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If you are looking for credible health tips either home remedies or you required doctor or health expert help here then this blog is definitely for you only.
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Yoga has been considered as one of the best and the most useful ways for staying healthy. Keeping a fit lifestyle is the priority of many people and for that weight loss is important. Yoga for weight loss is a revolutionary technique and we have one person to thank for showing us the importance of these techniques. That person is none other than Baba Ramdev.
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I have gained weight during my college days and it increased dangerously after I become a mother. I was struggling to shed that extra belly fat since then but couldn’t do so due to busy schedule. When I turned to online stores for the solution, I found endless list of weight loss supplements.
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How to Reduce Breast Size after Delivery [While Breastfeeding]

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of the little one inside your body. The mischievous kicks, turnings, tumbling’s and the butterfly movements are very adorable [ … ]

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling of the little one inside your body. The mischievous kicks, turnings, tumbling’s and the butterfly movements are very adorable and the women actually miss these wonderful moments after delivery. What more can be exciting than the news of pregnancy in the new mommy and father life? This wonderful journey of pregnancy has to be carried along with many other factors such as weight gain, changes in the physical structure of women, stress, anxiety, nausea, headache etc.

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images (1).jpg

The long awaited day has come and finally, the little angel/rock star is out of the mom’s womb. The celebration would have already begun in the family. The women face a new phase of life called ‘Breast Feeding’.The new and mystifying adventure has tremendous changes in the new mommy’s life. Breastfeeding is a very healthy habit cultivated all across the globe as it has numerous health benefits. The milk is known to contain very effective antibodies that can fight again viruses or bacteria. It reduces the risk of allergy or asthma in the child. It can even reduce the sudden death of the baby which is called ‘infant death syndrome’. Breastfeeding is not only enjoyable for the baby but also a very nourishing way to reduce weight in the new mother.


As we already discussed the women undergoes a drastic change in the physical body. The change can be noticed from the first trimester itself; the hormones in the body indicate the breast to get prepared for the baby. As this happy breast gets softer and little swollen. There may be some small bumps forming around the nipple. The enlarging of breasts will continue to happen throughout the pregnancy. The breast size during pregnancy is prepared to grow fuller and bigger gradually.

images (2).jpg

Some of the breast changes after pregnancy include nipples become so bumpy and dark, getting stretch marks on the breasts, and the fading shape of symmetry in the breast, achy and sagging breasts. The new mommy may notice that the breast is getting bigger day by day and going to unimaginable proportions.

download (2).jpg

Women Life Maintain Breast Size after Breastfeeding

Here we are going to focus on how women can maintain their breast size after breastfeeding.

  1. Yoga and Exercise – Can tone the body to tremendous levels.
  2. Massage – Massaging burns the unwanted fat in the breast.
  3. Avoid junk foods.
  4. Diet – What you eat plays a part in the amount of fat you store in your body.
  5. Green tea – The fat metabolism of the breast is regulated by consuming this.
  6. Ginger – Burns excess fat throughout the body.
  7. Flaxseeds – Reduces the estrogens level in the body and helps in reducing the breast size. Also aids in weight loss.
  8. Egg whites – The mask of egg white on breasts can help in the return of the new cuticle and recovers sagging.
  9. Neem and Turmeric – the paste formed by these ingredients when applied on the swollen breast has wonderful benefits.

download (3).jpg

Ayurvedic remedies reduce breast size

Ayurvedic remedies reduce breast size and release the pregnancy hormones much faster compared to the breast reduction pills. The natural remedies are very affordable and non-invasive. The cup size can be maintained by choosing the right cardiovascular exercise. The thousands of years of the Vedic practice has very surprising benefits to reduce the breast size and sagging.

  1. Shatavari – Reduces enlargement of breasts to a very great extent. The family of asparagus suppresses the hormones to get rid of the breast enlargement.
  2. Manjishta – The toxin and the waste cleanup can rejuvenate the body which helps in toning of the breasts.
  3. Neem & Turmeric – These two medicinal herbs when given in necessary form can make wonderful changes to women’s body.

Read more – Ayurvedic remedies to reduce breast size

Yoga reduce breast size

Prayer Pose – The pressure on pectoral muscles while performing this asana can help reduce the breast size naturally.

Half moon posture – The Ardha Chakrasana can reduce the breast size steadily and it benefits for weight loss also.

Ashtanga yoga exercise – The Bikram yoga exercise has many benefits and it has to be taken only with the help of the proper practitioner.

