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  • John Gaudet
  • April 04, 2016 05:19:53 PM

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Looking into my life's challenges and changes at the positive ways I cope with the moments at hand.... A simple approach.....really hands on. Approaches worth trying for everyone and everything in life.

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Palermo, Sicily Me and A Chair

I had probably one of the most stunning and profound experiences during my travels in Palermo, Sicily, Italy with the[...] The post Palermo, Sicily Me and A Chair appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

I had probably one of the most stunning and profound experiences during my travels in Palermo, Sicily, Italy with the sight of a single chair.

And it was on a simple walk.

I was out and about an early morning as usually seeing sights before and during their getting ready for the days start, grabbing coffee, chatting with folks (meaning saying “Ciao” or nodding) and experiencing a bit of their way of life in Italy.

I loved this aspect of my days, no matter where I was traveling.

On this particular morning I augmented my route to add a bit of variety and surprise when I glanced to my right down a dead end alley. Immediately was the entrance door to a quaint looking apartment with a simple single chair a few feet from its doorway. I caught my eye as something I would have been part of normal everyday life in Palermo. That was it, but for some reason it just made a home in my mind.

From there I continued on my morning journey stopping for my occasional cup of espresso…..I was hooked. Hooked on a simple lifestyle.

A Simple Chair

I actually found a lot of old rickety chairs throughout the streets of Palermo, but it was the one right off the door stoop that caught my attention.

Here’s what happened for it to be cemented in my memories….

It was later that morning….

I was winding up my morning walk and I happened upon that dead end alleyway on my return home when I noticed an elderly gentleman sitting in the chair carving on a small piece of wood. Yes, I had my camera with me, but I couldn’t bring myself to snap his picture. I felt just looking upon him that I was invading his privacy, I couldn’t and wouldn’t point a camera at him. Yeah, I could’ve asked for his permission but his somberness along with age told me to leave him alone.

I thought to myself as I carried on with my walk, “that’s what I want, I want a simple place, with a simple life and a simple chair”. Right now, I still feel that way even though I have much more that I want to do and places to visit. But, I want that chair in my life to have as my security…..a place I can return to and rely on.

Until we meet again…..

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Palermo, Sicily Me and A Chair appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

In Defense of Donald Trump

I, we should’ve known better…..okay, I should’ve known better. (This isn’t about the injustices afforded to Donald Trump…’s deeper.) And[...] The post In Defense of Donald Trump appeared first on Peace, Love, &...

I, we should’ve known better…..okay, I should’ve known better.

(This isn’t about the injustices afforded to Donald Trump…’s deeper.)

And what should I have known better.

I should’ve known better that this wouldn’t be as clean and clear-cut a way to clean-up our corrupt political system.

I thought that having a non-politician, businessman, a no non-sense individual as president would be the best medicine this country needed.

It was apparent long ago (for me, Bush The Second) that things in the U.S. were going off track. The Patriot Act was the beginning and what has lead us to where we are. The government was given permission to spy on the American people…..that law was furthered by President Obama.

I always thought that “Bush The Second” thought of himself as the “2nd Coming of Ronald Reagan” with very disappointing results. He was ‘no Ronald Reagan’ and I knew Ronald Reagan.

But…..this isn’t about “Bush The Second”, this is about having a president that is upending our political system by the name of Donald Trump.

Did you know that one of the first mentions of impeachment, if not the first took place on January 17, 2017. That’s 9 days before his inauguration!!! Chris Matthews and Representative Maxine Waters had this discussion on MSM! Later that same year Reps Al Green (please don’t mix him up in your mind with the great singer Rev. Al Green) and Brad Sherman…..folks, that was roughly 6 months into President Trumps term!!! Hell, he hadn’t broke a sweat yet!! The Democrats in office and their cronies in the media didn’t like the results of the presidential election. Hell….the media had egg on its face!!!

In Defense of

Back on track here (it’s so easy to go off track, there’s so many avenues to travel)….a president that is not a politician, is a businessman, and a no non-sense individual to get this country back on track. Oh, and a patriot. We most definitely needed a patriot after the Obama era (could be ‘error’).

That individual that we chose was Donald Trump.

But what I’m about to say isn’t about Donald Trump as a person. You see it wouldn’t matter which individual we chose that was a non-politician, businessman, and no non-sense…..we’d still be right where we are right now or possibly in a worse place.

Worse place????

The individual with the qualifications I’ve mentioned would be going through the same rambunctious efforts of opposition that we see on display but may have caved in by now….taking with them their vice-president and we would have Nancy Pelosi as President.

See, I told you it could be worse.

At first this assault on the presidency was by both the Republican and Democrat parties… it’s 95% Democrat (remember, we have in our midst ‘Never Trumpers’).

