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Bad Spider Bot Name: GrapeshotCrawler/2.0

Home Spider Bot Name: GrapeshotCrawler/2.0

Bad Spider Bot Name: GrapeshotCrawler/2.0

Spider Bot Details:

Bot ID: 39

Spider Bot Added: 2015-07-13 13:33:28

Spider Bot URL / Origin:

Spider Bot Description:

The Grapeshot crawler is an automated robot that visits pages to examine and analyse the content, in this sense it is somewhat similar to the robots used by the major search engine companies.

Howto block GrapeshotCrawler/2.0

How to block bad spiderbots using a robots.txt file is easy! You can create a robots.txt file using notepad and add the following rule to block the spiderbot GrapeshotCrawler/2.0, or if you prefer you can download our spiderbot block list thats generated by our system by clicking here.

Spider Bot Statistics

Total Visits: 913

Link to bad spider bot info for GrapeshotCrawler/2.0

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