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What’s The Best Nursery Glider for 2018?

As parents ourselves, we understand that the first few months are one big blur of late nights, early mornings and lack of sleep! Getting your child down to sleep becomes one of the most... The post What’s The Best Nursery Glider for 2018? appeared first on Kids Saver...

best nursery glider
As parents ourselves, we understand that the first few months are one big blur of late nights, early mornings and lack of sleep! Getting your child down to sleep becomes one of the most important parts of the day. This  makes a nursery glider a real godsend!

Of course, gliders / rockers have been lovingly used by parents for generations. Gliders  provide a relaxing and calming motion that soothe your baby to sleep. They’re also great for nursing your baby, too.

As with all baby products, gliders can be very expensive which makes choosing the best one really important. To help, we try to find the best nursery glider of 2018.

Best Nursery Gliders of 2018

ProductImageDimensionsMaximum LoadPriceReview
Davinci Piper Swivel Reclining Glider30.7"L x 33.5"W x 38.5"HNot Stated$$$$$Read our review!
Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner41.75" x 30" x 37"225lbs$$$$$Read our review!
Naomi Multi-Position Sleigh Glider & Ottoman Set40" H x 30" W x 24.5"
Not Stated$$$$Read our review!
Stork Craft Hoop Glider & Ottoman Set24.8 x 25.8 x 39.5"
43 lbs
250lb$$$Read our review!
Beige Bowback Glider Rocker Chair with Ottoman 24.75 x 25.75 x 39.5"250lb$$$Read our review!
SoBuy Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair22 x 31.5 x 35.4"
Weight = 22lbs
264.5lbs$$Read our review!

Nursery Glider Reviews

We tested six of the best nursery gliders on the market today and here are the results:

DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider

Our New Favorite!

We got used to our glider in the nursery so much, we decided to go shopping to put a few in our living room. We like to watch movies with Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and found our couch to be so uncomfortable.

We really like the idea of a reclining chair like a La-Z-Boy, but the styling was so dated to us. Thru all of our research, it led us to re-think this glider review, and it brought us to our new favorite chair.

The DaVinci Piper Reclining Glider is a great glider for the nursery. It looks modern, is solid, without being overly heavy. And when it’s no longer needed, it can find a second home in the living room.

Some of the requirements we had:

  1. Swivel: This is so we can have a living room conversation with family and friends. And when we want to look at the TV, we can easily swivel the chair.
  2. Glider: There’s nothing more soothing that being able to rock back-and-forth. Let’s be honest, it’s nice to rock your baby with a glider chair, but we parents enjoy it just as much for ourselves!
  3. Recline: Not a necessity for a nursery, unless your a dad that likes to let a baby sleep on your chest. But in a living room, kicking back with a recline and footrest (like you pay for in a premium movie theater), is downright awesome. We have our TV mounted above the fireplace, so it’s a bit high. With the recline, it’s easy to watch it now.
  4. Fabric: We love leather seats in our cars, but in our homes, found it to be cold in the winter and stick-to-legs in the summers. So fabric seating was a must, for comfort.

The DaVinci Piper met all of the requirements above!

Fabric came in beautiful grey and cream.

While the pictures show the round base, in real-world use, you barely see it

Swivel action is solid and smooth

Recline action is easy with the hidden lever. It’s easy to get it to a perfect recline position. And if you want nearly flat, it can go that far too.

Glider action is smooth, smooth, smooth. Effortless to rock.

Fits great for any height. We tested it with someone 5′ 0″ and 6′ 2″. All found it very comfortable.

Its heavy enough that most people will need 2 to carry it into the house

To return it to a non-reclined position, it takes some leg muscles (or technique) to get the footrest to “catch”. Once you figure it out though, its easy.

Kids will be able to swivel and recline by themselves. But their legs will most likely be too short to glide. They also most likely won’t have the leg length to put it back to a non-recline position

We highly recommend the DaVinci Piper Glider for nursery and living room!

Check Amazon

Dorel Living Baby Relax Mikayla Review

This chair split opinion amongst out testers! Some liked the design, finding it comfortable and easy to use. Others hated the look and compared it to furniture found in seniors homes and care facilities.

Yes, the Dorel was the most “discussed” design of all our tested chairs!

On the subject of features, it has a few that set it apart from other nursery gliders. It has an adjustable footrest (not a stand) and is also the only swivel glider chair on our list. The mocha-colored fabric and cushions are extremely well made, too.

The gliding movement was smooth and gentle. It also reclined fully and one of our fathers fell asleep in this chair!

Overall, we found the Dorel extremely well made, easily rivaling the Stork Bowback for its quality of construction.

The cushions and adjustable foot support provided hours of comfort. The swivel feature is great as you can give your baby a different view of the nursery.

We feel this would be the best nursery glider for plus size mothers due to its great construction and cushioning.

Our main concern was the negative reaction some parents had to the design. However, searching on google tells me gray recliners are in demand – so what do I know?!

