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Looking into my life's challenges and changes at the positive ways I cope with the moments at hand.... A simple approach.....really hands on. Approaches worth trying for everyone and everything in life.
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A Little Logical Unemotional Thinking Is Required

A Little Logical Unemotional Thinking Is Required Thinking.  Something that seems to have become antiquated. In today’s world thinking, logical[...] The post A Little Logical Unemotional Thinking Is Required appeared first on Peace, Love, &...

A Little Logical Unemotional Thinking Is Required

Thinking.  Something that seems to have become antiquated.

In today’s world thinking, logical unemotional thinking has given way to intellectual laziness.  Rude, I know.  But, in the world we live in we’re really told what to think!  What to do, to eat!  What to say!  When to do something, when not to do something!  (That’s the abbreviated version.)

And either way, you’re wrong.  Or, either way, you’re right.  No thinking required.  The decisions are already made up for us!  Isn’t that just dandy!!

Live life, let someone else make your decisions!  No thinking required.

What is it that has made me write such a ‘unusual’ blog?  Not one thing in particular.  I can point to a number of things.  And I’ll do a few…..

Come along for a brief tour with me.

We’re surrounded by experts…, lifestyle, finances, politics, etc.  We no longer have to put out any effort to determine most anything in life.  That includes finding our significant other.  There’s websites that will lead us to that wonderful life long soul mate.  That, and there are dating specialist that will groom us to capture the heart of the perfect match (and in some cases ‘monetary vitality’, if you catch my drift).  We don’t have to put out the effort of making a new acquaintance at the local grocery, town meeting, mixer, or even ‘speed dating’.  (That’s a winner!)

No, we can hire a person that will help us tweak our personality to catch the fish of our choice.  Hehehehe…

What about lifestyle?  That is a very broad subject, could be a touchy one too so I won’t enter any controversial aspect…..(thank goodness, right!).

Evidently I need a ‘Life Coach’ to tell me how to live!

We can now have our very own ‘life coach’.

I remember getting a message from this ‘life coach’ on Twitter asking me what’s my ‘biggest struggles’.  I had a quick and simple reply, “Did you know that struggles are good….wading through them is an adventure……this is living life….struggles come small and large. They are the test of the individual..,,,,This is the thrill of life!! Be adventurous!

There’s was another, a young ‘whippersnapper’, still wet behind the years that wanted to guide me into a successful and fulfilling life.  That response, I’ll keep private.

Here’s one fresh on my mind this morning.  First a sip of water though.

When is the ‘best’ time to drink water?  Just think, someone has come up with the brilliant idea of tell us when to drink water.  Nevermind about thirst (although by the time we are thirsty we’re probably a bit or more dehydrated). I don’t know if you know this or not but supposedly the best time to guzzle your first glass of water is shortly after you’ve awakened.  Seems to be that (as the story goes) it kicks up your metabolism.   I don’t know this to be a truth, I can’t seem to find out how to measure my metabolism.

I guess I’m at the mercy of the metabolism gods and whoever put together the research for the morning guzzle.

A while back wanting to put my 2 cents in, I wrote a blog on “When Is The Best Time To Poop”.  You can find this fabulous and informative article here:  I’m sure it’ll be quite helpful. Just thinking, but maybe I could become a ‘Life Coach’!

When did this all start?

Personally, I like self-help books.  They tend to get me thinking….  So, is that the starting point of where we’re at today?

We can get all sorts of help for most anything we’re interested in.  Hell!  Go to and find a short film on how to change a tire or even a baby’s diaper.  We can use Skype for that Life Guru to have personal contact and discuss the woo is me of our lives.

I like the parenting ones.  One size fits all…  Now, that’s a bit unfair, I’ve never ventured.  Too many variables. And now two decisions are alike.  Should I wipe the baby’s bottom towards me or away from me?  Decisions!!

Here’s One of My FAVORITES!

You’re trying to be an informed citizen so you’ve taken your time to watch some speech that a local or national politician is making on TV tonight.  So, you sit through for the duration and following that is a news program to provide coverage of the speech.  It’s been done since the stone age.  Nowadays they include a select panel and through their interpretations and analysis (these people get paid good money to do this…..your neighbor can provide you with just as good analysis) and at some point the magic moment arrives.  The main commentator says, “This is what the official said.”

At that point, that all encompassing statement.  I turn off the TV.  I know what was said, I just sat thru the broadcast.  And, I’m really not interested in someone’s opinion.  If the official said that normally on a sunny day we may see some clouds and the skies will be blue.  I don’t need an interpretation of that!  I and you too can think on your own!

