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  • Megan Jackson
  • December 09, 2012 11:13:27 AM

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A fun tarot blog, tarot card meanings, magic, herbal remedies, love and all things healing and pagan. Brisbane artist and intuitive.

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10 top reasons Spirituality Matters

10 Reasons Why Spirituality Matters Spirituality and the new age The word “spirituality” means different things for different people. For some, spirituality is associated with religion and is tied to concrete rites and rituals. For others, meaningful activities like swimming, making art, and walking through the woods brings on a spiritual experience. For the most part, … Continue reading 10 top reasons...

10 Reasons Why Spirituality Matters

Why Spirituality matters

Spirituality and the new age

The word “spirituality” means different things for different people. For some, spirituality is associated with religion and is tied to concrete rites and rituals. For others, meaningful activities like swimming, making art, and walking through the woods brings on a spiritual experience. For the most part, though, the word spirituality has become as ambiguous and vague as the word “the,” and is often stigmatized by associations to “hippy-dippy” new-age philosophies, patchouli, dreadlocks, and yoga pants.

Spirituality seems to have become confused with religion, as it is common to now associate as “spiritual” or “not spiritual”. However, at its core, spirituality is a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and is not an ideology to believe or not believe in. Spirituality is, in fact, what gives life a sense of meaning and purpose.

10 reasons spirituality matters

Spiritual Practice

Practicing spirituality has scientifically-validated benefits, making it important for each and every person, not just yogis in the Himalayas. If you find yourself skeptical about the necessity of spirituality, check out these 10 reasons why spirituality matters for the average Jo(sephine):

10 reasons why spirituality matters

The 10 reason for embracing spirituality

1. Be Present

The spiritual life is based in the present moment, as the present moment is the only real moment; the past and future are concepts in the mind. When living with our minds in the present moment, we function with greater focus, clarity, and spontaneity. We also feel greater levels of joy, as happiness is only accessible in the here and now.

2. Get Smart

Studies show that many spiritual practices, especially meditation, result in increased grey matter area in the brain. Among its many benefits, regular meditation leads to increased cognition, improved focus, attention, and ability to perform under stress, and higher levels of emotional intelligence, all of which contribute to enhanced work performance.

3. Be Healthy

Most spiritual paths and religious traditions recommend abstaining from behaviors and substances that are detrimental to health, such as drinking, smoking, using drugs, committing crimes, and harming others. Many paths, such as Ayurveda and Buddhism, even make dietary recommendations, which can lead to a lower body weight and lessened risk for chronic health problems.

4. Let Go of Grudges

A basic tenet of most spiritual paths and traditions is forgiveness. When we forgive ourselves and others, we are able to let go of blame, negative feelings, and anything else holding us back from moving forward in our lives. In fact, studies now show the positive health benefits of forgiveness, which include lowered risk of heart attack, lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, and reduced levels of pain, depression, anxiety, and stress.

5. Bounce Back Faster

Studies show that people who feel a sense of spirituality have greater resilience to hardships. Those with a spiritual outlook have an easier time moving through challenges by finding meaning in difficult situations. High resiliency is also a trait associated with the most successful people in the world.

6. Make Better Decisions

Decision-making is an area that many people struggle with. By simply identifying a set of values that we feel aligned with, we can make decisions that help us feel connected to the greater whole and with a sense of purpose. Spiritual paths also tend to support the development of faith and trust, which helps with stress-reduction in times of uncertain decision-making.

7. Enjoy Amazing Relationships

Research in social science demonstrates that humans are neuroscientifically hardwired for connection, and that connection is what brings meaning to life. Interconnectedness, which is at the core of spirituality, helps us to recognize the shared human experience and feel compassion for others. And when we feel compassion, we enjoy the company of others more and find it easier to find common ground.

8. Release Stress and Anxiety

When we feel a sense of connection to a higher power, we experience mental and emotional freedom. Personal spiritual practices, such as yoga, meditation, running, gardening, and other meaningful activities, are all correlated with lower levels of stress and tension.

9. Enhance Creativity

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “True art takes note not merely of form but also of what lies behind.” Many of the great artists in history attribute their creations to a higher power. When we are relaxed and in the present moment we can more easily experience the state of flow, which leads to more spontaneous ideas and greater levels of creativity.

10. Be Happily Alone

In our modern day culture, it is all too easy to never be alone. If you walk into any restaurant or cafe and look for the people sitting by themselves, chances are they will be absentmindedly eating their food while scrolling through Instagram and sending snapchats to people in other locations. People in this day and age find it difficult and even painful to be alone, both metaphorically and physically. However, when armed with spirituality, being alone is a gift, offering an opportunity to look inward and know oneself. Because, as almost all spiritual traditions teach, our Self is all we truly have. Spirituality teaches us how to ENJOY being alone, so that we can truly enjoy being with others

Warm blessings


Yoga bali for womenMegan Jackson runs meditation and yoga retreats for women. She has been immersed in spiritual practice and study for 15 years, living it fully, with humility and compassion as her backbones for progress. She lives a quiet life reflecting on the dharma, being with nature and helping others who are wanting change, transformation or spiritual wisdom.

