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  • March 23, 2020 07:02:40 PM

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Prestige Insulation & Drywall is a contractor located in Mansfield, Ohio. Aside from being the best insulation contractor and drywall installer in Mansfield, Columbus, and Akron, Prestige also does amazing work with gutter cleaning, landscaping, lawn mowing, and lawn services. Prestige is a fully licensed and insured local small business located near Lexington Avenue in Mansfield. We've been serving our friends and neighbors in the community for decades. Prestige provides top notch home improvement services for great prices.

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  • Prestige Lawn Care & Landscapes is the most reliable lawn care and landscaping service in Mansfield, Ohio. They provide mowing, trimming, yard clean up, tree removal, and general landscaping services to Mansfield and the surrounding area.
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    Comfort and Cost Benefits of Insulation in the Summer in Mansfield, Ohio

    The Benefits of Insulation Against the Summer Heat Everyone who’s ever lived in Ohio knows that the summers can be brutally hot. It’s not the average highs so much, but the swelteringly high humidity.  Homeowners and renters alike spend hundreds … Continued The post Comfort and Cost Benefits of Insulation in the Summer in Mansfield, Ohio appeared first on Prestige Insulation &...

    The Benefits of Insulation Against the Summer Heat

    Everyone who’s ever lived in Ohio knows that the summers can be brutally hot. It’s not the average highs so much, but the swelteringly high humidity. 

    Homeowners and renters alike spend hundreds of dollars per month on cooling their homes. Much of this is being wasted by not having effective insulation in their homes, and not installing radiant barriers and fans in their attics. 

    Couple this with a smart thermostat, and your home will be well on it’s way towards maximum comfort at minimum expense. You’ll be increasing energy efficiency, saving money, and helping reduce pollution on our planet.

    thermal image attic insulation radiant barrier

    Why is Insulation in the Summer Time Important?

    Aside from the overall monthly cooling costs, Mansfield residents have to worry about prolonging the life of their air conditioners. Maintenance and repairs on expensive HVAC systems can put a big dent in your  summertime budget. Plus, nobody wants to sit around for hours or days in the middle of the summer, waiting for their central air conditioner to be repaired. Proper insulation and reflective radiant barrier in Mansfield and Central Ohio can add years to the life of a cooling system. 


    Even renters can’t escape the discomfort of an improperly insulated home in Columbus. Oftentimes, renters don’t want to make major improvements on a property that they don’t own. They feel like any improvements they make are only benefiting their landlords by increasing the property value. 

    This may be true with some home improvement projects, but by installing radiant barrier and proper insulation in your attic or crawlspace, you will reap the benefits immediately. Not only will you see drastic improvements on your monthly electric bills, the overall feel in the home will be immediately more comfortable. 


    Most of us know what it feels like to be inside a home that just can’t seem to get cool enough in the summer. The air conditioner seems like it’s constantly running, yet the temperature still hovers in the high 70s. Most of the time, this is because of poor insulation, often in the attic or crawlspace. It’s hard to notice this because it’s an area that’s not often used. And let’s face it; nobody wants to sit in their home in Mansfield in the summer sweating while their air conditioner blows money out of a poorly insulated attic.

    How Does Radiant Barrier Work?

    Although radiant barrier sounds like some complex and expensive product, how it works is actually quite simple. The Department of Energy has an easy to read and highly detailed page explaining radiant barriers pretty extensively. 

    But to put it very simply, it’s a reflective system that prevents heat from passing through it. Radiant barriers are very similar to aluminum. It’s the same principal as they use on space shuttles to keep them cool upon reentry to earth. If you’ve ever felt foil when it comes out of the oven it’s not very hot. This is because it doesn’t absorb the heat, it reflects it.

    When a radiant barrier is placed in an attic or crawl space ceiling, it has the same effects. While the sun is baking down on the roof all day long, that radiant barrier is preventing much of that heat from passing through into your home. When installed professionally with proper attic insulation, you can expect an attic heat reduction of up to 30°F

    It’s not hard to understand that a cooler attic or crawlspace helps immensely in keeping the rest of your home cooler. 

    In two story homes, the effects of a poorly insulated attic or crawlspace are very noticeable in the summer. That big temperature change when you walk up the stairs is the biggest indicator. If you want to be more technical, place a thermometer upstairs and another one downstairs and see if they’re different.  The differences in temperature will tell you all you need to know.

    If your home is insulated properly and you’re using radiant barriers and an attic fan, they should be very close or the same temperature. If there’s a big difference, you’re wasting money on heating and cooling, as well as putting more strain on your system and creating a larger carbon footprint.

