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Abe's Brigade LLC

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4825 Rickman rd ne Keizer, OR 97303 Keizer, Oregon
Abe’s Brigade is selling digital tickets to political battles to fund a program to help heal our divided nation. These are personalized souvenirs that are designed to capture and memorialize the polit

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To help heal the ever-growing division among Americans, ABE’S BRIGADE is selling $1.00 tickets as souvenirs to memorialize the social and political environment within the United States of America. Please know that HONEST ABE doesn’t have any social or political agenda and that ABE’S BRIGADE will be covering many challenges in the coming years, beginning with the quest for the President of the United States of America in 2024.

Indeed, it is ironic to promote combative political battles to help heal our divided nation. That said, politicians are primarily responsible for creating the ever-growing division among Americans. Thus, using their political warfare to help create unity across the United States of America is a respectful use of political irony in a constructive manner.

Please know that $.25 from every ticket sold will go directly towards projects designed to help heal the division between the citizens across our nation with a special emphasis on teaching our children the value of tolerance.

With an exponential increase in gun violence in our schools and marketplaces, thugs smashing windows and grabbing merchandise, violent images on our television screens every day, the use of subliminal messages and social conditioning to make people feel victimized and hate others and biased media with an underlying agenda, there is good reason for the citizens across this nation to deeply concerned.

Some would like to point the finger at Presidents, government officials, political parties, and billionaire backers of political figures. Yet we have all been playing the game and the time has come for every American to take ownership of the ever-growing division of the citizens across this great nation.

We are a nation of individuals with unique gifts and talents to offer the world. Perhaps what a wise man wrote in a letter to his children before passing would be an appropriate message for every American. “The power in the world is family and the family that loves and hugs has the power.” As One Nation Under God, we are a family that must come together in search for the power to help heal the divisions among us.

Rather than taking sides and exhausting our creative energies on pointless disputes. We should choose a pathway that promotes the tolerance of others. With diverse cultures with different religious and political beliefs, we don’t have to agree or even accept what other people believe. But we can Pray for Unity.

If we want to begin healing the ever- growing division among us, we must begin by teaching our children tolerance as opposed to hating those whom we don’t share the same ideals. This is one of many illustrations that promote tolerance. It is our desire to make this illustration available to every child on earth for free, via their parents, so they may have their own brick in the terrace of tolerance.

With the diversity of religions, nationalities, income, political beliefs, needs, interests and education across the United States of America, it would be impossible for one shoe or opinion to give comfort to all. Thus, any movement to heal the division among all Americans must include the differing opinions of many accordingly. Please offer your thoughts below.

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David Willson

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Chester New Hampshire United States
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