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A fun tarot blog, tarot card meanings, magic, herbal remedies, love and all things healing and pagan. Brisbane artist and intuitive.
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The Fool Card tarot returns to Love

  Tarot symbolism – All is One Foolish Love “To the student of the tarot, the images represent the learning of the process of evolution. To any other person, they are pictures and nothing more. “– Ra queen of cups Symbolism in the tarot A brief look at the symbols in the tarot cards and … Continue reading The Fool Card tarot returns...


To the student of the tarot, the images represent the learning of the process of evolution. To any other person, they are pictures and nothing more. “– Ra

nondual tarot
queen of cups

Symbolism in the tarot

A brief look at the symbols in the tarot cards and their historic derivatives
Symbols are a language.

Prior to the written word most cultures used images and sound to relate.

They are the primordial expressions of truth, the uninhibited language.

A language that allows the left and right brain to come together in union to experience life fully; consciousness communicating in its fundamental unadulterated essence – language of the soul.

reminds me of the Rishis
love symbols
symbols of my heart

With symbols a sweet balance of the left and right hemispheres, a yin and yang communication between the two spheres is aroused;. giving us the ability to understand ourselves and the universe in a more holistic way.

The tarot (symbolism) therefore brings us back into this union, back into the pure consciousness, it is a bridge.

I’m feeling the dual in nondual here

When we begin to familiarise ourselves with these symbols we can create a harmonious balance in the mind, we can step into the archetypes (for the self development aspect) and also allow them to give us intuitive insights (the divination aspect).

Both are relative (one without the other is only a half of the truth) and available to us; interdependent and integral to our evolution as a species.

lovers tarot
Arcanum 6 The Lovers
Let’s look at The Lovers tarot card for example….

If two people come together and use words to communicate the experience or desire, there will be a number of different interpretations and the two may spend hrs ruminating over the concepts and meanings – workshopping their ideals around personal references and mores.

However, if the two place themselves in an atmosphere of candlelight, rose petals and sunflowers, with Beethoven’s Symphony #5 playing in the background, and stare into each other’s eyes (as expressed in The Lovers card), with this universal language they are more likely to feel lovely and see and appreciate each other’s beauty…. Speaking from the soul… and who knows what could happen next.

brahman tarot
the dance of life

We see these symbols being used in alchemy, the hermetic teaching and the kabbalah.

However, if we go back a bit in time we can see that these symbols are universal symbols and therefore have no historical source; are from the mysterious source of the universe . Also, many were used in ancient Eastern culture (perhaps in different ways); we can therefore see a connection between the East and the West.

We can see how symbols are derivative from the unknown source of all.

What exactly is the tarot – the truth

Like love, the Tarot and its origins are pervaded by mystery, both historically and by its very quintessence, or its essential nature, as it where.

tarot love
the mystery of love

I like to draw love hearts, in the mirror and the shower glass, each day as i go about my morning ritual so the symbol stays present in my psyche throughout the day’s challenges

Stick to the topic Megsie – Tarot truth

It is like a deep river of life, of which the current of many esoteric disciplines and philosophies are flowing to, through and from. The streams of astrology, numerology, the Kabbalah, alchemy, Hermetics and theosophical geometrical systems ripple through the Tarot like a fish takes to water; naturally, necessarily.

tarot river art
the river of life

We see also Buddhist and Yogic principles circling though like wild rips in an ocean of wonder. I can hear Einstein’s famous attribution resounding right now “It’s all relative.”

It’s the ageless wisdom, undefinable and untraceable.

Somewhat Toaish in nature:

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao

The name that can be named is not the eternal name

The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth

The named is the mother of myriad thing

-Tao Te Ching

Tao tarot
The big picture will take care of the little picture

The Tarot is a deck of cards containing symbols that help to guide us along the process of life. They are used for prophesying the future, understanding the past and tapping into the present energies or consciousness of a situation or person.

They are also used as a personal growth tool, as they depict the journey of the soul in the human body. They have a deep symbolic aptitude that has the capacity to transform our lives as we move along the process of evolution.

It’s often referred to as the fools Journey
fool tarot card
My fool

In particular the Major Arcana, 22 cards (of the 78 – the Minor Arcana are 56 in total) layout the stages of our psychic (mind) development and the evolution of our soul (spiritual).

With the first 14 being the process of development from child to adult, alongside spiritual development. and the last being the deeper spiritual growth of the adept or awakened one. The first or last card The Fool (0) is the spirit, or the soul (the person) on the journey of life.

Each major arcana card can both be seen as a guide for this evolutionary process or offer divination guidance. Yet, as we deepen our relationship with the tarot we see both are one and the same, or that one may be intrinsic to the other.

moon tarot card
Arcanum 21 The Moon

Etymology of the Tarot

There is much debate about the etymology of the word Tarot, as no evidence (written documentation) has come forth . This is the nature of the Tarot.

Yet, here I will show some etymological hypothesis of the origins of the the word Tarot by taking a look at some of its possible sources – drawing from a common sense approach to history and linguistics.

Tarot comes from the Italian word trionfi, used in the fifteenth century to describe the twenty-two trump cards according to historians. Many esoteric scholars however have profited that it comes from Tah Ro – ‘road to evolution’ from Egyptian studied.

From latin: “tota” meaning “total” and “rota” meaning “revolving wheel.”

from “Tah Ro” meaning the royal road to evolution Egyptian.