    Mansfield attic fan

    Is an Attic Fan Necessary with Radiant Barrier?

    Attic fans have long been used for cooling attics for decades, but the science of them has been disputed. Some studies say that they have a significant improvement on cooling costs. Others claim that attic fans don’t make that much difference. 

    Whether or not you choose to install a solar powered attic fan is something you should discuss with your Mansfield insulation expert. It’s important to address what you hope to gain with the addition of an attic fan. 

    The biggest issue that we’ve found with our customers in Mansfield, Columbus, and Akron is that expectations can be too high for the attic fans by themselves. This is often the fault of less than honest insulation companies. Just as with a reflective radiant barrier, an attic fan by itself will do little without proper insulation. But if you are creating a solid wall against the summer heat with insulation and radiant barrier underneath your roof, an attic fan can be very effective at removing the super-heated air that rises to the top of your home. 

    Another consideration is the low cost of installing an attic fan in Mansfield. If it’s done by Prestige, along with insulation and/or radiant barrier, it’s surprisingly affordable. We can install a solar powered attic fan for much less cost than most people would think. In our opinion, an attic fan is a cost effective addition to our insulation installation work.

    Installing a Smart Thermostat to Maximize Insulation Benefits

    It’s no secret that the digital age has pretty much taken over our lives. Just try leaving your iPhone at home one day and see if it gives you anxiety. But embracing the benefits of how technology can improve our lives can really save you money, and help the environment. 

    Smart thermostats are one of the most effective ways to use technology to improve the cost of keeping our homes the perfect temperature. Installing a smart thermostat gives Mansfield residents the ability to control the climate of their home from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. They allow them to set schedules for when everyone is away. Many smart thermostats even learn on their own when to raise or lower the temperature based on the proximity of residents’ phones.

    The cost benefits of using even a modestly priced smart thermostat are usually noticeable immediately. Even the most advanced smart thermostats pay for themselves in less than two years. 

    Some brands of smart thermostats even offer reports which allow you to see exactly what your family is saving by using them.

    One thing to consider as we look towards uncertain summer months is that families are almost guaranteed to be spending more time at home this year. Installing and utilizing a smart thermostat will make the efficient energy use even more beneficial.

    Preparing for the Possibility of Coronavirus Keeping Ohio Residents Inside This Summer

    At the time of this blog being written, the United States and the world are going through a pandemic and economic crash. We are currently being asked to quarantine ourselves, working from home and keeping our children isolated. Restaurants are closed, as are malls, gyms, churches, and any other non-essential places where people gather and work. Spring break and family vacations are cancelled, all sports from professional to preschool are prohibited, and summer in general, is all but shut down.

    While it’s difficult to think about anything other than the absolute shock and fear from the uncertainty that lies ahead, it’s still important to plan ahead to minimize the effects. Recognizing that the Coronavirus outbreak is going to cause you and your family’s lives to be very different for awhile, and planning for it, can save you headaches, stress, and money. It’s almost a guarantee that everyone will be spending much more time indoors than is normal for this time of year.

    That means, as the weather gets warmer, the air conditioner is going to be running much more than normal trying to cool your home. In Mansfield, installing proper attic insulation with radiant barrier and an attic fan, along with a smart thermostat, can minimize the cost of this increased usage. In a time of uncertainty, it becomes even more important to control what we can.

    Fill our the form below, or call us at (419) 528-8083, and we’ll be in touch right away!

    Pictures are always helpful and may be texted to our office number (419) 528-8083. Please text photos individually, no files that need opened.

    The post Comfort and Cost Benefits of Insulation in the Summer in Mansfield, Ohio appeared first on Prestige Insulation & Drywall.

    Drywall Repair in Columbus-Prestige Has Got You Covered

    Drywall Installation & Drywall Repair in Columbus Prestige has got you, and your walls, covered! Columbus Drywall Repair A large portion of our service area includes Columbus, Ohio. If you find yourself in need of drywall repair, then look no … Continued The post Drywall Repair in Columbus-Prestige Has Got You Covered appeared first on Prestige Insulation &...

    Drywall Installation & Drywall Repair in Columbus

    Prestige has got you, and your walls, covered!

    Framing and drywall repair in Columbus, Ohio

    Columbus Drywall Repair

    A large portion of our service area includes Columbus, Ohio. If you find yourself in need of drywall repair, then look no further. Our team of professionals are ready and willing to help with any type of drywall issues that may have arisen. 