The Dorel Relax is also the most expensive chair on the list so not great for those on a budget. However, if you’re looking for a well-made swivel glider this is the one for you.

Naomi Home Sleigh Glider And Ottoman Review

Another more traditional design comes courtesy of Naomi Home.  For our tastes, it’s a more pleasing set of furniture to look at than the Stork unit.

Once again, it features a solid hardwood construction with generously padding cushions and a fully adjustable footrest. The gliding movement was extremely smooth, beating the Stork hands down.

The back is extra tall so you won’t be hunched over when you breastfeed. There’s also a lever to lock-in one of the three positions to help you and your baby feel more comfortable.

However, we found that after a short period of usage the chair did begin to squeak slightly. We solved this by spraying a lubrication oil on the glider mechanism. Thankfully, this cured the issue but we have read other reviews that also mention a squeaking noise.

Something to take into considering when using this chair for the first few weeks.

Lubrication issues notwithstanding, we like the Naomi Home Sleigh very much. Comfort is easily up there with the other gliders tested and the construction has a quality feel to it.  If it wasn’t for the squeaking this could be the best nursery glider out there.

We found the Naomi Glider easy to assemble and reasonably priced considering the quality of materials featured. It was a joy to sit in for hours at a time and our child easily drifted off to sleep whilst using it.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider And Ottoman Set Review

A more traditional glider set, the Stork Glider features a wooden frame, generously padded cushions and adjustable footrest. The cushions are not machine washable, however, they are stain treated so you’ll be able to spot stains away easily.

This nursery glider set has also been accredited by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association,  meaning it’s been tested to ensure its safe for both your and your child.

During our tests, we found the Stork to be a nicely made (although very traditional) piece of furniture that should last the test of time. It proved to be quite comfortable for hours of sitting.  The rocking motion was also smooth and gentle.

Overall, we were quite impressed with the Stork Craft Hoop Glider given the price. We would recommend it to parents who are looking for the best glider for the money. You can find today’s price here, and see if you agree!

Beige Bowback Glider Rocker Chair Review

Another Stork product, and following in the same footsteps as the Craft and Hook glider reviewed earlier. With this model, the quality is slightly better and we feel this chair can really rock!

The design is somewhat traditional and may not be suitable with more modern nurseries. However, it’s a quality item made from solid wood, good fabrics and has a smooth rocking mechanism.

We found the Bowback Glider to be a very nice piece of furniture to use every day. It was comfortable to sit in for moderate lengths of time.

The adjustable foot stand was really appreciated by our tester parents. It made things much easier while breastfeeding and cradling babies.Assembly is nice and easily, guided by quite a decent set of instructions and quality assembly tools.

The only issue we had was the price, however, you’ll be hard pressed to find a glider with a  higher quality of finish!

If you’re looking for a high-quality nursery recliner with an ottoman, be sure to check out the Beige Bowback from Stork Craft.

SoBuy Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair Review

The SoBuy glider has a very modern, northern European look and is made from a very strong frame. The cover is manufactured from laminated fabric, providing a fully washable chair that’s comfortable to sit in for lengthy periods.

It also features an adjustable footrest, side pockets, and special mats to stop the chair damaging wooden flooring. Very convenient if your home is not carpeted.

We found the SoBuy chair extremely comfortable, easy to use and keep clean. It’s a stylish design and would fit into a modern nursery quite easily without standing out. It’s easy to move and carry, so switching rooms with your rocking chair should be a breeze.

We worried about the design of the chair at first, wondering how such thin pieces of wood could possibly survive the weight of mother and child. Needless to say, we were proved wrong! Northern European furniture design is widely regarded as the best in the world and that’s very true of the SoBuy glider.

And the best thing about the SoBuy – the price!


The post What’s The Best Nursery Glider for 2018? appeared first on Kids Saver Network.

Looking For Great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon?

I caught my hubby looking for great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon. Which got me thinking, what do I want for Mothers day this year? I’ve actually been obsessed lately with one of those powerful... The post Looking For Great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon? appeared first on Kids Saver...


I caught my hubby looking for great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon. Which got me thinking, what do I want for Mothers day this year?

I’ve actually been obsessed lately with one of those powerful blenders other moms have been raving about and have been hoping for a Vitamix Mothers Day sale. Why?

What’s In That Jar Of Baby Food?

jars of baby foodIf I have another baby, one thing I’d do differently is make sure I know exactly what is in the baby food I give to him or her. I read this article recently at and was shocked at what they found in jars of baby food. You just can’t trust what’s on that label anymore.

The only way for me to know exactly what ingredients are being fed to my baby is if I make it myself. But as we all know, caring for a baby and trying to prepare all their meals from scratch is a huge juggling act.

Making Your Own Baby Food

One of my friends swears by her Vitamix blender for making baby food. I really like Vitamix but buying one would be a huge indulgence since they’re so expensive.

She says making them with fruits and vegetables is a snap. You can whip up a days worth of baby food in one go, and save them for 2 to 3 days. So it’s not really that big of a time consumer.

