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Canada : Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly province of Canada. Situated in the country's Atlantic region, it incorporates the island of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador to the northwest, with a combined area of 405,212 square kilometres.

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Newfoundland Latest News
Robert Chafe’s Play Between Breaths Memorializes Celebrated Scientist Jon Lien

Award-winning playwright Robert Chafe’s Between Breaths directed by Jillian Keiley, featuring original music composed by The Once, is being performed at The LSPU Hall, July 19-29.

Cheers to Local: Newfoundland Distillery Co Has Launched Rhubarb Vodka & Gunpowder Wild Rose Rum

The "Gunpowder" alluded to in the spirit's title might turn a few heads, so as a bit of an educational moment or refresher, Peter Wilkins of the distillery explains, " In the navy, rum was always ‘proofed’ before the sailors were given their daily ration. To do this, the purser would put some gunpowder in the rum and light it. If it flared up, the rum was as it should be, and the sailors would know they were getting their proper...

Neat Newfoundland History: How Capelin Became Fertilizer in NL

We are a resourceful people. Give us an island of stunted vegetation dubbed “The Rock,” and we’ll learn to turn its dirt into a soil so rich you could bag it and sell it.

July’s Community Poll Results: Your Favourite Sunny Day Daytrip Destinations

We've braved June-uary and made it to July, and begged you spill your secrets for the greater good, and tell us your favourite one-day getaways in NL, so we can all get the most out of our short-lived summers. Bonus points for telling us why, and/or sharing a personal story about your day...

The Dam is Your Dam, This Dam is My Dam, Part 4: Justice Versus the Law

True, if methylmercury bioaccumulates to unsafe levels in the food chain, government has pledged to provide compensation. But this presumes a lost way of life and sustenance can be redeemed with money

Toslow: Small Spot Fills Big Void in Local Bar Scene

It feels like hanging out in a friend’s living, and unlike most bars, you can actually see and hear each other. Face to face time is a rare commodity these days, so it’s nice to enjoy it.