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For over a decade we've helped business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital enthusiasts make their online vision a reality with award winning web hosting services. For both personal and professional websites, we are the web hosting company you can rely on. We have the technology to ensure your site runs smoothly and we're here for you every hour of everyday. Want to succeed online? Use HostPapa web hosting services to power your website.

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Disk Space: 100GB

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Web Host Panel: cPanel

Server Platform: Linux

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HostPapa Latest News

What is Email Hosting?

We often hear about web hosting as a way to get your business online and out into the public domain of the internet. Granted, this is an essential step, but it leaves an important question unanswered: how will you manage your business communications?  There are many free options out there, and they’re great for private use, but when it comes to business email, there’s really only one solution, and that’s email hosting. Email hosting is easy to get set up. It’s usually an optional service that comes with your website,...

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Infographic: Get Your Website Indexed by Google

The first step to getting a good search engine results ranking on Google is getting your website indexed. Sure, Google will likely index your website by itself, but this might take some time. Until that happens, your website is practically invisible to the search engine and won’t be getting any of that sweet search traffic. If you wish to jump in the game as soon as possible, there are a few simple actions you will need to take. In this infographic, we outlined each of the steps and what else...

The post Infographic: Get Your Website Indexed by Google appeared first on HostPapa Blog.

Building Your SMB Brand Online

At first, marketing your small business (SMB) is all about creating brand awareness. If people don’t know your company exists, you won’t make much money. Later, attention shifts to building your brand—getting it so firmly established in the minds of your customers that they would never even consider going somewhere else for the products or services you sell. In both stages, the common denominator is a laser focus on your company’s brand. Every business, whether it’s a brick and mortar shop, a provider of services, an online store, or any...

The post Building Your SMB Brand Online appeared first on HostPapa Blog.

All About Domain Registration

One essential element of any website is its domain name. It’s what people type into the address bar of their web browsers in order to access a specific site, and it’s a major part of the site owner’s online identity. For companies that do business exclusively online, a domain name can become synonymous with the company itself, as is the case with Amazon and its domain,, for example. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of what a domain is and how domain registration works. We’ll cover what’s...

The post All About Domain Registration appeared first on HostPapa Blog.

What Is a Sitemap and Why You Need It

You probably spend a lot of time and effort making sure all the important pages of your website are optimized for search engines. You do this to increase the chances that your website will rank high in search results.  Yet, there’s a chance that not all of your website’s important pages will show up in search results, no matter how well optimized they are. The reason for that is search engines use automated discovery programs called web crawlers to “crawl” through your site and all its web pages. Once a...

The post What Is a Sitemap and Why You Need It appeared first on HostPapa Blog.

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