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Looking into my life's challenges and changes at the positive ways I cope with the moments at hand.... A simple approach.....really hands on. Approaches worth trying for everyone and everything in life.
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I Keep Thinking About The Adventure

I Keep Thinking About The Adventure The adventure.  I’ve tasted it.  I want more!  Yet, I’m sort of torn by[...] The post I Keep Thinking About The Adventure appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

I Keep Thinking About The Adventure

The adventure.  I’ve tasted it.  I want more!  Yet, I’m sort of torn by my desire to be home in Florida and the adventure of travel.

The adventure is gonna win out…..I’m just a bit impatient.  I’ll deal with Florida later.  I’ll get my fix roughly about a month before leaving for Portugal.  That’ll do.  There maybe somewhere to fall in love with more than Florida.

I’m actually thrilled at the thought of traveling thru Europe.  Lots of unknown stuff that is waiting to get known. And that is my motivation.

Of course I’ve mentioned in the past two of my favorite movies “A Good Year” and “Under The Tuscan Sun”, the fantasy of experiencing the charm and allure of Italy in an out-of-the-way manner has my attention. Now, I get to actually go!

But, before there’s gonna be Madeira Island, Portugal right off the coast of Africa.  I’ve got at least two weeks scheduled to spend there….just by reading and looking at the pictures, I may never return.

So, I’m choosing the adventure of the travel over the comfort and familiarity of nestling down in back in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Yesterday, that wasn’t necessarily the case.  I found a nice place on ‘Madeira Beach’ that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  But, I had a wrestling match thru the night……and when I woke travel had won. Too much new to experience.  And I’m choosing the ‘new’ over the ‘comfort’ of the old.  If the new is temporary….that’s fine.  From what I understand St. Petersburg, Florida isn’t leaving the planet.

My mind has been churning.  And it started about 30 minutes before falling asleep.  It was such a wonder churning to fall asleep to.

I Keep Thinking About The Adventure

Often I’ll choose something to put my mind to when I go to sleep.  Afterall, it’s the first place that dreams come alive.

This isn’t one of those torturous nights…..this is one full of excitement and pleasures.  I once woke during the night and grabbed pen and paper to jot down some particulars and then to my laptop.  That really isn’t a bad nights sleep.  I feel well rested.

Man!  That place on Madeira Beach has most everything that I want!!!  And it’s a steal of a price to boot!!  Hard to pass on.  Before bed, I was planning on being there shortly.

I know this beyond a doubt.  That if I took the place on Madeira Beach, that I’d be cheating myself out of a GREAT adventure.  I don’t want to cheat myself.

Although I have a number of Facebook friends I’d love to meet on my journey……I’m gonna be more ‘me’ oriented as not to do that.

I do have one visit that I feel I must make in France though……I lost an Uncle in WWII there whom I’d never had the pleasure and privilege to meet.  So, I intend on visiting his gravesite at the Epinal American Cemetery in Epinal, France.  Something about doing this.  My dad never really talked about him, twice and that was just mentioning his service and death, I recall my aunt making reference to him once.  But, nothing.

Back to the adventure…..

What’s gonna happen?  Who will I meet?  What’s the food like?  How will I adjust to the cultures?  I’m gonna visit castles, vineyards, cemeteries, museums, art galleries…….it just goes on!!!  This really beats just sitting in one place waiting to die.  Or maybe company.

No more consideration of moving back home before leaving for Europe.  I want, I need, the adventure.  Think of all the ‘wine’!!!!

I’m really past ready.

But, until then, my adventure is in recording my next CD and working here and heck…..maybe I’ll finish up writing that book I started!

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post I Keep Thinking About The Adventure appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About…..

I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About….. Yeah.  Their I go again, thinking, well in this case rethinking.  I’ve been rethinking[...] The post I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About….. appeared first on Peace, Love, &...

I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About…..

Yeah.  Their I go again, thinking, well in this case rethinking.  I’ve been rethinking my thinking about my trip back home to Florida.  And I think I’ve come to a well thought conclusion.  Removed of emotion and while not full of practicallity, it’s somewhat practical.

You see, I’m homesick for St. Petersburg, Florida.  That’s my home.  I was merely accidently born and raised in south Louisiana.  I’m not saying that’s a bad place to be, but I’ve always felt out of place there or here as that’s where I’m at now.

