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Elements of Fashion designing

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What is fashion designing? Fashion designing is the art of applying design and aesthetics to items of clothing or accessories. The designs are inspired and influenced by culture, the change in social attitudes and the changing taste of people.

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  • Gone are the days when it was the engineering's obligation to both outline and embellish a house. Throughout the most recent couple of years, individuals have begun regarding their homes as materialistic trifles and are prepared to pay gigantic cash for getting their home enhanced by specialists. Henceforth, inside plan as a profession has become enormously finished the most recent two decades, not simply in India, but rather comprehensively. Such a large number of young people are venturing into this profession and taking Interior Design Course. With a colossal extension in this profession, the significance of an Interior Design Course has expanded.
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  • Fashion Designing as an Art
  • We know fashion designing as the art of piecing in fabric or accessories, inspired by culture, trends, social attitudes, people and the changing seasons, but this art encompasses factors that are far beyond all these and involves a lengthy procedure. The process starts from the point an idea takes shape, or inspiration hits the imagination and then flows through the many channels of transformation to result in the item of fashion that we see people flaunting. We will look into the details of fashion designing and the process that is involved in this art. Fashion designing begins at the point of research and observation wherein a designer seeks inspiration and ideas from the mundane or the rich offerings from all around them. This could mean anything from a thing to art to music to dance to nature, etc. Anything that a fashion designer seeks an idea from can be the inspiration for them. This research is then sketched on a piece of paper to give it initial form. This way the idea is given an identity either in terms of a form of clothing or an accessory.
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  • Know about career opportunities in 3D Animation after 12th. Proficient 3D artists frequently seek after vocations in gaming and film, however openings are accessible in different businesses also. Employment titles incorporate idea craftsman, illustrator, character artist, storyboard craftsman, embellishments artist, visual impacts craftsman and amusement architect. 3D Animation in Film 3D illustrators in the film business make photograph sensible models and activitys for everything from landscape to animals. Information of acting, lighting, cinematography, storyboarding, creature and human movement, scriptwriting and life structures are all in the bailiwick of 3D film artists. Employments in the business may include the formation of 3-dimensional models, storyboarding or coordinate moving, which is the specialty of following a camera through a shot to permit 3D models to be embedded with the right situating and movement. 3D Animation in Gaming Another prominent profession way for 3D illustrators is in PC and reassure amusement generation. Almost all cutting edge electronic amusements depend on some type of 3D activity. While a portion of the ranges of abilities required in 3D movement for gaming, such as lighting and passing on creature and human movement, are like those required for the film business, others, for example, character plan and intelligent narrating, are one of a kind.
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  • Fashion Designing is all about Creativity & Hard work
  • Fashion Designing involves designers who with their ability to comprehend the contemporary art forms and translate them into pleasing and visionary items of both clothing and accessories. Fashion designing takes into account only what is presently accepted and liked in the market but also the ability to foresee what would work next or the foreseeable future. But despite all these factors, there are designers who have crafted a niche for themselves and are the market drivers when it comes to what would work and how to create a market for what they make. These trademark fashion products and clothing fall under the diverse genres of fashion designing that few know about. Modern fashion designing can be segmented into certain categories depending on their source of inspiration and the end results of their work. There are fashion designers who design specifically for display in museums and art houses. These fashion designing items are dedicated to modern artists and are not the traditional run of the mill designs. Their creations are greatly inspired by history, art and are aimed at pushing the limits of imagination.
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  • Events and occasions are a vital piece of human life. We can't go around them since they touch all properties of our social presence. Weddings, engagements, parties and birthday festivities are on the whole occasions which we frequently celebrate at the individual level. Occasion administration has sprung up as a standout amongst the most gainful and best vocation openings. The quantity of organizations/people sorting out and facilitating occasions has been developing quickly. It fluctuates from expansive scale universal occasions to little time private occasions. A vast group containing experts is required to imagine ideas, design planning, execute and compose occasions. By and by, the supply of qualified occasion chiefs is lacking to take care of the developing demand. This offers ascend to incredible business and procuring possibilities.

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This Is Why You Should Join Event Management Institute

What is Event Management? Event management is a profession that powerfully combines the skills of […] The post This Is Why You Should Join Event Management Institute appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

What is Event Management?