Tar Rosh Egyptian – Science of Mercury (hermetic)

Tarot” descends from “Torah”, Hebrew law.

from Taraha (Arabic), which means “he rejected, put aside”

Tara – Goddess – generative force of the universe (of creation)

majar arcaana 20
major arcanum 20 The Judgement


meaning secret  Major – great. Meaning great secret. It seems rather mysterious (there’s that word again) that a mere card game of the fifteenth century would enter royalty


In relation to Tarot refers to a combination of Gnosticism, Alchemy, Astrology and Christian Cabala that came together in the Renaissance, then percolated through the esoteric lodges of 18th century France.

What is its purpose

The Tarot or the book of truth, is a depiction (however mysterious) of the laws of nature or the generative process of creation and life. It uses symbols often from the ancient traditions to express the journey of life.

The Tarot is a system for raising consciousness or self mastery.

The scholars verses the secret societies

There is much debate about its original esoteric purpose with some scholars believing it was first used for divination and others as a guide for the development (in particular spiritual) of the human experience – or the development of the human consciousness within secret societies. And also for ritual purposes. And all are true and all are equally important and connected.

Most Western historians protest that the cards were used as playing cards only, arriving in Italy from Eastern (specifically Persian) countries and have nothing to do with the occult and/or were not used as divination at all.

I think/feel

beyond all else, what must be considered here is the symbolism used in the cards. It is understood that the symbolism itself is the most important relatable element (of focus) – for both the divination purposes and for the individual’s developmental objective – that are venerably attributed to the cards. It cannot be overseen when we consider the history of the tarot.

Another interesting aspect to keep in mind is the particularly European and sometimes Neoplatonic atmosphere of the iconography used in the cards, which often leads historians to the belief that they are specific to European culture.

love mandala
mandala of love

I mean, although I will not go into the herstory of this, we must faction in here the influences of the East on the, Hermetic, Platonian, Socratean and other typically European dialogues that are associated with the tarot and allow some common sense to come forward.

In our modern era it is used mostly for divination but is also understood to be a guide for self development.

jung art
drawing from Jung

Carl Jung has had a major influence on bringing the tarot into the field of psycho-development as he understood it’s symbolism in relation to the psyche and our potentiality; therefore, bringing it back into the mainstream.

Hence, it has become a household name and often a household guide.

However, usually one that is not taken too seriously, not understood and is more commonly used as a light-hearted oracle for prosperity and love guidance.

the universe

As a side issue, I suggest it be noted that many of the male figures in the current tarot depiction were originally of female gender – symbolic of course – that is, pointing to certain archetypal attributes.

This could indicate an Egyptian context in alignment with the Isis Teachings.

the magician
Arcanum 1 The magician

Where did the Tarot Come from

The most common thread in the academic, as well as the mainstream of the internet, seems to have a strong leaning towards the Tarot originating out of the blue by artists and aristocrats in Italy for pleasure – to play cards.

This  comes from books and essays written by modern Western historians most recently, the Italian scholar Andrea Vitali in his study in the mid 1980’s.

However, It is suggested by some tarot scholars (mostly informed by the works of Eliphas Levi – French occultist of the 19th century, who studied the links between the Kabbalah and the tarot) that the Tarot is derived from the Kabbalah. I do see strong correlations and truths in this theorem.

moon dwellers
New Moon Love

It is sometimes said that the correlation between the word Torah (the Jewish texts used in the Kabbalah) has an undeniable relationship with the word Tarot. Note: Kabbalah (from Hebrew, literally meaning “parallel/corresponding,” or “received tradition) is an ancient  esoteric discipline of mystical Judaism.

Another insight was given by Jean Baptiste Pitois (occultist and author of the late 1800’s), which accounts that the Tarot is a derivative of the the Sages of ancient Egypt under the tutelage of Hermes Trismegistus (Greek) or Thoth (Egyptian) – which nobody seems able to evidence as human or deity.

Video Player

Regardless there are the sacred texts ([Hermetic Corpus] of which I have studied and continue to do so) that (apparently) have come from Thoth or Hermes that outline the basis of Hermeticism. Let it be noted that the majority of the symbols on the cards are of hermetic origin.

This does tie in nicely with the rigid scholarly persistence that the cards are from the nobility of Italy of the 15th Century (used merely for playing). As we see in early Renaissance Italy the art, fashion and philosophy was being deeply influenced and enriched by the astrology, iconology and aesthetics coming over from the middle East.

In effect what was to become the tarot was the ‘fashion’ of the time. And specifically non local to Italian culture.

Do you see a pattern arising here? Nobody seems to know. The Tarot are by nature mysterious.

It seems to have a similar embodied mysticism that the scientists of the modern era are coming up against with consciousness (what some call God or source or universe). The hard problem of Consciousness is also

The hard problem of Tarot.

tarot liberation

We must consider that the symbols of the Tarot come from esoteric systems which were largely secret orders and have infamously kept most of the sacred teachings underground. Usually for reasons of safety, discretion and in some cases control.

What we do know

What we do know is the Earliest known writing of the Major Arcana comes from The Syrian philosopher Lamblicus (c. 300-330 CE) in his discourse on “The Egyptian Mysteries.” – Lambilicus was an initiated Magi (magic practitioner/priest of the Persian religion founded around 600 BC).

There is evidence of cards of a similar nature being used in Buddhist sects before the common era, i.e,  B.C, for ritualistic purposes. But, as i said we can simply use common sense if we want to consider these implications.

tarot mystery
the book of history

Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 331 BCE, and founded the city of Alexandria at the mouth of the Nile delta.

After his death Egypt was ruled for 300 years by the descendants of Ptolemy, one of his generals. Egypt then became a Roman province. There was a lot of mingling with the East over the years prior and after.

