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Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog features a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

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Turn Your Blog into a Career

If you have been running a blog for a little while, you are probably well on your way to creating something that is popular and read by many visitors. For a lot of bloggers, this would be the ultimate goal and something which would be of immense value to them. However, there are many other...

If you have been running a blog for a little while, you are probably well on your way to creating something that is popular and read by many visitors.

For a lot of bloggers, this would be the ultimate goal and something which would be of immense value to them. However, there are many other bloggers who want to take this a little step further and create a career from the blog. If you are looking to do the same thing, then here are a few tips that you can use.

Your Blog is Your Showcase

When you start to think about turning your blog into your career, you may get so caught up in what you need to promote your blog, that you forget to concentrate on the blog itself. However, this website is the reason you are getting visitors, and people are reading your content because they like it. It means that any strategy you put in place has to have your blog at the center of it. For example, if you wish to deal with products and companies, they will need to see the type of content you are creating, and how many visitors you are getting.

Create a Media Pack

A media pack is becoming extremely popular among bloggers because it contains all the information a company would need. In this pack, you ideally want to have examples of your content, some information about your visitor numbers, and also contact details for yourself. You can then upload this media package to your website so any companies seeing it can check it immediately. It also means in any correspondence you sent to companies you can attach a link to this media pack for them to check.

Contacting Clients

One of the quickest ways to attract clients to your blog is to contact them yourself. Look at some companies that you think will fit well with your niche and see if they can be contacted. There are many templates online that can help you with drafting the email. Once you have made contact, you may get a reply asking for more details. At this point, some companies will want to chat with you, so it can be handy to have unlimited conference call facilities available. Once you have agreed on products and a payment that you are happy with, you can then concentrate on creating content for that product. By then you should have set up a time scale and agreed on a marketing plan with the company. This would include where you will publish your content and how often you will republish it.

As you start to gather companies and publish content on their products, you will start to get approaches from other companies wishing you to do the same thing. This is the point where you can really begin to gather pace with your newly found career. Above all, you still need to create engaging content for your readers and ensure that the products will be of interest to them.

Originally posted 2018-11-22 18:44:27. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

How to Quickly Create High Value Content

Do you know how long it took me to write this blog post? Just under one hour. I wasn’t really counting seconds, but I looked at the watch before I started, and then after I finished. You can do that too, you know. It’s not really that hard, and I’ve come up with a couple...

Do you know how long it took me to write this blog post? Just under one hour. I wasn’t really counting seconds, but I looked at the watch before I started, and then after I finished. You can do that too, you know. It’s not really that hard, and I’ve come up with a couple of tips to help you achieve your goal of writing quality content, fast.

Being a full-time writer is hard, and it takes a couple of talents to succeed. Those talents include (but are not limited to) curiosity and education (you need to know a lot of things about a variety of topics), imagination (some people could stare at a blank page for hours and come up with nothing, while others just open up Word and start typing), and typing skills (you need to be fast).

Doing writing for a living is a great call, but if you want to earn decent money, you need to write a lot and start by learning how to start a blog (by Author: Rafael Reyes). You don’t have all day for a 500-word blog post, that stuff needs to be moving.

Writing a good piece means nothing if it’s not being engaged with by the audience. So you also need to make sure to optimize your blog for the search engine. If you’re not familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I suggest you run through the Local SEO Guide: How to Actually Rank.

So here are a couple of tips on how to make quality content, fast:

Split the article in three parts

Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Those are the three basic parts of any article, and by splitting your content, you will easily be inspired to write faster. In the introduction you write about what you will be writing about (Example: Today I’ll be writing about getting a blog post done in under 45 minutes). The body is the topic of the article, while in the conclusion you write about what you wrote about (Example: And there you have it ladies and gentleman, that’s how you write in under 45 minutes).


Everything is easier to write if you break down the article to a list. For example, this article gives nine tips on how to write faster.

Writing on the go

In most parts of the world, people travel to and from work a lot, mostly on trains. Use that time to write something down on your laptop or tablet. It will save you a lot of time which you usually use just to look around.

