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formula 1 car brakes system- all you want to know 2018.

Formula 1 car brakes system Hi, As per some of the blog readers request about article on formula 1 car brakes, I am posting it in a friendly way so every one can understand. In this article i’m going to explain what is formula one car, Formula 1 car brakes & working and its 20 […] The post formula 1 car brakes system- all you want to know 2018. appeared first on Knowledge For...

Formula 1 car brakes system


As per some of the blog readers request about article on formula 1 car brakes, I am posting it in a friendly way so every one can understand.

In this article i’m going to explain what is formula one car, Formula 1 car brakes & working and its 20 unknown facts.

First, let me start with the scratch.

what is Formula 1 car?


Formula 1 is a unique type of car which is considered special because of its majestic design.

It features one seat and has an open cockpit.

In addition to that, formula 1 is an open wheel and a aerodynamically designed racing car.

It features rear and front wings, and has its engine behind the driver.

The car is unique because it is designed for a multipurpose like aerodynamic, research, speed etc.

It is not comfort car, rather it is meant for vigorous and dangerous racing however due to norms it is now safe racing.

These cars are designed for Formula 1 racing competition which is called as a championship car, and it is designed to suit each championship racing.

It is designed according to the regulations governing each championship every year by FIA.

In fact, racing teams have the responsibility of constructing such cars, but they usually outsource it to manufacturing companies. These companies ensure that it satisfies the racing competition.


Fundamentally, these cars might not be different from other cars out there.

This is because they use almost the same technology such as transmissions, combustion engines, as well as braking system and suspension system and so on.

This is where you get the similarities between Formula 1 car and other regular cars out there.

The purpose of the car is not for casual driving. Every part of tooled and tweaked towards the competition the cars will face. It is a speed car.

It is designed in such a way that it must accelerate pass other cars for the same type of competition and keeping to the rules in the process.

The cars are composed of very important parts such as the chassis, engine, braking system and so on.

These important components must be tweaked according to each championship regulations.

It is possible that what is obtained in one year will not be the same with the next year design.

The most important thing is that designers must always bear the rules and regulations in mind while designing this kind of sports car.

Formula 1 car brakes

formula 1 car brakes

One of the most important component of Formula 1 car is the braking system.

While designing the car, manufacturers must pay attention to the braking system.

Formula 1 car has disc braking system which is not different from what you get in road cars but the built is almost different.

It features rotating discs, which are often attached to the car wheels. They work on hydraulic caliper. Because of the effectiveness of the braking system, it has to be applied with care because applying the brake with force or pressure can cause the car to spin and this often results in accidents.

Too much braking system is not good for the car because it can easily overpower the grip level of the tire and because of that, it can slip and cause an accident.

Previously to deal with the problem, such cars often use anti skid braking system. This method was meant to reduce the braking pressure, and makes the car easier to control.

However, This system was no longer allowed from the 1990s.

This makes the braking system the most difficult tests for drivers. It helps to determine the driving skills. You can gain and lose significant amount of time depending on how you can control and manage the braking system.

Because of that, while designing the braking system; it is important that manufacturers pay special attention to the technical regulations for that.


Here are some of the basic facts they must pay specific attention to while designing the effective braking system, and they are as follows:

First is that formula 1 cars must be designed with one braking system and the braking system must work with a single brake pedal. Manufacturers must consider this.

Secondly, the braking system must compose of two hydraulic circuits.

These circuits are for the two wheels, which include the front wheel, as well as the rear wheel. The essence is to ensure that the circuit does not disappoint. When one circuit fails then the driver can rely on the other circuit.

Thirdly, as pointed out before, designers must ensure that they do not include the anti lock braking system also known as the ABS this is because it is no longer allowed in this kind of competition as it is considered as driver’s aid.

The brake system is such that the pressure has to be controlled by the driver through his physical and mental input. This helps to determine the efficacy and the driving skill of the driver.

The exception to the rule includes the electronic rear brake system. This is a compensation for the energy recovery effect of the axle rear.

The competition allows the rear braking control system. However, to use that, this braking system is linked to the hydraulic master cylinder, where the pressure comes from.


Furthermore, the regulation requires that every wheel should have one brake disc composed of 278mm diameter maximum as well as 32m thickness maximum. The rule further requires that every disc should have just one aluminum caliper and this has six circular pistons maximum, and should not contain two braking pads.

Air pacts are not used to control or cool the braking system and the design is such that it does not protrude above the wheels. Liquids are not allowed to be used to cool the system.

Furthermore, the rules have it that the Formula 1 braking system should not be designed to stop the wheel from locking anytime the pressure is applied by the driver.

F1 car brakes working 2018

Each year, new rules are introduced to govern the F1 car braking system for the competition of that year.

The working rules for 2018, as regards to the braking system are already discussed above and there is no need to repeat that points here.

Rules as regarding the braking system have not actually changed much.

However, there were drastic changes in some of the rules in the previous year, which was 2017 and there are enough reasons for such changes.

The rules revolved mainly on the tires and the aerodynamics. However, the changes in these areas will have an effect on the braking system, and it is important that fans understand this aspect very well.

It is expected the braking torque forces could be higher than the twenty-five percent, which it was in the previous year.

For the braking system, this has a huge implication. This will mean that there will be a change in the braking discs. The maximum thickness could increase from 28mm to about 32mm.

This will mean that drivers will add more pressure or that they have to stamp the brake harder. This makes for an increased grip. The rules, which came into effect in the previous year are expected to be maintained this current season. This could affect the circuits’ nature. It could make the braking circuit system to be tougher.

The braking systems will be more complex than it was. It is going to affect the ducts and the braking system, especially on how they affect the tire temperature and aerodynamic performance. The teams would agree on these as it would significantly impact the campaign ahead.

Twenty-five percent leaps or increase in the brake force could be good because it could address some of the difficulties encountered in the braking system. This could mean that Formula One cars could be quicker this year.

This could mean that there could be technical changes in the rules as well.

When there is an increase in force as it applies to the brake system, the maximum disc width will then increase.

This means larger size and that equally implies more flexibility on its cooling holes. This will be the case when the number increases from 1200 to 1500.

The implication of thicker disc is that more cooling will become possible. Furthermore, the braking valve will be stronger because of the expected increase in the braking torque system.

The disc has to be designed according to the new braking force.


The overtaking is one area where the braking system will have a big impact. Cars are expected to be faster and spectacular in the way they approach the competition.

The question is whether the changes are going to make the racing better.

While it can increase the speed, it will not affect the overtaking impact.

It is expected that this will make it very difficult for drivers to follow one another in their competition.

