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Algeria, officially People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers.

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Algeria Latest News
New terrorist threat as EU stance on migrants triggers disquiet in Niger

Efforts to buttress Europe’s borders have left people smugglers in Niger jobless and ripe for exploitation by jihadist groupsA new terrorist threat is brewing in the Sahel, partly as a consequence of the European-sponsored crackdown on migration, according to local leaders in Niger.Thousands of men who transported, fed, and housed the hundreds of thousands of migrants who used to cross the impoverished west African country are now unemployed and could easily be exploited by one of the major...

Italian minister calls for migrant reception centres south of Libya

Far-right Matteo Salvini’s proposal designed to crack down on migrationThe populist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini has called for migrant reception centres to be set up on the external borders of southern Libya after a meeting with the African nation’s leaders in Tripoli. He said the proposal, one of many in a Italian package designed to crack down on migration, will be put to EU heads of governments at a meeting on Thursday. Related: Matteo Salvini: a political chameleon thriving...

Algeria blocks internet to prevent students cheating during exams

Nation taken offline and metal detectors set up in exam halls to stop repeat of past fiascosAs solutions go, it is certainly radical: in order to thwart a mass epidemic of cheating by students taking their school leaving exams, Algeria shut down the internet for up to three hours a day this week – for everyone.“It’s beyond ridiculous,” said Lyès Rekkeb, 28, who works for a web design agency. “Every kind of connection is affected – fixed, mobile, wifi, 3G … No one who uses the...

De Gaulle returns to power - archive, June 1958

On 1 June 1958, General Charles de Gaulle got the go-ahead to form a new government. With the war in Algeria threatening to bring civil war to France, de Gaulle demanded special powers to restore order and unityThe National Assembly tonight voted, by 329 to 224, to put General de Gaulle back into power as Premier of France. The Socialists’ vote was split (about 50 of them voting with 141 Communists against the General), although he had included two Socialists in his government. The General,...

Military plane crash kills more than 250 in Algeria – video report

More than 250 people have died after a military plane crashed shortly after takeoff from a military base in northern Algeria. The aircraft was carrying soldiers and their families. An investigation is under way to identify the cause of the crash More than 250 dead in Algerian military plane crash Continue...

More than 250 dead in Algerian military plane crash

Il-76 transporter was carrying soldiers and their families when it crashed soon after takeoffA military plane carrying soldiers and their families has crashed soon after takeoff in northern Algeria, killing 257 people in what appears to be the worst plane crash in the north African country’s history.The defence ministry said 247 passengers, made up of Algerian soldiers and their relatives, died along with 10 crew members when the plane crashed into a field on Wednesday, next to an airbase in...