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  • Andrew McLean
  • October 26, 2019 12:49:26 PM

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Collar and Harness is a collection of the best dog products and doggy lifestyle guides by people who love dogs for people who love dogs. We are a small team of independent reviewers, some of us who work with dogs on a daily basis.

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    Best Dog Food for Great Danes – Adult, Puppy & Seniors – Complete Guide

    Our complete guide to choosing the best dog food for a Great Dane. Includes premium, budget, puppy, raw, dry, allergy and wet type foods for all diets. The post Best Dog Food for Great Danes – Adult, Puppy & Seniors – Complete Guide appeared first on Collar and Harness...

    Choosing the best dog food for Great Danes can be a challenge. A good Great Dane diet can be tricky to get right first time.

    With so many food types – dry, wet, organic, budget, puppy, cold-pressed – making the right choice of Great Dane dog food requirements involves both research and experimentation.

    This guide will walk you through the types of foods, why they are important and give our recommendations of the best types for your giant breed.

    Best Great Dane Dog Food – Summary Table

    ListingFood TypeDog Food NameAvailable Online
    1Best Premium Food🏆 Orijen Adult Original, 11.4kgBuy Online
    2Best Premium Puppy FoodOrijen Puppy LargeBuy Online
    3Best Puppy Food for Great DaneAcana Puppy Large BreedBuy Online
    4Best Premium Food for AllergiesAATU Duck [UK & Europe] / Acana Singles Limited Ingredient [USA & Canada]Buy Online
    5Best Medium-Range Dog FoodBarking Heads Dry [UK & Europe] / Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free [USA & Canada]Buy Online
    6Best Budget Dog FoodHarringtons Hypoallergenic [UK & Europe] / Taste of the Wild [USA & Canada]Buy Online
    7Best Cold-Pressed / Freeze-Dried Dog FoodForthglade 100% Natural [UK & Europe] / Stella & Chewy’s [USA & Canada]Buy Online
    8Best Air-Dried Dog FoodZiwiPeak Daily ChickenBuy Online

    How much food does a Great Dane eat?

    As with many things around Great Danes, the answer will often be it depends. The first thing this depends on is the age and size of the Dane in question.

    Minimum weight for male Great Danes over 18 months of age is 54kg (120lbs), and for female Danes, it is 46 kgs (100 lbs).

    Compare that to the record holder for the tallest living dog, who weighs 89kg (196lbs) and reaches 3 ft 4.75 in (103.5 cm) in height; it is easy to understand that amount of food depends on each dog.

    How Much Dog Food Does Great Dane Eat

    On average, Great Dane dietary needs are around 2500 calories per day to maintain a healthy condition.

    More active ones can easily have requirements of over 3000 calories a day, while seniors and very lazy Danes will need less than the average Dane.

    The guidelines on food packagings are a great starting point.

    The best course of action is to read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully and monitor your dog’s weight and behaviour.

    Following that, the amount of food should be adjusted to reach or maintain optimum weight and peak conditioning.

    Great Danes are seen mainly as Gentle Giants and couch potatoes, but that isn’t always the case.

    Our current two Danes couldn’t be more different from each other.

    One would be happy to spend his entire life snoozing on the sofa, while the other one prefers zooming about in the park and playing with all her friends.

    They are not the same size either, so the starting amounts were different for both.

    With that in mind, the lazy one gets slightly less food for his size, while the active one gets a bit more food for her size. Between the two, they eat close to 1500 grams of their current dry food per day.

    A dog in an ideal condition will have ribs, spine and hip bones which are easily felt. You might be able to see them when your Great Dane is stretching or playing, though they shouldn’t be on display.

    The last two ribs are okay to be visible even when resting. A distinct waist should be visible from above, with a tucked abdomen.

    Finally, the quality of the food can make a big difference in the amount of food you should feed your dog. Dry food which is high in meat usually has more calories in smaller quantities of food.

    Higher meat content can mean that quality dog foods are more expensive than some supermarket brands, but it evens out a bit due to the difference in the amount of food you’re feeding. Not to mention your pup’s health, immune system and behaviour will benefit from being fed a good quality diet.

    Puppy food for a Great Dane

    How much does Great Dane Puppy Eat Both of our Great Danes are adults now, but if you have a puppy or a senior dog, your starting points will be different.

    Not only that, but the ingredients might need to be different as well.

    There are some things you need to watch out for when picking the perfect food for feeding your Great Dane puppy.

    The obvious one being protein and fat levels, make sure that the proteins are primarily from meat sources, and that meat is listed as the first ingredient.

    If it isn’t, move on to a different type of food. In addition to protein, calcium levels should be between 1.2-1.6 and phosphorus levels 1.0 for a Great Dane puppy diet. These levels provide the correct balance for your pup’s growth.

    The amount of food will be quite high, but with puppies, this is usually split into 3 or 4 meals per day.

    It is generally acceptable to feed your puppy four meals a day until around four months of age when you can reduce it to 3 meals per day. Many Great Dane owners keep them on three meals for the rest of their life.

    One of the reasons is the sheer size of the meals and fear of bloat. You should be able to go down to 2 meals per day from around 8-9 months of age.

    We would not recommend feeding just one meal per day though; it’s considered not safe for giant breeds. Of course, some individuals might be happy with only one meal, but most dogs are better off on at least two meals per day during adulthood.

    We’ve included a few Great Dane puppy food reviews in this article.

    While we’re talking about the number of meals per day, we strongly advise against free feeding. Dogs are not grazing animals. Mealtimes are essential for many reasons not covered in this article, but the two main ones are:

    1 – meal times create consistency, routine, and an opportunity for bonding
    2 – bloat risk is higher as you won’t know when is it safe to exercise your doga

    Dog Food for Senior Great Danes

    Dog Food for Senior Great Danes As your Great Dane gets older, many of their needs change accordingly, including the food. We witness a lot of Danes still going strong and having the zoomies, but it is crucial to keep an eye on them and adjust accordingly.

    Most of the premium foods are suitable for all ages and do not have a specific diet for seniors.

    If your Dane is slowing down and prefers to sleep on the couch, keep an eye on the fat and carb contents though.

    Senior food, in theory, is meant to be low in fat, to help maintain a healthy weight with less active dogs.

    Just like humans, the extra weight will put more pressure on the old bones and joints, so either cutting down on the amount of food or changing to a low-fat diet will help your Dane stay fit and healthy for many more years.

    Note that many of the life-stage specific foods have the same content as the others. A lot of food labelling is just smart marketing. Ingredients are key to choosing the right diet regardless of the age of your Great Dane.

    For those Danes with health-related problems that require a special diet, it is best to consult a veterinary professional or a qualified canine nutritionist.

    Finally, if your Dane finds themselves a bit stiff and sore, look into adding a joint supplement to their diet, such as Lintbells YuMove supplement. There are lots of supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin that can be added to the Great Danes diet which can help with mobility issues, arthritis and hip dysplasia. As with any canine health issues, always consult a veterinary expert.

    Types of Great Dane Dog Food

    dog bones, puppy, pet, great dane There are lots of options when it comes to dog food; it is difficult to know where even to start, let alone what to choose.

    From dry extruded to DIY raw, one is spoilt for choice.

    It’s not necessarily a good thing, so we aim to help you with your choice.

    Our focus here will be dry food; be it extruded, baked, cold-pressed, air-dried, or freeze-dried.

    Non-honourable mention goes to muesli type; from our experience, there doesn’t appear to be one which is of good enough quality to feed any dog, let alone the Apollo of dogs.

    Dry extruded is probably the most commonly seen type of dry dog food. It is your standard kibble and can come in various shapes and sizes.

    Kibble is very convenient and relatively inexpensive, so no surprises that it’s so popular. The thing to note is that if it comes in various colours, it needs to go in the bin, and not in your dog’s bowl.

    Baked food looks similar to the above, but the process is different. It’s quite literally, food baked in an oven.

    Types of Great Dane Dog Food It emerged as a better alternative to extruded kibble, due to lower temperatures, thus, in theory, retaining more of the goodness from the food.

    The problem is that gluten has been a critical ingredient in baked foods for a long time, so we would highly recommend reading the labels before opting for baked foods.

    Cold-pressed food is a reasonably new entry to the market, at least in Europe.

    Cold-pressed food is made at a low temperature very quickly, and the food dissolves from the outside, rather than expand like extruded kibble. This is often regarded as a helping hand to avoid bloating in dogs.

    Bloat is a common issue in Great Danes, according to some sources Great Danes have a risk as high as 42% of bloating during their lifetime.

    Unfortunately, as there is no consensus on the causes of GDV, or how to prevent it, we would err on the side of caution with that claim.

    We don’t think cold-pressed food would hurt your dog but don’t go running with them 5 minutes after their meal thinking the type of food made it safe to do so. You still need to follow all the safety advice when it comes to your dog’s health.

    Air-dried food, along with freeze-dried food is on the costly end of the food market.

    Types of Great Dane Dog Food Team the pricing up with the size of a Great Dane, and you might start feeling a bit dizzy from just looking at the numbers.

    This is not to say that both of those options are not amazing.

    Freeze-drying and air-drying both work by eliminating the moisture required for bacteria to grow.

    Doing this prevents the meat in the dog food to go bad.

    Raw ingredients are frozen, then placed in a strong vacuum. The specialist machine turns the moisture in the food from ice to vapour. Freeze-dried foods often require rehydration before serving.

    With air-drying, raw food for Great Dane ingredients are placed into drying equipment, where hot air is circulated, and the moisture slowly evaporates from the food.

    One of the best-air-dried food brands is ZiwiPeak from New Zealand. Their food is so good; we use as high value treats for our dogs. It is as close to fresh as possible, without being inconvenient. It’s fit for human consumption too, though we’re not ready to recommend it to humans just yet.

    Freeze-drying is more commonly used for treats. The reason for this might be the requirement for specialist equipment, thus rendering it too expensive for mass food production.

    What to Look for in Great Dane Food

    The food we provide for our Danes represents the building blocks by which they maintain a calm, confident and adjusted way to deal with life. Guaranteeing ideal wellbeing for the mind and gut is the best thing you can do to keep your pooch feeling tip-top.

    What to Look for in Great Dane Food Protein, first and foremost in all foods is your starting point. Protein should be primarily from meat sources and listed as the first ingredient.

    Vegetable protein is not bad, but it’s just not as beneficial for dogs. Avoid meat meals, because ingredients in those are often unclear, and meat can be of deficient quality.

    Very high levels of protein can be too costly for some dogs, at least in the beginning. Keeping to lean meats will also help your Dane stay a healthy weight.

    An essential amino acid for dogs which can only be supplied by diet is Tryptophan. Tryptophan enables the production of serotonin. Low serotonin levels are inadequate even for humans and have been linked with aggression in dogs, and many other animals.

    Foods which fit well into the above criteria are poultry, salmon, eggs, and many more. If you have a specific behavioural issue, you should consult a modern behaviourist or a veterinary behaviourist. They will be able to guide you in the direction of the best food that will improve the gut health of your Dane, and lead you onto a stress-free path.

    What Dog Food To Avoid

    Without a doubt, the first thing you’ll hear from people is to avoid grains. We agree that you should always aim for a grain-free, gluten-free diet.