I miss my beaches, I miss my beach bars (although you’d be surprised to know that my drinking barely exists nowadays).  I miss Publix Supermarket, Beall’s Stores……..  Then there’s the drives along the beach or perhaps just driving thru the whole county in a day….  I miss going from city to city without knowing because there’s no cane fields or pastures between.  I miss……

Rethinking my thinking.

But, I guess it was yesterday.  Looking at the vialbility of a few trips and a quick trek down to St. Petersburg (The Burg) for about a week.

Everything that I wanted to do, everywhere I wanted to go seems pricey.  For me to fly to Portugal on September 27th will cost less than $300…..$288 if my memory is correct.  So, to fly to St. Petersburg, or even Cabo San Lucas, Mexico seems pricey.  And my plan is to spend roughly my last month before leaving for Portugal in St. Petersburg and other parts of Florida.  I fly out of Ft. Lauderdale on September 27th.  Selling my SUV to Carmax the day before and BOOM!  I’m gone.

I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About…..

So, it doesn’t seem very practical to spend money twice for something I’m gonna be doing anyway.  Along with being down there in St. Petersburg, I’ll be looking for a possible new home to fly back to when I return from Europe…..whenever that may be.

There’s something about Italy that gives me a feel of ‘no return’.

Have you ever seen, “A Good Year” with Russell Crowe.  One of my all time favorites.  I’ll probably rent it tonight.

Tha movie seems to have captured an raw beauty of Italy that my heart can’t let go of……“Under The Tucsan Sun” would be another.

Once again, I’ve seemed to have meanandered off my subject of rethinking my thinking.

I’m not saying I’m not gonna get away from here for some short visits.  Nashville is off the list, but Memphis is on and maybe an inexpensive flight to Canada.  And there’s still time comp times available at the casino in Biloxi…..I hope.

Then, there’s the downtime here in South Louisiana.  I’ve got to work on my CD.  I’ve put my health a bit before that, as I’m attacking my weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar along with keeping myself hydrated.  And all those things in the past 10 days have been improving very favorably.

Still a quick trip back to Mexico, somewhere there…..just lingers in the front of my mind.

Rethinking my thinking.

Sitting here isn’t my idea of adventure.  I’ve spoiled myself to Caribbean beaches, jungle hikes, and meeting the acquaintances of some foreign animals.  And of course mingling with the locals where ever I’m at in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America.

The problems of Mexico do have me concerned about a return at this time though.  And I did mention to Roger (my friend from Chemuyil) that I’d be trying to make a return visit in June.

I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About…..

Right now, money is the motivation in my rethinking my thinking.

Portugal is real inexpensive, so is Slovenia, Greece, and Switzerland along with a few other small countries. But there’s others that are going to be not so inexpensive that I have to keep in mind.  Everything is a budget consideration.  And this place (South Louisiana) has been a budget buster thus far.

I won’t be able to say in Europe……’well this isn’t working out, I’ll just catch a flight back’.  Nope.  I’d probably pay 4 times the amount that it cost me to get there.  And my pockets aren’t quite that deep.  I must plan.

So, I’ve been rethinking my thinking about moving about in the U.S.  Just sit still, write, work on my CD and concentrate on my health.  That seems to be my next great adventure.  And perhaps, I should approach it as such!!

Thanks for this talk!!  I’m convinced!

Here’s another adventure link  Also, a little fundraiser help for my daughter….she’s a single parent with 2 little ones and a bad car, please visit, help if you can and share.  Thanks!

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post I’ve Been Rethinking My Thinking About….. appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

You Will Find What You’re Looking For

You Will Find What You’re Looking For Eventually, with persistance, you will find what you’re looking for. That’s the way[...] The post You Will Find What You’re Looking For appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

You Will Find What You’re Looking For

Eventually, with persistance, you will find what you’re looking for.

That’s the way life is.  The reason we don’t find, is that we give up.

I’m reading thru the news briefly this morning and it’s about the same as it has been for the past year plus. Finding something wrong with President Donald Trump.  I put no stock in such and I’ve good reasons.  First I don’t want to find bad things, second and more importantly is the hate that exudes from those that are making up the news.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in his last run.  But, I did and do support our president.  That’s not necessarily blindly though.  What I mean is that I will support the president but I will contact my lawmakers regarding issues that I don’t agree with.  That’s our most powerful input into shaping our country.