Join her on the Women’s Art & healing retreat in Ubud Bali December 2019


This article was provided by Art of Living

9 of Cups Tarot Card meaning – Love

9 of Cups Tarot Card meaning – Love “When wishes are few, the heart is happy. When craving ends, there is peace. – Gautama Buddha I like to call the Nine of Cups the mini me of the Star Card (Major Arcana). As it is the equivalent Minor Arcana card of wish fulfillment. The Major … Continue reading 9 of Cups Tarot Card meaning...

9 of Cups Tarot Card meaning – Love

When wishes are few, the heart is happy. When craving ends, there is peace.

– Gautama Buddha

nine of cups

I like to call the Nine of Cups the mini me of the Star Card (Major Arcana). As it is the equivalent Minor Arcana card of wish fulfillment. The Major Arcana depicts the big Self, the big life changing events; the deeper transformations. And, the Minor Arcana are the more mundane or the everyday living events that effect change. It’s kind of like the small things that effect the big things. Or, the components of change.

The nine of Cups is an indication of satisfaction and wish fulfillment. As it is a cup card it traditionally portends to emotional or relational happiness.

The imagery & Sybolism

Let’s take a little look at the card as depicted (above) in the Rider Waite deck. We see a contented character on a wooden bench (firm and grounded) with a pleased expression (happiness) wearing a black and white robe (balance of forces) and yellow shoes (prosperity). He seems established with a trophy of 9 cups behind him representing his emotional fulfillment.

As the cups relate to love and our relational desires we can see that there is a love accomplishment that he is very pleased with the result.The girl.png

Love Meaning

In a love reading it can mean that the person you have had your heart set on is coming forward or has come forward with declarations of love. The feelings are mutual and the relationship has a positive potential. There are deep feelings of affection and attraction between both people and the love is definitely a soul connection.

It is good to remember that this card has a newness about it – the wish fulfillment is present,  it has been granted; yet there is an energy of possibility. As the Ten of cups is the ultimate love card and this card has 9 cups, it suggests that the wish has arrived yet time and circumstances and behaviors will need to be played out before the final cup is offered.

If in a long term relationship the nine of cups can be indicative of a new level of commitment, or a new passion arising in the relationship. It forebodes a new development that will bring great joy to the querent. It suggests that something you have been wanting from a deep soul level is finally available to you and you will be overjoyed.

Stay Beautiful and Blooming

You can expect a balancing of Karma from past actions of patience, loving kindness and trusting in your love. A time of uncertainty (8 of cups) and longing is about to end. A new cycle is born.

Work & Projects Meaning

The wish fulfillment and the emotions don’t always need to be about our love relationships. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs indicates, our psychological well-being is an important aspect to our ultimate self actualisation.

Therefore, our vocation and goals are equally important to a happy life and our emotional optimism. Here the nine of cups predicts that a long desired goal or work endeavour is about to be realised. You have probably worked or wished for this with gusto and now you may feel a little overwhelmed or overjoyed that it has landed or is on the horizon.

Stay Beautiful and  Blooming(1).png

In some cases you may be offered something out of the blue or be gifted something that will change your present circumstances significantly. Regardless, you will have an opening of possibility that will blow you away.

In some cases this could be a financial windfall or achievement that will be of great benefit to the progress of a business adventure or a project you are working on that will allow it to go to the next level.

Spiritual meaning

As suggested earlier our emotional fulfillments are a gateway to our self actualisation. And, as this is a minor Arcana, it will most likely be referring to a part of our lives that will be granted a wish come true or help our relational or vocational growth – traditionally or specifically our romantic or love desires. The spiritual significance of this card is it’s potential for us to evolve through our relationships.

We have the potential here to embrace the sweetness of the challenges that come with intimacy – As this card does indeed imply deep intimacy of the heart and personality. The spiritual gift of a true love. Something our souls desire. Something we have all been waiting for. Or, as Plato suggests, the very thing we are here for!

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”
Plato, The Symposium
The nine of cups can also refer to a new spiritual gift or realisation of a universal law that helps one in manifesting. In particular the cultivation of knowledge or wisdom related to soul love and divine partnership. Deepening ones ability to be compassionate, accepting and selfless to name a few.
Stay Beautiful and  Blooming(3).png
Whatever the wish, be it of passion, love or of the material world, the universe is shining upon you and wants to support the evolution of your spirit as a spiritual being having a human experience. Making it a more fortuitous one. You are Blessed.
Warm Blessings
Yoga bali for women

Megan Jackson runs meditation and yoga retreats for women. She has been immersed in spiritual practice and study for 15 years, living it fully, with humility and compassion as her backbones for progress. She lives a quiet life reflecting on the dharma, being with nature and helping others who are wanting change, transformation or spiritual wisdom.