Event management is a profession that powerfully combines the skills of both creativity and technical know-how to create and deliver incredible live experiences. These experiences could be in the form of a wedding, a sporting event, a private party, a corporate gathering, an awards function, an event for a social cause or just a conference.

An event management institute coaches’ students in the fine art of incorporating all these skills and give people memorable moments. Not only does an event management institute teach students the skills but also make them job ready to meet the changing demands of this field of work and keep the customers happy. These big scale events have become a major contributor to the nation’s economic growth.

What are the skills I will develop at an Event Management Institute like Times & Trends Academy?

An event management institute like Times & Trends Academy will nurture your creative skills and at the same time also hone your managerial skills. You will learn the significance of organizational skills in an event management institute and also about the absolute need for time management skills. The ability to budget and handle finances in crunch situations, efficient management of projects and their execution, the aptitude for problem-solving and cultivating your people skills are also taken into account in an event management institute.

The importance of communication is imparted to students at Times & Trends Academy and people skills are given particular significance in becoming a successful event manager. Interested to join Times & Trends Academy? for event management courses, Contact now!

What wikipedia says about “What is Event Management

What are the responsibilities an Event Management Institute will prepare me for?

–    Once you graduate from an event management institute, you will be able and efficient enough to know how to select and reserve a venue.

–    You will also become a confident and engaging speaker, which in turn will make you a good coordinator.

–    The course will prepare you for the duties pertaining to transportation and logistics as well. You understand the workings of vendors and third-party associates.

–    An event management institute thoroughly briefs the students on the legal aspects that are involved in the functioning of this business. You will be well read and educated on the matters relating to permits and insurance, etc.

–    When you face safety and health hazards during the course of your workday, you will know the right manner to address and handle them.

–    Not only will an event management institute teach you the skills to plan events but also equip you to develop emergency plans to meet unseen and unexpected fiascos.

–    The study of events will introduce you to the minor and important aspects of safety, security, crisis management and the importance of monitoring an event you conduct.

The post This Is Why You Should Join Event Management Institute appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Know Different Animation Courses

What is an animation course? There are several animation courses available that students all different […] The post Know Different Animation Courses appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

What is an animation course?

There are several animation courses available that students all different abilities and skills and apply to. Students have the option of selecting from long as well short term animation courses that can be completed in 4 years to 2 years and sometimes even in a year, depending on the level of expertise. Animation courses fees also differ significantly depending on what course you wish to pursue.

The animation courses fees for long duration programs like bachelor’s degree that spans 4 years, cost a lot more than the 2-year post graduate or associate certificate courses. When you look at the animation courses fees it is important to check the structure of the content that is on offer for the various programs available. The distance learning animation courses fees are comparatively lesser as compared to their classroom counterparts.

To save on high animation courses fees, students can also acquire their basic certification in computer course prior to joining these courses.

Animation Courses Fees for Different Specializations

  1. In India, a 3D animation courses fees are estimated at somewhere between INR 65,000 to about INR 2,50,000. This range includes the various skill levels in the area of 3D animation and you can select the ones that best meet your requirement.
  2. A graphic design and multimedia animation courses fees are in the lower price range of INR 30,000 to INR 1,40,000. This is a good way for a beginner to get acquainted with the world of graphic designing.
  3. Gaming Animation courses fees again are on an average price range of INR 30,000 to 1,45,000. This is a fast emerging category in animations and has good prospects as well.
  4. The VFX animation courses fees are available at an affordable INR 50,000 but for those students who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to be able to work in movies and televisions, there is a slightly higher priced program for INR 2,50,000 which covers the subject in a lot more detail.
  5. Short-term animation courses are meant for students who want an introduction into this area of study or want to learn the basics of this field. The course fee for these programs ranges from INR 7,000 to INR 90,000.
  6. One of the most expensive animation courses fees is that of media and entertainment animation. The fee can shoot up to as high as INR 3,50,000. The use of the skills acquired in this program that is extensive in nature can be seen in big movies, and VFX games and other visuals that are big money generators. The demand for such talent is high in the market and the competition, fierce.

If you are interested to join animation course, Times & Trends Academy is one of the best institutes that you must consider. Contact now for more!

