7 Ways to Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety

7 Ways to Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety

When you own or have control over a backyard swimming pool safety must be your number one priority. There are too many young children drowning and injuring themselves in backyard pools. However, backyard pools are the source of many other types of accident and injury for young and old. Let's check out how you can improve your pool safety to safeguard your family and friends.

1. Upgrade Your Pool Fence

Many local authorities require new and existing swimming pools to be fully fenced. This requirement applies to all pool owners irrespective or not of whether there are young children living in the household. If you are building a new pool or have an existing pool you need to check that you are in compliance with the latest swimming pool fencing regulations in your local council area. If you need to construct a new fence or upgrade an existing safety barrier there are two main choices for pool fencing. Choose between an aluminum structure and hardened safety glass. More people are choosing glass barriers because they are aesthetically pleasing and provide clear view of the backyard area and beyond. These barriers suit modern or contemporary homes especially when there is a view beyond the backyard. A glass fence really does add value to a home. Aluminum fences are less expensive than glass while still providing the highest level of safety to any backyard. These fences are easy to install and can be erected by a do-it-yourself person.

2. Electrically Earth Your Pool Fence

Swimming pools are a large body of water that can be conductive of electricity. If there is an electrical fault causing an electric current in the pool water metal structures around the pool may become conductive. A person can be electrocuted from any metal structure around the pool including handrails, ladders, light fittings and safety fences. When installing a new metal swimming pool safety fence there may be a requirement to earth the pool fence to adhere to electrical safety regulations. Owners must make enquiries from a local licenced electrical contractor as to whether their pool fence requires an equipotential bond or earth.

3. Install a Pool Cover

Pool covers are not simply for keeping leaves out of your pool. A cover that prevents a person falling through into the water provides the highest level of safety and security for your family. These covers are expensive but will prevent a child from drowning in your pool.

4. Cover your Spa Pool or Hot Tub

There may not be a fencing requirement for hot tubs or spas in your local council. However, you must cover these spas with a child-proof lid or cover to prevent young children accessing the water. Most new hot tubs are sold with a child-proof top or lid that is firmly fitted over the tub or spa. Separate covers can be purchased for existing hot tubs and spa pools.

5. Install a Swimming Pool Alarm

An electronic swimming pool alarm will warn you when someone or something enters your pool water. Pool alarms are not just for families that have children. Households with elderly people, physically or mentally handicapped, and pets should install a pool alarm to protect those who are vulnerable to an accident. There are many types of alarm for every type of pool. The most popular are the floating surface wave alarm, the wristband immersion alarm and the sub-surface alarm. All these alarms operate wirelessly to a base station alarm that is placed inside your home. A wristband immersion alarm is suitable for an elderly person or someone who is physically or mentally handicapped. This type of alarm will sound when the wristband becomes wet. Floating surface wave alarms and sub-surface alarms activate when the water is disturbed by a person entering the water.

6. Install a Swimming Pool Enclosure

When you live in an area inhabited with insects, birds and other animals you may want to consider installing a swimming pool enclosure. It is law to install a pool fence so why not go all out and install a fully enclosed pool structure to guarantee no child or wildlife will enter your pool. These structures also provide some protection against the weather, reduce evaporation of the pool water and make outdoor dining and barbeques totally enjoyable without insects.

7. Get a Pool Safety Inspection

A pool safety inspection is usually only required when a homeowner is selling or renting their property. Some government agencies may not transfer a property or register a rental lease without the pool safety certificate. Some home insurance policies require owners to have a pool safety certificate. Also, you may want to obtain a pool safety certificate to ensure your backyard pool area has the highest level of safety for your family. After a pool safety compliance officer checks your backyard and finds the pool area in compliance with regulations a pool safety certificate is issued. The people at PoolCareExpert.com have extensive experience with swimming pool maintenance and safety. Read more about pool safety at Pool Care Expert

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