Join her on the Women’s Art & healing retreat in Ubud Bali December 2019

King of Pentacle Tarot Card – Love

The King of Pentacles tarot meaning “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha Under a bright yellow sky, we see a sagely figure, with a powerful and peaceful disposition sitting on a thrown with a pentacle in one hand and a royal wand in the other. The king of Pentacles gives … Continue reading King of Pentacle Tarot Card...

The King of Pentacles tarot meaning

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” – Buddha

Under a bright yellow sky, we see a sagely figure, with a powerful and peaceful disposition sitting on a thrown with a pentacle in one hand and a royal wand in the other.

The king of Pentacles gives us the impression of stable wealth, along with divine wisdom, a castle and abundant grape vines surrounding affirm the material manifestation of this strength of will. He is solid and firmly grounded in Earth and nature with the strength and power of the bull symbolising such strength.

king of pentacles

We live in an age were our profession, our skills, our knowledge and talents are the means to our survival and effect our capacity for wealth. We live in a monetary system and our strength in managing this will effect our capacity to struggle or to thrive.

This King shows us signs of how a steady and calm mind, as well as knowledge and principles of nature or esoteric wisdom can help us in achieving our dreams or material security.

He sits quietly, almost in reverence, showing us clearly that he is continuing to honour his quietude and knowledge and as well as having deep appreciation for what he has achieved.

king of pentacles tarot

Financial and Vocational Meaning

It is clear from the pentacle that this card is traditionally referring to material wealth and from the royal imagery that there is an inference of mastery within the vocational aspect of the card.

When the king of pentacles appear in a reading it will verify that there is an adequate accumulation of material wealth, that the querent has success on her or his side and money is of no value. It also suggests that a lot of wisdom was acquired along the way.

Financially there will be a time of ease and prosperity. If you have been working towards a vocational or material goal this card rendered the goal a success. Yet, it also asks the aspirant to remember and cherish the knowledge.

The meditation and the gratitude are important to continue as the king knows that to sustain the prosperity of the material world the mind and heart must continue to be balanced, strong sturdy in the wisdom.

meditations works

Love and Relationship Meaning

Wowser, You must have been doing something right, the universe is about to bring you a relationship that will quite literally sweep you off your feet.

If you are not in a relationship this card foretells a deep passionate and loving relationship – not a fleeting superficial one but one with all the constituents of love and pure heart. This king represents a solid Earthy (Taurus – see the bull) genuine heart felt love.

The beauty is this person is not only able to love they are also very grounded and sure in their hearts and their responsibility within the material world. They may be a teacher or a strong social figure, in any case they will have material stability and emotional wisdom.

If you are in a relationship, you may find that something external occurs that will shift the relationship to a deeper level. Often with this card a new home or career offer will bring in a need for discussions around commitment or buying a house together. What ever it is it promises a prosperous and long term union.


Spiritual Meaning

When the King of pentacles appears, it portends to a true solid transformation through wisdom. An abiding or embodying of a truth about reality.

This card is affirming that the recent spiritual insights are becoming solid within your psyche and you are moving from a state of uncertainty to certainty in a particular spiritual understanding.

It points to a level of quality or ripening maturity within the principles of truth.

You will begin to see solid, tangible manifestation of your spiritual insights. Many blessings are being realised. And, you are growing in a profound and honest way.

Beautiful. You are connecting with your divine nature and bringing into the manifest world. Blessings are your middle name!



Warm Blessings


Take a look at our womens spiritual retreat here







5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life – for 2019

Creating a Happy Life Oh My, What year am I in! Is it really another new year, has the calendar really progressed; without me moving with it? If time is an illusion why am I still in it and why are things still the same? Who am I? I am sorry, I am not Einstein, … Continue reading 5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life –...

Creating a Happy Life

Oh My, What year am I in!

Is it really another new year, has the calendar really progressed; without me moving with it?

If time is an illusion why am I still in it and why are things still the same? Who am I?

happiness and time

I am sorry, I am not Einstein, I can’t really give you a clear and concise explanation of how illusive time is (nor could Einstein either, really)… but I do however have a felt sense of this illusion. I know when I was a child I felt something other than time – a timelessness. I also know that I am not that same child, that time has passed, that my cells have changed, my likes, my dislikes, my mind has changed (perhaps too often) and my LIFE has changed. Yet, I still sense this timelessness.

Eisnsteins law of relativetyMost of this happened without me noticing, except in reflection – in looking back in time.