The frogs pose – This pose will almost imitate a frog posture and this asana can reduce weight and breast size.

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download (5).jpg

Bench press, push-ups, shoulder shrugs, upright rows, shoulder press, anterior front raises, side raises, pullover, toning fit, incline press, hip shift, wall press techniques, can be a good strength-training for toning the body and the breasts.

Path To Well-Being

It’s highly recommended to take all the remedies and the exercises from the proper practitioner for better results and faster recovery.


Top Finger Pulse Oximeter for Doctors (Hospital Grade Pulse Oximeters) Review

The pulse oximeter is a medical device which is designed to measure the level of oxygen in the blood instantly without using any invasive means. It is a small machine [ … ]

The pulse oximeter is a medical device which is designed to measure the level of oxygen in the blood instantly without using any invasive means. It is a small machine that is a clip to the index finger to measure the oxygen level. Doctors use this small portable machine called pulse oximeter to monitor the patient and the pulmonary status on a constant basis. Each patient is recommended to have their own pulse oximeter to keep a record of their oxygen saturation levels even if the therapist is not present. Many brands in the market sell pulse oximeter for hospital use  [1].

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Here is a list of the best pulse oximeter for medical professionals:

1. iHealth air wireless pulse oximeter – It is a non-invasive device used to measure the oxygen saturation level in the blood as well as to measure the pulse rate. It is a device that can be used at home and by hospital professionals for clinical use, surgery, anesthesia and intensive care. It is a hospital grade pulse oximeter.


  • It is clinically tested, HIPPA compliant, pulse rate, perfusion index and measures blood oxygen level [2].
  • Great for checking Oxygen and pulse before as well as after doing the workout.
  • It is wireless, lightweight with easy to use the interactive app.
  • It syncs automatically via Bluetooth smart and free  ihealth vital app to track your saturation levels


  • It is highly priced.

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2. Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter for Apple and Android by Healthtree– One of the most accurate machines available in the market for Intensive Care. It is the best pulse oximeter for healthcare professionals.


  • Highly accurate stable results
  • Unlimited data storage on the cloud through the app for meaningful results and comparison
  • Is fast in giving results
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It is not suitable for monitoring overnight, or an extended period it gives best results for short monitoring period.

3. Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor for iOS and Android by Healthtree– This machine is designed to monitor ICU patients on very high parameters. It is a popular pulse oximeter for hospital use [3].


  • Accurate results of oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
  • Synchronised well with the free app through Bluetooth to record and Store the data of the patient.
  • Rotatable LED display screen which is convenient for the patients.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Not any known.

4. Nonin GO 2 Achieve fingertip pulse oximeter– This is a machine that has been designed for individuals. It is being used in hospitals and medical facilities all around the globe. This machine is the leader to fingertip Pulse oximetry.


  • The most affordable machine.
  • Gives reliable results of oxygen saturation and heart rate values.
  • Does not require a prescription to buy.
  • Comes with an easy to use User app


  • None known

5. Masimo iSpO2 pulse oximeter for Apple iOS devices– This machine is designed to crack and record your pulse and oxygen level measurements over time and share the data with via Email. It provides accurate measurements with the help of signal extraction technology. It helps to measure challenging conditions including the movement and low blood flow.


  • Accurate and instant readings provided
  • Backed up with the help of general wellness and health apps.


  • Big in size
  • Very very expensive.
  • Advisable for sports and aviation use only

6. Masimo iSpO2 pulse oximeter having a Micro USB connector along with a large sensor for Android device– The device is designed to measure oxygen saturation as well as pulse rate during movements, especially for sports and Aviation use. It’s a widely used pulse oximeter for hospital use.


  • Portable, lightweight and comes with a carrying case.
  • Can share 12-hour measurement history.
  • Best for measuring oxygen levels for hikers, climbers, pilots and even passengers


  • Not recommended for making medical use.
  • Highly priced.

7. Oxygen Analyser Pro 2 Elite by Salter Labs– This is an easy to use machine design to check oxygen concentration purity for concentrators. It is the best pulse oximeter for doctors.


  • Easy to use
  • Can check oxygen output
  • Easily checks oxygen concentration purity for concentrators of all brands.


  • Very expensive

8. Masimo MightySat– This machine uses the leading technology SET to give you accurate measurements of oxygen saturation along with the pulse rate while moving or at the time of low blood flow. It also provides measurements that help to assess changes in breathing rate, hydration, breathing effort, etc. It is accurate when you need it the most.