Sometimes I think I could use a simple ‘Grammar and Spelling Coach’.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post A Little Logical Unemotional Thinking Is Required appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Stop Reading, Watching and Listening…Think It Through

Stop Reading, Watching and Listening…Think It Through That’s right.  Stop reading, watching and listening……Think it through. It’s taken me a[...] The post Stop Reading, Watching and Listening…Think It Through appeared first on Peace, Love, &...

Stop Reading, Watching and Listening…Think It Through

That’s right.  Stop reading, watching and listening……Think it through.

It’s taken me a while but I have stopped reading, watching and listening to the news.  As I have I’m able to think things true a bit more….logically perhaps.  Reasonably would be the right word.

I was just getting ready to write my blog about the difference in Mexico and Europe travel planning.  I’ve spent about the past week working on stays, transportations, and places to visit in Europe starting in Portugal and it’s Madeira Island.

As I was checking on my stocks I saw a news article that said The Miami Dolphins would suspend any players that kneeled during the National Anthem.

Now, this is neither about patriotism or politics.  It’s about one persons effort to bring attention to a wrong in society.  As much as Dr. Martin Luther King did back in the 60’s.

Colin Kaepernick.

Before anyone gets all huffy.  I’m only comparing a moment of standing up for a wrong in society.  So, get off your high horses and just enjoy.

I do get my news…..I don’t watch TV very much (I have my enjoyable and sometimes exciting reality to live out.), I read, and there’s a couple of writers that seem to be fair that I like to hear their point of view.

But it wasn’t til just recently that I stopped reading, watching, and listening that I experienced more inner peace, clarity and reasonableness.

And it was about Colin Kaepernick.

Good Intentions Gone Awry

His intention was to take his concern about police and blacks in society today that appeared to be unjust.  And I’m sure he had good intentions.  Those intentions have gone awry.  It began under the previous presidents reign.  And, the media stoked it to get some opposition creating a deeper and broader controversy to serve their own needs.  Those needs were ratings which equals money.  There concern never was with what Colin set out to accomplish.

My BIGGEST gripe about the NFL kneeling thing in protest, is that 99% of American workers can’t go to their job and protest without ramifications not limited to losing their jobs.

One other thing….which is minor to me, is that his purpose of protesting is now lost in that the NFL players are kneeling in protest of a president.  That’s the way this comes across now.  You very well will disagree, but stop reading, watching and listening.  Pay no attention and allow some peace to enter your being and allow all the emotions to melt away.  Then go back to the beginning.  Why was he protesting (at work of all places….I bet you if he were still the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49’ers, he wouldn’t be protesting!)?  Why are the players now protesting?  Find some reason.  Evaluate.  You too may hate this or every president, but put that aside and be reasonable.  Besides, hate is not a good soul mate.

I don’t agree with everything this president or our past presidents did.  They are in office.  My most important input will be when the next election comes.  Think for a moment (there’s that word again, ‘think’) if you and I were to argue and let’s say you won, other than a temporary good feeling that you won an argument that you can’t do anything about…..what good has been accomplished?  You may have lost a friend.  Is that something to take pride in.

There is an injustice that seems to be ignored.  And that is the egregious un warranted law enforcement upon blacks. Colin was attempting to bring attention to the treatment of blacks.  I applaud him for that but I do believe that a better venue like, police stations to protest would have been more direct and powerful.  He would have gotten the publicity that his cause warranted.  And, honestly I don’t think we’d have all what we have in society today.

News Media Whipping Society

The goal of the news media today is to whip society into a frenzy, pitting one against another creating a very hostile situation and blaming it on a president that they didn’t endorse and falsely reported his demise before he even won.

I hope no one took this as political……because it really ain’t.  (I used the word ‘ain’t’ intentionally for the grammar police.)

I haven’t watched the NFL in going on 4 years.  Yeah, I watched the Super Bowl down in Mexico with a friend….and, in a bar maybe caught my incidental attention.  But, I’m not ‘Boycotting’ the NFL, it’s just that my everyday life is just too good to waste in front of a TV set.

If I did watch the NFL it would be to escape from the political tension that exists today……and that wouldn’t be the case.

Colin is right in his plight, but wrong in his choice of venue.

Peace, love, and beaches,


The post Stop Reading, Watching and Listening…Think It Through appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Away From The Crowds…..

