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  • Chris Freeman
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A personal blog about digital lifestyle, event management tips, social media, and everything related to inspiring a green and sustainable living on Earth.

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10 Useful Tips for Buying LED Tube Lights

Planning to buy LED tube lights in near future? Follow our checklist to find the best product in the market.

LED tube lights are taking the market by storm, and are fast overtaking traditional fluorescent lighting as the most popular option. Being independent of weather conditions, they can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, road lighting, spotlighting, etc. and there are a lot of LED varieties to choose from. Based on your requirements, there are a few things you need to remember for choosing the right LED light option.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful tips on things to consider before buying an LED tube light.

1. Consider the expense in the long run

When buying LED tube lights, the upfront cost will be more than what you would pay for traditional lighting but don’t get discouraged by this. Think of this as an investment as in the long run, you are likely to benefit economically by choosing LED lights. The lifetime cost of LED lights are much lower than traditional lights, thanks to their longevity.

2. Lighting colour temperatures

Before you go and replace your traditional lights with LED tube lights, it’s important to be well informed about the colour temperature. On average, the light range spans from 2400K to 6500K. The temperature at 6000K creates a vibrant mood enhancing blue coloured light. It is most appropriate for hospitals, art studios, and offices. The neutral appearance comes with a precise, clean and efficient look. 4000K is perfect for offices, stores, supermarkets and showrooms.

For creating a friendly, warm mood, go for 2700–3000K which enhances the red and orange tones. This is suited for your home, hotel lobbies and restaurants. Knowing which colour temperature will be suitable for you is a must before buying an LED light.

T8 LED Tube Lights from littil
T8 LED Tube Lights from Littil

3. Brightness: check the lumens

Unlike watts when choosing incandescent lights, here the brightness is determined by lumens. An incandescent bulb that is rated 150 W is similar to 25–28 W for an LED, from this, you can see that an incandescent bulb draws 5 times the watt than the LED bulb for the same lumen.

For acquiring your desired output, it is advised first to determine your preferred brightness in lumens.

4. Non-dimmable LEDs

Traditional dimmers are used to limit the amount of electricity sent to incandescent lights for controlling the brightness of light in a room, however, when dealing with LEDs, there is no such direct relation between brightness and energy.

For using LED lights with a dimmer, you need to consider two options. First of all, you can try and find LED tube lights that are compatible with traditional dimmers. Otherwise, you can change out the previous switching system with an LED compatible dimmer switch.

5. Temperature condition

Compared to the traditional incandescent lights, the LED lights are much cooler. But, cooler doesn’t necessarily mean that no heat is produced. In reality, the little heat generated is taken by the heat sink at the bottom and dissipated into the air.

If your fixture is within an enclosed area, there will be no place for the heat to go. For such fittings, search for LED lights which can operate at a higher than average temperature.

6. Requirement for maintenance

Understanding the requirement for maintenance is important before buying any kind of light. The t8 led tube comes with the least need for maintenance. Just plug in and enjoy the light illuminating your home. If you are wondering what type of lighting solution you should pick for your commercial or industrial space, the LED tube lights are the top choice.

7. Choosing the right panel

Retrofitting is possible for LED tube lights, but it can be both time consuming and costly. Most LED panels are built following the industry standard sizes making it likely that you will find one of appropriate size. Choose the right size for your panel so it does not need any customisation and easily fits into your space. For multiple lighting solutions, you may consider going for LED battens. For indoors, the T8 led tubes are a perfect replacement for the previous T8 fluorescent lamps.

8. Disposal method

For knowing how to dispose of a component, you need to know the primary elements from which it was made. For LED lights, the electronic components are semiconductors, PCBs and diodes. So, the disposal procedure is similar to any other electronic material. However, make sure to check with your local waste management service.

9. Lifespan duration

The lifespan of LED lights is interlinked with its usage. Before buying, determine the lifetime in years and calculate if it would be appropriate for your use.

10. Compatible with smart switches

Smart houses are the future of home automation. With smart houses, one of the primary requirements is smart switches. When buying your LED tube lights make sure that they are compatible with your smart switches.

