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  • February 10, 2016 06:00:21 AM

A Little About Us

Startwithclick is a blog for blogger. Startwithclick loves to work with small and medium size company to grow then in the internet world. Startwithclick doesn’t follow the rule of posting the article every day. Startwithclick is all about SEO, content marketing, infographics, blogging, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, How to earn online, etc.

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How Startwithclick Get Alexa Ranking Under 1 Lac In Weeks

Hi, friends how are you? How your blogging going on!!! Every blogger wants to get Alexa ranking under 1 Lakh as soon as possible. Today am going to show you how Startwithclick gets under 1 lakh, within few weeks. Yeah, Startwithclick is under 1,00,000 within few weeks. What is Alexa?  Alexa ( ) is California base company. Alexa establishes in […] The post How Startwithclick Get Alexa Ranking Under 1 Lac In Weeks appeared first on Start with...

Hi, friends how are you? How your blogging going on!!! Every blogger wants to get Alexa ranking under 1 Lakh as soon as possible. Today am going to show you how Startwithclick gets under 1 lakh, within few weeks. Yeah, Startwithclick is under 1,00,000 within few weeks.

What is Alexa?

 Alexa ( ) is California base company. Alexa establishes in 1996. Amazon is a parent company & founder of Alexa. Alexa helps to get website data such as website traffic and website analytics.

Mostly all the blogger & internet marketer had installed Alexa toolbar. (You can download Alexa toolbar).

alexa tool barAlexa gets its ranking data from that to itself. In short if anyone open your blog and they have installed Alexa toolbar, Alexa will rank your blog. Check Startwithclick Alexa Rank.

Startwithclick Alexa ranking Report

Startwithclick Alexa ranking

Before sharing how you can get ranking under 1,00,000. I want to say something to you. Mostly all the blogger having in the mind to improve Alexa rank just to get the better advertiser. In short to earn money from advertising. No Doubt blogger working to earn money. But some blogger only wants to depend on Direct advertising income only.Currently, my intention is not to earn from direct advertising.

Complete SEO Checklist To Rank 1st In Google Ranking.

Can I also get Alexa ranking below 1,00,000?

Yes..!! Like me, you can also get your blog Alexa ranking under 1 lakh. In this article am going to describe complete way, how you can also get Alexa ranking under 1 lac in few weeks. You can read it all.!!

Every blogger want to boost their  rank? But how to boost is a major question.

Alexa Ranking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

There are may ways to get rank, Want to know step by step how I got my website ranking?

Basically, I start blogging on 13th October 2015. As I say above I don’t work on improving Alexa ranking for direct advertising. The main goal of Startwithclick is just to offer most resources to newbies blogger. My Alexa getting improve day by day because in my case the reason is something else.

Claim Your Blog In Alexa

Website traffic is the important part in website ranking. To get better ranking in Alexa. First of all, you should get register your blog in Alexa. Claim your Blog & do verify by inserting meta code in header file verify in Alexa dashboard same as we did google webmaster tools.

After verifying blog. Give 24 hr of time to Alexa to collect website information & traffic data. Check out your blog after 24-36 hr. It will start showing you, your blog traffic data with website traffic analytics.

How to increase traffic for Alexa ranking.

How to get alexa rank under 1 lakh in weeks

Build Quality & Relevant Niches Backlink For Your Article

Now you need to improve your website traffic by doing various SEO activities such as writing the proper title of the blog, writing complete information in the description about the article. Applying ALT Tag in the image. Alt tag help searches engine to rank images in SERP.

Getting the link from an authority site. High authority site having a great visitor traffic. Sharing your article there pull out their visitor to read your blog. Which led to the great source of traffic.

Getting authority from high directory website, No matter how slow it give the result. But the result will be best.

You can start doing content curation of your blog which shares great traffic.

Writing an article on different website drives great traffic to your site which helps in ranking authority. You can share your article on Startwithclick as a guest contributor.

Social Sharing Drive Quality Traffic In No Time

Sharing the valuable review in the blog comment on the various niche website and via many other methods.

Social sharing ping high signal to the search engine to rank article in search results. Encourage your visitor to share your article on a social sharing site such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn etc. I had used IFTTT which helps a lot to drive great traffic with sharing high authority to my site.

8 SEO Mistakes Reducing Your Alexa & Google Rank.

How To Use Alexa Widget To Rank Under 1.00.000 Fast

Installing Alexa widget is not a rocket science. There is few plugin which you can use. I had used Alexa rank widget plugin for my WordPress site. Just install plugin & you will find it in widget section. Put where you want & change website name. & it will work flawlessly.

The Quality Post For Alexa Rank

While in beginning all blogger want to post tons of article. Just want a few quantity of article. But reader & search engine need quality, not quantity. Spent sometimes for researching & writing quality content. Actually, the visitor comes back only if you have quality content.

Blogger Engagement

It’s very important to get engaged with other bloggers/webmaster who can share their review & point while doing comment on your article which will be the beneficial to both of us.

Newsletter Opt-In Help Alexa Ranking

Place 1-2 newsletter opt-in form, So that visitor can opt-in for the newsletter. Newsletter drives maximum traffic. You will find more than 50% CTR. You can use MailChimp for email marketing.


Anyways, This is some tips for getting  low down your blog Alexa ranking. If you have any more tips regarding how to rank in Alexa, kindly share with you. Share your view in the comment box. I would admire to acknowledge if you believe in Alexa traffic rank & any know any additional way to increase stats for your site.

The post How Startwithclick Get Alexa Ranking Under 1 Lac In Weeks appeared first on Start with Click.

200 Cracking Google Ranking Factors

200 Cracking Google Ranking Factors Hey all, Getting rank in google SERP is not so easy, but not so difficult!! Just Need to follow some rules and algorithm. Before moving to 200 ranking factor kindly check out A-Z of SEO. Complete List of Google Ranking Factor 2015-2016 There are many ranking factors that we need to […] The post 200 Cracking Google Ranking Factors appeared first on Start with...

200 Cracking Google Ranking Factors

Hey all, Getting rank in google SERP is not so easy, but not so difficult!! Just Need to follow some rules and algorithm. Before moving to 200 ranking factor kindly check out A-Z of SEO.

Complete List of Google Ranking Factor 2015-2016

There are many ranking factors that we need to keep it in the mind but these 200 ranking signals are quite important. This is also true that google has never disclosed that which ranking signal are important according to the algorithm. However, they’ve never published listed them all.


1. Age of the Domain:

Matt Cutts states that:

The difference between a domains that’s six months old versus one year old is really not that big at all.


2. Keyword Appears In Top Level Domain:

Using keyword in the domain is not that much effective and not give the boost that it is used to for ranking.

3. Keyword as First Word in Domain.

SEOMoz’s agree that google panellists that a domain that starts with their target keyword. Google can penalize your domain if your keywords coming in first words, in the middle or either in the end of the domain.

4. Domain Registration Length

Google patent states:

Valuable domains are often paid for several years in advance rarely are used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expire in the future can be used as a factor in preceding the legitimacy of a domain.

5. Keyword in Subdomain Name

SEOMoz’s pane also agreed that a keyword appearing in subdomain boosts rank.

6. Domain History

Whois can easily tell everything about the domain. Continues changing of the owner (year to year owner change) let Google to “reset” the site’s history, which create negating links pointing to your domain.

7. Exact Match Domain.

Matt Cutts already given the statement regarding EMDs. EMDs may help you if you’re having high quality website not to low quality website.

“Minor weather reports: small upcoming Google algo change will will reduce low-quality “exact-match” domains n search results.”


8. Public VS Private Whois

Matt cutt already quotes in pubcon 2006 that Private Whois information may be sign of “something to hide.”

…When I checked the whois on them, they all had “whois privacy protection service” on them. That’s relatively unusual. …Having whois privacy turned on isn’t automatically bad, but once you get several of these factor all together, you’re often talking about a very different type of webmaster than the fellow who just has a single site or so.

9. Google Can Penalized Owner.

If google found that any person doing the spamming to get rank in search engine than google can analyze other website owned by that person.

10. Country TLD Extension.

Having country specific domain extension can help to target local country wise user or clients. Few domain can have ability to target globally.