    What Dog Food To Avoid However, whole grains such as brown rice, are not all that bad and can help with your dog’s digestive system.

    As long as it’s not the top ingredient in the food, whole grain rice shouldn’t immediately discourage you from a specific brand.

    Corn and wheat gluten is the big enemy and generally accepted as a completely unnecessary filler in dog foods.

    Dogs can’t digest them, and they’re increasingly a common cause for all sorts of unpleasant allergic reactions.

    Food dyes only exist to attract owners. Dog don’t see the same colours as we do and don’t care about the colour of their food in the same way.

    There are claims that some food dyes have been linked to allergic reactions, behaviour problems, and cancers – however, it is worth researching more on this as opinion varies and evidence in some areas is thin.

    Ethoxyquin is used as a preservative in many budget foods, but it was initially herbicide and should be avoided.

    Propylene Glycol is typically found in antifreeze, but some companies thought it would be useful in dog food too.

    Stay away from foods using this ingredient to reduce moisture, and find something better for your dog.

    Finally, although it’s nice if the label lists meat as the first ingredient, be wary of foods which use by-products or describe the component as meat meal.

    Transparency should not be that difficult. Simply saying meat meal, or chicken meal is not enough information to allow you to make an informed choice for your dog.

    If your dog has special dietary requirements or health problems which require food adjustments, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before switching diets.

    Best Premium Dog Food for a Great Dane

    1. 🏆 Orijen Adult Original, 11.4kg [UK]

    For USA and Canada – CLICK HERE

    UK and Europe Link:

    Preview Product Rating
    Orijen Adult Original Food, 11.4 kg Orijen Adult Original Food, 11.4 kg 81 Reviews

    Source Origin: Orijen – Made in Canada

    Orijen Adult Original Food, 11.4 kg This recipe consists of free-run chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs and fish.

    Orijen is suitable for dogs of all breeds and life stages.

    Containing 85% of meat, two-thirds of Orijen meats are fresh (refrigerated, no preservatives) or raw (flash-frozen, no preservatives), including the top 10 meat ingredients.

    One-third of meats are air-dried at 90°C from fresh chicken, turkey and fish to create a concentrated source of richly nourishing protein.

    Although it might not be budget-friendly, this is a high-quality diet. Both in terms of ingredients, and in terms of the preparation technique.

    2. Orijen Puppy Large, 11.4kg

    For USA and Canada – CLICK HERE

    UK and Europe Link:

    Preview Product Rating
    Orijen Puppy Food, Large, 11.4 kg Orijen Puppy Food, Large, 11.4 kg 33 Reviews

    We find that many good Great Dane breeders approve regular adult food for puppies, and puppy food can often be unfit for giant breeds. Still, Orijen seems to have done a good job at keeping the appropriate levels of ingredients to suit large breed puppies. We found this to be one of the best dog foods for a Great Dane puppy we’ve tried.

    The ingredients are very similar to the above mention adult food.

    Best Puppy Food for Great Dane

    3. Acana Puppy Large Breed, 11.4kg

    For USA and Canada – CLICK HERE

    UK and Europe Link:

    Acana BR50111 Dog Food for Puppy Large Breed, 11.4 kg Acana – Made in Canada

    We move on to the best food for a Great Dane puppy.

    Large breed puppies are best fed a high-meat diet with a good amount of proteins to develop muscles, yet low in carbs and calories to maintain healthy body weight and reduces stress on developing joints and bones.

    Acana Puppy Large Breed is free of grains and fast carbs.

    Acana is a brand of food made by the same company as Orijen.

    With slightly less meat than Orijen Original at 70%, it is still among the top foods on the market. It shares a similar list of ingredients too, with free-range chicken, nest-laid eggs and fish.

    Acana is Orijen’s take on affordable food, it’s not precisely budget food, but at a reasonable price, it is a fantastic choice of Great Dane puppy food.

    Best Premium Food for Great Danes with Allergies

    4. AATU Duck 10kg [UK and Europe]

    AATU 80/20 Dry Dog Food, Duck, High Protein, Grain Free Recipe, No Artificial Ingredients, 10 kgFinding the best dog food for Great Danes with sensitive stomachs and allergies can involve a little trial and error.

    AATU prides itself as an ethical, independently owned British company. They provide a unique high protein diet with most of the flavours having a single source of protein.

    Each flavour has at least 80% of meat or fish and is enriched with various fruits and vegetables.

    In addition to being a single protein diet, it is also completely gluten-free, grain-free, white potato free, and contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients.

    AATU is handcrafted in small batch recipes, with a bespoke combination of 8 vegetables, eight fruits, eight herbs and eight botanicals & spices.

    AATU uses fresh and raw meats which are pre-cooked using a select method to promote efficient digestion.

    Their duck recipe proved to be very successful with one of our allergy-prone dogs. Duck is one of the less common allergens. With AATU being a single-source protein diet, it is easy to keep your dog happy and avoid triggering allergic reactions.

    Other flavours to choose from include free-run chicken, turkey, salmon & herring, and shellfish. Keep in mind that the fish recipes are not from a single source of protein, so be sure to read the label before ordering.

    5. Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Duck & Pear [USA and Canada]


    Acana once again takes the spotlight, this time with its limited ingredient dry food.

    ACANA Singles Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food, Duck & Pear, Biologically Appropriate & Grain Free Coming in at 60% of meat, 40% vegetables and botanicals, it is also completely gluten-free, grain-free, free from potato, and tapioca; all common fillers in dog foods today.

    It contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients.

    Their duck recipe proves to be very successful with allergy-prone dogs. Duck is one of the less common allergens among the meat proteins.

    With Acana Singles being a single-source protein diet, it is easy to keep your dog happy and avoid triggering allergic reactions.

    Other flavours to choose from include: Beef & Pumpkin, Lamb & Apple, Pork & Squash, Turkey & Greens, and Beef.

    Best Medium-Range Great Dane Dog Food

    6. Barking Heads Dry Dog Food [UK and Europe]

    Barking Heads – Made in the UK

    Barking Heads Dry Dog Food - Bowl Lickin' Chicken - 100% Natural Chicken with No Artificial Flavours, Good for Healthy Digestion and Joint Health, 12 kg Barking Heads Bowl Lickin’ Chicken is made with 100% natural free-run chicken.

    It is made to aid healthy digestion and contains ingredients which are linked to joint support.

    It is free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, but it does contain rice.

    We mentioned previously that overall it is best to avoid rice. However, brown rice is not a terrible ingredient.

    Meat is still the first ingredient, and the percentage of rice is pretty low, so we have no problems recommending this food as a good option for your slobbery friend.

    Other flavours to choose from include beef, lamb, salmon, turkey, and many more.

    Some of these are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog, but they are not single-source protein foods, so read the label carefully before committing to this food.

    7. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food [USA and Canada]


    Wellness Core Turkey & Chicken is made in the USA and contains only premium, natural ingredients

    It is free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, and completely free from grains.

    Although the second ingredient is turkey meal, and the third one is a chicken meal, the first ingredient is deboned turkey. The company guarantees no meat by-products, so we have no problem recommending it as a good option for your slobbery friend.

    Other flavours to choose from include wild game, lamb, whitefish, and many more.

    Some of these are less likely to cause an allergic reaction in your dog, but they are not single-source protein foods, so read the label carefully before committing to this food.

    Best Budget Great Dane Dog Food

    8. Harringtons Grain Free Hypoallergenic, 15 kg [UK and Europe]

    There aren’t many budget foods with high meat content, unfortunately, especially not ones that avoid wheat.

    Made in the UK, Harringtons manages to achieve a decent score across multiple consumer sites, and with many dogs. It has over 30% of meat, and meat is listed as the first ingredient.

    This complete food contains no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.

    The downside is that the food information is not very transparent, and it is difficult to tell what exactly is in the food. It’s not of high quality, but it is a huge improvement on the regular Harringtons food, and it is effortless on the wallet.

    9. Taste of the Wild High Prairie [USA & Canada]


    Taste of the Wild is a natural grain-free food made in the USA. Despite some of the unclear labelling, it is a high-end food at an affordable price.

    Most importantly, meat is the first ingredient, in this case, buffalo. The second ingredient is lamb meal, which isn’t as transparent as we’d like it to be.

    The third ingredient listed is a chicken meal, again not enough transparency, but further, down the list, there’s bison, beef, venison, and some fish. This food contains a minimum of 60% of meat, so we can’t complain too much.

    Even though some of the labelling is unclear, it is a good-quality food at an affordable price.

    Best Cold-Pressed Dog Food

    10. Forthglade 100% Natural Dog Food – Made in the UK

    Forthglade grain-free dry food was voted the top cold pressed dog food by Dogs Monthly magazine.

    It is suitable for all ages and comes in grain-free recipes. Forthglade’s cold-pressed food is hypoallergenic and wheat free and is available in chicken or duck.

    Your Great Dane can easily enjoy it as a complete meal or mixed up with some of Forthglade’s range of wet food.

    11. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Chicken Meal [USA & Canada]


    Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Chewy's Chicken Meal Mixers Dog Food Topper, 18 oz. Bag It’s unlikely you’ll be looking to feed Stella & Chewy’s like a complete diet, which is why it’s marketed as a meal topper anyway. It’s great for picky eaters or those who need a bit of encouragement to finish their meal.

    Made in the USA, it contains responsibly-sourced chicken, organs and bones, plus organic vegetables and fruits.

    Freeze-drying raw ingredients make Stella & Chewy’s food, so it’s as close to natural nutrition with the added benefit of convenience. On top of that, it doesn’t require rehydration like many raw foods so that you can scoop and serve.

    Best Air-Dried Great Dane Dog Food

    12. ZiwiPeak – Made in New Zealand

    As we mentioned previously, air-dried food is quite expensive.

    ZiwiPeak is undoubtedly one of the more expensive foods on the market in general, regardless of the type, and an enormous bag is 4kg. The largest pack might not even last ten days for some Danes.

    However, with that in mind, if you can afford to buy it, do add it to your dog’s diet, even if it’s just as a treat, it will make them very happy.

    Special Mentions

    We wanted to give a special mention to a brand of wet food, which we’ve noticed is most often used as a top-up for Great Danes. Humans like to believe that dogs need a variety of textures and flavours.

    Whether that’s true or not, one can’t deny the fact that dogs do enjoy a bit of tasty wet food on top of their usual dinner.

    13. Forthglade Complete Grain Free Wet Food [UK & Europe]

    Forthglade 100 Percent Natural Dog Food Grain Free Complete Wet Dog Food Variety Pack, 395 g, Pack of 12 Our personal experience with Forthglade’s wet food range is very positive.

    If anything, it had helped deal with upset stomachs in the past and allowed us to maintain a healthy weight on our female Great Dane when she was unwell and wouldn’t eat anything other than a bit of Forthglade.

    The wet food recipes come in two options; with brown rice or grain-free, and both are equally as good.

    Brown rice is a whole grain, and we found that it can help some dogs with binding their stools.

    This might not work for all, so if you have any concerns about your dog’s gut health, stick to the grain-free option to be safe.

    14. Nutro Wild Frontier Vital Prey Wet Dog Food [USA & Canada]



    Wild Frontier Vital Prey Wet Dog Food Stews Variety Pack: Chicken & Liver Stew, Beef & Liver Stew, 12.5 Ounce Cans, Pack Of 12 If you want to add something to your dog’s dry food to top it up or add a different texture, Nutro’s wet food is an excellent addition at a reasonable price.