With shorter braking distance, it means that driving skill will be tested more because it could make things tougher than before.

This is because it will make it increasingly difficult for you to overtake your opponent in the competition.

F1 car braking unknown facts

There are certain facts about Formula 1 car brakes system, which you need to know. Here are some of them:

  1. Formula 1 car brakes system disc size is 28mm in thickness as well as 278mm in diameter. Most importantly, these are manufactured from the finest quality carbon fiber material currently available in the industry.
  2. Furthermore, pads and discs are presently available on carbon to carbon in F1 your Formula One cars and these are manufactured by Hitco, as well as Bromeo carbon industry.
  3. Carbon to carbon is unique because research has shown that it is very light when compared to others. The weight is at least half of the weight of other kind of materials.
  4. Carbon brake is different from others because the minimum pressure of that brake is 500 degrees and this is required before the system can work to your satisfaction.
  5. During braking, carbon to carbon working temperature is put at one thousand degrees. This is higher than that of aluminum. Research has shown that aluminum can melt at 659 degrees.
  6. When the system is braking, the temperature could be as much as 1200 degrees. This is even greater than the melting point of gold, which is put at 1063 degrees.
  7. Furthermore, there is a danger associated with carbon braking system. The system can overact and this has its negative consequences. This means that the braking system can fail at a time you least expect it and the consequence is that it can spark a fire.
  8. The system makes use of two braking hydraulic circuits, which include the front circuit for the front wheel, as well as the rear circuit for the rear wheel. The essence of the two circuits is to ensure that the braking system does not all disappoint at the same time. When the rear braking system fails the front one will be there to provide the required support.
  9. Formula 1 car brakes system is more expensive and it can cost several thousands of dollars. The costs depend on the manufacturer as well as on the holing system and so on.
  10. Manufacturing a single brake disc for Formula 1 car is time consuming. This is because it takes as much as half a year to produce one. It can take a team about 240 disc brakes for one season. This translates to 120 yearly.
  11. F1 cars can take as much as 3 GS to 5 Gs. This is even greater than what you get from a space shuttle, which can boast of 3.5Gs.
  12. Furthermore, for this car to complete a course, it can take just four seconds to complete about 300km/hr. This is what it takes the system to have a complete halt.
  13. If the car is accelerating at about 200km for an hour, it will take about 2.9 seconds for the car to come to a halt and at that, it must have covered a space of at least sixty five meters.
  14. In the same way, if the Formula 1 car is moving at the speed of 100km for an hour, it will require about 1.4 seconds for the system to come to a stop completely. At that speed, the car would have covered a space of 17 meters.

These are some of the basic facts about Formula 1 car brakes system, which you need to know. There could be several others and you need to research them to understand them better.

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The post formula 1 car brakes system- all you want to know 2018. appeared first on Knowledge For Your.

Want to know How to get rich super fast – Read this.

  How to get rich? Does anyone ask this question to you? How to get rich? Or Do you ever thought about How to get rich? Believe me. Those who had these questions in their mind are mostly Achievers via dreamers. The most asked self-questions by billions is How to get rich. But does anyoneknew that […] The post Want to know How to get rich super fast – Read this. appeared first on Knowledge For...


How to get rich?

Does anyone ask this question to you? How to get rich?

Or Do you ever thought about How to get rich? Believe me. Those who had these questions in their mind are mostly Achievers via dreamers.

The most asked self-questions by billions is How to get rich.

But does anyoneknew that we can be rich super-fast with right plan, strategy and a little mixture of hard work and smart work.

Here in this article I am going to Show You Exactly how to be filthy rich super-fast. Keep Reading this.

how to get rich


Warm ups to be Rich.

Firstly, you must understand that there are no methods to be rich overnight. There are more sites giving you promising spam ideas to be rich overnight. Don’t fall in it.

No millionaires have become rich overnight. But with right strategy you can actually become millionaire within few months.

It’s been a secret which is followed by many multi-billionaires out there. So, now I’m going to reveal it to you.

  1. Preparation to get rich
  2. working Strategy to be rich
  3. Maintaining the wealth.

These three points are the most crucial mantras for how to get rich within few months. If you follow these right strategical mantras then you can relax with a Rolex on your hand in a luxurious cruse.


It is said that one should plan before doing anything. Planning With the right strategy will keep us on safe side.

What you should get prepare for how to get rich?

YOU! Yes, you must make yourself prepare the mindset of being rich.

You have to be prepared for facing anything on the way. Profit or loss. You have to be firm.

Prepare yourself to think differently about money like the most successful billionaires do.

Develop healthy habits of billionaires and prepare to achieve financial independence.



There are certain strategies out there which can help you to be Rich more quicker than ever.

In this article I am going to give you some Best working strategies from different millionaires.

1. Can Dream big

Everything begins with budding a dream. Write your dreams down and start to create a mind map of yourself when you are wealthy.

Know what it is you want and how you think you’ll get there.

It’s not good enough just to have wishful thinking.

Your dream needs to resemble reality and that starts with your imagination.

Don’t hesitate to dream big because you will be whom you want to be. Believe in it, believe in you and  Start dreaming big to achieve it.

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2. Are you Living within your means

One of the worst mistakes man make is to live beyond what their true means are and credit has made that possible.

The trouble is, there is no hope of you ever getting out of your vicious cycle if all your earnings go to service your debt.

This might bring you surprise that mostly All that wealthy people you knew out there are living within their means.

Now, from our point of view that looks really luxurious but it’s because of their wealth, it’s well within their means. They however, are not busy running up credit card debt.

So, train yourself to live within your means and train more harder to push you out of every single dept.

Scroll down to read the next strategy.


3. Make own business

How to get rich super fast as long as you working for someone else?. Ask this question to yourself.

You will only help the company’s owner for whom you are working under Rich.

The company owner will become more rich and rich using your service giving you a single part out of 10.

Instead take that wise energy and put it into creating your own business and creating your own Kingdom and be your own boss to start earning than your boss.

This is the crucial strategy for how to get rich quickly.

But remember it doesn’t happen in a fortnight but if you start it with right strategy and creatively planned you can reach the success more quicker than your boss or friends.

Don’t think about it start your own business, learn from your flaws, Correct what get wrong and improve your business every day.

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4. Be ready to take a risk

The major difference between the normal people and wealthy people is the ability to take risk.

No pain no gain. If no gain no wealth. It’s really that simple.

If you ask any successful or wealthy person,”how to get Rich like them?”, you might get a most used reply “Take risk”.

Don’t be afraid to take risk and don’t be afraid of something might go wrong.

