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  • Lynn Hannah
  • September 13, 2018 09:08:48 PM

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Blog Stories and News about San Diego's Top Rated Sailing Tours & Sailing Charters aboard famous Stars & Stripes America's Cup Sailboat. Team Building & Corporate Blogging stories will also be featured. We want to show people around San Diego how our sialing tour is more than just a tourist attraction.

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Your Guide to Sail San Diego on America’s Cup Sailing Charters

The post Your Guide to Sail San Diego on America’s Cup Sailing Charters appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

The Best Guide to Sail San Diego by America’s Cup Sailing Charters

Going sailing in itself is an exciting, fun activity – but it gets better. Why not sail on a boat/yacht that was once used for racing? Sounds like a good thrill to me!

What exactly is America’s Cup?

America’s Cup is the single oldest international sporting trophy in the entire world – first being contested in 1851 in a race.

It has also been claimed to be the most unfair competition in all sports because the Defender, the winner, was awarded the ability to choose the venue of the next race. This then gives the Defender an obvious, unfair advantage over the other racers/sailors.

Still, though, because of its infamous status, the America’s Cup Sailing charter in San Diego – Stars & Stripes – it has almost one-hundred-percent positive reviews, this for those interested in sailing San Diego coasts.

Do I really have to race someone?

No, there is not necessarily any racing in America’s Cup sailing. But, please note that you will be going rather quickly as the boat, yacht specifically, you board was once used for racing.

For example, if that is something you take interest to and you want to try it out – and you are specifically looking to sail San Diego waters – check out the website,, and the yacht for you is called Stars & Stripes USA-11.

But, if you decide you do want to race, you can sign up for Team Building races. In these races you will have employee members with you that will steer the boats/yachts so you can just sit back and enjoy the thrill!

Or, if you like more hands on things… You can steer, too! It is an interactive tour. 

Another plus with this one is that you will be given jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts, and caps; just like the actual America’s Cup sailing crew(s)!

Again, you do not have to if that is not something you would be interested in.

Do I have to sail with strangers?

You can choose to either sail publicly or privately. If you are looking to meet some like-minded people with at least one interest in common with you – sailing – then you may want to decide on a public charter.

However, if you just want this to be a family experience, or something else of the sort, then there is an option for you, too – private charters!

Who all can come aboard?

Almost anyone can come aboard!

You can go alone, you can go with your partner, with friends, with your family, etcetera. If you have a child, ages five to eighteen, that wants to go sailing then they are welcome but an adult must accompany them.

And, something crazy is that, on private charters, up to twenty-four people can board at a time! That is a lot of people!

Sadly, though, this is not handicap-friendly as it is not wheelchair accessible.

How much does it cost?

Well, for public charters, adults and children pay differently. Adults have to pay $125 and children, $75. Remember, this is PER PERSON. Another note, this is specifically for those that are looking to sail San Diego waters/San Diego bay. The prices – listed on the site, – for all public charters. And, will be provided complimentary water and light snacks.

For private charters, it works differently. They cost a minimum of $1,500. But, this is as a whole, not per person, thankfully. Private charters provide soft drinks, water, light snacks, and complimentary photos and videos. These photos will be posted on Google Web Albums where you can access them for free!

When is the best time to go?

Anytime – America’s Cup Sailing San Diego offers both summer and winter sails!

Just remember that if you go in the summer you may want to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a windbreaker (or light sweater and/or jacket), and sneakers.

If you go on a winter sail then you will still want sunglasses, sunscreen, and sneakers. You will probably also want and/or need a warm jacket (dress in layers), long pants, and warm socks!

Do keep in mind that you will be out on the boat/yacht for three whole hours – whether you are sailing publicly or privately!

What do the reviews say?

On Trip Advisor I could find nothing but positive reviews. But I’ll list a few anyways; “Exhilarating, Fast, Beautiful, with a dose of San Diego Bay’s history sums it all up. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK THIS OUT – SAILOR OR NON-SAILOR!” This person seems quite ecstatic about it.

What happens if I get seasick?

Do not worry! You will be sailing on smooth waters; therefore the boat/yacht will not be rocking you back and forth, making you nauseated.

But, if you are still too nervous about the possibility, then it would be smart to take something an hour or so before you set sail. It is recommended that those wishing to go out and sail San Diego bay to visit this site,, and they do indeed guarantee no seasickness.