    There are multiple flavours, but we would suggest trying Chicken & Liver, and Beef & Liver to start with.

    You can get this combination in a 12 can pack, which saves you money too.

    Nutro’s food is grain-free, and it also has no soy, and no artificial flavours or preservatives.


    We hope this guide helped you choose the best dog food for your Great Dane. Depending on their age, temperament and physical health – there are plenty of considerations. With enough research, you should find the perfect diet for your dog.

    For more articles on dog food, check out our food section as well as our health section. Don’t forget to follow the conversation on our Facebook page.

    The post Best Dog Food for Great Danes – Adult, Puppy & Seniors – Complete Guide appeared first on Collar and Harness Magazine.

    10 Best Dog Harnesses for 2019 (Our Top Walking Harness for all Breeds)

    What is the best dog harness for 2019? In this featured article - we review the top trending walking harnesses available for all breeds. The post 10 Best Dog Harnesses for 2019 (Our Top Walking Harness for all Breeds) appeared first on Collar and Harness...

    What is the best dog harness available in 2019? When taking your dog out for a walk – you want to make sure the trail is both pleasant and safe.

    Welcome to Collar and Harness Magazine’s collection of the top trending Dog Harnesses.

    Best Dog Harness 2019Not all dog harnesses are made equal, and some are better suited to certain breeds than others.

    Check out our quick guide hints and tips on this at the bottom of this article.

    Also, note that these harnesses will come in various sizes depending on the breed.

    Large and small dogs, as well as puppies, are all included. For help measuring your pup check out our complete guide.

    For independent reviews of all of these products and more don’t forget to check out our Harness section.

    2019 Dog Harnesses: Summary Table

    We compiled the top ten bestsellers online for this collection, including review summaries. Full coverage below this table.

    PositionHarnessOnline RatingAvailable Online
    1? Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    2Julius-K9 162P0 PowerHarnessBuy on Amazon
    3Rabbitgoo No Pull Pet HarnessBuy on Amazon
    4fiE Range Of Front Side HarnessBuy on Amazon
    5Company of Animals Non-Pull HarnessBuy on Amazon
    6Embark Pets Adventure Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    7UNHO No Pull HarnessBuy on Amazon
    8TrueLove Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    9SlowTon Harness Seatbelt SetBuy on Amazon
    10LIFEPUL No Pull HarnessBuy on Amazon

    Top 10 Best Dog Harnesses for 2019

    The 10 Best Dog Harnesses for 2019

    We now delve into our collection of the ten best dog harnesses for 2019.

    1. 🏆 Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

    Ruffwear Front Range - Great Dane

    Front View of Ruffwear Front Range Harness on our Great Dane

    The king of harnesses and one we often use on our Great Danes and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    Ruffwear All Day Adventure is a genuinely exceptional make of harness, often rated the best front clip dog harnesses (if not overall harness) and ideal if you have a dog or puppy with a tendency to pull on their lead.

    Although the price of the Ruffwear may be off-putting for some (check out some of the more affordable harnesses below) – it’s filled with features to help walk, train and control your pet in the best way possible.

    As the name suggests, this is a harness with back and front clips. There’s an aluminium V-ring hoop at the back (top) of the harness to clip a leash on for everyday walking.

    Then there’s an additional reinforced webbing loop at the front (chest).

    Why the additional hoop? If you have a dog which pulls or requires better control or training – especially in public – you can use a double-ended (multipoint) pet leash. A number of these are available such as the Halti training lead.

    Attach the leash as standard to the top, then attach the second point to the front which allows you to guide your dog without discomfort.

    Comfort is an essential point as some non-pull harnesses tend to pinch the pet’s skin when they pull, which can increase the pulling behaviour as a way of avoiding the discomfort.

    There are two side release buckles on the harness as well as four adjustment straps. Adjusting is simple, resulting in a good snug fit without too much slack for potential escapers.

    It’s also a padded dog harness. Both the inside chest and belly area is padded for additional comfort.

    How to put on a dog harness: Putting on and taking off a Ruffware harness is easy and there are a few different options. From our experience, we prefer to place the harness neck over the head then clip behind the front legs.

    As with all clipped harnesses be careful not to pinch the dog’s skin or fur. We remove by unclipping it then carefully pulling it back over the dogs head, so it inverses.

    The material is made from sturdy and lightweight nylon. The woven straps are robust and adapted from mountaineering technology for an extra secure hold.

    In addition to the no-pull features, the harness is packed with little extras. Reflective trims are lined along the outside of the harness for better visibility when out walking your dog in darker conditions. There is also a holder for placing a dogs ID tag.

    The Ruffwear comes in six colours, including Twilight Grey, Meadow Green, and Orange Poppy. There are five sizes. XXS is suited to Chihuahuas, Dachshunds and similar small-sized breeds.

    The XS is better suited to Jack Russell terriers, Yorkshire terriers etc. Small is for cocker spaniels, Beagles and similar.

    Medium is suited for border collies, Samoyeds and finally large for Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers as well as, of course, Great Danes. For more details, check the manufacturer’s size chart.

    Overall this is a very popular dog training harness and general walking harness.

    Often ranked the best-rated dog harness UK, USA and worldwide on many online lists (including several of ours). This is a well designed, beautifully evolved and highly useful dual clip dog harness for your walking adventures.

    2. Julius-K9 162P0 No-Pull PowerHarness

    Julius-K9 is one of the best-known harness brands for popularity and great for dogs that pull in the UK and abroad. Often associated with medium to large dogs, they are distinctly black and extremely durable.

    This assumption that they are aimed at large breeds is not altogether correct; when researching for a recent Cockapoo Harness article, we found they come in various sizes. ‘Size 0’, for example, is recommended for small breeds and there are also puppy sizes available.

    Julius-K9 162P0 K9 We’ve had this harness tested before on a Newfoundland.

    Our friend who we often share doggy travels with had previously tried all sorts of harnesses as the Newfoundland grew with mixed success.

    Since finding the Julius-K9, she has not had to switch since.

    Julius-K9 make very sturdy and attractive harnesses.

    Clip the leash to the metal hoop on top.

    There is also a large, adjustable handle for controlling your dog and holding them in place.

    The handle can also be used for lifting your dog when required, such as when hiking or when mobility is problematic.

    The strap on the bottom has a heavy-duty buckle, and the chest-strap has an adjustable hook and loop fastening.

    The reflective stripe on the chest strap provides visibility in the dark. The K9 PowerHarness is breathable and can be fitted and removed easily.

    The major downside if the PowerHarness is the lack of a chest ring.

    These rings are beneficial for larger breeds which pull as a double-ended lead can be attached to both front and back for more control. If this is more important – then the slightly more costly yet more advanced RuffWear may be worth considering.

    3. Rabbitgoo Dog Walking Harness

    Rabbitgoo No Pull Another popular harness brand with a quality of design that is both good and robust. Rabbitgoo not only looks great but is made from high-quality material.

    Mesh lining is used on the Rabbitgoo harness with soft padding underneath for comfort.

    The material is constructed from breathable nylon.

    On the side are two adjustable points: the first, a neck strap, and the front, second strap.

    Although useful, we have found these to be a tad rigid in the past.

    It is easy to put on and off the harness using the plastic quick release buckle.

    The harness includes reflective high visibility stripes to help see your pet when out walking at night.

    Like Julius, it also comes with a handle at the top for better control.

    This is another example of a dual clip harness. There are two sturdy metal D-rings, one at the back of the harness and one at the front.

    The back is for normal walking – attach a lead and away you go. The second is located at the front (chest) of the harness and is designed to act as a no-pull harness.

    To achieve this, you would need a double-ended dog leash such as a HALTI, where clips are at either end. Clip the first end to the front and the other end to the back.

    This is designed not only to reduce pulling behaviour but to allow better control and aid with general training of your dog.

    4. fiE Range Of Front Side Dog Harness

    The fourth most popular is the Fit Into Everyway no pull dog harness.

    This harness comes in five sizes (from XS to XL) and a range of colours – although greenfiE FIT INTO EVERYWAY is our personal favourite.

    People have a lot of love for this harness, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it crammed with features, but it also looks great too.

    It comes with two lead attachments for use with a double-ended lead (like a HALTI leash).

    The first is a plastic D-ring on dog’s back and webbing with O-ring on the dog’s chest. The top D-ring can be attached to the lead for regular walking.

    You additionally attach the second lead clip to the front, thus giving you greater control of your dog.

    It also helps to reduce the pulling if the dog decides to tug while out walking.

    The outer layer is made of a durable, scratch-resistant oxford material while the inner mesh is softly padded, comfortable and lightweight.

    The harness also includes 3M reflective strip material for high visibility in dark conditions. In addition to the five sizes mentioned, the harness comes in three colour options; Bold Black, Citrus Orange and Lime Green.

    Reviews for the fiE harness are positive although, as with many harnesses, please check the sizings before buying.

    5. Company of Animals Non-Pull Dog Harness

    Preview Product Rating
    Sporn Non-Pull Harness, Black Medium Sporn Non-Pull Harness, Black Medium 3,250 Reviews

    Full disclosure – this is not our favourite dog harness.

    Yes, they are trendy and seen often in parks across the UK. But our experience of them has been mixed. Company of Animals Non-Pull

    On the plus side – they are very affordable, probably one of the most reasonably priced no-pull harnesses out there.

    They come in three sizes; small, medium and large sizes.

    They are designed using elastic webbing and mesh that covers the chest of the dog as well as passed Sherpa sleeves.

    This is supposed to be designed for comfort.

    This is the major issue with this no-pull dog harness – these types of harnesses need to a) be comfortable b) ease the handling for the dog owner.

    When you get a dog which pulls, they can pull hard.

    The Company of Animals Non-Pull Harness uses the ‘squeeze and lift’ theory that tightens on the dog when they pull on the lead.

    According to the company, this will ultimately deter the dog from pulling and will return them to normal controlled walking.

    Apart from causing discomfort to your dog, we’ve never seen a dog with this harness that didn’t pull.

    This sort of technique tends to have the opposite effect. Often the dog is trying to get away from the uncomfortable or even painful feeling, thus pulling harder.

    We couldn’t bring ourselves to test it out on our dogs beyond the fitting phase.

    As a harness for well-behaved dogs, this could be a great and affordable option for owners and dog walkers. But as a harness designed explicitly for non-pull, the “pinching” effect makes it flawed.

    It’s worth noting that Company of Animals brand does create some perfect dog accessories. This includes the excellent HALTI range.

    This particular dog harness is just flawed if you have a real puller on your hands.

    6. Embark Pets Adventure Dog Harness

    This is a ‘best of both worlds’ type dog harness in that it has not only front and back leash attachment points but also a handle at the top.

    The material is made of no-rip nylon and anti-chafe padding. It also includes a reflective trim for seeing your dog in low visibility.

    7. UNHO No Pull Dog Harness

    The UNHO dog harness is an inexpensive but limited no-pull harness.

    It includes a handle at the back to help guide and lift your dog; it does, however, lack an attachment at the front which limits its effectiveness as a no-pull harness.