11. Keyword in Title tag.

Title tag is one of the most important ranking signal factor in SERP. Title tag sends a strong relevancy signal, so writing keyword in title is good idea.

Read More: How to improve meta tag in 5 minutes

12.Title Tag Starts the With Keyword.

Starting of the title done by keywords can rank you much higher then writing keywords in the middle or in the end said by moz.

13. Keyword in Description Tag.

Adding keywords in Meta description is an another important relevancy tag.

14. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag.

According to results from this correlation study, Heading tag specially H1 tag is 2nd most important tag after title tag. Google consider as a powerful signal so try to use keyword in H1 tag.

15. Used Keywords in Documents or article.

Try to cover your focus keyword in the article or in the document/ It show relevancy in the content. It affect in ranking factor.

16. Long Content.

Try to write long content. content is google ranking factor. Search engine love content having more words. Try to elaborate your content compared to short note. Content length correlated with SERPposition.


Image courtesy


17. Keyword Density.

Keywords density is not that much important nowadays but doing over keywords stuffing can hurt y9ou a lot. Google uses to determine the topic of a webpage by the keywords used in the content.

18. Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword in Content (LSI).

Try to use LSI of the keywords. keywords followed by LSI helps search engine to determine the extract meaning from the word. The LSI of the keywords act as a content quality signal.

19. LSI Keyword in Title and Description Tags.

Try to cover LSI Keywords in the Title & meta description it will help to increase signal to rank in search engine.

20. Page Loading Speed via HTML.

Each and every search engine whether it is GoogleBing, Yahoo or else, want webpage having low file size. Search engine use page loading speed as a ranking factor. Search bot can get idea of the page load from the HTML code of the webpage. You can use GTMetrix to overcome your website speed.

21. Duplicate Contents.

Repeating same content for some one else site can be the major drawback of negative ranking signal. Each and every search engine hate duplicate content.

22. Rel=Canonical.

Use rel-canonical properly to avoid page content duplication.

23. Page Loading Content via Chrome.

Google chrome user data can help google to handle speed load time of that account. Content Delivery Network usage and other non HTML-related site speed signals help in ranking factor.

24. Image Optimization.

Yes, it’s true that google can’t scan you images. To get images in ranking, use proper alt tags, image name and image title tags.

WordPress plugin for image optimization: WP Smush & Kraken

Online image optimization: Kraken image optimization

25. Recency of Content Updates.

Recently Google has update caffeine , caffeine is especially for time-sensitive searches. Google will highlight the updated date in the SERP.


26. Magnitude of Content Updates.

Update your blog or article on the regular basic. Rather updating 1-2 word try to update some section or add new one.

27. Historical Updates Page Updates.

How often we need to update content ? Daily, weekly? Try to update content frequently it create freshness in page.

28. Keyword Prominence.

Try to use keywords in top 100 words. It will send positive signal to the search engine at the time of crawling.

29. Keyword in H2, H3 Tags.

Try to make much paragraph in you page & highlight it wil H2 – H3 Tags. Heading tag boost ranking signal.

30. Keyword Word Order.

Try to cover up all the LSI keywords in the content. LSI keywords in content help to get rank when searcher’s search LSI keywords.

31. Outbound Link Quality.

Many SEOs in the world think that getting link back from high authority help getting in rank.

32. Outbound Link Themes.

Search engine love your content only and only if it is relevant to the web pages. Example if your having page on how to find keywords & you are write on keywords panning tools. Then search engine can understand you page is on keywords planning tools & how to find keywords with help of keyword planning tool. Moz also believe in Outbound link quality

33. Grammar and Spelling.

In 2011 Matt cutt has given an mixed message regarding the grammar in the content whether it is important or not. Though SEOs think proper grammar and spelling is a quality signal.

34. Syndicated Content.

Rss feed syndication is a good way of distributing the content. But when search bot got that content, Is the content on the page original? If it’s scraped or copied from an indexed page it won’t rank as well as the original or end up in theirSupplemental index.

35. Helpful Supplementary Content.

According to a leaked Google rater guidelines document,supplementary content is helpful as an indicator of a page’s quality.

36. Number of Outbound Links.

If you are giving too many outbound link as a dofollow link then it may harm to your website ranking factor.

37. Multimedia.

Multimedia such as image, infographics, videos or document send ranking signals to search engine.

38. Number of internal Links Pointing to Page.

Try to give much internal link but it must be appropriate as it indicate search engine as a important relevant pages.

39. Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page.

Try to get as much as quality link pointing to your page rather then getting links from no PR or from low PR pages.

40. Broken Links

regularly check your page broken links. If Google continually found broken link on your webpage it sign on neglecting search engine rules.

Check on : broken link checkerWordPress plugin,

41. Reading Level.

Google can estimate the content reading level.

42. Affiliate Links.

Affiliate marketing is good way to earn some money. but keeping affiliate links everywhere on webpage give change to search engine algorithm to pay closer attention like a thin affiliate website.

43. HTML Error/ WC3 Validation.

Try to clear all the HTML & w3c validation on the site. html or w3c validation error let your site down in ranking.  validation error is a weak quality signal.

44. Page Hosts Domain Authority.

Getting link on high authority help to get positive signal. page get higher in serp if pointing from high the authority page compare to low authority pages.

45. Page’s PageRank.

Higher PR page rank ranks better than Low PR.

46. URL Length.

Try to give accurate and short Seo friendly URLs, long URLs may hurt ranking said by search engine journal.

47. URL Path.

URL path play  sight ranking part. Urls closer to Homepage may get little bit authority boost.

48. Human Editors.

Yet google had not confirmed regarding a filed patent for a system that allows human editors to influence the SERPs.

49. Page Category.

Relevant category of the article/blog help to rank higher in SERP. Blog posted under relevant category are much better then posting in non-category or irrelevant category.

50. WordPress Tags

According to Tags on a page represant page content. Tags are wordpress specific relevancy ranking signal.

The only way it improves your SEO is by relating one piece of content to another, and more specifically a group of posts to each other.


51. Keyword in URL.

URLs containing keywords is another important signal for ranking.

52. URL String.

Displaying category in Url may affect positively in ranking the page.

53. References and Sources.

Try to give proper cities & reference url in the pages. It increase trust of the reader. Don’t think that you will lose your reader or client.

This is a topic where experience and/or authority source are important…

54. Bullets and numbered List.

Try to give bullets or numbers list in your content. It help reader they feel user friendly & search engine also love it.

55. Priority of Page in Sitemap.

Try to include priority of the pages/post in sitemap.xml it will help it in ranking.

56. Too Many Outbound Links.

Don’t give too many external links in your pages that reader got confused on your main content.

Some pages have way, way too many links, obscuring the pages and distracting from the Main Content.

57. Many keyword rank for single page.

If your page rank for more than 1-2 keywords then google get sign about quality page.

58. Page Age.

Try to update your old content regularly otherwise newly content can overtake you.

59. Parked Domains.

Parked domain visibility decrease after google release update in December 2011.

60. User Friendly Layout.

Try to make high quality pages with better content, it will help you getter visible soon in SERP.


61. Content Provides Value and Unique Insights.

Google started hunting site that do thin affiliate. If your working on affiliate than provide useful and complete information regarding product or service or you may be hurted.

62. Contact Us Page.

Try to give complete information regarding your business in contact page. It should be similar to same as mention on whois.

63. Domain Trust.

Improve domain trust to get rank high.

64. Site Architecture.

Proper site architecture help search engine to determine the content on site.

65. Site Updates.

As search engine is always hungry for the new content. Try to update your website continuously with new content.

66.  Number of Pages.

Less number of pages on site is a weaker sign to search engine compare to large website. Add new pages regularly to your website.

67. Presence of Sitemap.

Update sitemap regularly, sitemaps help search engine to index your pages easily & improve visibility in SERP.

68. Site Uptime.

Search engine & user hate site which are always in maintenance mode or in downtime. Downtime server issue can hurt your ranking factor.

69. Server Location.

Server location can help you to get rank if your targeting your website in particular geo location were server located.

70. SSL Certificates.

Google indexing SSL security certificates. So those having HTTPS SSL security can rank higher.