The European culture was increasingly influenced by the literacy and religiosity emanating from Alexandria and Egypt which had an intrinsic effect on Western culture.

In particular the culture and text of Hermetica named after the Egyptian God Thoth, becoming in Greek Hermes.

herme meditation
Thoth meditation

A recent (1984) extensive research essay Tarot: Art and Magic, by Professor Andrea Vitali (Italy) imparts that there was indeed a strong hermetic and in some cases christian mystical influence on some cards that were illustrated and printed in Italy.

It is considered that evidence of Italian renaissance documents illustrate the use of tarot by the aristocrats as a form of guidance. For example they would play a ‘game’ asking the cards a question to receive an answer.

Doing this with an understanding that the symbols on the cards were indicative of celestial guidance or deep universal principles. Here semantics “a game’ are relative. Calling it a game does not take away from the purpose “to seek answers”

We also know, thanks to Vitali’s research, that the Mantegna Tarot called Mantegna Tarocchi (Italian word for Tarot), depicting esoteric iconography were used as visual aids in education for upper class children. In the image attached  we see Sol (sun) 44 which we might consider a strange image for a card game and/or education material in our common age.

Engraving no. A 44, Sol (The Sun), from the E-series

The hermetic influence on the Italian culture of the time 14th 15th and 16th centuries gave rise to the study and deep consideration and interpretation of the hermetic text. Vitali points out that these in part influenced the illustrations and use of the cards. Suggesting they were used as guidance and specifically ethical or universal guidance to life’s affairs.

on the other hand

 The Tarot is an ancient Egyptian book, whose pages contain the secret of a universal medicine, the creation of the world, and the future of the human race. It was conceived in the year 2170 BC, during a conference of 17 magicians presided over by Hermes Trismegistus. It was then engraved on gold sheets which were placed around the central fire of the Temple of Memphis. Then, after various vicissitudes, it was reproduced by common medieval engravers in such imprecise fashion that the meaning was completely distorted”.

-Juan Baptiste Alliette

BUT I don’t believe in History so lets move on to the truth

The Fool – Arcanum 0

Understanding the Fool

As noted previously, the Major Arcana is the journey of the human consciousness or the soul.

The Fool card represents this human consciousness or the spirit. It is neither female or male, it is considered to be an hermaphrodite and is often referred to as  ‘the holy androgyne’ because of it’s androgynous nature – neither gender; of spirit.

The fool is the spiritual self on the journey of life. That which we know as Jiva (Atman, awareness of self as body).

the fool tarot

The fool represents the spirit and in particular, the union of the male and female or the lack of gender speaks to the idea that the journey of evolution is not limited to anyone, that it is available to all and possible for all.

A fool is often looked down upon in contemporary society, however the Fool here is a very important message, to be light-hearted, to maintain a sense of joyfulness and gaiety as we go through the journey of life.

This ties in beautifully with the teachings of Buddha who is pointing to the joy that is underneath all our suffering, the joy that is inherent within us. Our true nature.

The fool fundamentally refers to spirit. The spirit of the self. The zero, the white rose, the sun and the colour yellow all point to this in the card.

In the earlier versions (pre Thoth and Rider Waite decks) the fool represented a fallen human, often a decrepit or raggedly looking character who had over identified with the material plane, had lost their way and was beginning the way to self-realising through wisdom and knowledge.

So from this we can see a new beginning or an awakening. The beginning stages.

awakening nondual
I am awake


If you meditate on the fool, it’s qualities will rise towards you.

If you allow it to do so, it will create a feeling of effervescent illumination, joy and lightness within you; innocence. This innocence will allow you to move through the tarot major arcanas (the fool’s journey) with an openness and therefore with a greater capacity to grow on this journey.

This is the power of the Fool, as it is the innocence, the pure spirit of us.

Focus now upon the fool card, Take a slow long deep breath in.. and breathe out..continue this for a minute or two. When you have established a full connection to your breath and a quiet mind, move your attention into your heart area (at the centre of your chest) and look upon the Fool card.

fool tarot

Do not analyse just be with it for a minute or two.

Repeat 3 times

“ I open my heart to the journey of life before me – I am one with all that is. I open to the innocence of my higher self. My heart is opening.”. Feel the sensations in your heart.

Feel the sensations in your heart.

Hermetic Relevance

Uranus – Freedom, change, youth, rebellion, health, healing, breath


Air – The male and the female contained in one – The silence – The intellect or thought. The thought comes from the silence

In the Kabalion it is said there is one universal mind referred to as the ALL. It has seven principles which align with the first seven major arcana.

 “The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”

-The Kybalion

tarot art
Venus rising

The hermetic tradition is based on the idea that all is made of the five elements Earth, air fire water an ether (space or spirit). In the tarot the fool is the spirit of the the five elements

Buddhist relevance:

The fool in Buddhism represents our Buddha Nature.

The Buddha taught that all beings had the potential for realising our true self (buddha nature) by discovering that we are our illuminated mind or consciousness itself. The Buddha works from the premise that we are not a soul or Self (as in Hindu teaching) but that we are ever changing consciousness or the seed of enlightenment itself.

This is our Buddha Nature and this is what is to be realised or that we are to awaken to through the journey of life.

The fool is therefore the consciousness itself, yet so far unrealised, awake but not knowing it is so. Ready to leap into life as unrealsied consciousness.

Here is passage from the ‘Five Treatises of Maitreya’ a Buddhist text written in the 4th Century that points to this idea clearly.