Getting Older Kids To Eat Their Vegetables And Fruits

kid-wont-eat-vegetablesSome kids love fruits and tolerate vegetables. While others won’t touch either one with a ten foot pole.

One method I’ve read about getting them to eat, or getting them to eat more, fruits and vegetables is by disguising it. There are great recipes for things like:

  • Banana Ice Cream using a Vitamix blender
  • Delicious and sweet fruit smoothies

Losing That Baby Weight

lose-that-baby-weightOK, I can’t make this Mothers Day gift all about my kids. What’s in it for me?

I’ve struggled to lose all that baby weight. And as the years have passed, it’s clinging to me tighter than bark on a tree.

I’ve been wishing for years of a simple way to replace lunch with something low calorie and filled with fruits and veggies. I enjoy it when I go to Jamba Juice and get one of their fresh smoothies for lunch. But that doesn’t happen often with our schedules and frankly, they’d be too expensive to buy one everday.

But if I could make a smoothie in the convenience of my own home … I think I could do this everyday. And I found some wonderful smoothie recipes I’d like to try.

Get A Vitamix Blender For Mothers Day

One of the most popular wished for items by mom’s is a Vitamix blender. Most find it a huge expense that they just can’t justify buying for themselves.

But Mothers Day isn’t just any ordinary day. It’s the day we celebrate us Mom’s, it’s the day we should be pampered for all the sacrifices we make every single day!

If you’ve ever wanted a Vitamix blender but thought they were too expensive….


Now is a great time to treat yourself as I’ve just read there IS a Vitamix Mothers Day sale going on right now! I plan to throw some big hints to my significant other. And if he doesn’t get the hint, I may have to buy one for myself <grin>.

 Right now, they’re up to $100 off. 

All the details can be found here at this great article on the Vitamix Mothers Day Sale for 2018.


The post Looking For Great Mothers Day Gifts on Amazon? appeared first on Kids Saver Network.

10 Tips for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

  So, you’ve been asked to throw a baby shower! Now what? It should not be too hard to plan one, right? But, what about all the waste that goes along with a party?... The post 10 Tips for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower appeared first on Kids Saver...


So, you’ve been asked to throw a baby shower! Now what? It should not be too hard to plan one, right? But, what about all the waste that goes along with a party?

It’s a good thing that hosting an eco-friendly baby shower is easy! With green invitations, decorations and gifts they still have all the elemets of regular baby shower. Going “Eco-Friendly” can be kinder to the earth – and your wallet too!

If you don’t know where to start, have no fear! We’ve put together 10 tips for throwing a super cute, eco-friendly baby shower!

10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

1. Green Invitations

Go electronic! Skip the paper invitations, envelopes and stamps. Try e-invitations instead.

There are sites which can help you send e-invitations if you find that sending out traditional emails to be too informal. Sites such as Evite and Punch Bowl send out creative e-invitations of your choosing. Then, your guests can RSVP easily and can even leave you a message.

2. Offer Green Gift Giving Options with a Green Registry

Encourage the mom-to-be to create a green, eco-friendly gift registry. It is easier for your guests to find eco-friendly gifts if they are included in a registry.

Eco-friendly gift ideas are cloth diapers, non-toxic baby shampoos, soaps and lotions, BPA-free baby bottles, 100% cotton clothing, blankets and sheets, and dependably made toys.

Check out sites like Etsy where baby toys are handmade. Sure, they might be a little bit more expensive but they’ll leave a lower carbon footprint than those mass produced in China.

Eco-friendly storage

               Eco-friendly storage

3. Skip the Wrapping

Inform your guests that you would prefer that they don’t wrap their gifts. Also, do away with the cards.

Simply explain the eco-friendly, baby shower theme that you are going with and tell them that gift wrap, bags and cards all end up in the trash─which is not earth friendly.

Instead, ask your guests to wrap their gifts in 100% cotton baby blankets, sheets, towels, or even reusable shopping bags.

If the gift is too large, ask them to consider using a reusable, BPA-free storage bin. Trust me – they’ll come in handy for toys later one!

4. Rethink the Paper Decorations

It can be fun to rethink traditional paper decorations and decorate in a “green way” instead.

Some ideas are small, potted flowers or plants that your guests can take home with them and baby bouquets made from baby clothes and baby items.

Furthermore, be sure to use cloth tablecloths which can be washed and reused. Consider making homemade, beeswax candles scented with your favorite essential oils.

5. Serve Organic, Natural Baby Shower Food & Drinks

Be creative with your food choices while keeping it healthy. Think hummus, pita chips, olives, cheeses, and fruits and vegetable platters for the appetizers.

Salmon burgers, chicken and tuna salads, and light pasta or potato salads make good for an organic entree. Instead of a sweet cake, think homemade fruit pies.

Serving organic, all-natural foods is good for everyone. Furthermore, buy locally, and it’s good for your local businesses, as well.

For drinks, create healthy smoothies, teas and flavored waters.

