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  • Barbara Dunn
  • March 16, 2019 02:19:33 AM

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At My Tablet Guide, we review & compare tablets, write latest tablet news & information and list down the best tablets for various purposes, type, budget and more. We continuously look for latest tablet information, research on it and bring them to users. You can find everything about tablets at My Tablet Guide - the best tablet buying guide, reviews and news website.

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    ARCHOS Introduced “Play Tab”: A 21.5″ Digital Board Game Tablet

    There’s good news for all the gamers out there, ARCHOS has recently introduced “Play Tab” – an exceptional Digital Board Game Tablet. ARCHOS has always been a player in delivering innovative and stunning tablets that aims to break the traditional norms followed in the gadget tablet. This brand has become a front-runner over the years […] The post ARCHOS Introduced “Play Tab”: A 21.5″ Digital Board Game Tablet appeared first on My Tablet...

    ARCHOS Play Tab

    There’s good news for all the gamers out there, ARCHOS has recently introduced “Play Tab” – an exceptional Digital Board Game Tablet. ARCHOS has always been a player in delivering innovative and stunning tablets that aims to break the traditional norms followed in the gadget tablet. This brand has become a front-runner over the years in the consumer electronics and has expanded their business niche exponentially.

    ARCHOS Play Tab Digital Board Game Tablet

    And Play Tab is one of the best innovations in the tablet area by ARCHOS! Regardless of whether you are occasional, nostalgic or avid gamer- this play tab will enforce you to keep your smartphone aside and gather around the table with your friends to play any game on the amazing digital board game tablet. The tablet offers brilliant 21.5” Full HD display along with 6mm tempered glass, which is shock and splash resistant. Such a huge screen provides you with amazing viewing angle, making your experience beautiful.

    Know More

    The tablet offers a wide range of game categories beginning from education, fantasy to strategy & war to sport as well- inside the list of free titles. Now you have the flexibility to play any game whether you are at the comfort of your home, on the go or spending a lazy night with your family- this single digital board game tablet is the perfect one! ARCHOS also make sure that your family night should be unforgettable and so they this play tab also drive in a unique interface. You can easily pick any game from the category, which include 1000 titles such as Uno, Monopoly, Gloomheaven, Pandemic, Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, The Room, and a lot more.

    This Play Tab runs on the latest Android version 9.0, which makes user-interface very seamless, allowing you to move through apps with great ease. And Google Play store is always overflowing with millions of apps, enabling you to explore everything on the large screen as per your choice. ARCHOS Play tab is powered by Octa-Core processor- if we come to key specifications- 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM boosts overall performance, so that games response faster is than ever.

    Moreover, ARCHOS Play Tab provide user with 10000 mAh battery, which is unbelievable! You can stay awake all night and spend a good time on this game board with your close ones. According to different sources, ARCHOS Play tab will be soon available in UK at a price of 249 Euros, which is quite reasonable!

    But the published specifications on the official website of ARCHOS prove that Play Tab would be the most competitive tablet in the market. This tablet has bought a unique concept of tablet and game board, which is actually beyond expectations.

    However, consumers are already excited to purchase this digital game board tablet to experience the perfect blend of gaming and smartphone on this play tab. Well, your wait will be over soon! Till then you can explore the official website of ARCHOS to learn more details.

    The post ARCHOS Introduced “Play Tab”: A 21.5″ Digital Board Game Tablet appeared first on My Tablet Guide.

    How Do Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet Works?

    Moleskine has been a player in the manufacturing of digital drawing tablets across the globe, since 1997. The Moleskine paper notebooks gained so much of fame when it collaborated to manufacture tablets beside Adobe. Moleskine paper tablets are well-recognized for the efficiency and flexibility they offer to the users, giving them great pleasure while sketching […] The post How Do Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet Works? appeared first on My Tablet...

    Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet

    Moleskine has been a player in the manufacturing of digital drawing tablets across the globe, since 1997. The Moleskine paper notebooks gained so much of fame when it collaborated to manufacture tablets beside Adobe. Moleskine paper tablets are well-recognized for the efficiency and flexibility they offer to the users, giving them great pleasure while sketching on paper, whilst, reflecting the art straight into Adobe Illustrator live. Isn’t it surprising?

    Moleskine Paper Tablet With Pen

    Well, the companies have been working together for so many years and have maintained cordial and professional relationships with each other, providing customers the bliss of sketching on papers while upholding a smooth digital workflow. So this article completely focuses on the recently released Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet, how it works and what benefits users can reap with this unique paper tablet.

    What is Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet?

    Moleskine Paper Tablet

    Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet is an amazing gadget discovered by this company, which you haven’t seen ever. I can share the glimpse of the tablet with its Creative Cloud Moleskine Notebook, introduced in 2014, that has the ability to use dotted pages and was equipped with an app, which astonishingly allows optically driving through dots and tracing the sketches by per pixel to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.  However, Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper tablet is beyond expectations and have something more unique to offer the users.

    Unlike other range of Moleskine paper tablets that just move the sketches on to the cloud for tabulating and sharing out the art in Adobe apps, Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet make use of exceptional paper, enabling you to draw anything you want in real-time on Adobe Illustrator. This version of Moleskine and Adobe efficiently interprets your paper sketches into digital art.

    You can use Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper tablet using Pen and ellipse stylus by Moleskine. This tablet is the addition to the range of Smart Writing System of Moleskine that works only with these pens in order to track the sketches drawn on real pages. It solely aims to provide artists or designers to wipe out the time-consumed of putting your idea into a paper and then giving it a digital finish as with this tablet you can directly put in your idea on the digital tablet.

    How does it work?