རྫོགས་སངས་སྐུ་ནི་འཕྲོ་ཕྱིར་དང༌། །

དེ་བཞིན་ཉིད་དབྱེར་མེད་ཕྱིར་དང༌། །

རིགས་ཡོད་ཕྱིར་ན་ལུས་ཅན་ཀུན། །

རྟག་ཏུ་སངས་རྒྱས་སྙིང་པོ་ཅན། །

Because the perfect buddhas’s kaya is all-pervading, Because reality is undifferentiated,

And because they possess the potential,

Beings always have the buddha nature.

Maitreya, Sublime Continuum, I, 27

Kaya here means embodiment or body – the embodiment of compassion and wisdom – which is the fundamental teaching of the Buddha. That we overcome suffering through compassion and wisdom.

Taurus Moon

It is suggested here to contemplate these words expressed by the Dalai Lamas Buddha Nature

My body is the Holy Mandala itself,

Wherein reside the Buddhas of all Times. . . . All sentient beings in Samsara

Have “Thatness,” but realize it not.

— Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama)

Hindu relevance

In the Yogas, the Vedic texts and in particular the Upanishads (most commonly known in the Western world) you will find the fundamental principle of all metaphysical consideration is Brahman ब्रह्मा. Brahman in Hindu refers to the single essential oneness from which comes the diversity of all that exists in the universe, or the creative principle that comes before all manifestation.

So from Brahman comes Atman – the individual soul. It is not the body but Brahman itself. It is consciousness in individual form. Then Jiva  – The Atman or Brahman as the indiviual self.

The Fool represents this part of us in the human body, The Atman or soul or awareness of self as Brahman. The purpose of understanding this principle in Yoga is to raise our consciousness  – for us as human beings to become aware of ourselves – our true nature – Brahman. This is considered our reason for existence.

I found mother Teresa spirit in my tree

Taoism Relevance

Infinite. Eternally present. . . .

It flows through all things,

inside and outside, and returns

to the origin of all things.

— Lao Tse

The universe and I came into being together; and I, and everything therein, are One.

— Chuang Tzu

experience the duality
Nondual experience
So as you can see We are all one fool in Love

Warm Blessings


Eight of Swords Tarot meaning Love

Eight of Swords Tarot The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression – W. E. B. Du Bois Blindfolded and wrapped in grey material that is seemingly binding, we see a woman surrounded by eight swords. They are behind blocking her from an old castle. There is no one else around, only … Continue reading Eight of Swords Tarot...

Eight of Swords Tarot

The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression – W. E. B. Du Bois

Blindfolded and wrapped in grey material that is seemingly binding, we see a woman surrounded by eight swords. They are behind blocking her from an old castle. There is no one else around, only herself. She has one foot in the water and one on the solid earth. The sky is grey.

eight of swords tarot

The grey sky represents a feeling of gloom or dissatisfaction. The blindfold signifies something not being seen. The body repressed by material portends to the bondage of senses. Swords represent air and intellect. We see they are behind her and that she has a clear way forward, yet cannot see it for the binding of the senses. A key here is the water (emotions) and the Earth (material) – grounding our emotions.

There is no avoiding the dreary and oppressive feeling reverberating from this card.

Yet, as it is the mind alone that shadows us – it too can be the mind that frees us.

Megan Jackson

The eight of swords is a representation of our negative thinking, our repressive beliefs or thoughts that keep us trapped in bondage. We can also see it as a card of healing our emotions and moving towards fertile grounds.

In love

this card can point to a situation that may be repressive or keeping us in bondage. Yet let’s not forget that it is our own minds that are keeping us there. Our beliefs.

The swords here are pointing to our individual thoughts. It shows that a mindset is stopping us from liberation.

resperession 8 of swords

The eight of swords is reminding you that you have a choice Always. yet it isn’t easy to go in and find the source of our repression or our victim mentality. This card points towards the solution. To take a look into the clearer emotions (water) that are driving you and to do it on firm ground.

If one is not in a relationship and has a desire to be in one this card can point to some healing from a past relationship that hasn’t completed its course. Sometime we get stuck in past situations and old patterns that need to be released. This card wants you to take a look at what mindset is stopping you from moving into your sovereignty and towards a love that liberates one.

Sometimes this card, in love, simply means “so what is stopping you from making that move?” what are you afraid of? Whether it is to express a secret admiration or to walk away from a destructive binding repressive relationship.

love 8 of swords

It is advising to take a deeper look at what fears and resistances are causing you to stop yourself moving closer to a loved one or to expressing the love you have whirling inside you. Some may be honest obstacles, yet true love is boundless and longs for expression. The eight of swords wants you to understand these resistances and break free of them

In Work or Goals

In work or a goal fulfillment this card is showing that there is some mindset that is holding us back from success. I feel the water (emotions) here is significant. What emotions are driving your activities, are you looking at the original intention and have a clear heart set on that goal or are some conditioned thoughts about material (earth) comfort binding you to unfulfilled dreams.

8 of swords work

There could actually be a situation that is stopping you from progressing and this card is asking you to look at the way it is effecting your mental health and happiness and to assess whether it is worth the struggle of maintaining it. Our emotions here can help us to look at our true desires, our passions and show that that may be the way forward.

The key here is the intellect (swords) you may need to spend some time using strategic thinking to resolve the repressive situation. The eight of swords specifically says we are victims of our thoughts – so how can we change them?

eight of swords tarot meaning

Spiritual meaning

There are two important stages of ones spiritual evolution that this card could be speaking to. As we move through the path of life, our spirits start yearning for some deeper happiness.

