How to Turn an Old Property into a Modern Home

How to Turn an Old Property into a Modern Home

Many older properties often feature beautiful high ceilings, but they also might offer limited sunlight, traditional layouts, or an ornate cornice that can date a property. While you may love this, it is possible to bring a traditional property into the 21st century without ruining its charm and architecture. Find out how to turn an old house into a modern home.

Welcome Natural Sunlight

Traditional properties tend to feature smaller windows, which can lead to a dark, dull interior. If you want to modernize an old property, you must start with the windows. For example, you could transform the look and feel of a room by installing contemporary roof windows, as it will allow sunlight to flood your home. Also, you could complement roof windows with bi-fold doors, larger windows, and sheer window treatments.

Highlight Charming Features

Many old properties will have beautiful features that can add charm and character to a space. Rather than stripping them out of a property, you must look for ways to highlight them. For example, you could paint an old fireplace, add treatments that complement sash windows, or clean high ceiling beams.

Simplify a Floorplan

Older properties tend to have a complex floorplan. For example, they might feature unusual gaps, or the rooms might not flow naturally, such as a powder room located away from living spaces. However, contemporary homes often feature a straightforward layout and symmetry, which can make a property appear more organized and refined. As a result, you might need to knock down a wall or make tweaks to the layout to improve its flow, form, and function.

Refine the Architectural Detailing

Traditional homes often feature many wood varieties, ceiling details, and complex trim work. However, modern interior design focuses on clean lines and minimal architectural details, as they allow the lighting, furniture, and layout to do the hard work. For this reason, you must remove busy ceiling details and focus on smooth, uncomplicated materials and paintwork. Remember, less is more in a modern home.

Focus on Clean Lines and Alignment

Modern properties often feature furniture, appliances, and fixtures that are carefully considered and aligned. For example, light fixtures and outlets are evenly spaced on the ceilings and walls, while shower fixtures and bathroom accessories are centrally positioned on tiles or the tile joints. All furniture and appliances should also feature clean, simple, and sleek lines, which will make a property appear modern and sophisticated.


Don’t rule out an older house when browsing the property market, as it could be full of potential. Rather than scratching it off your list, look for ways to enhance its charm and character.

The key to a modern interior design is a simple layout, detailing clean lines, and a burst of natural light. A few small or large changes or tweaks to an old property could transform its appearance and atmosphere. If you follow the above tips, you could create a unique, stylish, and inviting home that will impress all of your loved ones.

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