I didn’t have to do intense Pranayama, breath work or meditate underwater for an hour for my body to go through these changes or for my brain to develop; or for life to happen to me in such a way that my employer was mean or my partner left me for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or that my dog passed on to a new dimension. It all just happened.

But then, there came a time – Time was nigh. “Oh in time It could have been so much more” as Boy George serenaded me back in 1984.

A present moment.  A moment of pause at each failing, at each hurt, at each sidestepping of responsibility and each breath. NOW NOW NOW!

create a happier life 2018

So where am I going with all this apparent time on my hands. This Nowness.

Oh Yes, happiness. That fleeting moment that comes from the first lick of a Basken and Robin’s ‘cookies and cream’ and ends with an empty sticky non biodegradable little cup in your hands that is going to create the end of the world; the planet gone, poof!.

That moment, another moment in time.  And at that very moment you realise “I don’t even know who I really am!

So you download a mindfulness app and you be present to a ringtone that disturbs your… Er…. happiness and you remember to be mindful for a moment with a quote that your app reminds you of that you don’t really understand but it makes you feel like…. a warrior. Because you’ve said it out loud five times – You feel tops. For a moment.

5 steps to a happy life

Now you’re back to where you started from – see? you are timeless. Now you understand.

And nothing has really changed; it’s 2018 and you’re  still ‘there’, that you that you don’t really know anymore. Still um….unhappy!

Well I’m letting you off the hook. I’m handing you a secret – not THE Secret – you tried that, it didn’t work or it did a little but.. there you are again playing Russian roulette with happiness.

“What goes up must come down” – Hermetic law

So is that the secret you ask? Yes. It is. But, it’s not the one for you today.

Today’s one comes in the form of time.. well steps in time. Five gentle steps that I have learned, to help you create a happier life in 2018.

FINALLY 5 Gentle steps to create a happier life in 2018.

  1. Realise you are already all that you can be.

“The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience.”   – Paramahansa Yogananda.

So what are you saying I can’t want anything, I can’t have goals, I can’t have things?

NO –  this doesn’t mean you can’t have things or do things – it means you are still you – that being that you can’t find, that one that wants things is still the same whether you have them or not – That fundamental you is not the desire itself. Realise this and you will be happier!

Find time each day to contemplate this and you will be one step closer to happiness

yoga living

      2. Help Others without complaining

“To live for self is the source of all misery. “- – Paramahansa Yogananda.

This one speaks for itself. When we help others who are less fortunate or even those who are not, we get to step outside of our own problems as well as creating a dynamic of energetic flow. When we help others we gain a deeper sense of happiness – we experience a flow of energy and the reward of seeing someone else happy or improve their lot fills our heart with joy.  Do it often, lasting happiness takes time.

When we give we receive . It’s a little bit like what goes up must come down.

     3. Do Things you love

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” — Rumi

There must be something you love to do. Do that, do it often. Do it when you feel unhappy. Do it when you feel happy. Try to find more than one thing. Simple things, everyday things. Do them.

Take a road trip, pick flowers, walk in a forest, clean your underwear… if it makes you happy just do it!

When you do things that make you happy you create happiness chemicals in the brain and the body. The more you do them, the more you increase your memory bank of happy thoughts and the more you are inclined to act from that place. You also increase your capacity to be creative, to come up with new thoughts and feelings that complement your happiness disposition. You never know you may even be able to turn it into a vocation – in time of course


       4. Learn something new.


I’ve learned that i have a lot to learn – Maya Angelou

Learning activates the positive chemicals in our brain, increases our energy and creates new neural-pathways. Wow. And it doesn’t stop there. It prompts positive self worth and gives us something interesting to communicate. It then deepens our capacity to – you guessed it – learn more.

There are many free resources for learning, you don’t have to learn in a formal environment, you can make a decision to learn something new and find simple ways to begin. Research on the internet – go to the library, ask a knowledgeable friend.

We are never too knowledgeable or too old to learn something new

     5. Open your heart to love

“All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.” – Kahlil Gibran

Love is the key to happiness. Start with yourself. Give yourself love and it will flow into the universe, into the people you come across and into the Earth.

Open your heart up to love. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Speak your love, be your love, give over to it and your happiness will grow like a blossoming flower.

Practice these with an openness and an innocence and you will begin to discover, over time, an abiding happiness that cannot be altered by someone else’s actions, behaviours or words, as you are the mistress/master of your life and Yes, a timeless being 🙂

Warm Blessings for 2018


Take a look at our Bali Retreat for Women

womens retreat Bali

Best 5 Spiritual Retreats 2019 Bali – India

My chosen Best Spiritual Retreats for 2019 Our world has become a hectic frenetic place.. It’s a little overwhelming. We are all seeking something ‘other’, something Spiritual. More mindful.   We’ve all gone a little mad, I tell ya!! Consequently there is a saturation of Yoga retreats popping up like an iPhone  Facebook notification at … Continue reading Best 5 Spiritual Retreats 2019 Bali...

