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  • February 10, 2018 01:16:59 PM

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If you are looking for credible health tips either home remedies or you required doctor or health expert help here then this blog is definitely for you only.

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    List of Men Hair Essentials, If You want or Already Have a Good Hair

    Hair isn’t easy to maintain especially if your hair is rough and getting dry day by day. there are many people who think that men have short hair and they [ … ]

    Hair isn’t easy to maintain especially if your hair is rough and getting dry day by day. there are many people who think that men have short hair and they do not have to worry much about their hair. They feel that men’s hair are naturally perfect. If you think so it is wrong. Men equally have to take care of their hair and the moment they stop caring about their hair, they tend to lose its perfection. Recently we have published a post on List of Tamil Heroines Without Makeup Photos and today we are going to share the list of hair essential kit for men:

    Hair Comb

    This is one of the most important things to include in your hair kit for men. No matter how perfect your hair is, you need to set a hairstyle with your comb.


    Hair Shampoo

    Shampoo that you will use depends on the hair quality, i.e. whether your hair is rough, smooth, scanty, thick, long, etc. Remember to choose a good shampoo.

    Hair Conditioner

    This is something that men should apply after using a shampoo. It preserves the quality of hair and ensures smooth hair after wash.

    Hair Brush

    Sometimes you need to make fluffy hairstyle and for this you need a hairbrush. So men, you must definitely include this is you hair kit.

    Hair Oil

    If you are looking for the best hair oil for hairfall then you must opt for coconut oil. These include natural ingredients that’ll surely nourish your hair within the roots.

    Hair Serum

    These are usually used after you wash your hair and they are slightly wet. It keeps the hair in position and makes them silky. Make sure you use the best hair serum for men.

    Hair Mask

    Hair mask is used to protect your hair from pollutants that might degrade the quality of your hair after wash. So keep this essential in your kit positively.

    Hair Gel

    Hair gel is something that every man needs for his hair in everyday life. It is used to keep your hair in position and make hairstyles.

    Why can’t you have a scent for your hair? Wouldn’t it feel lovely to let your hair smell good? So buy a hair serum that will have a great fragrance.

    Last, but not the least, you’ll require for your hair kit is a hair dryer. This is a must especially during winters as it will ensure silky hair.

    List of Tamil Heroines Without Makeup Photos

    Tamil films have always had talented actresses who have influenced a lot of viewers to watch more and more Tamil films. Besides being extraordinarily talented, these actresses possess phenomenal beauty [ … ]

    Tamil films have always had talented actresses who have influenced a lot of viewers to watch more and more Tamil films. Besides being extraordinarily talented, these actresses possess phenomenal beauty that shines even without makeup. You might have seen many of them in Bollywood as well. You are not ready to believe me right now but you will do so soon as you’ll scroll down this post till the end. Recently, we have published a post on 10 Trendy Graduated Bob Hairstyles You Can Try Right Now. Today, I will be sharing Tamil actresses no makeup photos in this post.

    1. Sridevi

    Whenever we talk about Tamil actresses no makeup beauty, Sridevi’s name is always taken by most of us. Though she is no more with us her beauty is inspirational to all the celebrities.

    2. Ramya Krishnan

    Ramya is one of the most popular actresses of Tamil film industry. Isn’t she looking simple and adorable without makeup?

    3. Tabu

    Tabu is a very talented actress and has always been an inspiration in terms of beauty. She looks fabulous even without makeup.

    4. Manisha Koirala

    Manisha is a prominent Bollywood actress as well as Tamil actress. After seeing her above picture without makeup I am sure most of you will agree that she definitely deserves to be in this list.

    5. Reema Sen

    You must have seen Reema Sen in ‘Chal Chala Chal’ film with her co-star Govinda. Wasn’t she looking cute and beautiful? She looks the same even without makeup in the above picture.

    6. Anita Hasasanandani

    Anita is nowadays seen playing the role of a female villain in Naagin Season 3. She is been admired by many people as she possesses natural beauty with or without makeup.

    7. Neha Pendse

    I am sure most of you must have seen Neha Pendse without makeup in Bigg Boss reality show if you are a Bigg Boss fan. She looks really attractive without makeup as well.

    8. Genelia D’ Souza

    Genelia might not be seen in Bollywood and Tamil movies nowadays as she left working for films after marriage but whenever we talk about beauty without makeup her name exists in the list.

