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If you are looking for credible health tips either home remedies or you required doctor or health expert help here then this blog is definitely for you only.
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Yoga has been considered as one of the best and the most useful ways for staying healthy. Keeping a fit lifestyle is the priority of many people and for that weight loss is important. Yoga for weight loss is a revolutionary technique and we have one person to thank for showing us the importance of these techniques. That person is none other than Baba Ramdev.
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I have gained weight during my college days and it increased dangerously after I become a mother. I was struggling to shed that extra belly fat since then but couldn’t do so due to busy schedule. When I turned to online stores for the solution, I found endless list of weight loss supplements.
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International Yoga Day – Weight Loss Yoga Guide for Beginners

Yoga has been popular for many needs, but it has become popular among those who are looking to lose weight. This guide for yoga for weight loss for beginners can [ … ]

Yoga has been popular for many needs, but it has become popular among those who are looking to lose weight. This guide for yoga for weight loss for beginners can help you figure out what you can do to stay healthy and protected while feeling better about your body.

In particular, this includes points on some of the yoga movements you can use. Each of these yoga poses for weight loss belly needs among other moves can help you to get more out of your plans to lose weight the right way. Just look at some before and after pictures of yoga practitioners and you will see what makes it easy for you to stay active and capable of losing weight well.

Look at below Weight Loss Yoga Guide for Beginners:

Lunge Yoga Pose Weight Loss

  • Lunge

The Lunge is a basic yoga move that entails moving your body forward with one leg straight back while the other has the knee upward while the foot is flat on the ground. This assists you with strengthening your body by encouraging a strong sense of balance all around.

half boat Yoga Pose Weight Loss

  • Half Boat Pose

The Half Boat Pose features your body bent at the midway point while you keep your back straight at an incline. Your legs will move up with the knees slightly bent. This creates a boat-like shape on your body when used right.

Side Plank Yoga Pose Weight Loss

  • Side Plank

The Side Plank involves you producing a good right triangle shape against a mat. You will keep your hand flat on the floor and your body positioned with a right angle formed on the mat. Your other hand will stay upright in the air. This exercise is popular among yoga poses for weight loss belly support as it does well with the abdominal muscles.

Tree Yoga Pose Weight Loss

  • Tree Pose

Another good pose for yoga for weight loss for beginners is the Tree Pose. You will keep one foot on the floor while the other foot leans up towards your other calf. Keep your hands together towards your check at this point. Keep this held for about thirty seconds to keep you ab and leg muscles active. This requires a good amount of effort to keep your body aligned accordingly.

chair Yoga Pose Weight Loss


  • Chair Pose


The Chair Pose lets you tuck your hips in while you bend your knees down by a slight bit. Keep your hands up straight alongside your head to finish off the pose. Your thighs need to be parallel to the floor if possible. You can use this to get your muscles stimulated well enough to where they will burn off enough weight from all that effort you put into the exercise. This post is a vital part of yoga to lose weight from hips and thighs as you are putting in more effort through the legs on this one.

warriar Yoga Pose Weight Loss


  • Warrior Pose


This next pose might do well for the hips and thighs as well, but it works best when you have your abs perpendicular to the floor. This helps to strengthen your ad muscles if used appropriately. With this Warrior Pose, you will keep your abs perpendicular to the floor while your hands are up straight in the air. Your legs will be apart from one another as you stretch them out as far as you can. This routine helps you to keep your body healthy if used right.

warriar Yoga Pose ii Weight Loss

  • Second Warrior Pose

The second version of the Warrior Pose adds a new dynamic. After getting into the first Warrior Pose, you would have to move your arms outward parallel to the floor. Keep your arms stretched out alongside your legs. Keeping your legs in the same position is vital for keeping your chest muscles worked out well. The balance you utilize for keeping this pose moving well is vital for keeping it effective and useful.

shoulder stand Yoga Pose Weight Loss


  • Shoulder Stand

This next move requires a bit of extra effort to complete well enough. The Shoulder Stand requires you to lay on your back while you move your lower back and your legs up in the air. These should be perpendicular to the yoga mat. It is an inversion, but it is one that also adds a comfortable feel when used appropriately enough. Keep your hands on your lower back to make this work. This also helps you to stay upright during the pose. Using this helps you to keep your chest muscles and upper back strengthened.