Now you got the choice of your life. choose it wisely. What you want?

A) Take risk, Learn to build your kingdom and live your life which you always wanted.

B) Scared to take risk and forgetting about the dream life you always wanted.

A or B. the choice is yours. But remember,the right choice of taking a little risk will make a huge impact in your life.


5. Don’t be scared to lose

Fear will kill all dreams and it will kill all desire.

If you are scared you won’t be willing to take the risks.

As well, if you are living in fear you are feeding your subconscious negative emotions and you will never get out from under your current situation until you retrain your subconscious and that requires positive emotions.



It may be Easy to get rich but maintaining that wealth’s status and growing up is what that make you the real wealthy person.

So, you must know how to maintain it when you already attained it.

According to streetsmartfinance, in his article of  wealth maintenance given 5 tips which i have mentioned below.

1:  Have liquid savings

2:  Use credit only when you can pay on time

3: Have an achievable goal in mind

4: Start planning for retirement

5: Create a long-term strategy

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If you like this article How to get rich super fast, please share this with your friends and family on social medias or mails.

Quick Question for you: What strategy do you use to build and maintain your wealth?

please subscribe if you like to get instant notification free whenever a new article is being published.









The post Want to know How to get rich super fast – Read this. appeared first on Knowledge For Your.

how to make more money proven- making money online.

How to make more money online   How to make more money online is the biggest doubts we have today. Make money online is the latest trend in business that all potential investors, entrepreneurs, and business personalities have ventured in today. The merits of making money through online platforms stretch far and wide. When the […] The post how to make more money proven- making money online. appeared first on Knowledge For...

How to make more money online


How to make more money online is the biggest doubts we have today.

Make money online is the latest trend in business that all potential investors, entrepreneurs, and business personalities have ventured in today.

The merits of making money through online platforms stretch far and wide.

When the risks of getting cash online are aligned with the potential benefits, it comes out clearly that the merits are worth the risk.

In this study, methods of obtaining money virtually will be discussed and brought forth to the attention of the reader.

Most importantly, the essence of venturing into online deals is the smartest method of surviving the harsh economic times. Below are further details.


Making money online 


Writing E-books and selling them

how to make more money making money online

Many doesn’t know how to make more money by writing or selling ebooks. But this is one of the effective method for making money online with huge profits.

It is a well-known fact on file that there are individual books whose contents are valuable regarding unique materials yet they are hardly available in the physical world.

In as much as initiating this venture may seem somewhat demanding and expensive at the beginning, the shot is definitely worth the returns that you will enjoy once the book gets to be part of the online community.

It could serve as a perfect method of getting cash that is legal and constant every second once a reader subscribes.



Marketing through Email


The good thing about email marketing is the fact that as soon as you get to log in, the preferred type of venture you chose immediately pops up.

In the bigger picture, this is a massive plus since many people are subscribers to different kinds of mail.

If you get the chance to market your goods or services, email marketing will take it to another level of business.

Positively, it is worth noting that using email marketing will not cost you a lot of money. It means that you can be able to enjoy maximized levels of economies of scale.




Selling audiobooks


In the current society, there are so many technical courses that different learners would like to get further guidance regarding the best way to succeed in those topics.

The good thing about selling audio books is the fact that they go very well with e-books.

It creates the impression that if a specific researcher is not contented with the details of an e-book, all he needs is an audiobook.

This method has been proved to be one of the most means of making money through online platforms because of its demand in the market.


Creating a blog

how to make more money making money online


It is common knowledge that building blogs takes a lot of work creating the notion that before getting to enjoy the economies of scale that come with it, hard work is crucial.

The real thing about running a blog is that you had the opportunity to shape the opinion of the public.

Most importantly, ensuring that the view of the people is formed in particular perspective places you on an influential pedestal in society.

Ideally, blogging has the capability of earning you a lot of dollars that when directed in the right place has the power of taking your financial status to another level.


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Using Fiverr


One of the advantages of using Search Engine Optimization Apps like Fiverr is the fact that as a client or a writer, you can still be able to make money in one way or the other.

If you have skills that can work well with accounting and other relevant social marketing skills, Fiverr is one of the most reliable places for making money online.

Ideally, most organizers that have the most significant events and gigs that need a massive turn up usually hire the services of skilled Fiverr operation engineers that have mastered the nature of all the requirements of the clientele of that App.

App creation

App creation Judging from the sound of it, what comes out is that it requires an ideal set of skills and knowledge that are associated with software development. The merit of creating an app is that with every single download or login, a couple of cents are sent to your account. There are several apps in the play store which means that there are those that could be real while others could be fake. To beat this threat, what should be done is ensuring that you input the right standard and quality of app creation so that you get to secure the best team of clients available.

Judging from the sound of it, what comes out is that it requires an ideal set of skills and knowledge that are associated with software development.

The merit of creating an app is that with every single download or login, a couple of cents are sent to your account.

There are several apps in the play store which means that there are those that could be real while others could be fake.

To beat this threat, what should be done is ensuring that you input the right standard and quality of app creation so that you get to secure the best team of clients available.


Selling services in SEO and academic sites


In the today world, reliable sources of information reveal that using your skill set and expertise to sell your services to various reliable sites can earn you a lot of money.

On the positive end, if a client likes the services that you might have sold to them, you might get an opportunity of being referred to yet another set of clients.

When this happens, it is likely that you will enjoy a high level of profits as opposed to just staying at home.





Using eBay

how to make more money making money online

At the mention of eBay, what comes to mind is the ability to expose your goods and services to a wide range of potential buyers that will stop at nothing to secure your products and services.

Ever since online gigs became the real thing in the corporate world, eBay and its services have never failed to attract massive investments.

Most importantly, learning to sell your items on eBay gives you marketing skills that might not be able to come quickly despite learning technical courses.

In other words, eBay is way more than just a plus.

Creation of unique education courses


Thinking about how far the world has come, there is a wide range of aspects that some of us in society were never taught but, through interaction and study, we managed to learn.

That being mentioned, note that there are specific courses where the cardinal objective is to handle complicated aspects of life that have not yet gotten to the attention of the world.

Such courses require a high level of ingenuity that might not be available in the typical learning institution.

If you have the skills, power, and resources that can come up with such a unique idea, you are on the right path to success.



Writing articles for SEOs

how to make more money making money online

Depending On your knowledge and skill in writing, there is a simple method of getting reliable cash from legitimate clients across the globe.

Article writing has the capability of assuring you of fixed payment all through despite the season of academic years in school.