With so many benefits, many homes and businesses are starting to switch over to LED lights. Make sure you consider the above points before buying. If you are looking for unique lighting solutions for your home, industrial property, or any other place, take a look at the collection of LED tubes and battens available at Littil LED lights.

Featured Image by RayRhythms LED

10 Steps to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

This is a step-by-step list on how to turn your home into a highly energy efficient living space.

We will look at the facts that can help our homes to become more energy efficient in order to achieve a minimum 6-star rated house at the same time minimizing the energy cost. Here are the 10 steps starting with the less complicated and inexpensive ones, moving upwards to the more technically complex ones.

10 steps to make energy efficient home - Infographic

1. Programmable Thermostat

Trust us, you need a good quality thermostat. A programmable thermostat understands when the house is empty or when it’s using too much power and adjusts the temperature accordingly without any help from you.

2. Lightning

The lighting system of your home can cause up to 11% of the total energy consumption. But using modern technologies such as LED lighting you can drop that to 75%.

3. Smart Power Strips

Most of the regular power strips draws a little amount of energy even when they are now in use. Experiments showed that using smart power strips can cut that extra energy from 14 Watt to 2.4 Watt.

4. Water Heating

Residential water heaters use 15-20% of the total energy of the entire home. It can be reduced on a large scale by adopting the following methods –

  • Water heater blanket
  • Low flow shower head
  • Using cold water setting on washing machine

5. Window Insulator

The windows of your home leaks a lot of air outside and they are generally poor insulator if not maintained properly. To keep the home at a comfortable temperature by reducing external energy sources can do the followings –

  • Use plastic window treatment
  • Install storm windows
  • Change the old ones with double or triple glazed windows

6. Air Sealing

In most cases air leaks through the door and wall gaps. Even 2% of leaked air goes through your outlets and switch boards. To prevent this air leakage you can –

  • Install weather or air stripping around doors
  • Use an extra plastic layer under outlets and switch boards
  • Insulate unused fire place

7. Check Your Furnace

Change the filters regularly, the ordinary ones have 30 days lifespan. If you are using one of those, make sure you keep it updated. Check leaks at duct connections – use metal burial or metal tape to seal if there any leakage. Consider buying a new furnace if it’s a really old one. Hire a technician to give an annual check.

8. Appliances

Most of your home appliances use electricity to run. The older they are the more energy they need to keep going. Instead of using the old ones it’s a better idea to upgrade for new, energy rating labelled, more efficient ones.

9. Insulation

Adding insulation all over the house is complex and expensive but insulation save you more money on your electricity bills than any other ways we’ve previously mentioned. Places to look for insulation are –

  • The attic
  • Knee wall cavity
  • Foundation walls in basement and crawl space

10. Landscaping

A proper landscaping can play a vital role in the homes overall energy efficiency, providing protection against the wind in winter and shelter from solar radiation in summer.

It doesn’t always take a big investment for big savings. Just a few well planned steps and you can save yourself from a huge amount electricity bills as well as contributing to energy efficient living. Finally to ensure your home is in the right track regarding energy consumption, get a home energy audit done consulting your nearest energy efficiency consultant.

9 Exciting Social Event Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

Doing something together is a lot of fun and it always brings the community closer. In this article you'll find some interesting social event ideas for your next gig.

Are you feeling bored with you monotonous life?

May be it’s time for you to make some new connections, or bring some positive changes in your community. How about organizing an exciting event and invite everyone to participate?

Obviously you can’t do it alone, and you need proper planning to organize a successful social event. The first step to do that is to decide which event you’re going to organize for a cheering up your community.

In this article we’ll discuss about 9 such ideas for you.

1. Fringe Festival

Get your whole community stirred up by arranging a fringe festival. Bring singing, cycling, skating, dancing, and other fun activities together in one place. Volunteers will have an important part to play to make your event successful. Award your volunteers’ hard work by giving them free T-shirts and arrange for a chance to win prizes and rewards.

If you are about to host an alluring fringe festival here are some tips for you.

  • The most important decision is choosing a suitable venue
  • Know who your performers are
  • Know your audience
  • Proper budgeting and financing

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is the largest fringe festival in Australia that takes places during February-March. This one-month festival is greeted by thousands of artists from all over Australia. Unleashing the fun within the community, it can be the social event to bring everyone together for a fantabulous journey.