Away From The Crowds….. Crowds, I really don’t like crowds.  Why?  Simple.  Too many people. It’s not that I don’t[...] The post Away From The Crowds….. appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Away From The Crowds…..

Crowds, I really don’t like crowds.  Why?  Simple.  Too many people.

It’s not that I don’t like people (well, okay there are those that I can do without) and I’m not a loner (except when I’m writing and inspiration is in the air).  I like a bit more intimacy.

When there’s less people, I feel I can take in my surroundings, enjoy and appreciate what’s happening and where I’m at much better.

Fun doesn’t necessarily have to be in huge numbers.  Try it.

Stay with me, I’ve got an odd point to make….perhaps.

Even when I just generally go out, I like to converse…..crowds don’t lend itself to conversations.  Plus amongst crowds, a lot can be overlooked.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s nothing to see when there’s a crowded event happening.  Lots of diversity there.  But, I’d be the one on the rims of the gathering.  Besides it’s easier to find my way to the restroom.

I was just reading an article on secluded beaches.  Almost half I’ll be able to visit on my upcoming European trip. As a matter of fact, I’m looking to fit them in.  But when I read the article I just found the seclusion so charming and endearing.

When I lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, I’d find the places others didn’t venture.  Those places had the best sand, water, shelling and solitude.  I’d spend the greater part of my day there and love it.  It’s what makes us happy, that we should persue.  I’m not gonna tell of my favorite places here…..then they would be too crowded.  What the heck, here’s one (I don’t feel any danger that it will be overrun by any readers.  Xcacel Beach, Quitana Roo, Mexico…..

Away From The Crowds…..

But for me, there’s more to this being away from the crowds sort of thing.

I guess it was the Boston Marathon, dating back to April 13, 2013.  People gathering in a festive spirit, enjoying themselves, their company, and the event when tragedy struck.  Three people were killed and hundreds were injured.

This got my attention.

In such a free and open society as we have (see France too; Bastile Day, and Bataclan Concert), it’s really easy for wackos and terrorist to have their glory.  Their moment in history.

I don’t care to take part in that, experience, and remember.

Does this mean that I’ve chose to live my life in fear.  Some may say yes, I say no.  I didn’t like crowds before any of this….  I can view fireworks for the 4th of July without being in the crowd.  As a matter of fact in St. Petersburg, I could see them from my backyard!

Do I attend events?  Yes.  Some are rather large.  But coupling the fact that I don’t enjoy crowds and safety, I tend to wander to places that aren’t as crowded.  And I keep an out of for oddities as something like a backpack that may be left behind, intentionally or not, I move on.

Away from the crowd there’s a lot to see.

I’ve found that other places than tourist sights can be the most enjoyable and the least expensive.  Xcacel Beach for example, you have to negotiate an unlimted supply of potholes on the road to this beach.  It cost about $1 per person to enter the area (really cheaper than the beaches in St. Pete with it’s metered parking) and has a limited number of restrictions to protect nature.  Not a bad price.  Plus if you tire of the beach, there’s the jungle to explore about 30 yards away and a cool refreshing, sparkling clear cenote!  I called the nearby area home for some of the best moments of my life.

Away From The Crowds…..

For me, in St. Petersburg on a holiday, I found the best place was my backyard poolside with cold beverages and bar b que.  I didn’t have to search for a parking space.  I made my own celebration… the evening there’s no traffic to fight and it was easy to find a car.

Just on weekends, I’d already found my little secluded getaways away from the crowds.  For me, I found happiness. 

While everyone is heading to the Big Destination, find the riches of a path less followed.

Peace, love and beaches,


The post Away From The Crowds….. appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

You Call That Driving!!

You Call That Driving!! Driving……  Times have really changed.  My thought from a few days ago is, “you call that[...] The post You Call That Driving!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

You Call That Driving!!

Driving……  Times have really changed.  My thought from a few days ago is, “you call that driving!”.

Here’s what happened….perhaps I should say, “here’s what happens”.  Because I’m sure it doesn’t happen everyday.

I grew to expect this sort of driving and worst in my 16 months in Mexico.  I just didn’t expect what I encounter here.

Foolish me….

First incident…..  You may think this is normal and while it’s not as bad as in Mexico…..I found this ridiculous! I’m on Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge.  I’m driving the middle lane and there’s this car going slow in front of me with their flasher on to move into the right lane.  This went on for about a mile.  The driver had several opportunities to move to the right lane, but didn’t, the driver slowed down even more.  Now, I’m tutting my horn for her to move over.  I couldn’t pass on the left because of traffic, I was stuck behind this slow moving vehicle in the middle lane.