  • Accurate results are given instantly.
  • Gives breakthrough measures which are not available on other health and wellness devices like respiration rate and blood variability index.
  • Can share its display track, trend and data to iOS and Android devices through its free and easy to use Masimo personal health app.
  • Comparatively reasonable.


  • Not known.

9. Body Matrix performance monitor– This is not typically a medical device and is used by health-conscious people to record the blood rate, heartbeat, pedometer and provides information needed to support a healthy lifestyle or maximize fitness regimes.

Pros –

  • It is easy to use fits in the palm and give results very quickly and accurately this machine can keep us medication schedule my time date and remind you to track your prescription
  • It syncs with Android and iPhone uses for secure sharing of results and reports with family and doctors.
  • Best pulse oximeter for healthcare professionals.


  • Very expensive


There are a number of pulse oximeters present in the market under different brands. It is up to the doctor and the patient to choose the best oximeter for them according to the uses and results required. The reviews above would help you choose the best pulse oximeter for doctors [4].

Be Effective to Reduce Breast With These Five Exercises

Are the sizes of your breasts embarrassing you? Do you feel that they are too big? Is the size of your breasts stopping you from wearing certain clothes? There are [ … ]

Are the sizes of your breasts embarrassing you? Do you feel that they are too big? Is the size of your breasts stopping you from wearing certain clothes? There are certain ways of reducing the size of your breasts. However, it is not direct. Breast size actually cannot be reduced. The only method is to do exercises, which help reduce body fat, which will also affect the breasts and reduce its size. This is because 80% of the breast is fat. As a result, reducing fat levels will affect the size of the breasts. These exercises will also improve the shape of the cups and reduce the breast sagging [1].

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To be more accurate for better understanding, a shaped muscle under the cups, which is, also known as the pectoral major will build up and provide better support for the cups by doing these exercises. These exercises make the chest muscles stronger and tighter which results in your breasts looking like they have been lifted. Here are some effective exercises that can show great results when followed properly [2].

Five of the best exercises Breast Size Reduction are:

Wall Press:

wall press


The most important thing about this exercise is to find the best spot. After you have done that, you have a face towards the wall and stand away from it at a distance of arm’s length. Keep your feet apart as much as the width of your shoulders. Keep your hands flat on the wall and your feet flat and sturdy on the floor. You must not change the position of your feet or lift them during the exercise. After taking this sturdy stance, bend your elbows, lower your upper body towards the wall, and count until four. It is important that you keep your hips and back straight during the lowering of the upper body [3].

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Incline Press:

Incline press is the second exercise to reduce breast size we will be looking at. Follow these simple steps to make this exercise effective.

decline press

The position you have to take for this exercise as follows. Lie flat on your back and face up on a bench with your arms straight. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lower the dumbbells until they reach close to the sides of your chest. Now lift them back up to the position you started in. This is called one rep. when doing this exercise you must do ten reps at a time. Breathing well is very important [4].

Decline Press:

The decline chest press affects mostly on the lower section of the muscles. Follow these steps to make this exercise effective to reduce breast size.

incline press

Sit firmly on the decline bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Now lie back and hold them in level with your chest with your palms facing forward. Breathe out and press the dumbbells up simultaneously over your chest. Now, breathe in and lower the dumbbells and to bring them back to the starting position. That is one rep and 20 of these are compulsory every day [5].


Push-ups are the most common exercise and you might know exactly how to do it too. However, follow these steps to make sure your technique is right so that this exercise is an effect.

push ups

Lie flat on a rubber mat and place your hands flat next to your shoulders. Lift your knees off the ground and make sure majority of your body weight is on your knees. Pull your stomach in and make sure your body is in a straight line. This straight body position is the key to perfecting this exercise. After lifting your body up bend your elbows and go back down in this same straight position. Your body should be close to the floor but should not touch it [6].

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This exercise for breast reduction female requires patience but is very effective once you understand the technique.


Stand straight with your legs apart. Begin this workout with lightweight and hold weights in each hand. Raise your hands along with the weights and position them above your head. Now gradually lower the weights behind your head and stretching it as much as possible. Bring it back to the starting position. This workout should be repeated three to five times for the best effect [7].

These exercises require a proper technique for the best effect. Follow the steps carefully to execute the exercise correctly. To see genuine results it is important that you understand the importance of maintaining a routine and being committed to performing this routine every day. Taking breaks in between will not help. Breaks should only be taken in cases of injury or any other unavoidable circumstance. Good luck and give it your best effort. The better the effort, the better the results!