    There are many reasons that as a business or home-owner you may find yourself in need of some assistance. Many of our clients have a wide range of issues structurally, causing them to reach out for an estimate on drywall repair. No need to worry, because our prices are fair and honest. You can also be sure to count on the repair to be finished in a timely manner, with excellent end results. 


    We surely hope that you haven’t encountered an issue with termites, but it can happen to anyone. Termites are fierce, they come in groups, and love to stick around until they are properly given the boot.

    Unfortunately termites like to cause significant damage to drywall if given an opportunity. Drywall is made up of thick paperboard in the center, which attracts termite feasting. If you notice signs of termite damage, then we recommend that you call a professional exterminator as soon as possible.

    Once you have been given the clear that the termites have left the building, then give us a call. Prestige will gladly come to your home and assess the extent of the damage to your drywall. At times, we may only need to replace certain areas of your drywall. We promise to have your home back in beautiful shape before you know it. 

    Chinese Drywall

    Depending on the age of your home, or the last time you had drywall repair or insulation, you may have an issue with Chinese drywall. In between 2004 and 2007 there was a surge and high demand for drywall in the United States. During this time there was a pretty big construction boom, requiring the use of a lot of drywall.

    When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 it caused a significant amount of damage to a lot of homes and businesses. Of course, this used up a lot of supply of the already limited amount of drywall available, so contractors started looking and buying elsewhere. This is how the Chinese drywall came about.

    Drywall contractors were desperate for materials, and there seemed to be an endless, inexpensive, abundance available ready to be shipped in from China. At first, everybody was happy. Homeowners were able to get their homes repaired, companies that installed the drywall continued to have work, and the producers in China were suddenly doing very well with their additional sales. 

    How do you know if you have chinese drywall?

    Well it didn’t take long (2009) before people started to realize there may be an issue with their drywall. Homeowners started reporting a volatile sulfur smell inside their homes. People were suffering asthma attacks, coughing, headaches, and other rotten egg type awful odors lingering.

    After extensive research, studies, and testing, it was concluded that the common denominator in these homes were where the drywall came from. China. The way they constructed the drywall is much different then how other companies in the United States makes theirs, therefore, it didn’t respond well in these homes. China’s home structures and climate is much different, so there it’s no problem, but here it was causing lots of concerns.

    It’s clearly been many years since this realization but if you feel like you may be having similar concerns or issues, then call us. We will come and find out and if necessary replace drywall where needed. Not many homes in Columbus encountered this drywall because it was shipped into Florida. Mostly southern states are to be of concern. We say it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    Mold Remediation Columbus, Ohio

    Mold in Columbus can grow abundant, and quickly. We tend to have a great environment to allow mold growth, and it can be hard to stay on top of areas that get out of hand. Often times, damp basements allow for mold to find it’s way in going unnoticed before it’s too late and already caused wall damage.

    Mold Removal

    We know that nobody wants to live in an unsafe home with mold growing in the same place we spend most of our time. It’s not only unattractive, but it can cause a lot of health problems if you are exposed for an extended period of time. We recommend you have mold removed at first site.

    We know schedules can be hectic and remedying a mold growth isn’t something you want to wait on. At Prestige, we will work around your schedule and keep you and your family safe from the toxic harm. We’re experienced and professional in mold removal. 

    Prestige Insulation & Drywall will gladly repair drywall where mold has taken over, and discard the previous plasterboard.

    Drywall Contractor Columbus, Ohio

    Finding a drywall contractor in Columbus that you trust doesn’t have to be a chore. Look no further, because we are the company you can count on. Our expertise has a wide range including home, building, church, school, or any other project you have in mind. 

    Fire Resistant Drywall | Type X

    Having an extra layer of protection inside your home is always a great idea. You never know when a fire can break out. It may just be a small stove fire, or in a worse case scenario, a full on home engulfing fire. In these type of situations you never know how bad it can get. Fires can be quickly contained or they can burn throughout the night. 

    If you worry about the occasional small indoor fire that can be extinguished moderately fast, then you may be interested in installing type X drywall. Plasterboard is already produced with a thermal resistance due to the presence of a mineral called gypsum. The difference with the type x is added glass fibers. Glass fibers help reinforce gypsum creating a longer withstanding fire resistant wall.

    Unfortunately, fires can be quite destructive, so installing your home with type x will not ensure that you have walls still standing once the blaze has settled. However, it will allow for you and all your loved ones to potentially have more time to safely get out of a home under fire.

