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  • Chris Freeman
  • April 30, 2019 01:35:56 AM

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A personal blog about digital lifestyle, event management tips, social media, and everything related to inspiring a green and sustainable living on Earth.

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11 Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading to LED Lighting

Planning to upgrade your lighting with LEDs? Hold on! First, take a quick look at some of the common mistakes people usually do.

The Labor government in Victoria, Australia has announced that if re-elected, they would boost green energy production target to 50% by 2030. As part of such ambitious promise, they have taken the obvious initiative to phase out CFL, filament, and all sorts of incandescent lamps and replace those with LED lights all over Australia, eventually.

In recent years, LED lighting has become a popular alternative of conventional lighting solutions, as its highly marketed feature of 75% less energy consumption compared to halogen light bulbs is widely supported by the industry. Another striking feature is, the functional life-cycle of LED bulb is 5-10 times longer than halogen ones (yeah, that’s right!).

If data like these have already convinced you to replace the lightning in your residential or commercial space with LEDs, then that is, without any doubt, one of the best decisions you have taken in recent years!

But when it comes to getting it done, many green energy enthusiasts (like you, maybe) rush it, and end up making quite a few fatal mistakes.

Such as:

  1. Not checking out the manufacturer
  2. Not keeping the true purpose of LED light in mind
  3. Buying LED of the same wattage as the incandescent one
  4. Using the same dimmer for the LED
  5. Buying LED without the additional tools
  6. Not checking the power supply rating
  7. Not checking any available incentive
  8. Not checking the CRI of the LED
  9. Not comparing the prices
  10. Not doing any estimation of how many lights are actually needed
  11. Not staying up to date with supplier and government policies

Now, let’s have a detail look at these mistakes.

1. Not checking out the manufacturer

As conventional lamps are being replaced by LEDs at an increasing pace, a huge market for those have emerged. Thus to fulfill this heightened demand, many companies are moving into LED light manufacturing.

But the fact of the matter is, not all of them would be able to manufacture and supply quality LED lamps at competitive price along with maintenance service.

Unfortunately instead of asking around about the LED lighting company of your choice and reviewing their online presence, you might just place the order. This has the potential to turn into a big financial loss for you as the company might disappear the week after purchase.

2. Not keeping the purpose of LED light in mind

This is the most common mistake people make when upgrading to LEDs.

The lights in different rooms of your house or office space have different purposes. Some are there for creating an ambiance while some are for task-intensive activities such as cooking, shaving, crafting a machine etc.

This is something you must keep in mind since LED lights come with focused and omni-directional light. If you want your hallway to be covered in light, a focused light LED would be the wrong choice as it would leave a significant portion in shadow.

3. Buying LED of the same wattage as the incandescent/fluorescent ones

Let’s say you have 100 W filament or CFL lights in your living room and you are going to replace those with LEDs. You would probably go for LEDs of the same wattage.

That would be a grave mistake.

Since LED lights are a lot more efficient, it means for every watt of electricity, they give out a lot more (almost 80%) light compared to traditional lights.

This means LED lights with wattage lower than 100W can probably do the job. This is also important in terms of cost effectiveness as price of LEDs go up with wattage.

4. Using the same dimmer for the LED

The dimmers that are in place for the lights you are currently using have not been designed for LED lamps. So if you simply have those set up, it is highly likely that those costly lights would get damaged leaving your wallet lighter.

5. Buying LED without the additional tools (such as ballast)

Some LED lights can be directly connected to your AC mains supply while some require specialized power converters called ballasts designed to provide optimum power to them.

It has been observed that people in most cases don’t pay attention to this fact. If this happens, either you would receive less light than you are supposed to or those would receive higher voltage and last much less than their service life time.

6. Not checking the power supply rating

Not all LEDs are rated for the 230 V 50 Hz mains supply. Their power rating varies based on intended use and wattage. If this information is not conveyed to the supplier, LEDs with the wrong rating may be delivered to you.

That would lead to inadequate light or worst case scenario, quick damage of them.

