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Helping parents make smart - and safe - buying decisions for newborns, toddlers and beyond.

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    10 Amazing Benefits of Gymnastics for Toddlers

    The benefits of gymnastics for toddlers are truly amazing! Toddlers are extremely impressionable – and energetic! It really is the best time to teach them healthy and social behaviors that can help shape the rest of their lives. Here are 10 amazing benefits your toddler will get from gymnastics: 1. Gymnastics Develops Cognitive Skills Learning … 10 Amazing Benefits of Gymnastics for Toddlers Read More...

    gymnastics for toddlersThe benefits of gymnastics for toddlers are truly amazing! Toddlers are extremely impressionable – and energetic! It really is the best time to teach them healthy and social behaviors that can help shape the rest of their lives.

    Here are 10 amazing benefits your toddler will get from gymnastics:

    1. Gymnastics Develops Cognitive Skills

    Learning and completing a gymnastic routine requires the use of the mind as well as the body. The left brain and right brain have to work in concert, so your toddler’s body awareness and spatial awareness will improve.

    This really helps them become aware of the  world around them and dapt better to it.

    2. Develop Strong and Healthy Bones

    Gymnastics is a weight-bearing activity which can develop strong and healthy bones. As we age, we experience a loss of bone density over the years. By building strong and healthy bones earlier, we can reduce the signs of osteoporosis later in life.

    Furthermore, it helps to prevent broken bones as your child grows older and becomes more active. A great bonus when on the playground and playing sports!

    3. Gymnastics Aids In Strength Development!

    Along with the development of strong and healthy bones, your toddler will build up their total body strength as well.toddler gymnastic benefits

    By performing the body strengthening exercises that gymnastics requires, your child will build up their upper body, lower body, and overall core strength.

    4. Increased Coordination

    Your toddler’s coordination will greatly improve through being part of a gymnastic program.earning alignment skills that include standing, walking and jumping will improve their coordination. This will make your child appear less clumsy and

    They will learn alignment skills that include standing, walking and jumping through a variety of fun exercises. This will make your child appear less clumsy and be more agile for other future sports.

    5. Improved Flexibility

    Gymnastics is all about flexibility. When you increase your flexibility, you decrease your chances of injury.

    Being super-flexible as a child will often carry forward with them later into life. This can help support proper body posture as they age, which will deter back and spine problems as they get older.

    6. Meet Their Daily Exercise Needs

    toddlers bouncingThe American Heart Association says that it is important for a child to get at least 1 hour of physical activity every day. Participation in a gymnastics class will ensure that your child gets his or her exercise on class days.

    |Furthermore, they will want to practice their gymnastic skills on off-days, so they can still meet their daily exercise needs then as well!

    7. Prevent Diseases

    Sports like gymnastics aid in disease prevention by promoting and maintaining a strong and healthy body.

    This is the key to preventing diseases later in life such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer ─ among others. By teaching your toddler healthy behaviors early in life, they will more likely keep these habits later in life.

    8. Gymnastics Helps To Create Discipline!

    Gymnastic classes will help provide discipline and self-control for your toddler.

    Learning discipline and self-control are both valuable skills to take with you into life. When a child learns discipline and self-control at an early age, they learn to work with others, work by themselves, to stay on task and to accomplish tasks.

    Toddlers who learn these skills will use them in school, the workplace and in almost every social setting they will ever find themselves in.

    9. Early Gymnastic Classes Increase Self-Esteem!

    gymnastics3Gymnastics is a sport of self-control and mastering self-control ultimately leads to improved self-esteem.

    Learning and successfully completing a gymnastics routine creates the sense of accomplishment, which in turn supports self-esteem. Your child will learn from an early age that hard work and practice pays off – key life skills!

    It is also a sport of showing off your skills in front of a live audience. Starting early before a child has had a chance to develop “stage fright” can help later in life with performing in front of people.

    10. It’s Fun!

    Your toddler will really enjoy being part of a gymnastics class. They will improve their social skills by interacting with their class and coaches. And they will get some great exercise at the same time!

    Finding activities that are fun, hold our toddler’s attention and are healthy is a difficult task! Fortunately, a good gymnastic program can provide all this and more. And, just think… you never know ─ you might just have an Olympic athlete on your hands!

