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  • John Gaudet
  • April 04, 2016 05:19:53 PM

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Looking into my life's challenges and changes at the positive ways I cope with the moments at hand.... A simple approach.....really hands on. Approaches worth trying for everyone and everything in life.

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Pompeii Ruins and Pink Floyd Connection

Pompeii!! I can remember learning of Pompeii in history class. So far away and so long ago, and such a[...] The post Pompeii Ruins and Pink Floyd Connection appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Pompeii!! I can remember learning of Pompeii in history class. So far away and so long ago, and such a tragedy. Not once in my life did I ever think that I’d walk thru those ruins, and there I was. At times, walking thru what at one time was a locals home, feeling the eerie presence of those who have long left this dusty planet.

BUT!!!!! Before getting to those sacred ruins, I’m entering the lower hall of the stadium (there’s more than one) at the entrance gates greeted by none other than Pink Floyd!

WHAT???? Pink Floyd??

In 1972 Pink Floyd did a video concert….no one was in attendance except for the road crew and a handful of others. It was simply a concert video shoot.

Throughout the hall would be a different shot or video playing commemorating the unique event. Because, you see…..this is not a concert venue. Never has been with two exceptions. One (and first being Pink Floyd’s concert video and second was sort of a second coming with David Gilmore (fab guitarist of Pink Floyd) “Rattle That Lock” tour in 2015 which actually had people in attendance at night. If you haven’t seen it, doing a search and check it out! Love it! “Rattle That Lock”

Okay….enough Pink Floyd. Let’s take a look around this place.

The above photo isn’t edited in any manner….I had to shoot this from quite a distance about 90 meters (the length of a football field!) due to it being cordered off. That buss can’t be seen by getting any closer! I actually saw it by accident thru my lense!! I still can’t figure it out!!!



My visit was a rather misty day…. the weather was less than desirable to say the least. But, I wasn’t about to let a little dampness (misty, rainy, and SNOW!!!) ruin my visit!

I thought this was streets of old Pompeii!!!

Pompeii Ruins Sewage System

But, I was wrong…..this was their sewage system!!! GADS!!! There I was walking thru downtown ancient Pompeii thru their sewage way!! Laughable when I think back… ignorance on display. By the way, that drainage pipe to the right isn’t original operating equipment.

When the excavating began, periodically occurring in the ash (as thick as 40 feet!!!) would be large pockets of air containing the skeletal remains of a victim of disaster. At first the workers were dumbfounded before realizing that it was the actual entombment of the deceased. From then on when the workers would come across such pockets of air they would inject a plaster to mold the individuals last moment….

Original artwork prevails throughout….amazing. Some is roped off and yet others you can walk up to and touch which I did. I’d have to say, that was a unique impression on me. Still lingers today. Looking forward to a little more climate friendly visit next year.

Sculptures abound as well…..

163 Acres!!!! That’s right, 163 acres!!! That’s the size of Ancient Pompeii and as I said in my previous blog….there is still present day excavation going on with more being revealed! The timeline of the excavation is controlled by Italian Archealogy portion of the Government according to the availability of funds. Needless to say, I was unable to walk 163 acres……yet, I managed about 700 pics!!! The tough part is which ones to use!!!!

Pompeii, streets alive….tomorrow!!

Everything, everywhere is part of a story of the lives of a long time ago. A solemn place, even with the large crowds of tourist there is still a quietness about the place. A hushed manner a talking amongst one another. Look upward an estimated 40 feet and image the prison they only momentarily found themselves in…..

Tomorrow, the streets of Pompeii are still ALIVE!!!!

I’ll leave you with the below pics.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Pompeii Ruins and Pink Floyd Connection appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.


Arriving in Pompeii was a bit eerie! There were no taxi cabs at the pseudo bus depot (it was a[...] The post Pompeii appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Arriving in Pompeii was a bit eerie!

There were no taxi cabs at the pseudo bus depot (it was a parking lot!) and there were no people on the streets!!

Mount Vesuvius in the background wasn’t erupting so it wasn’t a repeat of Pompeii’s catastrophic history.