2. Comedy Night

If your social event promises fun and laughter, then the number of attendees automatically increases. Start registration early to get an idea of the number of participants and audience you might have. Or, if you have a fixed venue then go with first come, first serve. Build up the participant list combining a mixture of local and professional comedians. This type of event can get a lot of audiences owing to its ability to release the stress that has been building up inside everyone.

If you are about to host a brilliant comedy event here are some tips for you.

  • Search out the perfect venue
  • Arrange seating near to the stage
  • Raise the height of the stage based on the venue size
  • Proper lighting to draw attention to performers
  • A proper sound system is crucial.

3. Fashion Gala

For fashion lovers, the best way to get updated on the latest trend is to host a fashion event. It is the perfect opportunity for dress-makers and fashion designers to showcases some of their newest creations. People who are interested in the hottest styles will come to your event making it a big social gathering.

  • If you are about to host a brilliant fashion event here are some tips for you
  • Choose a venue based on the number of participants and attendees
  • Decide on what type of clothing your show should be
  • Find models for the event
  • Properly plan the event timing in advance

Brisbane wedding expo in April 2019 is supposed to feature designs by the state’s leading bridal designers and fashion retailers. For event planners or those who are soon to get wed, an event like this can be a great help.Coastal Clean-up

4. Snow-bombing

This event will include snow games, music, dancing and cozying up at the spa. For those who need a break from all the strain and anxiety it can be the perfect event. Different groups of people will be joining your event which will make it a place of social bonding.

If you are about to host an event like this, here are some tips for you.

  • Make sure that this event goes with the place you are hosting and all available factors are available
  • Let people know of the event you are organising
  • Make arrangement for games, music, dance and spa

The Snowbombing 2018 shows how such an event can help your attendees have an outstanding and stunning experience.

5. Sandfest

If you want to check out creativity, then organise a sandfest. Invite people to come and watch while sand is transformed into real works of art.

Here are some tips on how you can arrange your own sandfest event.

  • You need to have a good sandy beach for your venue
  • Take permission for organizing such an event from the local authority
  • Let professionals and local people know about your event
  • Let participants know whether they will need to bring their own equipment or you will be providing them at the venue
  • Arrange for rewards to give to the best work of sand art

Check these incredible sand sculptures at Texas SandFest:

6. Camel Cup

A great way to bring people together is a race. Arrange a camel racing event where participants can register their camels into the contest, and the winner gets to take the prize home. You will have a large number of attendees coming to watch this interesting race.

If you are about to host an alluring camel race event here are some tips for you.

  • Carefully select the venue and ground for the race
  • If there is betting, set the minimum and maximum amount. (We advise to keep betting forbidden)
  • A unique number for the camels
  • Arrange rewards for the winner

The 2016 camel race in Qatar shows how interesting and exciting a camel race can be.

7. Challenge the Waves

Hit the waves with a great surfing event to spice things up. It is a challenging event that will inspire many professional and passionate surfers to come.
History and new records might be made at your event!

Check out some tips on how you can arrange your own surfing event.

  • Choose a spot that has big waves for your event
  • Inform the community that you are hosting an event
  • Invite professional surfers
  • Have lifeguard and medical team on standby for emergencies

The 2018 Billabong Pipe Masters was a great event for surfers bringing a lot of excitement and exhilaration within the audience.

8. Coastal Clean-up

Stroll along the shore and collect plastic trashes that are lying on the beach on a coastal clean-up event. An event like this will inspire many others who are conscious about the environment like you to join up.

Here are some tips on how to organise a coastal clean-up event.

  • Plan and pick a date and time
  • Get approval from the local authority
  • Invite others to join your event
  • Think about the logistics that you might need
  • Be sure to make it fun with music and prizes

See how the whole community came together in International Coastal Clean-up 2017 at San Antonio, Zambales.

9. Conference on Climate Change

Among the most concerning elements affecting our climate, global warming and climate change are at the peak. The way things are going, very soon many low laying countries are going to go under-water. Arranging a conference is the first step towards making people aware and sitting together to discuss on how to fight against global warming and climate change.

