajat Chawla is Asia’s First Certified Customer Experience Mentor, Founder of Rapid Growth System, Author of ‘Customer Experience Design’ Book, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and Asia’s 1st Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). He helps individuals and organizations accelerate their growth through great customer experience and higher self-awareness and facilitates employee and customer experience transformations using globally proven award-winning frameworks.



Ron Kaufman – New York Times Bestselling Author, CX & Service Culture Expert, Keynote Speaker, Educator

Ron Kaufman is the Co-Founder of UP! Your Service, a consultancy that helps companies build cultures of uplifting service that delivers real business results. He has authored 15 books including the New York Times bestseller “UPLIFTING SERVICE”. He is a sought after global service consultant, educator, thought-leader, and keynote speaker on customer experience and service culture development. He has also been rated one of the “Top 25 Who’s Hot” speakers by Speaker Magazine.



Sharif-Paul Anton – General Manager of Customer Support at Samsung Electronics

With over two decades of experience in CX, contact centers, and outsourcing, Sharif has worked with a number of leading brands, onshore and offshore, across numerous verticals such as Banking, Consumer Electronics, Travel/Tourism, Gaming, and Retail. Currently, he is the General Manager Customer Support of Samsung Electronics and delivers the highest possible level of omnichannel customer experience across voice, email, on-line, and social media channels and manages outsource vendor management and delivered successful, seamless transitions in operational delivery.



Sue Duris – CX Leader, Founder/Host of #CXChat, Expert Practitioner, Mentor

Sue Duris is a Digital Marketing and CX leader with over 20 years of experience in driving brand, product, customer experience, and content strategies in the B2B sector. She is the Founder/Host of #CXChat, a weekly Twitter chat on CX and EX, and Director of Marketing and CX at M4 Communications Inc. Also, she’s an expert practitioner at The HiveMind Network, mentor at the GrowthMentor, member of Changing the Chemistry to help UK women have stronger voices on charity and corporate boards, and Director at Customer Institute. Her expertise includes building, leading, and scaling high-performance cross-functional teams, Digital Marketing Strategy, Omni-Channel CX, Customer Journey Mapping, mentoring employees, and more.



Brian Solis – 8x Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Digital Anthropologist, Futurist

Forbes named Brian Solis as “one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time.” He is a Salesforce’s Global Innovation Evangelist, an international keynote speaker, and an author of 8 bestsellers. For over 20 years, he has been studying Digital Darwinism, to understand the impact of disruption on businesses, markets, and society. He has published over 60 research papers and his work is published in industry-leading publications such as Forbes, ZDNet, CIO, eWeek, Fast Company, Adweek, and Singularity University.



Tammy R. Nelson – CCXP, Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, CX Influencer

Certified CCXP, Author, Keynote Speaker, and an Entrepreneur, Tammy R. Nelson has over 20 years of experience in financial services and insurance. She has been honored as the Top CMO in Cincinnati’s C-Suite Awards and is currently working as the Chief Marketing Officer of SageSure Insurance Managers where she is heading the marketing and sales for the largest independent residential property managing general underwriter in the United States. She is also the Co-Founder of Create2Connect Productions and Founder & CEO of Hoi Polloi Trends.



Daniel Michaeli – CEO and Co-Founder at Glia

Daniel Michaeli is the Co-Founder and CEO of Glia, a Digital Customer Service solution for banks and insurance companies to support customers in a digital-first world. In addition, Dan hosts “The CX Show”, Glia’s podcast on Customer Experience where he speaks to senior business leaders to understand the importance and influence of Customer Experience on overall business success. 



Micah Soloman – Customer Service Consultant, CX, Speaker, Author, Forbes Contributor

Named as the “New Guru of Customer Service Excellence” by The Financial Post, Micah Solomon is a well known Business Leader, Customer Service, and CX Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author of four books, Entrepreneur and Influencer. He also co-authored one of the groundbreaking customer service books, ‘Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization’. He specializes in customer service, customer experience, company culture, and hospitality.



Julia (Martin) Ahlfeldt – CX Professional, C-Suite Business Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster

Julia (Martin) Ahlfeldt is a CX advisor, speaker, and strategic leader. She specializes in driving profitable growth through improved customer experiences. She is a CCXP and an independent business advisor with deep expertise in customer experience management. She has over 15 years of experience in collaborating with blue-chip companies in the United States, Europe, and Southern Africa to drive their customer-centric growth. 



Sarah Reed – CX Leader, Experience Builder, Content Creator

Sarah Reed is a CX Leader with over 20 years of proven experience in building teams, improving customer experiences, and developing better business relationships. She is the former Managing Director of Technology and Telecom at Teleperformance, VP of Support Services at iContact, Content Director and Sr. Analyst at ICMI, and Call Center Leader at Deloitte. Now she is the Sr. Director of Global Strategic Events at Zendesk helping to design large-scale event experiences–virtual and in-person–with her empathetic approach to customer experiences.



David Sakamoto – Vice President of Customer Success at GitLab Inc.

David has over 10 years of experience in leading customer success, transforming businesses and teams, and optimizing the delivery of products and services to maximize customer value and propel revenue growth. Currently, he is the Vice President of Customer Success at GitLab Inc. He is passionate about customer success and has implemented a variety of programs to accelerate time-to-value and improve product adoption via customer advocacy and feedback. He is highly active on his twitter handle @hapapower and constantly shares about customer success. 



Iain O’Connor – Senior Manager of Customer Experience and Insight at Aegon UK

Named as one of the top 10 CX professionals in the UK by Customer Experience Magazine, Iain is the Senior Manager of Customer Experience & Insight at Aegon UK and is responsible for implementing a CX culture at the insurance, pensions, and investment firm. He manages research and insight functions, delivering market and customer insight across the business. He has also judged the UK Customer Experience Awards at Wembley Stadium and talked at Customer Experience events in the UK and US.  



Matt Dixon – Contributor to HBR, Speaker and Advisor on Sales, Service and CX

A renowned  CX Leader, Author, Advisor, and Keynote Speaker, Matt Dixon is the Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr, an enterprise listening platform that surfaces insights from customer interactions and Advisory Board Member at MedLion Management, a first-of-its-kind subscription-based primary care provider that helps companies reduce their healthcare costs. Moreover, he advises senior executives on sales, service, and customer experience and contributes to HBR. He is also the co-author of the three books, ‘The Challenger Sale’, ‘The Challenger Customer’, and ‘The Effortless Experience’. 



Bill Gessert – Vice President of Business Growth at Premiere Response

Named as one of ICMI’s Top 50 Thought Leaders of 2017, Bill Gesser is Customer Experience & Service Executive Leader who has a track record of successfully growing business. He has been the President of the International Customer Service Association for more than a decade and currently, he is the VP of Business Growth at Premiere Response, a customer contact center. He has consistently achieved outstanding results in client acquisition, growth, and retention by combining innovative strategies with precise execution and delivery.



Michael Hinshaw – Customer Experience Executive, Advisor, and Strategist

A CX Influencer, Leader, Speaker, Author, and Consultant, Michael Hinshaw coaches executives and helps companies integrate digital and customer-centric innovation to improve business performance and drive verifiable, customer-centric growth and measurable increases in ROI. He has been recognized in multiple Top Global CX Influencers” lists and is the co-author of the best seller ‘Smart Customers, Stupid Companies.’ He has also been published and quoted in multiple publications such as HBR, Time, American Executive and was recognized as a Digital Customer Strategist and Customer Experience Innovator by ALM Intelligence, Forrester Research.



Michel Falcon – Entrepreneur, Global Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, CX Advisor 

Michel Falcon is an Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, and Author who leverages his People-First Culture™ philosophy to create a customer experience, employee engagement, and company culture strategies to grow businesses. He is the author of the best-selling book, ‘People-First Culture’, and the creator of the Team Operating System online course. He has been profiled in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, INC, and other publications.



Eric Tamblyn – Vice President CX Sales, Strategy and Business Development at Oracle

Recognized as a Top 100 Social Customer Service Pro and ICMI’s Top 50 Contact Center Thought Leaders, Eric Tamblyn is a CX Thought Leader and Influencer with 30 years of proven record in Customer Experience. Former VP of Cloud Sales, Guru Managed Services, and Product Marketing at Genesys, Eric pioneered an Actionable Analytics solution, a groundbreaking approach to analyze and leverage the customer interaction data to make critical business decisions and trigger automated workflows. Currently, he leads CX Strategy and Business Development at Oracle as the VP of CX.



Natalie Petouhoff – Strategic Thought Leadership and Content at Genesys

Voted as one of the 250 Top Most Influential Women, Natalie Petouhoff is a highly sought after TV & radio segment commentator, Keynote speaker, prolific Author, CX Advisor, and CX Thought Leader. She is an expert in Customer Experience, Customer Service, and Digital Transformation. She has authored and co-authored many books and has been quoted in multiple channels such as NYTimes, USAToday, Forbes, CRM Magazine, and more. Former VP of Salesforce and Constellation, she currently heads the Executive Communications at Genesys.