    8. TrueLove Dog Harness

    A thinner cut than many of its alternatives, but a robust and well made no-pull harness.

    The TrueLove has two attachment points for dual-ended leads and a handle at the top for improved control.

    This harness comes in various sizes and eleven different colours.

    9. SlowTon Dog Harness Seatbelt Set

    Not technically a walking harness, more a combined set for securing your dog while in the car.

    This comfortable harness includes two steel hoops at the back which, when attached to a seatbelt strap can be used to secure your dog into the back seat.

    10. LIFEPUL No Pull Dog Harness

    Possibly not the greatest looking of harnesses – but it’s certainly good value for money.

    This harness is relatively basic and does not include a front hoop for double-ended leads – however, it does include a handle for better control of your dog.


    We hope you found the curated collection of 2019 trending harnesses above useful. Remember you can check out our reviews of many of the top harnesses on the site.

    Though it’s convenient having a list of trending harnesses – it may be worth going back to basics. We will now discuss the pros, cons and variations of dog harnesses. This should help with your decision.

    Dog Collar Vs. Dog Harnesses

    We get asked this question a lot, which is better – a collar or a harness? As a result, we wrote an (enormous) article on the subject here – but to save you some time, these are the highlights.

    Is a Dog Harness better than a Collar?

    Collars are a standard staple of most dogs. Although often worn throughout the day (you may want to remove them at night) and have two primary uses.

    The first is for the wearing of ID tags which, in addition to being very sensible, are a legal requirement in various countries.

    If you have a well-trained dog who is not requiring much training – attaching a lead (or leash) to the collar and going out walking is usually fine.

    Unfortunately, the trouble comes when you have a dog that pulls, a dog that needs greater control or indeed a dog you are currently training.

    Why Choose a Dog Harness?

    An excellent dog harness is one that fits well, doesn’t cause issues and works for your breed of dog. For example, we have a Great Dane. She’s active, excitable and tends to pull when on her lead.

    Ruffwear All Day Adventure In this instance, we tend to use the Ruffwear Front Range.

    This is an example of a front clip dog harness and is often ranked the number harness for pooches that pull.

    This means it had a lead attachment not only at the back but also at the front.

    The back attachment is used for general walking, but the front clip is used when she’s pulling, or we’re training her.

    For the no-pull harness to work, we require the use of a particular double-ended lead like a HALTI training lead that clips on both attachments.

    Other points to consider when choosing the most suited harness for your dog is padding, the shape of the dog, high visibility needs as well as the overall design.

    For example, some harnesses that state they are no-pull may put pressure on the dog which can hurt. This can often increase pulling behaviour instead of the desired reduction.

    What Types of Dog Harnesses are There?

    When looking for a dog harness, you will find there are lots of different options available. Some of the main types are below.

    • Dog Walking Harness. These are standard harnesses designed for general wear on well-trained dogs. They do not offer any advanced features – but are comfortable and great for dogs which do not pull. They may be a vest or a step in dog harness. Usually soft and can be made of cotton, nylon or mesh. A mesh dog harness is the most common material as they are lightweight and breathable.
    • No-Pull Dog Harness. These have already been covered in this article and are generally the most recommended harnesses. They’re both secure and excellent harnesses for training and control when out walking. They can be a front clip harness, back clip or a combination of both.
    • Head Halter. These offer more control of your dog if they are trying on a leash. For more information, check out this article.
    • Leather Dog Harness. Though stylish, there are also practical leather harnesses designed for pulling. More information is available here.

    How to Measure your Dog for a Harness

    We’ve written another sizeable article on the proper way to measure and fit your dog for a harness. A quick summary is below.

    • Chest Measurement: Measure around the widest point of your dog’s chest. Take a tape measure and then find the fullest part. As a guide, this is usually a couple of inches, or the width of four fingers, behind the dog’s front legs.
    • Add Two Inches: Dogs grow in size and weight, so it’s recommended to add a few inches to the harness for growth. However, not enough for them to be able to escape. Often referred to as the “two fingers” approach to measuring. Also, remember you can always tighten the buckles a little for that perfect fit.
    • Measure the dog’s neck circumference: Not all harnesses need this as the head does not go through them. However, it becomes an essential factor for some breeds of dog such as Greyhounds and Lurchers. Their necks and chest are slightly different from what is expected for general harnesses.
    • Get your dog’s weight: You might have this from a previous vet visit. If not, you’re unlikely to get your dog to stand on your bathroom scales. So, how do you weigh your dog? Providing you’re strong enough, and it’s safe to do so, lift your dog up and then stand on the scales. Write down the weight, then stand alone on the scales. The difference is the exact weight of your dog.

    Breed Specific Harnesses

    Most breeds of dog do not have specific harnesses. However, some are better suited than others. Before you choose a harness, you may want to check out a few of our collections for some breeds to give you an idea. We’ll be adding more over time.[/vc_column_text]

    Best Dog Harness - Outro


    That’s it for our curated list of the best dog harnesses in 2019 based on trending online sales. Remember – these numbers are based on sales, reviews and popularity.

    If you want to find out more about what makes the perfect harness for your dog – check out the site. Also, don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook. Happy Harnessing!

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    Best Harness for a Corgi – Our Top 6 Picks

    Walkies with your Corgi? Take a read of our latest guide on how to select the best Corgi harness for your favourite pet. The post Best Harness for a Corgi – Our Top 6 Picks appeared first on Collar and Harness Magazine.

    Looking for the best harnesses for a corgi? This article will guide you through how best to choose for your Corgi, what to look for, what you should consider and some helpful tips on caring for your dog when out on walkies.

    Best Corgi Harnesses – Our Top Six Reviewed

    1. 🏆 Ruffwear All-Day Dog Front Range Harness

    RUFFWEAR - Front Range, Everyday No Pull Dog Harness with Front Clip, Trail Running, Walking, Hiking, All-Day Wear, Twilight Gray (2017), Medium If you want a dog harness that will give your beloved Corgi comfort and style, then consider getting this one.

    It allows the dog a full motion range, has a padded chest and belly panel and is hi-vis to keep your pet safe, secure and comfy.

    The harness fits well and has multiple adjustment points, so it’s not too tight or loose.

    It has two places that you can attach the lead; one for lovely walks and the other to support training, making it a great all-rounder and saving you from having to purchase more than one harness.

    The metal ring at the top and second clip at the front can be used on a double-ended leash like a Halti.

    You can wash this harness without fear of damaging it; it is hand wash only and dry on the line outside for best results.

    2. Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

    Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black, M) If you are trying to train your pooch to stop pulling, then this is a must-buy.

    It will allow you to attach your lead to the chest so that you can stop your dog from pulling without the outdated choke method.

    The dog harness for Corgis is fully adjustable so that you can get the fit just right and it boasts breathable fabric so your pooch can keep cool even when you are running about and having fun together.

    It’s also easy to put on and overall a very soft vest for adults and puppies.

    It comes highly recommended, and we feel it is vital to ensure you buy a no-pull harness with no choke option.

    The best bit? You can have one in a rainbow of colours so you can coordinate with your pooch every day.

    3. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

    BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness Large Step in Reflective Dog Harness with Front Clip and Easy Control Handle for Walking Training Running This harness is another no-pull harness aimed at helping you train your dog without causing any pain or discomfort.

    The harness comes in a wide variety of colours, and it is excellent if you want to take your Corgi on all of your outdoor adventures with you.

    If you are out walking after dusk, this harness will keep your pet safe as it has 3m reflective strips.

    That means your dog will be visible and the handle that comes on the top will mean you can lift your dog without causing any harm.

    The harness itself is a right choice and has been made to last with no rip nylon fabric, durable buckles and a metal clip for the lead.

    If you choose this harness, then your dog will enjoy every walk with the comfort it brings.

    4. Gooby – Escape Free Sport Harness

    Gooby - Escape Free Sport Harness, Small Dog Step-in Neoprene Harness for Dogs That Like to Escape Their Harness, Turquoise, Medium Are you the proud owner of the next Houdini and concerned continuously when you’re out that you’re going to lose your beloved friend?

    This harness may be just what you have been looking for.

    Made from neoprene, in a variety of colours, this harness suggests that it is escape-proof so that your pooch can’t run off the next time you are out and about.

    If you are wondering how it works, the harness reduces the ability your dog has to escape by ensuring the fit around the back is snug.

    This is not painful for your dog, and the harness is incredibly comfy to wear.

    The harness is adjustable so that you can get the best fit for your dog and as it is a lightweight harness meaning it is excellent for sporty time with your pet.

    5. Koneseve Dog Harness No-Pull Adjustable Dog Vest Harness

    If you are looking for an adjustable harness for your dog that also stops them pulling then look no further. Your dog will feel the luxury the moment you put it on them – with the soft fabric and comfy padding, and it should be a breeze to get them hooked up and ready to go.

    In addition to the comfort, your dog will keep cool as this harness comes with breathable fabric so that they can play all day without feeling uncomfortable. The bonus is that it also has reflective strips so that your Corgi is visible at night-time.

    The harness states it is adjustable but broken down this means that it has slide straps on the chest and neck, sturdy adjusters, elastic cords that will help to fix the neck-straps and the harness itself goes on over the head, so it is as simple as possible to use.

    6. Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness, Dog Harness

    Finally, but another top offering is the Julius-K9 harness that comes in a wide variety of colours and boasts a competitive price.

    The harness has a range of features that will help you to walk your dog better each time; reflective strips to keep your dog noticeable at all times, heavy-duty buckles so that you can’t break anything when getting your pooch strapped in and breathable fabric to keep your Corgi cool.

    The material is excellent quality and durable regardless of how hard you work your pooch. The harness is comfortable so that you can be confident they are getting everything they need and some more.

    About the Breed

    The Corgi is a small but tenacious dog and has been made famous by Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, who loves them. She is often photographed in one of her many homes taking a walk with a pack of corgis circling her feet.

    But did you know that Stephen King also loves Corgis as well as a range of other famous celebs? When you think about it, it makes sense; they are an incredible breed that will bring love, cuteness and a whole heap of fun into your lives.

    Best Harness for a Corgi - About the breed The Corgi, or Welsh Corgi, is a cattle herding dog breed originating from Wales. I

    t was first officially known as a Welsh Corgi back in 1925 and rose quickly in popularity.

    Though no longer as typical in the UK as they once were, they now enjoy a great deal of popularity in the United States.

    There are two main breeds of Corgi – the Pembroke and the Cardigan.

    Corgis make great pets if you have the time to train them. Otherwise, they can become snappy and destructive.

    If you want to get a Corgi, then it is advisable always to get one from a registered breeder and to get a puppy. This will allow you to be in charge from day one of their training and will give them the best chance of being the family dog you dream of.

    Corgis are an excellent breed to have for a family pooch, and they love children.

    Corgis are intelligent dogs that pick things up very quickly and respond to human emotion – if you have a Corgi, you will know the tremendous amount of love they bring into your life despite their small size.

    Collar or Harness for a Corgi?

    One of the first questions you will need to ask yourself is whether you want a collar or a harness for your lovely Corgi?


    Collars have been the mainstay for dogs for many years, and you’d be easily forgiven for believing that a collar is the best choice. However, using a collar on your Corgi can cause severe and life-threatening injuries.

