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Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in western-central Europe consisting of 16 constituent states, which retain limited sovereignty.

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Germany Latest News
Thief in Kassel saws down tree in effort to steal €2,000 bike

A yet unknown thief used a saw to cut down a tree at the weekend in the central German city of Kassel in order to steal an expensive mountain bike.

Müde and moody: sleep deprivation is making Germans irritable, experts say

Compared to those in neighbouring countries, people in Germany don’t get enough sleep and are overtired, sleep researchers announced on the Day of Sleep (June 21st).

Merkel pleads for more humanity in refugee debate

During a speech in Berlin on Wednesday evening, Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to Germans to put themselves into the shoes of people fleeing war and persecution.

9 uniquely German gestures and noises that need explaining

Compared to people from countries like Italy or Brazil, Germans aren’t that well known for their gestures. But hand signals and interjections can communicate just as much as (if not more than) words, so you’d be wise to know what the ones on this list...

Quiz: Just how German have you become?

Take this quiz to find out just how German you’ve really become. If you get over 90% you are probably scoffing down pumpernickel at this very moment while memorizing the middle names of the deutsche Mannschaft.

Germany made billions on Greece’s debt crisis, Berlin confirms

Berlin has been one of the main lenders to Greece during its debt crisis. While conservative parties warned that supporting Greece would come at the cost of the German taxpayer, new figures show Germany has made money on the crisis.