The advantage of making money using articles is that there is a consistent cover of job opportunities which creates the impression that once you impress your clients, you can rest knowing that by the end of the week or after two weeks.

Article writing is the real deal.

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Renting your house online


Even though it seems like a physical business, there is some truth in that mentality since the origin of real estate has been traced back to actual roots as opposed to online ideologies.

Sites and apps that are used for advertising your home especially if you are living in places that are frequently visited by tourists and visitors from all corners of the world are rampant in the play store.

Reputable sites like Airbnb understand the role that hiring your house for a short term has in the growth and development of employment opportunities. It is the beginning of a new dawn of making money.



Offering Webinars

Another useful method that has proven to be capable of making you extremely rich is through providing training session through online classes.

In the world today, you may have a particular set of knowledge like life skills, and you figure out how you can be able to access a potential target audience.

Once you do that, promoting your specific preference to your selected audience is the next big thing.

You can choose to tutor beginners how to swim, how to work out and perhaps even how to ski. It all depends on your areas of expertise.


Virtual Assisting


As much as it may not seem as promising as such, it is worth noting that virtual assistance has the merit of taking care of the tiny details that everyone gets to miss.

An excellent example of how virtual aid can give you cash online is providing ideal guidance on how to use simple programs like Microsoft, how to save pages when researching as well as the creation of links just to mention a few.

In the beginning, it may prove to be a bit challenging but, once you master the skill of showing others great guidelines, it is likely that you can increase traffic to your site.



Mechanical Turk

If you wonder how to make more money to your wallet mechanical truck is also a better way to make it in to reality

As ,

Mechanical Turk is Amazon’s take on micro-jobs. These are small miniscule-jobs that you can do for other people, which they call HITs, or Human Intelligence Tasks. These are super simple tasks that anyone can do. Some examples are listing off some URLs with certain kinds of images for one cent, or recording a few phrases with a microphone for 6 cents.

this might not pay you a lot during the start but if  you finish more HIts you can make a decent cash out of it.



Building personal virtual stores

how to make more money making money online


this is also one of the best way for making money online.

As opposed to getting to be part of a bigger traffic in apps like eBay and Etsy, coming up with your store through the use of Shopify can go a long way in helping you maneuver this harsh times.

The merit of using Shopify is that you get to be the teller of your own story.

For example, if you come up with an exciting idea on how to make unique door mats using a simple homemade material, Shopify can allow you to increase the potential market for your goods.


Etsy is a popular site that promotes the sale of personally made products and services.if you want to know how to make more money using it keep reading.

Being able to customize specific assets should be more than a blessing rather than just skill that helps you gain fame in the town.

Keep in mind that several homeowners would stop at nothing to see to it that every inch of their house is customized in a very manner that they deem fit.

Most importantly, when such clients approach you, it is prudent to exercise a high level of professionalism so that you can be able to retain the right faith gesture.



how to make more money Creating tutorials

Creation of unique education courses Thinking about how far the world has come, there is a wide range of aspects that some of us in society were never taught but, through interaction and study, we managed to learn. That being mentioned, note that there are specific courses where the cardinal objective is to handle complicated aspects of life that have not yet gotten to the attention of the world. Such courses require a high level of ingenuity that might not be available in the typical learning institution. If you have the skills, power, and resources that can come up with such a unique idea, you are on the right path to success.

If you got a doubt how to make more money and making money online without investing money and start for free you too got a way.

Another proven method of getting rich using online platforms is through the use of video tutorials on YouTube.

There is no denying the fact that YouTube is one of the best sites to be especially if you intend to learn how new gadgets work, their risk as well as maintenance matters.

The positive side is that with every single view that your tutorial gets, you get paid according to the terms and agreements of YouTube.

Being spent in the comfort of your own home is the best feeling there is.

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Meeting academic expectations of clients

once a friend of mine asked how to make more money by meeting academic expectations of clients? when I told him this.

haha! But many doesn’t know this is a effective way.

If you are an expert in a particular field of life, do not let your knowledge and skills go to waste.

There are clients out there who are willing to pay way more than you could ever imagine just for you to engage in some severe levels of research and answer their question correctly.

The good thing is that even when you fail to get the answers successfully, there is always room for trying another assignment.

Various academic writing sites have reliable clients who understand the professional obligation they have with qualified writers especially if they get all the answers correctly.


Make money online Sell photos.

You might be thinking how to make more money by selling photos. But you can for free.

Do you like taking photos with your smart phones or do you own a dslr with which you take photos when ever you go out.

Then there is a happy news for you buddy that can put a big curve in your face.

All the photos you took worth some extra money in your pocket. you can sell them from free to 1 lakh on different photo selling sites.

If you are looking for such sites then i’ll give you some best sites to sell your photos.

  1. 500px prime :  Read this to know how to sell your images on 500px prime
  2. shutterstock :  Click this to know how to sell your images on shutterstock

  1. Etsy                   :   Tips to know how to sell your images on Etsy
  2. istockphoto   :  Read this to know how to sell your images on istockphoto 
  3. dreamstime  :   how to sell your images on dreamstime
  4. shopify            :   open this for tips to know how to sell your images on shopify


how to make more money making money online

suming it all up, what is now clear is the fact that despite unemployment levels being so far on the rise, there is no arguing over the fact that online platforms over a massive range of employment opportunities that can be used in your benefit.

In the study above, How to make more money through ideal online ventures have been discussed elaborately to meet all expectations of the reader and is proved to be a effective way making money online.

All of the ways that have been addressed in the discussion above have been proven to be not only legitimate when it comes to earning real good cash but also, foresighted as far as securing future employment opportunities are concerned.

What do you think?

Is there any other way you want me to update in this blog, please comment below. If it is related i will definitely update it in my article.

please comment below what do you think about this article and how to make more money using any other techniques. thank you

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squirrly seo vs yoast -The best seo for blogs and website 2018

 Best SEO for Blogs and Websites   Hey buddy. Do you want to rank within top 10 of google search page? I’ll take it as “Yes”. Because that’s the reason why you are here. Are you searching for the best Seo, but confused between Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO? Here is a review that might […] The post squirrly seo vs yoast -The best seo for blogs and website 2018 appeared first on Knowledge For...

 Best SEO for Blogs and Websites


Hey buddy. Do you want to rank within top 10 of google search page?

I’ll take it as “Yes”. Because that’s the reason why you are here.

Are you searching for the best Seo, but confused between Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO?

Here is a review that might help you choosing the best.

But before that let me explain what is Seo?

what is SEO?

SEO expanded as Search Engine optimisation is one of the ways to make your site ranking in high position in the organic google results page by optimising your sites.

now,I think you already know that, one crucial part of website building is search engine optimisation SEO.