If somehow you do end up feeling a little bit seasick then ask for a turn at the helm. (They encourage everyone to take a turn at the helm anyways!)

You know how sometimes people become car sick if they are just sitting there but they are fine when they are the one driving? It might be like that. Give it a try!

I am interested, who do I contact?

If you want to call beforehand then America’s Cup Sailing San Diego’s customer support number is (619) 255-4705.

If you are feeling spontaneous and just want to see it straight away – the address is 1551 Shelter Island Drive San Diego, CA 92106. 

They are open every single day from nine in the morning to six at night.

And, just for some more information, their website is


We hope you choose to Sail San Diego with America’s Cup Sailing Tours; check our availabilty by clicking here.

The post Your Guide to Sail San Diego on America’s Cup Sailing Charters appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

6 Fun Things to Do in San Diego from the Locals

The post 6 Fun Things to Do in San Diego from the Locals appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

Fun Things to Do in San Diego from the Locals

Before you plan your trip to San Diego, there are a few things to think about. Depending on where you are coming from, you’ll have to figure out more or less logistical details from the airport to your hotel. 

Getting Around San Diego

If you want to check out lots of different parts of San Diego, your best bet is renting a car. San Diego is much like Los Angeles in the sense that the city is pretty spread out from area to area. Once you are in an area you want to see, or near the coast, walking is nice but it can take a while to get between places. If you don’t want to rent a car, you can also consider taking an Uber to get across bigger distances within the city. Public transport is a good option BUT it doesn’t access all areas of the city.

General Information About San Diego

Located in California, San Diego is a city of about 1.5 million people right on the border with Mexico. Its location on the West Coast of the US means that you’ve got the Pacific Coast to explore.

Top Places to Visit in San Diego

North Park 

Often regarded as the trendiest neighborhood in San Diego, mixture of good coffee, amazing taquerias, and a vast variety of breweries are scattered around the neighbourhood. North Park got its name because of its location to the infamous Balboa Park, located just South of this unique neighborhood. No matter the time of day, this area offers something for everyone. Holsem Coffee is amazing with their super unique cold brews or lattes. North Park is full of eclectic shops if you are feeling like some retail therapy is in order and Pigment has eclectically curated collection of good. They even have a custom terrarium station.

University Heights

University Heights is located just north of North Park. This neighborhood is a continuation of great bars, good eateries, and trendy coffee shops. For some of the best craft cocktails in San Diego, Polite Provisions offers something different. Located in a unique old building with an atrium, this bar is sure will not disappoint cocktail connoisseurs. They will even have food delivered from the neighboring Soda and Swine if you’re in the mood for some good BBQ or comfort food. Park and Rec offers a more interactive experience. This fun outdoor venue has multiple bars, lawn games, and live music. It is a great place to hang out during the day or at night. Take a group of friends. The Small Bar is another great place to taste a selection of cocktails, craft beers, and bar food. Similar to North Park, University Heights is a great spot to wander around and experience San Diego for what it is. 


Sometimes overlooked due to its location, Encinitas is located about 24 miles North of San Diego. This quaint little town on the coast is a must stop on your way down, or worth a detour if you are already staying in San Diego. Wandering around the downtown area will find you a variety of gastropubs, vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and shops. Spending the day on Moonlight beach with an Eve Juice is a must while you are in the area. On Sundays, be sure to check out Leucadia’s Farmers Market for fresh local produce and various food stalls. The small beach town feel wouldn’t be complete without it. With the swell reaching epic proportions at certain times of the year, Swamis is definitely a surfers’ paradise. One of the best viewing locations is perched on the cliffs high above. Mr. Peabody’s offers an amazing brunch for those who aren’t interested in diving into the waves. 

The Gaslamp Neighborhood

Located right in the middle of Downtown San Diego, the Gaslamp neighborhood is one for the history buffs. This area is a San Diego landmark, first developed in 1867. Often known for its sprawling and wild nightlife, this area has much more to offer. Boasting more than just the usual booze filled entertainment, there are a number of venues where you can find live music, theatre, and comedy shows. During the day, be sure to stop at Horton Plaza Park.  This outdoor venue has a grassy area to sit, a variety of shops, and various food options. It’s a good place to relax and rest up your weary travelers feet. As the sun begins to go down, this area truly begins to come alive. For those who are into the club scene Omina and Parq will not disappoint. Typically hosting some of the bigger name DJ’s, these two venues are as close to a Vegas experience as you are going to get. Friday and Saturdays can get pretty busy, so be prepared.