7. Not checking any available incentive

To encourage people to opt for greener energy alternatives, Australian Government has introduced some policies to subsidise purchasing to LED lights for small businesses.

Reality is, most people or business owners are not aware of it. Suppliers often times forget to mention this.

Government in your country may have a similar policy. So if you don’t ask around or check online for such incentives, you would deprive yourself from a significant financial relief when transitioning to LEDs.

8. Not checking the CRI of the LED

CRI (Color Rendering Index) tells you how well colors can be perceived by the light from an LED. This has a value range of 0-100.

The higher its value, the truer the perception of colors in your surroundings. What is to be noted is that price of LED lights go up with higher CRI. If you intend to purchase LEDs for a museum, the lobby of your hotel, or your living room, a low CRI may have a negative impact on the aesthetics.

What happens is most people try to cut cost and opt for LEDs with lower CRI even when it doesn’t align with business purpose.

Upgrade to LED lighting

9. Not comparing the prices

As it has already been mentioned, many companies are moving into the LED light industry to fill the demand gap. In order to out-compete rivals, they would tend to lower the price in the short term to gain customers.

This fact is ignored by most people when upgrading to energy saving LED lights. LEDs are expensive compared to incandescent ones and a lower price would obviously help save your hard-earned money.

10. Not doing any estimation of how many lights are actually needed

It has been mentioned before that LEDs are about 80% more efficient than conventional ones. Furthermore, their beam shape can be either omni-directional or focused. When figuring out how many LED lights you need, these facts must be considered.

What happens in these cases is, people just count their current number of lights and order that many LEDs. A proper audit would take time and money but would also help save money for you at the time of purchase.

11. Not staying up to date with supplier and government policies

Let’s say your LEDs have a warranty of 1 year. During this time, government may introduce a higher rebate for LED upgrade. Or your supplier may introduce a more efficient type.

If you stay updated and ask your supplier to replace your old LEDs with their new model, they might agree to a price concession. Or you might be eligible for that government subsidy.

Unfortunately very few people are aware of such crucial info and end up saving less than they could have down the line.

As you already know, being aware of these mistakes would help you make educated decisions at the time of a light upgrade. All these mistakes can be avoided if you care to have an energy audit performed. What you can also do is have an interior designer have a look at your audit. He/she would be able to figure out if the type of LEDs you intend to purchase would accentuate the aesthetics of your environment or suit the purpose. Many companies let you try out a sample as well. That is extremely beneficial as that would let you test the beam shape and CRI yourself.

Advantages of upgrading to LEDs cannot be overstated. Not only do they save money for you but they also have a much beneficial impact on the environment. So if you have already decided to do so, you are not only being smart but also a responsible citizen of your community and country.

5 Steps to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Super Ninja

Follow these steps to become an emotionally intelligent super ninja in real life!

Who doesn’t want to be a mysterious, sphinxlike ninja parkouring around the city at night? Like Batman, but with more antique gears and more virility!

“Ninjutsu” is one of the most ancient and traditional sets of covert physical and psychological methods, especially schemed for spies and mercenaries in Feudal Japan. This particular martial art technique involves escapism, infiltration and manipulation of psychology.

Modern life comes with modern problems. Speaking of modern issues – losing control of your own actions and emotions comes on top, doesn’t it? Emotional instabilities aka our inner demons, most often and almost in all cases – get on our way to achieve something we want. And this battle between your emotions vs determinations inside your mind gets so much to handle, that it leaves you to wonder – who controls who?

Ninjutsu had been outlawed centuries ago, along with the old problems. But the power of ninja techniques is timeless; you just gotta modernize some details to fit your needs. So, believe it. Even in this 21st century, you can be a tough-shielded ninja with extraordinary possession over your body and mind.

Buckle up; we are going to take a round of steps to become an emotionally intelligent super ninja in 2019!