    To begin with this exceptional tablet, first, you have to connect the pen, which is possible by downloading Moleskine+ to get access to Adobe Illustrator extension. Thereafter, it will insert an option in Illustrators Windows tab to connect your pen. Moreover, you don’t have to keep your Illustrator open unnecessarily, just concentrate on your creativity and showcase your talent without any hassle.

    Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet is easily compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, enabling you to sketch away from your PC and save the files in any format you want- be it SVG, PDF file or a simple image. Thereafter, you can open these files for review or changes later in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. In each page, you’ll find different symbols, which actually supports the goal of the company that is “digitize freehand drawing”. These symbols pump various features in the system when the pen detects them- one Ai symbol switch on the real-time drawing mode inside the Illustrator, whereas the other ask you to save present files to the Adobe Creative Cloud.

    Adobe Creative Connected Cloud Moleskine Paper Tablet gives you the ability that once you’re done with the sketching part you can click on the Adobe Cloud icon to save everything begin your next drive of working with the save drawing in the Adobe apps to give it the digital finishing. However, Adobe suggests that you should use Illustrator digital applications when you are done with your sketching work to make your vectors uncontaminated. Because the reflection process of your drawings is not as seamless as paper sketches as it keeps fetching some or the other issue.

    The tablet is very huge in size and gives the users ample space, enhancing their creativity and boosting their performance ultimately. And this is what every designer desires!


    The ultimate goal behind the innovative Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet is to ease the lives of designers and artists across the world. The tablet is extremely reasonable less than the cost of the pen. By giving the flexibility to the users to naturally sketch or write and save directly to Adobe applications to give it a final finishing- can save a lot of time of the users. The tablet also offers a strong and powerful surface on which you can place this tablet when you are away from your desktop, which is the true sign of portability and flexibility!

    This digital platform allows you to draw in real-time, making you more proficient in your work and giving you the opportunity to refine and recreate your ideas without any hassle. You can put in your efforts and see the reflection of the drawing on the Adobe Illustrator and make relevant changes or alterations as per your needs. Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet is available at a price of around $40, whereas Moleskine Pen and Ellipse stylus will cost you around $180 which you need to buy separately.


    As per sources, it expected that Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet will hit the market like anything. However, we cannot say how designers and writers will take this tablet as everyone has their own choices and whether it fits or not, depend on the use of the individuals. But if we take into account the features the tablet will lead in the competitive market.

    The post How Do Adobe Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet Works? appeared first on My Tablet Guide.

    Apple Launched All-new iPad Air and iPad Mini in Almost Same Configuration (Except Size)

    Apple has launched the all-new iPad Air and iPad Mini (5th generation) that are packed with analogous configurations. As we all know Apple is one the top brands that offer high-quality devices keeping in mind the security of the buyer. Unsurprisingly, this newly introduced iPad Air and iPad Mini will be a perfect shot as […] The post Apple Launched All-new iPad Air and iPad Mini in Almost Same Configuration (Except Size) appeared first on My Tablet...

    Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini 2019

    Apple has launched the all-new iPad Air and iPad Mini (5th generation) that are packed with analogous configurations. As we all know Apple is one the top brands that offer high-quality devices keeping in mind the security of the buyer. Unsurprisingly, this newly introduced iPad Air and iPad Mini will be a perfect shot as Apple always give its best!

     iPad Mini 2019iPad Air 2019
    ChipA12 Bionic Chip (Neural Engine)A12 Bionic Chip (Neural Engine)
    Display7.9" Retina Display
    (2048 x 1536)
    326 PPI
    10.5" Retina Display
    (2224x 1668)
    264 PPI
    StorageUp to 256GBUp to 256GB
    CameraRear: 8MP
    Front: 7MP
    Rear: 8MP
    Front: 7MP
    Dimensions (HxWxD)8" x 5.3" x 0.24"9.8" x 6.8" x 0.24"
    WeightWi-Fi: 0.66 lbs
    Wi-Fi + Cellular: 0.68 lbs
    Wi-Fi: 1.0 lbs
    Wi-Fi + Cellular: 1.02 lbs
    BatteryUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 hours
    Keyboard CompatibilityBluetooth KeyboardsSmart + Bluetooth Keyboards
    Price (Starting at)Wi-Fi: $399
    Wi-Fi + Cellular: $529
    Wi-Fi: $499
    Wi-Fi + Cellular: $629
    Operating SystemiOS 12iOS 12

    Apple iPad Air 2019

    Apple iPad Mini 2019

    It has been revealed that both the iPad have mostly same configuration, except the size and weight. iPad Air is 10.5” and iPad mini (as the name suggests) is 7.9”- both are sleek with a remarkable design. You can see the groundbreaking idea of Apple in the All-new iPad Air as it has the ability to augment your overall performance by 70%.

    Apple has also equipped the All-new iPad Air with A12 Bionic chip, enhancing the graphic capabilities along with Apple pencil, which is impeccable- everything at a reasonable price. Generally, every Apple’s every device has Retina display, but iPad Air is outfitted with Advanced Retina display with True Tone technology, providing dazzling picture quality, which is unbelievable, whilst protecting your eyes from harmful rays.

    If you seek portability, handiness and advancement in gadgets, then iPad mini is all that you need! Apple did a tremendous job in 7.9” iPad Mini that features A12 Bionic chip, which make this small device a complete bomb! iPad is multitasking and very powerful, improving your overall performance thrice the other iPad along with 9x efficient graphic performance- which is indeed surprising!

    Similar to All-new iPad Air, the iPad Mini also has an advanced Retina display with True tone technology, delivering brighter, sharper and crystal clear colors, making your experience more amazing. With Apple pencil support, iPad mini is the perfect “on the go” machine that can help you to make a note of everything or sketch anything anywhere and anytime.