There’s a HUGE risk to the political system by having a non-politician as president. The risk of unveiling their corruption!!! Both parties!!!!


The Patriot Act leads us to the FISA shit by the way….spying on an American Citizen. Ooooops, multiple American Citizen’s.

One thing I didn’t suspect was the revelation of how ‘biased’ the media is!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I knew that bias existed in the media, just not to this severity!!! We have a once respected news network that is now the epitomy of bias news reporting, CNN. The hatred of President Trump runs thru this news organization internationally as obvious as the blood coursing its way thru our bodies.

Should someone other than Donald Trump would have been elected as a non-politician (etc.) we would be going through this same attempted remedy.

In Defense of Donald Trump…

My defense of Donald Trump. It could’ve been any regular Joe American that won the election and we would be experiencing the same things we are right now.

The extortion perpetrated by former Vice President Joe Biden would have come to the surface….and frankly, I think that is just the beginning should Donald Trump be re-elected.

Him, Donald Trump or any other individual that is a non-politician would be making the same ‘missteps’, ‘flubs’, ‘misunderstandings’, ‘misstatements’, etc. by mere fact that they are non-politicians, and he doesn’t speak ‘political correctness’ to accommodate the delicate ears of those who oppose.

I for one, was weary of the direction our political leaders were taking us….. We’re the world’s “Sugar Daddy”. Donald Trump isn’t the world’s “Sugar Daddy”. The American people don’t need to be the world’s “Sugar Daddy”. The world needs to pony up their share and be responsible. American’s deserve better than being walked on, assailed and deprived because other countries now feel an entitlement to our prosperity, our riches and the lousy leaders before Donald Trump have appeased their desires.

I could write about all the injustices that Donald Trump is being submitted to…..but, really it could’ve been that other non-politician I continually allude to. Perhaps another time I will, but this isn’t that.

Donald Trump is brash, egotistical, clumsy (speech wise), nasty, bombastic, etc. (Add your own comments on his personality) Which is also what his opposition is now showing of themselves.

Hillary Clinton…..

He’s not an angel…..I didn’t want one.

I wanted someone that would clean-up this political mess……this ain’t over with, the saga continues.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post In Defense of Donald Trump appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

A Few of My Favorite Places

Favorites!!! I’ve really got plenty. And as I’m still working on the plans for my next adventure I thought I[...] The post A Few of My Favorite Places appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Favorites!!! I’ve really got plenty. And as I’m still working on the plans for my next adventure I thought I might take a schedule of days to share some of my favorite places in pictures that I’ve visited.

The European jaunt started out in Lisbon, Portugal. From there I simply moved west to east spending a bit over a third of my time in Portugal.

And while I wasn’t gonna include anything from Portugal in my first post of favorite places, I changed my mind because Madeira Island is stuck in my mind!!!!

I found this by fluke when I was originally planning the European trip. It’s an oddity in a way and the way is that it’s located off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean!!!

Another touch of irony is that I lived on Madeira Beach, Florida for a while.

One more thing…..these islands, they are merely the peaks of mountains that extend from the ocean floor.

My Madeira in Pictures….

Off to Spain…..

Madrid really did a number on my heart. I was tucked away in a cozy hotel room on the edge of everything that was happening……and I was there during the winter holiday season, a bit before Christmas.

I had some rather intimate experiences in Madrid……not like that, I referring to my stay, meeting people and experiencing the culture and cuisine.

A Favorite…

There’s more of Spain for another time…..but now on to France. Not Paris, but rather Marseille!!!

Marseille I could live in….. The charm!!! I often go there in my mind. Here’s a little bit starting out from above looking of Marseille. From the Notre Dame Basilica.

I guess you could say, I’ve given you a piece of my mind. Because these places are always on my mind. I hope you enjoy!

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post A Few of My Favorite Places appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

President Hillary Clinton!!!

President Hillary Clinton!!! How can that be? She’s not even running for the Democratic Nomination!! That’s not correct. She’s just[...] The post President Hillary Clinton!!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

President Hillary Clinton!!!

How can that be? She’s not even running for the Democratic Nomination!! That’s not correct. She’s just not running for it in the usual manner.

Before I ramble any further, let me anger some of my friends first. There’s some things about Hillary that I really like and a couple that I admire.

There, I’ve gotten that out of the way. I feel comfortable until some of my friends read that and blast me for such a surprising point.

I’m gonna keep this brief as I have other things to tend to that are a bit more important for my day.

Political drafts are used to encourage or pressure a certain person to enter a political race, by demonstrating a significant groundswell of support for the candidate. (Sourced from Wikipedia)

The Democratic Party does not have a viable candidate to defeat Donald Trump. With all the damage they have attempted to do (and some may believe have accomplished) the Democratic Party still doesn’t have a candidate that has what it takes. They are only fooling themselves. I’m not gonna say they have no soul, but they have nothing to say that sparks interest or excitement.

