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All reviews submitted for any blog listed within Blogging Fusion are listed within this section. Each review displayed is in the order it was received by date. We encourage all visitors and users to rate and review blogs that are worthy of your time and review. Plus we encourage all members with blogs to have their visitors and users submit blog reviews for them as well so all blogs with quality content and design can stand out from the crowd.

Steve Kohn

Steve Kohn

Great Job!

2007-09-19 01:19:58

Excellent job..still can\'t figure out how you got him on the line:)

Rating: 5.00 out 5



Introduction Pleeze

2007-08-07 03:19:59

I opened the blog to read it and I really could not follow the thread. I think if you would write a little intro about who the blog is about, who are the characters in your life? I did not not know who were suppose to be the dogs and who were the people.....So I could not follow what was going on from day to day, but it looks interesting!

Rating: 3.00 out 5

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