Step-1: Believe in Your Inner Strength

Ninjutsu is not just a fun skit you show off to people. It’s a lifestyle that you embrace and cohere. A small study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology states that:

Your muscles have very little to do with determining your strength. It’s your mind, more specifically, your nervous system that solemnly controls the muscle performance.

So now you know where your inner strength comes from, the fuel of your ninja spirit. It’s time for you to find rejuvenation in solace and amplify your inner strength.

Step-2: Have a Spiritual Connection Between Your Body and Mind

To cultivate your inner ninja spirit, create a reciprocal relationship between your body and mind.

Yoga meditation regularly helps you keep the mind sharp, boost self-awareness, introspection, strengthen the immune system and enhance cognitive skills. On top of that, yoga meditation directly helps you to focus on increasing the elasticity of your muscles and allows an extraordinary level of flexibility, balance, endurance and mobility.

yoga - to connect your body and mind

Many scientific studies and experiments have found the different connection between your resolution and the physical world. The power of self-possession can rigorously shape and map your real life existence. And, this self-mastery is achieved when you de-clutter and suspend all the conventional thinking and enter into the meditative state of self-consciousness through yoga and meditation.

Step-3: Make a Long-term Commitment to Your Appetite

Believe it or not, most of us have emotional hunger that leads us the way right from bed to the fridge. And it almost always comes as a sudden and emergency craving! In other words, you depend solemnly on new curbs for a quick emotional recovery and back to being functional again. This craving is alarmingly dangerous, as your emotional appetite has no limit. You may devour and devour up until you feel any better…and the damage is done and dusted a long time ago.

On a totally another side of the pole: as a ubiquitous trait of a shinobi, you have to be lean and agile. And to generate the necessary energy for any quick missions or adventure, and to the emotional stability throughout the way, adhering a strict and well-balanced diet, along with hardcore physical activities is a must!

Switch to healthy diet to get more energy

Since adaptability is the key to Ninjutsu and also to emotional intelligence, now is the time for you to keep an eye on your waist-line and change your diet requirement accordingly. For better mobility, speedier recovery times and higher endurance- proper nutrition balance will help you to improve your body chemistry.

Limiting the consumption of curbs and switching to raw and steamed food could be a great start!

Step-4: Train Yourself to Become Agile Fighting Machine

Fighting machine. Well, not quite literally. In real life, this fight is against your own physical and emotional shortcomings. And if you want to perform all the stunning athletic feats expected of a ninja, it’s about time you put your game controllers into the locker and start leveling up your agility and aerobic fitness. Enrolling in martial arts training for the ultimate lean-lithe physique should the start, for the stabilizers, tendons and improved blood flow. If it’s all a bit overwhelming for you as a newbie, don’t hold your breath. Start with the basics like mastering leg scales, double arm lever etc.

You may not be aware of it, but mastering your body is directly associated with overpowering your inherent weakness, cognitive impairment and boosting your emotional intelligence more than ever. During the physical activity, our brains release hormones called “growth factors“, which is directly linked to improved brain health. These hormones substantially benefit the region of our brains, “hippocampus“, crucial for learning and memory. The loss of neurons caused by stress, anxiety and depression that shrink the hippocampus is also recovered by the growth factors hormones, through the physical training.

This is what happens when you remove the hippocampus:

Keeping the scientific jargon aside, the bottom line is, martial arts or Ninjutsu training is not for the mastery of your body but also mastery of your cognition in combine.

Fortified aerobic skills and a great emotionally intelligent ninja in the making!

Step-5: Become an Escape Artist

Before you start being over-hyped about tailoring a black “shinobi shozoku(stereotypical black ninja suit), allow me to burst your bubble. Real life is no Hollywood movies, and you’re not a stealthy fantasy warrior either.

In real life, your main purpose here is to get things done without being noticed.

It’s not some sorcery but hands down, a brilliant tactic to pursue on your journey to becoming a ninja despite having a unique physique that stands out. One of the primary disciplines of Ninjutsu is “inconspicuousness” and learning to disassociate the identity from public knowledge.

