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Hostwinds doesn't skimp on service - we give our clients 24/7 support along with all our premium features in every package. Our comprehensive plans and lucrative prices make Hostwinds the anomaly in the hosting industry. Get a shared hosting plan that's fast, effective, and won't limit your growth.

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HostWinds Latest News

Magellan, Magneto, Magenta, & Magento

Magento has almost become the “Kleenex” of the e-commerce world, as the term “Magento” is actually googled more than the term “e-commerce.” Hundreds of thousands of users that range from individuals with small businesses to multinational companies (such as the one and only Nike) use Magento. First available to the public in 2008, Magento has been a game changer in terms of e-commerce sites since its origin. This program is meant for anyone, as it contains both simplified and advanced features for users of all sorts of backgrounds/levels of e-commerce expertise. In a sense, Magento is similar to Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, who was the first to sail all around the world. Why, you ask? Magento has paved the way…

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The Most Important Things In Life Are Free: Install FreePBX Onto Your Hostwinds Cloud Server

Who was it who first came up with the notion that “you get out of something what you put into it?” You’ve heard this saying before, and it certainly applies to the success of businesses these days. It seems that the most successful companies are those who understand the importance of giving their clients a break in some capacity. This compassion and understanding usually manifests itself in the form of offering clients some sort of free service or discount. This is truly a worthwhile investment for companies, as the small decrease in profit that occurs as a result of giving a gift to clients ultimately creates a higher client retention rate. More importantly, it generally produces a bigger/more pleasant community…

The post The Most Important Things In Life Are Free: Install FreePBX Onto Your Hostwinds Cloud Server appeared first on Hostwinds Blog.

Waren Hier! Holland + Hostwinds = Shiny New Data Center

Huge…emphasis on the “HUGE”…news for the Hostwinds Community! Are you ready for it? You may want to take a seat because this update marks a crucial moment in Hostwinds History. Have I created enough suspense about this yet? How about now? Getting to the point: Hostwinds just opened up a BRAND NEW data center in one of the coolest areas out there – AMSTERDAM! The capital of The Netherlands has now become one of the three capitals of Hostwinds data!   Hostwinds + Holland: Facts About the Lovely & Charming Amsterdam Although you may know that there are a couple amusing facts about Amsterdam that aren’t exactly professional to mention, we did manage to think of a few that are…

The post Waren Hier! Holland + Hostwinds = Shiny New Data Center appeared first on Hostwinds Blog.

Getting Started With Some Hostwinds Stuff

It’s a new day, and if you’re anything like my silly, romantic, optimistic self, you jumped out of bed and immediately did the MC Hammer dance when you woke up. What’s that? No one does that? Just me? Let’s move on and pretend that intro didn’t happen…(*rewind sounds*) Oh, hi there! Good day to you! Today we’re going to have a little written chat about getting started with stuff. Starting the day out right, and starting anything out strong for that matter, is always the right way to go. That’s why Hostwinds’ team of experts created a bunch of what I call “Getting Started Guides” in our Knowledge Base. We’ll begin this, as the kids say, “TUrnt” up “getting started”…

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The Hostwinds Family Agreement

Here at Hostwinds, we often discuss our commitment and loyalty to our clients and our mission to put them first…so much so, I even reflect on it sometimes in my personal life. On that note, while I was flipping through the pages of one of my favorite books, Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements, the other day, I noticed an enormous amount of similarities between the objectives of our team and the four fundamental principles by which Ruiz suggests living. In his very illuminating book, Ruiz explains the ancient Toltec wisdom (I recommend looking up this interesting group of people, by the way) that emerged in Mexico long ago. He mentions learning the Toltec ethical laws (for lack of a…

The post The Hostwinds Family Agreement appeared first on Hostwinds Blog.

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