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Startwithclick is a blog for blogger. Startwithclick loves to work with small and medium size company to grow then in the internet world. Startwithclick doesn’t follow the rule of posting the article every day. Startwithclick is all about SEO, content marketing, infographics, blogging, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, How to earn online, etc.
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What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization?

The egg or the chicken? If you have traffic, but your blog hasn’t monetized, it is clear that the revenue will be zero. If you have the monetized blog but… The post What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization? appeared first on...

The egg or the chicken?

If you have traffic, but your blog hasn’t monetized, it is clear that the revenue will be zero.

If you have the monetized blog but you do not have traffic, history repeats itself, income does not exist. But if you create your blog in WordPress from scratch, where do you put your efforts?

In traffic or monetization?

The answer is quite simple, in both.

Traffic and monetization is your salt and pepper, you can not understand one without the other.

It is a wheel that begins, and when it comes to an end, it must start over.

  • Posting content on your blog and sharing it on social networks.
  • You attract traffic to your blog, and this is where you must convert it into revenue.
  • To be able to start again and continue publishing content.

Ask yourself the following question, if you post content on the blog, social networks, SEO and the months will pass, and you will not get any income, how much time could you follow before leaving?

Well, if you only guide yourself by vain metrics like the number of fans and this is growing at a good pace, maybe you will endure a season.

But if your goal is to monetize your blog and increase your income progressively, or want to start seeing results within 12 months maybe you need to keep your temper on the floor.

How To Earn More Through Google Adsense

The income you get will be responsible for motivating you to continue and continue publishing content or ultimately, you can use that income to outsource help, pay for advertising that attracts traffic.

That’s why I always insist to my loyal reader’s: from leisure to business that is not advisable to take action until you have finished the program and have a global vision.

Each module is built in the previous one and gives meaning to the whole process.

36 Free Seo Tools To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

If you fail in the “Content Marketing Technique” and start generating posts, then you will lose the “Monetization” and all the possible future options. According to your choice, the content you create should be national or international.

So if you publish an article for a few months and still do not have a defined monetization way and a strategy that supports it, it will dry you up.

I know what you are thinking, but when there is something that is not going well, there is no point in continuing on a wheel that does not lead anywhere. That’s why losing now can make you win when you lose.


  • Contrary to what you may think, it is not publishing daily. You should not forget that time passes and every day new readers arrive at your blog, and these most likely do not know all your content, so I suggest you update your old posts and republish them. This is a technique that I use and believe me that the posts work even better than the day I published them.
  • Create a content plan for the next six months view. Last September I organized a free challenge, and for five days, we efficiently prepared your publication calendar for the next 12 months. It was seen and not seen.
  • Make sure that the posts are optimized for SEO and that they are aligned with your strategy. As with salt and pepper, SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, so never put your positioning on Google ahead of you. The creation of good content.
  • Choose two social networks maximum and focus your efforts on it, do not want to be everywhere because then, you will not be anywhere. If in the future you want to add more to your strategy, there is no problem, but conquest by parts.
  • Use tools that help you share the content quickly. After using numerous tools and none of them just convinced me 100% since there was always something I needed and did not have, and that caused me more work, I must confess that for a few months I am using a new tool and I am pleased.
    Soon I will upload a tutorial for my readers: from leisure to business, so, for now, I keep the secret.
  • Publish consistently. This is a golden rule, if you publish now, next week will not, and the other will see you reduce your chances of moving forward. Think that we act like this at work, depending on our involvement we will charge more or less, right? Without counting that we play the position. You must be committed to your why and your goal, and persevere.

6 Way How Content Marketing Aids Your Business to Grow?


Which option of monetization you choose is precise that is aligned with your strengths and with the theme of your blog, that is why I always advise my readers through the exercise of “monetization ways.”

Monetization options There are many, already in the post of the five most profitable niches to make money with a blog and I gave you enough ideas so I better not repeat myself.

Now it’s your turn and does not forget, the way to put traffic and monetization to work simultaneously is through a plan, do you have it ready?

The post What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization? appeared first on Startwithclick.