In real life, the practice of blending into the crowd or the “disappearing act” has a much deeper psychological connotation. When you try to blend in the crowd, you nurture cultural affinity by embracing the variety of cultural languages. You learn to become more adaptable and more forbearing.

When you continuously perform active surveillance to avoid detection, you sharpen your mindfulness at the same time. You keenly observe your surrounding on the move and cultivate your quick deductive reasoning. These are some of the vital parts of emotional intelligence.

The art of being a ninja is beyond physical tactics, but more to crawling into the human psyche in extra ordinary circumstances. So the connection between being a ninja and cultivating emotional intelligence are pretty much complementary to one another.

9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Skip Bin Company

The practical checklist you should follow before finalising your required skip bin hire provider.

It’s often hard to determine how good the bin hire company you find online is.

Most likely you are a busy person, a homemaker, or working full time; which often makes it difficult to dispose of household rubbish on your own, particularly the hard ones. That’s why many people search for the ‘perfect’ skip bin providers, to efficiently remove those rubbish without getting into too much trouble.

There are a heap load of ‘professional’ or ‘local’ skip bin providers in web, which makes it even harder for a customer to make the best call. That’s why I’ve prepared this article, to give you a clear view on which factors you should consider before choosing your skip bin hire company.

1. Type of Waste

The first thing to know while choosing a skip bin provider is if they process the type of waste you are generating. Depending on the type of rubbish, the kind of bins you choose will differ.

If you are dealing with batteries, chemicals, or other hazardous material then regular skip bins are not your solution. Waste is classified into different categories based on its composition. Make sure you go through the provider’s website to understand and know this information in detail.

2. Size of Your Skip Bin

You may need to remove a large quantity of rubbish or only a small amount. Not every company will have the correct sized skip you require. First, go through the sizes they offer thoroughly and calculate the skip size based on the volume of your garbage.

Size and price are directly dependent on one another, and keep in mind that transporting overflowing skip bins is illegal so it’s best to order one slightly larger than you think you will need.

3. Price Comparison

Beware of being overcharged. Some companies may charge much more than the usual rate. The best way to filter out such companies is to carry out a price comparison.

Skip bins are not cheap. Make sure the company you choose, values your money. There are some who provide money back guarantee which allows you more security and peace of mind.

4. Online Presence

Your time is your most valuable asset. There is no need to call a provider’s office to book their service. Many skip bin providers will allow you to book online or submit an enquiry form. Choose a skip bin provider who is providing you with these facilities.

5. Qualification

The qualification of the staff that will be providing you with their service defines how well their work standard will be. They must be given proper health and safety training. Before hiring, ask if they have been provided with adequate training.

Take for example, asbestos. When removing waste materials like wall sheeting, gutters, floor tiles and fascias, there is the risk of exposure to asbestos. Having experienced staff is necessary as they will have right gear and takes proper precautions to avoid the risk of exposure.

6. Customer Support

For any service, the customer support companies provide is critical. As the nature of waste varies, it is essential that you are able to contact them and get help if the need arises. A good skip bin hire service should be able to effectively and promptly respond to your queries.

7. Recycling Policy

Failure to properly dispose of your rubbish can result in environmental pollution which can severely impact the earth. When choosing your skip bin hire service, make sure they have a recycling policy and ask if they have a recycling depot. Ensure that as much of your waste as possible is recycled and does not go to landfills.

8. Awards and Reputation

Go to a reputable company who has a good record of excellent customer service. A reputable company will likely have testimonials on their website and may even have some reviews on Facebook and Google.

9. Proper Position to Place the Bin

Before you choose a bin for hire to decide where you will be placing it. Also plan and talk to your supplier beforehand about where they will be able to put it. A good provider will be happy to help you.

Skips are the ideal solution to dispose of your hard rubbish effectively. All you have to do is make sure to choose the right provider. For those living at Melbourne CBD, South, Eastern, and South Eastern suburbs, Online Bin Hire provides a reliable, eco-friendly, and affordable waste removal service. Contact us today to hire the skip bin you need!