    Please let us know if you would like to discuss type x installation when we give you our free estimate.

    Wall Sound Insulation

    Do you have a really cool band about to start up but need a place to practice a bit more? Maybe you have a home business that you’d like a little sound barrier from the remainder of your house. Perhaps you want to create your own home theater. Whatever the reason, we understand that sometimes having sound insulation on your walls are often times desired.

    Let us know the area you want and we will get you covered. Wall insulation works best with double layered drywall, so if you already have a layer, then we would add an additional. Often times people think that in order to have sound insulation then they need to have the thickest drywall available. Actually, two layers work best and has been tested and proven so. 

    Give us a call and we will get your next home project started as soon as possible. 

    Drywall Installation Columbus

    Whether you’re looking for a contractor to fix a water damaged ceiling, or frame an entire basement, call Prestige. 

    We’re committed to doing the job exactly how you want it. Right and on time.

    Our response time is on par with the paramedics and our level of precision is surgical. When you need drywall repair in Columbus, clicking our Free Estimate button is like sending out the bat signal! 

    The post Drywall Repair in Columbus-Prestige Has Got You Covered appeared first on Prestige Insulation & Drywall.

    Gutter Cleaning in Mansfield and Gutter Guard Installation in Central Ohio

    Gutter Cleaning in Mansfieldand Gutter Guard Installation Fast Service-Excellent Pricing  Call Prestige Today! Do You Need a Professional Gutter Cleaner? Central Ohio is filled with beautiful trees covering the landscape. Watching the leaves change colors in the fall is one … Continued The post Gutter Cleaning in Mansfield and Gutter Guard Installation in Central Ohio appeared first on Prestige Insulation &...

    Gutter Cleaning in Mansfield
    and Gutter Guard Installation

    Fast Service-Excellent Pricing 

    Call Prestige Today!

    Do You Need a Professional Gutter Cleaner?

    Central Ohio is filled with beautiful trees covering the landscape. Watching the leaves change colors in the fall is one of the benefits of living in the Mansfield area. But shortly after all those leaves change to oranges and reds and yellows, they drop off the trees and end up in our gutters.

    Along with leaves, twigs and branches from trees can clog up gutters causing them to not function properly. When this happens, it’s important that you address the problem. 

    Many people choose to clean their gutters themselves. For those who are experienced, unafraid of heights, and in moderately good physical shape, this is something that can be done by the homeowner. For those who are older, inexperienced, or simply don’t want to get up on a tall ladder or roof, you should call a professional gutter cleaning expert. 

    Prestige Insulation & Drywall is the company to call. We specialize in gutter cleaning in Mansfield, along with insulation, drywall, and other home improvements. 

    Prestige is located right off of Lexington Avenue in Mansfield. This means we can get the job done right away, sometimes in the same day. We’re also insured, experienced, and honest with our pricing. We’ve been cleaning gutters in Mansfield and the surrounding area for decades. We know what we’re doing and we do it right.

    Call or fill out the form below for a super fast quote!

    Pictures are always helpful and may be texted to our office number (419) 528-8083. Please text photos individually, no files that need opened.

    Why Are Clean Gutters Important?

    Living in Ohio, installing gutters on homes is a common practice. Pretty much every home you see will have them attached to roofs and garages. But in other places they aren’t as common. 

    In the southwest for example, gutters on homes are less common. 

    The biggest reason for this is the amount of precipitation we get in Mansfield and around Ohio. Whether it’s the frequent, sudden downpours, or snow melting on our roofs, our gutters in the Buckeye State get their use. 

    But are they really necessary? What does it really matter where the water comes down?

    Here are the main reasons why gutters are important, and why they need to be clean and free of obstructions:

    1. Clean Gutters Protect Your Home's Foundation

    The next time you are around a home that doesn’t have gutters installed, take a look at the ground next to the home. If it’s not a new build, chances are you’ll be able to see a dip in the ground where the rain falls off the roof. 

    This constant bombardment from water hitting the ground can cause serious problems over time. The damage from that wall of water streaming off of your home can cause foundation damage from erosion. This can ultimately lead to the home shifting, which can cause all types of other problems inside like cracks in the walls.

    The biggest issue with foundation damage is the cost to fix it. Foundation repair can run you thousands of dollars, and if it’s not repaired, can seriously reduce the value of your home. Clogged gutters that overflow are just as bad as no gutters, and can often be worse. Instead of water falling evenly off the side of your roof, it will pool up and fall more heavily around the obstructed area. This will multiply and speed up any foundation damage below.