crow pose Yoga Pose Weight Loss


  • Crow Pose

This next one also requires a bit of extra effort, but it can be useful if handled right. The Crow Pose entails keeping your hands down in a forward position. As you use this pose, you will have to keep your hands flat on the ground. Keep your knees around your shoulders as you keep your feet off of the ground. This should add a comfortable setup if used right, but be aware of how well you are keeping your balance ready.

child Yoga Pose Weight Loss


  • Child’s Pose

The Child’s Pose requires you to bend down on the ground while keeping your knees bent. Your hands should lie flat down on the ground while your head is near the ground as well. This keeps your body together, but it also does well for keeping you relaxed as you work out. When used right, the Child’s Pose gives you a comfortable surface and position that you will enjoy using for your workout demands.

lord of dance pose Weight Loss


  • Lord of the Dance Pose

The last of the poses to see is the Lord of the Dance Pose. With this pose, you will hold one foot back in your hand while the other leg is straight up. You will lean forward while keeping your opposite arm moving forward. The foot you are holding up should be at around the same height as the arm that you are stretching out for the best results. If used right, this gives you a comfortable layout that helps you manage your balance quite well.

You can use these poses as part of a plan for yoga to lose weight in 10 days. Take a look at how well these poses can work for you as you aim to get your body to feel its best. You might be impressed with how well a great workout can run for your needs.

Ten Outdoor Activities That Will Burn Calories This Summer

The summer is finally here, and there is no better time to get out and get active. Warm weather, exotic locations, and time away from work all offer opportunities to [ … ]

The summer is finally here, and there is no better time to get out and get active. Warm weather, exotic locations, and time away from work all offer opportunities to burn calories while having fun. Even while on vacation, a swim in the pool or a walk along the beach burns calories at a far higher rate than sitting at your desk will, so wherever you are this summer, you can be burning calories too.

With plenty of team sports now at the height of their season and loads of great attractions and events to visit, the summer time makes us feel more active wherever we live.

Here are some for the very best outdoor activities that will help you to burn calories this summer:

  1. Go for a bike ride. Grab your bike from the garage and get riding. Even a gentle spin with the family can burn as much as 50 calories in just seven minutes, making an afternoon spent riding the perfect summer fun activity for the whole family. 
  2. Do some work in the garden. While this may not sound particularly sporting, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and other general garden maintenance jobs will burn more calories than you think. As little as ten minutes of gardening could be burning as much as 50 calories, and you’ll end up with a beautiful garden too. 
  3. Go Swimming. The coolest and most relaxing way to spend the dog days of summer. Swimming works all the muscle groups in your body and is the perfect way to work out when it’s too hot to do anything else. Mix up your strokes, or even try a little water aerobics if you want to power up your workout. Swimming burns tons of calories and will keep you cool too. 
  4. Go for a round of golf. Gorgeous greens on hot sunny days are a wonderful place to be. Golf offers a gentle workout for the legs and arms and is also a great way to focus the mind.  You can also boost your brainpower while burning calories by investing in an effective supplement like nootropics to help hone both mind and body. 
  5. Go for a stroll. Whether you are just taking a slow after-dinner stroll, or taking the family on a longer walk, just strolling together on warm evening will not only burn calories, but can also aid digestion, lighten your mood, and help you sleep. 
  6. Go shopping. Time for a new summer wardrobe? Pounding the pavement in and out of stores and changing rooms burns more calories that you might first suspect. 20 minutes of hardcore shopping can burn up to 50 calories. Get fit and get new clothes at the same time! 
  7. Play beach volleyball. High octane fun on the beach burns a lot of calories. Passing, hitting, and generally jumping around in the sand works nearly every part of your body. Take it easy and if you are not a pro, remember to drink plenty of water. 
  8. Go hiking. A day out hiking is a great activity for the whole family to get involved with. A good steady walk at a pace that suits your fitness levels will burn calories as you go. Plus, you can take in the scenery and enjoy the weather. 
  9. Sightseeing. If you are visiting a new town or city, get out and see what it has to offer. Walking city streets can burn more calories than you think as you explore mile upon mile of urban icons. 
  10. Go surfing. A bit like swimming, surfing works every muscle in your body and is great for toning up and burning calories at the same time. It’s also a real test of your endurance and can help to focus the mind. A good surf session can burn as much as 185 calories while you’re having fun in the water and sun.