Hillary Clinton has already beaten Donald Trump in the popular vote and this group of far left radicals won’t be able to capture the midstream American mind.

Thus we will have Clinton vs. Trump Part Deux!!

“The Thriller In Manila”!!!! Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, only in politics!

Plus, she’ll have Elizabeth Warren as her running mate grooming her as her successor after 8 years of ruling.

President Hillary Clinton

I’m choosing not to use any colorful language regarding either of these two rivals intentionally. It’s not my goal to promote one candidate over another in this writing (I sense the anger of my friends again) but rather to simply point out my casual observation.

Some may say she’s done too much harm to her image with her vast array of reasons why she lost the previous election. And yes, I do believe she has harmed herself. But even a damaged Hillary is a more viable candidate than those that are presently engaging in the nomination process.

Joe Biden. Yes, he’s the front runner.

The thing about Joe Biden…….is not the Ukrainian thing (which would be devastating to him as president…..consider him Impeached). Other than touching women and making them uncomfortable, and other than him talking about kids pulling the hair on his legs and that he likes kids sitting on his lap……the guy boastfully claims that Margaret Thatcher called him recently (a year or so back) complaining about President Trump. Here’s the deal breaker for me when it comes to Mr. Biden, Margaret Thatcher died 8 April 2013. Either he’s claiming to talk to dead people, or possibly he believes he can tell any lie and the gullible will believe him.

No Joe.

I believe Hillary is aware of this ground swell of support. She believes all those millions of people that voted for her will vote for her again and that the damage done to President Trump will be to her advantage.

WHAT???? Joe Biden is gonna win the nomination and challenge Donald Trump to push-ups??

I’d rather be traveling….

Also to consider is the financial situation of the Democratic Party and the fund raising of it’s presidential candidates. That’s a gloomy outlook.

But, throw the Hillary nomination into that mix without the attacks on her and without bleeding money throughout the primary challenge and there’s reasonable cause for this scenario.

I’m gonna leave it at that…..

I’ll be back with the fun stuff….

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post President Hillary Clinton!!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Having An Impact On My Day

Impact! When I wrote that word in my journal this morning……it jumped off the page and came alive! Reminded me[...] The post Having An Impact On My Day appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Impact! When I wrote that word in my journal this morning……it jumped off the page and came alive! Reminded me of my youngest granddaughter…..full of energy and life!

Has an impact on me….. Perhaps it would do us all good to allow children to have an impact on us!

It just so happens that I don’t have to look for things to have an impact on my day. This must have been brewing in my mind, last night before bed I wrote out things I want to do today. Not like a ‘to do’ list…..this was different. Looking at the index card I wrote on, it was like a life style resolution. Something to embrace, although my yoga and meditation aren’t on the card.

Writing my blog is one of those things I put on my list……that’s what I’m doing before the crack of dawn.

It’s not forced. I’m doing it because it’s what I want to do! It’s something I enjoy doing and has been a big part of my life for the past 4 years.

Life by design… That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but daily life has seem to have gotten in the way. You know, falling (being fooled) into doing things that seem to be important but don’t lead you to where you want to go/do, if we have such an inkling. (Insert smiley face here.)


I’m not letting this day go to waste… My granddaughter aims to discovery, have fun and do it with excitement!! I’m gonna treat that like it’s contagious and I’m aiming to catch it for life!!!

Living with purpose….living in the now. Living in the now with purpose!!!!

Having an impact.

There’s no need, I feel to go into what I wrote last night on the waiting index card……that while not irrelevant is going to be a fruit of my life that any reader that comes upon my blogs will experience.

But, I’m not doing anything for you…, this is much more selfish, I’m doing this for me. It’s that such a good thing can’t help but spill over allowing others to be…..impacted?

In passing, I read something in passing about the benefits of setting a deadline. It’s something we experience in school and at work but don’t seem to employ (at least I haven’t) in my personal everyday life.

To some or maybe most this may seem ‘old hat’. You’ve been on to this a long time ago. Kudos!!! It’s just arrived here for me and I feel the excitement (especially when I think of my grandaughter) and I don’t want to let it go.

I have a tendency to put myself aside for others……not anymore.

Maybe I’m not alone in this wayward life…..I just read a Facebook posting of a friend expressing frustration, being upset and annoyed at not achieving something.

Life is full of ups and downs, downs and outs and disappointments. Overcoming those gives us a sense of purpose and can energize.

Not all discoveries are walking thru the jungles of Mexico, of the cobblestone streets of Europe….they bloom and exist right where we are, in our minds is where they start. Follow them!!! Discover!!!

Today, I’m living my little index card……having an impact on my life.