You may not agree with me and say, “Yeah, well that doesn’t seem to work with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, etc.”. Well, I believe it does….you see I believe that the citizen’s they represent want the course of action that they pursue.  You, it’s Nancy and Chuck’s personal stance but, if you look back at their political lives those positions have changed.  They are speaking for the voters that have voted them in.

Now, here’s the downside.  If you don’t live in the district they represent and you contact them, you will be thanked and suggested that you contact ‘your’ representative.  I know, I contacted a congressman that was pushing a budgetary proposal that I didn’t like and the reply was for me to contact my congressman.

But, I’m off my point here.

You Will Find What You’re Looking For

Back to the point.  You will find what you’re looking for, just don’t give up.  I find a friend on one of my Facebook pages raving about former President Bill Clinton and trashing now President Donald Trump.  Why, for any reason he can find.  Former President Clinton has a path of sexual encounters he’s left behind before and during his presidency and finds nothing wrong, but President Trump’s liasons before his presidency does matter.  You see, you will find what you’re looking for…..even it’s distorted by hatred.

Go do a search for something you’re interested in, say on Amazon, WalMart, Google, etc.  Then you’ll notice that in the advertising space on and others that the something you searched for, advertisements are popping up.

Such is the way our brain works too.  The object of interest seems to come into sight more often.

Right now I’m in the market for a new activity/fitness tracker.  So, I search thru Amazon…..there’s an advertisement on the moment I switch over to yahoo!!  When I go into a store, I wonder around and by golly there I am browsing through the selection of trackers.  Which reminds me I need to go to one of those major sporting goods stores to look thru their selection.  No names, they are not paying me to advertise for them.  Which reminds me, please take a moment and check out an advertiser or two as that’s how I add monies to my piggy bank so I can eat.

You Will Find What You’re Looking For

I’m also looking to improve my health.  Lower my blood pressure, lower my blood sugar and of course my weight.  My focus is there, my research is there……now I get advertisements and emails about the newest health craze.

It’s no magic, nor hocus pocus.  It’s the way of life, it’s the way of the universe.

The magic is in each of us and that magic is PERSISTANCE!  Just don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart….do all in peace and love.

Your Help Please….

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post You Will Find What You’re Looking For appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

What’s Going On In Mexico???

What’s Going On In Mexico??? Mexico.  I love it there.  And I would like to make my way back there[...] The post What’s Going On In Mexico??? appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

What’s Going On In Mexico???

Mexico.  I love it there.  And I would like to make my way back there shortly before leaving for Europe.  But, honestly, I’m finding some of the goings to be a little disturbing.

Even before I moved there for 16 months there was some disturbing activity in an area that I thought I wanted to live.  Really turned me off.

I thought I wanted to live in Akumal.  But as I did my reasearch and joined ‘expat’ sites, I found the expat site for Akumal a bit of a turn off.

One of the incidents off the top of my head was the fire bombing of a police substation!!!  It was in protest involving the tourism business there.  Many years ago, a tropical storm or hurricane came thru the area and brought with it sea turtles.  Those sea turtles being part of nature decided to make the bay area home and the tourism industry (I used that term lightly) decided to take advantage of these creatures and told visitors they could swim with the turtles if you paid for the opportunity to do so.

In Mexico, all the beaches and waters are free access.  There is a law protecting the barrier reef right off the coast and that’s a good thing.  No one can just boat out there and snorkel or dive… must be accompanied by a licensed guide.  This is a good thing.

What’s Going On In Mexico???

But, the Akumal ‘tour guides’ (and that term is also usage lightly, they are more like thugs) are pushy, in your face, demanding, obnoxious, and ‘dangerous’.  They will harass and scare tourist into renting the vest and paying the fee to access the water.  There are different areas that are roped off and they tell you the visitor where you can and cannot go.

And you can’t really tell who side the police are on!!  There was one instance where this guy went snorkeling on his own and one of the tour guide thugs went over to a police and pointed the man out. When the man exited the water, the police met the man and the man’s wife came up next……then, the police were escorting the off and putting him in a police car and just left the wife dumbfounded!

This isn’t the only time this sort of shenanigans has happened here.  There are some really fine restaurants, bar and grills in the area that I would frequent, but never entering the water.


Now where I spent most of my time in residence was Puerto Aventuras.  It’s a nice large gated community.  I loved being there, felt safe walking the streets.  Many times I’d walk to the beach in the early hours for some sunrise pictures with no concern.  There were security guards posted throughout the area and a few in vehicles.