Chapati Vs Rice Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

We are in the era, where people tend to find a perfect solution for reducing their excessive weight. Modern youths prefer gym and diet plan, meanwhile, older people prefer to [ … ]

We are in the era, where people tend to find a perfect solution for reducing their excessive weight. Modern youths prefer gym and diet plan, meanwhile, older people prefer to undergo a brisk early morning walk or a walk during the sunset.

A Perfect Diet plan

If you are in search of a perfectly healthy diet plan consider about rice and chapati diet plan because both rice and chapati are the foods which we familiar right from our childhood and also both has a significant amount of carbohydrates and calorific levels.

Many youngsters who are new to the weight loss diet program often search about diet for quick weight loss in 3 days, which is nearly not possible, however, rice vs chapati for weight loss will do magic when it comes to weight loss program if they consumed in the right level.

rice vs chapati diet plan

Rice Vs Chapati

The consumption of Rice and Chapati is not new to the Indian culture. To be frank, chapati otherwise known as the Roti is in practice as a regular food by almost all the north Indian people. So, it is the favorite north Indian dish for the people, opting roti diet for weight loss plan won’t be difficult for the people who are living in northern part of India.

On the other hand, consumption of rice is one of the prime food habits by the south Indian people. Though the origin of the rice goes deep into the ancient time, it is widely consumed as the primary meal in all the southern states of the nation.

To be frank, no Indian meals will get complete without the inclusion of rice or the chapati (roti) in it. When we compare both rice and chapati on considering the weight loss fact, surely chapati would be the winner, however, the end results which possessed by both diets not differ a lot. Just the sodium value plays a huge lot of differences in-between those diets. Both diets have their own pros and cons which you can learn below:

facts remember rice vs chapati

Reasons that make chapati winner over rice on weight loss plan:

  • Chapati has a great fiber and protein enrich content when it compared with the rice diet plan which is lacking in the dietary fiber and also lower protein level than the chapati has.
  • Owing to the enriched protein levels in the chapati, a person who consumes can keep their energy level goes longer and it helps to reduce the excessive weight loss. However, the consumer must aware of few facts like how many chapatis should i eat in a day and so.
  • Though, rice as high amount of calories than the chapati it doesn’t plays a remarkable role when it comes to weight loss diet. Instead, it reverses the process and helps to gain weight if it consumed above the par level.
  • Unlike the chapati, rice doesn’t have the adequate level of minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and so. On the other hand, each and every bite of chapati gives you enough minerals and proteins required by human body.
  • Since the chapati takes a lot of time to get digests it helps to regulate the blood sugar level in human body. However, rice takes lesser time to get digest and also the presence of high carbohydrates raises the blood sugar level if it consumed a lot.

Facts to remember

If you opt for the perfect diet plan, make sure you aware of the exact amount of eating chapati at night because of the high digestion time is taken by the chapati consuming person might face certain trouble during the sleep hours.

To skip such trouble, often medical experts suggest consuming the chapati diet before or by around 7.30 pm. Meanwhile, many people are wondering how many chapatis should i eat at night! For such people it is highly advised to stick with their body condition, in most cases consuming around 3 to 4 chapattis would a perfect amount to maintain a regular diet.

At the same time, for people who are concern about the sodium level in their body, especially those who are all suffering from heart oriented problems must reduce the intake of chapati and prefers intake of rice as their regular diet plan.

In final words, consuming the equal mixture of chapattis and rice would be the perfect choice for almost every people to enjoy the healthy diet and also to witness the good end results when it comes to weight loss diet.


As both diets, a bowl full of rice and chapati or roti plays a vital impact on the human blood sugar level; one should consume those in a perfect mixture. Consider about consuming 2 to 3 chapattis along with the adequate level of rice, it is good to consume brown rice to enjoy the healthy diet and weight loss diet.

Extreme Methods For Weight Loss 2018

It is interesting as to how so many people out there are participating in some crazy ways to lose weight. Some people try to use many extreme weight loss methods [ … ]

It is interesting as to how so many people out there are participating in some crazy ways to lose weight. Some people try to use many extreme weight loss methods to lose as much weight as possible. But the problem with many of these tricks is that they can be risky. They often entail an immense amount of effort and often have issues that make it harder for people to keep that weight off.