We found making smoothies in a Blendtec or Vitamix blender makes the tastiest drinks. And it is also a way to talk about serving pure fruits and vegetables to your babies by making your own baby food in one of these powerful blenders.

6. Forget About Buying New Plates and Utensils

Do you really need matching pink or blue plates and napkins? Especially after considering all the garbage that paper plates, napkins and disposable silverware creates.

Instead, use what you already have. If you don’t have enough plates to go around, ask friends to bring along some of theirs. Bamboo Utensils are also great as they can be used again and are 100% biodegradable.

As for napkins, use washable cloth napkins to save on waste.

Here is a great TV segment on rco friendly baby showers:

BTW, you can find the cute grass drying rack on Amazon.

7. Use Earth-Friendly Cleaners

Don’t forget about your green cleaning supplies. You can make your own eco-friendly cleaners using baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar.

Here is a list of several eco-friendly cleaner recipes.

8. Think About an Eco-Friendly Setting

The setting of your eco-friendly baby shower is important, as well. Of course, an outdoor setting in a park or yard would be the most “green” choice. However, what if it’s wintertime or the weather is not cooperating?

You can choose an organic restaurant, a public nature center, a zoo or aquarium, a conservatory or even a campground or park shelter.

9. Play “Green” Shower Games

Play games that don’t involve paper items or trash. A few ideas could be to see who can pin a cloth diaper on a stuffed animal the fastest. Or, play parenting trivia. Word searches and bingo are fun games too.

Select eco-friendly game prizes, as well. As suggested previously, small potted plants or flowers make the perfect gifts that your guests can take home and enjoy for a long time afterward.

What about creating an eco-friendly time capsule for baby and mom? Tell all the guests to bring a small item which can be put in a small container. Then, when baby turns 18, baby and mom can “dig it up” and share the memories within.

10. Forget About Ordinary

When you forget about what a traditional baby shower “should be like” you can really get creative with green ideas. All it takes is thinking outside of the box.

Think uniquely and create an unforgettable experience for your guests and mother-to-be!

The post 10 Tips for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower appeared first on Kids Saver Network.

The Best Formula for a Gassy Baby in 2018

  We’ve all been there, you wind your child and yet she continues to be gassy, causing pain, discomfort, and crying. It’s heart-wrenching to experience and to know what to do for the best.... The post The Best Formula for a Gassy Baby in 2018 appeared first on Kids Saver...


We’ve all been there, you wind your child and yet she continues to be gassy, causing pain, discomfort, and crying. It’s heart-wrenching to experience and to know what to do for the best.

Best formula for gassy babyYet there are steps you can take to minimize gas and reflux during and after feeding. There are formulas specially designed to reduce both gas and constipation, too.

Of course, you may be hesitant to make the switch from breastfeeding to formula. However, if your child is suffering, the benefits of breast milk could be completely outweighed by the gas issues.

We got together with a few other mothers in the same situation and put together this list. We hope it will help you find the best baby formula for your little one.

Best Formula For Gassy Babies


What Is the Best Formula For A Gassy Baby?

Quite often, sensitive tummies are a completely normal part of your babies development. Children at certain stages of their development might suffer from allergies, gas, reflux or find some formulas unpalatable.

Some babies also suffer from acid reflux due to the type of formula used. You might have to use a bit of trial and error to find the best formula for your baby.

So the best formula for a gassy baby will really depend on your little one! We hope our suggestions will help!

Similac Sensitive Infant Formula Review

Similac is a very popular infant formula for a gassy baby and those with sensitive stomachs. Many parents say Similac was the only infant formula that their child was able to drink without issue. Millions of babies all over the world have been brought up with Similac.

This sensitive infant formula has been specially designed to be gentle. It’s great for reducing the acid and gas that newborns experience. Infused with Vitamin 5, DHA and Lutein, it has all the important parts of a infants diet. It also offers Omega 3, Omega 6 and ARA for healthy brain development.

We found Similac to be very gentle and it helped reduce gas. A standard amount of winding was all that was needed to keep the baby happy. It also reduced pain and discomfort, making our home very quiet!

Similac Sensitive is quite expensive, yet it’s hard to place a value on quiet nights and a happy baby.  The good news is Amazon sometimes has money-off coupons and you can check their latest price here.

Enfamil Gentlease Review

Enfamil promises your baby’s gas will reduce within 24 hours of using this product. It’s an impressive claim, and we’ve found many reviews that appear to back it up.

Just like Similac, it includes nutrients like DHA, Calcium and Omega acids to help your baby develop and grow properly.  It’s also been formulated to reduce reflux and gas.

We found Enfamil worked on gas perfectly, reducing symptoms within a few days. However, we’ve seen reports that Enfamil is useless for children that are suffering from full acid reflux. This is something we couldn’t test ourselves. If that’s the issue you’re dealing with, it’s something to be mindful of.

One thing we’re really impressed with is the price. It’s slightly cheaper than Similac and could be a money-saving alternative.