    Take a look at the following video “The Value of Preschool Gymnastics” and be inspired!

    Gymnastic Classes Near Me

    So, there are numerous benefits of gymnastics for toddlers. But you’re probably wondering, “How can I find a class near me?”.

    The best place to start is the USA Gymnastics website. They have a club finder which can list up some reputable clubs and contact details.

    The YMCA also has gymnastic programs for children.  You can check their website for more information and hopefully find a class near you.


    10 Money Saving Tips For Halloween 2019

    Halloween is just around the corner. Many children are beginning to get excited about their favorite holiday. They are already talking about what they want to be this year – and the candy! It’s estimated that Americans are expected to spend 46.9 billion dollars on Halloween in 2018. That comes out to an average of … 10 Money Saving Tips For Halloween 2019 Read More...

    halloween costumeHalloween is just around the corner. Many children are beginning to get excited about their favorite holiday. They are already talking about what they want to be this year – and the candy!

    It’s estimated that Americans are expected to spend 46.9 billion dollars on Halloween in 2018. That comes out to an average of $74 per person. If you have a family of four, this equates to nearly three hundred dollars. That’s quite a bit of money to spend on one single day!

    To help here’s 10 money saving tips for Halloween.

    1. Shop early!

    As we get later into October, the price of Halloween costumes goes up as demand increases. My sister recently just purchased two Halloween costumes for her children at Costco. They each cost around $18 for a two to three-piece costume set.

    Yes, it was early, however Costco guarantees and accepts returns until October 15th. That means your children can change their minds and you can get a refund.

    2. Shop online

    Check out amazon for Halloween costumes. Normal Halloween stores will charge you well over retail prices. Google the Halloween costume your child has their heart set on and see where you can purchase it cheapest.

    There are all types of online costume retailers now. Check out Ebay! Search very specifically such as a Pottery Barn baby elephant costume. You could end up with an expensive costume for half the price!

    3. Get creative!

    Do you have a talent in sewing, can you reuse another child’s costume? If you have a talent at sewing check out Pinterest. There are a ton of sewing patterns and ideas on there for those who are crafty!

    These crafty costumes can range from easy to hard to create. Get your kid involved in the crafting and help them design their own costume! This is a sure fire way to save some bucks.

    Check out Pinterest for Halloween costume ideas!

    4. Buy ONE great accessory

    Sometimes all you need is one amazing hat to pull off a costume (eg: “Mad Hatter”) or maybe you already have pompoms and your daughter wants to be a cheerleader.

    Look for that one amazing accessory piece to make the costume instead of buying one generic costume.

    5. Costume swap

    Swap costumes with friends, neighbors and family. This is an excellent way to recycle and reuse last year’s costumes.

    Bring out your old costumes and invite friends and neighbors over for swap. Let the kids try on the costumes and choose one they like best. Everyone will come out a winner! Check out tips here.

    6. Check out discount stores

    Go to Goodwill, TJ Max, or Ross. A lot of times these places carry fantastic pieces that will make up a great costume. Shop early, as others will be on the lookout come early October. Note the stores discount days.

    7. Avoid a bestselling Disney characterhalloween costume

    If you can encourage your child to choose a costume that is not this year’s “Pop Culture” character, you’ll definitely save a few bucks.

    Suggest their favorite children’s book character, animal, or superhero. The pop culture costumes tend to be costly and hard to find

    8. Keep your costumes!

    Each year make sure to clean your child’s costume and either store or put in a dress up bin box. Next year your younger child may be interested in wearing it.

    9. Buy candy in bulk.

    The best way to save money on candy for Halloween is to buy the candy in large amounts. Purchase candy at your warehouse store or at a discount big box store. Buy it early.

    If you really want to save, buy the generic brand of candy or consider giving out other items such as small canisters of play-doh.

    10. Check out the dollar store.

    Kids really get excited about decorating for Halloween. They love monsters, ghosts, witches and anything that feels slightly scary!

    For the best deal on decorations check out your local dollar store. They carry things like fake spider webs, skeleton bones, and black birds. You can also find trick or treat bags, and wreaths.