    Best Corgi Harness - Collars Using a collar to pull your dog back or restrain your pooch can eventually lead to throat issues in the windpipe and voice box because you cause damage to it whenever you pull your pup back.

    No decent owner would want any harm to come to their dog, and it is worth considering leaving the collar behind to keep your Corgi healthy and happy.

    One type of collar that must be avoided is the metal choke collar as you are choking your pet to get them to listen to your command – when you put it in these terms, you can see how barbaric this type of collar is.

    If you are unable to control your dog without harming it, then you need to urgently consider whether you can either undertake training classes or if it is the right time for you to own a dog at all.


    While some may claim that a harness allows your dog to pull more, this can be avoided with excellent training and the owner taking control.

    There is a range of harnesses to consider when buying one for your Corgi, and the benefits of using a harness include front attaching ones, better for bigger dogs or back attaching ones that are more suitable for your Corgi.

    Harnesses are not only comfortable for your dog to wear, but they spread out the pressure on the dog’s body caused by wearing it. Harnesses also help you to avoid situations where your pup gets tangled up and frightened by the leash.

    One of the best things a harness does is to stop your mini Houdini from slipping the collar!

    And, when your pup gets older and needs a hand to stand, the harness can be used to support them – it’s a winner in so many ways and is so much kinder than using an old collar.

    What to look for in a Corgi Harness

    So, you’ve decided to go with a harness, and you head over to your nearest pet store. When you arrive, you are left stunned by the number of different harnesses on the market and have no idea which one to get your pup. Follow these tips to make the best choice.

    Training Needs

    Does your pup need to learn how to walk properly and stop pulling? You need to consider what training needs your dog has before buying a new harness.

    Some harnesses provide a firm tightening sensation when your dog pulls on the lead, and so this can help to discourage them from pulling, making your walks far more fun.

    The sensation of the harness tightening around your pooch will be enough to make them think twice about pulling, but it is not enough to cause any harm or real discomfort. These harnesses are completely safe.

    Health Benefits

    Does your Corgi have any health issues that need to be considered when buying a harness?

    You can get harnesses that are perfect for supporting hip and limb problems as well as harnesses that have more than three points so that the dog’s weight can be distributed further.

    If you aren’t sure about whether you need a special harness, have a chat with your dogs’ vet as they will be able to advise you the best.

    Perfect for Puppies

    Corgi pups are stunning and have a completely different set of needs in comparison to their adult counterparts.

    When you are harness shopping for a puppy, you need to look for puppy friendly harnesses. These will better support their training needs and protect their growing bodies.

    Raising your Corgi pup will be great fun but make sure you keep an eye on when their harness is getting a bit tight.

    Having a tight harness will be uncomfortable for your pet, and if it isn’t changed, it could lead to health problems. As soon as it starts to get tight and you can’t loosen it any further, pop out and replace it for the adult version

    Older Dogs

    Older dogs may need far more support when they are out and about.

    Failing hips or injuries can result in you needing to help them up and along and so a harness that can support this type of need is going to be perfect for your pooch!

    The right harness can mean you get to enjoy more walk with your pooch well into old age.

    Types of Corgi Harness

    When it comes to choosing the kind of harness, you can be forgiven for being confused! Every dog will have specific requirements, and a one size fits all is not an option here.

    Depending on the age, needs and behaviour of your Corgi – different types of dog harnesses may be suitable.

    For example, a corgi puppy may need something simple or a harness that aids with training. A senior corgi, on the other hand, may have mobility issues and could need help to get around.

    We’ve broken down the different types of harness you can get so that you feel confident when you go to purchase a new harness for your pooch.

    Nylon Harnesses

    These harnesses are the simplest and typically the cheapest on the market. When you see the rainbow of colours available in the pet store you will know you are in the right place! The perk of these harnesses is that you can get a few and then never be left stuck wanting to go out with your pooch. They aren’t as supportive or as comfy as others but definitely good for spares.

    Mesh Harnesses

    Mesh material harnesses are light for your Corgi to wear and are made from breathable fabric, meaning you can go out in the rain and your dog won’t suffer from a harness that rubs in the wet. As well as not rubbing your dog when you are out, they will dry quickly when you get home, meaning you can go out for another walk later and not have to put a wet harness on your dog! These also come in a range of colours and are great for dogs who are sensitive in the neck area.

    Reflective Harnesses

    These are a great choice when you are out and about in the evenings or the early mornings – keeping you and your dog safe should be your number one priority! Motorists and other pedestrians will want to make sure they avoid collisions with your precious pooch, so help them out by getting a reflective harness.

    Easy Walk Harnesses

    These harnesses place the lead at the front and help dogs who have been used to collar walking before. This harness will provide you with the option of contributing to maintaining control of a dog that likes to pull while keeping their neck safe and sound.

    Five Point Harnesses

    The five-point harnesses give your dog that bit more comfort when you take them out. They typically come with a chest plate that helps avoid any damage to your pooch’s neck and allow them the ultimate experience when going out for a walk. If you like to pamper your pooch, try one of these!

    Sports Harnesses

    You can be forgiven for believing that corgis are not very sporty due to their size, but you’d be mistaken! Remember that these dogs can be used to herd cattle, making a sports harness the perfect choice for jogging with your pet. If you are trying to get fit then pop one of these on your dog and they will become your ultimate running partner! Just don’t be too upset if they manage to beat you!

    What Size Harness for a Corgi?

    Now you are converted to getting your pet a harness – how do you pick the right Corgi harness size?

    Firstly, you need to measure your dog – this may sound strange as harnesses are typically sold by the weight of a dog but trust me this is an important step.

    If you know your dog’s measurements (specifically their chest measurement), then you can size it up better in the shop to save repeat visits.

    When you think you have the right harness, it is time to fit it to your dog; this can take some time as all the straps and buckles will be adjustable, and it is so crucial that you get this right for the comfort and safety of your pet.

    The best way to do this is to make sure there is no room for them to escape the harness and by checking that you can fit two fingers between the harness and their body.

    If these two things are correct, then your dog will be secure and comfortable as you can be sure that it fits well. If there is any more room, then it is too big, and if you can’t get two fingers in then it is too small!

    Tips for Walking your Corgi on a Harness

    You can expect your first trip out with the harness to have its ups and downs – getting you and your dog comfortable and confident with using one will not be instant, but it will be worth it! Remember the following tips to make it as smooth as possible:

    • Let your Corgi smell the harness and explore it before you put it on them; they will be more likely to accept it this way.
    • Use treats to encourage your dog to allow you to put the harness on them.
    • If there are noisy buckles, show them to your dog first and then praise them every time they hear it for the first few walks.
    • Make the harness wearing a time where you lavish lots of fuss and attention on your pooch, and they will soon love wearing it.
    • Patience is key – try not to get frustrated with your dog, remember this is a new and scary experience for them. The calmer you are, the more they will trust that the harness is a good thing.
    • If you haven’t had your corgi since they were a puppy and you know they have been walked using a collar, you may have to be more patient as they are likely to find the harness very different.
    • If the first time doesn’t go as smoothly as you wanted it to, don’t despair. Persevere and try again.


    Anyone who owns a Corgi is fortunate.

    They may be small in stature, but they are huge when it comes to delivering a pet that is family-friendly, intelligent and hard-working.

    When you are considering the needs of your Corgi, their health, wellbeing, and safety must be paramount. They need regular exercise and are certainly not sedentary dogs just because they are small.

    Using a harness in your walking regime will allow your Corgi to feel comfortable and safe, meaning that they can just enjoy being with you and you can enjoy being with them!

    Good luck in your harness shopping and make sure you get one that not only fits your Corgi’s size but also fits with their big personality.

    We hope you enjoyed this article on the best type of harness for a corgi. Don’t forget to comment in the section below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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    Best French Bulldog Harness – Our Top 6 Picks for Frenchies

    Read our expert guide to choosing the best dog harnesses for French Bulldogs. Includes measuring and picking the right one for your Frenchie. The post Best French Bulldog Harness – Our Top 6 Picks for Frenchies appeared first on Collar and Harness...

    When walking your French Bulldog, you want to find a dog harness which is both secure and comfortable.

    If they have a tendency to pull, you also want the best dog harness for a French Bulldog to be one that will help teach them not to pull; without putting pressure on their delicate throat.

    Our team tested a number of French Bulldog harnesses and concluded the Ruffwear All Day Adventure Harness worked best for the breed.

    Not only did it result in a great fit, but it also worked great for Frenchies who like to pull on their lead.

    Often voted one of the top five breeds in the UK and Australia (and in the top 10 USA), the French Bulldog is an adorable and friendly dog.

    In different parts of the UK, the Frenchie is continually fighting it out between the Labrador for the top spot, according to Kennel Club numbers.

    This post will discuss the best dog harness for a French Bulldog, the types of harnesses available, why your Frenchie would benefit from a harness and some handy hints and tips for happy walkies.

    Best Dog Harness for a French Bulldog - Our Top 6 for your Frenchie

    Best French Bulldog Harness – Our Top Six Reviewed

    1. 🏆 Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

    Ruffwear Front Range

    We’ve started this curated review section with a Collar and Harness Magazine favourite.

    Ruffware range is known for their front range of dog harnesses and this quality harness also features two hoops.

    This is designed to reduce pulling in your French Bulldog, to help guide their path when still in the mischievous phase and to aid with training.

    The steel back clip is for normal lead attachment and one at the front for use with a training leash.

    A note on Training Leads

    Leads such as the HALTI are designed as double-ended leashes.

    A clip at one end means when used in combination with a front range can be attached as normal to the back.

    The second clip can either be used to adjust the hoop length of the lead or can be attached to the front of the harness.

    This offers better control of your French Bulldog as well as help with any pulling habits they may have on lead. RUFFWEAR - Front Range, French Bulldog Harness

    Sometimes these front rings are plastic but for this harness, they’ve used a reinforced webbing loop.

    The material is a mix of nylon and closed-cell foam.

    The harness has a padded chest and belly panels for comfort, High visibility (Hi-Viz) reflective trim for walking at night, and an ID pocket for storing dog tags.

    Ruffware harnesses are super easy to put on and take off as well as adjust.

    There are four strap adjusters in total to help create the perfect fit.

    It’s one of the more expensive harnesses out there – however, it does have a lot of features and should last you a very long time.

    As we use these harnesses time and time again for our own dogs (and foster dogs) we view this as the best Frenchie harness out there.

    It has certainly aided us greatly with pulling behaviours when out walking and even our mighty Great Danes have failed to escape from it.

    9.1Expert Score
    One of our favourites

    A great harness with lots of features

    • Very Adjustable
    • Two lead attachments for pulling and training
    • High Viz Stripes
    • Pet Tag Holder
    • One of the more expensive harnesses

    2. Julius-K9 PowerHarness for French Bulldogs

    Julius-K9, 16IDC-PR-MM, IDC Powerharness, Dog Harness, Size: Mini-Mini, Purple The next contender in this dog harness for french bulldog collection is the trusty Julius.

    The Julius K9 PowerHarness is a harness often associated with larger breeds of dog.

    There is however a complete range catering for the smaller breed sizes.

    These harnesses are super popular amongst pet owners, dog walkers, and trainers and often competes with other brands to come out on top.

    It also has the added geek value that it very much looks like a police harness.