How to Find a Good Plumber in Your Area?

Finding a skilled and task-specific plumber at a reasonable price is getting harder day by day. Here are some tips that might help you find one.

The plumbing system of your residence is more complicated than you think. It’s not just about a blocked sink or leaky taps- plumbers are responsible for installing and fixing the entire sanitation system of your residence. Even when you think you can fix some simple plumbing problems by yourself, you are yet to face the consequence a simple error can bring, because of the lack of professional experience.

So, how do you choose a good plumber?

Before you sign up for plumbing service, consider the following checklist to find a good plumber for you need.

1. Problem-Specific Solution

Before subscribing to plumbing service, come to terms with the type of solution you’re expecting. Is it something big like bathroom vanity installation? Or you just want to fix your clogged drain or leaking pipe? Do you want to hire plumbers on an hourly basis or full-time to fit your requirement? Do you need more than one plumber? Go for an expert plumbing service that meets all of your requirements.

2. Go Local

There are a lot of benefits if you look for expert plumbing service on a local level. Local plumbers can resolve your plumbing issues in a quick span of time by their adequate knowledge regarding the locality. Moreover, local plumbers know their surrounding better than plumbers who provide services in different areas; like weather conditions, required residential infrastructure, terrains and the whereabouts in general.

3. Proper Certification

Substantial field experience, specialized training and testing are the must-haves for a good plumber. So the first and foremost thing to do before proceeding with the recruiting plumbing process is to make sure the plumber is actively licensed and professionally accredited.

4. Insurance

Among all kinds of insurance policy that comes along with a plumbing service, public liability insurance is the most recognized policy against any unexpected occurrences- the financial cost of damages for instance. The Public insurance requirements for plumbers in Australia is an industry standard insurance policy in almost all states. So make sure the professional plumbing service comes with full insurance coverage.
A good plumbing service should come with the guaranteed workmanship for a respectful period of time as well, to reduce risks like water contamination, leakage of sewage into the ground, uncontrollable discharge into the environment etc.

A good plumber has proper safety equipment

5. Safety Equipment

For the stable installation and efficient maintenance of your plumbing system, having the correct safety gear is very important, just as much as having adequate skills and experience. So make sure your plumber is well equipped with proper safety utensils.

6. Recommendations and Referrals

Visiting the plumbing service website and checking their testimonials might not be just enough. To evaluate how your potential partner has been in this business, consider taking referrals from your neighbours. Check if the plumber is a member of a professional trade body. Contact trade body in question and check if they’re currently registered.

7. Manual Dexterity

A good plumber is very precise and detailed in terms of interpreting the sanitary system blueprint and installing appliances in the most coordinated manner. To evaluate the plumber’s mechanical inclination, check what plumbing equipment is being used, and how the plumbing devices are being used to assembling and accessing plumbing components.

8. Free Quotes

To have a better understanding of your potential plumber’s competence and knowledge, request for a free plumbing quote online and have a consultation regarding your plumbing issues. Always avoid plumbing service which only provides paid quotations before physically inspecting the plumbing condition. Up until the plumbing service is finalized as a written contract, paying cash for plumbing consultation should not be trusted.

9. Reasonable Pricing Model

Sadly, there are no standard guidelines or pricing model for plumbing services. Some of the common problems are always there, like advanced payments or paying a deposit. But it’s always safe to settle for a plumber who agrees with daily or weekly wages. Not cheap, the pricing model has to be reasonable. So go for a detailed written quote where detailed pricing model is included for the material usage, servicing hours or days etc.

Choose the best local plumber carefully

As you can tell by now, finding the right plumber for your problem is not an easy task. But keeping every faucet and fixture of your plumbing system in check is a very time-consuming job all by yourself is a pretty stressful too! Besides, the lack of proper monitoring causes a lot of plumbing issues. For the full coverage of your plumbing installation, remodels and overall maintenance, you’ll need a highly skilled plumber. So, try not to ignore any tips above!