You must be aware of the threats involved before considering any of these weight loss methods yourself:

HCG Injections Extreme Weight Loss Methods 2018

HCG Injections

One of the more interesting forms of drastic weight loss that people utilize entails the use of HCG. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a compound that is found in the urine of pregnant women. This is a hormone that triggers faster metabolic functions in the body. It can be injected into a person’s body to help control one’s dietary habits and to keep the body’s metabolic system running well.

Although HCG injections are interesting, this option for the most drastic weight loss takes a massive amount of effort to follow. A patient would have to inject the HCG into one’s body every day. A very low calorie diet would also have to be utilized as consuming too many calories would keep this from working. This process is designed mainly for those who have tried other weight loss solutions but none of them have worked.

Cabbage Soup Diet Extreme Weight Loss Methods-2018

Cabbage Soup Dieting

Many people stick with a cabbage soup diet for their weight loss needs. This option for those who are desperate to lose weight fast often involves people consuming just one particular type of food over time. This might include consuming cabbage soup with some lean proteins throughout the day. A person who participates in this diet will stick with it for a week or two as a means of losing more weight.

But while this process might be intriguing, it can be difficult for anyone to stick with a certain diet with such restrictions. It becomes harder for the body to maintain this diet over time because of how limited it is. There is also a risk of overeating associated with such a diet. As a person is limited, it becomes easy for that someone to stop eating too often.

Detox Juice Dieting Extreme Weight Loss Methods 2018

Detox Juice Dieting

One diet that many people follow entails using a detox juice strategy. With a detox juice diet, a person would focus strictly on consuming certain fruit and vegetable juices for a period. This would involve about five to seven days where a person replaces meals with juices from carrots, oranges and many other foods.

The good news about detox juice dieting is that it entails many types of juices that can work for one’s weight loss goals. These include juices from cucumbers to provide the body with protein, carrots for cleaning out one’s colon, and radishes and cranberries to clear out the kidney and liver. But while this process can work for some, it is important to watch for where the juices come from. The juices should also be timed for consumption at the right points in the day to ensure a participant is not at risk of overeating or becoming far too hungry.

Intermittent Fasting Extreme Weight Loss Methods 2018

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a process that requires a person to avoid consuming food for an extended period of time. What happens here is that a person will stick with a standard low-calorie diet over the course of a few days. But after a while, the dieter will have to fast for much of a day. A person might have to fast for around twelve to sixteen hours once or twice in a week. This would occur during the daytime hours to allow the body’s metabolic functions to keep working.

As intriguing as intermittent fasting might be, this is a problem that can cause overeating in some people. As a person breaks one’s fast, it becomes easy for that someone to eat more than necessary. Although the brain is being trained to keep from consuming too many foods or from having a desire for them all, the risks and limits involved with consuming foods can still be dramatic.

KE Diet Extreme Weight Loss Methods 2018

K-E Diet

The K-E diet is an intriguing process that helps people to lose massive amounts of weight in as little time as possible. This is the Ketogenic Enteral diet, a process that works with a nasogastric tube added into the nose. The tube moves into the stomach and provides the area with a liquid solution that will gradually drip into the area.

The solution contains around 800 calories and includes water, fat and protein mixed in together. These are designed to promote ketosis, a process where fat is burned off in the body due to a lack of carbohydrates.

Although this process could promote weight loss, it would be extremely tough for people to follow. With this, a person would have to carry a proper tube and bag with them and also not eat anything for a period of about ten days. The ketosis process should help keep the person from being hungry.

This process is obviously for those who need to go through a drastic amount of weight loss in a short period of time. It is also for those who have tried other weight loss options but don’t want to go through a surgical procedure. The chances for a person to lose weight here are great, but there is always a concern that the stress involved could be too dramatic.

So, do these extreme weight loss methods really work? They can be valuable for those who want to lose weight fast. But at the same time, the risks involved are high as anyone could quickly go back to one’s old dietary habits. The extensive effort needed for each of these methods and the restrictions involved might be a challenge as well. You do have the option to stick with any of these methods as you see fit, but you must be extremely careful when finding a solution that works for you.