Then it happened.

The car darted across the lane to the exit ramp for Acadian!!!  WTF!!  I couldn’t believe it!  With all the opportunity to move over to the right, she refused, there’s even a far right lane for that particular exit!!  It didn’t make any sense!

Welcome to Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s traffic.  Wait, the third one’s a kicker too.  I’m still beside myself as to why this driver just wouldn’t move over!  Male, female, it doesn’t matter stupid isn’t prejudice.

You Call That Driving!!

That’s actually mild compared to Mexico… can be driving on a 2 lane road in one direction with no lines on the road and that sucker becomes FIVE lanes!  And in town down a six lane boulevard and the driver in the far right lane wants to turn left (yep, left across all those lanes) they take the opportunity, or should I say they make the opportunity!

Gosh folks!

I’m a little further down Interstate 10 when the next event took place.  This is ALL in one day…..just 10 to 15 minutes apart.

After this little deal, I’m past the on ramp for traffic from Acadian getting on the interstate and I’m still in the middle lane except the middle lane is now the second lane from the left and now, there’s 5 lanes (I-10 Splits shortly into I-10 New Orleans and I-12 Hammond (going towards Mississippi).

I want to get to the next lane to my right, so I put on my flasher and start easing over to that lane as I had plenty distance between me and the oncoming traffic.  Everthing is fine.  Well with the exception of this guy from the forth lane.  After I’ve made my commitment to change lanes (I could see a police car about 100 yards behind me), just about halfway in the lane this guy wants the place that I’m in……but I’m not about to swerve.  Now this guy is starring at me like I’ve pissed on his cat (he does not have his flasher on for the lane change).  He hits his accelerator and gets past me and changes into my lane….not he just crossed FOUR lanes.  No blinker indicating his intention to change lanes.


You Call That Driving!!

I exit I-12 (towards Hammond ) at Airline Hwy. (Hwy. 61) heading to my destination (Home Depot) a short distance, two traffic lights down the road.

I have to be in the left lane.  I’ve no problem making my way there.  Suddenly a service truck (like for a tire place) is behind me, by now, I’ve turned in to the turning lane and he did the same.  Except, he stopped!  No one else was getting in that turn lane…..the distance behind me is about 30 yards.  Why in the hell is he stopped there, I’m thinking?  None of my business is my next thought.  Then I saw why.  When my left turn traffic light came on, it stopped the on coming traffic and he proceded to drive over the median seperating the two traffic directions to reverse direction.

Driving in the traffic around Baton Rouge is just a bit below the harrowing experiences of driving in Mexico for those 16 months.  But, it’s something I really didn’t expect.

Have I had other experiences that made me want to scream……yes.  But this took place in the matter of 15 minutes or less!!

I’m not driving in Europe.  Public transportation…..trains, trolleys and buses, I can’t wait.

I need a beach!

Peace, love and beaches,


The post You Call That Driving!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.


Mushroomed!!! I didn’t know what I was seeing…..and these little oddities (okay, one wasn’t so odd) were just about everywhere[...] The post Mushroomed!!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.


I didn’t know what I was seeing…..and these little oddities (okay, one wasn’t so odd) were just about everywhere I walked.  Even in the trees!!  I was being Mushroomed!!!

Naturally, I was captivated by the beauty and uniqueness.  In one place I’d never seen such diversity and I know I didn’t see everything, it was astounding!

I’m learning as a novice photographer to be more in tuned with my surroundings.  I look for things out-of-place, things that are in place but holler at me, unique things, and in nature that is likely to show up.

This is while walking in the Great Smokey Mountains along a stream that was leading to some falls.  This was a really challenging walk for me…..even though I walk a lot.  Within the first 100 meters there was a hill to climb and it was in stages.  At this point I wasn’t so interested in my surroundings as I was in making my way up this hill….not your normal hill, no steep incline, a steadying incline with plateaus followed by a steep hill followed by another plateau followed by another slight incline.  I took breaks and panted a bit.  Enough about my struggle!


Doing that climb I wasn’t interested in viewing my surroundings, I was just involved with the task of the climb and added to that was the party I was hiking with, I had told to go ahead without me and I’d catch up…I needed another camera from the SUV.

It was interesting….. walking next to the stream, hearing the water and seeing the rapids.


And it was on the return that I discovered these beauties……   The orange one above I first saw in the trees as if it were a flower!  After this find, I then knew better.  The yellow one is a Chanterele, it is used ​in French cuisine, this vase-shaped, bright yellow to orange fungus is expensive when fresh.  So, they both could be the same mushroom…interesting.