Kerry Bodine – Author, Speaker, CX Thought Leader, CEO at Bodine & Co.

CX Thought Leader and Influencer, Kerry Bodine is an independent consultant with expertise in human-centered design, marketing, and branding. She is the Founder of the consulting firm, Bodine & Co. She is a Keynote Speaker, Author of the book ‘Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business’, Consultant, and Advisor. She has also written for HBR, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes, and USA Today. She has previously worked as VP of CX at Forrester Research, and Customer Design SVP at Hill Holiday.



Martha Rogers – Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Marketing Strategist Leader

Named as the ‘Top 25 Customer Experience Leaders’, Dr. Martha Rogers is a Best-selling American Author, Keynote Speaker, Customer Strategist, and Founding Partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. She is also the Founder of Trustability Metrix, Co-Founder of CX Speakers, Chairman of the Board of Suitecx, and as President of Daphne Productions. She is known as one of the leading authorities on customer-focused relationship management strategies and trust and her work has been published in HBR, Journal of Advertising Research, and the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.



Christopher Brooks – CX Specialist and Founder of the Customer Experience World Games

Christopher Brooks is a  Customer Experience Specialist and Influencer with over 20 years of experience in helping clients profit from customers’ world led thinking. He is a former head of Lexden CX and is currently the Managing Director at  Clientship, a customer experience advisory firm dedicated to a ‘beyond business’ philosophy. He is the Founder of the Customer Experience World Games, host of the CXSuperheroes podcast series, and writer of the CX Leaders series in MyCustomer.



Ben Smithwell – TEDx Speaker, CX Influencer, and CX and Service Design Expert

TEDx Speaker, Top 20 CX Influencer, and International Keynote Speaker, Ben Smithwell is the Director of CX at Comotion, where he is building customer-led businesses through customer-led strategies, engagement-led design, and results-led mobilization. He is also helping businesses to create exceptional value through deliberate branded experiences and carefully orchestrated service interactions as the CX & Service Design Consultant. He is an Associate CX Consultant at Jericho, Expert CX Coach at CX Masterclass, and Mentor at The University of Nottingham.



Jim Bass – CX-PRO, CX Strategy and Innovation Leader

Jim Bass is a passionate CX Leader with over 30 years of experience in harnessing the power of VOC and VOE to enhance the customer experience. Previously, he has worked in senior roles at ADP, Verizon, Tech Mahindra, and McKesson Health IT. Currently, he is transforming his clients’ customer experiences in a digital world as the Director at Macquarium. He is skilled in managing people and enterprise customers, driving satisfaction from products and services, and generating loyalty and renewal rates.



Nick Hague – Author, CX Influencer, Co-Founder & Head of Growth at B2B International

CX Thought Leader and Influencer, Nick Hague Co-Founded B2B International that enables global companies to connect with their customers, better understand their needs, and launch products & brands that serve them in a meaningful way. He founded this company over 20 years ago and since then he has helped the world’s 100 largest B2B companies succeed with leading market research. He has worked with global companies such as Stanley Black & Decker, Molson Coors, Mastercard, and AkzoNobel and has also authored the book ‘The B2B Customer Experience’.



Jeff Toister – Customer Service Author, Consultant, and Trainer

Jeff Toister is a Customer Service Author, Consultant, and Trainer. He is the President of Toister Performance Solutions, which helps organizations develop customer-focused cultures. He is the author of three customer service books, including the bestselling The Service Culture Handbook. He is also an Author and Instructor at Lynda and LinkedIn Learning where he talks about customer service training, customer service management, employee development, and instructional design.



Jill Raff – CX Strategist on Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and EX to CX

Jill Raff is a CX Strategic and a published author. She provides strategies that guide business owners and executive managers to educate, engage, and entrust their employees to create a company culture that delivers extraordinary customer experience. Also, her trademarked ‘Inside-Out Framework’ has helped businesses convert staff into family thereby increasing engagement and reducing employee turnover. She is the Founder and Strategic Advisor at the Jill Raff Group that helps customer-obsessed restaurants, hotels, and entrepreneurs to strengthen their employee retention and customer LTV relationships.



Jo Mayes – Director of Customer Operations at Business Stream

Former Head of Data and Customer Experience at Standard Life, currently Jo Mayes is the Director of Customer Operations at Business Stream where she is making transformational changes in the water retail sector. Under her leadership, Business Stream has developed its ambitious Customer First Strategy, which has helped to transform its CX offering. In 2019, she was named as the CX Professional of the Year at the UK Customer Experience Awards.



Chris Little – CX Leader and Influencer, and Director of Customer Thinking

CX Expert, Chris Little is a marketing consultant with subject matter expertise in Customer Insight and Customer Experience. He is the Director of Customer Thinking, Customer Insight and Business Growth Strategist at Up There, Everywhere, and Non-Executive Director at Property Master. He has also been the judge of CX19 Awards. He is highly experienced at delivering Customer Insight, Customer Strategy, Customer Centricity, Customer Value Analysis, and Customer Experience.



Kristof De Wulf – Author, Investor, Founder, Blogger

Kristof Wulf is the Co-Founder & CEO at InSites Consulting, where he is empowering consumers and employees to shape the future of brands and expanding consumer insights by combining emerging technology with ‘smart human thinking’. He is the former Associate Marketing Professor & Board Member at Vlerick Business School, Co-Author of ‘The Consumer Consulting Board’, Blogger at MarketingTribune, Investor at Wellopet, and Member of Advisory Board at Bank Van Breda.



Alison Lawrie – CCXP, Head of CX, Quality & Continuous Improvement at AkzoNobel

Alison is a Certified CXPA and is massively passionate about Customer Experience. She is the Gold winner of CXA Customer Experience Professional of the Year 2018 and was named Professional of the Year at the UK Customer Experience Awards. She truly believes that CX is the single biggest differentiator of a brand or business. She is working at AkzoNobel for over a decade now and currently, she is heading its Customer Experience where she is responsible for implementing the CX Strategy and Transformation Programme.



Allison Pickens – Investor, Board Director, COO, Fortune Most Powerful Women, Author, Speaker

Allison started her career in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies, and now she is serving as the Board of Director at Commvault, Technology Advisor at BCG, Partner at Operator Collective, and Investor at Allison Pickens Ventures. She is the former COO at Gainsight, Executive-in-Residence at Bessemer Venture Partners, and Board Director at RainforestQA and eCompliance. She co-authored a book called ‘The Customer Success Economy’, published by Wiley in April 2020. She also frequently shares her ideas in conferences, blog posts, and podcasts. She is the part of the Fortune Most Powerful Women community.



Christina Liciaga – Head of Customer Service at HSBC UK

Head of Insurance Customer Journeys at HSBC, and Executive Trustee at JUSTICE, Christina Liciaga has a proven track record of delivering large-scale strategic change, driving top and bottom-line expansion, and developing sustainable customer-centric cultural change across 5 continents. She has over 18 years of experience as a Founder, Board Member, Global Director, and Venture Advisor for high growth SMEs, tech start-ups, and multinational corporations.  She has also been recognized in the Top 10 CX Professionals in the UK, Top 100 BAME Leaders in Business in the UK, and the top 100 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Models in UK, Europe, and North America. 



Christopher Rios – CX Practice Leader and Founding Partner of Blue Rocks

With over 25 years of experience in Hospitality and Executive Search, Christopher Rios is leading the Customer Experience at Blue Rocks, a highly specialized executive recruiting firm dedicated to providing the optimum Concierge Experience to the CX community across multiple industry verticals. He is a Founding Member of Blue Rock Search and his unique approach to recruiting led him to create an entire cohesive seamless ecosystem that goes well beyond Executive Search for his Clients, Candidates, and Employees.



Clint Payne – CCXP, ACXP, Senior Program Manager of CX at MultiChoice  

Certified CCXP, ACXP, Clint Payne is the Senior Program Manager of Customer Experience at MultiChoice where he has co-created a CX Strategy that links everyday activities to customer promises, customer strategy, brand promise, and ultimately organizational strategy. He is a former Customer Experience Executive at Virgin Mobile and Customer Operations Executive at Cell C. Also, he was the winner at the CEB Internal Communications Awards in 2017.



Steve Curtin – Customer Enthusiast at Steve Curtin

Named as the #4 by Global Gurus in the field of Customer Service, Steve Curtin is an industry expert with  20 years of experience in hotel operations, sales and marketing, training and development, and customer service roles working for Marriott International, one of the premiere customer-focused companies in the world. He is a speaker, consultant, and writer of extraordinary customer service. He is also an accredited member of the National Speakers Association and the author of the book ‘Delight Your Customers: 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary.’