Gerber “Ready To Feed” Review

Gerber say that this formula is perfect for a gassy baby and those with sensitive tummies. They have added “Content Proteins” to help your baby drink it more easily.

This formula is also said to soften stools if your child is frequently constipated. It offers all the vitamins and nutrients you would expect.

We found the Gerber formula was easy to drink for our baby.  It could also be a great way to transition your child from breast milk. It does also come in pre-mixed bottles too which is especially useful if you’re feeding your child on the go.

When using Gerber “Ready to feed”  our baby’s gas was reduced. Whilst we couldn’t test against acid reflux issues, online reviews appear positive.

Many other parents report success in reducing acid reflux in babies. We also like the idea that corn syrup is not an ingredient used in Gerber Read-to-Feed.

Enfamil ProSobee Review

Another Enfamil product, “Prosobee” is a formula based on soy, rather than lactose. If your child’s gas or reflux issues are caused by lactose intolerance then this is a great formula.

This formula is basically the same as Gentlease, helping to reduce gas and/or reflux in all babies. Of course, your little one’s gas might be completely down to lactose, which should make this product an instant winner!

We were able to test this formula on a child that was known to have milk allergy issues. ProSobee has been a complete winner for this child.  He didn’t have any of the gassy issues that he had when drinking traditional milk formulas.

If you’re struggling to cure your child’s gas and discomfort, you should consider a milk allergy. Give Enfamil ProSobee a try and it could just save the day!

Nutramigen With Enflora LGG Review

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG is specifically designed to target the causes of colic due to cows milk.  It’s a Hydrolized Protein formula, and some doctors recommend these as a good formula for acid reflux and food allergies in particular.

Nutramifen with Enflora has been specifically created to increase your babies ability to tolerate milk over a period of time. We couldn’t test Nutramigen personally, as it’s such a specific problem designed to deal with particular medical issues. However, plenty of online reviews praise Nutramigen for helping improve colic, gas and reflux in their infant.

It’s been made with the probiotic LLG infused into the recipe. This allows your child to digest cows milk far easier. The most important thing to realize about Nutramigen is that it’s not suitable for all babies.

If your infant has been diagnosed with a milk allergy, (and please visit your Physician to check this!) Nutramigen could well be the best baby formula for this. You can check the price online here.

The post The Best Formula for a Gassy Baby in 2018 appeared first on Kids Saver Network.

The Best Kindergarten Nap Mats for 2018

If you’re searching for the best kindergarten nap mats, you’ve found the right page! Nap time is an important part of a toddler’s life as it gives our little ones the time they need... The post The Best Kindergarten Nap Mats for 2018 appeared first on Kids Saver...

If you’re searching for the best kindergarten nap mats, you’ve found the right page!

Nap time is an important part of a toddler’s life as it gives our little ones the time they need to rest and recuperate. It is essential that the kinder mat you choose is comfortable and safe. A good nap mat should be easy to clean, store and carry as well.

We take a detailed look at the best nap mats for preschool in 2018.

Best Kindergarten Nap Mats

Kindergarten Nap Mats Buying Guide

Here are some key points to consider when purchasing a kindergarten nap mat.

Is it a 2 inch nap mat?

Many kindergartens and daycares only permit 2 inch thick nap mats. You should check your local requirements before purchasing one.

Also, check the actual thickness of the mat. What I mean is, sometimes the mat is only 1.5″ thick and the covering makes up that extra half-an-inch.

What’s the material like?

If you read the consumer reviews of some nap mats, you’ll find a lot of complaints about the material. Sometimes the inner material is too “Scratchy” and not soft enough to make your child feel comfortable.  Try to look for ones with breathable cotton inner-linings.

Another important consideration is the noise they make. Some nap mats are very noisy and that won’t help your child make friends in Kindergarten.

Does it have a removable pillow?

Most of the kinder mats we reviewed had removable pillows. This is a great idea, for a few reasons. You don’t need to spend extra on a pillow. It makes the mat easier to wash and the pillow won’t lose its shape in the wash, too.

Does it have an attached blanket?

We found some nap mats with some great, over-sized blankets. A blanket helps kids wrap themselves up on cold, winter days and drift off to sleep. It also helps keep everything together so you won’t lose the blanket. And lastly, the added bonus is you won’t have to pay extra for a blanket as well.

If you shop around, you can find a nap mat with a pillow and blanket. Just be sure to check how easy they are to wash!

Is it Easy to store?

With 20 or so kids in your child’s day-care class, that’s a lot of nap mats and bedding to store. It’s preferable to buy a kinder mat that your child can learn how to roll, fold and store. Look for kinder mats with durable, Velcro fasteners to make this easier for them.

Are washing instructions included?

It seems quite a few nap mats have been ruined by parents not being clear on the washing instructions. You’ll find many are fine to be machine-washed but they need to line-dried. Always check to see if the washing instructions are given and clearly stated.

Does it meet US Safety Standards?