The main issue at this point is; Where’s the hotel? How to get there?

It’s over there and walking is the only way to get there and like much of Europe…’s walking uphill (which means at some point walking downhill is required which isn’t a very pleasant task either)! I’m unable to tell really how far I just know it’s in that direction.

Another flippin’ surprise!!! No elevator (‘lift’ as they say in Europe)!!!

Let me digress with a little history before my arrival.

Pompeii was buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Volcanic ash buried inhabitants who did not escape the lethal effects of the earthquake and eruption. There was very little time for these people to escape because of the accompanying rush of heat and gasses from the volcanic explosion.

Life turned to death was preserved under the ash, the portion of the excavated city (excavation continues to present day with more in the future) grabs a unique snapshot of Roman life. Frozen at the moment it was buried and providing an extraordinarily detailed insight into the everyday life of its people of Pompeii, also the less heard of city of Herculaneum. Organic remains, including wooden objects and human bodies, were entombed in the ash and decayed away, making natural molds; and excavators used these to make plaster casts, unique and often gruesome figures from the last minutes of the catastrophe.  That’s how we see the figures that are shown today.


Back to me.

Dragging the luggage thru the cobblestone streets was surreal….no one in sight, going uphill most of the way. Well actually all the way as the hotel was the top of the hill. From there, looking west a half block away was the historic catastrophe of Pompeii.

I’m not gonna tour you thru Pompeii today, just a cursor visit…..we’ll get up close and personal tomorrow.

Something I didn’t do that I wanted to do but……whether I could actually do was a little iffy and if I paid and couldn’t (I’ll explain), there would be no refund. That which I wanted to do was visit the top of Mount Vesuvius!!

In the off season right before winter sets in it’s cold and windy….so most times the tour can’t reach the destination and stuck about halfway up the mountain and must turn around.

So, I said thank you to the tour operator, but no.

I ate pizza, drank wine (and beer) and a whole mixture of different Italian foods.

OH!!!!! One of the biggies which we will get to when visiting the ruins is Pink Floyd!!! Standing, right there, my mind rushing thru that moment….another part of history that most aren’t aware of.

Details tomorrow!!!!

I’m still in Pompeii in my mind and will be returning physically too!!!

Peace, love and beaches,


The post Pompeii appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Here’s My Advice, Don’t Give Advice

Here’s My Advice, Don’t Give Advice Why?  Why do it?  You may even have a very important experience in whatever[...] The post Here’s My Advice, Don’t Give Advice appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Here’s My Advice, Don’t Give Advice

Why?  Why do it? 

You may even have a very important experience in whatever the problem is that so-and-so is asking advice about.  Don’t do it!!

What I’ve found is that the advice won’t be taken and not because another alternative has been used.

The person with the problem, situation, event, or whatever it is really isn’t interested in your advice, they are interested in your interest.  They need someone to explain the whatever to, someone that will hopefully be sympathetic with them.

But your advice… give it would have been a waste of breath!  A waste of time!  You can’t get either back!

What about this. You give someone advice and the whole situation blows up into a worse disaster than they had at the start!!

They now enter the arena of ‘hopelessness’! Ugh! And you were their guide. They still have to deal somehow with their ‘whatever it is’ and now, you want them to forgive you and forgiving you is the last thing on their mind.

Been there, do that, bought the T-shirt.

So what are you to do ‘Dear Abbey’?

You’re not getting out of the part of listening, especially if this a real good friend you have a history with.

Just listen, listen good….they may tell you something important that you can refer them back to. You see, it’s their own words. Can’t blame you, you’re just listening.

Okay, you’ve done that and they are desperate and persistent. Now what?

The advice that you do give (should you find yourself at that point) can be very helpful. Helpful because the answer, the best answer available is in them.

The Best Advice is……

Give them an analogy as to how you worked your way thru their dilemma. Be thoughtful, and show your concern. Help them to realize that they hold the key, encourage them to be strong.

I found the weirdest way to handle some of my problems. You see I realize that the solution I am seeking isn’t at hand. It’s possibly out of my present time.