Sarah Simon – Certified CX Leader Building Digital and Voice Customer Experience

A leading creative CX Strategist and innovative Consulting Solutions Architect, Sarah Simon is a certified CX professional with a proven track record of designing customer listening systems and customer experience improvement programs, and a passion for creating and taking to market consulting offers. She is the CX Design Partner at Verizon Business where she is designing transformational, multi-channel digital CX solutions for enterprise clients while ensuring that the Verizon technology and professional services solutions are aligned with the strategy and mission of the client CX organization.



Megan Burns – CX and EX Expert, Speaker, Writer, Coach, and CEO at Experience Enterprises

World’s leading expert on customer-centricity, culture, and experience transformation, Megan Burns has been working with enterprises to reshape culture and embed experience management into every part of the organization’s DNA. She is the Founder of Experience Enterprises, and before that she worked as VP of Principal Analyst and Customer Experience at Forrester Research. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Inc. Magazine. She shares thought leadership on sites like, Workhuman, and CustomerThink, and is an advisor for the C-Suite Network, the world’s largest peer community for c-level executives.



Dave Fish – CEO at CuriosityCX

Dave has over 20 years of experience in leading teams to achieve clients’ agency and research objectives. He has a deep knowledge and experience in all forms of applied analytics and consumer research and his expertise have been recognized in numerous publications, trade show appearances, and expert consultation. He is the Founder and CEO of CuriosityCX, a market research company. Expert in consumer behavior and customer experience, Dave is also an Adjunct Professor in Marketing at the University of Arkansas and Advisor and Featured Columnist at CustomerThink.

Elke Wong – Co-Founder, AdTech Investor, Customer Success & Operations Executive

Started her career in online media and advertising, Elke Wong is a dynamic business builder working as Head of Customer Success at Augury and Principle at Ground Up Advisory Services. She has expertise in building products on big data platforms, go-to-market strategy, business process improvement, customer success, and lifecycle definition/execution for Enterprise B2B, Marketing Technology, AdTech, E-Commerce, Digital Media, SMB & Local Markets.

Galit Lev Ran – Chief Customer Officer at JustDo

An executive Customer Success leader, Galit Lev has over 20 years of experience in building operations and infrastructures to scale and grow business by acquiring lifelong, loyal customers. She is a former Business Director at West Unified Communication Services, Director of Product Management at Unisfair, Product Marketing Group Manager at Mind CTI, and VP of Customer Success at Sonarax. Currently, she is the Chief Customer Officer at JustDo, a Real-Time Management and communications System for business and project management.LinkedIn:


Jaap Wilms – Training Provider at CXPA, Host of CX Masterclass, CCXP, Keynote Speaker

Jaap Wilms has over two decades of experience in Customer Experience. As a seasoned corporate CX leader he has the actual inside experience he brings to the table and knows how to bring a program successfully to life. As Head of Global NPS he set up best-in-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) programs throughout Europe and Asia. He is one of the very few globally certified CXPA Trainers, a senior consultant and sparring partner, a keynote speaker, and a host of the popular CX and NPS Masterclasses. He is also the director at Customer Institute, Guest Lecturer at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Ambassador of the International Customer at Awards International, and sits in the Advisory Board at Nanny Nina.

Mark Johnson – CEO and CMO at Loyalty360

Mark Johnson is a Custom Experience Specialist with over 20 years of experience in customer loyalty and customer experience. He is the former VP of Product Development at Stored Value Solutions, Director of US Sales at Ernex, and VP of Size Technologies. Currently, he is leading all aspects of channel and brand loyalty and customer experience as a CEO and CMO of Loyalty 360, the world-leading trade association for the customer, channel, and brand loyalty.

Peter Lavers – B2C and B2B Customer Experience & Customer Management Influencer

Specialist in B2C and B2B customer experience (CX) management & CRM, Peter Lavers is recognized as one of the world’s top influencers of CX and Customer Management. He has spent most of his career in the industry and consulting the world. Currently, he is the director at WCL Customer Management, which helps companies find, engage, and satisfy customers and also writes for IBM’s Think Marketing blog. He has worked with businesses in diverse sectors, engaging stakeholders on their own level to implement actionable improvements that make a difference to customer experience and profitability.

Sabrina Gross – Customer Success Director at Vizolution

Former Director of Business Operations at Mer Group and EMEA Knowledge Delivery Manager at Verint, Sabrina Gross has global experience and a passion for customer-centricity. She is currently leading a team that engages with customers from presale stages and ride the way through the entire journey, as Customer Success Director at Vizolution, an IT company that provides front-line staff the digital tools to explain products, exchange documentation and collect e-signatures remotely, as if there in-person.

Samantha Middlebrook – Thought Leader Digital CX, Digital Transformation Strategist at Panviva

Samantha has over 6 years of management consulting experience in designing and deploying Digital Knowledge solutions across the globe. She is a leading Australian KM consultant with a passion for innovation and customer experience in addition to her breadth of experience in the KM space. Currently, she is serving as the Digital Transformation Strategist at Panviva, a leading cloud knowledge management solution guiding users step-by-step through processes, policies, and procedures.

Scott McKain – Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Sales & Marketing HoF, Speakers HoF, Consultant and Coach

Scott McKain is a renowned keynote speaker, author, coach, and Customer Experience leader. He trains leading organizations on the “Ultimate Customer Experience”. He is the author of 3 Amazon bestsellers, and one of his books “ICONIC” has been included in the list of “Top 10 Business Books of the Year” by over 30 major newspapers. In 2013, he founded Distinction Institute, a highly interactive learning platform that helps the professionals who work for leading organizations learn how to create competitive space in highly contested marketplaces, and how to deliver the “Ultimate Customer Experience”.

Joshua March – Co-Founder and CEO at Artemys Foods

A new age CX Influencer, Joshua March is the Co-Founder & CEO at Artemys Foods. He is an author of the book ‘Message Me’ that talks about the future of customer service in the era of social messaging and artificial intelligence. He also founded a social application company, one of the world’s first Facebook Preferred Developers, iPlatform which was acquired in 2012. He is the founder and board director of Conversocial, a CX platform that helps brands develop meaningful relationships with their customers at scale.

Debbie Szumylo – Manager, Customer Advocacy and Customer Experience Evangelist

A certified CXPA, Debbie Szumylo is the Customer Experience Evangelist at Thomson Reuter Elite. She is a Customer Experience Professional with over a decade of proven experience in employee engagement, experience design, journey mapping, strategy development, and analysis. She has been listed on ICMI’s 2017 Top 50 Thought Leaders to follow on Twitter, MindTouch’s 2016 Top 100 Customer Success Influencers, and #58 on Onalytica’s Top 100 Big Data and Customer Experience influencers in 2014.

Richard Owen – Founder of Owen CX Group

Richard Owen is a Co-Founder of OCX Cognition, which ensures customer experience success with a combination of technology and data science powered by machine learning, programmatic consulting, and research-based CX insights and education. He is the former CEO of Satmetrix, Nasdaq Listed AvantGo, and the former Vice President of Dell Online Worldwide. He also co-authored the book “Answering the ultimate question” which quickly became the “how-to” guide for NPS practitioners.

Ted Coine – Leadership and Management Expert, Leadership Speaker

A leadership and management expert and a top leadership speaker, Ted Coine have been recognized in Forbes’ list of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers three times and Inc’s list of the Top 100 Leadership Experts. He is a business leader, teacher, keynote speaker, influencer, and author. He has written three books, ‘Five-Star Customer Service,’ ‘Spoil ’Em Rotten! Five-Star Customer Delight in Action,’ and ‘A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive.’ He also founded and ran a number of businesses and had been a former CMO and board member of Meddle Inc.

Troy Barnes – CCXP, Group Chief Transformation and Integration Leader at FWD Insurance

Troy Barnes is a CX leader with extensive experience in Transformation, Customer Experience, Change Management, and Lean Six Sigma, Portfolio. He is the former CCO at Pizza Hut, CXO at AIA, and Head of Business Transformation at ING. Currently, he is Group Chief Transformation and Integration Leader, driving entrepreneurial and cultural change with a focus on delivering value for customers at FWD Insurance.

Ben Phillips – CX Author, Influencer, CX Fitness Trainer, NPS Leader, CCXP

Ben Phillips is a Customer Experience Influencer with a proven record in the Customer Experience in retail, bank, insurance, restaurant, pub, hotel, travel, and technology sector. He is an author, keynote speaker, and coach. He has also been named as the Top #25 CX Influencer by Customer Experience Magazine in 2019. Currently, he is heading the Customer Experience at Nielsen where he is building and re-launching a modern, agile, and technology-driven CX practice that can compete at the very highest level.