As we got some rules to live by, google got some algorithms too.

so, This Search engine optimisation’s make sure that our website abide by google algorithms.

so many doesn’t know about google’s algorithms.

Types of SEO

There are three types of search engine optimisations available nowadays.

  • White hat seo (good)
  • Grey hat seo(medium)
  • Black hat seo(warning)

so, before you choose your Seo you must be aware of these techniques And know which seo technique the seo Services of your provides.

This Seo makes sure your site is optimised for Google, which enables it to attract traffic to your landing pages. So, choosing the right Seo is very important for your website’s traffic.

But after typing Seo into plugin search, you might be confused choosing between two top ranked plugins. “Yoast seo” and “Squirrly”.

let’s go the battle of Squirrly seo vs yoast .

If you don’t know about it, let me explain about them first.

Yoast Seo

Squirrly seo vs Yoast the best seo for blogs
caption @

Yoast SEO is one of the available plugins for WordPress.

This Yoast is considered as one of the best seo for blogs available in the wordpress plugins.

It provides you with fantastic all-round services which ensure your website has search engine friendly foundations and is technically sound.

The Yoast makes optimization easy for you, resulting in a comfortable experience.

Squirrly SEO

On the other hand, Squirrly SEO is a free/premium WordPress SEO plugin which you can use to optimize your website to run on the WordPress platform.

It’s powerful and comes with many fantastic features, which means you should consider it.

For instance, it enables you to write content which is SEO friendly and easy for users to read.

The result is you’ll improve your Google rankings while providing your target market with useful content.

This review looks at the features and benefits of these two WordPress SEO Plugins in detail.


Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO

 Let’s compare and see which is the best Seo for blogs, Squirrly seo vs yoast seo.


Five Features of the Yoast SEO Plugin

 Social Integration

Social media platforms play an essential role in our everyday lives.

It means you should ensure your content is available on these platforms.

Here Yoast SEO plugin makes this task easy through providing you with simple to use social integration services.

For instance, Yoast lets you link your site with social media channels.


Advanced Options


The Yoast SEO Plugin comes with the advanced options feature.

To access this features and edit a blog post or page, you should click the gear icon tab.

The result is you’ll have options for canonical URL and Meta robots.

Meta robots are used in specific posts or pages which you don’t want Google to index.

The best way is to use them sparingly, for example, when you want to.



Redirects/Search Console


Yoast SEO puts anything you require in one place.

It also integrates your search console into its plugin.

This ability enables you to monitor the number of 404 pages that Google is detecting, which allows you to solve them fast.

Keep in mind that having the data makes it easy for you to manage your site, although you cannot use the plugin to implement plugins.



XML Sitemap


One way that Google uses to understand your website’s structure is by using XML sitemaps, which means you should have a sitemap in place.

By using Yoast SEO, you won’t have to undergo the stress of designing a sitemap for your site, since it comes with an inbuilt XML sitemap feature.

All you have to do is to enable this functionality, while Yoast takes care of the rest of the job.

However, it’s crucial that you audit your sitemap regularly to ensure essential areas of your website are included.



Snippet Editor


It’s a useful tool that makes Yoast stand apart from its competition.

It enables you to have a preview of how your page will look in the search engine results of Google.

It also allows you to make fast edits to the critical metadata fields.

When changing your page description or page title, the Yoast plugin will enable you to determine whether they are short or long.


Five features Squirrly SEO Plugin


Squirrly seo vs Yoast the best seo for blogs


Squirrly SEO is one powerful plugin that comes with several excellent features.

It is regarded as one of the best Seo for blogs.

It helps you to write easy to read content which is SEO friendly, enabling you to rank higher in search engine results.

As per SQUIRRLY, This Plugin helps you

To optimize your post for both human and Search engines.

Below we look at its many excellent features.


Keyword Research

The Squirrly Keyword Research is one fantastic and Unique feature which makes Squirrly a better plugin than others.

This feature lets you choose keywords for your blog or article from suggested keywords that are similar to your article topic and which users on Google are using to search for information.

It lets you know exact searches, competition and the suggested keywords trend. If you want to search for a keyword for a particular country, you can do it by picking the flag of that country.


Live Assistant feature


The Squirrly Live Assistant feature guides you by showing the necessary instructions.

It assists you in real-time, for example, as you type your article.

The result is a user-friendly text which will ensure readers find your content fast.

Remember you are not just writing for search engines.

The live assistance enables you to learn how to optimize your article for search engines and humans, which means that Google won’t ban your content.

You’ll get links from other blogs and social media platform shares as a result.


 Performance Analytics

This is also a unique feature from Squirrly between Squirrly seo vs yoast.

This feature allows you to keep an eye on how your pages or articles are performing.

Another benefit of this function is that you can know which of your pages has the most visitors from referrals or organic traffic.

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Snippet Tool


The Squirrly snippet tool feature shows you how your article will appear on the search engine after you enter the required SEO data.

It means you can customize your pages to increase your conversion rate.

It also lets you know if your keywords appear in your text section.

Other SEO plugins won’t give you this ability to customize your text.

The results are duplicate pages on search engines, which make it difficult to select the right page for your visitors.

Copyright free images.


Yes, between Squirrly Seo vs Yoast, This is also one of the unique feature that Squirrly steals the competition.

Every blog post must include one images, but we will be penalised or infringed if we use images from google.

So, it is suggested that we use copyright free images, which is provided by squirrly in its pro version which help us to be on the safer side.



Did I just said Url Optimization?

YES. haven’t heard in any other plugins right.

But, in the new version of Squirrly 2018 let will you optimize every single URL of your site.

This will help you to rank really faster in the google search.

Comparison with Squirrly seo vs yoast this is a unique feature by Squirrly. So,This is considered one of the best feature to be the Best seo for blogs.

Conclusion squirrly seo vs yoast


So, This is some important features Comparison of Squirrly Seo Vs Yoast Seo.

The above Squirrly SEO vs Yoast SEO review shows that Both are equally competitively good but  Squirrly must be considered best WordPress SEO plugin because of its few unique features than Yoast.

The reason is it comes with several excellent features such as the Keyword Research and live assistance features which assist you in real-time and with lot of free Copyright free images related to your post and much more other unique features.

Remember that you need to come up with articles which are fully optimized for both humans and search engines for the best SEO outcome.

By choosing Squirrly SEO, you will see your SEO stats and google rank improve them on a regular basis. You can also See your Rank on google from your Admin dashboard.

Another benefit is you’ll get the best keywords that will enable your site to rank higher in users search engine results.