    Dollar Tree has some great discount Halloween costumes for kids as this video shows:

    ….and one last “Treat Tip”…pumpkin carving

    11. Wait to buy your pumpkin.

    Wait until the week before Halloween to buy and carve your pumpkin.

    Doing it too early will mean your pumpkin turns into a mushy mess by the time midnight Halloween arrives!

    7 Tips for a Safer Neighborhood for Kids

      Many families take great pains to select a home where they can raise a family. They not only choose a house that has plenty of bedrooms and a large, fenced yard, but they also look for properties in highly-ranked school districts and search for neighborhoods that seem to offer the best chance of safety … 7 Tips for a Safer Neighborhood for Kids Read More...


    Many families take great pains to select a home where they can raise a family. They not only choose a house that has plenty of bedrooms and a large, fenced yard, but they also look for properties in highly-ranked school districts and search for neighborhoods that seem to offer the best chance of safety (such as those in a gated community, for example).

    However, even with all of these items checked off your list, there could still be hazards lurking in your neighborhood that might affect the health and safety of your children.

    Whether you’re looking to purchase a property or you want to make a safe neighborhood for kids (and who doesn’t!), here are 7 tips that can help.

    1. Check crime rates before moving

    Prevention is always better than cure. You can find a number of online tools that can provide crime rate statistics for neighborhoods across America. The one I really like is Most of the data is free and you can find annual crime rates and also links to recent newspaper articles and forum posts. There’s also which maps recent crime in your neighborhood by type.

    2. Check the registered sex offenders list

    Everybody deserves a second chance, but honestly I wouldn’t want a registered sex offender as my kids’ neighbor. If you’re buying a home, it’s something you definitely need to check. You can perform a free search on It will show you the type of offense, the address of the offender and even their photograph.

    3. Cul-de-sac streets are safer

    These dead-end streets make for some of the safest neighborhoods for kids because the incidence of stray traffic is almost unheard of. Without a through-street, there’s really no reason for random drivers to pass through, so danger from strangers or speeding drivers is lower than other neighborhoods.

    In addition, it’s easy to get to know all the neighbors and form a tight-knit, local community where everyone watches out for each other.

    4. Neighborhood watch program

    One of the best ways to ensure the safety of all the kids in a neighborhood is to set up a neighborhood watch program. Often, just having placards posted in windows is enough to keep the criminal element at bay. But having stay-home parents keeping an eye on the neighborhood couldn’t hurt.

    When kids know which houses to run to in the event of an emergency, there’s a much better chance that they’ll come out of such situations with less harm.

    5. Speed bumps

    You probably have speed limit signs posted in and around your neighborhood. They don’t always stop people from barreling down a road with no traffic, even if it is residential.

    For this reason, you might want to petition the city to put in speed bumps. You can find an ehow article about how to do this here.

    If this fails, you can coordinate with neighbors to post warning signs. They need to be seen when kids are commonly out and about, walking to and from school or playing with friends.

    Many of these sandwich boards are large, brightly colored, and shaped like kids, and they often feature flags to catch the attention of drivers. Most of them also bear a phrase like “Slow down, children at play” or something similar. The one pictured is very reasonably priced on Amazon.

    6. Closed Circuit TV

    Many cities use closed-circuit television (or surveillance cameras that send video feeds to a central location) to monitor traffic and watch for potential hazards.

    If the residents in your neighborhood agree that there are serious safety issues affecting children, you may be able to get everyone on board with installing such a system for your community’s neighborhood watch or HOA to monitor as a way to increase the safety of the entire area.

    It’s actually a lot cheaper than most people think. You can get a top-rated CCTV camera without breaking the bank.


    7. Parental supervision

    Perhaps the best way to keep kids safe in any neighborhood is for parents to take responsibility and keep an eye on their children. When kids are allowed to run around unattended, there’s always the possibility that they could start trouble, or that it could find them.

    S,o don’t let your kids run wild looking for things to do wherever you live. Instead, supervise their activities to make sure they behave in a safe manner.

    Always  ensure there is someone responsible (ideally you) to deal with issues that might threaten their safety.