Olga Potaptseva – Executive Director, CX Implementation Coach, CX Influencer

A Customer and Employee Experience author, mentor, influencer, keynote speaker, coach, and consultant, Olga Potaptseva has over 20 years of experience in advising, consulting, and mentoring leading organizations and individuals around the world across industry verticals like Insurance, Telco, Banking, Hospitality, Retail. She is the founder of European Customer Consultancy, a unique virtual consultancy that gives you the tools and the support to implement CX initiatives 3-4 times faster. Also, she has been listed in the UK’s top 25 Customer Experience (CX) Influencers and is part of judging & advisory boards at CX Awards around the world.

Brad Cleveland – Author, Speaker, Consultant, Senior Advisor, ICMI Partner

An Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Sr. Advisor, Brad Cleveland specializes in customer experience leadership, omnichannel contact centers, face-to-face service, support desks, and other customer-facing environments. He is one of two original partners of ICMI and served there as the President and CEO. He grew ICMI into a global industry leader which is now a part of Informa plc. He has written and edited 9 books and has received an best selling award. He has also been interviewed by multiple publications from The Financial Times to The Wall Street Journal.

John DiJulius – Customer Service Consultant, Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, President of The DiJulius Group

A Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, International Consultant, and Entrepreneur, John DiJulius is the President of The DiJulius Group, a leading consulting firm that creates, develops, and improves customer service systems. He has worked with companies like The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nestle, Marriott Hotel, PwC, and more. He is the best selling author of two books and a very successful entrepreneur of two businesses.

Gökhan Kara – Board Member at CXPA, Founder of CXPA Istanbul, CX Trainer, International Keynote Speaker

The first and the only CCXP in Turkey, Gökhan Kara is an expert in CX measurements, customer journeys, and creating customer-focused culture. He formerly worked with Turkcell, Vodafone Turkey, Fibabanka, and Enerjisa and is currently working at Pisano as a Customer Experience Advisor. He is also a Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Author. He regularly contributes to HBR Turkey, CX Magazine, CX Network, and has been a jury member and chair of judges many prestigious customer experience awards. 



Cut Noosy – Country Head of Customer Experience at Grab

CX Leader and Influencer, Cut Noosy has over 15 years of proven record in Customer Experience. Former VP at PT XL Axiata Tbk and Head of ICT and Non-Contact Center Operation at PT VADS Indonesia, she is currently working at Grab as Country Head of Customer Experience where she is designing the customer experience in customer support journey through a related touchpoint, implementing, assuring, and oversee all Omni channels.



Sri Safitri – DEVP Customer Experience & Digitalisation at Telkom Indonesia

Sri Safitri has over 20 years of experience in Telecommunication, Media & Technology with broad local & global experience. She is currently managing Group Customer Experience transformation and Digitalisation as DEVP Customer Experience & Digitalisation at Telkom Indonesia. She is currently focused on empowering business in Indonesia through ICT solutions to increase their competitive advantage and to enable enterprises to become leading companies in their industry.



Sussane Stevenson – CX Strategy Manager at IAG NZ

Customer Experience Leader and Influencer, Sussane Stevenson is an expert in creating and delivering seamless omnichannel experiences to enable businesses to achieve employees’ & customers’ NPS uplift and their financial goals. She is the former Programme Manager at BNZ and Head of Customer Advocacy at New Zealand Racing Board. Currently, she is working as the CX Strategy Manager at IAG NZ where she is creating the strategy, frameworks, and tools to increase CX design thinking capability and maturity throughout the organization.



Russell Harwood – CX Transformation, Customer Engagement, Strategy

CX Transformation Leader, Russell Harwood has a track record of success driving revenue and profit growth through harnessing data and customer insights. He is a former Head of Customer Base Banking at Marketing, Head of Pricing at Vodafone Turkey, and Head of Marketing Finance at Vodafone Germany. Currently, he is working as the Strategic Marketing Consultant at RHV Consulting and Voco.



Abdalla Elbadawy – Entrepreneur, CX Professional, Accredited Service Design Trainer

Customer Experience Professional, Leader and Trainer, Abdalla Elbadawy is an expert in transforming business objectives into innovative services and transformational experiences utilizing the most engaging tools and processes. He is the Founder and Accredited Trainer at Accredited Experience Design Masterclass, Founder of Design of MENA, CX Advisor at Saudi Experts, and CCXP Advisory Board Sub Committee Member of CXPA.



Luzanne Chong – Head of Customer Experience at Prudential Assurance Company

Luzanne Chong is an experienced CX Professional with a passion for Digital CX, Behavioural Science, and Sustainability. She has more than 15 years of experience in designing and managing Customer Experience, Digital Customer Propositions, and Operations Management. She is the former Head of CX at FWD Singapore and VP of CX and EX at DBS. Currently, she is heading the Customer Experience at Prudential Assurance Company where she is driving a customer-centric culture and developing new experiences for Prudential’s life insurance and group insurance customers. 



Nuttaporn Tayananuphut – Head of Customer Experience at LINE

Nuttaporn Tayananuphut is a Customer Experience Leader and Influencer with 13 years of experience in digital design production, digital project management initiative, digital strategic marketing, and business direction. Currently, he is heading the Customer Experience at LINE Corp where he is setting up a CX Strategy Team, along with CX Management to enhance end-to-end CX based on a customer-centric approach. 



Duong Nguyen – CCXP, Coach, Author, Speaker, CX Transformist

Customer Experience Transformist, Duong Nguyen has been in the business for over 20 years working in management consulting and training. He is a Certified Customer Experience Professional, Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, and a Keynote Speaker. He has worked in senior roles at Viettel Telecom, Singtel, and iBasis. He is the Founder and Chairman at CEM Partner and CX Coach at Forbes Council.


Carsten Ley, PMP – CX Influencer, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Trainer

Customer Experience Leader and Influencer, Carsten Ley is also an Entrepreneur, Enabler & Project Lead in Customer Experience, Agile / Change Management & Business Transformation. He founded Asia PMO, a digital transformation and agile consulting company that enables clients to succeed in fast-changing and customer-centric markets. He is an International Keynote Speaker and Trainer and is leading large scale project implementations in Europe, Latin-America & South-East Asia.



Adam Geneave – Co-Founder of Customer Expertise ASEAN

A seasoned Customer Experience Leader, Adam Geneave has over 20 years of experience in senior commercial and operational roles with leading international airline & hospitality brands. He is a  multiple international awards winner and has led significant transformation programs. He formerly worked in senior roles at AirAsia, Roam 360, Wyndham Destinations and Jetstar, and recently launched his company Customer Expertise ASEAN.



Adam Szyrlewski – Customer Service, Customer Experience, Business Consultant

Customer Success and Customer Service Leader, Adam Szyrlewski is an expert in converting premium service and Customer satisfaction into the revenue in any industry. He is a customer-oriented practitioner dedicated to operational excellence effectively pushing forward pro-Customer initiatives and solutions or achieving multi-million savings without compromising on Customer happiness and overall level of quality.


Sirte Pihlaja – Customer Experience Optimiser, CCXP, Trained LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator

Sirte Pihlaja is the CEO of Shirute Ltd, the first customer experience agency in Finland. A pioneer of people’s experiences in the Nordics, she is a globally recognized CX/EX expert, coach, designer, and strategist with over 25 years of experience in advising large international corporations and brands in various industries and countries. She is the co-author of Customer Experience 2, leader of the CXPA Finland network, member of CXPA International Advisory Committee, and one of CXPA’s founding members. 



Guita Gopalan – Chief Operating and Revenue Officer at Ellana Cosmetics

Guita Gopalan is the Chief Operating and Revenue Officer at Ellana Cosmetics in the Philippines, where she is developing customer-centric omnichannel sales and marketing initiatives across Ellana Mineral Cosmetics’ retail, e-commerce and partner sales for the home market Philippines. She is also a lead organizer for Lean StartUp Philippines and Lean Startup Machine – Manila, and co-organizer for Customer Success Asia in the Philippines and Singapore.



Vigneswaran Sivalingam – CX and Service Leader, COPC CX Implementation Leader 6.0

Vigneswaran Sivalingam is a Senior Customer Experience & Service Leader with expertise in a diverse set of functions that contribute to Customer Experience and specializes in multiple industries. He is the Senior Director of Operations at TDCX, Deputy President at Contact Center Association of Malaysia, and Strategies Advisor at TACK & TMI. He is also a certified COPC CX Implementation Leader Release 6.0 and a PSMB/HRDF certified trainer.



Rahmat Pertinda – Contact Service Center Unit Head at BNI, 1st to bring Digital Contact Center in Indonesia

Rahmat Pertinda is a Contact Center Professional with over 15 years of experience in private and government banks. He implemented the first Digital Contact Center in Indonesia. He is one of the top-ranking performers and has won MRI Rank 1 for Phone Banking and Call Center in 2020 by Infobank Magazine and ICCA Gold Medal for the Best Technology Innovation by Awards Contact Center Indonesia.



