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Color Chart 5 Cheatsheet

The color charts below lists over 500+ web safe colors you can use in your next theme, template or project. These web safe colors are standards for the web. The respective HEX color code and RGB color code are displayed beside each color swatch. The HEX color code is really just an RGB value that is in a hexadecimal value. The RGB color code uses decimal value and separates each component red, green and blue by comma. You can see the way that incremental changes to the HEX or RGB values influence each color.

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Color Chart 5

color swatch
HEX: color code
RGB: color code
RGB: 0,255,255
RGB: 0,238,238
RGB: 0,205,205
HEX: #008B8B
RGB: 0,139,139
HEX: #008080
RGB: 0,128,128
HEX: #48D1CC
RGB: 72,209,204
HEX: #20B2AA
RGB: 32,178,170
HEX: #03A89E
RGB: 3,168,158
HEX: #40E0D0
RGB: 64,224,208
HEX: #808A87
RGB: 128,138,135
HEX: #00C78C
RGB: 0,199,140
RGB: 127,255,212
HEX: #76EEC6
RGB: 118,238,198
RGB: 102,205,170
HEX: #458B74
RGB: 69,139,116
HEX: #00FA9A
RGB: 0,250,154
RGB: 245,255,250
HEX: #00FF7F
RGB: 0,255,127
HEX: #00EE76
RGB: 0,238,118
HEX: #00CD66
RGB: 0,205,102
HEX: #008B45
RGB: 0,139,69
HEX: #3CB371
RGB: 60,179,113
HEX: #4EEE94
RGB: 78,238,148
HEX: #43CD80
RGB: 67,205,128
HEX: #2E8B57
RGB: 46,139,87
HEX: #00C957
RGB: 0,201,87
RGB: 189,252,201
HEX: #3D9140
RGB: 61,145,64
RGB: 240,255,240
RGB: 224,238,224
RGB: 193,205,193
HEX: #838B83
RGB: 131,139,131
RGB: 143,188,143
RGB: 193,255,193
RGB: 180,238,180
RGB: 155,205,155
HEX: #698B69
RGB: 105,139,105
HEX: #98FB98
RGB: 152,251,152
RGB: 154,255,154
HEX: #90EE90
RGB: 144,238,144
RGB: 124,205,124
HEX: #548B54
RGB: 84,139,84
HEX: #32CD32
RGB: 50,205,50
HEX: #228B22
RGB: 34,139,34

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