I remember watching, I think it was “Back To The Future III” Marty was fleeing the Indians and found a cave to hide in until they had left. When they did, the car wouldn’t start (you remember, the Lamborghini)! An arrow shot by one of the Indians had hit his fuel tank, punctured and drained all the gasoline.

He went searching for Doc Brown who set up home in the Wild, Wild West. Long story short….the solution to Marty’s problem wasn’t available for some time in the future.

I see some of my problems, situations, events, ‘whatevers’ in that the answer I want isn’t available at my present moment.

My next thing is; does this need a solution now! And does it require a permanent solution or will a temporary solution be of use.

I’ve tried explain to some burdened friend my view of problem solutions. That one has never grown legs with anyone.

And, I have no other advice!!

With all that said…..

Here’s my advice, don’t give advice.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Here’s My Advice, Don’t Give Advice appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

I’m Missing Mexico!!!

Mexico! I’m missing Mexico! Just not this moment, just not today, I miss being there a lot of my time.[...] The post I’m Missing Mexico!!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Mexico! I’m missing Mexico!

Just not this moment, just not today, I miss being there a lot of my time.

So, why ain’t I back there?

Well, I realized when I was living there that there was more of this world to explore so, pack up and came back to the states before heading out to Europe.

Even while in Europe I missed being in Mexico. Yeah, I was exploring and meeting new friends but, I missed the Caribbean, the jungles, the laid back life style, the cheap beer and inexpensive food along with the friends and acquaintances I made. But, I wanted to see more of this world and I did!

Now, I’m back in the U.S. again and after much consideration I purchased a used RV (Recreational Vehicle) to explore parts of America in a manner that I haven’t before…and I’m excited about that. But, at the same time, I keep an eye on flights for a visit back to Mexico. While I’d like to visit for at least a month, I’d take a week or two.

I miss that beautiful Caribbean water and all the locals!!!

Yet, while I’m missing Mexico and my U.S. touring is slightly delayed for some vehicle repair, I’m also looking at some flights back to Europe. Then, just as just now, I’m realizing I still haven’t been to the Far East!!!! And, I want some of that action too!!!!

Right now… pockets aren’t that deep. Hehehehehe!

I do my traveling a little bit different than a regular tourist in that I don’t frequent to usual tourist places like tourist do. I look for where I can experience the local atmosphere and get a taste of what life is like in the different countries.

I’m Missing Mexico….

One of the things about wanting to return to Europe for me is that I did it wrong the first time.

So, what did I do that was wrong you may ask.

Well, I went in the off season and while that wasn’t necessarily wrong what was wrong was that I didn’t apply for a Visa to allow me to stay in the Schengen countries (most of Europe) in excess of 90 days! With the Visa I could have stay the whole year. So, I was limited to 90 days to ‘casually’ see the Schengen countries which are…..well, it’s Western and Central Europe for the most part.

But, I did find out how cheap it is to stay and visit in the ‘Eastern Block’. Winter time is a different experience too as some places have turned into ‘Ghost Towns’. I stayed right outside Dubrovnik, Croatia for 3 weeks at an abandoned resort that was by all means a ‘Ghost Town’. Different. Right now all the ‘Jet Set’ folks are there with their mega-yatchs. Wish I could be there now….

So, yeah, I’m missing Mexico but, I’d love to do that visit again….like right now.

And then, I’m a beach person so I’m homesick for my Florida. A bit more expensive than living in Mexico (well, a lot more expensive than living in Mexico) but, I’ve my beach life to consider. While Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have coastline and some beaches, it’s not the same as the beaches in Florida.

I’m missing Mexico…

There’s just so much excitement in this world to experience and like a kid, I don’t wanna miss out on any of it….

I know, I’ll get back down to Mexico for sure in the near future. While it may not be for the extended time that I’d like it to be….eventually I’ll have my longer stays.

I’ll be back….

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post I’m Missing Mexico!!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

Planned. I had things planned out. An RV Lifestyle exploring parts of the U.S. as I never had before, simple.[...] The post When Things Don’t Go As Planned… appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Planned. I had things planned out. An RV Lifestyle exploring parts of the U.S. as I never had before, simple.