71. Terms of Service and Privacy Pages

Terms & condition and privacy policy page indicated search engine that this site are trustworthy to users.

72. Duplicates Meta content.

Duplicate Meta information on website can deindex all the visible pages on website. Use Meta tag very carefully.

73. Breadcrumb Navigation.

Breadcrumb navigation is a best sign of properly develop website architecture. Breadcrumb are the sign of use friendly architecture & help search engine / user where they are on website.

74. Mobile Optimized.

Responsive website can rank better on mobile device. Google has recently launched new update for Mobile responsiveness website. You can the check mobile responsiveness in webmaster tools.

75. YouTube.

Youtube has given some extra preference in SERP. You can use youtube to get index your videos & for traffic.

76. Site Usability.

Site usability can increase user if site has design properly. A site having difficult to use can drop ranking by reducing time on site and bounce rate.

77. GA & GSC

GSC (A.K.S  Google webmaster tools) & Google Analytics can help you to increase your traffic. Google has developed this powerful tools.

78. User reviews/Site Reputation.

Try to give review & rating on your website. Google like site like as they show rating on there site. Rating play an important role in algorithm. the Rating given by user help search engine to decide where to place website in SERP.


79. Linking Domain Age

Getting backlink from old domain help more then getting like from new domain.

80. Number Of Linking Root Domains.

As more domain linking to your website help more to rank. You can see domain linking to your root domain in Majestic.

81. Number Of Links From Separate C-Class IP.

Try to get link from different different C Class IP address.

82. Number Of Linking Pages.

Increase number of linking page of the same domain. This will increase trust flow of the domain.

83. ALT Tag.

Give Alt tag to all the images on the website.

84. PR of Linking Text.

Pagerank plays the important ranking factor. Backlink coming from PR page rank faster.

85. Links From .EDU or .GOV Domains.

Matt Cutts announced that TLD doesn’t effect into ranking factor.

86. Authority of Linking Domain.

Domain authority from where you’re getting links play important factor in ranking your website.

87. Links from Competitor.

Link your website where your competitor listed website.

88. Social Shares of Referring Page

Share page from where your getting backlink.

89. Links from Bad Neighbourhoods

Links from “bad neighbourhood” may hurt your site.

90. Guest Post.

Guest blogging is a best way to get link back only if you’re link is getting contextual link. Link from author bio may not be as valuable compare to contextual link.

91. Point link to Referral homepage.

Try to link homepage of the referral site. Referring homepage play important role in getting site weightage.

92. Nofollow Links.

SEO’s most open to discussion topic. Here what Google say’s:

I general, we don’t follow them.

Nofollow link help search engine to figure it out among the natural links V/s unnatural links.

93. Too Many Link .

If you’re getting too many nofollow backlink from a single page of forum, blog commenting or from unidentified webpage that may indicate webspam. Try to get authority link & high quality link from many quality niche website.

94. Contextual Links

Link coming from high quality contextual page will be consider as a powerful links rather than link coming from empty or lest content site.

95. Sponsored Links

If you’re denoting ‘Link Partner, the ‘Sponsors’ & ‘sponsored link’ may hurt you by making link value low.

96. Too Many Redirections.

Too Many redirection is not good for website.

97. Backlink Anchor text.

According to google original algorithms.

First, anchors often provide more accurate description of web page than the pages themselves.

It goes without saying that anchor text is not so relevant nowadays but still its help in sending positive signals to rank.

98. Link Title Attribute.

Linking title tag is not a good idea. Linking title will send low relevancy signal.

99. Country TLD of Referring Domain.

Linking you’re website from country specific domain such as (,, give high relevancy signal in search engine.

100. Link Location in Content.

Given link in the starting of your content compare to end part. Start-up part of content get little bit of more weightage in ranking.

101. Link on Page.

Location of your link is most important thing. Is your link embedded in contextual text in content or in footer? Link in footer or in sidebar area is not so powerful.

102. Linking Domain Relevancy.

Always get link from relevant niche to rank higher in few days. Unwanted niche will give you backlink but not effective signal to search engine.

103. Page Relevancy.

According to the Hilltop Algorithm link coming from relevant content page get high priority in ranking compare to low relevancy page.

104. Text Link Sentiment.

Google has figure it out that linking from negative comment content page may effect to your ranking. So always link your webpage to positive comment content. If search engine figure out your website on negative commented page may bring your page down.

105. Keyword in Title.

Write your keyword in Title tag. Search engine such as Google & Bing gave extra love to links on pages that contain your page’s keyword in the title.

106. Positive Links.

If you’re getting positive link nonstop to your site, then Google will boost your website in SERP.

107. Negative Link.

Similar to Positive Link, if your website link to negative rated website, then within no time your website will be out of search engine.

108. Links from “HUB” Pages.

If your website getting link from the HUB of resource, then search engine will give special treatment to your website.

109. Links from Authority Sites.

Authority site transfer more authority juice than micro niche site.

110. Linked to as Wikipedia Source.

Linking from Wikipedia pass authority juice. Though Wikipedia is giving nofollow link search engine count Wikipedia in high authorized website.

111. Co – Occurrence.

Anchor text which you used to get backlink denote search engine what your web page based on.

112. Backlink Age.

As mention in search engine journal, older backlink give more power to web page as to newly grounded backlink.

113. Real & Fake Blog.

Due to many blog on specific brand, the Google start distinguishing on real blog and fake blog. Google Give more powerful a weightage on real blog rather than fake & copy the blog article.

114. Natural Link Profile.

Naturally created profile will rank fast and stay in SERP for long time.

115. Reciprocal Links.

Don’t exceed too much reciprocal link activity or you will be hurt from google for link scheme.

116. User Generated Content Links.

Google can easily identified that content has been publish by official site owner or by any user generated for promotion.

117. Links from 301.

If possible try to give direct link of your website. 301 redirection may lose little bit of link juice which is passing to your website. According to Matt Cutt nothing losing everything will be same.

118. Microformats.

Micro formatted page get more CTR compare to normal page. So start using microformats on webpages.

119. DMOZ Listed.

Google give special trust if website listed in Dmoz. Learn how to give link to

120. Yahoo!! Directory Listed.

Google algorithm have special place for Yahoo directory. Yahoo directory give better trust in ranking.

121. Number of Outbound Links on Pages.

A link on a page with hundreds of out bound links passes less PR than a page with only a few out bound links.

122. Forum Profile Links.

Google may consider low authority profile links as a spammy due to number to spammy activities going in the market.

123. Word Count of Linking Content.

A content having words 1,000 and you’re getting link back is more helpful in ranking compare to the content having 50-100 words.

124. Quality of Linking Content.

Link juice transfer when article is written unique with multimedia rich content, not when content is spin or copy from somewhere.

125. Site Wide Links.

Matt Cutt already commented on Sitewide links. Check out below video.


126. Organic CTR for a Keyword.

Increasing organic traffic on particular keyword; increase CTR of your page which help in boosting ranking.

127. Organic CTR for all Keyword.

Getting ranked on every keywords increase CTR of website and help to more sales.

128. Bounce Rate.

Bounce rate may help google to decide whether webpage is good or not to rank in SERP. Lower the bounce rate higher the SERP rank.

129. Direct Traffic.

Google chrome data help google to understand how user using it. Website getting direct traffic rank little bit fast then website getting traffic from organic.

130. Repeats Traffic.

User repeatedly visiting your website help sending positive signal to rank page in SERP.

131. Blocked Sites.

Thin affiliate site may get penalty on quality site.

132. Chrome Bookmarks.

Google use data usage on chrome. Website may get boost if anyone bookmark your webpage.

133. Google Toolbar Data.

Google use toolbar data to rank website in SERP.

134. Number of Comments.

Increasing number of comment increase rank in SERP at one and the same time.

135. Time on Site.

Google has confirmed that they index SSL security certification, this is the reason e-commerce site with SSL certification rank easily in SERP.

136. Time on Page.

Traffic getting from search query, stay longer time on page then it will boost in SERP.


137. New the Freshness.

Newly page may get little boost in SERP for short term.

138. Query Deserves Diversity.

Ambiguous keyword, such as “ted”, “WWF”, or “ruby” may get special appealingin SERP by Google.