What’s Going On In Mexico???

NOW!!!  Someone, I’m not sure of who all the players are but this one someone as instigated a problem that makes it difficult even for the residents to enter thru the gates!!  From what I’ve read, this guy has his group of thugs that are pressuring the security.  And the security is not opposing them and when they aren’t doing anything to help the residents that pay them (I’m referring to the security guards), those security guards are joining up with the thugs!!

Also of note… acquaintance up in Playa del Carmen closed his short-lived business because the cartel wanted a cut of his money.  If is didn’t pay, he’d probably die like others before him.  So, he just opted to close down his little family business.

Mexico and it’s people are lovely.  I have several best friends there.  It’s sad.  I want to go back, but it may be a while.

And don’t get me start with the Mexican states that border the U.S.  Cartel territory, serious cartel territory.

Please take a moment to click an advertiser or two….no obligation.  Thanks.

Once again if you can find in your heart and pocketbook the means to help my daughter it would be greatly appreciated.

I must say, I did feel safe there even walking thru the jungle alone.  Things are changing.

More tomorrow.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post What’s Going On In Mexico??? appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh I did this once before in Largo, Florida.  I think the group was called ‘Rain’, a[...] The post Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh

I did this once before in Largo, Florida.  I think the group was called ‘Rain’, a Beatles tribute band.  And I have to say….it was exciting.  That would have been back around 2000.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhhhh!!

And again last night.  ‘The Fab Four’

Totally awesome!!  At times I had trouble composing myself, but I remained sane.

Great renditions of “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Got To Get You Back Into My Life”, “Sgt. Pepper’s”, “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, and a really rousing version of “8 Days A Week”.

As I look over the crowd….there were old and young alike (noone under 18 was allowed as it was a par of the casino) and they were dancing!!!  Yep, dancing!  Early on there was heard some screaming…..amazing!

Here’s the view from my seat (it was better in person than the photo)

Until the music started, it was a rather quiet crowd.  I took a tour around the auditorium floor taking different view pictures of the floor layout for future reference.  Some seats just weren’t worth a dollar!  No view at all!

The guys….excuse me ‘lads’ had a very good stage presence.  George being the most demonstrative (a little more on that later) which seemed to be a bit out of character for George…..I mean he’d be on stage edge very flamboyant. Very entertaining and engaging to I might add.

The music was true to the Beatles records.  I guess the only thing I could say that I didn’t care for (as with all concerts) is when the singer doesn’t sing because he wants the audience to sing.  I didn’t pay to hear the dog bark next to me, wrong lyrics, out of key…..eck!  Just me.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh

All four lads were outstanding talents.  Sang the song like it was John, Paul, George and Ringo.  They had their act together.  Brought back a lot of memories.

Nothing was played from ‘Revolver’.  Hmmmm.  “Baby You Can Drive My Car” would have been FAB to say the least.

Ed Sullivan was there!!  For those of you who don’t know who he is…… him and find out. He’s a Las Vegas comedian and did an excellent impression of Ed along with Richard Nixon.  Very affable guy.  He would do a skit when the band changed costumes.

The gentleman who impersonated Paul was quite remarkable.  From a distance he had that look, definetly showed the manerism and voice.  The most ‘outstanding’ thing about him was that he played his Hofner and Rickenbacker bass guitars left handed.  BUT wait, Paul is left handed.  Well this lad was right handed!!!  How do I know?  Minor parts caught my attention but the giveaway was when he soloed “Yesterday”.  He played right handed!!!  Phenomenal!!!

The character played by John was ‘John’ for all he could.  I was convinced.  His voice, his expressions, charm and humor….oh and talent.  He was John.  Spoke a lot about peace which always has my attention.  He wasn’t quoting John Lennon though, he was speaking from his heart.  Thanks John.

Ringo……had all the right moves.  The head movement, the sway on the kit.  Singing “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends” was Ringo incarnate.  When John made a remark about the Beatles first album and asked who still had their vinyl copies.  Ringo reached down and pulled his out!!  Except it was a copy of The Monkees  first album.  Made for a good laugh.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh

Oh, back to George.  This guy was a very talented all around musician and he showed it.  Like I mentioned before, he was flamboyant…..engaged the audience.  At the end of the show, Ed introduced the band by their real names and where they hailed from.  The lad that portrayed George is from……LIVERPOOL!!  Yes, Liverpool, England.