Writing about topics you know

There’s not really that much to say about it. When you have the knowledge of a topic, writing is easy.

Include data

If you don’t have the knowledge – find it. Do some research on the topic and include that data in your article. It will use up lot of space and it will be useful for the reader.

Read a lot

This relates to the previous tip. If you don’t have the knowledge about a certain topic, your writing will be sluggish. Whenever you have extra time, read about anything and everything. You never know when it can help you.

Write in series

Take a certain topic and write 10, 20 articles on it. After a while, you’ll be flipping blog posts like burgers in McDonalds.

Quotes and advice

Similar to data, using other people’s words is always a good thing. Just make sure the people you quote are relevant to the topic and are strong opinion makers.

Type faster

And yes, you need to type faster. An average person types approximately 40 words per minute, while a professional writes up to 75. If you’re below average, that’s what you can work on. Here’s a good typing test which can not only test your skills, but improve them, as well.

Good luck!

5 Ways to Win Brand Engagement and Loyalty Through Creative Content
How to create shareworthy content

Originally posted 2016-08-10 16:13:35. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Here’s How Facebook is Spying on you Through Your Photos

Sharing everything on Facebook? Facebook is spying on you through your Photos. Here is how EXIF data editor can secure your privacy.

Spending a lot of time on Facebook and worried about privacy issues especially about your personal information? Go Ahead, This article is for you!

If you share everything on social media, like your personal details, photos, and location information, Facebook is keeping an eye on your every activity. Facebook doesn’t need your camera or microphone access to know about you as it already has all the required information to spy on you. Most of the time it predicts your behavior through your location and activity posts that you share.

Though it is suggested not to share your personal photos on such social media platforms if you do you can take precautionary measures by using EXIF data editor to remove Meta descriptions and other information available with your photographs. If you use the best EXIF viewer, you can find out information like location, geotag, a device used, time and date, and other relevant information associated with the photograph.

Is Facebook Spying on You, Here Are The Possible Reasons And Solutions?

A lot of users reported strange behavior on the phone while using the Facebook app. The camera opens, location gets enabled, they start location-based advertisements, or the app is watching users without their knowledge. Facebook also confirmed the existence of this bug in the app and other security glitches were also confirmed time and again.

How Facebook Collects Information?

Whenever you tap to like or share something, the Facebook algorithms run an analysis of your interests and start showing you similar posts. It targets your location, interests, clicks, personality, and purchasing habits to broadcast ads. When you get online through a new location, it knows you are traveling and starts showing you relevant ads, information, and posts.

Whenever you browse for electronic gadgets on Amazon, Facebook starts showing similar ads and products. This is not magic! This is because of the code that webmasters use for ad tracking on Facebook and other sites.

Tagging friends on Facebook is also recorded to learn who all are connected to you. Facebook uses the algorithm to identify your friend’s interest, their birthday, anniversary and suggest you gift them what they like or browse through on their device. All this information is used to predict your behavior and interest from time on time.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Personal Information On Facebook?

There are several steps you can take to safeguard your identity, interest, and privacy.

Here are the best possibilities you can try to minimize the risk.

Delete Facebook Account Immediately

The best way to come out of this drastic trap is to delete your Facebook account depending on the severity of the risk factor you are into. I know this is tough for millions of users to do, but if the risk factor is high, this is the last step that you can perform to safeguard your personal information.

Configure High-Security Settings to Protect Your Identity

Not all users are aware of the Facebook security settings. Configure these settings to get the utmost security. You can withdrawal all the possible ways of security breach however you can always minimize the risk of identity breach.

Revoke Facebook App Permissions

You can anytime disable the access of Microphone and Camera on the Facebook app. Whenever you wish to take pictures or get into a video call, it will again ask for permissions. But once you give permission, you will again need to revoke permissions once done.  Check this setting immediately for safely using the application on your mobile or PC.