Top 3 WordPress Mailing List Plugins to Look Forward

If you wish to start a blog at a faster pace and ensure it is an outright success with the target audience, focus on having a bigger email list. You… The post Top 3 WordPress Mailing List Plugins to Look Forward appeared first on...

If you wish to start a blog at a faster pace and ensure it is an outright success with the target audience, focus on having a bigger email list. You must also stay connected with it. The email list is beneficial in helping new additions, restore the older ones and ensure profits.
Having a gripping email list demands some potent devices. If you are a WordPress user, there are some excellent plugins to make your job simpler and more rewarding!

Here is a List of 3 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins for Your Blog:

1. Bloom
One of the latest plugins of the Elegant Themes team, this all-new release has been aimed at disrupting the email-opt in form plugin space similar to the disrupted social sharing plugin space using Monarch. Growing email subscribers list is very important. As a website owner or blogger, this is what you would want to focus on.

WordPress users are lucky to have access to a variety of plugins that can help them with this task. Bloom empowers you the capacity to display email Signup/opt-in forms on your blog/website. So once visitors enter their contact details into the form, they’re added to your marketing or email newsletter service. After that, you can email these visitors as needed.
It is of high value to have access to a list of email subscribers. It acts as an efficient source to encourage first-time visitors to your website again. The best part is that you don’t have to push hard.
The email list helps you to develop healthier, deeper connections with your target audience via offer them useful content, and bringing them back to the website. You may even use it for promoting your products and services.
The features of Bloom will not disappoint you. Available on a single pricing plan, users can easily access all of its features without interruption. The form types range from standard forms that get displayed after each post to popup forms eye-catching and the animated fly-in. A locked-content form is also available. You can use this to hide your content until the visitor enters their email address and join your list. This helps in encouraging visitors to opt-in for an email subscription in return for some offer or a gift.
Bloom can create an attractive popup, display, and slide-in forms. You get access to many premium-quality rebuilt form designs. Another great feature is the review form templates which can either be used as is or get customized via using design options. You can customize all aspects of the form such as message, title, fonts, image, borders, and animation effects. It also allows you to include own custom CSS!

In case, you wish to get something unique and don’t want to devote time, get professional help. Jitesh Manaktala is a freelance WordPress developer with years of experience in making the best use of plugins to ensure excellent results.
Other features include support for multiple email marketing service integration, statistics page to view performance, a view of the highest converting pages on the website, number of signups on a daily basis, a custom-built control panel for developing website forms, and much more.
The plugin is only available as a download. You need to join the Elegant Themes membership club at $89.

2. Ninja Popups
This is a brilliant WordPress mailing list builder plugin. Ninja popups are accessible from Envato Market. It incorporates over 50 popup subjects and a simplified developer to help you create incredible structures. In case, you are looking for something more than popups, only expand the module via purchasing additional items for sidebar gadgets and warning bars.
Ninja Popups allows you to take control over the overlay shade and allocate a picture. Hence, you can quickly determine the blend that best features your preference in shape. The plugin allows you control over your treats with two choices. Ninja Popups promises multiple options such as 19 outsider suppliers apart from the CSV, HTML, and email. The plugin is priced at $25.
3. OptinMonster
Deemed as one of the premium WordPress mailing list plugins for WordPress, it promises a vast scope of layouts and styles. It offers all that you would require starting building an email list for your website. This indicates all your pick in assemblies will be supervised from a focal area, ensuring you a fantastic outline. With this plugin, you can quickly adjust shapes, send fresh ones, initiate split tests and monitor your advance.
OptinMonster can be used on any HTML based site. Some of the best features it comes integrated with include drag and drop manufacturer, page-level focusing, and much more. The plugin is priced at $9 to $39 per month.

The post Top 3 WordPress Mailing List Plugins to Look Forward appeared first on Startwithclick.

Best Productivity Hacks for new Entrepreneurs

So, you’re all up there and want to achieve something new. Being productive has its benefits & its cons. As a father, mother, employee, or even a student you need… The post Best Productivity Hacks for new Entrepreneurs appeared first on...

