Directory Submission Sites Google Still Likes

Directory Submission Sites Google Still Likes

Building effective links has become a struggle in the last few years, as Google continues to crack down on manipulative link practices, including web directories. Does this mean web directories are never a good idea?

No, but there are a lot of precautions that need to be taken.

For example, never list on any low-quality directories or websites. Instead, choose fewer directory listings with better quality. Look for niche directories that are more likely to be valuable to users. And, make sure any directory you submit to has some sort of parameters for sites they will and won’t accept.

Good directories have editorial teams that review submissions and edit listings, titles and descriptions. Directories that accept any and all links will not be valuable.

Directories are Also Good for Local SEO

Directories have changed - they are no longer good for getting thousands of links to your site so you can game Google. Today, directories are valuable when used carefully and most often for local SEO. Sites like Yelp will almost always rank higher than branded sites for, say, 'pizza Jacksonville'. Getting listed on directories can be highly valuable for local search in particular.

"I have seen many SEO examples of how these top-quality directories help improve direct traffic and also search engine ranking results. The Directories listed in this article are an outstanding value and provide long term SEO benefits." -Tom Forrest

There is so much confusion around whether directories are still a good idea and which ones website owners should utilize.

The truth is, high-quality links will never go out of style - whether those links are from directories or not. Links from high-quality, niche directories are still considered 'good' links by Google and will help a site generate more organic traffic.

21 High-Quality Directories

The directories listed below are valuable when used correctly, particularly when it comes to local SEO.

    1. Clasione
    2. All Business Now
    3. Yellow
    4. Better Business Bureau
    5. Vlib
    6. 411.COM
    7. Seek On
    8. Pick N Buy
    9. Joe Ant
    10. Map Quest
    11. City
    12. Health Fitness Nutrition
    13. MedlinePlus
    14. Blogging Fusion
    15. Starting Point
    17. Search Pure
    18. Jasmine Directory
    19. Directory Journal
    20. Alive Directory
    21. AddMe

Final Note: Do Not Automate Directory Submissions

      Do not automate directory submissions. Why? Because web searchers are looking fo unique content, not the same exact listings on tons of different directories. This will yield the best results with the search engines, and prevent penalties. More importantly, writing unique descriptions creates a better quality directory that visitors will actually find useful. Google does not want to see hundreds or thousands of free low-quality directory listings with the same word-for-word descriptions. That isn't useful. And that approach is exactly what Google penalizes.

About The Author:

    Tom Forrest, HTP Company can build high quality web pages and web sites that are optimized to rank well with the search....

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