Use Incognito Mode

Whenever you browse through websites or use Facebook on your browser, ensure that you use the Incognito mode of your browser so that nobody can track your behavior, browsing habits, cookies, cache, and history. Your location is always turned OFF when you use Incognito mode. So, You can choose this mode of search as well. It will not only hide your identity but your history will not be saved.

Use EXIF Data Editor – Best EXIF data editor

Almost all of us upload photos on Facebook on a daily basis however the best thing you can do to a photo is use the best EXIF viewer to view and edit EXIF information of your photos.

Photos EXIF Editor is one of the best EXIF data editor to add, edit, remove EXIF information from one or many photos at a time. The software is compatible with Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 & Vista (both-32 and 64-bit) versions.

Photos EXIF Editor Features

  • It supports all the major image formats including RAW file formats.
  • Photos EXIF Editor Save pre-defined data formats to use them later for multiple other photos.
  • Photos EXIF Editor removes, read & write EXIF, IPTC, XMP metadata from photos before uploading on Facebook.
  • Photos EXIF Editor creates a backup of the original metadata of selected photos before making any changes.
  • This software allows you to manually enter GPS coordinates on photographs before sharing on social media.
  • With this, you can add or delete metadata from an individual or selected photos in no time. So, It saves time and all your information is saved.

Final Words on the Article

Social media applications especially Facebook are not secure for your identity and privacy as they reveal every collected information to other users on Facebook. Your photos can disclose a lot of information about you such as your location, time and date, etc so to keep your identity safe, you can safely use this Exif software and suggest your folks too about the same. You can make use of Photos EXIF Editor as this is trusted and certified as the best EXIF viewer & editor to hide metadata information on your photos.

Effective Ways To Measure Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Having effective digital marketing campaigns mean you need metrics to measure success in your efforts.

In building a strong brand that can scale effectively, you need to leverage different digital marketing tactics. However, you have to remember that some digital marketing metrics may be more important than others.

Narrowing down your reporting to include the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) will reflect what digital marketing campaigns’ success looks like for your brand.

Reviewing analytics and measuring performance should be included in the to-do list of business owners and marketers to improve the bottom line and increase their ROI. One needs to recognize that “clicks” offer an imperfect view of any digital marketing campaigns’ effect. Most people do not click on ads but still, find their way to a company website even without being subjected to paid advertisements.

How To Determine the Effectiveness of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Putting together a measuring template can provide valuable insight. It is something you can use and modify as necessary with each campaign. Here are some metrics that you can work with on your template.

New vs. Returning Traffic

Based on your website’s priorities and customer’s buying time, you can try to maximize the number of potential or returning customers. The goal is to identify what is most important to you at the outset of the campaign. Make sure that you plan a campaign to accomplish that goal.

In other words, if you’re looking to have as many more visitors on your website, you need to aim to have an increase in the percentage of the new traffic. Moreover, you need to check the average of returning traffic before purchasing in-store or online. You may want to plan a strategy that can make customers complete a transaction the first time they visit your site and offer deals to ensure that they return to your brand.

Page Views

Pageviews mean the cumulative number of pages that were viewed by your audience. This marketing metric can be caused by a person who repeatedly visits the same webpage. Thus, it makes it the best of all page-related metrics to use for any digital marketing campaign.

That is also one of the essential traffic indicators on your website. It is necessary to know how many pages they visit on your website within a given period. That makes you understand whether the whole platform is of value or whether only several pages are relevant.

Exit Rate

Exit rate is a way to measure that is very precise. It tells quite a bit about the website design and user interface. If your strategy is intended to bring new visitors to your website for a more general “learn more” branding attempt, the exit rate will show you exactly where your customers left after your content has been checked.

Unlike the bounce rate that triggers when someone sees just one page, the exit rate shows you where the person has lost confidence after spending some time exploring your site.  So you must ensure that they are not losing faith in your website and your brand.

Average Time Per Visit

Analyze the average time people spent on your website. It will help you to figure out how engaged they are in searching for your content. You should also look at the total pages per visit following this measure to better view content engagement. The longer they visit and the more pages they view, the more likely they enjoy your content and find value in them.