Sonam Kapoor’s Marriage Date is Announced – May 8

The big Sonam Kapoor’s marriage is coming up very soon. She will be getting married on May 8, 2018. This comes just as Sonam is planning for the release of [ … ]

The big Sonam Kapoor’s marriage is coming up very soon. She will be getting married on May 8, 2018. This comes just as Sonam is planning for the release of the big production Veerey Di Wedding. The wedding will be a fun event with some appealing events even as Kapoor has been trying to keep a low-key approach to getting the wedding to run.

This big Sonam Kapoor wedding date is actually just a small part of the marriage ritual. Her marriage to Anand Ahuja will include three big events. This will come with traditional activities, although there have been rumors as to where they will take place in particular. The actress and the apparel manufacturing mogul are expected to be a big topic around India that everyone will surely want to check out and see.

sonam kapoor's mehndi


A traditional mehendi celebration will take place on the day before the wedding itself. This big event will include Sonam and Anand celebrating with their friends. It will include traditional music and dance performances among other fun things. People are being asked to wear Indian festive wear while focusing on shades of white, what with white being a color that promotes beauty and purity all around.

The even on May 7 will start at 4pm. There are no details as to how long the event will go on for. The lucky couple will have to get ready for the ceremony the next day though.

sonam kapoor wedding location


The proper Sonam Kapoor wedding will start at 11am on May 8. It will be held in the Mumbai area, particularly in Bandra. The event is an invite-only affair with the media being asked to keep their distance.

The wedding is expected to last until around 12:30pm. A lunch will be offered for people at the event. Indian traditional wear is to be featured here. This should be interesting to people who want to see the Sonam Kapoor wedding dress that she will wear. Since she has been a fashion icon of sorts around India, people are surely going to want to see what she will be wearing for this outstanding event.


The third part of the event will be a special party. This will take place in the Mumbai area at 8pm and will go on throughout the night. The fun evening will include dance and music performances all the way through.

This will include people from both families and various friends who have been invited, although details on whom those invitees are remain unknown. Indian or Western Formal wear is requested for the event.

The couple is not asking for any particular gifts during the wedding. The couple says that the presence of their friends and family will be good enough for this special occasion.

sonam kapoor wedding card

Where Are the Locations?

A person on Instagram provided what appear to be details on the Sonam Kapoor marriage place, but it is difficult to figure out if the information is accurate. The post states that the Kapoor and Ahuja are sending their invitations electronically. They want to do this to keep from wasting paper. Considering Sonam’s great work for environmental causes over the years, this should not come as much of a surprise.

The invitations themselves have some nice green and blue floral accents all around. But it is the details on the possible Sonam Kapoor wedding destination spots that are turning heads.

There are reports that the mehendi ceremony will take place at Signature Island. This popular luxury development project is located at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. The popular site has been known to host many mehendi events in the past. But with the complex being located in a rather public spot, this might be a place that the media might try to converge upon to see what is happening.

The wedding is listed as being held in Bandra. The popular space is known for being a good coastal spot known for its nightlife. Having a big wedding out here in the daytime would surely make the event all the more interesting. The invitations state that the event will be held at the Rockdale building, a beautiful site for many events.

As for the reception party, it is being listed as being held at the Leela in Mumbai. This is a popular five-star hotel that is also great for receptions. The site will surely provide the guests at the wedding with a great touch of luxury unlike anything else. But it is important to watch for what the guests are expected to get into while out here.

A Possible Theme?

The cards that are floating around online suggest that there will be a beautiful nature theme at the wedding. Although we won’t know about the theme until possible Sonam Kapoor marriage pics come out, it is surely going to be a beautiful theme to watch for. The couple has expressed a strong interest in green living.

What About Her Home?

The interesting thing about the Sonam Kapoor wedding is that the plans are going against something that she said a little earlier. She stated in the past that she would not mind just having a wedding at her home. Although she is fine with the rituals, she does not feel that people should be spending lots of money on the wedding itself. She does not want people to waste far too much. This would go along with the rumored electronic invitations that have been floating around online.

This point is also a part of why the wedding will not entail any special gifts. The couple only wants the people who are invited to come along and share their presence with them.