One of the first steps is to see how are thoughts are creating our reality. In Buddhism it is often referred to as Mindfulness. It is a time when we become mindful of our thoughts and it can be a scary or frightening confrontation.

buddha tarot

At this stage we begin to long for a deeper happiness but often look around us and see no way out. The world is full of suffering as Buddha says. Yet, it is also full of peace and love and happiness. Both exist.

Here the eight of swords points to the possibility of happier and healthier thoughts and feelings (as we see with the foot in the clear water and the other grounded on the muddy earth).

Through this mindfulness presence – being present to our own thoughts about life and or the situations we are in, we begin to reassess our lives – it’s unavoidable – unless ones chooses to stay bound in the dark of the mind (suffering). As we do this we may need a time of seeking help. This is always advisable. There are many light loving people that have overcome and are helping others.

8 of swords spiritual

Another part of the spiritual journey, usually following this one or that comes after a time of revelation is a dark period when the ego mind takes over and one is fully immersed in the mind – this is called the dark night of the soul.

Some people feel this as depression yet it is necessary to see the difference between depression and spiritual sadness – longing for a closer connection to our spiritual selves.

In the Dark night there is Light

In this stage we begin to not find pleasure in any old dysfunctional ways that once we identified with. It is a time when we need to be very loving and kind to ourselves. Again we can use the image of the foot in the clear blue water. This here represents compassionate emotions towards oneself. Going into a stage of grounding and healing and being kind to the self as it transitions through life’s phases or difficulties.

8 of swords tarot buddhist

The beauty of this card is that it is an opportunity to overcome, to go in and make a fundamental change in the mind, in the intellect. That which is stopping you from being happy, peaceful and In love!

May you be loving, kind and compassionate to your self. Then, worry about others 🙂

Warm blessings



Six of Cups tarot card Meaning love

six of cups tarot meaning - breathe deeply

Six of Cups meaning

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
― Mother Teresa

Six of cups tarot

The six of cups is a card that tends to conjure up feelings or memories of the past. It is seeped in nostalgia. Now there is two ways of seeing the past – we can look back with regret or with a humility – that helps us to accept that we are human.. ooops there is three – or we can look back with fondness.

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The past is not a good place to dwell in, we all learned that when Eckarte Tolle started saying “Now, The power of now”. Yet it can be a good source of reflection. Our humanness makes us by default infallible, although we are perfect in our imperfectness. But it’s all perfect. Sorry I started off on a philosophical tangent. I’ve been doing that for years. So where was I, oh that’s right in the Now, talking about the past.

six of cups tarot meaning

This six can bring us into a full blown nostalgia, it’s important, it’s a good thing, we get to assess old truths and experiences. We can create new value systems, becoming conscious of what serves us, what makes us happy, what is destructive or that which makes us sad. We need these polarities to help us move forward.

In Love

This 6 comes after the five (which is often a time of heartbreak). So it can also be a stage were we are transiting from a past event or situation. Some of the energies may be lingering. We are processing how things got to where they are, our behaviours, others behaviours. We are in a healing stage. A time of reflection.

This card usually comes after a relationship breakdown. A time when we think about whether we can repair a relationship or not, before we truly move on. It can be a sad time but it does imply a time of moving away from the sadness that the relationship may have created.

It can in some cases portend a reunion and rarely a reconciliation.

6 of cups tarot
Deep Breaths

Reunion reveals friendship potential that haven’t yet been emerged in the past.”
― Toba Beta

If you are in a relationship it can refer to times of the past – it is usually heeding you to reflect on a time or actions that were beneficial, to help you in a current struggle within the relationship. Or it can be an omen that a patchy time has passed.

If you are not in a relationship it is a reminder of how we are able to heal from the past. Yet, it can also be referring to a missed opportunity. Something has ended and now is a good time for self care and self love.

In work or goals

As a strong nostalgic force is evident in this card, when relating to goals or vocation, this tarot card can often mean a person from an old work place may contact you or there may be a pull from an old workplace calling you back in. The advise here is to reflect carefully and to retrace your old feelings about the situation, they will help you make a decision. You may get an offer too good to refuse.

It can also indicate that a tough financial or work related issue is resolving itself. Any setbacks will be overcome.

african proverb


The spiritual message of this card is that of beginners mind. Regardless of how transcended we are or how learned or experienced or how awakened our Kundalini is, we are still human, we are still living in the mystery,  we are still at the mercy of the unknown. This card reminds us to draw upon our humility, our perfect infallibility (here we are again) or our innocence.

I like the Buddhist term for this, Shoshin (初心),  from Zen Buddhism, meaning “beginner’s mind.” It refers to an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when analysing or reflecting upon a thing or event, even if you are at an advanced level,  as a beginner would, so as to meet the innocence of the situation.


It can also indicate a time after (the five of cups), of sadness or loss, the healing stage. Transition can feel difficult at times as many of us are not comfortable with change. Yet, if we honour ourselves with self care and self development, if we practice consciousness and present living, we can move through these awakenings with a greater peace or with a softer landing place. Even though it’s a groundless path 🙂

This tarot card wants you to know that there is always a past, a present and a future, it’s reminding you to walk the path of least resistance, to allow a humbleness to move through you, to learn, to grow.

This is an opportunity for deeper spiritual unfoldment.

Warm Blessings


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Conscious Karma Fashion – hand drawn yoga art – love

  It’s an interesting state of affairs, it’s the millennium right? – We have invented the light bulb, been to the moon, created nuclear weapons and the Hubble telescope –  that can guide us into the unfathomable science of dark matter – and now yoga pants are spreading like wild fire, unbridled, from wireless connection … Continue reading Conscious Karma Fashion – hand drawn yoga art...