139. User Browsing History.

Site user visiting every time using google sign in get boost in SERP.

140. User Search History.

Search chain influences searches result for later searches. For examples, if you search for review then search for toasters. Google is more likely to show toaster review sites higher in the SERPs.

141. GEO Targeting.

Geo targeted domain/specific country domain / local IP get more preference from Google.

142. Safe Search.

Adult keyword will not rank if safe search term has been saved in preference.

143. Google + Circles.

Verified Google plus author get slightly more importance in SERP.

144. DMCA Complaints.

DMCA complaints page get negative influence in google SERP.

145. Domain Diversity.

BigFoot Update” add more domains to each SERP page.

146. Transactional Searches.

Shopping and e-commerce result may be change based on your location.

147. Local Searches.

If your sign-in in google then you may see google plus post in SERP above or in between organic result.

148. Google News Box.

Highly influence keyword may trigger Google news box in SERP.

149. Big Brand Preference.

Are you a big brand? No..!! Google started began giving extra boost to branded domain after Vince update.

150. Shopping results.

Google shopping result display in SERP helping eCommerce site to rank.

151. Image Results.

Google help by showing our images in between of SERP.

152. Single Site Results for Brands.

Sometime Google fetch and show many result from single website due to highly trusted visitor.


153. Number of Tweets

Tweet can influence Google for ranking in SERP.

154. Authority of Twitter User Accounts

If your twitter account is verified with tons of fans then with less work you can influence your link in SERP.

155. Number of Facebook Likes

Google can’t crawl all the page of facebook so facebook likes have less preference for Google. But low signal also create huge impact on SERP.

156. Facebook Shares

Facebook shares create more influence than Facebook likes. Why, because Facebook sharing is similar to increasing backlinks.

157. Authority of Facebook User Accounts.

Similar to twitter authorize Facebook page send high authority signal.

158. Pinterest Pins.

Pinterest is considering as a best and powerful social signal social networking site. More number of pins directly proportional to more signal.

159. Votes on Social Sites.

Social sharing on Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg and many more site help to create good social signals.

160. Number of Google + 1’s.

Although Matt Cutts given disclaim regarding google plus ranking.

161. Authority of Google+ User Accounts.

Authorised google plus account with many follower get weight age in ranking.

162. Verified Google+ Authorship.

162.Google CEO Eric Schmidt claimed in Feb 2013.

Within search results, information tied to verified online profile will be ranked higher than concerned without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top results.

Google authorship shut down soon. But still its affect in ranking.

163. Site Level Social Signals.

Social sharing on site – wide help to increase social signal of webpage.


164. Brand Name Anchor Text

Keep Bold on brand keyword name. Bold attract google to make it on rank.

165. Branded Searches

If user start searching your blog name /company name then Google start understanding it brand.

166. Site Has Facebook Page and Likes

If your facebook page have good amount of like then it count as brand.

167. Site Has Twitter Profile and Followers

Too many follower your page, making popular social signal then it make brand signal create positive branding of your social page.

168. Official LinkedIn Company Page

Mostly all company have official LinkedIn page.

169. Employees listed at LinkedIn

According to Rand Fishin LinkedIn is a great platform for branding.

170. Legitimacy of Social Media Accounts

Increasing too many follower doesn’t make brand. Interaction with follower make branding. 10, 00,000 follower with interaction create positive branding.

171. Brand Mention on News Sites

If your article display in google news then understand your branding going perfectly. Slowly and steadily all your article will start displaying in Google News.

172. Co – Citation

Brands get mentioned without getting linked to Google likely looks at non – hyper linked brand mentioned as a brand signal.

173. Number of RSS Subscribers

Having high number of Rss feedburner subscriber help in ranking.

174. Google+ Local Listing

Local listing help building trust on your business. Trust increase ranking increased simultaneously.

175. Website is Tax Paying Business

SEOMoz’s reports that Google may look at whether or not a site is associated with a tax – paying business.


176. Panda Penalty

Site with thin content/copy content may be penalized by google panda algorithm.

177. Bad links

Linking with payday loan site hurt your ranking.


Tricky redirects lead you to penalize if caught by Google.

179. Popups Ads

Popups ads count as low quality website. Don’t add popup ads if you want to rank high. Start earning with affiliate marketing or with Google Adsense.

180. Site Over Optimized

Keywords stuffing is also a part of black hat SEO. Everyone know Google hate Black hat SEO.

181. Page over – Optimization

Google fighter Panda & penguin hate over optimized page with keyword & links.

182. Ads Above the Fold

Page layout update hit you for above fold ads.

183. Hiding Affiliate Links

Google hit penalty for hiding affiliate links. Clocking affiliate links doesn’t hurt any algorithm.

184. Affiliate Sites

Google is die heart fan of affiliate marketing. Not to worry if your website having affiliate link. Affiliate link doesn’t but you behind the penalty.

185. Auto generated Content

Google isn’t die heart fan of Auto generated content. Auto generated content may be hit by penalty and it affect website by de index.

186. Excess PageRank Sculpting

Over optimized link & making each outbound link as a no-follow may give hint to Google for gaming the system for page rank sculpting.

187. IP Address Flagged as Spam

If your IP address reported as spam then it will hurt all the site under same IP.

188. Meta Tag Spamming

Adding keyword stuffing in meta tag hit your website & de index all your webpages.


189. Unnatural Influx of Links

Suddenly getting number of link is the signal of unnatural link. Unnatural link is a symbol of fire.

190. Penguin Penalty

If you’re penalized by Google penguin algorithm then visibility changes are too low.

191. Link from Low Quality Links

Lots of low quality link give hint to Google for gaming of links (black hat seo). Get quality link not in quantity. 2 Link of High quality is far better than 100 black hat links.

192. Linking Domain Relevancy

Unrelated links are the main target of penguin to attack. Beware of unnatural linking method. If you want to be in game.

193. Unnatural Links Warning

Every time Google sent notice to web master for unnatural link found. Slight dropping of rank will start along with notice. Slowly it will increase to de index.

194. Links from the Same Class C IP

Getting number of link from same C class IP sign of unnatural blog network link building.

195. “Dangerous” Anchor Text

Having “Dangerous” anchor text linking to your website may sign of getting hacked.

196. Manual Penalty

Google help web master too recover by doing manual recovery from the unnatural link.

197. Selling Links

Selling link may hurt your ranking as Google tool bar can figure it out everything.

198. Google Sandbox

Too many link from same domain hurt you like a poison. Google can send your website to sandbox.

199. Google Dance

Google dance algorithm shake you’re ranking for some time just to check whether you’re playing the game or not with Google.

200. DISAVOW Tool

Disavow tool help to improve link building by removing links manually.

201. Reconsideration Request

A successful reconsideration request can lift a penalty.


Guys Kindly Share your opinion by sharing your reviews on Complete 200 Google Ranking Factor. Waiting for your views.

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High Authority Website To Get Free Backlink

Hi, getting high authority backlink is not a big deal. But getting niche domain authority free backlinks is a little bit tough. I had generated some high authority niche database for quality niche backlink. I am having lots of domains where you can get your favorite website listed. Most common ways to get High authority backlink is from creating […] The post High Authority Website To Get Free Backlink appeared first on Start with...

Hi, getting high authority backlink is not a big deal. But getting niche domain authority free backlinks is a little bit tough. I had generated some high authority niche database for quality niche backlink.

I am having lots of domains where you can get your favorite website listed. Most common ways to get High authority backlink is from creating profiles & submitting website. High authority backlink plays an important role in getting your website rank in SEO.

I had saved some of the niche sites which provides you high-quality backlink with the better citation to your website.