    2. Clogged Gutters Lead to Flooded Yards

    If a home is built correctly, the irrigation system is designed to function a certain way. When water is diverted off of a roof and through a downspout, it flows into a specific location away from the home. 

    When this drainage system isn’t working properly, water that is supposed to flow away from the home ends up creating a pool in your yard. Aside from having a mini lake in your yard (which might be worth it if you could fish in it), there are some other negative aspects.

    Water collecting in your yard will make it difficult for grass to survive. This will result in dusty patches of bare ground when it’s dry and big mud holes when it’s not. And it may be fun for children to play in and trample through, but nobody wants muddy footprints all over their home. 

    3. Proper Drainage Keeps Your Basement Dry

    Another very serious side effect of clogged gutters and downspouts is basement flooding. Remember all that foundation erosion that we were talking about? Well, eventually that will cause cracking along your basement walls. Once that happens, every time it rains hard, water is going to get into your home.

    The negative effects of allowing water into your basement are among the worst that can happen to a home. A wet basement can lead to mold problems. Not only is mold disgusting and difficult to remove, but black mold can cause some very serious health issues.

    Another serious problem is basement flooding. Everyone from Ohio knows that we get some unrelenting rainstorms at times. Cracks in your basement can one day cause you to walk downstairs to a lake underneath your home. I’m sure you can imagine how this could hurt the home’s value.

    The biggest problem with basement damage from not having clean gutters and downspouts is that it will only get worse. Once basement issues start happening, every storm will continue to do more damage. Keeping this from happening in the first place is the best possible solution. 

    4. Rotting Wood Along the Roof

    Homes with no gutters are extremely susceptible to rotting along the edges of the roof. But what about just clogged drainage? 

    Anytime you need to have your gutters cleaned, that means there’s a portion that isn’t allowing free flowing water. Whenever there’s a storm, that blocked area is going to pool up and cause the water to run down the side of the roof. After a few rainy seasons, the underside of the ledge, including beams and shingles, can begin rotting and falling apart.

    The affects of this type of damage can cause increasing problems structurally, as well as causing roof damage. It can really hurt the way your home looks though. As the rotting continues, it becomes a very noticeable eyesore on an otherwise beautiful home.

    5. Mold, Mildew, and Discoloration of Your Home

    This is another side effect of having a clog or blockage that causes water to run down the side of the home. It doesn’t take long for visible issues to appear.

    Depending on the how the outside of your home is protected, the effects may differ. Brick will get mold that will change the shade. Light colored vinyl siding can get a darkened discoloration that really stands out. If you have wood siding, this will begin to rot away over time. Even James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding will start to show signs of discoloration from water constantly running down it in in the same area.

    Mold and mildew discoloration is an issue that no one wants to have to deal with. At minimum, you would have to get it power washed, which can very easily cause even more damage. At worst, you will have a costly replacement of some or all of the siding on your home’s exterior. A much easier solution is a professional gutter cleaning twice per year, or spending a bit more on gutter guard protection.


    6. Plant and Flower Beds, Shrubs and Bushes

    Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars on plants and flowers to improve the beauty of their home. Not to mention, the hours and hours that go into maintaining them. If you ever question their dedication, see what happens when a late frost comes; every piece of plastic they can muster will be covering everything with leaves or petals.

    Unclogged gutters and downspouts are vital to the health of any of these plants that reside near the home. Water pouring off the roof in the wrong places can easily flood the ground around the home. It won’t take too many rainstorms to overwhelm any plants and flowers, turning your hard work into a flooded desert. 

    7. Ice Dams on the Roof

    While it’s a common misconception that ice dams are caused by leaves in the gutter, this is not the case. 

    It is however a direct result of poor attic insulation. A properly insulated attic should keep the roof cold by creating a barrier between the home and roof. If your attic is not properly insulated, the heat from your home melts the snow, which refreezes as it runs down the edge of the roof.

    If this is something that you’ve noticed happening, please contact Prestige Insulation & Drywall right away, or fill out our quote request. We can come out and see where the problem lies.

    A poorly insulated attic, especially one that can cause ice dams, is wasting money throughout the entire year. Even in the middle of summer, attic insulation and radiant barrier can save you a ton of money on air conditioning costs.


    How Often Should You Clean Gutters in Mansfield?

    In an area with a lot of trees, foliage, and weather, the general recommendation is for your to clean your gutters at least twice per year. While this is not always necessary, one cleaning in spring and one at the end of fall.

    This is by no means set in stone.