So, you’re all up there and want to achieve something new. Being productive has its benefits & its cons. As a father, mother, employee, or even a student you need a task management system that will keep you in place.

For this, you need to follow some tips to function properly & make the best of your time & energy.

Here are some tips that can help you get the most of your resources.

Best Productivity Hacks

Best Productivity Hacks

  • Write things down

First & foremost you need to start writing things down. You can start with morning pages. Morning pages are one way to take the extra things out of your mind.

Right after you wake up you need to start writing whatever is comes to your mind.

When you write things down there is a greater chance that you will get it done. Writing things down means you’re serious about the task.

By writing things down you can also plan things ahead. You need to make sure that all the necessary things are jot down on the paper. Just after you have written things, you need to go for the big things. If you can start with few things that are written down, you will be able to do the big things in no time.

  • Visualize the result

What is the one thing that most successful athletes have in common?

Yes, they have the final picture in their mind. They work on the result & visualize their success.

The more you practice in your mind, the better you will get in real life.

The mind cannot differentiate between the actual thing and something that is visual in your mind. Whatever you think, your sub conscious considers it important and take the necessary steps to achieve that thing.

The best way to get more done is to start every task by mentally rehearsing the result in your mind. If you’re able to get it done in your mind first, you will be able to achieve that in actual form.

  • Kill the elephant first

The best way to do things fast is to do the most difficult thing first. Do the thing you fear and the fear will disappear. Whenever faced with so many tasks, do the things that are most difficult first.

When you take care of the most difficult thing first, you can do the rest of the task easily. To go for the best task management system, you need to do things in a way that achieve more.

Start with the hard things first and you will be able to do the easier things fast.

You don’t need to worry about finishing the hard task, for now, just start it and see how it goes.

  • Delegate fast

No one is fast in this imperfect world. You cannot do all things at once. You need to do things one at a time. You also cannot do all the things yourself.

Do the things that you are best at, but even with those tasks make sure you take only that much which you can handle.

Taking extra will only decrease your efficiency. Plan things that only you can do, and delegate the rest of the things.

It is not bad to admit that you alone cannot do all the things yourself. You can complete things to an extent and after that, you need to delegate those things.

To wrap it all up

To conclude it all, you need to make sure to do the right things. There is a difference between being productive and being busy. You need to figure that out and make the most of it early in your life.


The post Best Productivity Hacks for new Entrepreneurs appeared first on Startwithclick.

How To Get Traffic From YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and giving massive traffic to the website of YouTube video makers. This is the most advanced platform to get enormous income… The post How To Get Traffic From YouTube Videos? appeared first on...

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and giving massive traffic to the website of YouTube video makers. This is the most advanced platform to get enormous income also by showing the videos also. If you crave to understand the real secret methods for getting massive traffic from YouTube videos then just follow the recommendations below.

YouTube Videos Traffic Secrets –

  1. After creating and uploading the YouTube videos, you just need to embed it on many blogs. You can start with your blog, and if you don’t have the blog, then you can follow any WP tips to create and start it efficiently. Still, if you don’t want to bear the expense of blog, then you can create free blogs like Blogger,,, and embed your videos into them. This will undoubtedly improve the ranking of your YouTube videos and will give the right amount of traffic.
  2. Just like any other blogging blog, your videos also need to be shared on different social media websites like LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, with many social bookmarking sites. In this way, your video will be able to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN also. You can also build High Authority Backlink on this site to get rank.
  3. Just creation of videos is not the end of your work; you need to hire some professional to create it in a right manner and give it a professional look and feel so the viewer can get more attention to your YouTube videos.
  4. There must be good audio in the background with less sound so it can create an impressive environment when your viewer is watching it.
  5. Don’t forget to optimize it like on page SEO and use Keyword in Title, Description, and Tag of the video also. If you don’t know how to optimize it properly then there and many digital marketing training institutes which teach you the right way of video optimization.
  6. Friends, it is very commonly understood that if your video ranks in YouTube and Google for targeted keywords then it will get traffic otherwise not. So remember to get more comments, likes and long views on your videos because it is the most prominent ranking factors for YT videos so try to get more engagement by the visitor of your content, or you can follow some tutorial for the ranking purpose.
  7. There are many video submission portals which are working very efficiently for getting thousands of views on your video, so you need to search them on Google and start submitting your content URL in those websites.
  8. If you need traffic to your site or landing page from your videos then don’t forget to add the logo of business or website into the video, then people will understand how your business is the right choice for them to take product or services by you.
  9. You should be clear your camera is digital, and you are making your video in HD quality because it increases your chance to appear more in front of visitors.
  10. For getting more engagement on your content, you should ask for the feedback from the viewers, in this way you will be able to get more comments and engagement also.