If you’re living in Melbourne then I have some recommendations for you:

Hope this will help you find better plumbers in your area.

What Does Financial Counsellor Do?

If you’re in financial trouble, a financial counsellor might be able to help. Here’s a quick guide to what a financial counsellor can help you with.

For any kind of financial troubling situations like concessions, the debt recovery process, mortgage payment or lodging complaints, a financial counsellor can be the right person for you to assist and solve on your behalf.

In most cases, if any financial problem is not resolved right away, it takes a quick escalation, and things go messed up real fast. From time to time, people may find themselves in dire situation needing food, shelter, paying mortgage, credit card debt, etc. This is where financial counsellors become key to make a difference.

Your financial problem is not just an individual problem; it’s perceived as a social problem as well. As a part of a legal community organisation with highly developed referral network, financial counsellors run a full assessment of your financial situations and refer you to different recovery services in a completely lawful manner.

But how exactly does a financial counsellor help me with my financial problems?

Because of the many misconceptions in mind regarding the reliability of financial counselling, you probably have been holding yourself back from taking the service. When in crucial scenarios like determining stocks, or applying for a hardship variation you probably didn’t take any professional advice because you didn’t want to disclose your information.

In reality, financial counselling services are mostly funded and offered by community organisations, legal centres, commercial agencies, state and federal governments etc. These financial counselling comes with a secure, confidential and independent financial service with no fees or commissions involved.

Expert financial counsellors provide extensive consultancy services you may not be aware of. Here is a list of services you can receive –

  • As your representative, the financial counsellor negotiates repayment arrangements with the banks and the creditors or lenders based on your current financial situations like regular incomes, assets, liabilities and expenditure.
  • Financial counsellors verify whether you’re eligible for concessions or other material aid, health, personal counselling, legal services, family support, community legal aids or government assistance. Depending on your eligibility, they provide you with referrals and information for improvement.
  • In different areas of legislation including debt recovery procedures, pre-insolvency advice, credit laws, consumer rights etc., the debt counsellors give you deeper insights about your options, probable consequences and other alternatives.
  • As a community worker, a financial counsellor plays the role of an advocate on behalf of you, in case you are unable to repay or manage your debts. They can run a full assessment of your debt problems and give professional advice related to debt enforcement.
  • The Federal or State government mostly funds financial counsellors. Therefore, they have a vast knowledge in areas of all kinds of commercial laws and policies to guide you with the requirements of loans, credit cards, government concession, debt recovery through courts, external dispute resolution services etc.

So, When do I need a financial counsellor?

There are many ways a financial counsellor can save you from major financial risks. Here are a few ways how you essentially need financial counselling as a solicitor and accountant of your finance.

  • Referrals for any financial backup/ counselling: A financial counsellor works closely with different community organisations. Therefore, their referral system is much broader to offer you’re the full coverage of your financial problems like handing bankrupt estates, providing volunteers, offering personal counselling and legal advice etc.
  • Sustainable budget formation: Depending on your current financial state examined by your records, financial counselling helps you with organising your finances and make a budget. Although it doesn’t necessarily provide loans or any kinds of material aids itself.
  • Debt management: The counsellors can negotiate with your creditors for free with the guidance of ideal debt management that fits that individual’s needs
  • Resolving lodging issues: They can assist you with any lodging complaints on the basis of a full picture of a client’s finances.
  • Financial accidents: for any kind of major disasters, monetary damages or taxation debts and other liabilities, financial counsellors can give me multiple gateways so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible with emergency relief.

For any kind of financial decline, you need immediate professional intervention to recover the loss as soon as possible. Free financial counselling with guaranteed independence and confidentiality is the best way to sort out your issues and get referred to damage specific financial services directly.

10 Useful Tips for Buying LED Tube Lights

Planning to buy LED tube lights in the near future? Follow our checklist to find the best product on the market.