    9. Raai Laxmi

    Most of you might not have seen her in Bollywood as she works majorly for South Indian films. But Raai is a very popular Tamil actress without makeup.

    10. Sameera Reddy

    The above picture of Sameera Reddy without makeup was clicked in a stadium and no doubts she looks adorable without makeup.

    Which Tamil actress’s without makeup photo did you like the most? Please comment your choice below.

    10 Trendy Graduated Bob Hairstyles You Can Try Right Now

    Have you ever tried bob hairstyles? These are usually chopped in a short length slightly below the ears or max-to-max a little above the shoulders. Bob hairstyles are avoided by [ … ]

    Have you ever tried bob hairstyles? These are usually chopped in a short length slightly below the ears or max-to-max a little above the shoulders. Bob hairstyles are avoided by most of the people as they feel it looks simple and old-fashioned.  Another reason behind this choice is that they believe that they just cannot experiment with such haircuts. If you are one of these then after seeing this post you will definitely wish to have a bob haircut and adopt the bob hairstyles 2018. You are not ready to believe me right now, right? Recently, we have published a post on Important things to Note before Choosing a Yoga Teachers’ Training Program and today we will be sharing the list of 10 best hairstyles for bob hair.

    The above picture showcases one of the most popular short bob hairstyles for fine hair. You just have to leave your hair open in this and ensure that the fringes cover your forehead.

    Now, this picture reflects a very short bob hairstyle for all those who have short hair. In this, you have to create a side partition from the front and direct your flicks towards one end of your head.

    This is somewhat similar to the above hairstyle but there is a very little difference. In this one, the hair length is a little long and the hair is curly. The flicks must be short in this hairstyle.

    The above hairstyle is one of the most trending hairstyles in 2018 and is adopted by a majority of the celebrities. It is a messy bob hairstyle that can be adopted only if you have curly hair that is cut in layers.

    If you are fond of making very simple hairstyles then you can try this one. You have to comb your hair entirely towards one end of your head and let them be open.

    Now, this hairstyle is something that you can adopt every day for casual occasions as well as parties? Isn’t it a simple and adorable one?

    This is hairstyle will look great only if your bob haircut is extremely short (above the ears). You just have to direct all the hair strands towards left and let small flicks fall on your forehead.

    The bob hairstyle that you can see in the above picture is something that you can try out right now if you have thick and silky hair. You will surely love this hairstyle.

    For curly hair, this bob hairstyle is a perfect choice. You just have to leave your baby curls to fall on the forehead and comb the remaining hair backwards.

    This is a very classy bob hairstyle for short hair. You have to make a side braid in this and leave the remaining hair open. It will look adorable.

    So friends, try out these above hairstyles now if you have bob haircut and do share the pictures below. Also, share your personal experience below.

    Important things to Note before Choosing a Yoga Teachers’ Training Program

    As the benefits of yoga continue to become more apparent to many, the number of new yoga students continue to increase. This has, in turn, presented a business opportunity for [ … ]

    As the benefits of yoga continue to become more apparent to many, the number of new yoga students continue to increase. This has, in turn, presented a business opportunity for people who are willing to become yoga teachers. However, to become a certified yoga teacher, you need adequate training.

    To help you in your quest to become a yoga teacher, we will look at a few things you need to understand before you begin.

    What is Yoga?

    Your journey should of necessity begin with an understanding of what you are getting into. Yoga is currently practiced by many mainly for health and relaxation purposes. Many think it is just another form of exercise but it is actually more than this.

    It is a Hindu spiritual practice which encompasses every aspect of the human life. This is why its use spreads across mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You can read more about it here.

    What are the Different Types of Yoga?

    Before we go any further, it is important you understand that there are different types of yoga. This can be a bit confusing for many as what a lot of people see as yoga are the stretches and movements.

    There are however four paths to yoga and these are: Bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gyana yoga, and raja yoga. These paths describe some fundamental pillars of the practice. However,r for our discussion, we will look at some different types of physical types of yoga activities you may come across. These include:

    Hartha Yoga – This is a basic slow paced movement that is ideal for beginners.