We hope all these methods are constructive for getting massive targeted referral traffic from the YouTube videos. Thanks.

The post How To Get Traffic From YouTube Videos? appeared first on Startwithclick.

10 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular

One of the most frequent issues asked by bloggers is ‘what kind of topics will get me the most traffic?’ If you are an upcoming blogger who is trying to… The post 10 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular appeared first on...

One of the most frequent issues asked by bloggers is ‘what kind of topics will get me the most traffic?

If you are an upcoming blogger who is trying to find a way for better audience engagement, then keep reading this post where we are going to discuss some of the most appealing blogging ideas which are bound to be successful.

Blogging ideas to fascinate your readers

  1. How to guides

How to guides are one of those blogging niches from where you can get a lot of traffic. ‘How to..’ is one of the most commonly searched phrases on the internet and a ‘how to guide’ on miscellaneous topics surely has the potential of becoming a success.

If you are good at providing instructions and making things simple then starting a ‘How to …’ blog is going to add value to your community.

  1. Health and fitness

Starting a health and fitness blog can be a great success if you know how to do it the right way.

Apparently, having a bit of hands-on experience will establish your credibility more firmly.

So write about healthy diets, fitness regimen, foods to avoid, nutritional supplements, etc. and watch your traffic grow steadily.

  1. Recipes

The health conscious people of our time are spending more time in the kitchen rather than going to one of the restaurants.

If you have a skill for cooking, then start a recipe blog. Make sure to incorporate all the trending diet fads in your recipe.

  1. Travel blogs

Travelling around the globe is an in thing these days. Think about all the travel pictures you get to see on your Facebook or Instagram feed on a regular basis.

If you are a travel enthusiast, start sharing your experiences and create an interesting travel story which is going to encourage the readers to visit that place.

  1. Listicles

A listicle is an article which comes with a list of items.

‘Top 10 ways to style your long hair’ or ‘Top 10 casinos in the world’ can be good examples of a listicle.

One of the best parts about Listicles is that they tend to get a lot of shares if the content is compelling.

Listicles are brief, fun to read and extremely trendy. Make sure to include a lot of images to make your listicles more appealing.

  1. Fashion and beauty

Starting a fashion blog can not only gain you loads of traffic but even give you access to the coolest events in town. However, creating a successful fashion blog isn’t as easy as it seems.

Good content isn’t enough to create a successful beauty blog since fashion is greatly dependant on your personality and your ability to cover the latest fads.

  1. Personal stories

Writing about your own experiences, struggles, stories, anecdotes, etc. is going to add value to any blog. Craft your articles in a way which would allow your readers to relate to your business more intimately.

  1. Product reviews

Product reviews are one of those blogging ideas which are guaranteed to be popular provided you choose your products wisely and engagingly craft your articles.

This would also give you a chance to monetize your blog by becoming an Amazon affiliate.

  1. Money making ideas

Secrets to money making have been and will always be one of the hottest blogging topics. Your blog is guaranteed to get a lot of visitors since everyone is looking forward to easy shortcuts to earn money.

Talk about the easy and efficient money making ideas which would prompt your audience to take immediate action.

  1. DIY blogs

Moreover, people are now ditching the mall and switching to a Do-it-Yourself approach.

A DIY blog on home designing, landscaping, gardening, handicrafts, etc. can fetch you a lot of organic traffic.