The big Sonam Kapoor wedding will be an event that everyone around India will be looking forward to hearing about. People will be interested in seeing what will go on at the wedding and how the celebration will move along. It will surely be a festive event for people to check out.

Is Gluten Free Food Good for Health?

You might have heard plenty of stories about gluten free foods and how they might be good for you. But what is gluten free mean anyway? Is it really better [ … ]

You might have heard plenty of stories about gluten free foods and how they might be good for you. But what is gluten free mean anyway? Is it really better to have gluten free food than anything else?

Understanding the Effects of Gluten

Today’s diets are filled with loads of gluten-based ingredients. There are many problems surrounding gluten that need to be explored in detail:

  • The gut may become inflamed over time. This can make it harder for the body to process some of its bacteria.
  • The intestines may become disrupted. It would be harder for them to absorb food depending on how the gluten moves into the body.
  • Bloating, gas and other GI-related issues may develop. This is regardless of whether someone has celiac disease.
  • Some people who consume gluten might develop skin rashes, although the intensity varies by each person.

All of these gluten side effects are difficult for many to handle. But the good news is that there are many foods out there that people can use to avoid gluten.

What Makes a Gluten-Free Diet Useful?

Sticking with a gluten free diet plan may prove to be vital to one’s health. The reasons why such a diet is so beneficial and worthwhile are important to note:

  • Your digestive health may improve over time as your intestines will not be at risk of substantial harm during a diet.
  • You may also experience more energy throughout the day.
  • It is easier for you to lose weight when you avoid consuming gluten.
  • Your risk of heart disease and diabetes may decline. Your risk of developing various cancers could also be reduced.
  • It is also easy for you to manage your dietary habits when you avoid gluten. By working with a gluten free diet, you will have an easier time making choices over what foods are right to have versus what to avoid.

Recommended Post

What Foods Are Gluten Free?

The good news about having a gluten free diet is that you can find many great gluten free diet recipes as well some appealing foods that do not contain gluten. But you should look through a good list of naturally gluten free foods to see what foods in particular are right for you:

  • Traditional fruits and vegetables are useful gluten free foods worth having in your diet.
  • Meats and seafood products are great, but you should watch for how they are prepared.
  • Vegetable oils are gluten free. Canola and corn oil are particularly useful.
  • Spices are perfect provided that the only ingredient listed on a spice container is that particular spice.
  • Most nuts are suitable for a gluten free diet. Nut butters, particularly hazelnut and almond butters, are also ideal.
  • Most daily products are useful. Check the containers to see if they are safe and that they do not contain any additional gluten-based ingredients.
  • Beans and legumes are also safe in all of their forms.

The variety of foods you can enjoy while on a gluten free diet is extensive. Be sure to see how well your diet plan can work and that you have enough of these ingredients to fit into your routine.

What About Grains?

Most types of grains do contain gluten, but not all of them do. There are several grains that can be used for many types of recipes with some working perfectly for a gluten free cake:

  • Corn is a gluten free grain in all of its forms. This includes not only cornmeal but also corn flour and grits among other items.
  • Plain rice is also a gluten free grain. This includes wild, brown, white and basmati rice. Even enriched rice products are gluten free.
  • Many alternative grain flours are appropriate for your use. These options for gluten free flour India houses can use include amaranth, soy, sorghum, tapioca, flax, millet and buckwheat flours. And yes, you might ask is ragi gluten free – it certainly is.
  • Quinoa is a prominent gluten free grain that does very well for most uses when cooked right.

Foods to Be Cautious With:

There are some foods that can also fit into a gluten free diet, but you would have to be cautious with them. You can enjoy some of these foods with specific restrictions in mind:

  • Oats can be useful provided they have not been processed in any places that also produce grains that have gluten.
  • Wheat starch is often processed to remove gluten proteins, thus making them safer for use. This form of wheat is fine, but you should check on the ingredients when using anything.
  • Most flavors are gluten free, but some do contain wheat.
  • Various alcoholic drinks can be considered gluten free if they have been made from grains that do not contain gluten. Check on what you are consuming beforehand to ensure you are not taking in anything potentially harmful to your body.

The general point is that gluten free foods are possible today. You can find many gluten free foods for kids as well as many options for your health needs. Be sure to see what makes these foods valuable for your body when finding ways to stay healthy and to get the most out of your body.

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