    Vinyasa Yoga – This is a very dynamic type of yoga that will have you constantly changing your pose while balancing your movement and breathe. If you want to feel a marked increase in your pulse rate then this is the one to consider. Runners and athletes will love this type.

    Iyengar Yoga – This type focuses on details and precision. It’s not big on speed but on the careful execution of poses and postures.

    Ashtanga Yoga – This type can offer quite the challenge howbeit in an orderly manner. If you like things done sequentially, then you will likely love this.

    Bikram Yoga – This is the routine to go for if you want to sweat it out. The routines are carried out in a space heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity. The routines are however always the same sequence. Just be sure to properly hydrate yourself because you will sweat.

    Hot Yoga – This is almost the same as Bikram above except that the routines are not fixed.

    Kundalini Yoga – This can be quite physically demanding. It involves a combination of physical routines that are repetitive, breathe exercises, as well as singing, chanting and meditating. As you will expect, this can be quite challenging mentally and physically.

    Yin Yoga – This is great for stretching and unwinding. If you are looking to improve your elasticity, then consider this routine.

    For a more detailed list, read this article:

    Important Questions to ask before you Start

    yoga teacher training

    So, how do you get started and what questions should you ask of your prospective teachers’ training program?

    Is the School Registered with the Yoga Alliance?

    This should be the very first thing to look out for when considering a school for yoga teacher training. The Alliance is an umbrella that accredited schools and practitioners come under. If you choose a school that is not registered with this body, you may find it difficult to find wide acceptance as a teacher.

    What is the School’s Reputation?

    You can find this out by talking to past students and also by looking at reviews provided on the Yoga Alliance website. Every registered school and member can receive reviews which helps guide prospective students and clients.

    How Qualified are the Teachers?

    This of course is a very important consideration. If the instructors you hope to learn from are not fully qualified, what then will you be learning? Ensure the instructors are qualified and certified to be so.

    What Types of Yoga Will I be Taught?

    From the list we looked at above, you can see that there are many different types of yoga. Even if the school does not teach all the different types (like may be the case), they should at least teach the ones you are most interested in.

    Where is the School Located?

    In this age of online lessons, it is important to ensure the school you choose is located close to your location. For example, if you are in Pennsylvania, and if you are looking for a Yoga teacher training in Philadelphia, the best thing to do is to search for the nearest school online. This type, of course, is best learned with physician supervision.

    Are there After-Training Benefits?

    What happens after you are done learning? Does the school offer assistance with job placement, continued training, networking etc.? This is something you certainly should consider.

    Once you have looked at these and other factors that may occur to you, you will be in a better position to find a school that will fully equip you to function efficiently as a yoga teacher.

    Things to Know If You Want to Pass a Drug Test

    Your health will not be endangered if you take a few hits from time to time. It is a far bigger problem that your existence can be compromised if a [ … ]

    Your health will not be endangered if you take a few hits from time to time. It is a far bigger problem that your existence can be compromised if a drug test reveals the illegal substances in your sample, as their use (still) is taboo, even for medical causes. Sudden drug testing is possible in every company, especially in the case of responsible and high-risk jobs.

    For an active user, every test is sudden, while recreational smokers can rely on the magical properties of the organism to clean up after several days. The selection of drug test products is tremendous, and there are various methods for self-testing before the official analysis.

    If you have doubts about what is inside your body, there are many ways to cheat any drug test. Also, it’s good to know some information that can be of use to you before testing.

    How Long Substances Stay in the Organism

    Depending on the type of tested substance, it is important to inform yourself if your employer matters only the result of the test (positive or negative) or there is a certain cut-off limit. For example, cocaine and THC won’t have the same tolerance limit as it is known that cannabidiol (THC) is used for medical purposes, and cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs.

    Information of crucial importance for you is what kind of the test your employer or some higher instance requires. This way, you can check the percentage of the wrong results, but also which sample is most relevant for the drug test. It is known that the most substances stay on the hair follicle for a long time, up to a year after consumption.

    From samples of saliva and urine, toxins can disappear after a few days, while the blood sample is relevant only for the previous day or two. How much of a substance will remain in your body depends on the type of opiates, but also on the quantities we took. But we shouldn’t neglect physical factors such as gender, health, and percentage of body fat.