My chosen Best Spiritual Retreats for 2019

Our world has become a hectic frenetic place.. It’s a little overwhelming. We are all seeking something ‘other’, something Spiritual. More mindful.


We’ve all gone a little mad, I tell ya!!

bali yoga retreats

Consequently there is a saturation of Yoga retreats popping up like an iPhone  Facebook notification at a Sunday Brunch.

Tempting to check, yet probably not sufficiently valuable, compared to the conversation you are having with your new friend.

The one at the local ‘Express your Inner Child’ meet up, that popped up (synchronicity) on a search results page, as you were typing ‘free online tarot’; to see if you were actually on the right path!


bali retreat yoga

AND, you go for your Iphone anyway.

It could be something important!

This message could change your life!


5 top 2019 Bali Retreats


It’s another synchronicity!

You look around you and you realise your Inner child isn’t going to get what she wants here. And, you blurt out

“That’s it, That’s it! My inner child wants to go to BALI!!!

I need spiritual connection! I need my Sangha!

Your are totally ready!

You are so aligned with your inner child right now, you want more.

You feel braver, more alive than you ever have.

You run out of your inner child meeting yelling:

“I’m Free ! I’m Letting Go!

You get home and you’re still ready.

You go online and type in Yoga retreat Bali!

2019 bali retreats

You’ve just read ‘The Rolls Royce of yoga’.

Now you’re overwhelmed, confused, feeling inadequate.

Oh NO! There is that inner child again.


Google’s ‘Yoga retreat – Bali’ is dominated by the paid ads for bikini clad world travelers seeking fun, a good stretch and some Kombucha for a progressive digestive system.

Your Spiritual quest has been mainstreamed, bastardised by algorithms and profiteers

You are beginning to sweat and your inner child wants to scream, AGAIN!


Put your inner child to rest. That story is over.

We are here to help – we are the Yoga community after all!
We Care. We’ve been there. You’ll find out on the way down, don’t worry!

Finally, we have handpicked the Top 5 2019 Yoga and Spiritual Retreats in Bali based on 3 key aspects

TRADITIONAL (Raga Yoga) | ACTIVE (karma Yoga) | GENUINE (Bhakti Yoga)

and we have thrown in at no extra cost WISDOM (Gyana Yoga)

I chose Our Spiritual Retreat !

Just Kidding, We are yogi’s, we like to have fun – aka inner joy!

Seriously it was a difficult task as there were literally hundreds to choose from. Some really overpriced, some offering not a lot of spiritual content and many without any spirituality at all. Which may be fun! Yet, we are looking for inner joy remember, and it’s not really going to help the Inner Child who’s outgrown the karmic shit and  is seeking something deeper, more real.

Some quality adult time.

No.1 of Top 5 Yoga retreats 2019 Bali

I chose Baliretrees Retreat as the first choice

Because it is the one I found that fully embraces the true essence of Bali and Yoga.

Set on the rice feilds in the village of Sesandan, this spot is located in the spiritual city of Tabanan Bali . It is well removed from the tourist area and is set amid the sloping valleys and endless rice paddies of West/ Central Bali.

As one enters, the sheer authenticity of this traditional Balinese ashram, pulls you into a deep sense of quietude, a resonance. Immediately you know that something in you will change forever here.

Spiritual Offerings

Although this retreat offers traditional Balinese Yoga, meditation, and movement (which most do not), each day has a different experience for the guests based on activities within the local community and daily circumstances. Following a belief that unique and transformative moments are created by spontaneity, the group atmosphere and local events actually direct the day.

This to me is the Yoga.

I’m also impressed by the deep spirituality oozing from the Balinese hosts.

The teachers are members of one of the oldest spiritual ashrams in the world: ‘Perguruan Seruling Dewata’ (Seruling Dewata translates as ‘god’s flute’).

The property, before it was opened to the public, was a traditional Balibnese ashram deeply immersed in ancient Yoga and meditation. This is felt in the very presence of the teachers. No Ego! A sweet delight.

The retreat is ultra relaxed and a deeply spiritual environment. Authentic.

Offerings include ancient traditional meditation and yoga, alongside mantra/chanting, learning about and honouring the Hindu Gods and deepening spiritual feelings by visiting sacred places.

Chakra meditations are a part of most practices and an invitation to experience Tali Rasa, also known as the moving meditation, is a beautiful offering.

There is also Pencak Silat’ (an ancient balinese ‘Martial Arts’) for the adventurous and workshops teaching traditional healing practices. Alongside this there is the very special ‘Yoga Watukara’ with its 13 styles, the ancient Balinese Kundalini Yoga – excellent if you want to get serious about your spiritual path!