Sunset Cliffs

As the name suggests, nothing would make a visit to Southern California complete without some epic sunsets. This is one of those places that stands out as an epic sunset watching spot. Sunset Cliffs is easily the most popular place in the area to grab a bottle of champagne and end the day. Located in the Point Loma area, this post is known for having the steepest cliffs in San Diego. Keep in mind that because it is one of the most popular spots, it can get a bit crowded.

Head over during the day if cliff jumping sounds like something that interests you. Please do some research beforehand, and jump at your own risk. Timing is often required in order for the tide to be high enough for a safe jump so it is suggested for on trained cliff jumpers. Another other great spot is Windansea Beach, which is located in La Jolla. This is a beautiful stretch of beach that has nearly everything. Cool rock formations, with small paths that bring you down to the water.

We hope we have made your sightseeing stay in San Diego a little easier and do forget the ultimate thing to do in San Diego is to Sail San Diego on the Stars and Stripes Sailing Tour.

The post 6 Fun Things to Do in San Diego from the Locals appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

Sail San Diego Bay in style | America’s Cup Sailing Charter

The post Sail San Diego Bay in style | America’s Cup Sailing Charter appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

Sail San Diego Bay

San Diego is the ultimate playground for boating of every kind. A mild climate and steady winds mean that everything from sabots to super yachts, cruise ships to catamarans are aplenty for recreation and racing. San Diego is the place to get out on the water, even if you are a land lover. Adding sailing and boating to your vacation itinerary is a must and with a host of charter, rental and instructional services, plus dinner cruises, sports fishing, scuba diving excursions, seasonal whale watching and other ocean-going outings, you certainly will not find short of activities. 


With such a huge variety of activities and sights to take in, San Diego is a city to be visited with time in mind. This is not a two or three day stopover destination. A little proactive planning for whale watching or deep sea fishing and sailing can yield amazing memories. For those who are interested in history, San Diego does not disappoint. With one of the richest historical cultures in the United State, residence of the Bay are not shy in sharing the information to anyone who will listen. San Diego is the ultimate destination for those wanting to learn how to sail, experienced sailors and lazing cruise boaters alike. 



San Diego’s three harbors are Oceanside, Mission Bay and The Big Bay which includes Point Loma Peninsula, Coronado, the Downtown Waterfront and Chula Vista. All of these harbours offer marina facilities, boat rentals, private charters, boat tours, scheduled excursions and boating classes. La Jolla Shores is a favourite stopover for yacht cruisers. As one of San Diego’s best beaches, La Jolla is referred to as the “jewel of San Diego.” Be sure to make use of the many guided tours for both out of water and in water activities to take full advantage of this gem. If you would prefer to stay away from motor boats or guided activities, small boats and kayaks can also be rented along the coast and at some of San Diego’s inland lakes. Boat owners will find ample locations to launch, moor or repair their vessels, whether they’re taking a spin around the bay. There is a reason that San Diego is a much loved stopover spot for those embarking on an around the world tour.  


Tour Boats and Ferries

Probably one of the best ways to see San Diego’s Big Bay is on a narrated boat tour. San Diego has a number of tour operators including Hornblower and Flagship, two of the largest which we covered in one of our previous articles. A tour boat means that you get to see the beautiful San Diego skyline and local landmarks, plus get up close and personal with marine animals, including whales, seals, sea lions and dolphins, and all you need to do is kick back, relax and take in the information given to you while you cruise the waters. Most operators also offer dinner, brunch, champagne cruises, sunrise and sunset cruises and some speciality holiday cruises. Downtown is easily accessible with one of the Water Taxis which move up and down the coast frequently. From downtown, you can also hop aboard the Coronado Ferry at Broadway Pier for a scenic ride across the bay to Coronado Ferry Landing. The quaint island offers sightseeing tours of the area. Whether strolling on the beach or riding a rental bike around the island, visitors can partake of the charm of this community, home to the Coronado Museum of History and Art, the shops and art galleries at Ferry Landing, and views of San Diego across the bay. Tours all include a stop at the Hotel del Coronado, which is said to be the inspiration for the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. A must for any sightseer.