I like the term ‘Mushroomed’.  I have an idea for a painting of such.  ‘Mushroomed’

Carrying on….

  This little jewel caught my attention without being too colorful, it reminded me of ‘blue cheese’.  Go figure.  I couldn’t find this one, the closest I came was ‘crust fungi’.  Maybe .Milky Blue’.

My brain is being mushroomed right now, and not in the psychedelic way.

  This appears to be an Infundibuliform Cap mushroom…..

I really don’t know these things that well, I was carefull not to touch them.

  Our standard Cap Mushroom.

This one has me a bit confused……  On, possibly an Umbrella mushroom that has a slight crack?

This unique beauty is nestled away at the base of a tree with foliage covering it.

This is a bit of my experience being mushroomed in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina,this in no way is intended to be a learning tool……just my fun and enlightening experience. Fun.

Up next, ‘They Drive Like This’!

Peace, love, and beaches,

John (Mushroomed)

The post Mushroomed!!! appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Ruby Falls, Tennessee

Ruby Falls, Tennessee Ruby Falls.  WOW!  Not what I expected.  Before even seeing this magnificient wonder (Seriously) I was disappointed.[...] The post Ruby Falls, Tennessee appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

Ruby Falls, Tennessee

Ruby Falls.  WOW!  Not what I expected.  Before even seeing this magnificient wonder (Seriously) I was disappointed. I thought it was your ordinary waterfall with a stream where people could swim and venture behind the waterfall.

It wasn’t, but it was much more!

There was a wait that we had to endure of one hour and forty-five minutes!  Yes there was the giftshop and grossly overpriced food…..actually it was a hot dog for $5!!!

This will mostly be a pictorial blog but, there is some very unique things to say here….  First off you have to drive up ‘Lookout Mountain’.  Yes, there’s such a real place, it’s not just a Disney Movie.  Then once the tour starts you enter an elevator, not to go up but rather, to go down!


Let me back up and give you a little background first.

Ruby Falls was discovered by Leo Lambert by accident.  He was looking for a cave that he had previously visited at the foot of Lookout Mountain that had ben enclosed (a railway was being routed thru the mountain when that cave ~Lookout Mountain Cave~ was discovered).  So what Mr. Lambert did was begin excavating above where he believed the cave to be but hit a pocket where air rushed thru at about 1100 feet…..and he was above the cave he was looking for!  He crawled thru a tight opening and found a narrow cave and at the end of that cave was the water fall.  (I’ve a better pic, hang in there.)  He took his wife down there shortly after and showed her the wonders of thi narrow cave and the falls.  His wife’s name was…..Ruby.  Thus, Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls, Tennessee

Back to the tour.

The elevator seems a little chancey and it takes you down 1120 feet inside the mountain….a glass door on the elevator reaveals all the lime stone that had to be drilled thru.  Amazing!!

The rough thing about the tour is that each group is about 45 people sent down the elevator in clumps of 15 people.

Down in the cave you are met with a guide.  At this time I don’t have a clue as to what I’m in for….this ‘foyer’ area is wide, really comfy and roomy.

Let’s start down the trek and the cave begins to gradually narrow.    Most of the openings of the cave, I can touch both sides simultaneously by just reaching out my arms.

Here’ a few sights….some are named 

The trek from the waiting area on the cave floor to the falls is about 1/2 mile (by the way, there’s no restrooms down there!).

Here’s the rough part about this adventure…’s 1 cave, very narrow cave.  So the folks returning from viewing Ruby Falls have to walk the same narrow path that I’m on!!!  I think that’s the most time consuming aspect of the adventure.  Although the tour guide will stop and tell us about our surroundings and what’s ahead.

Ruby Falls……3 minutes of a light show that enchances it….yep, 3 minutes and then time to head back.

It is rather breathtaking with the lights and the Star Wars type music blarring……but, I did get a peak with them off and I must say, it was a uniquely chilling sight.

Here’s a few more shots starting with ‘Steak & Eggs’ 

Sunset  Elephants Foot 

  The Turtle is on the right.

Flowstones, stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, soda straws and

Here’s a look upward….we are at the bottom of a fault line in the mountain… The pic doesn’t do it justice.  Go see it for yourself.

Next up some unusual sights I came across or, are they just good pics!

Peace, love, and beaches (with a little mountains thrown in),


The post Ruby Falls, Tennessee appeared first on Peace, Love, & Beaches.

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