Bounce Rate

In the digital marketing world, bouncing is terrible for a variety of reasons. If all of your ads have strong bounce rates, that means users click on the “back” button once they land on your website. You must know then that there might be a significant discrepancy between your message and your landing page.

Furthermore, Google might perceive high bounce rate websites as low-quality or spam, resulting in an SEO penalty. Use Google Analytics to calculate the bounce rate over time to see patterns in your marketing campaigns.


Conversions arise as website visitors or consumers take particular action due to a paid advertisement or promotional activity. In contrast with behaviors, conversions are more specifically related to purchases done on your website. Since your primary aim is to maximize revenues, make sure your digital marketing plan is effective and working.

Traffic By Source

This helpful traffic metric sheds light on just where your website visitors are coming from. With many channels available and insufficient time to capitalize on any of them, traffic by source analytics must be watched.

You can use it to figure out which platform or marketing outlets are useful and which ones require a little more focus. Moreover, you can use it to narrow down where you spend your time in making any content.

  • Organic Search – These website visitors have clicked a link from the search engine result pages that directed them to your website.
  • Direct Visitors – Kind of visitors that have typed your URL directly into the search bar, or they may have it bookmarked and used the search bar to return to your website.
  • Referrals – Such visitors arrive at your website when they click a link from another webpage.
  • Social – The type of visitors that came to your website after discovering your social media profile.

Mobile Traffic

More than half of online digital traffic comes from smartphones and mobile applications. Because of this pattern, the number of people visiting your site from any mobile devices per month should require attention. You must look at your mobile traffic stats to learn how many people view your site from a mobile device.

It would be best to analyze how long they’re on the web and how deep they’re heading on your website using a mobile device. Compare those with your non-web traffic to see whether people are more or less involved with your web on their mobile devices. You can use that knowledge to improve customer experience.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to assess your digital media campaigns’ effectiveness will save you much frustration along the way. You are not going to guess why you’re spending your time on multiple promotions. You can change or toggle off promotions that don’t fit, or you can sharpen campaigns to get your targets right.

Measuring your digital marketing campaigns will always let you know how to calculate a campaign’s effectiveness. You can develop a more strategically formulated game plan for your marketing activities and refrain from starting a digital marketing strategy with no clear target.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Don’t Break the Bank

It is entirely understandable to be hesitant when it comes to marketing strategies in general, as it is often where the bulk of resources go no matter the company. From online stores and services to something as specific as video game publishing, marketing is where the lion’s share will be. The worst part is that...

It is entirely understandable to be hesitant when it comes to marketing strategies in general, as it is often where the bulk of resources go no matter the company.

From online stores and services to something as specific as video game publishing, marketing is where the lion’s share will be. The worst part is that traditional marketing can be such a hit or miss venture that it is no wonder why so many companies are intimidated at the prospect of digital marketing.

Fortunately, quality companies such as digital marketing agency Phoenix can make things much easier to handle.

A good example to use would be search engine optimization (SEO) as a set of solutions that require plenty of experience, but not necessarily deep pockets. A company does not have to pay exorbitant amounts to make use of SEO solutions, and the same can be said for digital marketing. Here are just some digital marketing strategies that do not break the bank!

Getting used to optimal posting schedules

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the most neglected aspects is the schedule of the post. However, timing is everything in social media, as the timing could dictate whether or not the post gains any traction. It can be especially crucial for new businesses, where an understanding of timing and time zones could potentially make or break their company.

No matter the choice of social media platform, there is always an optimal schedule to use depending on the target audience. An understanding of when to post content will ensure that the posts always reach potential clients.

The use of social media in general

For most startups out there, digital marketing can be quite intimidating due to the aforementioned costs. For a company that does not have enough resources to get around, it can seem almost impossible to get an effective marketing strategy off the ground. Fortunately, the use of social media does not necessarily come with a huge price tag. As a matter of fact, it does not come with a price tag at all!

For example, a business owner that has yet to get things started can still build hype with the help of a social media account. They can use friends and family to help spread the word, which in turn could provide a steady revenue stream when the business gets started. Even those who might not necessarily be interested in the products will still keep an eye out for a new business. A social media account is entirely free, and it helps provide the foundation of any digital marketing tactic.