The Open Ocean

For those wanting to see a little more or who are more adventurous boaters, the open ocean awaits. Long range sportfishermen often head 100 miles or more offshore in the more predictable season of Summer and Autumn (Fall). The Catalina Island is a firm favorite destination for coastal sailing enthusiasts with steady predictable winds creating sailing heaven. Most local cruise ships offer short routes between San Diego to Mexico, with some extending the cruise distance beyond Mexico. As stated Summer and Autumn (Fall) are the most predictable seasons to go to sea in San Diego, but if you’re manning your own vessel it is always a good idea to check the weather or better yet, consult the San Diego Lifeguard Service for the most current news and predictions.


San Diego’s Rich History

San Diego’s love affair with the sea and for boating has a long history, extending back to early Pacific explorers like Juan Cabrillo who stepped into history as the first European to set foot in California in San Diego bay in 1542. Located at the tip of Point Loma, the Cabrillo National Monument honors Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The National Monument offers plenty of activities for visitors who enjoy the great outdoors. Activities range from watching for Pacific Gray whales that swim by during the winter months to a guided hike along the two-mile Bayside Trail with its stunning views of the city and bay. An excellent natural harbor and important stop on the California Mission circuit, San Diego’s marine traffic grew rapidly during the colonial period and into the early 20th Century. The USS Midway Museum, located on the Embarcadero’s Navy Pier, pays homage to this and visitors get a chance to explore, from stem to stern, one of the longest-serving aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy. The guided tour gives in depth detail on the nearly quarter-million sailors who have served on the Midway between 1945 to 1992, when it was retired. If you prefer


Sail San Diego Bay in style on the America’s cup sailing charter

The Stars and Stripes-USA11 is a famous San Diego Boat Tour; conveniently located 2 miles from downtown San Diego, just across from the airport on shelter island drive. The small privately held company in San Diego, California which specializes in public and private personalized yacht charter for small groups was started back in 2011. “This is not something you can do just anywhere,” says Lynn Hanna, captain of the vessel, which is called Stars and Stripes.

The post Sail San Diego Bay in style | America’s Cup Sailing Charter appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

America’s Cup 2019 Top Sailing Charters In San Diego

The post America’s Cup 2019 Top Sailing Charters In San Diego appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

2019 Top Sailing Charters In San Diego 


Aolani Catamaran Sailing

Winner of the San Diego A List’s Best City Tour in 2014 and 2016 and winner of the number one Activity in San Diego by Lifestyle Magazine, Aolani Catamaran Sailing is the first private yacht charter company business in San Diego, California. Their comfortable, well-appointed catamaran vessel is certified by the Coast Guard to sail with up to 48 passengers, including in the open ocean. 


Boat Bed & Breakfast

With an impressive fleet of the Agavero, Mea Culpa, Elegante, Czech Mate, Ode to Our Joy, Seas the Day, and Slipaway, Boat Bed & Breakfast has outstanding ratings and reviews on Yelp and VRBO. Boat Bed & Breakfast is a bed and breakfast yacht hotel offers charter and dockside accommodations. This establishment owns seven beautiful boats that have been converted into an extraordinary bed and breakfast experience. 


California Cruisin’ Yacht Charters

California Cruisin’ Yacht Charters is a boat rental service located in San Diego, California. Their yacht charters include sailboats, powerboats, weddings, dinner cruises, and overnight stays. California Cruisin’s San Diego yacht charters and bay cruises are an exciting way to see the city’s spectacular skyline and world-famous harbor, or to just soak up the sunshine while cruising the San Diego Bay.


Cast Off Sailing

With prices starting from $85 per person for three hours, a whale watching adventure for $85 per person for three and a half hours, and a private sailing adventure for $499 for three hours and up to six guests, Cast Off Sailing is a great option. This boat rental business is located in the heart of the San Diego Bay, California which means you can take full advantage of the climate and steady winds. 


Chere Amie Yacht Charters

Chere Amie Yacht Charters is a cruise agency and boat charter business founded in 2008. They host birthdays and private parties, weddings and formal events, and business meetings. Their crew has already served 217,000 passengers on 2,100 cruises for more than 8,700 hours and counting. Chere Amie Yacht Charters is where luxury meets affordability.


Coletta Sportfishing

Coletta Sportfishing is a fishing charter service. Their Captain, Christopher “Chris” Coletta, has more than 35 years of fishing experience.Their charter boat, Wanu, is a custom 32′ Marshall flybridge sport fisher powered by a 250 HP Cummins Turbo Diesel with the latest in digital controls. Wanu was specifically designed and built to fish the coastal waters of Southern California. Coletta Sportfishing was voted as the Top Charter Boat in San Diego for 2015 by


Harbor Yacht Clubs

Harbor Yacht Clubs is a boat charter company with locations in San Diego and Long Beach, California that has been in business for over 20 years. They offer a sailing club, sailboat rentals, and sailing lessons. Their sailboat fleet is composed of 11 boats, and their sailing school is award-winning.


