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Color Chart 6 Cheatsheet

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Color Chart 6 Cheatsheet

The color charts below lists over 500+ web safe colors you can use in your next theme, template or project. These web safe colors are standards for the web. The respective HEX color code and RGB color code are displayed beside each color swatch. The HEX color code is really just an RGB value that is in a hexadecimal value. The RGB color code uses decimal value and separates each component red, green and blue by comma. You can see the way that incremental changes to the HEX or RGB values influence each color.

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Color Chart 6

color swatch
HEX: color code
RGB: color code
HEX: #00FF00
RGB: 0,255,0
HEX: #00EE00
RGB: 0,238,0
HEX: #00CD00
RGB: 0,205,0
HEX: #008B00
RGB: 0,139,0
HEX: #008000
RGB: 0,128,0
HEX: #006400
RGB: 0,100,0
HEX: #308014
RGB: 48,128,20
HEX: #7CFC00
RGB: 124,252,0
HEX: #7FFF00
RGB: 127,255,0
HEX: #76EE00
RGB: 118,238,0
HEX: #66CD00
RGB: 102,205,0
HEX: #458B00
RGB: 69,139,0
RGB: 173,255,47
RGB: 202,255,112
RGB: 188,238,104
RGB: 162,205,90
HEX: #6E8B3D
RGB: 110,139,61
HEX: #556B2F
RGB: 85,107,47
HEX: #6B8E23
RGB: 107,142,35
RGB: 192,255,62
RGB: 179,238,58
HEX: #9ACD32
RGB: 154,205,50
HEX: #698B22
RGB: 105,139,34
RGB: 255,255,240
RGB: 238,238,224
RGB: 205,205,193
HEX: #8B8B83
RGB: 139,139,131
RGB: 245,245,220
RGB: 255,255,224
RGB: 238,238,209
RGB: 205,205,180
HEX: #8B8B7A
RGB: 139,139,122
RGB: 250,250,210
RGB: 255,255,0
RGB: 238,238,0
RGB: 205,205,0
HEX: #8B8B00
RGB: 139,139,0
HEX: #808069
RGB: 128,128,105
HEX: #808000
RGB: 128,128,0
RGB: 189,183,107
RGB: 255,246,143
HEX: #EEE685
RGB: 238,230,133
HEX: #CDC673
RGB: 205,198,115
HEX: #8B864E
RGB: 139,134,78

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