Free Backlink List For 100+ High PR Authority Website

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow 100 No follow 100 Do follow 97 Do follow 95 Do follow 94 Do follow 92 No follow 91 No follow 90 Do follow 90 No follow 90 No follow 85 No follow 82 Do follow 82 No follow 80 No follow 79 No follow 78 Do follow 64 Do follow 62 Do follow 55 Do follow 54 Do follow 48 Do follow 48 No follow 47 Do follow 46 Do follow 43 No follow 43 Do follow 42 Do follow


Read this: How to submit website to

Get free backlink from business niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow 78 Do follow 64 Do follow 63 Do follow 60 Do follow 55 Do follow 53 Do follow 52 No follow 51 Do follow 42 Do follow 41 Do follow


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Get free backlink from the blogging niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow 86 Do follow 69 Do follow 67 Do follow 59 Do follow 40 Do follow


Read This: Blogging 101 – How To Start Blog

Get free backlinks from education niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow /Nofollow 85 No follow 60 Do follow 50 No follow


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Get free backlinks from health & fitness niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow 71 Do follow 71 Do follow 55 Do follow 55 Do follow 54 Do follow 51 No follow 47 Do follow 45 Do follow 41 Do follow 40 Do follow


Read More: How To Improve Meta Tag In 5 Minutes

Get free backlinks from marketing niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow 93 Do follow 90 Do follow 81 Do follow 79 Do follow 56 Do follow 40 No follow 40 No follow


Read This: Content Marketing Is KING

Get free backlink from real estate niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow 89 No follow 75 Do follow 55 Do follow 55 No follow


Read This: What Is Content Marketing & How It Is Helpful To Blogger

Get free backlink from technology niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow 82 Do follow 82 Do follow 41 Do follow 41 Do follow


Read This: How To Use Webmaster Tools For SEO

Get free backlinks from fashion niche.

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow 84 Do follow 82 Do follow 75 Do follow 64 Do follow 56 No follow 54 Do follow 49 No follow 48 Do follow 46 Do follow 45 Do follow 42 Do follow

Others Free backlink

URLs Domain Authority Dofollow / Nofollow 91 Do follow 90 Do follow 79 Do follow 77 Do follow 67 Do follow 60 No follow 52 Do follow 49 Do follow 47 Do follow 46 Do follow 45 Do follow 40 Do follow


If you find this list in helpful to you then kindly share your review. Update this list by sharing new website in the Comment box.

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36 Free SEO Tools To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

If your blog has a professional scope, but you can not afford an SEO specialist to accompany you, you may want to find free SEO tools to optimize and track your natural SEO autonomously. There is now a host of SEO tools and software that can help you audit your site, search for keywords or […] The post 36 Free SEO Tools To Optimize Your WordPress Blog appeared first on Start with...

If your blog has a professional scope, but you can not afford an SEO specialist to accompany you, you may want to find free SEO tools to optimize and track your natural SEO autonomously.

There is now a host of SEO tools and software that can help you audit your site, search for keywords or content ideas, identify significant errors that you may be committing to referencing. And I determined to share with you those that I find particularly interesting.

What are the tools Used for SEO?

36 Free SEO Tool List for 2017

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console (Webmasters tools)
  • Screaming Frog
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth
  • GT Metrix
  • Pingdom Tools
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Mobile Compatibility Test
  • AMP Format Test
  • Google Structure Data
  • W3C Validation
  • Open Graph Debugger
  • SSL Labs
  • SmallSEOTools
  • SEOQuake
  • Redirect Path
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Copyscape
  • Siteliner
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Majestic
  • Web Developer Tools
  • Answer The Public
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Google Suggest
  • Keyword
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Serposcope
  • Splunk
  • Wayback Machine
  • Gephi

Free SEO tools for your WordPress blog

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an evident tool. Many webmasters even don’t know exectly how to detect SEO problems via Google Analytics.

Identify pages that do not receive enough organic traffic, pages that have an unusually high bounce rate or exit rate, catch load time problems or view mobile browsing, see if the traffic you have received since search engines are qualified, identify sites that make links to yours, and so on.

Best Free SEO Tool

Google Analytics

There are even SEO dashboards that you can install on your Google Analytics account from the free dashboards library (Customization> Custom Reports> Import From Gallery).

2. Google Search Console

An essential complement to Google Analytics, Google Search Console is much more focused towards natural SEO. It can allow you to detect errors follow the links you receive, clicks from Google and the keywords used to find your site.

Best Free SEO Tool

Google Search Console ( Google Webmaster Tools )

You can also just export all this data to give you a real history of your positioning and performance over time.

Not to mention the ability to submit a sitemap to Google listing all the URLs of your pages to help the search engine index them. Do not hesitate to read my detailed article on Search Console to go further!

3. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog allows to crawl a site and to highlight many technical problems such as title and meta description tags missing or not meeting the standards. Duplications of titles, pages that do not receive enough internal links or that are difficult to access in the site tree, pages too weak in content, 404 errors, mismanagement of multilingualism and much more problems.

Free SEO Tools for blogger

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a free SEO tool up to 500 URLs. If you have a small site, you will be able to carry out a complete technical audit for free, and if you have a site that exceeds 500 URLs, you will still be able to identify recurring problems. Indeed, if you commit “type” errors that can be spotted on a sample of 500 pages, you will know that they must be corrected on the rest of the site.

It’s a software that I use every week as part of my work.

4. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu operates on the same principle as Screaming Frog: you give it the URL of a website and it will crawler this site by highlighting some weaknesses in architecture or SEO optimization. It is only available on Windows, but it has the significant advantage of being completely free without limit of the number of URLs studied.

Free SEO Tool List

Xenu Link Sleuth

5. GT Metrix

GT Metrix lets you know the speed of loading a web page and identify the elements that cause delays.

I will recommend creating a free account that will allow you to benefit from more options than going to the site as a single visitor. For example, you can choose the server from which you test your site, follow the speed of connection from different browsers, with/without advertising blocker, and so on.

Free SEO Tools for wordpress blog

GT Metrix

It is necessary to check the pages individually, but by taking a few standard pages on your site, you will find that you often find the same problems from one page to the other and you will thus be able to implement global solutions that will benefit the whole site.

6. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is another free tool that can test the loading speed of a site. I find it much less complete than GT Metrix, but if you are not comfortable with the ergonomics or operation of GT Metrix, Pingdom Tools may be able to help you!

Web page speed test SEO Tool


7. PageSpeed Insights

Another tool to test the speed of loading its site but this time it is more to see how well you respect the good practices issued by Google. Just enter the URL of a page on PageSpeed Insights, you will get technical optimization tips to improve the loading time on mobile and the desktop.

Google Page Speed Test

Google Page Speed Test

It is a hard tool that gives sour notes, but at least you will know what you stand for!

8. Google Mobile Compatibility Test

Having a site accessible on mobile is now essential regarding referencing, and Google provides you with a free SEO tool to test the mobile compatibility of your site.

9. AMP format test

The AMP format makes it possible to propose very refined versions of its pages for a more comfortable consultation on mobile. Google here again set up a free tool to verify that your site does not contain any AMP implementation errors.

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10. Testing Structured Data

Today, more and more WordPress and blog themes are using structured data. This is information added in the code of a site to help Google better understand your content. For example, a shopkeeper will use it to highlight the name of his shop, address, opening hours, etc.

Structured data can dramatically improve the click through rate in search results; I see it regularly on my blog culture where my book reviews are more visible thanks to the presence of small rating stars related to structured data.

Google offers a free SEO tool to know if the structured data are used on your site but also to test the accuracy of the code.

11. W3C Validation

Regarding code, there are good practices, and in the same way that one can make spelling errors in English, a developer can make mistakes by writing his code. The W3C sets standards of what a well-written code is and you can test your site to see if it contains many errors or not.

Being realistic, I have not crossed a 100% valid W3C site for years. Today, between the CMS used, plugins added, customizations, tracking tools or advertising, it is almost impossible to achieve perfection!

On the other hand, this type of tool can be useful for detecting a very poorly coded theme, likely to affect the user experience.

Read More: Apply These 12 Secret Techniques To Improve On page Seo Factor

12. Open Graph Debugger

Open Graph tags were created by Facebook to make shared URLs more attractive. Instead of seeing a simple text, we will be able to display an image, which immediately links much more aesthetic. In my opinion, this can promote the virality of a link and indirectly help a page to gain visibility. You can enter the address of a page on the Open Graph Debugger to see how it appears when sharing on Facebook and identifies errors.

In the same spirit, Twitter offers a validator of Twitter Cards.

My opinion on the issue is very subjective, but I think an aesthetic link is more likely to be shared, retweet and therefore touch in more readers, liable to discover your site, create links to it, etc.