The post Know Different Animation Courses appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Why are Visual Effects Courses in Demand?

Visual effects courses are a great way to inculcate a student’s creative attributes by getting […] The post Why are Visual Effects Courses in Demand? appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Visual effects courses are a great way to inculcate a student’s creative attributes by getting them to establish a strong foundation in the field. Visual effects courses, be it at a graduate or a postgraduate level, mould a student and make them job ready for the market, not just in the creative aspect but also in terms of business management.

What can a student learn in a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Effects Courses?

This particular segment of this course stress on making the candidate well-groomed for the job market. It seeks to teach students all the basics they need to know to chart their professional path in the area of animation and VFX.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying to Visual Effects Courses?

Even for the most basic level of visual effects courses, regardless of which stream of academic background you hail from, Science, Arts or Commerce, you will require a minimum of a 10+2 completion certificate with a score of at least 50% in aggregate.

Some institutes also welcome students to prove their creative skills and their aptitude through a series of written tests, interviews and group discussions.

What can one learn at the undergraduate level of Visual Effects Courses?

In the Indian academic scene, there are many options to pick from when you decide to pursue visual effects courses. The main element of the course comprises a combination of science and art of animation along with many other, related or interconnected fields of study. This includes graphic design, animation, VFX, digital filmmaking and further pre and post-production work. Visual effects courses for the undergraduate students is a holistic mix of practical learning as well classroom experience along with opportunities to learn and witness from industry experts through workshops, training sessions, conferences, and other one-on-one interactions.

What can students expect to learn at Post Graduate level?

Higher level or advanced degrees in these courses include Masters in Animation, both MSc and MA degrees, Post-graduate diplomas and certifications, etc. Some of the most popular in this category are MSc. In Digital Filmmaking and Animation, MSc. in Visual Effects, MA in Digital Filmmaking, Multimedia, and Post Graduate Diploma in Animation.

For students who wish to take their artistic abilities to a whole different level, these options of visual effect courses are the first step to making their mark in this industry.

For more guidance, contact Times & Trends Academy now.

The post Why are Visual Effects Courses in Demand? appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Learn About Eligibility Criteria for VFX Course Details

What is VFX? VFX is the term used to denote visual effects that are done […] The post Learn About Eligibility Criteria for VFX Course Details appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

What is VFX?

VFX is the term used to denote visual effects that are done in the post-production phase of creating a video with the help of a computer. There are several processes that are employed in manipulating images and live action shots. It is done to enhance the raw film. The prime objective of using VFX is to give rise to a scene or image that is very close to resembling reality but may be an impossibility to capture in the camera. A student of a VFX Learning course will learn the tricks and skills to work on such assignments. below are VFX course details information.

In this post, you will be reading about Animation and VFX course details

What skills do I need to possess to pursue a VFX course?

A beginners course will not demand that you have all the artistic abilities and skills that VFX professionals have, but even the most basic VFX learning course will require that you have the following skill sets.

Students must have good observational skills and come with a creative mind. This course will also test your drawing and sketching skills and your ability to concentrate and patiently commit to projects. This course is for those who can get into the character of their creations.

Apart from the above mentioned creatively inclined skills, students who wish to join a VFX learning course must also be good communicators, have a keen eye for detail and exceptional computer skills. Like any other course of study, this course too asks you to exhibit excellent team building and working spirit.

What are the eligibility criteria for joining a VFX course?

The bare minimum requirement for applying to a VFX course, even the most basic one is to have a 10+2 qualification, in any stream – Arts, Commerce, Science, with at least 50 percent score.

Some institutes also welcome students to take an entrance test followed by an interview to shortlist the desired candidates.

What are the benefits of joining a VFX Course at Times & Trends Academy?

Post completing a VFX learning course, students have the option of either becoming a VFX or compositing professional. This involves working with the latest software and learning about the advanced compositing tools, etc.

The course of study at Times & Trends Academy also gets students to work on projects and get hands-on experience during these assignments. Not to forget the lectures by experienced faculty is another advantage.

The projects allow students to meet and interact with people in the profession and helps build a strong network. A VFX Learning course at Times & Trends Academy is not just about the creative growth of students but a holistic development.