The top-rated kindergarten nap mats usually have industry-leading safety certifications. There are different certificates but always check to see your toddler’s nap mat passes the fire standards (especially flammability) and chemical emissions.

Kindergarten Nap Mats Reviews


Orzak Mountain Nap Mat Review

I’ve looked extensively at all the kindermats available today and many aren’t 2 inches thick. A thinner nap mat might not be allowed in your child’s daycare. Plus it stands to reason that a thicker kindermat will be more comfortable for kids – and that should always be our main concern!

In light of this, I was pleased to find the Orzak Mountain Nap Mat. True, it is almost double the price than some of the kindergarten mats on this list. I’d also say that the colors and patterns available aren’t as endearing as the Disney mats, either. So why recommend it?! Is it worth the price?

As well as meeting the “2 inch thick mat” criteria, this kindermat has blown in polyester fill. This means it’s like the mat has air chambers and provides a super- comfortable sleep.  It has a sewn-in blanket and pillow as you’d expect, too.

It’s also suitable for preschoolers up to 4′ tall! So you should get a lot of use out of it. As you can see from the photos, it rolls up into a backpack for our kid to carry.

A problem thicker mats do tend to have is losing their shape in the wash. Well, quite a few parents have commented that it doesn’t lose it’s cushioning and is “The Best Nap Mat” they’ve ever seen! (Often adding they wish it was available in adult size!)

Personally, I’d fire the person who designed the colors for Orzak Mountain. However, if you’re looking for a comfortable, thick nap mat that will last more than a few months the Orzak Mountain is one of the best kindergarten mats on the market.

2 inch Thick Mat – Meets all Daycare / Kindergarten Requirements

Soft & Comfortable – Blown In Polyester Fill

Sewn-in Blanket & Pillow

Machine Washable

Rolls-up into a backpack

Can be used until 4″ tall

Well-made from high-quality fabric

The most expensive on our list

No Name Tag



Olive Kids Nap Mat Review

The Olive Kids Nap Mat has a perfect mix of cuteness and comfort. If your toddler is like mine, they are crazy about planes, trains and automobiles. Well, this kindergarten nap mat has all of those and also nice vibrant colors for them to love.

For comfort, it has extra padding underneath the mat and pillow. And speaking of the pillow, it is removable so the whole thing can be machine-washed.


There’s also an extra-large blanket so your little one can wrap themselves up and get some good rest.

Removable Pillow – Extra comfort for sleepy heads and easy to wash.

CPSIA Compliant – Meets the CPSIA consumer safety standard.

Vibrant & Cute – Bright colors and planes, trains and automobiles that toddlers love.

Easy to Roll – Rolls up easily enough a 3 year-old can do it. Secures with 2 velcro straps.

Easy to Carry – When rolled up has 2 shoulder straps for easy transportation.

Good Padding – The pillow and mat  are both padded to make sleeping on the floor comfortable.

Big, Soft Blanket – The blanket is big and soft, perfect for children to wrap themselves up in.

Not Waterproof

The Velcro straps will wear out over time


Wildkin Nap Mat Review

The Wildkin Aqua Mat has been described as “The Perfect Preschool Mat” by delighted parents.

This kindergarten nap mat has a good amount of padding on the bottom to help make sleeping on floors more comfortable. It also comes with a removable pillow and over-sized blanket for your child’s extra comfort.

It rolls up easily and secures together with Velcro for easy storage. The carry straps are a real godsend as you’ll always have your hands full when dropping children off.

A really nice feature of the Wildkins nap mats is there are 22 different designs to choose from! Dinosaurs, Superman, Batman, butterflies, princesses and fairies…perfect for all little boys and girls.

They also offer matching lunch boxes and backpacks which to help easily identify your child’s things.

Choice of Designs – 22 designs for boys & girls including fairies, butterflies, princess, trains & dinosaurs!

Removable Pillow – Comes with a comfortable, removable pillow.

Easy to Wash – Simply remove the pillow and it’s good for machine-wash.

Good Padding – Well padded to making sleeping on floors more comfortable.

Rolls Up Easily – Easy to roll-up and 3-year olds can do easily it with practice.

Easy to Carry – There are carry straps and a big handle for easy transportation.

Huge Blanket -Kids love the big blanket and it’s twice the width of the mat.

Matching Lunch Box & Back Pack Available – Helps easily find your little one’s things.

On the Small-Side


This kinder mat has been described as perfect for under 5s. If your child is big for their age; it might be too small by 4 1/2.


My First Memory Nap Mat Review

My First Memory have produced a really comfortable kinder mat. It’s specifically designed for kindergarten / daycare and even comes with a blank name tag for you and your little one to personalize. The use of memory foam helps it rate high in the comfort stakes.

Another good feature is the removable cover than can be machine-washed. There are quite a few reports of “Pilling” – where all the padding gets bunched up in the wash. With this mat, you don’t need to wash the cushioning so it won’t happen.

The removable pillow also provides great head support to ensure your preschooler gets plenty of rest during nap-time.