The aforementioned SEO solutions

Search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most effective ways any business can gain influence and clout early on. It involves the use of specific tactics that can boost rankings in Google, and the best-practice methods involved can help just about any company remain disciplined and consistent when it comes to digital marketing. SEO solutions can be as cheap as five hundred dollars a month for many agencies, which is why many startups make use of SEO as early as possible. The best part about utilizing SEO is that it can help build a foundation for the company to grow.

There are also digital marketing solutions that require a financial barrier of entry but can provide quick results, such as the pay-per-click (PPC) model. While it might require an initial payment to set up a PPC account, the fact that the business will be in paid results is often rewarding enough. There is also the added advantage of data gathering that can help most companies handle SEO solutions on their own.

Smart use of content marketing

As far as digital marketing tactics that do not hurt the wallet, smart use of content marketing can help in a variety of ways. For example, most company owners are well-versed in their products and can likely write an informative blog about the matter if they want. If the user wants to save money and take advantage of content marketing, they can start slow by writing articles and blogs in their spare time involving their products and services.

Considering the fact that some online users want to be encouraged when it comes to purchasing products, it is not a wasted effort. Blogs and articles also make perfect landing pages, which is excellent for link building.

Go for social media influencers still on their way up the social ladder

One of the most common social media marketing tactics would be to utilize the help of a well-known influencer to help market a company’s products and services. While it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gain brand exposure, not every company can get the attention of a well-known influencer. Instead, it would be a good idea to scout the platform of choice (preferably one with video streaming such as Youtube), and look for those that are building their subscriber base slowly but surely.

Not only will it be much easier to get their attention and get them to work with the company, but the contract will not nearly be as expensive as when the company gets the help of one of the most popular in the platform. It might not seem like the content creator is worth the effort, but there are some channels out there that connect with dozens of millions of subscribers — which means there is a lot of potential to get the help of a social media influencer for cheap and eventually build a supporter base in the social media platform of choice.

There are many different social media and digital marketing tactics out there that will not hurt the wallet, though it can be much easier to get the job done with the help of a skilled company such as the digital marketing agency Phoenix. It might take some time to get the ball rolling for some of the tactics, but the fact that a social media account is free provides plenty of opportunities to get ahead.

8 Website Design Tips to Improve Engagement on your Website

Think of your website as a newly invented gadget. You must ensure that the visitors find it easy to use, swift, and highly functional! Like a seamless, fast, and error-free gadget that satisfies the user, a website that is easy to navigate and retains the visitor! Judging anything quickly is part of human nature. Researchers...

Think of your website as a newly invented gadget. You must ensure that the visitors find it easy to use, swift, and highly functional! Like a seamless, fast, and error-free gadget that satisfies the user, a website that is easy to navigate and retains the visitor!

Judging anything quickly is part of human nature. Researchers from Northumbria University, UK, found that 94% of first impressions of a website are related to its design.

The perfect recipe for a website that performs brilliantly involves compiling all its elements (design, SEO, load speed, UX, content, images, and responsiveness) using the best practices. If you fail to do so, getting traffic and engagements will be challenging for you to achieve.

Do you know that according to Blue Corona statistics, 73% of brands plan to invest in design to set apart their website from competitors?

Web designing is evolving with time. Techniques that were used two years back aren’t considered best practices anymore. Old ways may bring you traffic, but all your efforts will go in vain unless those visitors don’t engage.

When we talk about engagement on a website, we have several examples of brands that are doing an impressive job by using actionable strategies on their website. Visitors stay there longer, view more pages, take the desired actions, and even share the content with their friends and family. If you also wish to have the same results from your website’s traffic, read on to know some fantastic, surefire tips on how to do that.

Aesthetically Appealing Design

Grabbing users’ attention with a beautiful design is a trick that sparks their interest in your brand. According to the State of Content Report by Adobe, up to 68% of users prefer viewing a website with an overall appealing design, like an aesthetic layout and photography.