    Apple is well-recognized for its camera as no brand can beat its picture quality and fast-focus abilities. So with advanced front facing and rear camera, iPad Air and iPad Mini captures incredible pictures, locking every memory in seconds. More so, Apple store has so much to offer! You may come across approx. 1.3 million apps in your Apple store and discover unique things. Similar to every Apple device, even these two iPad runs on iOS- which is a popular operating system worldwide.

    What makes the All-new iPad Air and Mini more eye-catching and exceptional? Specs like Siri shortcuts, voice memos, and photo search, help you to spend a hands free and stress-free day.

    Both the iPad are now available online and in stores.

    The post Apple Launched All-new iPad Air and iPad Mini in Almost Same Configuration (Except Size) appeared first on My Tablet Guide.

    What is a tablet? All that you need to know about tablets

    The beginning of a week and an important worksheet that your boss needs today is on your bulky laptop back at home and inaccessible. You are clueless on how to reach it except that you need to go back and get it which will make you late for office and your backpack heavy. A virtual […] The post What is a tablet? All that you need to know about tablets appeared first on My Tablet...

    what is a tablet

    The beginning of a week and an important worksheet that your boss needs today is on your bulky laptop back at home and inaccessible. You are clueless on how to reach it except that you need to go back and get it which will make you late for office and your backpack heavy.

    all about tablets

    A virtual real-time game that you are good at is all that you can think of because if you do not complete that level now, you are going to lose out your global rank to a competitor. But as luck would have it, you need to get back home from college and only then could you use your desktop to play.

    Worry not folks, because a tablet is here to save your day.

    Similar in looks to smartphones but just a wee bit larger in size, tablets are the talk of the tech town when you need to be on the go and connected. Light in weight, easily handled, and fast, a tablet helps you to do almost all the work that you could do on a computer. The best part of a tablet is its touchscreen. Every task is done using gestures and an onscreen keyboard which also saves a lot of time.

    Uses and features of tablets

    Tablets are specially designed for being used while traveling. As they are not heavy and carrying them in your hand is easy and comfortable too.

    Few things that you could do with a tablet are:

    • Web browsing
    • Official and personal networking
    • Send emails
    • Gaming
    • Watch movies and listen to music
    • Read eBooks
    • Voice calling and video calling
    • Click pictures

    You can add essential applications to your tablets to make your work easier. You could also download games and connect it to your account which enables you to continue playing from your last saved level.

    Tablet OS

    A tablet can be differentiated by its operating system. As of now, there are five primary operating systems in the market namely, Windows, iOS, Android, Fire OS and now Chrome OS.

    • Ranking as per users:
      • 1. iOS(iPad)
      • 2. Android
      • 3. Windows
      • 4. Fire OS
      • 5. Chrome OS
      • Other
    • Apple manufactures the iPad with iOS, and all the tablets have the same setups and similar user interface.
    • Android, on the other hand, is more brand specific. As there are several tablet manufacturers, each of them customizes their user interface and preferences keeping the operating system core base as Android. Some of the popular brands manufacturing android tablets are Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, etc…
    • Windows tablet now comes with latest OS i.e. Windows 10 but are not as widely used as iOS or Android. People looking for a tablet with keyboard choose Windows tablet over other ones.
    • Chrome OS was recently introduced for tablets in 2018 and the first chrome OS tablet was introduced by Acer, the Chromebook Tab 10.
    • Fire tablets by amazon are popular due to lower price and better configurations.


    Every gadget has its specific set of user instructions. You can use your tablet with some very basic gestures which shall help you execute all your work in a jiffy without having to connect a keyboard or mouse to it. Some of the most commonly used gestures are as follow:

    • You can tap the touchscreen to activate it and also launch any application. This is similar to the left click on your computer with a mouse.
    • When you tap and hold the touchscreen, it can show special menus to you for further action, or it could help you select the text and drag till the portion you want to edit or copy or delete.
    • When you are reading anything, you need to move up and down to progress further. The Scroll feature helps you to do this. All you need to do is touch a blank part the screen and swipe up or down.
    • When you need to move from one picture to the other or from one page of a document to the next, you need to swipe as per the required direction.
    • To read small texts and see images in a more precise way, you need to zoom into it. Or if the text that you can see is too large, you would need to zoom out. For this, you have a feature called pinch and zoom which helps you to zoom in and zoom out.
    • The double tap gesture can also be used to zoom in or out of content being shown on your touchscreen and also for selecting some fields to enter data.


    A tablet outshines any laptop or computer due to some of the benefits attached to it. For frequent commuters, these are the ideal companions for work and leisure. The affordability, portability, accessibility, and user-friendliness of a tablet make it a winner for tech-savvy individuals. Some of the significant benefits of tablets are as below:

    • As the description of a tablet says that it is like a computer, you can understand that it can be used as a computer but cannot function entirely like one. Hence with the lower level of functionality, the cost of hardware is also low. This causes an overall reduction in the marginal retail price and makes it easily affordable to consumers.
    • Thanks to the dimensions, a tablet can easily be carried around as they are not bulky and are also made so that they can be easily held in hand. Unlike a laptop, they can fit into a regular bag without taking up much space.
    • It is all about the touch. You can do everything on your tablet only with the help of the touchscreen. Usage of all the gestures is also through touch. Some tablets are provided with the facility of connecting mouse and keyboard to it, but they are only used on an optional basis.
    • Unlike a laptop or computer, a tablet is much more intrusive. You can always work on your tablet without disturbing anyone in the surrounding, and it is silent.
    • You can use a tablet both for professional and personal purposes. Although it is ideal for anyone to do their office work using a tablet, even students can use the tablet easily to read e-books, finish assignments or play games in their free time.