13. Test your SSL certificate with SSL Labs

SSL Labs! If your site is in https, you can enter the URL on SSL Labs and get a free evaluation of the security level of your SSL certificate.

14. SEO tool to test the markup of your pages

The SmallSEOTools website offers a free tool to check the hierarchy of title tags on your pages. This is a good way to understand how to organize content to highlight relevant information.

Read More: High Authority Website To Get Free Backlink

15. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is an SEO tool proposed by Moz, which makes it possible to obtain the domain of a site and the page authority of a page.

Open site Explorer by Moz

Open Site Explorer

These are indicators between 0 and 100, which take into account several dozens of factors predominantly dependent on the links received by the site or the page. They follow a logarithmic scale.

16. SEO Quake

SEOQuake is a free extension for Google Chrome allows you to analyze each page and get a quick diagnosis of the most important points needed to optimize your natural referencing as well as tips.

17. Redirect Path

Another free extension for Google Chrome, which allows you this time to view the redirections in place on a page.

18. Broken Link Check

BrokenLinkChecker checks up to 3000 pages; this online tool allows you to scan a site to identify broken links.

19. Copyscape

This online tool allows you to detect the possible plagiarism of your critical articles on the web. The free service Copyscape is limited, but it can help you identify if your main articles, receiving the most traffic, have been copied elsewhere without your knowledge.

free seo tools plagiarism checker


20. Siteliner

After the external duplicate content, detectable via Copyscape, Siteliner allows you to detect duplicate content internally.

21. XML Sitemaps

The sitemap lists all pages to index your site in an easy to understand format for search engines. You can submit one to Google via Google Search Console and then verify that there is no significant gap between the number of URLs indexed by Google and the number of URLs present in the sitemap.

The XML Sitemaps allows you to create free sitemaps of up to 500 URLs. It is better, if your site allows, to opt for a sitemap that updates in real time, I use Google XML Sitemaps for my part.

22. Majestic

Majestic is a paid tool, but its free version can give you two interesting indicators on your link profile: TF & CF (Trust Flow & Citation Flow) The Citation Flow provides an idea of the propensity of your site to receive links from other sites. Trust Flow refers more to getting links from trusted sites.

23. The Web Developer Toolbar

Free extension available including Google Chrome, the Web Developer Toolbar allows you to bring up code errors, image optimization issue, to test the display of the site without Javascript, etc.

Free SEO Tools to Optimize & Create Content

An important part of the work of SEO is to write content in line with the expectations of users. Searching for keywords and content ideas is therefore essential. It is also by a list of keywords that one can study the evolution of its positioning.

Then we continue the list with free SEO tools dedicated to the contents!

24. Anwer The Public

On Answer The Public you choose the language from the drop-down menu, you enter a subject, and the site takes you out a mind map full of questions that surfers are asking and information they are looking for.

25. Ubersuggest

You enter a theme, choose the language that suits you, and Ubersuggest gives you a lot of expressions that you can use in your articles. You can download them to retreat all of these offline proposals or classify them for future topic ideas.

26. Keyword Shitter

Enter a word, get a shit of keyword ideas. Hmm, a bit vulgar but the title of this tool means “the key words chatterer.” To go to the toilet, that’s it.

27. Google Suggest

It’s all stupid, it’s free, and it’s great! You go to Google, you start typing the topic that inspires you, and Google Suggest will spontaneously offer you a list of ideas for content. If it succeeds in making them emerge, it is partly because these are subjects that interest users so they can also inspire your articles!


KeywordTool is a costly and quite expensive tool, but its free version can give you a host of keyword ideas to use. The only restriction is that it will not give you the search volumes associated with each keyword, but you can work around it by combining several tools.

29. Keyword Planner

I use this tool-less and less, accessible for free by signing up on Google AdWords. Keyword Planner gives you keyword suggestions from an expression you enter as well as an estimate of the associated search volume.

30. Google Trends

I like Google Trends because it allows you to spot the seasonality of the topics you approach and their popularity over time. The operation is effortless: you enter a term, Google Trends gives you search trends over, by period and country.

For example, if I take a very seasonal topic like “How to decorate tree“. we see that the peak of searches on Google begins in early December. This means that if you want to deal with the subject, the articles must already be ready and indexed before this time!

Free SEO Tools To Go Further

31. Serposcope

Almost all the tools to follow its positioning on Google are paid, until the day I discovered Serposcope! Free SEO software, Serposcope allows following its natural SEO but also that of its competitors on a list of keywords. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and can be installed both on a computer and on a server.

32. Splunk

The significant trend in natural referencing, log analysis allows to study the behavior of the search engine on a site, to locate the badly crawled pages, to raise problems of the architecture of the contents, and so on. Log analysis tools are often costly.

Splunk offers a free trial version up to 60 days of use and 500 MB of logs per day, which is ample enough to perform an overall site analysis at a time.

33. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is not the first tool that comes to mind when talking about natural referencing, but it can have a particular utility: to go back into the memory of a site, whether it’s yours or that of a third party. It may help to understand why a problem has arisen, to remember when a major overhaul or change took place on the site.

free seo tools for website

Wayback Machine

34. Gephi

This free tool can allow you to build visualizations of the internal mesh of a site. It is not within reach of a beginner, and there are more ergonomic paying tools to do this work, but if you do not want to shell out a penny, Gephi is there!

Some WordPress Extensions & WordPress tools

Here are some free extensions that can help you optimize your natural SEO on WordPress:

Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO will help to write titles and meta descriptions on your blog, manage to the index of contents, avoid duplication and more. I use Yoast SEO for my part, which I have proposed a detailed tutorial to set up well.

Google XML Sitemaps: A quality extension to create a sitemap.

Udinra All Image Sitemap: Classic sitemap extensions do not include pictures. If you have a blog that is very visual, it can be useful to have a sitemap dedicated to images, and this plugin is there for that. Being realistic, Google Images is sending almost no traffic since they changed their interface.

A cache plugin: for free, look at the W3 Total CacheWP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache that is powerful and can help you improve the loading speed of your blog.

Broken Link Checker: To spot broken links anywhere on your blog – including in comments, this extension will help you.

SEO Redirection: do you change the address of a page? A redirection plugin allows you to quickly set up a permanent redirection to keep the positioning acquired on the search engines to a maximum.

ShortPixel: this image optimization plugin allows your visuals to maintain a reasonable weight so as not to hinder the loading of your pages, by the best practices recommended by Google. I tell you more in an article dedicated to ShortPixel.

Let’s not forget the search engines themselves!

The free SEO tools are numerous, and I am far from having included in this article all those that I use or that can serve more punctually to understand the specific problems of a site better. But there is one not to be overlooked: the search engine.

The common site:, accessible both on Google and on Bing, can allow you to list the pages of a site indexed by the engine.

The search engine can also help you flush out duplicate content, locate competitors on a given keyword, find content ideas by looking at how a topic is handled by sites that appear on the front page of a specific term.

Consider using the “private navigation” mode to have more neutral search results: Google adjusts its results according to your browsing habits and using personal navigation makes it possible to have more neutrality.

I hope this list of free SEO tools will help you in your optimization process. Being realistic, if you start in SEO, it is likely that this avalanche of tools is more disconcerting than anything else!

I see it on a periodic basis in my job: What often makes the difference between a “junior” profile, a beginner, and a more rounded profile is the ability to go beyond the data that can take out any tool to offer a valid analysis and determine an actual strategy.

It is also what makes the added value of a professional: anyone can enter the address of a site in a tool and get a score, a list of errors. But from there to be able to understand this which is serious, what is less, which plays a lot or very little on the SEO, there is a margin 🙂

To cross this margin involves time, work, curiosity, tests and even errors sometimes!

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Complete SEO Checklist – What Influences SERP?

Hello, in my last article I had discussed regarding A-Z of SEO & 12 important secret techniques of On-pages. But let me tell everything which you need to know about SEO Industry. What is SEO? Alright, we all know SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO is a procedure or you can say the technique of increasing the […] The post Complete SEO Checklist – What Influences SERP? appeared first on Start with...

Hello, in my last article I had discussed regarding A-Z of SEO & 12 important secret techniques of On-pages. But let me tell everything which you need to know about SEO Industry.