Soft and Comfortable – The memory foam and velour-like texture make it incredibly soft.

Removable Pillow – The removable contoured pillow provides extra-head support.

Removable Cover – The cover can be zipped-off and washed, protecting the cushioning.

Easy to Store: Rolls up and has Velcro straps for easy storage.

Easy to Carry: The large handle means the mat is easy to carry when you have your hands full.

Ceerti-PUR-US:  Has an Industry-leading safety standard for quality & safety assurance.

Name-Tag: The included blank nametag is a really nice touch.

Only 1 inch Thick: Some Kindergartens and States specify 2 inch thick nap mats.

No Blanket Unlike some of the other leading brands, this sleeping mat does not come with an attached blanket.



Angeles Nap Map Review

The Angeles Nap Mat is recommended by a number of Kindergartens / Day Care centers across the country. It has also qualified for “Greenguard Gold” certification, which protects children from harmful products in classrooms and schools. So, it’s safe, but is it comfortable?

Well, the big selling feature of this kindergarten mat is the extra thickness and width. Most kinder mats are only around 1 inch thick. Over time, they will flatten out and provide less comfort for your little one. The Angeles is a 2 inch thick nap mat. This gives it more comfort and durability. Particularly if your kindergarten / day care center puts the mats on a wooden floor.

If you value safety and comfort over a cute Disney character, this is the one for you. Besides, you can always add stickers & transfers to the mat to brighten it up a bit.

Extra Wide 24″ – More space for your little one as most nap mats are 20″

Extra Thick 2″ – Extra Comfort and prevents being flattened out over time.

Very Durable  – Has a triple ply, rip-proof cover.

Easy To clean – Vinyl cover makes it easy to clean.

Easy to stack – 4 sections to make it easy to store and stack

Germ Proof – Resistant to germs and bacteria.

Waterproof – No need to worry about spilling things.

Greenguard Gold Certification – Product safety standard for children in classrooms & daycare.

Bulky- It is bulky to carry which may be a problem if take it home every day.

Spaced Gaps  – Some parents worry the gaps between the sections are too large.



Nap Mats in Bulk

If you’re buying for several kids, (or perhaps can club together with other parents) or for a kindergarten / daycare center you can make some great savings buying in bulk.

These kindermats from ECR4kids are available in singles or as packs of 5. They are very similar in size and design to the Angeles Mat we reviewed above.

The main difference is these mats have an attached name tag. You can also choose if you prefer a 3 fold or 4 fold design and 1 inch or 2 inches thick.

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The Best 5 Cribs for Small Spaces in 2018

We’d all love to greet our newborn with a palatial crib in a spacious nursery. The sad reality is if you live in the city or have a small apartment this is just not... The post The Best 5 Cribs for Small Spaces in 2018 appeared first on Kids Saver...

We’d all love to greet our newborn with a palatial crib in a spacious nursery. The sad reality is if you live in the city or have a small apartment this is just not possible. This leaves many parents worrying about how to fit a crib into a small space.

Fortunately,  cribs today come in all shapes and sizes. There are some great portable and mini cribs that are safe, functional and stylish. Most importantly of all, they will make your baby feel right at home in the smallest of apartments and condos.

The 5 Best Mini Cribs of 2018

After a great deal of research, we have compiled a list of the 5 best mini cribs of 2018.

Bloom Alma Mini Urban Crib Review

The Bloom Urban Mini is one of the more stylish small cribs on the market. It really earns the tag “mini” because at just 36.5” wide, it’s smaller than a pack n play! This makes it perfect for apartments, condos and rooms with small spaces.

One particularly great thing about the Alma Mini is you can use it like a bassinet. It’s large, lockable wheels allow you to move it right up to the side of your bed. You can also wheel it from room to room. It would get stuck as it’s compact size can fit through narrow doorways and cramped hallways without a hitch.

As well as having wheels, the Bloom Alma is also a collapsible crib. It’s really easy to fold up and transport. This makes it a real space saver when your little one’s awake. You can also put it in the trunk and take it with you to the grandparents!

The only real downside to this one is the price. It’s more than twice the price of other mini baby cribs. And that’s just for the “Frame”, the mattress and sheets need to be purchased separately.

However, this is perhaps the best portable crib on the market.  And it’s collapsible too. If these two features are important to you, it’s probably worth the extra money.


  • Compact 
    The Alma Mini is a very compact crib. It can still accommodate an infant until they are 35” (around 1-year-old).
  • Crib with Wheels
    Can be wheeled from room to room. Fits through tight doorways and hallways.
  • Collapsible
    Easy to fold, and just 10” wide folded.
  • Sturdy
    You won’t need to worry about your pets knocking it over.
  • Adjustable Mattress
    The mattress can be on two different levels. On the lower level, your infant can sit-up safely.
  • Stylish Design
    Comes in 5 stylish all wood designs.
  • No Assembly Required
    Just attach the lockable wheels and it’s ready for action!