    The best way to tell when it’s time for a gutter cleaning in Mansfield is to simply keep an eye on how your gutters are performing. If downspouts are experiencing slow drainage, there is probably blockage somewhere. If there is an area where rainwater is pouring over the side of a gutter, this is caused by debris.

    Another way to tell if you have clogged gutters is by heavy ice buildup. This is only possible when the weather is cold, but if there are areas around your gutters where there are ice-sickles hanging, then it’s very important to get this taken care of fast. When drainage systems get backed up in freezing temperatures, the water doesn’t just drain slowly. It freezes, turning to heavy ice, which puts a constant strain on the gutter that it’s in.

    If you do notice an ice buildup like the one just described, please contact a professional. Prestige can resolve the issue quickly and economically. Even if you’re very experienced, climbing on slippery ladders or getting up on roofs that are possibly frozen can be extremely dangerous. 

    Contact Prestige today! We’re here to help! 

    Other Lawn Services from Prestige

    The post Gutter Cleaning in Mansfield and Gutter Guard Installation in Central Ohio appeared first on Prestige Insulation & Drywall.

    Prestige Can Insulate Water Pipes and Fix Frozen Pipes

    Insulating your pipes is extremely important in Ohio. If you do have an issue with frozen pipes, Prestige Insulation & Drywall can help ASAP! The post Prestige Can Insulate Water Pipes and Fix Frozen Pipes appeared first on Prestige Insulation &...

    Prestige Takes Care of Winter Pipe Insulation
    and Frozen Pipes in Ohio

    For Emergency Services:
    Call (419) 528-8083

    The Importance of Insulating Water Pipes

    Think ahead this year and insulate water pipes before it’s too late. Every winter Prestige is called out to countless homes to repair frozen pipes in Mansfield and Central Ohio. Even with insulated pipes, there is still the chance of damage. The fact is the weather in Ohio can be pretty rough during the winter. It’s not only tough on us, but our belongings as well. Don’t look past insulating water pipes in your home this year.

    If your pipes are not properly insulated then you are at risk of bursting a frozen pipe. When temperatures drop below freezing, which is very often, then you could be in a hazardous situation. First your pipes freeze, then they burst, and then you are left with a huge mess. You may end up needing to replace walls, floors, and many valuable items inside your home. This is why we cannot stress enough that you insulate your water pipes, either on your own or professionally. Just be sure you are ready for the drop in temperature this year.

    Frozen Water Pipe

    A frozen water pipe is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Don’t fear just yet, because you can still eliminate the pipe braking and causing potential major damage. See if you can locate the area of the pipe that is frozen. At times, the best route is by just feeling along the pipe until you find the frozen area. Once located, run a hair dryer at high heat towards the pipe. If this method works, then slowly run water through the line to eliminate all the frozen chunks of water.

    Now, that you have saved yourself a major headache, think about what could have happened if your frozen water pipe busted. This incident can happen again tomorrow and leave you worried again. We suggest you fix the problem as soon as possible. Your pipes need to be insulated. Either attempt to insulate them yourself, which certainly can be done by most. If you have trouble getting to the pipes, or don’t have the time, then contact us at Prestige Insulation. We will make sure you are well equipped for the remainder of the winter and many more to come.

    Broken Water Pipe

    The worst has happened; you now have a broken water pipe, and a huge mess to clean up. Don’t panic. Find the water valve and shut it off immediately to eliminate any worsening damage to your home. If the pipe has broken under a kitchen or bathroom sink, then start to empty anything stored in or near those areas. Now, take a deep breath and call us. We understand how stressful and inconvenient this situation can be, so we offer emergency services. We will figure out a time that works with your schedule, day or night, and then fix the broken water pipe. At this time, given the situation, we highly recommend you allow us to properly insulate your water pipes so that the same scenario doesn’t happen again.

    How To Keep Pipes From Freezing

    Well simply put, you should call us to make sure you’re pipes are properly insulated. Our strongest suggestion is to be prepared before a problem presents itself. Here at Prestige Insulation & Drywall we want what is best for all of our customers. We offer a completely free estimate, and we always make it a point to work around your busy schedule. Our staff is experienced and happy to assist with winterizing your home this year.

    The post Prestige Can Insulate Water Pipes and Fix Frozen Pipes appeared first on Prestige Insulation & Drywall.

    Cost Savings of Proper Attic Insulation

    Why is Attic Insulation So Important! Properly insulating an attic or crawlspace can be one of the single most effective ways to save money. The labor and material costs versus savings make it easy to get a return on your … Continued The post Cost Savings of Proper Attic Insulation appeared first on Prestige Insulation &...