    This water repellant harness looks beautiful. It’s strong and the buckles have been thoroughly tested. The aluminium loop is located at the back for lead attachment.

    The strap on the belly has a plastic heavy-duty buckle and the chest strap hook is an easily adjustable hook. The adjustment straps are handy for giving that snugger fit when needed.

    The Julius (usually – depending on the exact type) has a reflective trim on the chest strap to provide better visibility of your dog when out at night. The K9 PowerHarness is breathable and can be put on and removed with ease.

    The handle at the top is useful for holding and aiding in picking up your dog.

    I’ve found this particularly useful when out trekking and having to get over a wayward log or when holding your dog in place upon sighting an approaching squirrel.

    There’s no front range loop but this harness is more for strength than to discourage pulling in difficult dogs. We always prefer a front range harness – but this is perhaps personal preference.

    Some dog owners love the strength of this harness and use it with a long lead to allow their French Bulldog to run around in the park without worrying about an escape.

    The lack of a front attachment ring also means this harness shouldn’t be used as dog seatbelt. Saying that most harnesses tend to not be best suited to this anyway – so it’s worth researching a second harness or seat belt for that purpose.

    The Julius-K9 overall is a reliable Frenchie dog harness from a reliable maker.

    It’s well made, strong and very difficult to escape from. It should last your dog a long time and is definitely worth considering when out and about.

    8.5Expert Score
    A dependable brand

    Popular and stylish with added strength

    • Strong
    • Stylish
    • High Viz Stripes
    • Flashlight holder (depending on size)
    • Handle for greater control
    • Maybe not ideal if you want to train your Bulldog to reduce pulling

    3. ThinkPet Reflective Dog Harness

    ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Soft Air Mesh No Pull Puppy Dog Vest Harness Neon Green Neck 15-25 in/Chest 25-40 in If you’re looking for an inexpensive harness for your Frenchie – this would be a good start.

    But with the low price comes some limitations compared to more premium harnesses.

    On the plus side – I’m a big fan of the colour scheme of these harnesses.

    But, I can imagine some of the more style-conscious out there may look in horror!

    The neon green stands out for a dog harness and there are three other impressive colours.

    It’s a basic harness. There are two adjustable straps at the side, one with a standard clip.

    The harness has reflective material (hi-vis) which helps see your French Bulldog in the dark. The design is a good fabric but has no padding.

    And the lack of padding highlights the downside to this harness. The lead attachment sits above the straps on the back, which loosens the harness should the dog pull. The straps are also a little loose, tending to loosen over time.

    Overall, if you’re on a budget – you could do a lot worse than the ThinkPet harness – but if you have a slightly better budget, you could find one with a lot more features.

    5.8Expert Score
    Inexpensive and basic harness

    Nice colouring but a fairly basic harness with a few design flaws.

    • Inexpensive
    • Suited to dogs which don't pull
    • Nice colour range
    • Basic
    • Not good for French Bulldog's which pull
    • Design flaws mean it can slip off

    4. Max Comfort Dog Harness

    Perhaps not one for our UK readers as we couldn’t find a stockist – but for US readers – this dog harness is hugely popular.

    An inexpensive, bright andMax Comfort lightweight option – it’s easy to see why so many people love this for their French Bulldog.

    Initially, the most striking thing about this harness is the range of colours – eleven in total.

    It’s highlighted as being no-pull and no choke with robust double-layered mesh fabric.

    This padded mesh harness includes recycled straps with emphasis put on the use of environmentally friendly material.

    Given the harnesses lightness and cost this may also be a good contender for a French Bulldog puppy.

    Harnesses are not always the favourite choice for the dog themselves when put on for the first time – so they may take time to adapt to it. Others however much prefer wearing them over a collar.

    Overall, this is a great option for your Frenchie. It’s inexpensive, soft and fairly no-frills.

    I’m not convinced this is a long term solution for the breed (or the best for those that pull), but if you have a well-behaved dog or are just trying harnesses for the first time – this may be for you.

    5. Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

    Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs (Black, S) Another classic no pull dog harness among small breed owners.

    The Rabbitgoo is well known and an inexpensive Frenchie bulldog harness for both walking and training.

    The harness uses two metal attachment points for your leash. The first attachment point is on the back of the harness and one on the chest.

    If you’re just taking your French Bulldog out for a walk – simply attach your leash to the back and away you go. If however your Frenchie can be a puller, or you’re in training, you can use a double-ended lead, like the Halti, and attach to the front clip.

    The Rabbitgoo has two adjustable side straps. The first strap is located at the neck and the other at the front.

    This may be the one big flaw with this harness, these straps can be too rigid.

    We’d noticed this before and also found others on review sites like Amazon found the same. It’s not the end of the world – but if you’re looking for a perfect fit – it can become a tad frustrating.

    The harness is put on and removed using a quick release buckle. It also has reflective high visibility trims across the outside to aid visibility when out walking at night.

    Overall the Rabbitgoo is another example of a hugely popular harness. If you’re interested to find out more about this – check out of full review here.

    7.4Expert Score
    Inexpensive and reliable, but not perfect

    One of the cheaper harnesses out there but a little flawed in the sizing. Not a bad choice however and up there with the better harnesses. The rigid straps could particularly be frustrating with a French Bulldog where fit is all important.

    • Clips on both front and back
    • A solid design
    • High Visibility
    • The straps can be rigid which can be both annoying and result in not the best of fits.

    6. Kaka Mall Padded Dog Harness

    UPDATE: Although a good harness, we’ve had feedback recently that finding the right sizing for this harness has now become difficult as they no longer stock smaller sizes. We’ve left this review up should the situation change however the current sizings available (large) will not be suited to a Frenchie.

    We like this harness because it’s well designed with both front and back rings. For those new to this concept – it’s designed to be a no- Kaka mall pull harness. The D-Ring on the back can be attached to a clip lead for normal walking.

    The front O-Ring is an additional alloy ring located on the chest. You can find non-pull training leads like the HALTI lead which can be used with either one or two clips.

    Chest Size for medium measures: 22-27 Inch(56-69 CM) – but it’s worth checking measurements on your French Bulldog before you buy.

    The only real issue we have with this harness are the straps.

    They’re a little rigid which can make fitting and keeping the fit to be a bit of a challenge.

    8.5Expert Score
    One of our favourites

    A sound investment at a good price

    • Good price
    • Two lead attachments for pulling and training
    • Straps can be fiddly

    Why Choose a Harness?

    Because of the uniqueness of the French Bulldog, as well as being a breed with potential breathing problems, it is important to consider a way to walk your Frenchie without putting pressure on the neck.

    The breathing issues are often caused by Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) – where the short nose on the skull leads to respiratory issues.

    They also suffer from narrow nostrils and windpipe as well as a lengthier soft palate than many other breeds.

    Harnesses are often preferred over collars for offering the best fit. This reduces the tug on the dog’s neck if it suddenly darts or pulls.

    Mobility issues are also a consideration with the breed. Hip Dysplasia, Hemivertebrae, Patellar Luxation (Kneecap Dislocation) and Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) can all affect a French Bulldogs movement.

    Harnesses can not only aid dogs with these conditions but may help reduce the factors that cause them more than a collar would.

    Consult with your vet if your dog shows any symptoms relating to these disorders and get advice on how best to walk them.

    It’s worth noting that there are also specialist support harnesses that can aid mobility in your dog.

    Though outside the scope of this article – it may be worth doing additional research on giving your furry friend a greater quality of life.

    French Bulldog Best Harness - Types of Harness and Sizes

    Collar vs. Harness for a Frenchie?

    The age-old question many dog owners ask is whether a leash and collar will suffice for walking your dog, both as a puppy and an adult.

    When considering what is the best harness for your French Bulldog you should consider the needs of the particular dog.

    If your French Bulldog is a puller you have to consider the impact that pulling will have on their throat.

    Throat injury can be somewhat common when you walk a real puller on a collar as all the pressure of pulling and lunging is put solely on the neck.

    Generally, a collar should be used more for identification purposes (attaching ID tags, trackers etc) and less for walking.

    Some people do, especially if their dog is well behaved with minimum interaction from the walker required – but a lot of the time the benefits and reduced risk from a harness are apparent.

    No-pull harnesses, in particular, are not only ideal for your French Bulldog’s physical needs and pulling habits but can also be used for training and controlling your dog when out and about.

    Types of French Bulldog Harnesses

    That’s not to suggest all harnesses will fix the problem – so it’s best to choose wisely.

    We often highlight the benefits of front range harnesses such as the Ruffwear because of the option to use it in the standard way or as a training harness.

    By being able to attach the leash to both the front and back – you can not only navigate your French Bulldog better – you can train them one tug at a time.

    Other harnesses work in a slightly different way – but be careful of some cheaper harnesses which put all the pressure on a single point.

    This can have the undesired effect of pinching the dog’s skin or causing discomfort which can actually increase the pulling behaviour.

    The second thing to consider with small breeds is their ability to escape from both collars and harnesses and the French Bulldog is no exception.

    This is especially true if they’re a puller. You can look into no-escape Houdini style of harnesses but generally, harnesses which are well designed and fit well will make all the difference.

    French Bulldog harness vest.

    These are usually the simplest and most cost-effective harness options for your dog. Easy to put on, take off and comfortable – they’re good for well-behaved dog’s – but tend to offer few features.

    They can also be reversible harnesses for summer and winter wear. These tend to be made of various materials including mesh, nylon, leather and other fabrics. They can also be useful for dog’s who are new to harnesses.

    Front and Back Clip Harnesses.

    Primarily designed for reducing pulling, training and distributing pressure when walking your dog – these are the more common types of harnesses.

    As described above, these will either have a leash attachment point at the back or two at both the back (top) and chest (front). They’re also excellent for training your dog or puppy.

    Tightening or Control Harness.

    These harnesses tighten when your dog pulls on the lead.

    These can be difficult to use if you’re unfamiliar with them and can result in discomfort, pain and worsening behaviour if used incorrectly.

    These are best left to experienced trainers and handlers.

    Best Types of French Bulldog Harnesses

    Measuring for a Harness

    It is important to measure your French Bulldog correctly for a harness. Too large could slip off, particularly when they pull. Too tight and it may be uncomfortable or pinch the skin (particularly under the front legs).

    If you find that your measurements are between two sizes, go with the larger of the two and adjust using the adjustment straps.

    Measure your dog’s chest.

    Take a tape measure and measure the widest part of the chest. This is a few inches (or a couple of fingers distance) behind the dogs front legs.

    Add a few inches to the chest measurement.

    This will allow for growth and some movement in the harness. Remember also that most good dog harnesses have adjustment points.

    Measure the circumference of the neck.

    If the harness goes over your French Bulldog’s neck then you need to make sure the harness will go over your dogs head (and you can take it off easily).

    Given the throat and breathing concerns with the breed – it’s crucial your French Bulldog harness isn’t tight around the neck.

    Consider what the best fit is and if in doubt check out our handy guide on fitting a harness for your dog.

    French Bulldog Harness Specs and Sizes

    We’ve already mentioned fitting and measuring a harness for a French Bulldog but you need to remember that the shape of this breed is somewhat different from the majority of breeds.

    This is particularly true with the pups head which is slightly disproportionately larger to the rest of their body.

    Make sure that you consider this head measurement when selecting a harness.