Adi’s (the retreat organiser) mission is to prevent the teachings from being lost & to pass on the powerful knowledge about the ancient balinese practices of yoga, healing & other fields of study present in the Ashram. To do so, by running this retreat.

The Accommodation

is Ashram style traditional Balinese, simple with basic comforts and the prices are more than reasonable in the lower $80 per night. Surrounded by wild nature and divine spiritual energy this retreat is the most authentic and traditional i have found.

Please take a look at their website Balitrees Retreat






No.2 of Top 5 Yoga retreats 2019 Bali

Bali Silent Retreat

If I was to go on a retreat in Bali (that wasn’t my own), I would choose this one. Mostly because it is silent!

As we go into our silence – truly go in, we find our spiritual centre. We meet with a deeper quietude, a part of our selves; our soul. And, a bliss occurs. One that is always available to us. One that is free of attachment and the cycles of karma.

I fell in love with this retreat, not only because it embraces the silent aspect of true Yoga, but also because the hosts are genuine and well… their motto grabbed my heart chakra and sent it of to dance with Goddess Lakshmi for some ultra spiritual divinity

Create your own schedule, your own inner journey, in profound peace and silence. (not vipassana, not a religious supported ashram; no guru, no dogma)Bali Silent Retreat

Also, because there is an aesthetic beauty and peaceful energy exuding the property which is surrounded by protected lush rice fields, jungle, healing hot springs and the sacred Mt. Batu Karu, It’s really divine.

Retreat Spiritual Offerings

Another reason, I love this retreat is the daily offerings of meditation, light asanas and teachings of traditional yoga. It stands alone from most retreats also in it’s offering of Hot Spring trips, learning how to make traditional Balinese offerings and do ceremony. As well as, teachings in permaculture and sustainability.

Not to mention the enjoyable discussion on Balinese culture – which is immersed in spiritual wisdom.

But’ no talking, It’s a silent retreat remember :

The Accommodation

is Luxury Eco freindly with all buildings made of recycled timbers and indigenous architectures. It’s a blissful array of simple, earthy, warmth and relaxation. Very lush.

The prices are reasonable for a Bali retreat at about $850 US for five nights, pretty good for a retreat full of genuine warmth and spiritual nourishment.

The food, organic and locally sourced, is Healthy and delicious; you can feel the love pouring form it!

Check out the The Bali Silent Retreat – it’s really top notch. The real deal!

No.3 of Top 5 Yoga retreats 2019 Bali

It’s definitely Essence of Bali!

I’m sorry I’ve spent days searching for my higher self in Google Bali and I just can’t find it outside of myself.

Short of going to another country (which I think may happen next). I had to include this one because it’s full all the Yogas and Karmas and Dharmas.

And, It’s divine!

A six day restorative spiritual healing retreat for women

I fell in love with this property when I first saw it and could not believe it was a well kept secret. The owner, a deeply spiritual man, made each building individually following ceremony and prayers to the Gods, And the blessings are palpable. You can feel it oozing from the Teak and hardwood that has been perfectly crafted, then adapted into the landscape and designed to provide light, space and comfort.

Retreat Spiritual offerings

What I love most about this retreat is the women are all deeply spiritual, as well as trained yoga instructors and healers from around the world. Each experienced in and passionate about women’s healing and empowerment.

The philosophy is to go with the flow, relax and find your spiritual centre. And do the practice 🙂

There’s a different vibe with this retreat on a few levels.

It not only offers onsite counselling and one on one teaching in ancient methods, there’s an eclectic array of choices that you don’t usually see rolled into one Bali retreat.

Free daily massage, A visit to a Balinese Hindu High Priestess for a healing ceremony, Onsite reiki master. Workshops on self compassion, mantra/chanting and Aryuveda. Auspicious New Moon drumming and ceremony, daily yin and restorative Yoga. To top it off, ecstatic and free dance evenings.

To top it all off, all proceeds go toward Women in Need project

Retreat Daily Schedule

All the hosts are keen meditators and have deep respect for its effects on healing and spiritual growth. There is an offering  of inner radiance, self love and compassion, inner silence and ecstatic self Osho style meditation sessions.

Furthermore,all instructor’s practices are trauma sensitive

The Accommodation

Is a delightful blend of traditional Balinese fittings and decor, with a relaxed and authentic feel. There are 12 traditional Balinese huts and homes with divine outdoor bathing overlooking the rice fields, near the edge of the Jungle.

There are private and shared bungalow style huts and beautiful designed Teak houses.

It’s a spiritual sanctuary, rated 4.5 stars on Tripadviser

It really is a full package of divine accommodation, as well as deep spiritual mentoring and guidance, so that one can relax and heal in a spiritually nurturing environment. An affordable price starting at $850US for 6 days and five nights, all inclusive.