It’s an interesting state of affairs, it’s the millennium right? – We have invented the light bulb, been to the moon, created nuclear weapons and the Hubble telescope –  that can guide us into the unfathomable science of dark matter – and now yoga pants are spreading like wild fire, unbridled, from wireless connection to your front door. Progress, conscientious or Conscious?

conscious fashion
image by NASA

And yet here we are on Mother Earth, mixing cocktails of coal seam gas with concreted slabs of high rise homes – overpopulated, with no idea how to get along with our neighbours, both near and far, afraid of anyone who looks different or has a different viewpoint, chopping down trees like they are going out of fashion (karma), well dressed in synthetic fabrics of societal oppression and fear of life itself. Quick, Give me those yoga pants, I need to downward dog before another species dies into the melting pot of progress. The age of enlightenment.

Breath into the oneness. It will all be ok! Let’s have a another discussion on wholeness and the non-dual state. It will all be ok. Let’s write another antithesis on the magnetic forces and the evolution of consciousness. It will all be ok! Look how clever I am. It will all be ok! Let’s wear yoga pants. It will all be ok!

You may be wondering why i am placing excessive emphasis on the Yoga and her pants. Well let’s begin with what yoga means. Simply it means union. In the Yogas it refers to the union of the body mind and spirit with the absolute reality of things. If we nut it out on a human level we see things like union with the right and left hemisphere of the brain – creating a synthesis with all that is – a union with truth. We get to experience life in it fullness – with the right brain (intuitive and creative) working in union with the left brain (analytical, scientific). That’s why meditation and/or stillness and time in nature, art, music – it helps to develop this union.

So who’s wearing the pants in this relationship.. no one, its equal; an equilibrium of opposites, no need for pants wearing in this relationship. Well ok that’s not quite true, as the spiritual adept Krishna in The Gita suggests “for one to be spiritually mature, one must wear pants..” ooops I mean “for one to be spiritually mature one must be able to accept the paradox of reality. “. It’s karmic I tell ya!

Yoga art fashion

Ok, so we need to wear pants and we need to be conscious.. and yoga is fashionable.  I’ve found the equilibrium, I’ve mastered the art of paradox – the creative forces of meditation have prevailed and I’ve bridged the gap of world religions and traditions. I’ve found the cure for scientists, I’ve solved the problems of nature – Conscious fashion. Unadulterated psychospiritual fashion. Education on your yoga pants. Einstein on your chest, Miley Cyrus vibrating wrecking balls of Freedom on yr cleavage, #bruce upon your lips. Tops isn’t it. Karmic even.

If ya can’t beat em – join em  – Megsie Le Karma

Here is what I’m talking about in case you are wondering “What’s Megsie going on about now?”

I have a created Karma Tops streetwear fashion – Artisan streetwear fashion T-shirts with original hand-drawn graphics and spiritual art themes

All proceeds go toward the ‘Women in Need‘ project – An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat.

Take a look below 🙂

Nature and Environment Range

Our planet is in crisis – by living in harmony with nature we can change this. Our wildlife keeps nature alive!

Human Nature    

I was sitting under the mango tree contemplating my day and suddenly I realised I had stopped all mind activity and was just being. My awareness then moved towards my surroundings and the tree.

For a moment I just sat in this presence, in the stillness with the tree and I felt a lovely warmth in my heart and pervading peace. I sat with that feeling and then my mind started conceptualising what was happening, so i grabbed my charcoal and drew what was happening to me. I felt a kind of oneness, a communion.

We are a part of nature – what we do effects nature and nature effects us – I felt this – not on an intellectual level (although that was present after) but on a deep sensual level.

Psychology still debates nature verses nurture, science still debates evolution and we still don’t (and likely never will) understand consciousness, but I am ok with that mystery – I think that letting go of the knowing of this is the key – a vital part of the yoga – like I kind of did under the tree that day.


karma fashion yoga

Forest Bird    yoga art

“The forest bird never wants a cage” is a term coined by the Henrik Isben – a Norwegian philosopher, poet and playwright of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

I find it interesting and saddening that such knowledge and consciousness was around hundreds of years ago and still we are not protecting our environment and wildlife. I often go into nature to regenerate and to re-calibrate – I am always astounded by the beauty of and the ways the wildlife live with us and it helps me to contemplate and understand cooperation.

We can all live together peacefully and nature shows us how – this is the Tao. This is the yoga!

nature yoga art

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Elephant Dream  yoga fashion

An elephant came to me in deep meditation. I was struggling at the time with sad emotions that were spontaneously arising. The elephant energy moved through me and I felt a sense of the strength of the elephant energy within me.

I spent the next few mornings drawing this elephant.I felt I was integrating the strength of the elephant within my psyche.

I began to find clarity in my emotional upset.

Elephant medicine teaches us the power of gentleness, communication and commitment in relationships. Three vital elements to all relationships that attribute to the longevity (trust and lovingness) of a relationship.

Perhaps I wanted to be heard

karma fashion  elephant art

Love Art

Everybody loves love. Love is the force of Life. We like to ponder love


One day I felt a longing for someone I was becoming fond of. I drew Bruce. Bruce represents that innocent yet melancholic yearning for someone who is not around . Bruce is love sick.

yoga pants fashion  yoga fashion hoodie   karma fashion #bruce

It comes in Wavesit comes in waves

I drew this image to express a feeling of restlessness and hurtful feelings one day when my mind began to dwell in the past. I had to pull myself back into the present moment and the minute I did I felt I was able to see the situation differently. I found an image in an old French revolution art book not long after that reminded me of this feeling.