    The Best Diaper Backpack Bags of 2019

    Taking your new baby outside for the first few times can be a nerve-racking experience. You constantly worry if you have everything you need and if you’ve prepared for all eventualities. Fortunately, it does get easier and many parents are finding baby diaper bag backpacks to be a great help versus traditional diaper bags. They’re … The Best Diaper Backpack Bags of 2019 Read More...

    diaper-bag-backpackTaking your new baby outside for the first few times can be a nerve-racking experience. You constantly worry if you have everything you need and if you’ve prepared for all eventualities.

    Fortunately, it does get easier and many parents are finding baby diaper bag backpacks to be a great help versus traditional diaper bags. They’re a significant improvement on the tote-bag design because they leave both hands free – which makes things so much easier!

    A diaper backpack also provides much more support than most diaper bags, which you’ll appreciate on longer family adventures. Their stylish designs mean they are mostly unisex, too. If you worry that your partner will drop a pink, “Hello Kitty” type bag ASAP – these could also be what you’re looking for!

    Common Things Carried In a Diaper Bag

    • Cloth diapers or disposable diapers
    • Baby wipes
    • Pacifiers
    • Diaper cream
    • Changing pad
    • Bag to carry wet or soiled items
    • Extra change of clothing
    • Extra baby bottles
    • Snack cup
    • Snacks
    • Sealable bag for soiled diapers


    We have taken a look at the best diaper backpacks of 2018 and here are our findings.

    The Best Diaper Backpack Bags

    Diaper Backpack Reviews

    Bag Nation Diaper Backpack Review


    The Bag Nation Diaper Backpack with Stroller Straps is one of the most popular diaper backpack bags in online stores! Some of the favorite features we like are:

    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Twill Polyester Fabric, extra strong
    • Easy to clean
    • Lots of pockets (14!)
    • Comes with everything (changing pad and sundry bag)

    The fourteen pockets were thoughtfully considered when Bag Nation designed this backpack. Allowing moms and dads to be out of the house all day but have everything they need to care for the baby.

    There’s a dedicated pocket that’s insulated and it doesn’t just hold one bottle, it can hold multiple bottles.

    There’s also another completely separate pocket dedicated for baby wipes. Making it easy when you shove your hand in the bag to find the baby wipes with ease.

    bag-nation-diaper-backpack-stroller-mountedYou also have multiple choices in carrying the bag. If you’re out for any length of time, carrying the bag on your back could be tiring, or sweaty (if it’s a hot summer day). We really like that it has straps to mount to most strollers.

    The backpack is modern looking in a way that all moms and dads would be comfortable wearing it on their back.

    A really well thought out feature is the ability for the backpack to stand on its own, whether empty or full. This is great when you’re in one of those situations where you HAVE TO keep one hand on that squirming baby, leaving only one hand free to rummage around in the backpack.

    When the time comes to find a baby diaper in the bag, the organization really helps, thanks to the many pockets. And there’s plenty of room for a sippy cup.

    There are zippered pockets conveniently located right where you want them.

    They are also constantly innovating. For example, the front flap used to be velcro. If you have a sleeping baby, you definitely don’t want to “rip” that velcro flap open to get something. So Bag Nation upgraded the bag to use magnets.


    Another improvement was the addition of an extendable keychain. It wasn’t on the original design, but it is now!

    Others experience has been this is a big, well laid out diaper backpack. Large enough to carry supplies for 2 babies or toddlers.

    If you like to surf the web while out on excursions, it can easily accommodate a tablet, iPad, and even laptops up to 17″ in size.

    The shoulder straps have also been mentioned to be extremely comfortable.



    Lifetime Warranty

    Water Resistant Twill Polyester. Easy to wipe clean.

    14 (useable!) Pockets

    Large enough to carry things for 2 kids

    Looks great for both women and men Super durable fabric, holds up well

    A few reports of torn seams or poor stitching. But warranty replaced quickly.

    Bag could be too big if you travel light or have a short day out

    Skip Hop Forma Backpack Review

    The Skip Hop Forma lets you carry everything you need and have both hands free to handle the unexpected. It’s also one of the most beautiful designer diaper bags on the market.