How to Lose Breast Weight in One Week/7 Days

Are you having over-sized breasts? If yes, you are not alone because there are lots of women having very large breasts that result in constant back and neck pain. Besides, [ … ]

Are you having over-sized breasts? If yes, you are not alone because there are lots of women having very large breasts that result in constant back and neck pain. Besides, they feel hard to find dresses that fit them.

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Here are some easy and simple tips to help you make breast smaller and tighter without going for surgery that is quite expensive and painful too:


When it comes to breast reduction, cardio physical exercises are ideal workouts that include jogging, running, and cycling. Together with cardiovascular exercises, you should also include strength-building workouts in your regular fitness routine, if you plan to shorten your breast measurement. You should be aware of selecting weights for these workouts. Try to avail of lightweights instead of having heavyweight dumbbells or machines. In case you opt for heavyweights, the exercise would lead to building up of more breast muscles. Therefore, avoid heavyweights that give bigger and heavier breasts. Given below are some of the most common exercises for breast reduction.

·       Push-ups

·       Dips

·       Decline Dumbbell Flies

·       Pec Deck Butterflies

In addition to regular exercises, you ought to take a special diet consisting of healthy food items. Always avoid a crash diet if you are exercising to decrease your breast size naturally. You can ayurvedic remedies to reduce your breast size.


Overweight will largely affect your breast size. Before trying to shorten your boob’s size, go on a diet and reduce your body gain. Have a control on calories intake and foods suggested for proper dieting. Usually, breast tissues made of fat. Therefore, women can rapidly lose or gain pounds in this specific region compared to other parts of their body.

Large breasts are quite uncomfortable and cause soreness, back pain, and terrible body posture. Though exercises are important to lose excess fat from this region, a clean diet is also equally important. Hence, you ought to gain knowledge about healthy food items, which are handy for removing unwanted breast fat.

You should avoid food items rich in a high amount of fats. Remove junk food and fast food from your list. You should also reduce consuming foods that rich in carbohydrates and sugars, as they may lead to weight gain. Avoid broiler chicken because it injects with growth hormone, which can rapidly grow your breast size. Try to eat fresh green vegetables and drink many fluids except soft drinks. Soft drinks have artificial sweeteners. To keep your metabolism functioning at a great speed, have low-calorie food every two hours.

 Let us go through the list of food items essential for breast reduction.

  • Fruits:

Fruits are on the top of the best foods, which play an essential role in reducing the measurement of the breasts. Aside from being ideal for dessert or snacks, fruits have a plenty of antioxidants. Furthermore, they are tasty too. Unlike processed food items and soda, fruits have fewer sugar levels. Some of the best diet fruits include oranges, grapes, berries, peaches, bananas, and apples. Canned fruits typically have lots of high-calorie preservatives and therefore, you must opt for fresh and healthy fruits. Try to intake at least 4 to 5 fruits a day.

  • Vegetables:

Much like fruits, vegetables have a large content of antioxidants and nutrients with fewer carbohydrates. Therefore, vegetables are useful for people who are trying to decrease the size of their breasts. Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and sprouts are some non-starchy vegetables, which would offer significant energy during your diet.

  • Fish:

Fishes are very high in protein yet low in calories. Rather than frying, try to make use of cooking methods such as steaming, broiling, grilling, or baking that makes fish a worthy food to help in your breast reduction. Trout, salmon, and tuna are some fishes you can try out.

  • Nuts:

You have to include almonds, groundnuts, macadamia nuts, and walnuts in your diet because mixed nuts are the best source of nutritious fats such as omega-3, polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats. Avoid sugar and salt-coated nuts.

In case you are pregnant, reduce breast size after delivery. There are breast reduction pills available to decrease breast size safely and naturally so that you do not need to undergo a surgeon’s knife at a fraction of cost. Though these pills slowly work in your body, you can observe the initial effects within one week.

Best Infant Pulse Oximeters Reviews 2018

An oximeter is an extremely handy device that measures the amount of Oxygen present in your blood. The right machines can even decipher the slightest changes in how the blood [ … ]

An oximeter is an extremely handy device that measures the amount of Oxygen present in your blood. The right machines can even decipher the slightest changes in how the blood is carried from even the hearts to the legs. The devices are tiny and easy-to-use; they are clipped onto a finger and are commonly used in hospitals and clinics too. The monitoring of the oxygen levels can directly or indirectly co-relate to, asthma, anemia, lung cancer, heart defects and the COPD. Since a lot of them have flooded the market, let us have a look at the best ones you must buy if you are looking for one [1].