It was a painting by ‘Goya’ of the 1700’s..from a painting he did about about ‘girls who wont stay at home’, risk exposing themselves to hardship’.. he was a political painter in the mid 17 to early 1800’s who later in life began to paint social, political and religious abuses of the times… I mucked around with it a bit to express how our heartbreak and losses come striking us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

karma fashion dresskarma fashion streetwearyoga art

Yoga Art Range

Yoga means union. It is an ancient Indian tradition of meditation and wisdom to help humans evolve

I am the universe     yoga art zen designs

In yoga there is a sanskrit saying ‘So Ham’ Pronounced So hum, It translates basically as “I am”. It is a fundamental principle and an ancient meditation as well as a mantra that helps us to come into harmony of life and the flow of the universe.

It’s great, if you think about it – Saying I am without putting anything after it makes all the judgments and identifications fall away. I have been using this for 14 years and it takes me straight into my centre and directly towards a calmness of mind.

In the west there has been a movement of creative visualisation and optimistic thinking for many centuries, usually in philosophical and/or bohemian type or fringe cultures. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you think”.

So if we think about it– we only see the world, the universe – from our own eyes, our own mind, our own perception. Therefor we are the universe. I am 🙂

I used the circle as the basis of this design because it is in all the philosophies and the traditions – represents the cyclic nature of life and in some cased the universe. I added the crosses as they symbolise our mortality within he universe – the four points representing : self, nature, wisdom, and higher power or being:)





karma fashion

Contemplation Range

Contemplating our lives, our thoughts and our universe helps us to grow and live well, bringing us happiness.

Wikipedia defines Inner Peace as: “(or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.”
Most people are seeking peace in life, usually from some stimulus or an external situation. So they keep going after more more more. The Yogas say it is within – they point to the inner self to find peace. From 15 years of daily meditation I would have to agree 🙂

yoga art
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Miley Cyrus’s Freedom

Liberation or Moksha is the fundamental aim of meditation, spiritual practice or life in general. We have an innate, hardwired desire to be free; to obtain happiness. It is what the Buddhists, Hindu’s, Sufi’s, Taoists and Christian mystics are all pointing to. As I was pondering this, I thought about how this may be playing out in the contemporary materialist and authoritarian Western cultures. Miley’s video “wrecking ball” was playing at the time and I realised that she is expressing this part of our psyche’s desire for freedom in the mass consciousness through song and performance. So I drew this and feel it correlates nicely with the idea of liberating from the chains of societal indoctrination and fear.

karma fashion


We Love Zen and mindfulness @Karmatops – it keeps life simple

zen designs

Zen designs


In Zen Buddhism there is a saying “The obstacle is the path” – It points to our problems or issues – it suggests that the issue itself is the way to freeing oneself. It’s kinda like if we fail at something – we can see it as a challenge to work out how we can do something different – or basically learn from our mistakes – we can decrease our suffering by having a different perspective – by seeing the obstacle as a means of developing ourselves.

My daughter drew this on with her Ipad, she called it “Mamma’s mid life crisis” – I didn’t see this as an obstacle, I just changed the name 🙂

Warm blessings


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Four of Wands tarot card meaning – love

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” – Mae West Four of Wands tarot meaning Keywords: Joy, happiness, Love, friends, celebrations, home, visitations, co-operation, surprise. “Home sweet home” slips from the lips, with great astonishment, of the one who draws the four of wands tarot card. It depicts a good feeling, a … Continue reading Four of Wands tarot card meaning...

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” – Mae West

Four of Wands tarot meaning

Keywords: Joy, happiness, Love, friends, celebrations, home, visitations, co-operation, surprise.

four of wands tarot

“Home sweet home” slips from the lips, with great astonishment, of the one who draws the four of wands tarot card. It depicts a good feeling, a celebration of life and in particular a joy of the immediate environment or home with a hint of the universe cheering you on.

We see in the illustration a couple  with an air of festivity upon a yellow sky (symbolising intelligent application) with a backdrop of a castle (symbolising a fortress of obstacle) – noticing the couple are moving away from the castle in celebration towards the four wands representing arriving at a completion of a goal.

The Four of wands in Love can often depict a triumph in love – usually a commitment has been made and the two are joyous, as their love has been through a stage of trial and tests that have brought them through to a greater promise and deepening of love that moves beyond the mind – the soul is activated.

tarot 4 of wands

This card can specifically portend to a  marriage – a commitment of the hearts that is expressed in ceremony.

If you have just met someone new this card could be quite surprising as it prophetises a successful union. You know that feeling when you meet someone new and your heart beats fast and you feel an overwhelming happiness or excitement – sometimes when this happens it can be a karmic relationship that will pull you to the depths of agony, plucking out every feather of karma – that’s not this card -when the four of wands appears that feeling of joy and connection is affirmed – the potential of the relationship has been universally stamped with true love by the gods and goddesses.

In work, vocation or goals this card speaks of news or confirmation of a goal reached that warrants time for festivity – usually after much diligence and commitment. You have manifested the desired outcome – yet there is an element of surprise expected – a little gift of something more, something better than imagined has arrived or is on it’s way.

4 of wands fortune cookie
Four of Wand fortune cookie

Spiritually the four of wands suggests that you have overcome a great obstacle and you may be a little in awe of the new realisations pouring forth from your heart. There will be a revelation or a realised perspective that previously lay dormant and has been integrated; has manifested into your consciousness. And it is one that causes sincere joy and peace in your life.

In the Kabblistic tradition the four of wands is associated with Jupiter – the star of realised dreams, prosperity, joy and affirmation of the soul – You have overcome and are about to see the fruits of your labour.