Mai Tai Yacht Charters

Mai Tai Yacht Charters is a yacht charter business with a 41’ sporting yacht harbored in Harbor Island. Clients can experience the beauty of San Diego Bay from the deck of their yacht charter. Customers are free to bring their cameras, as the photo opportunities are plentiful. This yacht charter offers beautiful sunset cruises, corporate outings, special events, private celebrations, and snorkeling tours. Luxury is the name of the game here. 


Next Level Sailing

Next Level Sailing is a boat tour agency founded in 2003 that specializes in corporate and private charters. Their charter services include corporate entertainment, groups of up to 76 can enjoy, corporate whale watching, catering/dining, and weddings. Next Level Sailing is the official partner of the San Diego Maritime Museum and special discounted offers are available on numerous sites for those who are searching for a bargain. 


Sail JADA Charters, LLC

Sail JADA Charters, LLC is a boat tour agency established in 1938, making it one of San Diego’s oldest chartering services. Their sail charters include corporate charters, private charters, memorials at sea, sunset cruises, whale watching, weddings at sea, and public charters. Sail JADA Charters, LLC has a public charter as well and is the only authentic classic wooden sailing yacht available for charter in San Diego.


Sail San Diego

Sail San Diego is a charter boat company that provides 12 different sailing and fishing options for 2 people to up to 50. Services include yacht brokerage, private fishing trips, and sailing lessons. Their crew has over 80 years of experience in the chartering business. Winner of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence six years in a row and Hall of Fame Award, number one Charter company by Fishing Booker in 2016, and 4th place winner and 1st place captain in the Make-a-Wish Tuna Challenge 2016, Sail San Diego is used by concierges of top hotels throughout the San Diego metro area. 


San Diego Bay Cruises

San Diego Bay Cruises is a private yacht charter that provides sailing yachts, sport fishing boats, motor yachts, mega yachts, small boats and sport crafts, and boatels, (boat hotels). Their featured yacht is the Antonina. San Diego Bay Cruises is a proud sponsor of the San Diego Brews Cruise.


San Diego Luxury Sailing

San Diego Luxury Sailing’s charter options include sunset sail, day sail, whale watching, romantic sunset sail for two, overnight at anchor, engagement proposal, and more. They also offer fun yachting activities such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, a dock and dine at one of San Diego’s finest restaurants, the Humphreys and Summer Pops concert series, and swimming and snorkeling. In 2015, San Diego Luxury Sailing received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. 


Stars & Stripes Sailing Tours

Whether you’re a sailing fanatic or just enjoy the view of floating sails on the water, I think we can all agree that sailing on an International America’s Cup Class yacht would be an amazing, unforgettable experience. Luckily, you can! Docked up at the Kona Kai Resort and Marina in San Diego California, the Stars & Stripes USA-11 is one of the fastest racing sailboats in the world, and you can charter it for a day on San Diego Bay! Great fun for all ages, a three hour harbor cruise in the San DiegoBay on the Stars & Stripes is sure to make the top of your list of fun group activities.


SV Sweet Angel

SV Sweet Angel, a sailboat charter business, boasts over 42 years of sailing experience. This establishment has one of the newest and best-looking 42-foot charter sailboats available in the Bay at the moment. With highly competitive pricing, and an extremely experienced captain, the SV Sweet Angel should be the first choice for those wanting to sail in style.


Waterhorse Charters

Waterhorse Charters is a SCUBA tour agency that provides trips to Wreck Alley, Coronado Islands, Kelp Beds, and various points in between. Their custom vessel, the Humboldt, was designed especially for scuba diving with an overall length of 45′ and a 16′ beam. They can carry 22 passengers on board at a top speed of 30 mph and a cruising speed of 26 mph. Waterhorse Charters offers SCUBA diving with ample space, a friendly crew, good food, and all the details that make for an unforgettable dive.


Click to View The 10 Best San Diego Boat Tours

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Summer events in San Diego

The post Summer events in San Diego appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

Fun Summer events in San Diego 2019


San Diego being the second largest city in California and eight largest city in the United States is America is one of the most popular tourist spots around the world. It is also known as “America’s finest City”.