Wishing you the opportunity to have enjoy the best of your life today and everyday forward.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Having An Impact On My Day appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Coping With My Addiction…

Addiction. I know there’s a larger picture to this than I deal with, but….it’s also the most obvious and evident[...] The post Coping With My Addiction… appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.


I know there’s a larger picture to this than I deal with, but….it’s also the most obvious and evident point of entry that I deal with.

It may sound cute and possibly funny…but, I take it seriously and when I relapse it’s a horrible time and the effort to deal with it is ridiculous.

It’ then that I realize I must take my situation serious.

I may not be alone, you too may have the same addiction, just the delivery tool is different.

Frankly it’s hard for me to write about. I’d much rather tell of the planning process for my next major travel outing. I was working on it for a couple hours yesterday and it is quite challenging. That’s what I’d much rather write about and……I will, later.

By the way the second leg of my next travel adventure is Costa Rica. I’ve been there before for a few weeks, this time it’s a 3 month adventure taking in the mountain and volcanos then hitting the Pacific and Caribbean coast lines. The pleasure and the trials of planning that trip is my refuge right now.

You may not take my addiction seriously and you may actually look past your own while downplaying mine….but I tell you, this is a real struggle for me for as long as I can remember.

To add to my frustration is seeing how parents subject their children to the same addiction, in most cases just to keep them quiet. It’s a temporary pacifier, with a raging ending.

Even though I’d rather write about my travel plans as I’ve mentioned and that this is a hard subject for me to deal with, the words just seem to flow off the tips of my fingers.

I guess it’s just a reckoning.

Tootsie Pops…

Should anyone want to set a trap for me, to trick me into getting in their car, making a clandestine meeting……Tootsie Pops is my Achillies Heel.

I know it sounds funny, but they are irresistible to me!!! That globe of sugar leading to the eventual Tootsie Roll…..gosh!!! Just the thought of it gives me a rush!


Why am I writing about this right now??? During my down and planning time I’m staying in my RV at my youngest daughter’s house. Inside her house on her Baker’s Rack is a HUGE bag of opened Tootsie Rolls begging me to just stick them in my mouth….. I mean I could seriously just sit there and spend an hour or two (if they’d last that long) just getting fucked up on Tootsie Rolls.

She doesn’t know of my addiction, she just knows of my love for Tootsie Rolls and in the past has gifted me with some.

I’ve been granted an open invitation to have ‘ONE’. Sadistic!!!!

I recently found a second place delivery…..’Cherry Sours’.


The actual addiction is to ‘SUGAR’. Those are just the tools of administration that are the most likely to seduce me. Yes, ‘Seduce’.

Nothing else will matter or satisfy me once I’ve succumbed to the temptation. And it’s horrible with horrible results.

The sugar spike!!!! It makes me ill. Every moment leading up to it is sheer orgasmic pleasure. But once that ‘high’ is finally reach, then comes the downside…..I mean crashing down.

I shake, become irritable, sleepy and some times…..mean.


I’m not without an awareness of this problem. I abstain from sugar products for the most part. I even watch my diet…..using mostly ‘Complex Carbohydrates’. Foods with a low ‘glycemic index’.

I know that at some point most people have heard of the bads of sugar and how they need to be avoided. And….in some cases it’s very difficult. We look to the obvious not knowing what foods convert into the dastardly element. And, I’m not here to preach nor educate anyone on this, this morning. I’m fessing up to my addiction.

I don’t drink soda pop. Nor do I use artificial sweeteners because they are ‘Trojan Horses’ carrying other problems along the way.

I do use ‘organic unfiltered honey’. It’s natural and unprocessed. Stevia is another sweetener that I fall back on. All the other stuff…..bogus and will wreck havoc on the human body.

A simple little colorful wrapped Tootsie Pop will make me into a puddle of humanity.

It’s cute and yet embarrassing.

Who would’ve thought that a simple, delightful, harmless looking Tootsie Pop could cause such a problem in my life. I didn’t!!

Allow me to be preachy just for this one moment.

PARENTS!!!! You’re doing a GREAT disservice to the health and well being of your children by feeding them with a steady stream of ‘sugar’ products. They are all package rather cutely, attractive and harmless….but they are packed with all the bad stuff that you wouldn’t knowingly feed to your kids.

Realize!!! You can’t just take all this ‘Crap’ away from them suddenly!! They are now addicted!!! Slowly and persistently replace those foods with something better for them… they won’t end up with an addiction like mine.

Sugar is my addiction and it’s disguise as a Tootsie Pop …..sometimes a ‘Sour Cherry Candy’.

I’ve not succumbed to my addiction to Tootsie Pops with my latest temptation….and I’ve banned myself from it’s cohorts.

Addiction. It’s my greatest challenge.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Coping With My Addiction… appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

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