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Simple, feminist reviews and analysis of unique characters in TV shows, from Cersei in Game of Thrones to Gus in Breaking Bad. Updated every week.
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Written by @EllieDangerous The odds were in her favour. A memorable character in the YA books by Suzanne Collins, and beautifully portrayed by Amandla Stenberg in the movies that followed, Rue is the youngest tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games. Armed not with arrows and knives but with heart, gumption, and a smile in the face of danger, Rue is just as important a symbol as the legendary Mockingjay. Katniss is the rebel, and Rue is the cause. Spoiler AlertThe Hunger Games is an annual...


Get yourself to BBC iPlayer and watch ‘Overshadowed’, Eva O’Connor’s story of a girl who like so many girls believes food is the enemy and eating an act of war. Familiar though this tale is, it’s uniquely told through a bunch of vlogs created by a loveable sixth-former called Imo. Played by Michelle Fox, Imo is a character we should celebrate because ultimately she doesn’t represent her disease; she represents the ability to defeat it. Before reading this post, please be aware that...

Malcolm Tucker

After relinquishing his TARDIS keys, Peter Capaldi teased a return to Malcolm Tucker; the chalk to the Doctor’s cheese. Now creator Armando Iannucci has revived him for a debate with Alan Partridge in The Big Issue. You can see approval rippling through Britain, whose political climate is so bizarre we're kind of living in a less plausible version of 'The Thick of It'. We need Malcolm Tucker, a spin doctor so accomplished he could probably rebrand Brexit as a remedy for badger constipation....

Sarah Linden

Few good stories can pull off a hero like Sarah Linden, but ‘The Killing’ gets it done. Played with some serious edge by Mireille Enos, Detective Linden starts out broken and ends up broken. Emotionally demolished and never rebuilt, this complex protagonist seems unfixable — a brave and realistic move on the part of the writers. But you saw how her entire story arc ends... did the unfixable detective really end up fixed, right at the last moment? Spoiler AlertFor fellow fans of...

Kate Austen

Sorry, but it's proper hard to dislike Evangeline Lilly. She can express her characters better with a glance to the side than you and I can with a stage and a loudspeaker. But as much as you totally enjoyed ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘Real Steel’ (yes that happened), don’t forget ‘Lost’. Kate Austen was one of the biggest twists in the first of many twisty seasons, and so conflicted that she gets away with having the most consistent personality on the show. Spoiler AlertSo this was 2004. We...

Matt LeBlanc

“He’s just Joey from Friends.” Yeah but that's not true. It's just fun to imagine. The truth about Matt LeBlanc in Hollywood-loving Hollywood-hating sitcom ‘Episodes’ is actually to his credit. The flashy American actor made an insane name for himself as Joey, but he’s moved on from that by rebuffing the typecast and by embracing it. Pretty smart for Joey. And while we watch him whizz around the ‘Top Gear’ tarmac with an optimistic redhead, here’s a post about how Matt LeBlanc...

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