The result will be increased traffic to your website or blog and better returns on your investment.

However you can use both the plugin at a time for a same website and they will work without any issue as they are designed to be compatible with each other.

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Free traffic – Killer Tips to drive traffic to new blog

Drive traffic to new blog free Hi mates! Welcome back. Getting free traffic is hard? Are you one of the person who got frustrated because you are not getting any traffic to new blog? If you are blogger or own a website, but not getting the desired viewers, you always wanted. Then you are here […] The post Free traffic – Killer Tips to drive traffic to new blog appeared first on Knowledge For...

Drive traffic to new blog free

Hi mates! Welcome back.

Getting free traffic is hard? Are you one of the person who got frustrated because you are not getting any traffic to new blog?

If you are blogger or own a website, but not getting the desired viewers, you always wanted.

Then you are here to know how to overcome that frustration by knowing how to drive traffic to new blog of yours.

Don’t Worry!

This time I’m here with some killer Tips to increasing site viewers. Yes, free traffic.

Modern blogs and businesses understand the importance and benefits of SEO and its ability to increase site Viewers.

Even so, most businesses fail to take advantage of SEO strategies in transforming organic visits into long-term commitments. As a result, you might have tried several strategies without gaining significant change in traffic numbers.

Despite the challenges of applying the correct SEO strategies, any undertaken efforts can offer you tremendous payoffs.

Below are our top 11 tips To Drive traffic to new blog 100% free traffic.

free traffic - drive traffic to new blog


Tip #1: Identify which links work or don’t for your website


In the past, a site’s backlinks have been the foundational elements of driving site traffic.

Even so, experts project a gradual decline in backlink usefulness in the future.

Nonetheless, backlinks are an important factor in increasing your website’s traffic.

Actually, you can’t increase site’s free traffic using Google without using a lot of links. However, doing so limits your site’s competitiveness.

For this reason, you need to understand what backlinks are and identify which backlinks work or don’t.

You can accomplish this by analyzing your site’s backlinks and comparing their usefulness.

Once you identify the most effective backlinks, create more of the same. Keep the following points in mind during the analysis phase:

  •  Link only to relevant websites in your industry category
  •  Use only contextual links as part of your SEO strategy
  •  Remember to link to long and detailed articles that offer more value to your audience
  •  If you desire to benefit from organic traffic growth, use dofollow links
  •  Avoid using automatically generated backlinks instead add them manually
  •  Ensure that your backlinks are from an authoritative domain and trustworthy source


Tip #2: Promote your blog post with social medias.

drive traffic to new blog - free traffic
Did you know social medias are one of the best way to attract free huge traffic to your website.

If you thought sharing your post in social medias is a bad idea, then you are terribly wrong.

For many bloggers social media sites are some of the top traffic sources.

So, whenever you publish a new post every time, share it with your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google plus, Pinterest and more.

Spend some time cultivating some networks or groups in your social sites and share your blog post with them.

 This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to new blog.


Tip # 3: Discard and Disown Non-Working Backlinks to drive traffic to new blog

Get rid of bad backlinks to improve your Google ranking.

The importance of eliminating bad links cannot be overstated.

The more bad backlinks your site has the more difficult it is to improve its rankings.

Besides, having numerous bad and low-quality links can attract Google penalties.

If you want quality inbound links you can choose BUYING backlinks from the trusted site to rank in top 10 in google search pages.


You can also read my Article Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018 to rank #1 for building quality backlinks.

free traffic - drive traffic to new blog

Tip # 4: Address Your Audience’s Problems and Questions


If you own an online business, you definitely receive a large number of questions from existing and potential customers.

Besides, content-based websites often receive questions that require answers. Given that, you should avoid giving short replies using email to each query.

Instead write a detailed blog post covering your audience’s concerns, problems, and worries.

Doing so boosts the chances of your website to appear first in Google results offering a solution to their problem.

so, try this step and you can able to see a huge difference not only in attracting huge free traffic but also in improved audience engagements with your website.


Tip # 5: Contribute Content to Reputable Sites in Your Business Niche


Becoming a contributor to the most popular sites in your industry is an excellent way of increasing your site viewers.

Typically, this lets you gain access to an established online community where you can leverage referral traffic.

In addition to that, including a backlink of these sites will positively impact on your site traffic.

However, you should avoid blogging on sites that have low rankings as it will adversely affect your site traffic. For this reason, be selective when choosing websites to guest blog for.


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Tip # 6: Optimize Your Site’s Metadata and Content


Google typically takes a sneak peek of a site’s metadata and present contextual keywords.

Therefore, ensure that your site’s metadata contains relevant information to increase its search engines ranking.

Below are a few things to do to improve your site traffic.

  •  Refine your website’s meta descriptions, titles as well as its keywords
  •  Ensure that your site’s image titles, descriptions, and ALT are correctly optimized
  •  Avoid keyword stuffing while including keywords in the first few paragraphs of your content


Tip # 7: Regularly Post Quality Content on Your Site


Best way to get free traffic is Consistency.

The adage that content is king is true when it comes to improving site traffic.

To drive traffic to new blog, Offering quality content will help you benefit from backlinks, social media sharing as well as improve the overall performance of your site.

Do not settle for good content; strive to create outstanding articles that outshine what your competition offers.

Avoid writing for the sake of publishing. Instead, you should focus on creating quality content that makes your site stand out from the rest.

As competition increases, only quality content can guarantee you long-term success.


Tip # 8: Monitor your site’s performance


It is important that you progressively monitor your site traffic over specific time periods.

Doing so helps identify what works or doesn’t.

As you employ the above tips, your site’s free traffic is bound to increase.

For this reason, you should conduct a comprehensive review of your site’s links. To accomplish this, you should invest in a backlinks SEO tool or wait for backlinks to build with your unique quality content.


Tip # 9: Never Piss Off Google


Just like biting the hand that feeds you, avoid angering Google.

Regrettably, some SEO agencies are fond of testing the limits of what they can do to increase web traffic.

You should conduct your campaign ethically to avoid incurring Google penalties.

Use the suggestions below when implementing your campaign.

  • Never build cheap backlinks to your site
  • Never ever pay for low quality inbound links
  • Avoid using exact match anchoring text
  • Desist from using low quality, stolen or scraped content
  • Ensure that your content is always helpful to your readers

As previously noted, increasing site’s free traffic is challenging.

Therefore, you should avoid using shortcuts to create an avalanche of site traffic.

Doing so can cause you to incur penalties along the way.

Thus, you should create a daily process of creating great and helpful content for your users. In turn, doing so will help drive higher volumes of free traffic to your site.