What is SEO?

Alright, we all know SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Basically, SEO is a procedure or you can say the technique of increasing the visibility of the website in any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

There are many forms of SEO such as SEM, SMO, RMO.

SEM: A Search Engine Marketing tactics’ which help marketers utilizing paid listing in the search engine to drive traffic though they’re not in search rank.

SMOSocial Media Optimization is a tactics’ in which marketers utilize social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to drive paid brand awareness and traffic direct to the website or on Social Pages.

RMOReputation Management Optimization is when marketers, search out negative information about a brand or a person on the web and optimize to positive information in order to get negative information pushed further down in search results or even out of search result entirely.

Complete SEO Checklist – What Influences SERP?

On-Page SEO

The aspects which are going to show you today can boost your performance & this can be achieved by ensuring each of this important technical on-page SEO tactics’. The thing which you can change on your site is or you can control on your web page will be under on-page factors.

Title Tag: In Inbound marketing Title tag is one of the most important elements which impact significantly on your on-page SEO. You can’t see the title tag on the website as it is invisible on the website, you can check in header tags. Though it is invisible, but it’s an important aspect for Ranking. If your Title tag is written properly, then your Click Through Rate will increase as the Title tag is visible on the Search engine result page (SERP).

Meta Description: Meta Description is the 2nd most important element after Meta title. Same as the title tag, Meta description is also visible on SERP only. Meta Description also plays an important role in increasing CTR. If you’re not optimizing your Meta description properly, then, the search engine will fetch any simple data from your web page and show on SERP which may not be relevant to what your audience looking. Even Matt Cutts agrees that Description is the important part of On-page to increase CTR & ranking. Optimized Meta description can increase ROI of a website.

Schema Mark-Up Tags: Schema tag is a way to inform search engines about your content. Mostly all search engines follow structure data standard called Proper integration of schema helps search engine to understand your data and manage in SERP. There are different microdata schema standard according to the need. Some of the data are for Person, product, events, organization, movies, book, and reviews. I recommend a WordPress plugin for Schema.

Open Graph Tags: This is the future of visual search engines and in the new age of semantic search, social relevance will weigh more in the search results. To help this, your website and its content should have the same usability, or in more lay conditions “Speak the same language”, as social media networks. Facebook Open graph helps to share your content widely and make it viral. This will help you to increase CTR (Click through rate) and increase the chance of getting more leads. How OG Meta tag look.

<meta property="og:title" content="Complete SEO Checklist To Rank 1st In Google - Startwithclick"/>
<meta property="og:type" content="article"/>
<meta property="og:url" content=""/>
<meta property="og:site_name" content="Startwithclick"/>
<meta property="og:locale" content="en_US" />
<meta property="og:description" content="SEO Checklist which you can use to increasing the visibility of your website to Rank 1st In Google, Yahoo,, Bing, duckduckgo and many more." />
<meta property="article:publisher" content="" />
<meta property="article:author" content="" />
<meta property="article:section" content="Blogging" />
<meta property="og:image" content="" />

If you’re using SEO Yoast you can directly add our OG Meta tag from the plugin setting itself.

Twitter Cards: Twitter has developed Twitter cards which allow users a wonderful feature of extending the information giving the capability to the 140 character limitation of a tweet through a ‘view summary’ button just underneath the tweet. Just like OG Tags, twitter cards can be included in the page code like

<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image"/>
<meta name="twitter:description" content="SEO Checklist which you can use to increasing the visibility of your website to Rank 1st In Google, Yahoo,, Bing, duckduckgo and many more."/>
<meta name="twitter:title" content="Complete SEO Checklist To Rank 1st In Google - Startwithclick"/>
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@startwithclick"/>
<meta name="twitter:image" content=""/>
<meta name="twitter:creator" content="@dieheartmansoor"/>

Twitter has the card validator that allows you to check you before sharing on social networks. Another tag is similar to the format used in Open Graph tags as shown in the following:

Sitemaps: A sitemap is a way route for search engine and for the reader. Sitemap informs search engine which page needs to crawl and index. There are two types of Sitemap. 1st Sitemap.html & 2nd is Sitemap.xml. Both the sitemap can be static and dynamics that search engines and users find your page and section links are located. You can take help of Plugins, modules and extensions which are available in the market, they will directly generate the sitemap for you and then you just need to submit a sitemap to your search engine webmaster tool and have it re-indexed on a daily or weekly basis.

H Tag: H Tag or a heading tag is another on-page element that helps search engines to determine what your website content is all about. If you have a large amount of content or post long article that 1500 (which is better from a search engine crawling and give better SERP) it would be best to have it subdivided it into sections, with each section properly identify with a corresponding H Tag (





tags and so on) There should only one and only on H1 tag for each and every web page. The H1 tag can also be your main title tag. Embedding your main keywords strategically and naturally into your header tags makes it more compelling for targeted audiences as well as search engine crawlers. Header tags are different from style headers which are more focused on font formats and styles.


Website Speed: Website loading speed is an important on-page SEO element. If affects the user experiences, with faster loading sites naturally favored over slower ones. Factors that can increase website speed include Compress Images, Host Images Separately, Load less External Objects, Unconditional caching, Compress & minimize Code.

Image ALT Tags: Search engines really cannot “view” images just like humans can and would rely on image ALT Tags to properly index images and return relevant ones during image search queries. These tags are not only used for letting search engine crawlers identify images, but a highly descriptive tag embedded.

Duplicate Content Check: One of the most important on-page SEO Elements you should focus on is checking for duplicate content. Failure to do so may have some dire consequences if search engine crawls find duplicate content. This is because it would be difficult for search engines to identify which particular is the original or the best version. You can make use of Google webmaster tools and other third-party application to check for duplicate content.
On-page SEO is as important as they once were since the principles and concepts of optimizing web pages the for search were developed. Business owners and digital marketers need to evolve as well and learn all important aspects of these elements and their impact on this modern and new age of SEO.

Robots.txt: Robots.txt is the main entrance of all the bot letting website, which file or folder they need to crawl and index. If you don’t let the search crawler to index your website or web page you can directly mention in the robots.txt file and they will not crawl your website.

Internal link: Try to give an internal link in your article, most of the people click directly on the link to your site which increases more traffic.

Search Box:  Ensure there is a search box panel on your website to aid in site navigation.

Breadcrumbs: Use ‘breadcrumbs’ such as ‘previous’ or ‘next’ buttons – this aids user-friendly & user-ability in a search engine.

Canonicalization: Have URLs that use canonicalization, it prevents from duplication of your own content.

Local SEO Checklist For Business Startup

Optimized Logo: Use your business or blog name & city where it established in Logo ALT Tags.

Website NAP: NAP..?? Name, Local Address, Local Phone Number. You can Display NAP anywhere on the website either in the footer or on the contact page. Just make sure it should be easily visible to the reader. Some of the local listing sites are Google business, Yahoo-Bing Local, Yellow Pages, Superpages, Hotfrog, etc.

Map & Direction: Add a Google Map pinpoint of your local address to reinforce the idea where your business is established. It will help the user to make a trust on your and find the address of your office.

Meta title & Description: Include your city name in the Meta tags. Check out how to improve meta tags in 5 minutes. The search engine will show your business in a particular city (local user) and it will create the strong local business.

Content & Links: Ensure your website content contains references and important links to other important and relevant local business, place and events.

Language & Geo Tags: Use correct language & regions tags.

Address Schema.Org: Are you using schema? Here is some schema code which you can use to set up a local business schema.

Google Authorship: Though Google has stopped showing google authorship in SERP, still it’s important and effective use. Set up google authorship, it will help in SERP.

Present Your Team: Highlight your team on your website using local schema. Link both to from their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google plus profiles.

Local Publicity: Organize local events and invites through your website to generate press interest.

Off-page SEO

The aspects which are going to show you today can boost your performance & this can be achieved by ensuring each of this important technical off page SEO tactics’.

Search Engine Submission: Submitting your website to all the important search engine such as google, Bing, yahoo, AltaVista, duck duck go, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite etc. All search engine submissions are FREE!