    You don’t want to worry about harming or causing discomfort when putting the harness on. Some harnesses are specifically designed for slip on / slip off.

    French Bulldog harness sizes tend to be at the medium to the small end of the range. You can generally tell a Frenchies rough size by their weight.

    Smaller dogs tend to measure around 25-45cm around the chest, and around 50-80 cm for some of the largest French bulldogs. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before ordering.

    Do I still need a collar?

    Although several harnesses out there include a pouch or attachment for a dog ID – it’s often best to wear one in collaboration with a collar. It’s also recommended not to leave a harness on when you’re not out walking.

    Though rare, dogs can attempt to chew on them and in some horrific cases have damaged their jaws when getting stuck between the harness. It’s also recommended not to leave a collar on permanently as similar issues could arise.

    French Bulldog Harness: Summary Table

    PositionHarnessOnline RatingAvailable Online
    1? Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    2Julius-K9 PowerHarness for French BulldogsBuy on Amazon
    3ThinkPet Reflective Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    4Max Comfort Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    5Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog HarnessBuy on Amazon
    6Kaka Mall Padded Dog Harness (Medium)Buy on Amazon


    That’s it from our curated collection covering the best French Bulldog harness. As you can see, the shape and control of a Frenchie are all important.

    This breed is generally well behaved, but if they tend to pull a lot when out walking you should consider a no-pull harness.

    Take special care that this is a well-made harness, as poorly designed harnesses can pinch the skin, slip off, harm your dog or actually increase pulling behaviour.

    Of course, many of the fashion-conscious out there will want a harness that looks the part – and there are plenty of harnesses out there that not only look good but are practical, useful and safe.

    You can also consider a harness as an excellent way of training your French Bulldog. Guide them when out in the streets to walk in a straight line, to move them away from hazards or to extinguish pulling behaviour.

    Unless your dog is very well behaved both on and off the lead, a collar probably won’t be sufficient. Remember the key factors when making your decision; training requirements, pulling behaviours and fit.

    That’s it from our curated collection of the best harness for a French Bulldog. We hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed playing with the breed.

    As always if you’ve had other harnesses or have comments on the ones covered (good or bad) don’t forget to comment below or on our Facebook page.

    Also check out the rest of our site for information on not only dog harnesses but collars, leads, accessories, hints, tips and reviews.

    We’d also like to thank our fellow Frenchie owners for indulging us with writing this article. Many of them have their own Instagram accounts so we really should look at highlighting those at a future date! See you soon!

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    Best French Bulldog Dog Beds – Our Top 8 Frenchie Beds

    We all need a good night’s sleep and our dogs do too! Do you have a lovely French Bulldog in need of a new bed? Look no further – we’ve got you covered. The post Best French Bulldog Dog Beds – Our Top 8 Frenchie Beds appeared first on Collar and Harness...

    Looking for the Best French Bulldog Dog Beds? Look no further than our handy guide to everything Frenchie bed.

    French Bulldogs have become incredibly popular in recent years and this could be down to their seriously cute appearance.

    They have crumpled up faces and big ears that sit, pointed on their heads, giving them their trademark appearance.

    You would be hard-pressed to walk by one and not stop to give them some well-deserved fuss.

    They come in a wide variety of colours and are easy to maintain; only needing a small garden space and an hour’s walk a day.

    They don’t like being left alone but they are typically fantastic with children making them perfect as a family pet.

    The more love you can bestow on this wonderful dog will result in more love and loyalty being repaid time and time again.

    The breed originated in Nottingham, England and has an average lifespan of 10-14 years, give you many years of wonderful memories. French Bulldogs go by many names and you may have heard them called Frenchies or even Clown Dogs!

    The best thing about the French Bulldog is their desire to be loved and accepted by humans. They will become a huge part of the family and want to please you with their behaviour.

    Be careful though, if you don’t act like the boss in your home, your French Bulldog may try to – but if you remain firm and give them clear boundaries you will enjoy your loyal pet for many years.

    We’ve compiled a list of the 8 best French Bulldog dog beds that should help to save you time and to choose the best option for your pooch.

    8 Best French Bulldog Dog Beds

    1. ? Big Barker Mini

    Barker Junior - 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest for Medium Size Dogs 30-50 Pounds This bed is a 4″ Pillow Top Orthopaedic Dog Bed and has a headrest for your dog to relax and unwind on.

    As an orthopaedic bed, you can be certain that they will get the very best support and the memory foam will help them to stay comfy for longer.

    This is a great choice for dogs that like to sleep a lot.

    The quality means you can be safe in the knowledge that you have purchased the best bed for your French Bulldog and that they will wake up revitalised and raring to go.

    The bed comes in three sizes so that you can pick the size perfect for the space you have available and is super soft so that your pooch will want to spend all their quiet time on it.

    2. Rosewood Jumbo Cord/ Plush Dog Bed Medium

    Preview Product Rating
    Rosewood Jumbo Cord/ Plush Dog Bed Medium Rosewood Jumbo Cord/ Plush Dog Bed Medium 1,295 Reviews

    40 Winks Oval Sleepers - Grey Jumbo Cord/Plush 25" ped bed If your French Bulldog prefers snuggling up in a safe little space then this dog bed is a great pick.

    Making them feel safe is your number one priority and this bed is so light that it can be taken on your travels with you; meaning they always have a little bit of home with them.

    The comfort levels this bed will provide will help to rest your dog’s limbs after a day full of loving you and playing – we all need somewhere comfy to rest ourselves and your French Bulldog is no exception.

    The best thing about this bed is that it is machine washable and can just be popped straight into the machine after you’ve given it a hoover, making it one of the easiest beds to maintain.

    3. Wolfybeds Medium Round Fleece Dog Bed [UK]

    Wolfybeds Medium Round Fleece Dog Bed in Slate Grey 79cm x 79cm (31" x 31") washable covers This bed, in Slate Grey, is the one for all the pampered French Bulldogs out there! At 79cm x 79cm, it gives your dog the space to relax and squish its donut shape to their individual liking.

    The luxurious fabric will make them think they have gone to doggy heaven as they wriggle around to get settled.

    The bed is covered in luxurious fleece that will help your dog to regulate the temperature, it also has a bolster which doubles up as a headrest – your dog will never have experienced comfort like this before!

    Practically, this bed will look great in your home and fit well with your décor.

    It has washable covers making maintenance simple and ensuring that you can keep your pooch healthy and happy.

    4. Snoozezy® Orthopaedic Elevated Dog Bed

    Snoozezy? Orthopedic Elevated Dog Bed 2 WEEK SALE - £20 OFF RRP (MEDIUM 87 x 63 x 17cm) If you are looking for a lightweight, elevated bed then take a look at the Snoozezy® – it is the ideal bed for French Bulldogs that have limb problems or who suffer from arthritis.

    By putting your pooch on an elevated bed, you will be providing a regular temperature for them and allowing the air to circulate which creates a much healthier environment.

    This bed is easily installed and can be dismantled and taken with you on holiday so that your pooch gets all the support they need wherever they are.

    This bed is also a great choice because it isn’t full of padding that becomes unhygienic very quickly, it doesn’t smell and is super easy to clean.

    In fact, it’s perfect from a cleaning perspective and you will spend minimal time each week cleaning it.

    5. PetFusion Ultimate Solid 6.5cm Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed

    PetFusion Small Pet Bed w/Solid 2.5" Memory Foam, Waterproof Liner, YKK Premium Zippers. [Gray, Ultimate Lounge 25x20x5.5; Dog beds Furniture Also for Cats] Buying a memory foam bed will give your dog an extra level of comfort that lasts day after day.

    This bed is perfect for French Bulldogs as it provides stability and support to them after a tiring day running around.

    The bed is stylish and comes in a variety of colours.

    It is incredibly easy to clean and the covers can even be tumble dried after washing.

    The bed will look great in any home and it is easily moved around until you find your dog’s favourite lounging spot.

    If you want your dog to know how much you love them then this bed says it all and some.

    A happy dog means a peaceful night’s sleep for you so you’d be mad not to invest in a bed like this.

    The sides of the bed double up as a headrest and give your French Bulldog a sense of safety and enclosure meaning they will not want to come and snuggle you in bed when they feel this secure.

    6. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

    Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Cuddler in Lux, Gray, One Size Is your French Bulldog struggling with separation anxiety and easy to scare? This bed may be their saving grace.

    The Deep Dish Cuddler not only provides a deep, snuggly space for them to burrow down in but it is made from a soft fleece that will help to relax them ready for sleep.

    The best bit is that it provides support for the aching joints of a French Bulldog and can sit any sleeping position your pooch wants to take up – great for dogs that like to fidget into their perfect sleeping shape.

    The bed is made from non-toxic material and is waterproof to save your floors from stains and damage made by your pooch.

    It is simple to care for as it can be machine washed and tumbled dried weekly to keep your pet as healthy as possible and your house gleaming without the bane of dog hair everywhere.

    7. Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

    Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler (23x23) - Small Round Donut Cat and Dog Cushion Bed, Warming and Cozy for Improved Sleep - Prime, Machine Washable - Small Pets Up to 25 lbs This bed is so visually appealing that it will look amazing in any home.

    It comes in two colours and is a beautiful donut bed ready to snuggle your French Bulldog.

    If your pooch struggles to say goodnight, this is a great step forward to their independence as the bed makes it easy for them to curl up and gives them full support so they can rest and recuperate.

    The bed is covered in faux shag fur and this only adds a layer of comfort for your pet to enjoy.

    In fact, you will struggle to get them out if it.

    The best bit is that the bed is machine washable too so you can keep it looking brand new forever.

    8. Friends Forever Orthopaedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa

    Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa Removable Cover 100% Suede 2.5" Mattress Memory-Foam Premium Prestige Edition 20" x 25" x 5" Khaki Beige Small This is the perfect bed for French Bulldogs that love serious comfort combined with support for their joints.

    As an orthopaedic bed, you can be certain they will be getting the healthiest night’s sleep.

    The bed comes in a variety of colours and has a built-in headrest so that your pooch can get themselves into the comfiest position every time.

    The bed is simple to clean and the cover is removable ready for machine washing to make sure it is always kept in the best condition.

    One of the key differences in this bed is that it is made using human-grade memory foam which means your pooch can enjoy all the comfort of sleeping in your bed without ever setting a paw on it!

    It also includes anti-tear covers that are just one more reason to brand it one of the best-made beds on the market today.

    What Types of Dog Bed are There?

    Because the French Bulldog is such a part of the family, they will quickly become one of the most pampered pooches you’ve ever met – and a pampered pooch needs a bed to match.

    When it comes to choosing, you’ll need to know what’s on the market for your dog’s needs and to take into consideration their health requirements as well as their comfort levels. These are the types of beds available.

    Orthopaedic Bed

    Firstly, there is the orthopaedic style dog bed which is great for and ailing or ageing French Bulldog as it provides support for their hips, backs, joints and muscles.

    Orthopedic memory foam can help with issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis and the sad condition of Degenerative Myelopathy.

    Older French Bulldogs will sleep for longer during the day and providing them with a bed that will keep them comfy whilst relieving joint pain will only make them love you more.

    Elevated Bed

    Next, you may want to consider an elevated bed which will help your pooch to maintain their temperature better – imagine sleeping on a cold kitchen floor all night, no one wants that for their beloved pet.