#Tip 10: Add social sharing buttons.

drive traffic to new blog - free traffic

It’s not a joke. Some thinks that adding social media plugin is waste of space and brings no use to your site.

Actually adding Optimised social media plugins can actually help you to drive huge free traffic to your site.

You can use addtoany plugin, if you want to add share buttons to your each post or pages.

so that your readers can spread a word about your blog post to the world using different social plugin available in this plugin.

You can also use social sharing plugin as a traffic resource from its community and can actually  earn money from it. Yes, it’s true.

Plugin like sharaholics will help you to drive huge traffic to your sites using their innovative plugin.

It has Increase pageviews, engagement and time on site by highlighting relevant content discovered from across your website.

Their optimised social media plugin help you and your viewers to share your quality post to any social networking sites and Provides you with important actionable metrics including insights into how your content is performing, who’s sharing it, and through which channels it is spread.

you can use their ads by creating campaign to drive targeted traffic, leads & awareness by promoting your content to passionate audiences. It will help you reach over 450 million people with native ads and promoted content.

you can also monetise your new blog using their ads programs like anchored text ads, over-stream video ads and affiliate link ads.

overall it’s free and you can make a lot out from it. This can help you grow your traffic to the next level.


Last but not the least, there are different forums and directories out there in the virtual world called google.

These forums and directories might brings you lot of unique visitors referral or organic visitors to your site once you submit your links into their forums or directory.

But remember google doesn’t like every forums and directories. If you choose the wrong fish in the sea google might penalise you without even notifying you or warn you.

so, post it in a high quality, niche relevant directories.

Choosing the right forums and directories can drive traffic to your website without penalising yourself.

if you want to know more about google friendly directory read my another post on build backlinks and drive traffic, which will help you to build backlinks and also making your post rank in top 10 in google search page like mine.





Remember that you do not have to be an expert in online marketing to increase traffic to your site.

Performing basic keyword adjustments or tweaking blog titles can significantly improve traffic volumes to your site.

Besides, if you desire more free traffic, you have to work for it. Consistently giving each of these tips your best effort will help you leverage opportunities ignored by your competitors.

Keep it in mind that these are not the only ways to drive higher volumes of traffic to your site.

Therefore, I recommend you to use the perfect blend of these tips into your strategy which will help drive traffic to new blog of yours.

Quick Question for you?

What are all the methods you are using to drive traffic to your site? Leave your answers in the comment box

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Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018 to rank #1

Seo link building strategy to Build Backlinks 2018 Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. If you are here then you might what to know how to build backlinks 2018 or seo link building. I am going to give you some ideas on how to build your backlinks from various methods which turns out to be […] The post Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018 to rank #1 appeared first on Knowledge For...

Seo link building strategy to Build Backlinks 2018

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. If you are here then you might what to know how to build backlinks 2018 or seo link building.

I am going to give you some ideas on how to build your backlinks from various methods which turns out to be a very effective.

Well you might have heard the name “backlinks” from various places. But do you know what it is?

First let me explain you what is backlink?

Backlinks are just links that make google believe in your site or trust your website or blog. I can promise you that without a single backlink you cannot rank top on the google search page. Let me tell you what actually is a backlink.

According to,

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage.When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. In the past, backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a webpage.

yes. I use this simple words for my friends for better understanding, Backlinks are like roads between two sites, that connect each other. below is the example of backlinking of sites.

build backlink 2018- seo link building example chart

backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others guarantee for your content that it is worth to believe or truth.

do you know many call backlinks with different names like incoming link, inbound links (IBL’s), inlink, inward link.


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Importance of backlink

Backlinks are like award. building each backlink make your blog or website more popular in the blogging world.

According to webconfs,

Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

if you want your blog to rank in google first page, then your blog should have inbound links(a lot) so google can trust on your site so that google can provide its customers with quality contents and good internet experience.

The popular blogger, youtuber and successful billionaire and founder of , Mr.Neil Patel said

“Backlinks will remain a vital Google ranking factor, but effective link building is now about trust and popularity.” 

I Hope with this you got a outline of what is inbound links and why it is important.

Next I’m gonna tell you

How will it help us in our website ranking?

You know why we are building inbound links. but do you know how it will help our site grow.

let me explain this to you.

you made a url writing a beautiful article to your website. Now the search engine got No Idea what’s your article is about.

so, I am telling you to submit your url for indexing. After indexing when you check for your ranking on google, squirrly shows your rank is in top 60.

so, now you are puzzled how to rank in top 10. There comes the saviour. Quality inbound links help you to grow you from those top 60 now.

But, The backlinks must be relevant to your keyword. Otherwise, It will not be considered as important backlink by our new google bots.

on the past days, every inbound links is considered good for you site by google algorithm, but according to new google algorithm only high quality inbound link is considered good for your site.

SO, I tell you to Choose your Backlinks wisely.

How can one build backlink 2018 way?

You now know some basics about what is backlink and and how it’s been used.

but, what you came here is for to know how to build backlinks 2018 way. I knew that 🙂

There are many different Methods one can grow his/her website backlinks in today’s competitive world.

But before doing it I think it will be better now to let you know the consequences of choosing the wrong or low quality backlinks.

There are more than 200 ranking factors google look upon for the quality of the site. The major ranking factors are given below in this pie chart.

Google ranking factor-build backlink

In this chart you can see the most part consuming the google ranking factor is Authority of Domain and anchor text and anchor text strength or External link strength.

Other factor is on page seo. So, before thinking about Seo link building you must take this factors into consideration.

The pages whose Domain Authority and Other factors which i mentioned above is high, Linking to those pages will give you High quality Backlink.

If you do this you will get more quality traffic to your sites.

If you build low quality backlinks from sites like porn sites, free automatic backlink builder , there are chances you might get spammed yourself.

For your knowledge,these free automatic link builders, what they do is tricking the seo and make your site rank. But google keeps updating to stop these kind of actions.

So, when you got up by google, they can dramatically decrease your ranking which you never dreamt of or even block your site or content.

So, if you want to build links you have to choose correct high quality Backlink providers.

I can tell you some most important methods that can dramatically grow your high quality Backlink counts, but can take time. Backlink is all about patience.


Yes. you can buy quality Backlinks from the sites which offer organic backlinks .

you might heard or seen somewhere that some Offer Free quality backlinks, but After you check the qualities of the sites you are linked will be no relation to your niche. So, It might turn a plaque to your website.

I would suggest you Linksmanagement for  seo link Building. you can choose your Backlink from high quality sites which is related to your niche.