    So now that you have all the necessary information about tablets, go and get the one you like and live your life on the move!

    The post What is a tablet? All that you need to know about tablets appeared first on My Tablet Guide.

    Top 10 Best Windows Tablet 2019 For Everyone

    Choosing the best operating system while purchasing a tablet can be daunting. The debate between two major operating system – Android and iOS is never ending, but in the tablet world, a big player is entering the controversy these days- Microsoft Windows. Though Microsoft stepped in the tablet sector late, but it actually gained popularity […] The post Top 10 Best Windows Tablet 2019 For Everyone appeared first on My Tablet...

    best windows tablet

    Choosing the best operating system while purchasing a tablet can be daunting. The debate between two major operating system – Android and iOS is never ending, but in the tablet world, a big player is entering the controversy these days- Microsoft Windows. Though Microsoft stepped in the tablet sector late, but it actually gained popularity in no time, beating Android and iOS. Today, you’ll find an equal number of Windows tablet as compared to other two operating systems. Many companies are taking the initiative to utilize Windows for their tablet and provide customers something unique and easy-to-go.

    windows tablet
    Image: HUAWEI MateBook E

    Besides, even Microsoft keep itself upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 10- the journey was amazingly beautiful, giving customers excellent experience with better choices in apps. Presently, Windows 10 is the most common version used among people and it is indeed rated as one of the best versions of Windows so far.

    You might be a in a turmoil that to explain so much about Windows tablet when there are such big players- Android and iOS. Well, everything depends on the usage and choice of customer, but I just want to convey that don’t exclude Windows tablet from your choice list while shopping.

    Why choose Windows tablet?

    Why Windows Tablet
    Image: Microsoft Surface Pro 6

    Below I have listed some reasons of choosing Windows tablet over other operating systems, while it may sound weird to others, but who are really fond of Windows would love to know:

    i. Provides common experience

    A windows tablet will give the common user-experience like you are using your laptop or desktop as today every Windows tablet is powered by latest version of this operating system.

    ii. Similar peripherals

    You would love this feature if you go for a Windows tablet because the hardware compatibility would be the same as your desktop. This means you can easily connect keyboard and mouse with your tablet as you do with your laptop.

    iii. Highly secure and compatible at workplaces

    Well, Microsoft is the only choice of entrepreneurs because it completely understands the needs of the businesses and deliver that kind of version, Windows 10 and its pro version is the best example for the same. Microsoft offers great security features to users who are always on go for their business and when you get a tablet giving that accessibility, security and ease, then what could be better.

    iv. Wide range of choices

    It’s not only Microsoft that offers Windows tablet- Surface go, many companies have lined up Windows-based tablet like Acer, Asus, Lenovo, etc. So you are not restricted up to just one company while shopping Windows tablet, you get a variety of companies that offers Windows tablet. And it is rightly said, “Better the options, better the choices”.

    v. Multitasking

    Windows was introduced by Microsoft to give businesses the ability to be multitasking. You can run as many apps as you want at the same time on Windows, which is not possible on iOS, though Android offers multitasking feature, but it’s not as efficient as Windows is.

    Let’s dive into the top 10 best Windows tablet of 2019:

    1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6


    Surface Pro 6

    Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has 12.3” display with an amazing resolution of 2736 x 1824 and 10 point multi-touch. This Windows tablet is extremely lightweight just 1.70lbs and sleek available in two bold colors New Matte Black or Platinum. More so, the tablet enables you with greater flexibility, allowing you to convert this device into a laptop, studio mode or a tablet as per your choice. It has built-in kickstand that gives you so much accessibility to convert this tablet as per your convenience and mood.

     Surface Pro 6 Specs
    ProcessorIntel Core i5-8250U
    Intel Core i5-8350U (For Business Only)
    Intel Core i7-8650U
    GraphicsIntel UHD 620
    Display12.3" (2736 x 1824) 267 PPI PixelSense
    RAM8GB or 16GB
    Storage (SSD)128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB
    CameraFront: 5MP (1080P HD Skype Video)
    Rear: 8MP (1080P FHD Video)
    WeightCore-i5 Model: 1.70 lbs
    Core-i7 Model: 1.73 lbs
    Dimensions11.5” x 7.9” x 0.33”
    BatteryUp to 13.5 hours
    Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
    Windows 10 Pro (For Business)
    PriceStarting from $799 | Surface Pro 6 on Amazon

    The tablet is packed with 8th gen Intel core processor that boosts the overall performance of the tablet efficiently. Besides, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 offers RAM options, which is 8GB and 16GB along with storage capabilities, starting from 128GB, to 256GB to 1TB. We can say that the tablet is blockbuster in the market, beating Android and iOS with a great option of storage and RAM. Surface Pro 6 is highly durable in terms of battery; it can run straight up to 13.5 hours with continuous usage of internet or while watching videos, movies, etc., without any hassle.

    Powered by Windows 10, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 can be a handy and most lovable tablet, whether you are on the go or at the comfort of your home.

    2. Samsung Galaxy Book2

    design of samsung galaxy book2

    One of the popular brands Samsung that always featured Android as their operating system has shown interest in Windows. The new Samsung Galaxy Book2 features Windows 10 as their operating system, giving a change to the users from their usual range of Android tablets and showing some creativity with this unique device. This 2-in-1 PC tablet concentrates of three crucial factors mobility, power and versatility. With 12 inch Super AMOLED display, Galaxy Book2 is Samsung’s flagship product that offers great viewing experience with great design and ease.