  • Heavier than other small cribs
    At 60 lbs, it’s on the heavy side. Though it wheels easily and is hard to knock over.
  • The Price
    The Bloom Alma mini is more than double the price of its competition

Child Craft London Convertible Mini Crib Review

The Child Craft London Mini is another great small crib. At 43.3” long, it’s around 9” shorter than a standard sized crib. This makes it ideal for when space is at  a premium (such as with twins).

What I really like about this model is it has a wire spring base. Most modern designs have a flimsy board under the mattress to provide support. Over time, the wood can warp and is not responsive to a baby’s position.

Wire spring bases were popular around 30 years ago. They were probably phased out due to cost issues. So, it’s nice to see Child Craft bringing them back.

The Bloom Alma is also a convertible mini crib. It converts to a twin bed so it will grow with your baby. Meaning you can use it for longer and get good value for money.

Another big plus this is a low profile crib. After my assisted delivery, I realized just how painful it is grabbing a baby from a crib. This model is slightly lower. 5-foot tall mothers have commented on how easy this makes things.

The only drawback with the London Mini is it has no wheels. There is a 3” thick mattress included in the price.


  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Wire spring base to provide better mattress support
  • Low Profile so easier after CS / assisted deliveries
  • Easy to Assemble in 20 – 30 minutes
  • Two-position adjustable mattress height
  • Converts to toddler bed with additional toddler rails
  • 3” Mattress Included Free.


  • No Wheels

DaVinci Emily Mini-Crib Review

DaVinci makes stunning cribs. Their Emily Mini Crib is another example of their stylish yet functional designs. At just 38” by 28” by 28” it’s a perfect crib for small spaces.

What really sets this design apart is it has three adjustable mattress levels. Most small cribs have just the two. The highest level allows your newborn to be at eye level so you don’t need a bassinet.

The Davinci Emily can be used up to 50lbs. This is a bit longer than other mini cribs so you get more bang for your buck. Parents have reported their toddlers sleeping using this one until they’re two years old. As always, it depends on the size and inclination of your baby!

If this had wheels or could fold it would be the perfect crib for apartments and condos. It is relatively light, so many parents are scooting it from one room to another without problems.

For its low price, the Davinci Emily could well be the best mini crib for the money!


  • Can be used up to 50lbs
  • Low profile for easy reach
  • 3 Easily Adjustable Mattress Levels
  • Non-Toxic
  • 1” waterproof changing pad included
  • Converts to Twin Bed (rails not included)
  • Budget Price


    • Doesn’t come with a mattress

  • No Wheels

Dream On Me Aiden Mini Crib Review

The Aiden is a great mini crib from Dream on Me. It’s a really compact crib which only takes up 2′ by 3′ of floor space. This makes it one of the best cribs for small spaces.

The Aiden Mini Crib also grows with your baby as it converts to a toddler bed and then a twin size bed (rails not included). This is good news as most mini cribs only last until one year old.

Another big plus is it’s made from solid pine wood and not the flimsy particle boarding that most modern cribs have.

A lot of mini cribs only have two adjustable mattress heights, too. The “Aiden” has three so you can use it with newborns. This removes the need to buy a bassinet and helps save money.

As with a lot of small baby cribs, there is a 1” mattress included. Many parents find it too flimsy and we suggest buying the Dream On Me portable mattress instead.

Not having wheels is a drawback, but it’s lightweight and easy to move around.

For the price, the Aiden Mini Crib definitely punches well above its weight.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Very Sturdy
  • Uses only 2′ by 3′ floorspace
  • Adjustable 3 Mattress Position
  • Solid Pine Wood
  • Easy Assembly with all tools included
  • Narrow enough to be slid through small doorways
  • Low Profile so easier to reach baby


  • Not easy to adjust the mattress level

Delta Portable Mini Crib Review

The Delta Portable Mini Crib is  35% smaller than standard cribs,  so it’s a real space saver.

It also has lots of great features apart from its small stature. It folds and has wheels so you can save a lot of space. You can also move the crib easily from room to room which is a feature many parents love. Being nice and compact it will easily fit through narrow doorways and hallways.

The 2 position mattress transforms the crib into a bassinet, playpen and changer. Unlike similar designs, the front gate can move up and down. It locks in both positions so it’s easy and safe to move your baby in and out of. This also allows you to used the crib as a changing table if need be.

Delta provide a free 1” crib mattress but many parents are ditching it in favor of the Dream on Me 3” mattress. You can still get good use of the mattress as a play mat.

If you’re looking for an affordable crib, this is the one for you. It’s also great if you have a small apartment or condo.

Due to its low price, it’s great for leaving at the Grandparent’s, too.


  • 35% smaller than standard cribs
  • Easy-to-Assemble
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Collapsible
  • Has large wheels suitable for floors and carpets
  • Versatile. Can be used as a bassinet and changing table
  • 1” Mattress Included
  • Low price


  • Doesn’t convert to toddler bed

Be sure to check out our pages on crib mattresses and baby pillows that won’t cause flat head.

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