    How your metabolic rate can affect the process of drug detox, check here:

    Although it may seem strange, the substance that is considered “the least evil” of all opiates, marijuana, is the longest kept in the body. And after a week of use, it is possible to detect marks in the urine. Strong drugs like heroin and cocaine are only visible for 3 to 4 days in body fluids, but they can stay in hair for longer than 3 months.

    There Are Various Types of Drug Tests

    Drug Test

    There are several types of drug tests, depending on which sample is considered relevant. Companies that routinely perform testing will most often opt for a urine or mouth swab test. Apart from being the easiest to perform and represent the small expense, the results are obtained fairly quickly.

    The blood test is a more expensive variant, so it’s not too common. Employers ask for this analysis in specific situations. This method is invasive, and you have to wait for results for days, but the accuracy is very high. Mistakes are almost nonexistent; employers demand this test when they have reason to doubt a worker, or when the job demands it.

    If someone a company wants a detailed analysis of the suspicious behavior of a worker, a hair test is the best way. Besides indicating the used substance, it can also detect whether an active opiate user. The results are also obtained in a few days, and this test is the most difficult to cheat. However, due to the more complicated procedure of sampling and sending to the laboratory for analysis, employers ask for these tests in specific situations.

    Some Cheat Methods Don’t Work

    If you are clean, you’ll pass the test for sure. But if you have any doubts, sources like the offer several ways to provide a negative test result. There are numerous products proven to be successful, but on the other hand, you also have many which are a total disaster.

    The first is synthetic urine, which can be easily detected by modern analyses. Also, switching samples won’t work. Cranberry juice which abounds in antioxidants (natural cleansers) is not effective at all. The similar thing is with niacin, which can be potentially dangerous – its excessive use can lead to hypervitaminosis. As for hair samples, do you really think shaving from head to toe will not look suspicious?

    Each drug test has some limitations, and none can guarantee 100% accuracy. Just in case, if you want to avoid problems, do a home check and take all necessary steps to detox your body before test. The employer doesn’t want to know your reasons and excuses; they just want to see good performance and results of your work.

    List of Beard Essentials, If You Want Or Already Have A Good Beard

    Men often desire for a beard that always suites their personalities and in order to look the best they ensure that they take proper care of their beards. They usually [ … ]

    Men often desire for a beard that always suites their personalities and in order to look the best they ensure that they take proper care of their beards. They usually keep them shaves and well maintained but still feel that something is lacking. What is this missing element? It is the beard kit and beard kit essentials. The very common mistake that most of the men make is treating beard like hair on the head and this is what degrades the quality of beard. Recently, we have published a post on 7 Signs If He Likes You Over Text, presently we will reveal the important items that must be included in a beard kit:

    1. Trimmer

    Trimmer is the most important element of the beard kit as you won’t be able to shape the beard accordingly unless you have the perfect trimmer ready in your kit.

    2. Beard Tonic

    Obviously, you cannot apply deodorants or normal perfumes on your beard. For this, you require a beard tonic. It is something that spreads natural scent when applied on beard.

    3. Scissors

    When I am talking about scissors, it shouldn’t be the normal large scissors that we use. You must have seen hairstylists using shirt scissors. This is the one you should keep in your kit just to remove white hair in case there is in your beard.

    4. Comb

    Like our hair, we need to comb beard. Most of the men don’t do so that just makes the beard rough and frizzy to be handled and ultimately compels one to chop them off entirely. Therefore, don’t forget to keep a comb for your beard.

    5. Brush

    Sometimes, you need to forcibly shape your beard in a direction and comb might not serve this purpose. Hence, one should keep a brush as well in the kit to shape the beard.

    6. Beard Soap

    Always remember one thing, never wash your beard with normal soap else it will become rough. Keep a beard soap in your kit as it smoothens the quality of your beard.

    7. Beard Oil

    Beard essential oil is used to keep the hair strands healthy and ensure that they remain firm. You must buy beard oil of a very good quality.

    8. Beard Wash

    You might be using a beard soap for cleanliness of beard but beard essential face wash is another thing that you strongly need in this beard kit to ensure perfect quality of your beard hair.

    9. Beard Balm

    Like lip balms, we have balms for beard. It is applied by men to secure the quality of the external layers of hair and to keep them intact in the shape.

    10. Shaving Cream

    Lastly, you need a shaving cream. It eases the trimming of your beard and is essentially required if you shave your beard very frequently.

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