     Samsung Galaxy Book2 Specs
    ProcessorQualcomm SDM850 (2.9GHz + 1.7GHz Quad)
    Display12" (2160 x 1440) FHD+ Super AMOLED
    CameraFront: 5MP
    Rear: 8MP (UHD 4K Video Recording at 30fps)
    Dimensions11.32” x 7.89” x 0.29”
    Battery6120mAh (Up to 20hrs)
    Operating SystemWindows 10 S
    Price$999.99 | Buy at Samsung Official

    Galaxy Book2 offers Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor, which enhances the overall efficiency of the tablet while using. More so, you can transfer or edit files between your Galaxy Book2 and any Galaxy smartphone seamlessly. The tablet is being equipped with S-Pen and Keyboard to give desktop type feeling so whether you are on the go or at the office, Galaxy Book2 will stand beside you no matter what.

    Samsung Galaxy Book2 offers a battery life of 20 hours that enable you to use the tablet continuously for playing games or watching videos or your favorite shows online. The tablet enables you to expand your internal storage by adding a memory card slot in the tablet.

    3. Microsoft Surface Go

    Design New Microsoft Surface Go

    Microsoft Surface Go is one of the finest inventions of Microsoft in the tablet sector so far. Soon after the release of the Surface Go, it became top selling tablet in the market instantly. The 10” Surface Go is very handy and lightweight, just 1.15lbs that smoothly fits in your bag. This 4G-enabled ultra portable tablet is very beautiful and elegant in appearance.

     Surface Go Specs
    ProcessorIntel Pentium Gold 4415Y
    GraphicsIntel HD 615
    Display10" (1800x 1200) 217 PPI PixelSense
    RAM4GB or 8GB
    Storage64GB eMMC or 128GB SSD
    CameraFront: 5MP (1080P HD Skype Video)
    Rear: 8MP (1080P FHD Video)
    Weight (Without Type Cover)Wi-Fi Model: Starts at 1.15lbs
    LTE Advanced Model: Starts at 1.17lbs
    Dimensions 9.65" x 6.90" x 0.33"
    BatteryUp to 9hrs
    Operating SystemWindows 10 Home in S Mode
    Windows 10 Pro (For Business)
    PriceStarting from $399 | Surface Go on Amazon

    Microsoft Surface Go offers 4GB RAM, but gives two choices when it comes to storage i.e., 64GB and 128GB, enabling you to work efficiently without any hassle. More so, Surface Go is packed with Intel Gold processor 4415Y, giving you ultimate performance while using the tablet and making user-experience unforgettable. You can easily connect with your family and friends with this handy tablet as it offers amazing rear and front facing camera that gives you better quality. The tablet runs on Windows 10 and you can upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro, enjoying all the pre-installed apps by Microsoft.

    Featuring common feature like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sensors, etc., Surface Go gives you a battery backup of 9hours with continuous browsing, downloading and uploading that makes this tablet most wanted. You don’t have to worry about the battery and take pleasure in your favorite shows or movies without thinking much.

    4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)

    Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) With Keyboard and Pen

    Lenovo has always been a top choice among businesses when it comes to purchasing a laptop. But it actually showed a good interest in the tablet sector and came up with Lenovo ThinkPad X1, aiming business owners or employees that are always on the go. This 13” tablet with edge-to-edge screen captured the attention of users in no time. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is 2-in-1 tablet, weighing just 3 pounds with full touch screen, enabling users to read anything on the screen easily. The tablet is very strong, protecting you from spills and drops. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 is dust-resistance and equipped with Corning Gorilla glasses that protects the screen of the tablet.

     Lenovo ThinkPad X1 (3r Gen.) Specs
    ProcessorUp to Intel Core i7-8650U (1.90GHz - 4.20GHz)
    GraphicsIntel UHD 620
    Display13" (3000 x 2000) QHD+
    RAMUp to 16GB LPDDR3
    Storage (SSD)Up to 1TB PCIe
    CameraFront: 2MP
    Rear: 8MP
    Weight1.69lbs (Without Keyboard)
    Dimensions11.96" x 8.88" x 0.35"
    Battery42Whr (Up to 9.5hrs)
    Operating SystemWindows 10 Home or Pro
    PriceStarting from $1157 | Buy at Lenovo

    Lenovo ThinkPad X1 also offers a pen, which make things simpler for the users like signing documents, taking notes, etc. The device is Thunderbolt 3-enabled that means the tablet works very and efficiently when connected with another device through USB. However, the battery life offered ThinkPad X1 tablet is 9.5 hours comparatively more than Microsoft Surface Go.

    Running on Windows 10, the tablet is packed with 8th Gen Intel core processor along with 16GB of RAM and 1TB storage, making it more of a laptop.

    5. CHUWI Ubook

    CHUWI Ubook comes with backlit keyboard

    CHUWI Ubook is a 2-in-1 tablet PC that is available in a very average display size, just 11.6” IPS screen that promises to deliver outstanding picture quality to users. Being 760g in weight, CHUWI Ubook is one of the lightest tablets by the company that is made to fit in your bag. CHUWI Ubook offers a unique pen that is dynamic in nature and eases the lives of people by keeping the writing stuff seamless. The tablet is equipped with Intel Core M3 processor, boosting the overall efficiency while using multiple apps. More so, CHUWI Ubook is equipped with 8GB RAM and 1TB storage that makes this 2-in-1 tablet more solid like a laptop or desktop.