 Dr. Jason Price – Managing Director at Price Perrott Limited

Customer Service Leader, Dr. Jason Price has nearly 20 years of experience in helping audiences at international conferences across the globe to understand what it takes to improve their customer service performance. His passion for outstanding customer service is backed by his career in leading customer-facing service transformation in both the public and private sectors. His sessions as plenaries, workshops, or technical tracks always receive great feedback and high satisfaction ratings.



Maya Khalifeh – Executive MBA, CCXP, Head of Customer Experience at INDEVCO Consultancy

Maya has over 15 years’ experience in strategies that empower clients to build strategic partnerships based on customer-centricity. She is an award winner of “Customer Experience Professional of the Year” at the 2020 Gulf Customer Experience Awards. Maya is also “Citizen Experience Design Strategist”- Lebanon Digital Transformation Network in charge of transforming the government to become E-Gov.


Jeanne Bliss – 5x Chief Customer Officer, 4x Bestseller Author, and Keynote Speaker

Known globally for transforming businesses to earn customer-driven growth, Jeanne Bliss is a customer experience practitioner and business growth adviser for C-suite. She is a 5-time Chief Customer Officer for 5 major US Brands. Currently, she is the CEO & Founder of Customer Bliss and Co-Founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). Been in the CX game since the start, Jeanne has delivered over 1,500 transformative keynotes globally and coached over 20,000 leaders on elevating their company in the marketplace.



Ajay Nambiar – CXO, Keynote Speaker, Chair, Panelist at International & Indian CX & FM Summits

A Senior CX professional with over 28 years of experience across Hospitality, Technology, and Real Estate sectors. He has been instrumental in setting industry-defining standards and benchmarks in CX, establishing Standardised Operating Procedures, and getting them externally certified (ISO 9001:2015 and 10002) across industries, and establishing, measuring, and exceeding CSAT Scores. He pioneered the first COPC certified Holiday company in the world (Mahindra Holidays) and established the first broadband portal in India (sifymax). He is also an active and recognized Chair, Speaker and Panelist for over 30 CX events like CCW, IQPC, Ortus Club, World AI & RPA summit, etc.



The journey from Detractors to Promoters

Zinda was craving for a pizza from her favorite pizzeria after a long and exhausting day at work. She ordered the pizza on her way home.

Zinda was craving for a pizza from her favorite pizzeria after a long and exhausting day at work. She ordered the pizza on her way home. The pizza was not only delivered an hour late but it was cold and soggy. Like any disappointed customer, Zinda reached out to the customer care to complain about the same. The customer rep listened to her patiently and quickly resolved the issue by offering her a refund for the discontentment and a discount coupon for her next purchase.

Does this experience restrain her from ordering a pizza from the same pizzeria again?

No, right!

It is because not only the food aggregator realized their mistakes but they also ensured that her experience with their brand was satisfactory at the end by tackling her unpleasant experience immediately.

Had it not been for such a great customer service, the pizzeria would have lost a loyal customer. That’s the power of an efficient Customer Experience. It is as important as the product or service experience.

Did you know that 75% of the customers share their negative experiences with their friends or colleagues?

A complete sum of the experiences felt by your customers while interacting with your brand determines the ‘customer journey’. From spreading brand awareness to purchase, it extends to long term retention and repeat purchase. Hence, deliver efficient customer service at every touchpoint of the customer journey to enhance your customer experience as a whole.

Customer Journey Detractors to Promoters

Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

A survey by Salesforce stated that only 51% of the customers believed that companies understand their needs and expectations. Perhaps, to grow a business in this competitive market, it has become important to capture valuable customer feedback wisely and be aware of how happy or unhappy your customers are from your services, products, or experience.

Why do you need to turn detractors into promoters?

Detractors speak louder than the promoters. They leave a larger negative impact than a positive one. Also, due to dissatisfaction with the product or service or negative customer experience, detractors’ can discourage other potential customers from using your services or products. Moreover, if they share their negative experiences on the social media platform, it could really hurt the brand.

According to a survey by Lee Resources International, for every 26 customers who reject your brand due to their unsatisfactory experience, one customer files a complaint and that one customer is really important. Though having promoters are valuables in themselves, detractors don’t have any less value than promoters. Rather they are more important as they share their real feedback and help you identify the problem. In fact, the detractors can be your biggest promoter if smartly managed.

How to Turn detractors into promoters?

Analyze the NPS:

Launch an NPS Survey. Identify your promoters and detractors and understand what they think of your brand. Detractors are real people with real problems. Highlight the areas where they are facing problems. Resolve the problem and get their feedback once again.

Do this consistently until you turn your detractors into promoters.

Apply your NPS data insights to do data-driven planning:

Studies have proved that 95% of the NPS detractors give the business a second chance if their complaints are resolved successfully and in time.

Mapping the NPS results with the customer journey can give you insightful data to improve customer experience. But how can you do it?

  • Do result-driven planning before interacting with any detractors.
  • They are already disappointed with the experience they had with your brand, so approach them with a plan of action.
  • Track the progress by taking the survey again with the same targeted audience to map the action plan implemented with the results.

Mark Webster, Co-Founder at Authority Hacker shared his experience with NPS. “We started monitoring our customer feedback using an NPS system early last year and have gained tons of valuable insight from it. We started by analyzing every detail we could find about our detractors and one thing that really stuck out is that their engagement with our product was low. 

Hence, for every member, we send a short 2-minute onboarding video to explain what our course has to offer, how to get help, and generally how to make the most out of its features. We also communicate a lot more during the first 30 days of their purchase to make sure they’re getting on okay. This helps us identify pain points and ensure that users are using the course as intended. This has really helped us convert a large number of detractors into promoters.”

Fix the problems and strengthen your relationship with them:

Don’t resolve the issue for one person. Rather remove it from the core, such that no one faces the same issue again. When they’ll experience that there were heard and their feedback made an impact, they’ll stick with your brand.

The voice of customers’ needs to be heard, always! Customers are satisfied when they are heard and thus, become loyal to your brand. This creates value and brand equity in the market if conducted correctly.

When detractors start doing word of mouth they are converted into promoters.


Neal Taparia, Founder at Solitaired shared how his team has turned a detractor into a promoter, “We’ve dealt with many angry customers and turned them into promoters. We had an issue with a customer who had lost her data. We immediately acknowledged the issue and relayed that we would prioritize looking into it. We told the particular customer we had fixed her problem. A few hours later, low and behold, the problem wasn’t fixed as the customer lost even more data. The person was irate and immediately demanded we refund her subscription. Along with refunding the customer, we acknowledged our error and how we planned to learn from it. More importantly, we were human about it and the customer was able to see that we, like anyone, made mistakes too.

After the end of the ordeal, we sent the customer a $50 Amazon gift card. We later received another support message from this person saying that she was our biggest fan given how human we were about the entire ordeal and was surprised by how well we listened to her issues! So to summarize, we turned our detractor into a promoter by admitting our mistake, acknowledging our learnings, being human about it, and going above and beyond.”

Follow-up with the Detractors:

According to the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. Also retaining the existing customer increases the profits by 25% to 95%.

So follow-up with your detractors on a personal level. And while doing so, incorporate the following.

  • Start a conversation with an introduction and apologize for the experience they had with your brand.
  • Empathize with them and show them that you care.
  • Address their concerns without being defensive and do not make any false promises with them.
  • Always choose a knowledgeable rep who is calm, knows the product or service in and out, and has the authority to make the decision instantaneously.
  • Do not create multiple levels of communication.
  • Also, don’t forget to take consent from the detractors to follow up and ask for their preferred mode of communication.

The three E’s of Customer Experience

Your customer experience must be easy, effective, and should instill positive emotion. When your customers visit your website or an app, they expect an easy and effective service that fosters a positive emotional bond between you and the customer. Reflect upon your past interactions and leverage those insights to deliver these three and strengthen customer loyalty and retention.

William Taylor, Sr. Career Advisor at VelvetJobs says, “Use an NPS tool. In my previous company, we used an NPS survey software to turn our detractors into promoters. Using an NPS survey helped us capture qualitative customer-powered data that we could easily convert into proactive and customer-driven strategies. For example, we used to ask questions from detractors about our products and services. Their tangible and detailed complaints on our products and services were a goldmine of insights. They helped us improve our products and services to deliver a better customer experience.

Apart from that, we used to also contact them personally through call or by personal emails. We’d ask them various engaging follow-up questions and also to outline the solution they want from our company.”


Turning Detractors into Promoters takes more than a phone call. It requires multiple interactions.

