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Kittens, quantum mechanics, pocket lint, the effects of antipositivism on sociolegal theory, why everyone is wrong but me, critical reviews of store brand peanut butter, and a chronicling of the progress of the United States' warp-drive development. And a light touch of libertarian views.
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Kurt Schlichter: Trump punked the GOPe by getting punked by Chuck Schumer, or something

I guess when you're a prolific social media whore, you tend to say a bunch of things, things which may not always conform to what you said the day before.You hate libertarians one day, they're your best friends the next.Whatever gets you to point B right?So I'll just get straight to the point: on Monday, Kurt wrote an article about how the GOP establishment/NeverTrumpers were spinning Trump's "deal" with Pelosi and Schumer as defection to the Democrats. But Trump is always 10 steps ahead in...

Our nonchalant policy on nuclear proliferation

China has nukes, Israel has them, India and Pakistan have them, Iran has or will have them. North Korea has them. Not to mention Russia and several Western nations. Notice a trend here?Perhaps we've slowed or stalled nuclear proliferation here and there, even dismantled a few of our own nukes. But if a country really wants it, they will get it.When it comes to the more-or-less publicly known nuclear programs among adversarial, enemy, or rogue states, we have consistently taken a casual...

Cautiously pessimistic about Star Trek: Discovery

As a Trekkie, my anticipation for a new Star Trek television series began with excited wonderment. News of a new Trek series is always good news. Until it's not.I don't want to be one of the bandwagonistas kicking a fetus before it's born, but I also don't want it to suck. Let's just say ST:D (wow, what a terrible acronym) has had its share of production problems--according to rumors and I think some other, more reliable sources.The first trailer didn't inspire much confidence either. I guess...

Google has some purging to do

[Updated. See end of post.] You can't be a progressive vanguard with this kind of ideological infighting going on.So some tech geek at Google got a little fed up, mouthed off, and it's news.1 [Update: use this link for the full, unedited, unGizmodofied essay. Fucking worthless hacks at Gizmodo--see footnotes]The poor guy/girl/xyrl is going to burn for xyr heresy; the beast and its devotees demand nothing less.One piece of advice, if you're going to argue for something politically incorrect at...

The world (and the internet) is crazy

I suppose it's not a good sign when you start to think everyone is crazy except you.I jest, somewhat, but we're back where we were. Of course, as it has always been, we're seemingly getting worse regarding civility, political toxicity, hyper-partisanship, etcetera (although I think humanity tends to succeed despite itself--as if we repeatedly fail upwards, and are nevertheless continually disheartened by the failures--but that's a topic for another day).So, in this era of #FakeNews, misleading...

What matters and what's lofty irrelevance

In the long run, we're all spiritual servants of a spaghetti monster who manages a universe of self-replicating paperclips. Which is to say, we're all dead, but it's still super cool to think of nascent spaghetti-run paperclip economies and galactic culture dynamics. I guess.I mean, I wouldn't know since I'm not getting a comfortable salary to think about that stuff.And all three of these [Trump v. Clinton & historical] differences are small compared the variation in such things across the...

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