    This diaper backpack is extremely light but has a rigid frame that allows it to be free-standing. Great for when you need to set it down to tend to your little one.

    The Skip Hop Forma has tons of different compartments. There are pouches designed specifically for bottles, phones and of course the main compartment for diapers. The drink partition is insulated. This helps keep baby bottles and adult drinks chilled on hot summer days.

    As you’d expect with large diaper bags in this price range, a lot of work has gone into the shoulder straps. They have a good amount of padding so you can pack it to capacity and still be comfortable on your trips outside.

    Taller parents (5″9 and above) have reported the shoulder straps as being a bit short so you might need to take this into consideration.

    If you’re searching for a well-made diaper backpack that is comfortable with lots of storage and easy to clean, check out the Skip Hop Forma. A similar design is available in blue. You might also consider the Skip Hop Duo if you’re looking for a traditional diaper bag.

    Made from durable polyester

    Many different sections

    Freestanding Frame

    Has insulated partition for drinks

    Soft, padded shoulder straps for increased comfort

    Generous storage space

    Shoulder Straps short for taller parents



    Ferlin Multi-Function Backpack Review

    The Ferline Multi-Function bag is a stylish yet functional baby diaper bag. Its generous size means you can comfortably fit all your baby essentials inside.

    A feature you’ll love about this bag is it has a large diaper changing station. This is great as many public bathrooms still don’t have changing platforms. So the pad makes things more convenient for you, and more comfortable for your baby.

    The diaper backpack itself is very comfortable to wear on long walks. It’s nice and light too, so you won’t notice it until you need it.

    As with the Skip Hop model we reviewed, it doesn’t scream “Baby!”. It’s one of those hip, designer diaper bags. Some parents have even used this bag as a regular backpack once diaper duties are over. It even serves well as a dadgear backpack diaper bag.

    Something you need to know is that it has a top handle as well as regular shoulder straps. Some parents find the top handle gets in the way, as it’s in two pieces and makes closing the bag a bit fiddly.

    However, Ferline really believes in their product. They offer a 50 day “no hassle” return policy if you don’t like it. There’s also 180-day warranty too. This is above and beyond what their competitors are doing. It’s one of the most stylish baby diaper backpack on the market today.

    Many parents who prefer larger diaper bags with a changing pad choose this Ferline backpack. It’s not too large that it’s hard to find a baby diaper inside the bag though. You can find the latest price here.


    Large Size

    Diaper changing pad included


    180-day warranty

    Top Handle Gets In The Way



    Lekebaby Extra Large Diaper Bag Review

    TheThe Lekebaby Extra Large Diaper Backpack is one of the most fashionable designs on the market today. And unlike many similar bags, it has stroller straps so that’s a big plus! There’s also a changing pad, too!

    Its stylish exterior is well made and nicely padded. This is a very large baby diaper bag. Some parents have actually said these diaper bags are way too large. But for many, this will be a big plus, not a negative. For most men, it’s a great size as a dadgear backpack diaper bag. It’s an all around great looking and function baby diaper backpack.

    The Lekebaby has many compartments and zippered pockets making organization easy. There is an insulated drink holder which will help keep formula warm or a sippy cup. The chic exterior belies the cheap price – these diaper bags look far more expensive than they are.

    A negative that has been mentioned is some babywipe brands, (especially larger ones) may not fit neatly in the wipes compartment. To get round this, you might have to pack the smaller packets which is a bit of a pain.

    If you’re looking for a large backpack diaper bag with a lot of compartments (18!) with stroller straps, this is the one for you. Check out the latest online price here.



    Stroller Straps

    18 Compartments

    Very comfortable

    The container for the wipes small



    Graco Gotham Back Pack Review

    The Graco Gotham backpack has trunk-like capacity with a level of style that you wouldn’t expect with baby products. If Batman was going to have a diaper backpack – this would be it!

    For starters,  there’s  a large diaper changing pad that can turn any flat service into a hygienic changing station. Baby wipes have their own compartment so you can get to them really quickly. Only Moms know how valuable baby wipes really are, especially in a hurry!