LED tube lights are taking the market by storm, and are fast overtaking traditional fluorescent lighting as the most popular option. Being independent of weather conditions, they can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, road lighting, spotlighting, etc. and there are a lot of LED varieties to choose from. Based on your requirements, there are a few things you need to remember for choosing the right LED light option.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful tips on things to consider before buying an LED tube light.

1. Consider the expense in the long run

When buying LED tube lights, the upfront cost will be more than what you would pay for traditional lighting but don’t get discouraged by this. Think of this as an investment as in the long run, you are likely to benefit economically by choosing LED lights. The lifetime cost of LED lights are much lower than traditional lights, thanks to their longevity.

2. Lighting colour temperatures

Before you go and replace your traditional lights with LED tube lights, it’s important to be well informed about the colour temperature. On average, the light range spans from 2400K to 6500K. The temperature at 6000K creates a vibrant mood enhancing blue coloured light. It is most appropriate for hospitals, art studios, and offices. The neutral appearance comes with a precise, clean and efficient look. 4000K is perfect for offices, stores, supermarkets and showrooms.

For creating a friendly, warm mood, go for 2700–3000K which enhances the red and orange tones. This is suited for your home, hotel lobbies and restaurants. Knowing which colour temperature will be suitable for you is a must before buying an LED light.

T8 LED Tube Lights from littil
T8 LED Tube Lights from Littil

3. Brightness: check the lumens

Unlike watts when choosing incandescent lights, here the brightness is determined by lumens. An incandescent bulb that is rated 150 W is similar to 25–28 W for an LED, from this, you can see that an incandescent bulb draws 5 times the watt than the LED bulb for the same lumen.

For acquiring your desired output, it is advised first to determine your preferred brightness in lumens.

4. Non-dimmable LEDs

Traditional dimmers are used to limit the amount of electricity sent to incandescent lights for controlling the brightness of light in a room, however, when dealing with LEDs, there is no such direct relation between brightness and energy.

For using LED lights with a dimmer, you need to consider two options. First of all, you can try and find LED tube lights that are compatible with traditional dimmers. Otherwise, you can change out the previous switching system with an LED compatible dimmer switch.

5. Temperature condition

Compared to the traditional incandescent lights, the LED lights are much cooler. But, cooler doesn’t necessarily mean that no heat is produced. In reality, the little heat generated is taken by the heat sink at the bottom and dissipated into the air.

If your fixture is within an enclosed area, there will be no place for the heat to go. For such fittings, search for LED lights which can operate at a higher than average temperature.

6. Requirement for maintenance

Understanding the requirement for maintenance is important before buying any kind of light. The t8 led tube comes with the least need for maintenance. Just plug in and enjoy the light illuminating your home. If you are wondering what type of lighting solution you should pick for your commercial or industrial space, the LED tube lights are the top choice.

7. Choosing the right panel

Retrofitting is possible for LED tube lights, but it can be both time consuming and costly. Most LED panels are built following the industry standard sizes making it likely that you will find one of appropriate size. Choose the right size for your panel so it does not need any customisation and easily fits into your space. For multiple lighting solutions, you may consider going for LED battens. For indoors, the T8 led tubes are a perfect replacement for the previous T8 fluorescent lamps.

8. Disposal method

For knowing how to dispose of a component, you need to know the primary elements from which it was made. For LED lights, the electronic components are semiconductors, PCBs and diodes. So, the disposal procedure is similar to any other electronic material. However, make sure to check with your local waste management service.

9. Lifespan duration

The lifespan of LED lights is interlinked with its usage. Before buying, determine the lifetime in years and calculate if it would be appropriate for your use.

10. Compatible with smart switches

Smart houses are the future of home automation. With smart houses, one of the primary requirements is smart switches. When buying your LED tube lights make sure that they are compatible with your smart switches.

With so many benefits, many homes and businesses are starting to switch over to LED lights. Make sure you consider the above points before buying. If you are looking for unique lighting solutions for your home, industrial property, or any other place, take a look at the collection of LED tubes and battens available at Littil LED lights.

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