    Why is Attic Insulation So Important!

    Properly insulating an attic or crawlspace can be one of the single most effective ways to save money. The labor and material costs versus savings make it easy to get a return on your investment. This is especially true with attic insulation in Columbus, Mansfield, Akron, and Central Ohio, where extreme weather is a way of life.

    If insulating your attic is really such a money saver, then why do so many people fail to get it done?


    Should You DIY or Call an Insulation Expert?

    One of the biggest problems surrounding attic insulation is homeowners not actually knowing if it’s done correctly. Many homeowners assume that their attic insulation is installed correctly without ever really checking it. Others think they know how to insulate an attic, crawlspace, and ducts correctly but may not be doing it efficiently.

    Take a look at the attached diagram. This was provided by, the federal government website, which provides endless information on best practices for efficient energy use. As you can see, there are more than a dozen areas they recommend insulating correctly in your home.

    For more information, check out the website.

    Unless you’re 100% certain that you know what you’re doing, it’s always in your best interest to call a professional. Even missing a something small while insulating your home could cost you hundreds of dollars per year. Not to mention the discomfort of living in a home that’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

    Call Prestige! We’ll make sure your attic insulation is done right!

    How Can You Tell If My Insulation Isn't Doing It's Job?

    Are you cold inside your home in January?

    Then you may have a problem with your insulation.

    While that is oversimplifying things a bit, one of the easiest ways to tell if your home is insulated correctly is your comfort level throughout the year. As long as you have decent widows that are sealed with weatherstripping and your attic is insulated, your home should stay at a comfortable temperature. 

    If this is not the case, you need to find out why. If your home is constantly running your heater and you still feel chilly, there is an issue. The same goes for an overworked AC unit in the summer. If your home is still warm, your summer insulation in Mansfield may be old and ineffective.  You should call a Prestige today!.

    Can you feel a draft?

    The easiest way to tell that your home is not completely insulated is there’s a noticeable drafty. This is especially important in your attic or crawlspace. Any noticeable draft in your home is going to be caused by an issue with windows, doors, or weatherstripping, or insulation. If you can feel the outside air, call Prestige right away!

    High(er) Energy Costs

    Energy costs throughout Central Ohio can be a huge expense, but poor insulation in your attic could be costing you even more. If there’s been a noticeable increase in your energy bills, there may be an issue. 

    Rooms are different temperatures

    When a home is insulated correctly, every room should be at a similar temperature. If an upstairs bedroom is much colder in the winter, there is most likely a problem with the home’s insulation. Many people believe they can resolve this issue with a small heater, but this could be costing much more than simply fixing the issue. 

    Systems constantly running

    Even with proper attic insulation in Columbus, your heating system is going to get it’s money’s worth in February. But if it’s constantly running, or if it stops and starts right back up, your home is not holding in the heat. Any time you notice heating or air conditioning systems staying on more than they should, you need to get the issue checked out. You don’t want to be one of the people whose air conditioner dies in August from overwork!

    Does it seem like it needs replaced?

    It’s in our nature to try to convince ourselves that things are ok when they’re not, especially when we aren’t really able to fix them. If you think your insulation isn’t doing the job it should, then it most likely isn’t. If you can visually see it and it looks like it was installed when Elvis was alive, it may not be doing it’s job. If you notice areas where mice or insects may have gotten into it, there are probably areas that are much worse that you can’t see. 

    Our best recommendation is, if you think you have a problem with your home or attic insulation, you probably do. Call Prestige. We’ll discuss the issues and we’ll give you a fast, honest quote right away. You may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to feel comfortable in your home again!

    Different Types of Attic Insulation

    When it comes time to choose which products to insulate your home,the options are mind boggling. When most of us were younger, insulation came in a big pink roll from the hardware store. That was it. 

    Now, a simple internet search or trip to Home Depot will have homeowners immediately scratching their head. They’ll realize very quickly how much they don’t know about the intricate process of insulating a modern home.

    Prestige understands the importance of making the right choices for your home. We’ll help you decide on the best home and attic insulation option for your family. Prestige will explain the benefits, energy cost savings, and upfront costs of each. Here are some of the differences between the two most common choices to insulate; fiberglass or blown. 


    Blanket Insulation-Batt and Roll

    Blanket insulation is by far the most common form used. It is also the most easily available (remember the big, pink roll we were talking about). Batt and rolls is most commonly made with fiberglass, but they can be made with other materials. Some of which are mineral wool, sheep’s wool, plastic fibers, and cotton.