Summer in San Diego 

It is what dreams are made of. Hot girls, happening events, so many places to visit and things to do. San Diego is definitely a go to place during the summer, which promises you a lot of fun and activities. Without further ado let’s list down Summer Events in San Diego.



With almost 80 world renowned classical artists putting up amazing performance one after the other, the LA JOLLA MUSIC SOCIETY SUMMERFEST that mostly takes place at the Conrad Prebus Concert Hall at the University of California, it is one thing not to be missed during the summer. So many concerts and so many artists performing, it is definitely worth attending. 



The city’s most prized possession of definitely the world famous San Diego Bay. There is no way someone goes to San Diego and doesn’t visit the San Diego Bay. What is more fun during the summer is the BAYSIDE SUMMER NIGHTS. It’s like a music festival with lost of food, performances and picturesque views. It takes place at the Embarcadero Marina Park South in downtown. It offers you a fun time with the most stunning of views and allows you to truly get into the summer vibe 



While on the topic of concerts and music, the KAABOO FESTIVAL is not to be missed while spending summer in San Diego. Even thought it takes place in the second week of September, it is still packed with a lot of people and it is a three-day festival with countless music acts.



Summer is all about fun festivals with lots of music, food and in this case some beautiful animals as well. This is a very family friendly festival that takes place during the summer and one of the events that should not be missed. You can walk around the animals while live music plays and fun activities like magicians and jugglers are also arranged.



A brand new roller coaster ride to be unveiled this summer at the San Diego Sea world is definitely not to be missed. It basically demonstrates the power of the ocean and is one of a kind. 



While you are there checking out the Tidal Twister, the Electric Ocean is not to be missed. It will be a night packed with shows like the Cirque Electrique and Illuminight. Experience the most exotic parts of the underwater world and have a fantastic time at the Sea world.


San Diego County Fair

What better way to spend a summer day than to crack open a cold one with friends? San Diego offers the San Diego Beer Festival. If you have not found the perfect beer for your taste, you are in luck! You will have the chance to taste beers from up to 200 different breweries from around the world and can definitely know if you are a craft beer person or if you like the generic brands more. The event is not only about beer; you will also have the chance to do food pairings and a lot more.



A spectacular way to spend the Fourth of July in San Diego is to visit the Ocean beach where you can spend your time relaxing at the beach and shopping around the Newport Ave. This is followed by a magnificent display of fireworks that you can enjoy looking at from the perfect location of the Ocean Beach. There are other parades as well that happen on that day so if you want to do things a little more actively then you can be a part of the various parades not to mention the concerts as well.


USS Midway Museum 

There is nothing like taking a tour of a museum and knowing about the historical facts and events that took place in a city. It will help you develop a connection that is very deep with the beautiful city of San Diego and it will give you a wonderful insight about the history of the city itself. The best part about the USS midway museum is that it is home to world’s longest serving aircraft carrier. It will make you learn so much about the heroes who served in the military, about wars and it is not only a place for the history buffs to visit but for every person visiting San Diego in the summer. There are many special tours happening during the summer so do check it out.



One of the most happening events related to food in San Diego is the Bay wine and food festival. It is a celebration of food and wine with so many local legends gathering together to make it a memorable and unforgettable experience for people. It also takes place amidst the most beautiful beaches and sailboats in the Embarcadero Marina Park South in downtown.  If you are a food and wine enthusiast this is just the right event for you. 


Comic-Con International San Diego


The event features amazing fun for comic lovers as it is guaranteed that anyone with the love of comics will have a mind-blowing time at this interactive event. From getting a chance to meet your favorite comic creators to getting an autograph from your favorite superhero, this event is a blast!

Exclusive screening is a major part of the event so missing out on this event is not an option for comic lovers. Along with other fun-filled activities such as costume parties and merchandise sales this is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world.


With the aforementioned events and countless more that can not be mentioned in one single article, it is guaranteed that you will have a very fun packed and eventful summer in San Diego and it will definitely become one of the most memorable summers of your life.

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San Diego Sightseeing

The post San Diego Sightseeing appeared first on Americas Cup Sailing Tours San Diego.

San Diego Sightseeing & Unique Things To Do



San Diego, with its moderate climate, sprawling beaches and exceptional attraction is a great place for a vacation. There is literally something for everyone. From nightclubs to beach bums and club hoppers, let’s take a look at some of San Diego’s best sightseeing opportunities.