Check it out here Bali Women’s Spiritual Retreat

No.4 Top Yoga retreat 2019 Thailand

The Middle Way Meditation Retreat

I really love this retreat because it takes me back to my roots. The middle path and beginners mind.

Retreat Spiritual Offerings

Like sweet spiritual nectar this retreat introduces a traditional Buddhist teaching of the attainment of the Dhammakaya; a state of purity and a path to wisdom within.

The middle way meditation is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation in the world. It is very simple, original and effective; becoming the most popular meditation techniques in Thailand.


This retreat has an authentic Buddhist heart to it and is for serious aspirants who want to enhance their spiritual sadhana in a more traditional environment.

The accommodation, set in the foothills of Bankok region Thailand, is basic asharm style with single rooms and shared bath areas. The food is healthy and delicious.

Take a look here The Middle Way Retreat where you can contact them for more information.

No.5 of Top 5 2019 Yoga retreats | India


I don’t mean to confuse you, I know Sri M isn’t a retreat per se but a spiritual Master.

I’m putting him as #5 as he runs satsangs and retreats worldwide and in my humble opinion and feelings is the most profound, down to earth and brilliant spiritual teacher I have come across worldwide.

And of course he is from the motherland herself, India.

He is deeply spiritual, traditionally trained and educated, warm and compassionate.

He has an exquisite divinely inspired gift of relating the truth in a most eloquent, honest and concise way.

He has a delightful manner that exudes wisdom and spiritual grace imparting the Vedic and Hindu teachings with a quality I have not seen in any other teacher. And, his history is squeaky clean, a trustworthy modern saint.

Hard to find these days!

Take a look at his retreat offerings here Sri M modern mystic and spiritual teacher





So now that my inner child has released her attachment to fear of Google yoga search queries, I must go and Feng shui my mobile phone, so I don’t get interrupted in my cosmic consciousness meditation!

I hope this has been a fruitful informative journey and warm blessings for your spiritual evolution!

Please note this is a review only and I am not affiliated with any of the treats other than Essence of Bali retreat, of which I am the host 🙂

Love and light

Megan x

Goddess Retreat Bali Yoga

Goddess Retreat Bali ESSENCE of BALI - DECEMBER 2019 Nature  Meditation  Yoga  Tranquility  Freedom  6 and 7 day Restorative, Healing and Spiritual Immersion Retreat Goddess Retreat Bali Yoga OUR VISION This healing retreat is for women to tap into their true nature and awaken their inner goddess through empowerment, self love, compassion and acceptance in … Continue reading Goddess Retreat...

Goddess Retreat Bali

                        ESSENCE of BALI - DECEMBER 2019

Nature  Meditation  Yoga  Tranquility  Freedom

 6 and 7 day Restorative, Healing and Spiritual Immersion Retreat

Goddess Retreat Bali Yoga



This healing retreat is for women to tap into their true nature and awaken their inner goddess through empowerment, self love, compassion and acceptance in a safe, nurturing and holistic environment.

A Spiritual Sanctuary


Our Goal


I believe human beings are naturally spiritual, wise and creative. These qualities, yet not always experienced, are always within us. Are our innate Selves.

Being a part of a retreat in nature is a way to awaken to our innate being, spirit and wellness. Our aspiration at Essence Of Bali is to provide women with a space to relax and reunite with and experience their authentic Self in a conducive environment – on their own terms, our individual dharma.

We are here to support and guide with wisdom, strength and kindness, along with providing practices, yet believe each person has the capacity to follow their own rhythms. We call this Impowerment … and freedom!

The idea is pure enjoyment and spiritual nourishment


The Rooms are exquisite with abundant outdoor spaces to sit quietly and just BE!

(the property is 20 minutes from Ubud Markets)

yoga bali art. women


yoga bali art meditation retreat

Retreat Spiritual offerings

Daily light Asanas (Yoga) & meditation  |  Daily massage | Local healer visit  |  Full moon Fire Ceremony

Chanting | Onsite Counselling | Art therapy | Sound & crystal healing Ubud | Temple Visit

Holistic Vegan Vegetarian (meat options) meals. All produce organic and locally grown and all meat is ethically sourced. The owner has a integral consciousness around animal cruelty.

yoga essence

Our participants

Our retreats are for beginners, advanced practitioners as well as non-practitioners.

They are designed for total relaxation, chilling out, healing and/or immersing yourself in Sadhana (spiritual practice).

Personally I like both!

The idea is pure enjoyment and spiritual nurturing

ESSENCE of BALI – December 2019

yoga bali essence retreat


It’s Outrageously Beautiful

The Yoga practice and sharing circle look out into an expansive garden surrounded by jungle.