Forum Posting: Forum is basically for getting links from the signature. You can start your own forums or join the forums of your best niche. Signature of forums can be crawled by the search engine and help to get traffic & authority. You can start your own new thread or you can also comment in the thread which is related to your service in any pre-existing forums.

Blogging: Blog & blogging is an awesome & a fast way to build the authority and promote your service/product. Blogging need unique content to get indexed properly to the get nonstop user on your article. If you’re not able to write content on your blog then you can also do blog commenting to someone else existing blog. Website URL given in a comment on any blog are crawled and can be indexed by the search engine which helps you to rank higher. After getting some traffic, you can also start guest blogging on your blog.

CSS – w3c Directory Submission: We are hearing that directory submission is dead. Directory submission is of NO USE. But I think it’s still working. It just depends on where you’re submitting are. Directory submission is still effective just we need patience as it takes some time to approve and to get indexed. Check out how you can submit website to DMOZ.ORG. Along with Dmoz, there are many more high-quality directory submission websites which can give you high authority and traffic. While submitting directory submission you just need to be careful you shouldn’t select the wrong category.
Web 2.0: As we all know online reputation is the toughest thing. Online reputation is the best way to give trust to your customer or reader. But now you don’t need to get reputation management that tough. I’m going to make it too easy. Just sign up in following social networking site and continues to update your post or services feature. As you start sharing your content you will get exposure in front to the world. Some best web 2.0 website are FacebookTwitter, Blogger, WordPress, Linkedin, PinterestGoogle Plus etc. Complete profile properly.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is one of the powerful ways to generate traffic cum backlinks. Promoting business via social bookmarking is really good idea. Nowadays, the user getting confused how to promote a blog with social bookmarking and started doing the spamming. Some of the popular social bookmarking sites are DiggDeliciousStumbleUpon, Propeller, etc. Social bookmarking is the hot favorite because regularly and continuously bookmarking site getting updated with new content from different sources.

Image Promotion: Image sharing of your product or of the article can increase traffic to your website. Some best image sharing sites are PinterestFlickr, 500px, Picasa, Photobucket, Picli etc.

Video Promotion: Similar to image sharing you can also promote your product/service video. Video bind the user to spend more time on your website. The video sharing site is YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.

Link Exchange: Link exchange is also known as thematic link exchanges. Link exchange is a good way to make backlinks. The search engine also like link exchange between two websites. Link exchange helps both websites to rank in SERP. You must be aware of black hat SEO before doing a link exchange.

Link Baiting: Giving credit to someone else article is a good thing, but write such article that the reader starts doing link baiting for your blog. They start giving reference of your article in their post.

Cross Linking: Try to give as much you can internal link to your article. You can take Wikipedia (How to get the backlink from Wikipedia)& Encyclopedia reference of internal cross-linking website.

Article Submission: Try to write the content of your own and share it to article sharing site such as Ezine, Go Articles, Now Public, Buzzle, etc. Though its and snail process to get indexed, but it will give your deep linking for authority sites.

Guest Blogging: Try to get communicated with another niche blogger and contribute to them. They will give you backlinks & author credibility which is the best thing you need for guest blogging.

Press Release: Press release is for those who want to do marketing of their product or service. Press release helps to inform the world about your new product or updated service. The press release can give a citation to your website.

Classified: Classification helps you in doing marketing of your service or product in free. Craigslist and other sites like Kugli, Myspace, iMadespace, Vivastreet, etc. Are an important classification which helps you to drive traffic & leads.

Document Sharing: Like Image & videos document such as a PowerPoint file .ppt, document file .docx or portable document format .pdf can be shared on slide share, Google Docs, Issue, etc. Document sharing builds Branding of company/product.

Social Shopping Network: E-Commerce website promotion can be easily done with the help of the social shopping network. A Social shopping network is a site where you can share your products. Submit your products to Google Product Search, Bing Online Shopping, Yahoo Online Shopping, Kaboodle, Ohmybuzz, etc.

PPC-Ads Campaign: Short Term, Long Investment Plan is PPC. If you want to spend more money with a guarantee on traffic than you can go for PPC.

Business Review: Getting a review from a client is the best way to show trustworthy to your new visitor. Try to get as much review on Google plus, Facebook, RateitAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder and on many other sites. You can also write reviews on your website too.


This is a complete SEO Checklist, Still if you think I had missed out any point kindly share in a comment. I will update it soon with your credit.  You Happy Then, I’M Also Happy.

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What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization?

The egg or the chicken? If you have traffic, but your blog hasn’t monetized, it is clear that the revenue will be zero. If you have the monetized blog but you do not have traffic, history repeats itself, income does not exist. But if you create your blog in WordPress from scratch, where do you put […] The post What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization? appeared first on Start with...

The egg or the chicken?

If you have traffic, but your blog hasn’t monetized, it is clear that the revenue will be zero.

If you have the monetized blog but you do not have traffic, history repeats itself, income does not exist. But if you create your blog in WordPress from scratch, where do you put your efforts?

In traffic or monetization?

The answer is quite simple, in both.

Traffic and monetization is your salt and pepper, you can not understand one without the other.

It is a wheel that begins, and when it comes to an end, it must start over.

  • Posting content on your blog and sharing it on social networks.
  • You attract traffic to your blog, and this is where you must convert it into revenue.
  • To be able to start again and continue publishing content.

Ask yourself the following question, if you post content on the blog, social networks, SEO and the months will pass, and you will not get any income, how much time could you follow before leaving?

Well, if you only guide yourself by vain metrics like the number of fans and this is growing at a good pace, maybe you will endure a season.

But if your goal is to monetize your blog and increase your income progressively, or want to start seeing results within 12 months maybe you need to keep your temper on the floor.

How To Earn More Through Google Adsense

The income you get will be responsible for motivating you to continue and continue publishing content or ultimately, you can use that income to outsource help, pay for advertising that attracts traffic.

That’s why I always insist to my loyal reader’s: from leisure to business that is not advisable to take action until you have finished the program and have a global vision.

Each module is built in the previous one and gives meaning to the whole process.

36 Free Seo Tools To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

If you fail in the “Content Marketing Technique” and start generating posts, then you will lose the “Monetization” and all the possible future options. According to your choice, the content you create should be national or international.

So if you publish an article for a few months and still do not have a defined monetization way and a strategy that supports it, it will dry you up.

I know what you are thinking, but when there is something that is not going well, there is no point in continuing on a wheel that does not lead anywhere. That’s why losing now can make you win when you lose.


  • Contrary to what you may think, it is not publishing daily. You should not forget that time passes and every day new readers arrive at your blog, and these most likely do not know all your content, so I suggest you update your old posts and republish them. This is a technique that I use and believe me that the posts work even better than the day I published them.
  • Create a content plan for the next six months view. Last September I organized a free challenge, and for five days, we efficiently prepared your publication calendar for the next 12 months. It was seen and not seen.
  • Make sure that the posts are optimized for SEO and that they are aligned with your strategy. As with salt and pepper, SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, so never put your positioning on Google ahead of you. The creation of good content.
  • Choose two social networks maximum and focus your efforts on it, do not want to be everywhere because then, you will not be anywhere. If in the future you want to add more to your strategy, there is no problem, but conquest by parts.
  • Use tools that help you share the content quickly. After using numerous tools and none of them just convinced me 100% since there was always something I needed and did not have, and that caused me more work, I must confess that for a few months I am using a new tool and I am pleased.
    Soon I will upload a tutorial for my readers: from leisure to business, so, for now, I keep the secret.
  • Publish consistently. This is a golden rule, if you publish now, next week will not, and the other will see you reduce your chances of moving forward. Think that we act like this at work, depending on our involvement we will charge more or less, right? Without counting that we play the position. You must be committed to your why and your goal, and persevere.

6 Way How Content Marketing Aids Your Business to Grow?


Which option of monetization you choose is precise that is aligned with your strengths and with the theme of your blog, that is why I always advise my readers through the exercise of “monetization ways.”

Monetization options There are many, already in the post of the five most profitable niches to make money with a blog and I gave you enough ideas so I better not repeat myself.

Now it’s your turn and does not forget, the way to put traffic and monetization to work simultaneously is through a plan, do you have it ready

The post What to Choose First, Traffic Or Monetization? appeared first on Start with Click.

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