    Blanket insulation is typically going to be one of the better values for insulating. It’s effectiveness is determined by it’s thickness, which is generally between 3 and 12 inches. The least expensive is going to be in the three inch range, while the thickest is going to up to 4 times more effective. 

    roll of insulation
    foam board insulation by Owens Corning Foamular

    Foam Board or Rigid Foam

    Foam board insulation, which are made of rigid, dense panels, are a terrific way to insulate your attic, or any other area in your home. They are much more dense than blanket resulting in 2x or more efficiency.

    Rigid foam insulation can easily be installed between attic rafters, or underneath them, depending on requirements. It’s going to add extra efficiency to any radiant barrier in your attic as well. It greatly helps reduce heat conduction through wood and steel, making it perfect for attic ceilings.

    Another benefit is that it’s density provides a great air and moisture barrier. This is going to add an additional layer of protection against roof leaks.

    Loose Fill or Blown In Insulation

    Blown in insulation consists of small pieces of loose materials such as fiber or foam. It is generally installed with a blowing machine or installed by hand. While blown in insulation is certainly not a good choice to insulate everywhere in your home, it works wonders in the right spaces.

    Blown in insulation is used for area that are sloping, between rafters, or hard to reach otherwise. It is most commonly used on open attic floors. Loose fill is generally made with recycled materials such as fiberglass, cellulose, and rock wool. Contact Prestige and we’ll go over your particular needs and see if blown in insulation in your attic is the best option. 


    blown in insulation
    fiberglass duct board insulation box

    Fiberglass Duct Board

    Just like the name indicates, fiberglass duct board is mainly used to insulate your air ducts. It’s specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. This makes it perfect for air ducts that will be used to heat your home. 

    When installing fiberglass duct board, you’ll most likely want to contact a professional.


    Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

    radiant barrier roll

    Combined with either blanket, spray foam, or foam board attic insulation, radiant barrier is going to have a dramatic effect on your home’s comfort. With proper attic insulation radiant barrier can seriously increase the effectiveness. But it is highly recommended to have it installed by a certified professional like Prestige. 

    What is Radiant Barrier?

    Radiant barrier is a type of material that reduces the transfer of heat and reflects thermal radiation. It is used for many different reason, one of the most popular being for attic insulation.

    Officially, radiant barrier has been around since 1925, originally invented by two German businessmen. Since then, it exploded in popularity. It’s been used by celebrities like Frank Sinatra as well as in space applications by NASA. It is effective as a window treatment as a thin low emissivity film. It’s even used for the manufacture of space blankets (which are rarely used in outer space, in spite of their name).

    How Can My Home Benefit from Radiant Barrier Insulation?

    When radiant barrier insulation is installed in a home in a climate like that of Columbus or Mansfield, it can have year round benefits. When Prestige installs attic insulation in your home, the radiant barrier is placed between the insulation and the roof panels. This creates a shield that prevents heat from passing through.

    Radiant Barrier In Hot Climates

    In the summer, the hot Ohio sun is beating down on the rooftop all day long. That constant heat gets absorbed through the roof, drastically increasing the temperature of your attic or crawlspace. Keeping your home cool in these conditions becomes much more difficult. 

    Your air conditioner has to run longer and harder to keep the temperature down. This causes much more  wear and tear on your cooling unit, reducing the life span. This can incur repair bills or a complete replacement of your AC unit.

    An overheated attic can also effect the comfort level in your home. On very hot days, it can be difficult or impossible to get you home cooled to a comfortable temperature. This is especially difficult with an older cooling unit. Also, if you don’t keeping the AC running constantly, it can take much longer to feel the effects when it does get turned on.

    Radiant Barrier In Cold Weather

    In the winter, when temperatures dipping to extreme low temperatures, radiant barrier works differently. Instead of keeping the heat from the beating sun out, it works to keep warmth from escaping.

    Even with decent insulation in your attic, there’s still more that you can do to prevent heat loss. It’s fairly common knowledge that heat rises. Two or three story homes can be extremely difficult to keep warm. Especially if they’re older. 

    As heat rises throughout your home, it eventually reaches the roof. Proper attic insulation along with a strong radiant barrier can provide the most protection against heat loss. The more heat you keep in your home, the less you have to spend to heat it. 

    Plus living in a properly heated home in Ohio can make all the difference in the world. It’s worth the investment in terms of comfort and lower heating costs.

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