    Another great feature is the main compartment of these diaper bags zip down. This makes it super easy to get to things like keys, wallets and cells phones which have their own pockets.

    As you can see, the Graco Gotham bag backpack can be carried like a tote bag or a backpack. A lot of padding has gone into the back and vented shoulder straps. It’s a comfortable bag to take outside on hot and sunny days, and very easy to clean.

    Unfortunately, there’s no searchlight to bring much-needed help when out with baby! However, with a name like “Graco Gotham”, even Dad’s friends who don’t have babies will find it cool.

    You also need to know there have been reports over the stitching coming away after 6+ months of use. It’s sad to know that in durability terms at least it doesn’t live up to it’s name.

    Still, if you’re looking for a large diaper backpack with easy to get to compartments, the Graco Gotham is a good choice at a bargain price. It could well be the best diaper backpack for the money!

    Includes diaper changing pad

    Vented, soft padded shoulder straps are nice on hot days

    Backpack’s interior is very large

    Highly adjustable to fit both parents

    Easy to wipe clean

    Stitching comes away after prolonged use



    Sleepin Lamb Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

    The Sleeping Lamb Travel Backpack Diaper Bag will haul your baby essentials without screaming “Mr. Mom!”. This slick looking bag backpack may just be among the few baby accessories that turn heads.

    It’s got everything that Moms love – 16 compartments, an included changing mat and those all important stroller straps.

    The padded, breathable padded shoulder straps help keep things comfortable when fully-loaded.  It includes four insulated bottle holders and many other compartments and pockets.

    Made of water resistant polyester, it might not be able to handle thunderstorms, but it’s great for protecting your gear from spills and accidents. It also means it wipes clean very easily.

    This travel backpack diaper bag is also available in blue polka dots and a flower print if you want a bit more color!

    The only concern I have is the zips are rear facing. Personally, I don’t take bags like these to crowded areas as they are easy to open from behind.

    On the plus side, it also makes things much easier for you to access, so you need to factor this in.

    For any price, this is definitely one of the best diaper backpacks on the market.

    Changing Pad Included

    Stroller Straps

    Water-resistant polyester material

    Padded, breathable shoulder straps

    4 insulated bottle pockets

    Rear facing zippers



    You might also like our page “The Best Baby Carriers for Dad“.

    Truth or Myth: Can a Baby Choke on Spit-Up?

      A question many mothers ask is “Can a baby choke on spit-up?”. In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s true or not and the things you can actually do to prevent spit-up. Back- Sleeping & Spit-up According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the safest position for a baby to sleep in is on his … Truth or Myth: Can a Baby Choke on Spit-Up? Read More...


    A question many mothers ask is “Can a baby choke on spit-up?”. In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s true or not and the things you can actually do to prevent spit-up.

    Back- Sleeping & Spit-up

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the safest position for a baby to sleep in is on his back. Since the AAP first introduced this recommendation, the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has declined by over 50 percent.

    Many parents still find themselves worrying this position could cause their baby to choke on spit-up. This is an understandable concern! As parents, we tend to dwell and worry about every possible scenario that may present a danger to our child.  However, the evidence shows that choking on spit-up can be marked off your danger list.

    Choking on Spit-Up While Asleep

    The AAP has seen no evidence of sleeping babies on their back choking than any other sleeping position. In fact, your baby’s body’s natural instinct is to steer any swallowed spit-up back down the esophagus and away from the airway, even when they’re asleep.

    So while many parents are naturally worried about this, it is not really a threat and highly unlikely to occur.

    Spitting-Up Frequently

    If you notice your little one spitting up frequently or after every meal, it can cause a great deal of anxiety and worry about your baby’s health.

    The good news is that most babies have a form of a reflux disorder called gastroesophageal reflux (GER for short) and it’s perfectly normal. Dr. William Byrne – chief of pediatric gastroenterology at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland – has stated that as many as 70 percent of infants under the age of three months spit up with a frequency of three times a day. He also says even spitting up ten-to-twelve times a day is considered normal for an infant.

    This is because the muscle at the end of the esophagus that opens and closes to let food in isn’t fully developed in infants. This “valve” not closing means it much easier for the contents of the stomach to make its way back up. If your baby spits up but hasn’t been fed recently, then it may because he was coughing or crying. These two things can often cause spit-up as well.