The post Learn About Eligibility Criteria for VFX Course Details appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Why Are Event Management Courses Hot Pick for Students?

What is Event Management all about? Event management is the art of combining the technical […] The post Why Are Event Management Courses Hot Pick for Students? appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

What is Event Management all about?

Event management is the art of combining the technical and creative aspects to create and deliver a live experience in a set up of a wedding, concert, festival, meeting, sporting event, award show, conference, etc. Event management courses available help students prepare for such roles.

This profession is like few others and brings with it the thrill and excitement of executing and delivering live services. No two days are the same in an event management business.

What is the minimum eligibility to apply to even management courses?

For students who wish to make a career out of planning and managing events, there are several event management courses to pick from. The bare minimum expected of students who want to pursue event management courses is a 10+2 degree. A minimum of 50 percent aggregate is also a necessity, though the stream of study is not taken into consideration.

There are certain colleges and universities that conduct their own entrance examinations for event management courses to test the students who wish to enroll in their academy. Make sure you do elaborate research and not miss out on the last date for the application of such exams and tests.

What are the basic skills that I require to exhibit to qualify for event management courses?

Students who show attributes of creative visualization and are meticulous in their ways stand a good chance of making it big in this field. Event management courses aim to take a student’s already existing talent and infusing further new skills to use those talents in the best possible manner in the delivery of successful projects. One also needs to be a good manager, both of people and of finances. Of course, these skills will be taught in the event management courses, but it is good to have a prior understanding of these topics.

What are the types of events that these event management courses equip me to handle?

The sort of events that event managers will find themselves face to face with include

–    Product launches

–    Big scale parties

–    Sports events

–    Weddings

–    Corporate events

–    Conferences

–    Concerts

–    Charity events

–    Festivals and carnivals

The events are, however, not just limited to the ones mentioned, but extend to any affair that requires professional management either due to the scale of the event, or other aspects like security, logistics or mere convenience. A lot of people these even call for event management help for their private parties.

If you are looking for best event management careers, Times & Trends Academy is one of the best institutes for event management with an excellent track record. Contact now to know more!

The post Why Are Event Management Courses Hot Pick for Students? appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Know About Scope of Event Management Careers

What is Event Management? Event management careers revolve around the application of project management to […] The post Know About Scope of Event Management Careers appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

What is Event Management?

Event management careers revolve around the application of project management to create and develop events on a massive scale. These events could be in the form of a conference, festivals, weddings, ceremonies, concerts, parties, conventions or the likes.

Event management careers thus deal with the conceptualization, researching, planning, and execution of such affairs.

There are certain pre-requisites and areas of expertise when it comes to making a successful brand in event management careers.

  1. Creative Inclination: students who wish to join event management careers but have a creative mind. They must have a vivid imagination and also be able to come up with novel solutions to problems.
  2. People Skills: In a job where a major part of your role would be to interact and coordinate with other people to make an event successful, being able to get along well with others is a vital pre-requisite. Creating an amiable working environment for those in event management careers is a must, as stress and lack of coordination can result in inefficiency and sometimes even failure.
  3. Have a keen eye for detail: For anyone dreaming to make other people’s dream of a wedding, a party or an anniversary, come true, one must first be aware of what the client needs and wants. Being detailed in your approach in this field of work is a sure way of making it big. Knowing what the client and delivering beyond that based on your sense of detail adds credit to your name.
  4. Be prepared and rehearse: Event management careers are not like those of regular office jobs. This line of works is known to throw unexpected surprises at any point in time no matter how prepared one might be. To avoid any such unwelcome scenarios, one must be thoroughly prepared for the event and have one or two rehearsals to ensure that extra mile of preparedness.
  5. Multitasking skills: Since event management careers can be multi-dimensional, having the ability to engage your mind in many things at the same time and be able to accomplish more than one task at a time is not only beneficial but more so a necessity.
  6. Knowledge of Finance: Given the magnitude of such a business, event management careers would be a failure if the professionals in this field did not have a good understanding of finance and budgeting.

Want to shape your career in event management? Join Times & Trends Academy best event management colleges in Pune today! Contact now for more details!

The post Know About Scope of Event Management Careers appeared first on Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

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