The two most critical things to focus on are constant follow-ups to analyze the progress, and always resolve the issue as a whole and not just for a single customer. Also, keep your customers at the center of your business and reach out to the detractors with no bias or personal motivation.

It is crucial to focus on your detractors and turn them into promoters to proactively prevent customer churn, boost positive word-of-mouth, social media endorsements, and enhanced brand perception. Brands usually ignore the detractors as they don’t guarantee any positive results. But they are really important as they provide the real picture and give the opportunity to identify the areas of improvement.

How Customer Experience is shaping during COVID-19 with ‘New Normal’

In this unprecedented societal shift, as the reality of this new COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, it has affected everyone’s life. We as humans

In this unprecedented societal shift, as the reality of this new COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, it has affected everyone’s life. We as humans have faced crisis situations in the past and always have come back stronger “descent with modification”.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to reverberate within our neighborhoods, workplaces and homes and throughout our economy.

In this blog we will understand how the world is facing this disruptor and taking actions to advance to a new world.

Change is a chance to survive; we should embrace this change and move forward with lots of positive energy.

Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business. -Mark Sanborn

To make anything better, the first thing is to accept the fact as is without any condition. With the situation, there has been a change in the mindset of customers.

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by every small and big business and the marketing leaders need to rise above these disruptions and adapt to the New Normal that is evolving.

Things are changing quickly and will change, we should be open to accept, learn, and advance with these impacts.

Empathy and Emotions will be key behavior and brands focusing on these will sustain the crisis and would come stronger and survive in the new world.

In times of such crisis, where consumers are still adapting to new lifestyles, marketers must proactively reach out to them and respond to the needs. Each such interaction can help build brand trust and loyalty.

To survive this pandemic, marketing managers need to adapt to resilience, innovation, agility, empathy, and emotion and position themselves at the forefront of the longer-term shifts in consumer behavior resulting from this crisis.

We are speaking to marketing experts across the globe, and gaining their insights on the evolution of marketing strategies due to COVID-19.  I have collated my findings in this post. Let’s understand how  COVID-19 impacts customer engagement.

How will COVID-19 affect Customer Experience?

1. Care for your customers:

In these desperate times, people need support, guidance, and reliable information to keep their families safe and to sustain.

As the first step to caring is reaching out, by staying true to your company’s values and purpose, you can offer them the resources they can trust and feel safe during these uncertain times.

We should focus on the empathy and emotion of customers and take actions to make it easy for customers’ current needs.  Take this situation as an opportunity to build brand equity.

The definition of customer experience has changed the way brands are responding to current situations and coming with a great initiative.

Zappos an online shoe and clothing retailer is known for its customer-centric culture and delivering unparalleled customer experience.

They have launched a new Customer Service for Anything that provides 24X7 support unconditional support.

Searching for flour to try that homemade bread recipe? Running low on paper towels? Need more dog treats for your furry friend?

We’re happy to call around and find grocery stores stocked with what you need. You can talk or text Zappos customer support.

Customer Experience is shaping during COVID-19

Ford, a Multi-national company has initiated a ‘Built to Lend a Hand’ campaign that offers payment relief and credit support. Budweiser has redeployed $5 million to the American Red Cross.

2. Anticipate Customer Needs:

As people are staying in, the time spent on their mobile devices, and online platforms is already on the rise.

They are spending hours on streaming platforms for entertainment, social media to connect with the outside world, e-commerce portals for shopping, delivery apps for food, and so on.

Understanding the situation McDonald’s, instead of dine-in, diverted its media spend on McDelivery and Drive-Through.

Audible, an audiobook service by Amazon is offering free streaming of stories to entertain, teach, and engage children while schools remain shut.

Automation is the future. For example, self-checkouts at a busy store helps people get in and out of the store as quickly as possible and allows the employees that normally check people out with providing customer service in other areas of the store while keeping prices low.

Customers’ expectations are to contactless shopping/service and considering this we will see brands will be coming with lots of innovative ideas to meet these expectations.

Example – L’Oréal Group and Amazon are teaming up on a new integration to bring Modiface, the L’Oréal-owned augmented reality app, to the online marketplace.

With this new AI-powered virtual experience, Amazon customers can now try on thousands of lipstick products, save photos on their devices to share with friends and ultimately purchase with greater confidence

COVID-19 LOreal

Digital transformation is the future, perhaps now more than ever before.

The power of automated technology will transform the in-store shopping experience. Brands have started their trials to prepare future in-store experience for customers.

The use of robots with AI and emotional intelligence is going to be the future.

Example – Walmart has one of the largest fleets of in-store robots with a group expected to be in 1,000 stores by the end of 2020. Each robot has 15 cameras and scans the shelves for items that are out of stock or priced incorrectly.

Those alerts are sent in real-time to human employees, who can then prioritize getting those items on the shelves more quickly.

An interactive wall lets customers have fun with AI — it demonstrates how an AI system can estimate body positioning. But really, it’s meant to make all this new technology seem less intimidating.

3. Focus on CSR and Value-Driven Brands:

There is a need for companies to deliver customer experiences with greater EMPATHY.

People believe in the brands that leave a positive impact on society especially such as in current times. Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility in a crisis is the best way to leave lasting memories in the customers’ minds.

The way brands deal with their customers, their employees, and the broader community in times of crisis is likely to show the ‘purpose’ behind your brand and creates a positive brand image in the long term.

It’s time to create Brand equity. Customers are watching the actions of their brands very closely and the brands who are coming out stronger and helping the community will be Unicorn of the future,

According to the eMarketer’s report, “Globally, people are most in favor of brands responding to the outbreak by providing flexible payment terms (83%), offering free services (81%), closing non-essential stores (79%) and helping to produce essential supplies (67%).

All of these scores significantly more than the 37% who think they should carry on advertising as normal.”

Toms Shoes – Thanks to the company’s One for One® business model, someone in need is helped every time a TOMS’ product is purchased. The company donates a pair of shoes for every pair they sell.

4. A massive shift to mobile usage:

As everyone has intuited, the ‘staying home’ time has surged the smartphone usage aggressively– especially among the younger generation.

According to the data collected between March 16 to 20 of the 13 countries, the Global Web Index report states, “70% globally say they are spending more time on their smartphones, climbing above 80% for Gen Z.”

The overall trend is prominent despite the differences based on age, gender, and location.

Analyzing this massive shift of the users to smartphones, many brands have come up with tips to make a smartphone customer experience as smooth as possible.

  • To achieve the growing number of CTAs (Call to Action), the button has been placed within the thumb zone of the mobile.
  • Scrupulously considered the use of stick-to-scroll for elements, like the ‘pay now’, search bar, ‘add to basket’, CTAs, etc.
  • Lightened the bulky headers.
  • Entirely removed the non-essential content out from the prime real estate zones.

Usage of Mobile Apps has increased over the past few years, however, due to current demand, there are a high surge and demand for getting things on fingers. As business is choosing to be available at ease to customers now there is an App for everything. From buying groceries, banking, healthcare to learning every essential-have moved to mobile App.

Organizations need to aggressively reposition their existing offerings and messaging, and create future-ready operating norms.

A caution during this change to accept the fact “Times have changed, but the purpose of the customer is not.

Brands are here to help customers and clients solve their problems, regardless of the situation. Brands have to use this reality as a guidepost in everything they do.”

5. Focus on Social Media to Build Engagement:

Even if your company was not much active on social media before this crisis, now is the high time to focus on social media to build engagement with your customers.

It is an excellent tool to bring your brand on the top while delivering value to customers in the most innovative ways.

Social Media has become a very popular and easy way to share ideas, concerns, praise a brand service, and many more things.

Day’s of calling to 1-800 have gone and now customers want them heard at the moment and expect results in no-time.

As Social Media provides power to raise customers’ voices, this is really important that Brands see this as a real opportunity to connect with their customers.

Brands have given key attention to Social Media.

For Example – Adobe has a dedicated Twitter account, AdobeCare, which is the Official Customer Support account for Adobe.

They use this medium to connect with their customers to share important product updates as well. This is an example of how brands are using Omni-channels to listen to their customers.

The epitome of convenience provided by Domino’s, where ordering pizza through Twitter will be a five-second process.

6. Change Your Subscription Model:

COVID-19 has changed the behavior of the customer drastically. Now customers would love to try and see the value before paying.  Many brands have taken this as a great opportunity to onboard a new set of customers after seeing the value of your services.

Fitbit, a popular fitness app has offered an extended free trial of its premium model for all its users.

As people are going to stay home and have long hours at hand, this freemium service will help them in their fitness regime and will elevate an entirely new potential subset of users to seeing the true value of their app.

Brands are here to serve and not to sell.

Harvard Business Review has made its coronavirus related content free; Amar Chitra Katha is offering the digital version of its comics free and so on.