Tips on how you should proceed for organising a conference.

  • First, choose what should be the goal and niche of your conference
  • Choose a venue
  • Invite specialist in that field
  • Anyone can send ideas and the ones selected can attend the conference.

So, now you have 9 social event ideas that you can arrange to energize your community. Try mixing up these ideas and give your event an even better thrill. Making things fun and interesting always gives your event a better edge.

11 Key Features of Eco-Friendly Homes

Thanks to the 'Green Revolution' terms like "Eco-friendly Home" or "Sustainable Living" are familiar to us. But what makes a home eco-friendly? Find in this article.

An energy efficient house uses less energy compared to traditional houses. This type of eco-friendly home will help you save on electricity bills, and live in a comfortable and healthy environment. Not to mention will help you achieve a minimum of 6-star energy rating (in Australian standard).

A star energy rating is the rating standard of a house’s thermal energy performance. A six-star rated house ensures that your utility bills will be lower than usual while keeping your home environment-friendly. A higher star rating (up to 10) means more energy efficient living space.

So, what are the features that would make your home energy-efficient?

Whether new or old, most energy efficient homes possess the following features:

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best features of most energy-efficient homes. Solar panels can convert the sunlight into direct electricity, reducing your dependency on fossil fuels. This can also lower your energy costs.

2. Eco-Friendly Materials

An energy efficient home should be made up of eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly materials need less energy to be produced in the first place. Moreover, they help to keep the environment clean and green.

3. Proper Insulation

Insulation is a must-have feature for a quieter, comfortable, and energy-efficient home. The right balance of insulation can trap the heat in your home. It means you don’t need to pay extra for the heating system. There are certain types of insulation systems designed for some particular areas and homes. Homeowners can also choose from different types of insulation systems for their homes depending on their location and age of their house.

Here’s a quick video of why installing proper insulation to your home is a must:

4. Better Window Placement

Smaller windows with double-glazing can help trap the heat inside your house. This can also reduce outside noise and drafts. Where you place your windows, how large they are and even what you use to cover them all impact the amount of heat or cool you lose.

5. Correct Exterior Doors

The internal temperature depends a lot on the exterior door. A correct exterior door can control the temperature of your home by trapping the cold or hot air.

6. Skylights

The numerous benefits of skylights make them ideal for an energy-efficient home. They can improve your home’s lighting, heating, and ventilation. Correctly chosen sky-lighting will lessen the need to use electrical lighting during the day.

Install skylights to reduce electricity cost during daylight

7. Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances such as your refrigerator, heaters, and washers tend to become inefficient and energy-hungry over time. Energy efficient home appliances with high-energy ratings need less electricity or water to run.

What are the most energy efficient home appliances?

8. Exterior Color

The exterior colour of your home also has an impact on its efficiency. A light colour will help your home stay cooler, while a dark colour keeps it warmer. Choosing the right colour based on the climate you live in is an important feature of an energy efficient home.

9. Flooring

Flooring can play an important role in maintaining the energy efficiency of your home. The right flooring can help you maintain the right temperature without an extra cost. Rugs or carpet can aid in maintaining the temperature of your home.

10. Advanced House Framing

Also known as Optimum Value Engineering (OVE), this is a special framing technique where a house is built using less wood, meaning that it can save energy and environmental footprint. This feature reduces your house-building cost too.

11. Water-Heating System of an Energy Efficient home

Most energy efficient homes have high-efficiency water heater system. Water heaters are responsible for 15% of energy costs so this factor is an easy but important one to tackle.

A few more useful tips to keep your home energy efficient:

While planning to make your home highly energy efficient, you can also maintain the following rules to reduce the energy costs of your existing home:

  • Plant trees around your house to give it shade. Trees can help balance the light and heat of your house during summer and winter.
  • Replace your old electric appliances with more energy efficient products.
  • Keep your electric appliances unplugged when they are not in use. This habit will save a lot on your electricity bills.
  • Seal the ducts properly so that the air can be directed efficiently in your home.

An energy efficient home does more than just improving your bank balance. It ensures that you are living in a low-impact and eco-friendly environment. Also, living in a home that requires less energy will help you pass the star energy rating assessment, as you’re contributing to saving the environment.