     CHUWI UBook Specs
    ProcessorIntel Core M3-6Y30 Dual-Core
    GraphicsIntel HD 515
    Display11.6-inch (1920 x 1080) FHD IPS
    StorageUp to 1TB SSD
    Dimensions11.43" x 7.06" x 0.35"
    Battery30.4Whr (Up to 9.5hrs)
    Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
    PriceStarting from $349 | CHUWI UBook on Indiegogo

    Being 9mm thinner, CHUWI Ubook is absolutely elegant to eyes and sleek piece loaded with the best configuration. CHUWI Ubook provides a battery life of 9.5 hours that enable you to be multitasking in your work without worrying about the battery.

    More so, the tablet also offers Backlit keyboard that enables you to switch immediately into a laptop and type in low-condition as well without any hassle.

    6. Lenovo Miix 630

    Design of Lenovo Miix 630

    Lenovo Miix 630 is an ultimate and supreme tablet by Lenovo that runs on Windows 10, offering exciting features to the users. The 12.3” Full HD display of the tablet with a resolution of 1920 x 1280 cut off Lenovo Miix 630 tablet from others in the market, making it purely unique. The tablet is very handy and can be converted into a PC within seconds, depending upon the usage of the customer or convenience. Featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Lenovo Miix 630 is very powerful in terms of performance enabled with 4G.

     Lenovo Miix 630 Specs
    ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 835
    GraphicsQualcomm Adreno 540 (Integrated)
    Display12.3" (1920 x 1280) FHD+ IPS 400nits
    Storage128GB UFS2.1
    CameraFront: 5MP
    Rear: 13MP With Auto-Focus
    Weight3.1lbs (Without Keyboard)
    Dimensions8.23" x 11.54" x 0.29"
    Battery48Whr (Up to 20hrs)
    Operating SystemWindows 10 S
    PriceStarting from $539 | Buy at Lenovo

    Lenovo Miix 630 also offers a pen that enhances your writing, drawing and scribbling capabilities, making more productive. With a 4GB RAM and 128GB storage, Lenovo Miix 630 has just nailed it in every aspect whether it is fast performance, or efficiency. The tablet runs on Windows 10, giving users a friendly interface and some pre-installed apps.

    The epic part in Lenovo Miix 630 is the battery life! Well, Lenovo Miix 630 offers a battery life up to 20 hours straightaway. You don’t have to bother at all about the batter of the tablet and browse or watch your favorite shows or videos stress-free.

    7. CHUWI SurBook Mini

    CHUWI SurBook mini Windows tablet

    CHUWI SurBook Mini is the flagship product by the company that bombarded the market soon after its release. The specification of the tablet is enchanting that too at an affordable price. The 10.8” IPS fully laminated display delivers 1920 x 1280 resolutions, giving you remarkable picture quality and makes your viewing experience one-of-a-kind. The off screen of the tablet gives some major visual effects, making CHUWI SurBook Mini more adorable.

     CHUWI SurBook mini Specs
    Processor1.10GHz Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Quad-Core
    GraphicsIntel HD 500
    Display10.8" (1920 x 1280) OGS IPS 450nits
    CameraFront: 2MP
    Rear: 2MP
    Dimensions10.6" x 7.24" x 0.34"
    Operating SystemWindows 10
    PriceStarting from $337 | SurBook mini on AliExpress

    The tablet is equipped with robust chipset that is Apollo Lake Processor by Intel that gives turbo frequency, providing you with easiness while using the tablet. Combined with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, CHUWI SurBook Mini is your ideal partner in terms of entertainment and work as well. You can easily convert this 2-in-1 tablet into a PC with the help of its strong kickstand, allowing you to attach the keyboard and make a beautiful journey with this tablet.

    CHUWI SurBook Mini has introduced HiPen H2 that not only assists you in converting handwritten content straightly into electronic text, but also allows you to comment in original PDFs and documents. Whereas the battery life is concerned, CHUWI SurBook Mini offers a battery backup of 5 hours with continuous browsing and playing 4K videos, which can be extended up to 6 hours without using internet.

    8. Teclast X6 Pro

    Teclast X6 Pro comes with 1024 class active stylus

    Teclast X6 Pro is known of its sleekness and slimness. Teclast X6 Pro has 12.6” IPS display, giving a resolution of 2880 x 1920 that makes the viewing experience of the user unforgettable. It gives brighter, sharper and clearer picture quality with HD graphics. The tablet is 8.5mm thick and is extremely lightweight- 860g that allow this tablet to fit in your sling bag and be always on the go.

     Teclast X6 Pro Specs
    ProcessorIntel Core M3-7Y30
    GraphicsIntel UHD 615
    Display12.6" (2880 x 1920) 3K IPS 275 PPI
    Storage256GB SSD
    CameraFront: 2MP
    Rear: 5MP
    Dimensions11.81" x 8.27" x 0.35"
    Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
    PriceStarting from $499 | Teclast X6 Pro on AliExpress

    Teclast X6 Pro is promoted with a tag line “Tablet outside, laptop inside” because the configuration of this unique tablet is more of a laptop. Teclast X6 Pro is equipped with Intel M core processor, coupled with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, giving you impeccable user-experience without haggling. Now you can be a multitasking person with X6 Pro and accomplish all your tasks in a few clicks. The tablet runs of Windows 10 that is packed with Cortana who enable you to have a hands-free day as she’ll be your personal digital assistant.

    X6 pro also offers powerful stylus, which allows you to draw, write and retouch photos without any hassle. It provides you with 135 degree kickstand that enables you to convert the tablet into a laptop and work seamlessly.

    9. CHUWI Hi10 Air

    CHUWI Hi10 Air with keyboard and stylus

    CHUWI Hi10 Air is the next generation tablet that is manufactured with full metallic body, which makes the tablet solid. It includes 10.1” Full HD display along with OGS technology that reduces the air refraction between TP and glass dramatically, giving you remarkable picture quality. CHUWI also offers a soft keyboard that can be connected with docket, enabling you to convert the tablet into a laptop instantly. More so, you’ll be Hipen H2 stylus as well that boosts your creativity and productivity.