A good time was had by all.  Old and young alike.  I’d do this show again.  I had to turn down my invitation to the Royal Wedding because I couldn’t make this and the wedding.  I made a ‘great’ choice.

Please check at an advertiser or 2, I’m trying to fill up my piggy bank.  It’s no cost to you, the ones that are in this article.  And there’s my daughter’s page….please just take a moment and hopefully you might be able to share her page.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhhh appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

I’m Homesick……

I’m Homesick…… I’m homesick, and that’s odd. I haven’t been back to the place I call ‘home’ in about 20[...] The post I’m Homesick…… appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

I’m Homesick……

I’m homesick, and that’s odd.

I haven’t been back to the place I call ‘home’ in about 20 months.  And, I really have nothing to go back to.  I no longer own a home there……but it’s where I call home.

That’s St. Petersburg, Florida.

This was a place to chill, be and let be…, friends…(no neighbors, not allowed)    I quit my job, sold that piece of paradise, cleared out 95% of my debt in favor of traveling!  No regret!

Relax your Mind, Flow with your Dream

But, I’m not traveling right now, and I’m not saving any money right now.  Right now…..I’m in Brusly, Louisiana. And I’m 4 months from leaving for Portugal.

I’m homesick.

As long as I’m traveling thru Mexico and Central America and even Puerto Rico, I’m not homesick.  There’s too much adventure and excitement to be homesick.

Reality is that I couldn’t afford to not work and keep my little piece of paradise.  That, I really don’t regret. Besides, I had some terrible folks in the neighborhood.


I’m working on doing something to sidetrack my homesickness.  If I’m lucky and I’ll put out the effort for good luck to find its way to me, I’ll dispense of the homesickness in short order.

Maybe a train ride to Memphis!!

I’m grasping at straws…….although Memphis is not a bad idea and I could get a nice quaint airbnb at an affordable price.  I’m not looking for a tourist destination.  Stay tuned on this one.

I’m Homesick……

On the table and highly attractive is another trip to the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  I have a ‘real’ good friend, Roger who has offered me a hammock hook to lazy my days (and nights) away.  It’s about a 2 to 3 kilometer walk to the beach.  A lovely protected Xcacel Beach too.  I don’t need a beach chair, I don’t need a towel (the wind will dry me soon after exiting the water, seriously), I’ve got a back pack for water and beer.  Regular sunscreen is banned here too. This is a sea turtle sanctuary and a fresh water cenote.  I do need some new sandals.

Perhaps I could give in to my homesick feeling and head down to St. Petersburg?  All I’m seeing right now for airbnb’s are a bit pricier than my budget would be comfortable with.  By just a few hundred (maybe 2) a month.

Belize.  I could go to Belize for a few months and live cheaply, it’s just the flights are a bit pricey at the moment.  I know, you’ll go look up the price and think that’s not bad…..but there is better prices out there. Patience.

Back to my friend Roger’s place.  It’s in Chemuyil….a nice little pueblo with everything I could possibly need to live amongst the lovely locals.  It’s surrounded by jungle, so there’s more exploration to be had.  And on occasions I could tag along with Roger to his work at Latitude 20’s in Puerto Adventuras…..hang on the beach, drink during happy hour.  That is a very laid back life.

I’m Homesick……

Am I homesick for St. Petersburg or the Caribbean coast of Mexico?

I’m dealing with it.

Homesick as defined by ‘’; depressed or melancholy at being away from home.  For those who follow and know me, that doesn’t sound like me…..but underneath the facade it’s real.  But, I’m on the overcoming path and I’m working thru it.

I’ve actually planned out my days now, so there’s not much downtime to think about my being homesick.  I’ve my blog to work on, I’m practicing my guitar, I’m writing, I’ve started a few new ideas on a book and I’m gonna see what pans out.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Homesick is not a good feeling.  It’s something that other people experience, not me.  My feeling of being homesick is not based on other people.  I know or get to know people everywhere I go.  Where I’m at, just isn’t home.

Now, back to some work around here……Beatles tribute band tonight (The Fab Four), Peyton’s graduation party tomorrow, and Sunday is Keira’s birthday celebration!!!!  Yeah!!!  I’ll be filling the in-betweens!

Find a soft place in your heart to help out my daughter please

For a little more adventure

And please don’t forget to check out an advertiser or 2 of your curiosity, it’s how I put pennies in my piggy bank.


Peace, love, and beaches,


The post I’m Homesick…… appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

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