    Frequent spitting up can be alarming for parents but it’s usually not a cause for concern and not a choking hazard!

    Ways to Prevent Spitting Up

    If frequent spitting up is causing you to become concerned, you can minimize the likelihood of spitting up by addressing some of the common causes.

    One of the main causes of Spitting up in babies is overfeeding, so avoid trying to give him the bottle again once he has indicated he is finished – even if he has not finished all of his milk.

    Swallowing air can also be a cause of frequent spitting up so make sure that your baby is latching correctly and be sure to burp him before, during, and after each feeding to help any trapped air escape.

    Baby Spit Upbaby latched on










    If you are bottle feeding you may want to consider purchasing liners or specialty bottles made especially for reducing the intake of air while feeding. You might also try feeding your baby in a more upright, or sitting, position as this can help to minimize air intake as well.

    Some parents report changing to a soy-based formula such as Similac for Spit-Up or Enfamil A.R. can help. These formulas use rice starch to make the formula a bit thicker and help settle an infant’s stomach.

    Also, the Paced Bottle Feeding method might also make a difference.

    When Do Babies Stop Spitting Up?

    It may seem like the constant spitting up is never going to end, but don’t worry – it won’t last forever. Most babies see a reduction in the frequency of spit-up by the age of six months old – when they begin eating more solid foods – and almost all babies are finished with spitting up by their first birthday.

    Don’t become concerned if the spit-up has stopped and then begins to reoccur once he starts crawling, though – this is normal as crawling can cause his stomach contents to shift and come back up.

    When to See a Doctor

    While almost all babies suffer from a form of GER and require no treatment for it, there is a more worrisome condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that can be cause for concern.

    GERD occurs when frequent returning of stomach contents through the esophagus results in inflammation or damage to the esophagus, which can be caused by irritation from stomach acids. The symptoms of GERD in babies include refusing to eat, losing or not gaining weight, becoming irritable, vomiting (especially projectile vomiting), and respiratory problems caused by aspirating food.

    If you notice these symptoms in your baby you should seek a consultation with his doctor, who can test for the presence of GERD and prescribe medication to treat the symptoms.

    Ten Tips For Newborn Nasal Congestion

      Most newborns suffer from nasal congestion at some time in their first few months. While a stuffy nose normally isn’t something that requires a trip to the doctor, it can be tough on a newborn and can cause concern in parents. Nasal congestion in babies can make it hard for them to eat or … Ten Tips For Newborn Nasal Congestion Read More...


    Most newborns suffer from nasal congestion at some time in their first few months. While a stuffy nose normally isn’t something that requires a trip to the doctor, it can be tough on a newborn and can cause concern in parents.

    Nasal congestion in babies can make it hard for them to eat or breathe and can cause overall discomfort. Fortunately there some simple remedies you can do at home to alleviate newborn nasal congestion and get your little one feeling comfortable again.

    Stuffy Nose or Something More Serious?

    For starters, you’ll need to be sure that it’s a stuffy nose that’s bothering your newborn or something else like a cold.

    If she’s breathing through her mouth and popping off your breast or the bottle constantly while trying to eat, that is the most telling sign.

    When to See Your Doctor

    After a few days, if things aren’t getting any better, you’ll need to contact your child’s pediatrician.

    If your baby develops a fever, rash, facial swelling, has difficulty breathing or breathes too rapidly, trouble feeding or complete lack of interest in feeding, or is overly fussy and in pain, make a trip to the doctor immediately.

    What Causes Nasal Congestion?

    The three leading factors that contribute to nasal congestion are:

    1. Air that is especially dry
    2. Airborne Pollutants such as dust mites, pollen and even perfume
    3. A viral infection (such as a cold or the ‘flu).

    When Will It Go Away?

    The good news is, nasal congestion usually clears up on it’s own and under a week.

    It’s often caused by dry air which makes it easier for your baby to catch a cold. Sometimes it’s caused by irritants in the air like dust, pollen, smoke or perfume.