     CHUWI Hi10 Air Specs
    ProcessorIntel X5 Z8350 Quad-Core
    GraphicsIntel HD Gen8
    Display10.1" (1200 x 1920) IPS
    CameraFront: 2MP
    Rear: 2MP
    Dimensions10.3" x 6.59" x 0.35"
    Operating SystemWindows 10
    PriceStarting from $169 | CHUWI Hi10 Air on Amazon

    Featuring metallic body, the tablet is 8.5mm thinner with a 562g of weight that makes CHUWI Hi10 Air absolutely lightweight and sleeker. The tablet is equipped with Cherry Trail CPU and Gen 8 HD graphics that boosts your overall performance and enhances your gaming experience while using this dynamic piece. Besides robust chipset, CHUWI Hi10 Air offers 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, giving you more efficiency.

    The tablet also provides you with super fast charging capabilities that charges your tablet in just 3 hours.

    10. HUAWEI MateBook E

    HUAWEI MateBook E

    The elegant 2-in-1 notebook, HUAWEI MateBook E has flooded the market with so much appreciation. Featuring aluminum alloy body, 12” MateBook E is 6.9mm thicker and is completely stunning to eyes with its beautiful design. The backlit keyboard in MateBook E sets this tablet apart because you can convert it into a laptop with its strong hinges and enjoy your office work anywhere you want. The tablet is equipped with 6th Gen Intel core processor, coupling with 4GB and 8GB RAM and 128GB/ 256GB/ 526GB ROM, depending upon your choice. The tablet weighs 640g without keyboard that enables this thick piece of tablet in your bag with full swing.

     HUAWEI MateBook E Specs
    ProcessorIntel Core m3-7Y30
    Intel Core i5-7Y54
    GraphicsIntel HD 615
    Display12" (2160 x 1440) IPS 400nits
    RAM4GB or 8GB LPDDR3
    Storage (SSD)128GB, 256GB or 512GB
    Weight1.4lbs (Without Keyboard)
    Dimensions10.98" x 7.64" x 0.27"
    Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
    PriceStarting from $600 | HUAWEI MateBook E on Amazon

    It is available only in Champagne color along with common sensors set in the tablet. More so, the tablet is equipped with Dolby Audio technology that makes your audio experience mesmerizing with HUAWEI MateBook E. We can say that the tablet is one of the innovative products by HUAWEI that too at an affordable price.

    In conclusion

    Today, many people are only sifting through Android tablets and iPads, but I would recommend don’t just kick out Windows from the list. As from the above-mentioned reasons and the top Windows tablet in the market list, you can see the difference that Microsoft has brought so far. It’s not that if you are a homey- means you cannot buy a Windows tablet, no, the scenario is completely different! You can pick the home like tablets from the above list along with kid’s mode choice to protect your kids from any unethical thing. More so, you can use any of these tablets as a true replacement to your laptop and enjoy the immense flexibility provided by a tablet.

    If you are looking for something unique, besides what Android and iPads have to offer you, look further than Windows tablet- highly efficient and reasonable comparatively. According to sources, Microsoft is at the edge of evolving itself from the entire previous versions and hit the market with something unique and new concerning its operating system Windows. You can enjoy with any of the above Windows tablet that too at great price and upgrade the tablet without any hassle.

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    Samsung Galaxy Fold vs HUAWEI Mate X vs Royole FlexPai

    With foldable devices now being able to be used as a tablet and smartphone both, we are truly witnessing technology like never before. Let’s have an in-depth look at what the all new foldable smartphones and tablets have to offer. The post Samsung Galaxy Fold vs HUAWEI Mate X vs Royole FlexPai appeared first on My Tablet...

    Galaxy Fold vs Mate X vs FlexPai

    The era of innovation is here and mobile manufactures have now taken a next level in bringing advanced technology to your doorstep. From QWERTY cell phones to the multi-touch smartphones, we have seen it all. And, now the technology has taken another fold with new foldable devices being rolled out in market by some high end manufacturers.

     Samsung Galaxy FoldHUAWEI Mate XRoyole FlexPai
    Processor7nm 64-bit Octa-CoreHUAWEI Kirin 980 + Balong 50002.84GHz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
    DisplayFolded: 4.6" Super AMOLED HD+
    Unfolded: 7.3” Dynamic AMOLED QXGA+
    Folded Front Panel: 6.6" (2480 x 1148)
    Folded Back Panel: 6.38" (2480 x 892)
    Unfolded: 8" (2480 x 2200)
    Folded: Approx. 4"
    Unfolded: 7.8" (1920 x 1440) Flexible AMOLED
    RAM12GB LPDDR4x8GB6GB or 8GB
    Storage512GB UFS3.0512GB128GB or 256GB
    Operating SystemAndroid 9.0Android 9.0Water OS (Based on Android 9.0)
    PriceStarting at $1980Not yet announced128GB: $1588 | 256GB: $1759

    Samsung, HUAWEI and Royole has been the first ones to introduce us to an innovative product that can be used as smartphone and a tablet. Well, if this isn’t the technology at its best, we aren’t sure what is. They are designed in such a way that they can be used as a smartphone while folded and can be worked upon as a tablet when you unfold.