So, I bought a used RV with low mileage. Most have low mileage not because of anything wrong with them but because they are rather expensive to drive about. Like 7 miles to a gallon expensive. Ouch.

I thought I had gotten what I was looking for. It seems real nice. I bought it from an elderly couple in Pensacola, Florida and drove it to my daughter’s house in Brusly, Louisiana (a little south of Baton Rouge on the west side of the Mississippi River).

I pulled into her drive and as I was coming to a stop, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor. Dang! I hate it when that happens. The flexible brake hose was dry rotten and sprung a leak. My son helped replace both front brake hoses and life was good…..but that was over a period of about 3 weeks. So, no driving. Just spiffing up the inside to make it home for the next year or so.

I noticed that there was a ‘simple’ problem with the electricity in the RV. So, I began to tackle that but….I don’t know crap about an RV and even less about electricity. Tops for me is just plug in to a wall socket or flip a switch. That’s the extent of my knowledge on electricity.

This wasn’t Planned….

It seems that following a flow chart I found on line helped me to trace the culprit. A dual battery solenoid switch. The vehicle has 2 batteries; one for driving and the other for the lights, and small appliances. The solenoid needed to be replaced since that’s where the power hand off occurs. I did it! I replaced the solenoid and momentarily it seemed the problem was solved. Momentarily. It seems there’s this 5 amp fuse that is likely the culprit. Yeah, and I can’t find it. No, it’s not in the fuse box.

Fast forward….both of the batteries are dead. I pulled the batteries have them had them charged and tested. Everything is fine.

Now, I have a trip planned. June 6th. To Baytown, Texas. Everything is booked and the last minute packing is just about finished.

Oh, I forgot!!! I cleaned the roof. There was a lot of crud up there (I couldn’t get it all) and after the removal of said crud. I have a nasty leak!!! I have a trip in 4 days!!

The rain is so terrible, I can’t get on the roof for 2 days after discovering the leak!!! I’ve got the coating for the roof, just simply apply. Simple. But, that will have to be done at the park because it’s now the 5th of June.

On the morning of the 6th of June, it’s still raining and I just want to drive and get away from the rain, dry out and coat my roof.

I’m on my way!!! 10am and I’m feeling good about this.

By 11:15 am, that feeling sustained a ‘left hook’ to the jaw. By 11:20 am I was on the side of I-10 trying to figure out why I had ‘no power’. I did notice a little problem with my rear view camera, figured the road vibrations were a little tough on it. At 11:25 am I placed a call for my roadside emergency service.

This really not what I had in mind…. I had planned a much better time.

Long story short. My tow arrived at 8:30 pm!!! I even contacted the Louisiana State Police just before nightfall to have someone come out and baby sit for fear of a wrong person happening upon me.

Now, I sit and wait. Wait on the mechanic shop to provide me with an inexpensive happy ending. That part of the story started at 7:30 am on June 7th back in Brusly, Louisiana. My starting point for my month long excursion.

I had this planned!

To be continued…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post When Things Don’t Go As Planned… appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Risk – Reward

Risk – Reward This has piqued my interest this morning…..risk – reward. Actually, it’s piqued my interest and curiosity more[...] The post Risk – Reward appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Risk – Reward

This has piqued my interest this morning…..risk – reward.

Actually, it’s piqued my interest and curiosity more often than just this morning.  But, lately I’ve been giving more time to my curious thoughts.  I guess I’ve started looking for value.  In the past I wouldn’t take the time (unfortunately) to explore those thoughts.  I was too busy living….at least that’s what I called it at the time.

I’ve always been an observer.  Now, I devote more time to the art of observing.  It provokes thoughts and creative thinking.  And of course I see the absurdity in a lot of common place stuff.

But, risk?  What does ‘risk’ involve?  In it’s simplest form Meriam-Webster defines risk as ‘possibility of loss or injury’.  Do we, you or I have to do something ‘dangerous’ to experience risk?  Which is defined by Meriam-Webster as ‘involving possible injury, pain, harm, or loss’.