    As newborns are still building up their immunity systems, it could be the cause of a cold. If you suspect that’s the cause, check with your child’s pediatrician to be safe.

    10 Tips for Newborn Nasal Congestion

    1. Clean The Area

    Sometimes mucus can become crusted around a baby’s nostril, causing her to be stuffed up.

    Try wetting a cotton swab with warm water and using it gently clean the area well, removing all the crusty bits so that she can breathe easier.

    2. Pat Her On The Back

    Gently patting a baby’s back can help ease nasal congestion in babies by breaking up the mucus in their chest.

    For best results try laying her across your knees as you gently pat her on the back. Doing this to break up the mucus can aid her in being able to cough it up and get rid of it.

    3. Buy A Nursery Humidifier

    A nursery humidifier help improve air quality and prevent sickness. The extra moisture it provides will also help loosen the mucus that is blocking your newborn’s nose.

    If you’re thinking of buying one, look for a model that is especially quiet. Some humidifiers are quite nosy and can keep baby awake. This kind of defeats the purpose of improving their overall health.

    4. A Bowl Of  Hot Water In The Nursery

    If you don’t have a humidifier for the nursery, you can always leave a large bowl of warm water in the room. This will also help add moisture to the air and help break up mucus.

    5. Steam Up The Bathroom

    Don’t have a vaporizer or humidifier? Try steaming up the bathroom by running a hot shower, and then sit in the steamy bathroom with your baby (but don’t take your baby in the hot shower – that’s dangerous!).

    The steam will have the same effect as a vaporizer or humidifier would and can help clear her nasal congestion.

    6. Raise The Crib Mattress

    Sleeping with your head elevated can help you breathe better and get a good night’s sleep. Since it is dangerous for babies to sleep with a pillow due to the risk of SIDS, try elevating her head a little while she is sleeping.

    You can do this by slightly elevating the head of her crib mattress instead. Place a rolled up towel or small blanket under the head of the mattress to raise it up slightly. Be careful to only raise it slightly.

    If you raise it too much, she might slide down to the other end of the mattress during the night and this could be dangerous.

    7. Use A Vapor Rub

    Another great way to help with nasal congestion is use a vapor rub formulated for babies.

    It’s safe to use and rubbing it on their chest can help clear congestion.

    8. Give Saline Drops / Saline Spray

    Saline nasal drops are available over-the-counter and are the only type of nasal drops you should use with your baby. That being said, they work well to break up mucus so that it can make its way out of your baby’s nose.

    For best results, lay your baby down on her back and gently tilt her head back a little, then put two drops of the saline solution in each nostril.

    Don’t fret if your baby sneezes some of it out, a good amount most likely made its way into her nasal passage.

    Because nasal saline drops are safe to use in babies, you can use them as many times as you need to for your baby’s stuffy nose.

    9. Use a Baby Aspirator

    Many parents are turning to baby aspirators to help clear nasal congestion. These basically work like syringes and will use air to help clear a baby’s stuffy nose.

    There are three main types of aspirators:

    • The nasal “bulb” type you pump
    • The “Snotsucker” type which you suck.
    • The “Mini-Vacuum” Type (pictured) that is battery powered and assists your own sucking.

    Once you get used to the idea, sucking out your baby’s snot is a great idea. And yes, that sentence was weird to write!

    The last thing you want to do is put some high-powered vacuum up their nose and hurt your little one. At least when you suck you can control the force and monitor your baby the whole time.

    There are a number of nasal aspirators on the market to choose from. For my own baby, I didn’t choose the “bulb types”. They don’t seem especially hygienic and more of a “Use once and throw away” sort of thing.

    The top rated aspirators don’t cost that much more than the bulb types. They are waterproof and you can get replacement nasal tips for them as well.

    10. Try A Combination Of The Above

    Many parents report a lot of success with nasal congestion using saline drops first and then an aspirator. Some go straight to the aspirator. Much will depend on your little one and how comfortable they find one method over the other.

    Any of these newborn congestion tips can help ease your baby’s stuffy nose, but don’t fret too much over your baby’s nasal congestion.

    As long as your baby is eating well it’s o.k to just wait it out until the congestion passes – she’ll be her usual happy self before you know it!

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