    Let’s get some quick details about recently launched foldable devices and its specifications:

    Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Samsung claims to have made a next gen technology and helped you move past the possibilities of a smartphone. The all new Samsung Galaxy Fold has an amazing design which helps it fold and unfold very smoothly. It is embedded with triple rear camera that enhances your picture quality and offers much more than just clicking. Also, the front camera is 10MP which helps you capture some really good selfies. Who won’t like that now? A 7.3” QXGA +Dynamic AMOLED Display that helps you have an immersive visual experience both while folded and unfolded.

    Galaxy Fold

    Samsung Galaxy Fold also has a fast charging specification both with wireless and wired chargers. Also, the batter capacity is 4380 mAh which helps you have an enduring battery life. It has a storage capacity of 512 GB which is more than sufficient for you to have all your essential things stored. 12GB RAM along with Android 9.0 ensures to offer a valuable user experience.

    HUAWEI Mate X

    Unfolded Huawei Mate X

    Folded Huawei Mate X

    Another foldable smartphone-tablet, Mate X by HUAWEI is in tough competition with Samsung. HUAWEI Mate X is engineered to have a fine finish on both sides of the product. One of the major assumption is that the screen might face some glitches while we fold and unfold. Hence, HUAWEI has ensured to take care of this glitch by designing it in a manner that screen won’t over stretch while folding or bulge while we unfold.

    HUAWEI Mate X has a 6.6 inch display when you fold it and 8 inch OLED full view display when unfolded. It has 1140 x 2480 pixels resolution along with 6.38 inch back display. 512 internal storage that is expandable through a microSD card helps you have a sufficient storage capacity. Also, 8GB RAM helps you have an efficient user experience. And that’s not all, the it supports 5G network which extends an amazing downlink speed of 4.6 Gbps and uplink speed of 3.5 Gbps. Lastly, the most crucial aspect of any device, battery capacity. HUAWEI claims to have world’s fastest 55W HUAWEI SuperCharge that helps you charge 85% of your phone in merely 30 mins.

    Royole FlexPai

    Unfolding into next decade is what Royole claims for its all new foldable tablet-smartphone, FlexPai.  2nd gen fully flexible display, fast charging and water OS dual view camera mode. FlexPai was the first of its kind to be released in market followed by other two. It has gone through durable passing test for nearly 2,00,000 times. It is said to have an amazing performance and truly proves to be a top-notch smartphone+tablet released.

    Royole FlexPai

    Embedded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 along with 45% faster CPU and 20% faster GPU enables you to have an amazing user experience. Talking about the camera, FlexPai comes with 20 MP Telephoto Camera and 16 MP wide-angled camera which further enhances your photography experience. Also, it has a 7.8” fully flexible screen with 390 x 1440 pixel resolution which further extends a vivid visual experience. The additional point with Royole FlexPai is that you get edge screen notifications that hardly disrupts your work.

    Major Specifications

    Since we have discussed the crucial aspects and specifications of all three foldable devices, here are some major specifications that we all look for in a smartphone or a tablet.


    The era where technology has been advancing at a rapid pace, having a good camera is one of the most vital things needed in a mobile device. Here is the camera specification for each foldable tablet-smartphone:

    • Samsung Galaxy Fold: Triple Back Camera. One with 12 MP Telephoto feature, another with 12MP wide-angle feature and third one, the 16MP ultra-wide camera. Also, it has dual front camera, one with 10MP selfie camera and another one, 8MP RGB Depth Camera. You think that’s all? Well, certainly not. Samsung Galaxy Fold offers one cover camera two that is a 10MP selfie camera as well.
    • HUAWEI Mate X: Similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold, Mate X comes with a triple camera feature too. It has one 40 MP camera, 8MP telephoto camera and a 20MP ultra-wide camera. The selfie camera is 24MP along with bokeh effects which will help you capture awesome selfies for all your social media profiles.
    • Royole FlexPai: FlexPai has a dual camera setup with 16MP  wide-angle camera and 20MP telephoto camera. Sadly, there is no separate selfie camera embedded in FlexPai. Well, that can be a slight of a drawback as compared to the other two.


    The ‘always-in-rush’ generation needs to have an impressive battery capacity to help them work without interruptions. Along with an enduring battery life, a fast charging charger is of utmost need.

    • Samsung Galaxy Fold: It has a 4280 mAh battery capacity and a fast charging feature that is compatible with both wired and wireless chargers.
    • HUAWEI Mate X: Mate X is said to have the world’s fastest c55W HUAWEI SuperCharge that can charge your phone to 85% in just 30 mins. It has a battery capacity of 4500 mAh.
    • Royole FlexPai: FlexPai has 3800  mAh battery capacity along with a fast charging feature.

    Storage Capacity

    Another important aspect to be considered while selecting any smart device. And when it is a foldable smartphone, everything needs to be just perfect. The more the storage capacity, the easier it gets for you to store all your essentials in your smartphone tablet without having to worry about what to delete and what not.

    • Samsung Galaxy Fold: It comes with 512 GB internal storage without the expandable feature.
    • HUAWEI Mate X: Similar to Galaxy Fold, even Mate X has 512 GB internal storage without any microSD card slot, hence, it does not have expandable feature as well.
    • Royole FlexPai: It comes with 128/256 GB internal storage capacity with expandable feature via microSD card.


    The range of each foldable tablet is set according to the features and specifications. Also, when it is an innovative foldable tablets, the prices are bound to set high. Let’s have a look at what these tablets are priced at.

    • Samsung Galaxy Fold: Starts at $1980
    • HUAWEI Mate X: $2600
    • Royole FlexPai: Starts at $1588


    Towards the end, these foldable tablets are indeed the talk of the town and an innovation like never before. With these three foldable tablets to have started the trend, it will be amusing to see other manufacturers get into race soon. Until then, let’s enjoy technology at its best.

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