Feel into it – nourish this new reality, allow it fully – you were born to be happy – The four of wands is giving you declaration of this truth!

Warm Blessings


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5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life

Creating a Happy Life Oh My, What year am I in! Is it really another new year, has the calendar really progressed; without me moving with it? If time is an illusion why am I still in it and why are things still the same? Who am I? I am sorry, I am not Einstein, … Continue reading 5 Gentle Steps to a...

Creating a Happy Life

Oh My, What year am I in!

Is it really another new year, has the calendar really progressed; without me moving with it?

If time is an illusion why am I still in it and why are things still the same? Who am I?

happiness and time

I am sorry, I am not Einstein, I can’t really give you a clear and concise explanation of how illusive time is (nor could Einstein either, really)… but I do however have a felt sense of this illusion. I know when I was a child I felt something other than time – a timelessness. I also know that I am not that same child, that time has passed, that my cells have changed, my likes, my dislikes, my mind has changed (perhaps too often) and my LIFE has changed. Yet, I still sense this timelessness.

Eisnsteins law of relativetyMost of this happened without me noticing, except in reflection – in looking back in time.

I didn’t have to do intense Pranayama, breath work or meditate underwater for an hour for my body to go through these changes or for my brain to develop; or for life to happen to me in such a way that my employer was mean or my partner left me for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or that my dog passed on to a new dimension. It all just happened.

But then, there came a time – Time was nigh. “Oh in time It could have been so much more” as Boy George serenaded me back in 1984.

A present moment.  A moment of pause at each failing, at each hurt, at each sidestepping of responsibility and each breath. NOW NOW NOW!

create a happier life 2018

So where am I going with all this apparent time on my hands. This Nowness.

Oh Yes, happiness. That fleeting moment that comes from the first lick of a Basken and Robin’s ‘cookies and cream’ and ends with an empty sticky non biodegradable little cup in your hands that is going to create the end of the world; the planet gone, poof!.

That moment, another moment in time.  And at that very moment you realise “I don’t even know who I really am!

So you download a mindfulness app and you be present to a ringtone that disturbs your… Er…. happiness and you remember to be mindful for a moment with a quote that your app reminds you of that you don’t really understand but it makes you feel like…. a warrior. Because you’ve said it out loud five times – You feel tops. For a moment.


Now you’re back to where you started from – see? you are timeless. Now you understand.

And nothing has really changed; it’s 2018 and you’re  still ‘there’, that you that you don’t really know anymore. Still um….unhappy!

Well I’m letting you off the hook. I’m handing you a secret – not THE Secret – you tried that, it didn’t work or it did a little but.. there you are again playing Russian roulette with happiness.

“What goes up must come down” – Hermetic law

So is that the secret you ask? Yes. It is. But, it’s not the one for you today.

Today’s one comes in the form of time.. well steps in time. Five gentle steps that I have learned, to help you create a happier life in 2018.

FINALLY 5 Gentle steps to create a happier life in 2018.

  1. Realise you are already all that you can be.

“The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience.”   – Paramahansa Yogananda.

So what are you saying I can’t want anything, I can’t have goals, I can’t have things?

NO –  this doesn’t mean you can’t have things or do things – it means you are still you – that being that you can’t find, that one that wants things is still the same whether you have them or not – That fundamental you is not the desire itself. Realise this and you will be happier!

Find time each day to contemplate this and you will be one step closer to happiness

      2. Help Others without complaining

“To live for self is the source of all misery. “- – Paramahansa Yogananda.

This one speaks for itself. When we help others who are less fortunate or even those who are not, we get to step outside of our own problems as well as creating a dynamic of energetic flow. When we help others we gain a deeper sense of happiness – we experience a flow of energy and the reward of seeing someone else happy or improve their lot fills our heart with joy.  Do it often, lasting happiness takes time.

When we give we receive . It’s a little bit like what goes up must come down.

     3. Do Things you love

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” — Rumi

There must be something you love to do. Do that, do it often. Do it when you feel unhappy. Do it when you feel happy. Try to find more than one thing. Simple things, everyday things. Do them.

Take a road trip, pick flowers, walk in a forest, clean your underwear… if it makes you happy just do it!

When you do things that make you happy you create happiness chemicals in the brain and the body. The more you do them, the more you increase your memory bank of happy thoughts and the more you are inclined to act from that place. You also increase your capacity to be creative, to come up with new thoughts and feelings that complement your happiness disposition. You never know you may even be able to turn it into a vocation – in time of course

       4. Learn something new.

I’ve learned that i have a lot to learn – Maya Angelou

Learning activates the positive chemicals in our brain, increases our energy and creates new neural-pathways. Wow. And it doesn’t stop there. It prompts positive self worth and gives us something interesting to communicate. It then deepens our capacity to – you guessed it – learn more.

There are many free resources for learning, you don’t have to learn in a formal environment, you can make a decision to learn something new and find simple ways to begin. Research on the internet – go to the library, ask a knowledgeable friend.

We are never too knowledgeable or too old to learn something new

     5. Open your heart to love

“All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.” – Kahlil Gibran

Love is the key to happiness. Start with yourself. Give yourself love and it will flow into the universe, into the people you come across and into the Earth.

Open your heart up to love. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Speak your love, be your love, give over to it and your happiness will grow like a blossoming flower.

Practice these with an openness and an innocence and you will begin to discover, over time, an abiding happiness that cannot be altered by someone else’s actions, behaviours or words, as you are the mistress/master of your life and Yes, a timeless being 🙂

Warm Blessings for 2018


Take a look at our new adventure 🙂


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