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Top Infant Pulse Oximeters 2018:

Infant Pulse Oximeters Pediatric Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Alarm Function


  • Pediatric Handheld Infant Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Alarm Function:


This infant pulse oximeter sports a smart and friendly design which provides real-time display of pulse rate, SpO2 along with Plethysmography, battery display, time and alarm status display. Developed after years of hard work and research, it comes with an excellent memory storage function that is capable of storing the latest 500 sets of data. Other advanced features include the review function, trend function, and menu function settings.

With the review function, one can select changes in SpO2 and Pulse Rate, whereas the trend function shows the overall data changes in the pulse rate and SpO2. The menu function settings include alarm volume, SpO2 display color, time and upper and lower limit of SpO2 and PR.

It is capable of displaying data in different environments due to its adjustable brightness feature and has a 2.4-inch high-resolution LCD screen. It comes with one year warranty and should only be used for aviation and sports purpose. Further, the device has CE, TUV certificate, along with clinical tests and inspection.


  • Portable in design
  • High Accuracy
  • Variety of menu functions


  • Ineffective to use in times of Anaemia
  • Price on the higher side

Infant Pulse Oximeters Yonker YK-820B By Handheld


  • Children Pulse Oximeter with Body Temperature Function Yonker YK-820B By Handheld:


This product is a result of 12 years of relentless study, research and development work. It is used to measure the pulse rate and Hemoglobin Saturation through a finger. It has a bar display to indicate the pulse intensity. This product is approved by CE, TUV certificate, professional inspections and clinical tests. Besides it also comes with a one-year warranty.

It comes with an easy to read bright 3.5 inch LCD. Its small portable size makes it easy to carry. Further, it is also a smart device and is quite easy to use. Though the device is for sports and aviation use only, and not for the medical purpose, it’s a good buy. It has an excellent feature of threefold alarms, i.e., words, audio and visual alarms. It supports English, Spanish and Turkish language.


  • Portable Design
  • Accurate readings with high precision
  • Comes with quality certification


  • Reading is slower

Infant Pulse Oximeters Portable digital fingertip pulse oximeter by 1byone


  • Portable digital fingertip pulse oximeter by 1byone:


It is an infant pulse oximeter for home use that uses advanced technology to ensure high accuracy of measuring. It comes with an ultra clear OLED display with 6 orientation options. One of the attractive features of this device is that the Pulse Oximeter powers off automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity to save battery.

Users can also choose between pulse rate, pulse wave, SpO2 level, bar graph and battery indicator displays. Apart from being CE and FDA approved, it is also clinically tested and gives a quick as well as accurate reading for pulse rate, SpO2, and perfusion index in 10 seconds or less. It includes a carrying case and lanyard, hence can be very conveniently carried while traveling too.

This infant pulse oximeter with alarm is not intended for medical use but can be used for sports and aviation purpose only. Lastly, it comes with a 90-day return and 12-month warranty with hassle-free customer service.


  • Fitted with an alarm system
  • Portable and Sleek Design


  • Build quality is not up to the mark
  • The instruction manual is not very detailed

Infant Pulse Oximeters Fingertip pulse oximeter by Easy@home with OLED display


  • Fingertip pulse oximeter by Easy@home with OLED display:


Operating it is really easy, all you need to do is to push one button. It has a universal finger clip for all finger sizes. The results are displayed quickly in a matter of seconds. It can be used to measure pulse rate as well as blood oxygen level. Due to its OLED 4 direction display, you can see the result from any direction easily. The reading can be seen in numbers, bar graphs as well as waveforms (plethysmograph).

It comes with an elegant carrying case and neck/wrist cord along with a battery that lasts for thousands of readings. It auto power offs after 5 seconds of inactivity saving lot of power. Its adjustable brightness feature makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the most attractive features is its One Button Operation that makes the device super easy to use and extremely convenient. Besides, it is a fantastic Lifetime hassle-free Product Replacement Guarantee. It is fit to be used by both adults and children, but should only be used for aviation and sports purpose and not for any medical purpose.