If you are buying 10 links every week it is enough for you to rank in top 10 in google search, According to

If you don’t have money to buying high quality backlinks there are always an another way to proceed.

Just keep on reading.

Guest blogging in relevant websites:

The secret of getting High quality Backlinks is by Building Relations. You may ask how I can build relation if i know anybody.

You have the answer that if you don’t know anyone how will you make your blog visible to others.

Every influencers are ready to build relation If you get to them in a proper manner.

Ask them for a guest blogging opportunity. If they are ready, then you will get a high quality backlink as google trust them as they won’t allow duplicate content.

Guest blogging in your relevant niche websites will drive High quality traffic to your site who are interested in your content.

If you write unique quality article for their website, then you can even get more people to link to them which is more authority which transfers over to your website.

Benefits of guest posting.

There are many different benefits of guest posting. I have given some important benefits of guest blogging.

  • Increase domain authority
  • build quality traffic and backlink
  • increase page and google search page authority
  • create online influence
  • build your social profile
  • improve trust juice from the blogging site.
  • Boost your brand recognition

now let’s move on to the third technique.



infographics are the new method of communicating with our readers which has the tendency to attract more than blank text.

our brain deal in a different manner with images when compared to text.

Jeff bulls says in his article that

“Infographics” is one efficient way of combining the best of text, images and design to represent complex data that tells a story that begs to be shared.

use code generator Siegemedia, once you posted your infographic in your page. so, you will get copyright of that content and no one can use it without giving you backlink.

Seo link building infographics- build backlinks 2018

Share this link in your site to get this image. And add my backlink to your seo link building list.

 <h3>Share this Image On Your Site</h3>
<textarea onclick='this.focus();' style='width:540px;height:120px'><p><strong>Please include attribution to knowledge for your with this graphic.</strong><br /><br /><a href=''><img src='' alt='infographic on backlink' 540px border='0' /></a></p></textarea>

There are 5 Major reason why you should add infographics

  1. They got the tendency to go viral easily
  2. It benefits SEO
  3. The infographic can be shared by another blogger leaving you a backlink
  4. They are compelling and can attract viewers easily
  5. It can increase your traffic.

The more the traffic the more the chances of getting backlink easily to your webpage.



If you really want a high quality Backlinks, I would recommend you more to build a unique and a quality content.

Blog about something first, I mean result shows one who start a topic get his seo link building list filled.

Quality unique content can attract other bloggers easily and can make them use yours as source in their content leaving you with an inbound link.

The more unique your content = More Backlinks from other blogs.

If a high domain authority website link to your content then you will get more authority which transfer to your website.

so, build a highly compelling unique article for your blog to attract more backlinks to your site.

Ebooks or Learning materials.

You might seem in some websites that they provide ebooks and learning materials for free. After signing up you get their free ebook.

there is no surprise that why they are giving it free.

It is also a content marketing technique. you might seem some words highlighted when clicked opens a webpage.

Below is one of the example of ebooks cover that might attract the viewers.

ebook- seo link building-build backlinks 2018

so, more compelling the ebooks, the more it will be downloaded.

The more it is downloaded, the more backlink you can gain through your ebook.

You can add more than 10 links in your ebooks and can also promote your affiliate products through that.



As I mentioned Above in the GOOGLE RANKING FACTOR chart, Social signals got 11% of the google ranking method.

This social medias are linked to the search engines and will communicate about your blog activities.

So, the best way to increase high quality backlinks from those high ranked social networks is through linking your websites through them.

You can run facebook ads, insta ads, twitter ads which will help your site to have high authority juice flow.



One research say more than 90% of Internet users choose linking to the authoritative and credible researches and surveys, even it is underestimated by most.

If your research is based on true Data and Judgements and is relevant to your blog, Then it can be a powerful tool to build backlinks.

Researching about Something might consume a lot of time. But once you produce the result it will put your website forefront of being an authoritative resource.

If you got solid evidence that the research result is true, Other websites and bloggers might link to it because it makes them look more credible.

So, choose a topic and start your research right now and start to build backlinks from others.


There are many forums and directories available to post your blog posts.

Submitting your post in these directories will give you a back-link and will also help you to drive more traffic making them visible to most number of viewers and journalist.

But, you must be aware that not every directories and forums are friend to google and google doesn’t like you found on them.

You might get penalised or ranked down if you are found by google with them.

Be careful on choosing the forums and directories.

You can use lot of google friendly forums and directories found over the internet.

What makes a directories google friendly?

Google love their viewers. Some of the directories fail to give what the readers ask for making the readers disappointed or angry.

If readers get angry google gets angry because those directories hurts google love.

So, what I am trying to say is a good directory is something that respond to its viewers with what they want and make them happy.

some of the google friendly directories are

  2. BloggingFusionBlogDirectory
  3. Dmoz
  4. jasmine
  5. Digg

these are some old friends of google where it is safe to submit your website or blog to build backlinks 2018 style.

So, posting your blogs to directories is also one of the effective method to build backlinks.


Your testimonials on high DA websites can also help you to build a strong backlink to your site and can drive more traffic.

Testimonials of yours in other websites related to your niche is the simplest way for you seo link building strategy.

You are just going to compliment other products in others website where they give back you backlink to your site.

See, writing a 2 to 8 lines in a websites can give you backlink. It is easy right.

Try this and you build your inbound links to your site.

Going on to another method to increase your link list.



Comment Seo link building- build backlinks2018 -build backlinks

Commenting on other Blogs will also help you to gain some backlinks.

There are so many positive things about blog commenting apart from negatives.

  1. Commenting on relevant blogs will build you a backlink if it is a Do-follow comment.
  2. It will help you grow your relation between influencers.
  3. Help you to get small amount of referral traffic
  4. Build Relevancy among the influencers site and more.

You can comment on ones website to build backlinks but in a way of complimenting them. but don’t spam it.


What will be the easiest method to build backlinks 2018 or Seo link building.

When coming to seo link building, It takes lot of time to build a proper list of backlinks.

GUEST BLOGGING and TESTIMONIALS are some of the most easiest method to get high quality backlink. But for each guest posting will get one inbound link.

Fastest way to get inbound link is BUYING BACKLINKS. It also take little time, but you will get high Authoritative inbound links if you are ready to spend some cash.

However CREATING INFOGRAPHICS, CREATING QUALITY CONTENT, COMMENTING are also the same, but will help you to grow inbound links quickly.

Seo link building will take time. But it can be done more quickly, if you have a unique quality content and are buying quality backlinks according to me.


Do you build backlinks using methods mentioned above or you use a different methods? please let us know:-)

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