12 Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Building Materials

To ensure an energy-efficient and sustainable living, we need to know which building materials should be used in our home.

The benefits of energy efficient houses are not limited to saving electricity. Efficient houses also aim to create a more comfortable, safe, and healthy living. If you are on a mission to build your home, use this opportunity to make it energy efficient. You can use modern eco-friendly building materials to create a more efficient and greener home. For your convenience, we have gathered a list of some of the best building materials that you may consider.


Since ancient time people have been creating their home with earth. Rammed earth made houses are strong and durable, and CSIRO research proved it to be weather resistant. The thickness and density of the soil can protect you from adverse climates, and outside noise. Being fire and pest proof means little maintenance is needed. It one of the best building material being both environment and health friendly.

It is true that earth is available all around and cheap, but the problem lies in finding a specialized craftsman who knows the art of building structures using earth. Finding such a person is where your costs may increase.

Recycled Steel

An average house requires about 40-50 trees to build. On the other hand, you can make the same house with steel equivalent to six scrap cars. Steel is one of the most recycled materials, and research states that two out of three pounds of new steel is produced from old steel. Also, they are your green choice due to lower CO2 emission.

Consider your geographical conditions, if you are in an earthquake-prone or high wind zone than steel holds up well against these problems and according to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), you can customize the steel beams according to your needs.

Low-E Windows

Windows are a key element of your structure. Using high-performance windows like Low-E windows can help to keep your interior cool during summer and block infrared radiation. During winter, these windows trap the heat inside maintaining a pleasant temperature at your home. Heat flow can be reduced up to 50% using these windows.

How Low-E windows work [Image:]

What is Low-E glass and how does it make windows energy-efficient

Cool Roof

The cool roof uses the color theory to keep your house cool. We all know that black absorbs heat and white reflects it. This concept is used when roofing houses. Most useful for warm countries, it can be an energy efficient way of keeping your home cool. When the sunlight strikes the white roof surface 80% of it gets reflected, 10% heats the atmosphere, 8% gets absorbed by air and 1.5% heats the building.

Thermostat Radiant Barrier

Similar to the cool roof, the barrier acts as a reflector for sunlight. 97% of the radiant heat is reflected which helps to keep your house cool. Your cooling energy cost is reduced by 17% during peak summer months. It can act as one of the best attic space coolers.

Wood or Plastic Composite Lumber

Your normal wood structures are subjected to mould and rot. The wood or plastic composite lumber is manufactured using a 50-50 combination of plastic wastes and wood fibers making it mould resistant and less toxic.

Straw Bales

Used prominently during the medieval period, straw bales are known best for their insulation properties. Straw is produced as the by-product of grain, and can last up to a few thousand years if kept dry and can heavily reduce the effect of the extreme heat and cold inside a house.

Vacuum Insulation Panels

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) are the future of energy efficient house building. A 1-inch panel provides seven times the traditional insulation with minimum heat loss. The structure is a silver rectangle with a core panel all enclosed by an airtight envelope. Though still only offered for commercial use, these panels will pretty soon be available for residential use. It is predicted that this will be one of the key elements to achieve a minimum energy efficiency rating for your home.

Check out how vacuum insulated panels are made:

Spray Foam Insulation

Instead of fiberglass and cellulose insulation to keep the conditioned air trapped, another alternative can be spray foam insulation. The leakage is low and can be used throughout the year. There is no harmful emissions and it’s both water resistant and shrink proof.

Structural Insulated Panels

These insulated panels are suitable for high loads and can be used on your floors, basement and foundations. According to NAHB Research Center, structural insulated panels save up to 50% more energy compared to traditional ways.

Insulating Concrete Forms

For providing greater strength and robustness, concrete is poured between multiple insulation materials. Considered as mildew, rot and disaster resistant, they can be used in building blocks and standing walls.

Plant-based Polyurethane Foam

A better alternative to the fiberglass is the plant-based polyurethane foam. Made from natural products like hemp, bamboo and kelp, it is highly resistant to moisture and heat. This natural solution works well against mould and pests.