  • Compact for use while traveling
  • OLED Display for showing more clear data


  • Design not of the best quality
  • Can be broken if used roughly

Infant Pulse Oximeters Fully automatic wrist blood pressure cuff monitor by Care touch


  • Fully automatic wrist blood pressure cuff monitor by Care touch:


With its large LCD and backlight feature, this device makes it easy to view the reading even in low light. The automatic power off functions saves the battery. This infant pulse oximeter with a sensor is super-fast as it shows the results within a minute, plus it also provides you with the feature of memory storage with date and time stamp. Thus, allowing the user to review the last 60 readings with a touch of a button.

It is FDA approved and is designed with your comfort and health in mind. Further, it comes with a one year guarantee from the date of purchase. It is very convenient and easy to use. The Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is capable of indicating irregular heart-beat. It shows an irregular heartbeat symbol in case it detects irregular heartbeat. This allows the users to take the necessary medical steps as soon as possible [2].


  • Operation is simple
  • Power off function is automatic


  • Not built with a tough structure
  • OLED display is absent


So, these were the best infant pulse oximeters one can buy in 2018. They are great for usage at home and also while traveling. Before choosing a machine, check if it meets your purpose and consider the reviews from friends/relatives who are using it [3]

How To Get Smaller Breasts Overnight

Most women have very large breasts because of various natural reasons. If you have breasts that are excessively large, are you happy and pleased with their size? Usually, men look [ … ]

Most women have very large breasts because of various natural reasons. If you have breasts that are excessively large, are you happy and pleased with their size? Usually, men look for hot and sexy women with bigger boobs. Although you might not be complaining, you still need to deal with several inconveniences and discomforts because of your breasts size. Women who are not comfortable with the size of their breasts frequently wonder how to lose a cup size. Good news is that there are numerous options available to reduce the shape and size. However, breast reduction surgery seems to be the best and most dependable procedure to decrease your boob’s size.

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Here are a few answers to your doubt of “how can I make my breasts smaller”:

Breast Reduction Pills:

The number of women wishing to have their breast size reduced is staggering. Though breast reduction surgery considered as the most common treatment, the huge cost of surgery, the long & painful recovery, various potential risks and complications, and even the overall dangers of surgery would let women look for a natural alternative. In recent years, there is a great discussion regarding breast reduction pills, which was once used only by a few women but now take its position as the most acceptable alternative to breast surgery.  

These pills comprise of a 100% natural formula, which targets the fatty cells found in the mammary glands. Therefore, the fatty cells are reduced in both size and number. As an outcome, you will avail of the smaller, firmer, and tighter breasts. Depending on various factors, the amount of time that you need to take these natural pills differs for every woman. Some factors include the genetic differences and the size of breasts you want to decrease. Though these pills did not work for 100% of women, it works for several women. Because of the affordable cost, these pills refer to be the best option to try by many before undergoing any surgery.

Breast Reduction Creams:

Reducing breast size without surgery is a dream for most women who plagued with physical and psychological health problems often linked with the problematic large breasts. As the medical advancements have come so far, people touch the heights of perfection owing to the relentless and tireless efforts of scientists and doctors. Therefore, making changes to the skin is now possibly easier without taking any surgical procedure.

The breast reduction cream often reduces the size. How do creams shorten the size? Mostly, these products perform two functions in order to shorten them. While applying these topical ointments over your breasts, they will alter the hormones secreted by your body. These creams have a number of chemicals, which are capable to reduce the fatty cells found in the affected region. People can avail of such products easily in the stores. However, you should take much care before buying one. Before trying them, be sure to consult with an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon because some sub-standard creams can cause side effects to your skin.

Which is better? Surgery or Natural alternatives

We all know that there are different techniques including minimally invasive, surgical, and non-surgical methods to bid goodbye to your heavy and large breasts. So, what is the perfect choice to shorten the breasts? Replying answer to this query is quite easy. Opt for the surgical treatment if you want to grab the results you need. In contrast, you may not receive the exact look you crave for if you choose to use topical creams. The surgical procedures assure the breast is properly contoured with the right size, shape, and weight.

· Time consumption – The surgical methods deliver instant results whereas the progress of ointment is slow in nature though it is extremely to use.

· Promising results – The breast reduction treatment will deliver guaranteed results, but not all creams can able to shorten the size

· Shape and Contouring – You will obviously obtain the real difference by using the surgical procedure as most surgical techniques have the capacity to deliver the expected size, shape, and contour

· Side effects – The only disadvantage associated with surgeries is that people may likely to get certain known side effects.

To know more, feel free to consult with any seasoned plastic surgeon!

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