Several studies show how specific colors impact the viewer’s perception. Researcher John Hallock found that colors blue, white, and green play a part in trust-building. Whereas red, yellow, and orange can be associated with speed. Blue makes people safe, whereas brown may be linked to being inexpensive.

For a seamless experience, you can take the help of professionals like logo design valley for a clutter-free layout. This will give your visitors a pleasant feeling along with a clear focus. It will certainly pave the way for an increased amount of time users spend on your website.

The Sum’s website is one from which you can take some inspiration. The clean, beautiful homepage of their website feels captivating and plays a massive role in reducing bounce rate.


Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

One feature that will make your visitor stay and view more pages is when he knows where to find what he needs. Websites that are difficult to navigate serve no purpose as anyone would abandon them annoyingly.

A pyramid navigational structure is what most websites use these days. The pyramid structure is one where general subjects are mentioned and then narrowed down into specific topics. Sony’s homepage is an epic example of showing around your website to your customers in an easy way.


Compelling Copywriting

Creative use of words has a massive impact on the audience. A dull tone with cliche phrases will cause the customer to feel uninterested. Whereas exceptional copy retains customers and compels them to take action.

Do you know why expert copywriters are paid a handsome amount for their work? The content that they write for the website is the key to boost conversions.

Fascinating Content

Blue Corona reveals that up to 38% of users will stop engaging on a website if they find the content unappealing.

For remarkable success, content that appeals to your target audience plays a huge role. Not only it convinces them to stay and spend more time; it even causes them to come back again. Engaging content strategy may include your website’s blog, interactive polls, high-quality images, and visual storytelling via videos.

Your blog is the most practical tool to keep visitors engaged. With useful guidance, targeted keywords, and exciting topics, you can grip their attention. It boosts your SEO as well.

Visual content, including images and videos, is another way to make your website interactive. You can find ways to create stories with a series of images, GIFs, and videos. Or, you can do it simply as Makr does. Good quality product images on its homepage make Makr’s website design highly fascinating.  source

Discount Popups

What could be a better way to make the first move towards future interactions than offering amazing discounts to your new customers? Entry popups with discount offers prove to be quite a benefit for the brands. It gives visitors something to look forward to. They will be interested in what kind of products and services you offer at discounted rates.

Popups actually create a conversion path by offering freebies, discounts, and exclusive content upon signup.

Fast Loading Speed

Web Alive concludes that website loading speed is directly associated with its bounce rate. Slow loading time translates to a higher bounce rate. This means that visitors leave the site as soon as they get annoyed with a slow speed.

Another statistic reveals that 47% of website users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds.  You must pay attention to your website’s speed if you want higher engagements. You can do so by compressing images, enabling cache solutions, and deleting old post revisions and themes. Use a CDN to deliver content swiftly to users across the world.

Relevant Internal Links

Showing relevant content via popups and recommendations is an excellent way to compel visitors to visit more pages on your website. News websites like BBC use this strategy by showing relevant articles, and related news pieces alongside the article readers are viewing. Also, e-commerce websites offer similar products that the buyer is interested in.

Internal linking increases the time visitors spend on websites and increases backlinks if they find the content interesting enough to share.

Sell through Testimony

According to Web Alive findings, reviews are considered trustworthy as personal recommendations by 85% of users.

Nothing can be compared to the power that testimonials and reviews possess as an engagement tool. Whenever people wish to buy a thing, they look for testimonials on the seller’s website. Credibility increases if they find good reviews. Just like Amazon reviews are a reliable source that people look for, you too can use the same feature on your website.

Parting Words

The benefits of an interactive website are boundless. An engaging website design is a connecting medium between you and your customers. As the connections are meaningful, conversion rates become better, and your business thrives. It also maximizes your Google ranking.

Applying the strategies mentioned above will give your visitors the impression that they are being welcomed, and a personalized experience awaits them. As a result, your brand presence solidifies, and it assists in trust-building. From the success of the brands that have been mentioned as an example in this blog, we can be sure that good web design brings effective results.

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