Each building material has its perks and disadvantages. Based on your geographical and design requirements choose the ones which best fit your needs. Make sure to look at all possible angles for building your energy efficient home.

10 Tricks to Rejuvenate Your Living Space Inexpensively

It doesn't take a lot of money to make your living look expensive and elegant. Try our smart hacks and transform your living room into an Eden.

Was your new year’s resolution to give your home a new look?

Many people start with good intentions and plans but fail to follow through completely. Often opt to purchase new furniture pieces to keep their home looking fresh and tidy. But what if there were some simple tricks to make your home more elegant without breaking the bank?

Here are ten sneaky tricks to transform your home for 2019.

1. Refinish Your Old Furniture

A refreshing and straightforward way of creating an elegant home environment is to take your older furniture and give them a new lease on life. It seems that the popularity of turning old furniture into new and exciting custom pieces is booming, with sites such as Pinterest showing you thousands of different ways to repurpose a forgotten old piece into something new and elegant.

repurpose your old furniture to match your modern living room
Front wooden door turned into a stylish tea-table [Image Courtesy : DIY Network]

A great way to do this is to take an old furniture piece such as a wardrobe or cupboard and sand it down for a natural finish, or repaint it in a modern way that matches to your current interior decoration. Taking something old and making it new again is also a great way to save money on buying new furniture!

2. Upgrade Your Lighting System

A relatively inexpensive way of achieving a more updated home is to upgrade your lighting system. Why not install a porch light with something a little more antique and elegant? Change your cold, cool lights to something a little warmer and cozier by using color temperature bulbs. Install LED mood lighting to your hallways that make your home look friendly, and save on your electricity bills too!

3. Rearrange Your Interior

One of the fastest ways to make your house look new and fresh again is to rearrange your furniture or move your main living area to another part of the house. You can get a great new look in an afternoon by planning a new layout that takes into account how you live and how you use your home.

4. Re-Paint Your Interior to Highlight the New Arrangement

One of the best ways to make your home look fresh is to hire house painting services to give your home a face-lift. Find a professional house painting company in your area to give your home a new lease of life, ensuring that only the highest quality of finish is applied, giving your home a stunning new look. Consulting an expert house painter is also a great way of helping you decide what color scheme to go for.

5. Clean and De-clutter Your Home

There is nothing worse than coming into a room and seeing a ton of stuff you hardly ever use. Why not prioritize the things you need in each room and find the correct space for them or store them away for future use. Many people have kitchens filled with electrical gadgets that they hardly ever put to good use. So why not spend a little time storing the unnecessary items around your home to make it more efficient, clean looking and calm.

6. Enhance your Front Lawn or Driveway

A little gardening is all it takes to increase the appeal of your home’s exterior. Use a few choice feature plants to show off the best features of your front yard. Enhance your driveway with solar-powered driveway lights and jazz up your letterbox with a coat of paint or some new numbers. First impressions play a huge role in property selling, so a little investment in the right places could pay off in the future.

7. Paint Your House’s Exterior

Every home needs a little curb appeal, so why not consider giving your house a little exterior makeover. Repainting your house is a fantastic way to improve it’s value, why take time out of your weekend to botch a job when a pro team of painters can have your house looking like the most elegant house on the block?

8. Bathroom Mini Makeover

With a little time and effort, anyone can give their bathroom a mini makeover with the right choice of lighting and coordinated decorations. It can take less than a day to improve a bathroom with more modern features. A little hard work over a weekend can give you the ultimate bathing experience!

9. Organize Your Closet and Wardrobes

One of the best places to improve the look of your home is in the bedroom. Take some time to organize your closet in a more functional way and think of any additional furniture or shelving options you can add to improve the use and function of your closet, as well as to make it look as if it has always been there.

10. Switch Utility Rooms

A great way to improve space and function around the home is to use a dedicated room for utility appliances and devices. This not only maximizes work space in the kitchen or dining area, but also gives your home a spacious look – especially if your home is designed with traditional fixtures and furnishings.

Whatever your home improvement ideas are, ensure that you budget correctly for your plans. Overspending on paint or decoration tools can cost a fortune and end up never being used. Try to take experts help in areas like painting. For the remaining items, I hope you’ll be able to DIY everything on your own.

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