Online businesses have a unique opportunity to serve people locked in their homes and highlight their sense of social responsibility. And indeed, they will have the opportunity to convert the millions whom they serve in these trying times into their long-term customers.

7. Distributed Customer centers with teams working from home:

Brands like Alaska Airlines have distributed their customer centers amongst their teams that are working from home.

As this virus continues to spread in the world, distributed customer centers enable flexibility and support towards the customers and also allow them to take longer breaks when the volume is low.

Work from home can make for a better work/life balance by allowing people to live further from their workplaces, and it can come in handy during periods of extreme weather when staff can stay safe at home.

While this is a test period for brands and employees, this will certainly become a new normal to operate.

Mondelez’ CEO said that the coronavirus crisis has shown “we can work in different ways,” and as a result, the company does not need all its global offices.

Nationwide, which has gone to 98% work from home during Covid-19, announced a permanent transition to a hybrid model, with working-from-office in four main corporate campuses and working-from-home in most other locations.

Barclays CEO Jes Staley said crowded corporate offices with thousands of employees “may be a thing of the past.”

Homes are becoming a new office and a new world for employees. considering employee’s health and mental wellness is the topmost priority of the brands.

Customers and employees will start to settle into patterns of behavior that will stick beyond the crisis.

8. Innovative ways to engage with customers:

Many brands have achieved greater customer engagement by exploiting messaging apps.

They have embedded messaging buttons like Messenger or Apple Business Chats on their websites enabling the user to continue the conversation beyond the website.

Use of omnichannel to listen and engage customers.

The use of technologies like Zoom, Google Meet, GoToWebinar is very effective to keep in touch with customers. Video calls are coming very easily to keep the emotional touch with the customers.

In the current pandemic situation as customers have a lot of uncertainty in their minds, connecting them virtually and keeping the emotional touch will be a key part of building brand equity.

9. Process Automation:

This unprecedented situation has compelled the brands to find innovative solutions to support the growth in volume, and customer care and sales workforce that will stay with us long after COVID-19 is gone.

This global crisis has pushed companies to innovate like never before.

Leaders who may have been slow to adopt automation technologies—such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML)—have begun leveraging them as a way to cut costs during economic turmoil, provider faster service to customers, and revamp their operations for distributed work.

Hospitals quickly implement new technology to better support their personnel, and banks processing small business loans in record time.

Industries response on COVID outbreak

Many banking, housing, and automotive companies have offered deferment in loan EMIs, advanced credits, and interest dues to help its customers to overcome financial difficulties during this pandemic.

Indian Banks, PNB and SBI, have deferred the installments and interest/EMIs on term loans while Bank of Baroda has offered a moratorium of 3 months on payment of all installments.

Hyundai has rehabilitated it’s Assurance Job Loss Protection program for its customers who have either purchased or leased a vehicle starting March 14.

According to their program, the company will make up to six car payments for the customer and 90 days of payment has been deferred.

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Audi, and Volkswagen are creating visibility and awareness in these dark times of coronavirus by tweaking their logos and taglines to spread the message of the necessity of social distancing.

Mark Read, CEO, WPP Group, the world’s biggest advertising company, said that agencies’ work matters more than ever now.

“This is a time for companies to demonstrate how they are working beyond profits to stay close to their customers and fulfill their societal roles in a wider community.

The wrong communications and the wrong actions will be remembered by consumers, just as the right communications and the right actions will be remembered – and rewarded.”

Freshly: The meal delivery service has partnered with Nestlé to donate $500,000 to Meals on Wheels America. Have chef-created, healthy meals delivered right to your door?

Hydrant: The hydration-focused company is donating 6,000 rapid rehydration packs to doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators, as well as offering free products to healthcare workers who DM them on Instagram. Hydrants drink packs infuse electrolytes into your beverages without all the added sugar that comes with sports drinks.

Adidas: The athletic company has donated $3.2 million to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and is producing 18,000 3D-printed face shields a week for first responders and healthcare professionals in the U.S.

Disney: The much-loved brand is donating one million cloth face masks to children and families in underserved and vulnerable communities across the U.S. Shop sweet athleisure, Mickey-themed kitchen supplies, and fun Disney trinkets.

Apple: The tech giant has sourced and gathered 20 million masks, donating at least 10 million of them to healthcare workers in the U.S. They’re also designing medical face masks.

Key Learnings

Let’s take quick note on key learning from the industry leaders as to how they are seeing the shift is happening and how they are approaching a new normal.

Focus to serve

  • Listen and reach out to your customers to serve, not marketing, and sell.
  • Your employee is the gold mines, take care of their health and mental wellness
  • Push daily dose of ‘Positivity’ to your customers and employees
  • Keep the communication and share what is Factual Truth

Focus to Ease, Effort, and Emotion

  • Meet your customers where they are. Use technologies to increase your reach. Example: Social Media, Zoom, Google Hangout, WhatsApp and many more communication channels used by customers.
  • Deliver your services at their doorstep
  • Services with self-assisted portals (Use of AI)
  • Re-think your customer support mechanism
  • Contactless operations
  • Connect and focus on emotional touch on your product values

Be truthful to New Normal

  • Loss of economy is true and so the budget of customers
  • Use of technology to save money and increase customer satisfaction
  • Listen to customer sentiments on Social Media
  • Create Success model that works and repeat
  • Invest more in consumer research to maximize test and learn
  • Be Agile in your approach to solve customer problems.

Things that will stay with us post COVID

  • Hybrid models to support your customer needs
  • Heavy media consumption
  • Work from Home
  • Contactless Services
  • Usage of Video Calls
  • Health First strategy
  • Consumption of Natural products


As the customer experience has been redefined in the overwhelming challenge of COVID-19, no one can predict what’s next in the global pandemic and when it will end. It has become imperative for the brands to understand, anticipate, and go above and beyond to fulfill customer needs.

While leveraging the right technology to stay ahead of the challenge. It’s the right time to build brand loyalty by delivering brand promises. Your support these days to customers will make them yours for life.

Marketing leaders who will build stronger relationships with their customers will endure well beyond the crisis’s passing.

Feel free to reach out for any support needed in designing your customer experience strategy.

Basics of NPS & It’s Impacts on Baseline Performance?

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)? In 2003, a loyalty consultant Fred Reichheld proposed a simple method to measure customer loyalty, called the Net Promoter

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

In 2003, a loyalty consultant Fred Reichheld proposed a simple method to measure customer loyalty, called the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) system.

NPS is based on the question “On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend [company name /product/service] to a friend or colleague?”

This question is answered on an 11-point rating scale, ranging from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Calculation

The NPS score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from Promoters.

The success of NPS lies in the fact that your current customers stay with your brand while helping you get more business year on year.

Recent research has confirmed that “60% of new customer leads are referred by fans of the brands”.

The fans of the brands are your brand promoters who use your products/services and also promote them in society and amongst friends, just out of love and trust they have in your brand.

You get free business without getting to spend any extra $’s on marketing budget.

As your business grows, the cost of acquiring new customers goes up due to an increase in competition, marketing experiments, and other external factors.

It is then the customer lifetime value (CLTV) becomes a critical metric for your business. A high NPS fueled with a good laid out customer experience (CX) program adds to both LTV and sustenance and gives enormous results.

How do you get loyal customers?

A single answer to this would be great customer experience (CX).

In recent years, research by Forrester and Gartner has found at least 70% of business leaders believe CX will help their companies differentiate in a world where products and services are increasingly commoditized.

Hence, competing only on the price factor is not a long term viable strategy for brands anymore.

This is the reason why NPS is such a critical metric for your business. The question itself creates an emotional bond between you and your customer.

The answer offers you a peek into the likes, dislikes, and expectations of the customer with regard to your brand.

Improvement in NPS contributes directly to the net increase in revenue of a brand and drives front-line accountability to deliver customer excellence.

Employees at all levels take customer satisfaction more seriously when they are motivated by brand success.

A promoter would mean:

  • Repeat business
  • Long term association with your brand
  • Free Word-of-Mouth Marketing: More new business
  • Forgive small Issues (Act as a Family Member)
  • Provide feedback for improvement (Act as a consultant)

Hence, a good NPS program can make customers turn into brand ambassadors.

Businesses can take the following approaches for NPS


Relationship NPS:

surveys are typically conducted once bi-annually or annually to get an overall assessment of how customers perceive the organization and its products, services, and support delivered.

Some organizations survey customers more often than required. One should be careful to not overload customers with unnecessary survey requests.

Keep in mind if your customers are utilizing multiple products/services of your brand, they should not be overloaded with individual surveys for each.

This is a very common mistake found in relationship surveys.

Relationship surveys are recommended to have a maximum of 10 to 15 questions which can be answered in 10 minutes or less.

For high net worth customers, it’s possible to get good results from longer surveys, especially if you make it clear that customer feedback will be taken seriously.