The daily schedule consists of morning and evening Asana (yoga) sessions with a local instructor and one morning guided meditation and one evening silent or singing bowl meditation. These are optional as our retreat aims to promote freedom and natural personal rhythm.

Megan may be found in deep trance at times throughout the property, please feel free to join her (quietly of course).

A local spirit healing is also on offer. This involves a day trip to the healers village and a water hole were a traditional 7 part healing will take place in the river system. An alternative to this is the opportunity to have a healing on the property with a local healer that offers a consultation on holistic healing and reads ones energy and life path.

We encourage Wu Wei (Tao word meaning ‘doing nothing’) and are happy if you want to sit and just be or wander the property or lay by the pool. Each of us has our own healing needs, body rhythms as well as individual psyches (or soul) and life challenges (although we are all connected) and therefore we encourage each individual to move about the day as they will. Many people have busy lives or are transitioning through intense emotional situations and being adsorbed in the stillness and biorhythms of nature may be the healing required. A daily massage will also be available.

womens retreat bali 8

Megan will be doing Gita (Bhagavad) readings and/or readings from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ with open discussion as well as offering onsite counseling through out the retreat. It is encouraged to use these counselling sessions to share any deep emotions or issues that may arise as one practices meditation or reflection aroused from the still environment.

We will also be having a sharing circle one evening or afternoon and as we will be blessed with an auspicious (Balinese) full moon (June 3) we will also be having a fire ceremony.

A day trip to UBUD to attend the infamous Yoga barn is also included; a crystal or sound healing will be available during this trip.These will be organised in advance so please advise on registration so we can arrange bookings and drivers beforehand. We would be sad if you missed out on the UBUD experience. We will also be offering a trip to the temple and are hoping to organise a traditional ceremony which is rare for westerners.

womens retreat bali 7

Vegan and Vegetarian menus are the focus but meat is also avail. there will be three meals per day in buffet style however if you have particular needs we can possibly organise something with the chef. There are kitchens provided within the houses so if you prefer to make your own food that will be fine. You will have to source food from a market beforehand or you can get a driver (extra cost) to take you into UBUD or a local village. 3 daily meals per day are included in costs to make things easy, so this would be an added personal cost.I usually like to take some veges and rice so I can have some self cooked silent meals.

WE are also currently trying our hardest to get a local Monk from the Buddhist monastery to share our time and to give one or two evening or daytime talks on ‘Loving Kindness and Compassion’ and ‘Maintaining spiritual practice in everyday life”

All activities, food and accommodation is included in the package.

womens retreat bali 4

All bookings for Room/house include complete retreat rate, but each house is shown so as to choose preferred accommodation as it is available.  All rooms are shared unless otherwise specified (private rooms are $100AUD extra on package). If you are journeying alone you will placed with whomever books the room as a preference. We trust that the divine will place you with whomever your soul is meant to be sharing with at this stage in your journey. If you are traveling with another you may specify who you want to share with. You can book the rooms at the same time. All rooms will be booked first in basis (we are not fused about dress :))


Who’s running the show

Megan Jackson

Holistic Counselor, meditation/mindfulness facilitator and artist. You can see my about me page and my  mystical art and my spiritual journey here.

Spiritual philosophy

“I feel deeply that we are here to experience freedom and connection (Love) both to sentient beings (which includes Gaia) and the divine. We need to rediscover the stillness in our hearts and in Mother Nature to find this again; to heal and begin to lead a more authentic and soulful life in unity consciousness”. My aim is to provide a space and support in this journey.

Psychological philosophy

“I firmly believe that we as a humans have an innate desire for freedom and therefore benefit from ’emptying out.

The more we continue to do this the closer we get to our true selves, our spiritual selves. In essence the Love that we are.

We have lost our way as a society, We need to ’empty out’ our conditioned beliefs and start to re-establish ourselves as we truly are “spiritual beings in a body.

The Yoga’s and Buddhism are great for this. Their entire foundations are built on these ideas. For instance the second stanza  of Patanjali’s Yoga says:

” Yoga is the cessation of the of the mind”

I have not seen anything work better at achieving this then meditation and creative practices. And well nature speaks for itself, we are nature, so when we align ourselves to her rhythms we give our body, mind and spirit a chance at wellness and manifesting a beautiful reality, psychologically”


My aim is to provide a space for one’s spirit to Awaken and it warms my heart to be able to offer such a divine sanctuary to join with like-minded others to explore this together. I can’t wait to meet you. If you have any questions please contact me here

ESSENCE of BALI -DEcember 2019

Warm blessings and may you go with the Flow…

Our retreat scores 15 points on the Yoga Tree site which are usually valued $3000 – $10000, although our prices are in the 7 point range to make this affordable for all people. All profits from West End Therapies go towards Women in Need Project.

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