Best 5 Blogging Platforms - Dont Need Any Coding Skills to Publish Content

Best 5 Blogging Platforms - Dont Need Any Coding Skills to Publish Content

If you want to start your own blog, but get confused with the selection of best blogging platform that fit you and your needs? I agree it’s really being difficult task at first time when you going to start your own blog, because there are numerous blogging platforms available on internet. How do you find out which one is right for you? In this blog, we’ll help you to choose the best blogging platform by taking a look at some of the famous blogging platforms on which you can easily publish content without any coding knowledge.

1. is one of the world’s famous blogging platforms. It nearly acquires more than 25 percent of the entire web. One in four websites is built with

Best 5 Blogging Platforms Wordpress

Publishing content on doesn’t require any set up cost. is an open source software platform, it simple to use; no coding & designing skills is required to publish content. There are hundreds of themes are free available to choose from.

2. Medium
Medium was launched in 2012, It’s a place to blog, easy to use blogging platform, with no setup required and no coding skills needed with limited social networking features. But if you’re big on customization and control, look elsewhere. It facilitates bloggers to connect to the community of people who have similar interest.

Best 5 Blogging Platforms Medium

3. Tumblr
Tumblr is another best & easy to use blogging platform. It also considers as a microblogging platform, you can post just a sentence or a full length blog - it's up to you. It available with social networking features with add-ons re-blogging, built-in sharing tools, and more.

Best 5 Blogging Platforms Tumblr

4. Blogger
Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs in 1999, and then acquired by Google in 2003. , so all you need to sign up is your standard Google account.

Best 5 Blogging Platforms Blogger

Blogger is considered as the best blogging platform for beginners because it offers user-friendly interface to create a blog in quick and easy way, which is quite easy to operate by non-tech-savvy users. You can also enjoy free domain and hosting.

5. Weebly

Best 5 Blogging Platforms Weebly

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