I know this is gonna sound weird…..but I think it’s simply because of the way we were raised, at least most of us. Some of us (not me) were raised in an environment that endeared us to risk. Which is why I want to throw an unusual idea of risk at you.

We all can remember our parents or other older relatives urging us to ‘be careful’, ‘stay safe’….all of which implies ‘danger’…..RISK!!!!

But how about that we take risk without doing anything out of the norm. Silly, huh? But doing the same unsual stuff is taking a risk. It’s a risk in the sense that the other choice of opportunity with a definite desire accompanying it will mean that the usual stuff must be sacrificed and it’s that sacrifice that is the risk.


Not willing to give up or do something different because we don’t like ‘change’ or we think that what we do or what we have is the pinnacle of life. At least for us.

When I look back…..I was always a risk taker looking for the ‘reward’!!! Sometimes I overlooked the reward and was thus disappointed with the risk. But, it didn’t stop me from future risk but having overlooked the reward and moving forward from there is something I’d like to have a redo at.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve looked for the rewards and enjoyed them and some were the result of a real risk.

Like this….

I recently spent 2 years in Mexico lazing around and exploring. Most definitely enjoying life. I became an avid walker. Everywhere I walked was new to me, even if I walked it the day before. I have this ingrained curiousity that always tells me, go over there where no one else is and see what’s going on.

On one particular morning… early walk I decided to explore this dirt road that lead me into the jungle (there’s a lot of jungle in Mexico!). As I walked I would notice an alternate path here and there and each one piqued my curiousity.

The idea of this being a risk not once crossed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, the area was noted (the Mayan Riviera) as being safe so…..why worry?

I explored those paths…..all of them over a period of time.

There were actually primitive looking luxury homes being built in some of these areas. That I found to be a WOW thing to me….I’d have never thought of building a luxury home in the jungle (about 5 miles deep within!! Especially when I had already encountered the primitive homes of Mexican’s and Mayan’s which I always stood in awe of.


I never once considered any danger in my walks. Except in hindsight. Truck loads of workers staring at this ‘gringo’ like I’m a good opportunity for whatever their pleasure may be. Hindsight….I see the danger. Especially now, knowing of the advancements of the cartel into the area. Some of these guys in the truck could very well have been ‘illegitimate’ citizens (I’ll explain shortly) which the cartels preyed upon, giving them purpose in life.

‘Illegitimate’ citizens in Mexico are children that are born outside the Mexican social system….they weren’t born in the hospital and thus they weren’t documented. As being undocumented citizens they are entitled to the privileges of documented citizens…..access to schools, healthcare, workforce, etc. They are easy prey for the cartels. Which is a rather sinister environment.

I didn’t see this at the time….ignorance. Thus the hindsight risk.

Risk to Reward…..

The ‘reward’. It follows the ‘risk’. I experienced encounters that the average everyday ‘tourist’ missed out on for their ‘all-inclusive’ (all-expensive) experience. I ate in homes that most people wouldn’t venture into…..ate food that I watched being prepared that would ward off any semblence of hunger…. Me, I enjoyed the hospitality and original cuisine that was most spectacular!!! I experienced ‘culture’ from an up-close and personal point of view that can’t be bought. I made friends that will last me a lifetime!! I had the opportunity to meet, eat, and enjoy the company of a elderly gentleman who was 100% Mayan, from deep in the jungle….he couldn’t speak English, and I knew no Mayan yet we enjoyed each others company. Enjoyed tradition that escape the tourist. I met bright eyed children, me being their first American they encountered (hope I made a good first impression). There was many occassions where I was the first American that they met, and the first time they sat in an air conditioned SUV with a radio.

Back to my ‘weird’ view of ‘risk’. Should I have chosen to just do the ‘usual’, I would have risked losing out on this experience.

By the way, I’m not suggesting in anyway to put ones-self in harms way. I don’t bungie jump!!!

I hope you took the risk to read (and understand) and you enjoyed the reward.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Risk – Reward appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

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