San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world with over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species. Because of the weather, almost all major exhibits of the San Diego Zoo are open-air. The San Diego Zoo is also extremely active in conservation and preservation efforts and many species are bred in captivity for release into their native habitats where appropriate. Guided tours are available for those who prefer not to amble around aimlessly.



With more than 130 million visitors since its opening in 1964, SeaWorld is the leading tourist attraction in San Diego and one of the most popular marine life parks in the world. With shows, displays and enclosures people can learn about the world’s oceans and the creatures that inhabit them such as dolphins, killer whales, walruses, penguins and Polar bears. It really is the ultimate guided tour. 


Coronado Island

The laid back small town atmosphere of Coronado Island is ideal for those who are looking for a place to relax. The quaint island offers sightseeing tours of the area which is connected to San Diego by the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. Whether strolling on the beach or riding a rental bike around the inland, visitors can partake of the charm of this community, home to the Coronado Museum of History and Art, the shops and art galleries at Ferry Landing, and views of San Diego across the bay. Tours all include a stop at the Hotel del Coronado, which is said to be the inspiration for the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz.


The Uss Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum, located on the Embarcadero’s Navy Pier, offers visitors a chance to explore, from stem to stern, one of the longest-serving aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy. The guided tour gives in depth detail on the nearly quarter-million sailors who have served on the Midway between 1945 to 1992, when it was retired. It has been a San Diego tourist attraction since 2004, receiving more than one million visitors annually, making it one of the world’s most visited ship museums. Guided tours take visitors to the ship’s sleeping and officer quarters, engine room and galley. 


Balboa Park

Balboa Park isn’t just another park. It has plenty of green space, flora and fauna, naturally, but it also contains 15 museums, a carousel, miniature railroad, the renowned San Diego Zoo and the historic Old Globe Theatre, among other attractions. The list of museums include a couple of art museums while others are devoted to natural history, air and space, science and the famous Museum of Man. Comprehensive tours are available of the numerous gardens which are devoted to native plants, roses, cactus, and the veterans memorial. The nation’s largest urban garden also includes restaurants, and biking and hiking trails.


The Gaslamp Quarter

One of the most popular areas to pick up a “walking tour guide”, The Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego’s premier dining, nightlife and shopping center, dates back to 1850. Decades later, this Victorian district was cleaned up, both in appearance and reputation, and became known as the Gaslamp Quarter. Now home to more than 200 restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, it is on the National Historic Register and is a shopping addicts dream.


La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores is one of the San Diego area’s best beaches. La Jolla is an upscale community sometimes referred to as the “jewel of San Diego,” but this gem really shines when it comes to its beaches. La Jolla Shores is a mile-long beach that is popular with locals and visitors alike for a variety of water activities: swimming, surfing, scuba diving and kayaking. Be sure to make use of the many guided tours for both out of water and in water activities to take full advantage of this gem. 


Cabrillo National Monument

Located at the tip of Point Loma, the Cabrillo National Monument honors Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the Spanish explorer who landed at San Diego Bay in 1542, thus becoming the first European to set foot on the West Coast of what is now the United States. The Cabrillo National Monument offers plenty of activities for visitors who enjoy the great outdoors. Activities range from watching for Pacific Gray whales that swim by during the winter months to a guided hike along the two-mile Bayside Trail with its stunning views of the city and bay. 


Old Town

Though Native Americans lived in the area for thousands of years, the area known as Old Town wasn’t “discovered” until 1542 by a Spanish explorer. Old Town is considered the birthplace of California since it was the first permanent Spanish settlement in California, with Father Junipero Serra establishing his first mission here on Presidio Hill. Today, Old Town is a great place to see San Diego’s colonial roots. Casas, or houses, built in the 19th century, are now museums, shops or restaurants; adobe churches add to the color of Old Town. Guided historical tours are a plenty here and a plethora of knowledge is shared while you amble the historical sights. 


San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, located near Escondido, is one of the top tourist attractions in San Diego. The 1,200-acre zoo has more than 300 species of animals, especially those that are endangered in the wild, concentrating on breeding them and then reintroducing them back into their wild native habitat. Visitors can take a guided tram tour of the zoo or see it from above via a hot-air tethered balloon and a nature specialised guide. Other activities include watching a cheetah run at up to 70 mph, a petting zoo, walking among the lemurs and visiting an aviary. 


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