Get your blog content written by the best writers from ContentMart

No matter what kind of blog you want to create, an essential ingredient of a blog still consists of quality content. If you are attending to making your blog successful, then ensure that you get your content written by an expert writer from ContentMart.

ContentMart is a platform for freelance writers where they get to connect with clients looking for writing services.

If you want an article written, then all you need to do is visit the site, create an account and post your job.

You also need to mention your budget and deadline while posting the job. Once the freelancers bid on your project, you have to select a writer by looking at her profile.

The reviews and ratings of previous clients would help you ascertain the writer’s capability.

One of the best platforms to find freelance article writers, ContentMart is your ultimate solution when it comes to creating solid posts for your blog.

The post 10 Blogging Ideas That Are Guaranteed to Be Popular appeared first on Startwithclick.

What Kind of Blogger You’re: Scientific or Artistic?

There are two great types of blogger for me that differ mainly in how you approach SEO: Scientifically, technically: They focus their work on the technical optimization of the web… The post What Kind of Blogger You’re: Scientific or Artistic? appeared first on...

There are two great types of blogger for me that differ mainly in how you approach SEO:

  • Scientifically, technically: They focus their work on the technical optimization of the web and the inputs and the subsequent generation of social signals and incoming links
  • Artistic, empathic way: Focus their work on the content and the impact it has on readers

Black Hat Wizards

Nannies (by age or mentality) who play tricks on Google with stupid tricks that often damage the readers’ visiting experience and can forever bust the online reputation of the business.

They are often hackers, and they do it for the sake of overcoming and because they remember that there will always be a demand to buy the last ball to lineup

But, for how long?

These types of risky tactics are a real waste of time if your goal is to build a single business that will be the centerpiece of a new life (LifeStyle Design). They do not work if yours is solid, real, transparent, honest. Yours is based on value.

You do not want visitors or traffic. You want readers, and this is not achieved using Spinning tools to generate nonsensical articles semi-automatically. Neither buying inbound or high links in directories, nor doing Article Marketing.

Read More: High Authority Website To Get Free Backlink

There are no excuses worth it. Being foolish does not release responsibility.

If you screw up your income statement, even if you have only accepted the draft that has been given to you by Treasury, you are responsible. And you will pay for your incompetence.

It happens exactly the same if you hire a third party SEO service, without knowing what you have sold. If you get Google, it will delete you from the online map. Believe me, Google can become much more ruthless and unfair than Treasury.

And here the one who will pay the broken dishes will be you, not the nephew of your best friend who has played to be smarter than Google with your business.

Read More: Blogging: 3 Easy Ways to Discover Your Passion

The Purists of Words

We speak of people with the gift of writing and communication, cultured people, people prepared. They can capture attention, connect with people’s emotions, maintain suspense, illustrate ideas and convey messages in a striking way.

But do not ignore everything that moves away from the art of rhetoric: technology, marketing, sales.

They write and write and write, not knowing what a keyword is, or a funnel of conversion, and in many cases, they do not receive the attention they deserve their entries or worse, they only manage to attract their competitors to their blog.

And more than one, out of frustration, decides to flee the network. “That does not work, it’s a hoax.”

No sir, that did not work for you because you did not want to understand the medium in which you moved and you have not made any effort to train your writing of that “something more” that asks you Google.

And your penance will be broken or continue working for free in elite magazines.

Read More: Blogging: 9 things nobody tells you regarding Blogging.

Read More: How Professional Blogging is Different from Hobby Blogging

Type of blogger’s in the cloud: Who wins?

It takes something from both worlds to succeed in the cloud. I speak from my own experience. The extremes are still the worst, as always.

And you must know that this process never ends. You will always have to improve your way of transmitting emotions or promoting actions in the life of your readers, while improving how to make your posts have the greatest possible reach.

That’s why it’s fun. You can learn something every day. If you want!

And you. Which Blogging tribe do you belong to? Are you a scientist or are you an artist?

The post What Kind of Blogger You’re: Scientific or Artistic? appeared first on Startwithclick.

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