Transactional NPS surveys:

There are no set rules for Transactional NPS surveys. It depends on the type of industry and frequency/value of transactions happening on a regular basis.

These surveys are typically conducted at least once a month for quick and actionable feedback.

Brands should be mindful of not sending Relationship and Transactional surveys at the same time to the customers.

The frequency of surveys should be defined and managed efficiently.

Transactional surveys are recommended to 5 to 10 questions maximum which can be answered in 10 minutes or less.

For the best results, you should keep the content of the survey personalized.

It is also recommended to always keep an open question to get feedback to capture additional sentiment and feedback from the customer.

Net Promoter Score (NPS):

Generally speaking, a positive NPS or NPS above 0 is considered “good”. Anything above 30 is considered as a great NPS.

On the other hand, if your NPS score is below 0, then that is a clear indication that your company needs to start improving customer satisfaction levels.

But of course: what is considered a ‘good’ NPS score‘ also depends on your industry.

Let’s look at some of the Net Promoter Score benchmarks:

Net Promoter Score Benchmarks 2020

How to get the best out of an NPS Survey?

Below is a quick checklist item to keep in mind to get the most value out of an NPS survey

1. Act on feedback and close the loop:

Once the response has been captured, make sure we have proper communication with the customer. We should empathize with the issues faced by customers and do all in the capacity to resolve the issue.

Always Remember: Communicate, Empathise, and Resolve

2. Set the baseline to measure the performance:

Make sure to set a baseline to keep track on a daily and weekly basis and then increase to track performance monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

This acts as a pulse tracker of customers to see what is happening at the moment of the truth. Baseline metrics can be done through benchmarking exercise.

Once you have the latest industry benchmark, you can use that as a benchmark to achieve as a baseline.

The ultimate guide to net promoter score

3. Top to Bottom alignment on the metric:

Everyone in the organization should support the actions out of NPS results/analysis. This should be done from top to bottom.

Many Net Promoter Score programs fail due to internal conflicts and not getting support to complete the actions that came out as a result of the NPS program.

4. Regular Insight and Action Tracking:

Net Promoter Score program needs to be tracked and worked upon on an immediate basis. A brand should keep a Service-level Agreement (SLA) to respond back to any detractors.

This is very important to listen to your customer, however, if you listen and don’t respond this can have a negative impact on the brand value.

Net Promoter Score can inform your user onboarding and product development, and help you reduce your churn and increase customer retention.

5. No Gamification of data:

Since NPS is related to the performance metrics, it is often seen that feedback invitations are crafted in a way that pushes customers to give a higher rating to the NPS question.

This happens especially in the case of relationship surveys because the results are related to employee bonuses and appraisals. This is a place where the maximum twist happens in data collection.

This becomes a common problem because organizations push too much on attaining a specific number in comparison to delivering an enhanced experience to the customer.

Example: Recently I placed an order with Swiggy and on the arrival of the food, the delivery boy asked me to give him a good rating in return.

In such cases, we get emotional and end up giving a higher score, maybe even a 5-star. While in reality,

this is not a true picture of the experience one had with the food delivery.

An organization that focuses more on Customer Experience as compared to just increasing a number, should avoid such practice in his/her organization.

6. Relate NPS with CLV for the best course of action:

For quick results, you should connect the NPS survey responses to your high worth customers for key focus.

While collecting feedback we need to keep a close eye on the responses coming from high worth customers and those cases should be monitored on priority.

7. Choose Touchpoints and Mode of Distribution wisely:

Be wise in selecting the best distribution model for your transactional and relationship surveys.

Initial data collection methodologies have evolved to a great extent from pen-paper, telephone, email to In-App, Social Media, Website Intercepts, SMS, and WhatsApp surveys.

The main key driver factor is the customer journey and their touchpoints with brands are changing.

Earlier, offline surveys were the most preferred mode of surveys, but now businesses can’t even think of doing it. Online/Digital and Mobile is what is driving the market today.

I would recommend choosing the best mode of distribution to reach your customers, especially at the touchpoints where customers and brands meet.

Example: If a customer is shopping through your app, asking for feedback via In-app survey is the best way to go. This works best for collecting feedback through transactional surveys.

For relationship surveys, it has been observed that a more formal way of collecting feedback is much appreciated by customers.

Surveys via email and SMS work very well. Some Industry specifically banking for their key clients recommend doing it personally over the phone, live video chat, or face to face.

If you are defining your customer experience journey and setting up the NPS program and need expert guidance, feel free to contact us.

Design Surveys for Success

Surveys are a great tool to capture meaningful information to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers. Using the approach of Outside In: The Power

Surveys are a great tool to capture meaningful information to understand the likes and dislikes of your customers.

Using the approach of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business helps designing surveys for success.

Keeping the balance in needs of research and customers’ ease to answer surveys is the key mantra.

If you’ve ever created a survey, you know it’s not as simple as it seems at first glance. Creating a well-rounded survey takes more than just picking a tool, typing a few questions, and hitting send.

Let’s take a quick peek into what are the key elements to make surveys for success.

The design element of Successful Surveys:

Objective/Goal of the Survey

Have a clear end goal in mind before you proceed to Design your survey. You get the right answers only when you ask the right questions. Understand what you want to analyze and do reverse planning to reach your goal.

Define Target Audience

It is critical to understand how is your target audience for this survey. The number of questions, question language, and tone would vary according to the target audience.

If someone is using your product, you can use the language which is specific to your product ( like a module, feature name, etc) but if your target audience has never used your product, the product-specific language may confuse them.

Identify Distribution Methods

Distribution Methods are important to get more responses. Identify what works best for your target audience and choose the preferred mode of distribution.

Doing this provides varied opportunities to increase the reach of your questionnaire to the respondents. Understanding when and how to survey your audience directly affects the efficacy of your survey.

For example, if we are conducting an Employee Feedback Survey, keeping it anonymous would get you more responses. Also, geographical distribution matters.

Offline mode is more preferred when the target audience lies in digitally disconnected areas, whereas, use of digital modes (SMS, Email, Social Media, Whatsapp, website intercepts) is more effective in tier-1 and 2 cities.

Personalized Survey

Who doesn’t like a personalized experience? Craft your surveys in a user-specific way. Use first names, company names, or even their services as a reference in survey questions or messages. It helps the respondent feel like he/she is known.

Do not ask for the information which you already have. For example- If you already have the basic details of the respondent from the Onboarding Survey, then asking the same details again in Service Feedback Surveys or other surveys will definitely irritate your customer.

Less of PII Questions

PII (Personally identifiable information) questions should not be asked unless you need them for your research e.g. Ask only required demographics – or just age group range instead of the actual date of birth, name of the city instead of a postal address.

Taking consent for using their information before you take it is really important and mandate as per GDPR compliance.

Less Open-ended Questions

Open text questions are an important source to get the true sentiment of customers. Its important we only ask relevant and important open-ended questions. We should ensure not repeating the same questions as it can reduce the response rate of the survey.

Such questions should be kept optional as the best practice. In some cases where an open-ended question is truly a desire for your research, you can keep them mandatory but ensuring that a single survey should not have more than 1 or 2 open-end questions.

An example of expected information can be added in question description to increase the response rate of open questions.


Non-biased Question text

Use your question text to avoid biases. Example: How superior was today’s training session?
This immediately brings a positive stimulus to the question.

Balanced Answer Choices

Use positive and negative both choice options. Example: How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with today’s transaction at Walmart?


Avoid Double-barrel questions

Such questions have 2 distinct parts included in the same question and create confusion in the respondent’s mind as to how to answer such questions. Example: Are the product features interesting and useful?

Such questions should be broken down and asked separately against each attribute.

A clear flow of Question (User experience should be logical) – Questions flow should be kept in a logical order. This keeps the respondent engagement in the survey and increases the response rate. Be mindful and do not ask leading questions to annoy the respondent.

Multilingual Surveys

The survey in the native language of the customer – Keeping a survey in the local language of the customer helps them to understand the context of the question better.

This helps to achieve a better quality of response and an increased response rate. This is of more importance in case your sample respondent is not fluent in your language.

Mind the length of the survey (if not incentivized)

With researches, a common estimation of the attention span of healthy teenagers and adults ranges from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Keep the length short to increase the quality of responses.

Average customer satisfaction surveys should not have more than 5 questions. Relationship surveys sent over a period can contain from 12 to 20 questions.

Spell/Grammar check on survey questions/responses

Do not forget to compile and check for grammar and spelling in your questionnaire. Such small mistakes can leave a bad impression of the brand.

Once you’ve written a well-rounded and effective survey with well-selected questions, you will be well on your way towards getting a high response rate and actionable results.

If you have more questions, we will be happy to help! Contact us for more information about writing a great survey for your customers that gets a good response rate.

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