    The other perks to getting an elevated bed include them being easier to clean as they aren’t full of stuffing, easier to move because they are essentially a lightweight piece of furniture and they will provide your pooch with a consistent level of support for their precious limbs, keeping them healthier for longer.

    Donut Bed

    Donut beds can be a great choice if you have a pooch that just loves to curl up and snuggle.

    The shape of the donut bed means that they will not only feel secure but that their bodies will get optimal support when they rest.

    They will spend plenty of time getting the bed squished to their preference and ideally donut beds don’t take up too much room. This means that they can be near you when they are sleeping, meaning you get to enjoy watching all their cuteness all the time.

    Tent Bed

    If your French Bulldog struggles with being separated from you then a tent bed could be the best choice. It makes sense that a breed that loves to be near people may struggle with having their own space at bedtime but it’s never a good idea to let them take to your bed as if it was their own.

    French Bulldogs need a space of their own that they feel safe in and this is where a tent bed could be the perfect solution.

    Tent beds give your French Bulldog the feeling of being sat on a human, in turn making them feel far more secure and willing to sleep. The bonus of this is that tent beds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you will never get bored of the novelty they provide.

    Soft Pillow Bed

    You may also choose to go with a pillow bed that will afford your pooch the pleasure of sprawling out and being comfy and cosy all at the same time!

    If you have a French Bulldog that is nursing a litter or has trouble with joint pain then this may be the bed for them as it allows them to be supported by a large stuffed pillow whilst they sleep – they will wake up feeling energized and ready to go again!

    The other great thing about a pillow bed is that it is not only easy to move but easy to sit next to so that you can give your pet some much-needed fuss when they are relaxing.

    Cooling Pad Bed

    If your French Bulldog suffers in the heat then you can also get a pad bed for them that will allow them to cool down on hot days, a great way to make sure your pet keeps healthy even in the highest heat!

    Pad beds are usually filled with water or gel that will provide instant relief and help your dog to start cooling down when they are overheating.

    This is a great option for French Bulldogs are they are sensitive to heat changes and this will help them to stay in tip-top condition.

    What Makes a Good Dog Bed?

    What Makes a Good Dog Bed for a Frenchie? Your French Bulldog will need the best bed you can get as they require specific support for their hips and bones after a long day of walking, chasing and playing.

    The orthopaedic beds give your pet a great base to restore themselves on and you will be shocked at how much a decent bed can change your dog’s happiness and energy levels.

    There are some important things to look out for when you are shopping for your dog’s next bed and these include:

    • Ensuring you buy the best quality you possibly can; it’s an investment and will have major health benefits for your dog.
    • A bed that can support your dog and relieve the joint pain they will have after chasing after you all day.
    • Considering whether they feel scared when you leave them to sleep; getting a bed that is made with separation anxiety in mind is always a great choice for French Bulldogs.
    • A bed that suits your adult, puppy or older dogs needs including water-resistant, chew-resistant, comfort and ease of access.

    If you keep these tips in mind then you won’t go far wrong when shopping for a new bed.

    How to Train Your Dog to Sleep in a Bed

    French Bulldog asleep in bed The next big hurdle is convincing your French Bulldog to sleep in the beautiful new bed that you have purchased! This is something that may take time but if you are patient and encouraging then your pooch will enjoy that bed soon enough.

    The most important rule of bed training a French Bulldog is to never, ever give in and let them into your bed. If you make this mistake you will spend more than double the time trying to undo it – so avoid it at all costs!

    Next, pick a room that is not your bedroom but that is comfy for your pooch; maybe the living room where they can still smell you and feel close to you.

    Place the bed where is it going to stay so that your dog gets used to it being there and can depend on it to not move. It’s even better with a toy on it that your dog loves.

    Now for the hard part – take your dog and put them down on the bed whilst saying ‘bed’. You can expect them to get up multiple times but you need to remain firm, say ‘no’ and return them straight back to the bed.

    Make sure you offer treats when they remain and try to develop the amount of time they stay before giving a treat each time.

    With perseverance and patience, your dog will soon be a pro when it comes to going to bed and staying in bed!

    Maintaining a Dog Bed

    So, you now have the bed and your pooch is sleeping in it – you may think you’ve got it all sorted and you’d be right, kind of! You need to think about how you are going to maintain that lovely dog bed you purchased. There is little point spending lots of money and investing time in training if you aren’t going to maintain the bed.

    • A minimum expectation is that your dog bed should be cleaned once a week for a healthy dog. If your pooch is unwell then you need to increase the amount of cleaning to make sure you are getting rid of germs that may cause reinfection to your pooch when they are recuperating.
    • Hoover the cover to remove any shedding as this will make sure that you not only keep the bed clean but that you don’t end up with pet hair everywhere!
    • Remove any washable parts and put them through the washing machine, taking care to follow the advice label and applying stain remover before washing so that it comes out fresh and ready to be put back on.
    • Wash down any non-removable parts with disinfectant to keep any bugs at bay. If you forget this part then your pooch is at risk from the eggs laid by any bugs brought in from outside.
    • Finally, make sure the bed is completely dry before you put it all back together – if not it could mould and this is a real danger to French Bulldogs and their respiratory systems.


    Having a dog brings so much joy and happiness into our lives but we must work hard to consider how we return the favour. Frenchies are such loving and giving dogs that wiggle their way into our family life and leave us wanting the best for them.

    By making the right sleep choice for your French Bulldog you are not only making them happy and relieving joint aches and pains but you are also providing them with safety, comfort and helping them to be at their healthiest.

    Our best advice is to take your time to know what your dog needs before buying beds that may not suit them – once you know if they like a small space to snuggle in or a big space to sprawl you can get out there and buy them the best bed possible – trust us, they will thank you for it!

    The post Best French Bulldog Dog Beds – Our Top 8 Frenchie Beds appeared first on Collar and Harness Magazine.

    9 Adorable French Bulldog Hoodies – The Best in Style for your Frenchie

    Check out our selection of nine adorable hoodies for your French Bulldog. Your Frenchie wardrobe will come to life with these stylish gems. The post 9 Adorable French Bulldog Hoodies – The Best in Style for your Frenchie appeared first on Collar and Harness...

    To launch our new dog apparel section we went straight to one of our readers’ most popular breeds, the French Bulldog.

    Frenchie owners have fallen head over paws dressing their furry friends in the latest fashions and styles. Whether its shirts, shades of onesies – there’s a whole range of cuteness out there.

    There are plenty of French Bulldog fashion stars on the likes of Instagram and Pinterest. There are even doggy fashion shows.

    Check out the nine best French Bulldog hoodies we absolutely adore (spoiler: one isn’t even a hoodie – but we loved it so much – it got a place on the list)

    Our 9 Best Dog Hoodies for French Bulldogs

    1. “I am not a Human Being” Frenchie Hoodie

    I am not a human being - French Bulldog Hoodie

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    This cotton hoodie is both stylish and urban. “I am not a human being” is embossed throughout the top.

    Available in a choice of three colours (black, white or red) this sting tighten hooded talk is loose fitting and warm.

    It is a two-legged clothing piece worn through the front legs. The cuffs at the bottom of each leg are threaded and elastic to stop slippage. The neck is a threaded hem which won’t restrict your Frenchies movements.

    Several sizes are available but on average, a medium measures 26cm (10.2 inches) around the neck, 39cm (15.4 inches) around the chest and a length on 26cm (10.2 inches). Always check the measurement which works best for your French Bulldog as an overly large fit could reduce mobility and overly small will be too cold and uncomfortable.

    2. Grey Dot Frenchie Hoodie

    Gray Dot Frenchie Hoodie

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    We love this two-legged hoodie so much – we used it in our featured image. The snug blue pattern with grey dots is simply scrumptious. There’s a pom-pom at the peak of the hood. Elastic trim around the midriff and legs. This hooded top looks great both indoors and outdoors.

    Small size measures neck 36cm, chest 51-54cm and length 30cm. Medium measures neck 41cm, chest 56-59cm and length 35cm. When your measurements are between sizes, it’s often best to go for the larger size.

    3. Frenchie Rabbit Hoodie

    Frenchie Rabbit Hoodie

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    Made from soft cotton, this beautiful rabbit hoodie will not only look great but will keep your Frenchie warm on a cold day.

    Available in a choice of grey or pink colours, this gorgeous rabbit hoodie looks great on any French Bulldog.

    This Frenchie Hoodie is machine washable on a cold/delicate setting. It can be dried on a clothesline or similar.

    4. Starstruck Sweater Hoodie

    Starstruck Sweater Hoodie

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    A star covered hoodie which is more lightweight than the previous choices. This makes it great for keeping your dog warm on a cool day without the worry of your Frenchie getting too hot.

    5. French Bulldog Polka Hoodie

    French Bulldog Polka Hoodie

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    Another lightweight two legged hooded top which will make your Frenchie the envy of their friends.

    6. iChoue French Bulldog Hoodie

    iChoue Pets Dog Clothes Hoodie Hooded French Bulldog Pug Boston Terrier Pullover Shirt Cotton Winter Warm Coat Clothing - Grey/Size L

    Available from:


    This soft and eye-catching hooded top wouldn’t go amiss at the local gym. This trendy and bright top is made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester. Unlike many of the other hoodies, this one zips at the front. It uses an inner zip gasket design to stop it catching in your Frenchies fur.

    It’s warm, soft and comfortable. A nice addition to your dogs wardrobe.

    7. Hooded Head-Turner Jacket

    Hooded Head-Turner Jacket

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    Another lightweight French bulldog hoodie, this yellow (also available in green) zipped top is snug and comfortable.

    8. Cute Cat Ears Frenchie Jumpsuit

    Cute Cat Ears Frenchie Jumpsuit

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    Cute is the first word that comes to mind when describing this outfit. This 100% cotton material top is available in a range of colours (brown, green or grey). Not only one for the adults, but this makes a great French Bulldog puppy hoodie.

    9. Monsoon Detective Waterproof Raincoat

    Monsoon Detective Waterproof Raincoat

    Available from:

    Frenchie N Pug

    Yes, we acknowledge this is not a hoodie – but it was simply amazing so we decided to include it. It’s water resistant and great for rainy days. A small opening at the back make it harness friendly.

    The glossy outside and weatherproof hood will look the part on your next autumn day walk in the park.

    A Note on Frenchie Clothing

    Not everyone is a big fan of dressing up dogs, and some charities have warned of the dangers of overheating your dog. So no matter how cute it may be, be careful not to put a heavy coat on your dog on a hot summers day.

    Never put warm clothing on your Frenchie for extended periods of time and avoid overly covering them on hot days. For more ideas on keeping your dog cool and stop them overheating – check out our article.

    If you suspect your dog is overheating – consult a vet. French Bulldog clothes can look cute, but remember to use common sense when taking them out.

    Measuring Your French Bulldog for a Hoodie

    Like humans, you want to find clothing that fits well and is neither too baggy nor too tight. Overly baggy clothing can get snagged or your Frenchie could trip on loose fabric. Overly tight can be uncomfortable, and potentially restrict breathing.

    As French Bulldogs are a breed prone to Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (restriction of respiration caused by short-nosed skulls) it’s crucial you don’t restrict the airways around their throats.

    Thankfully most hoodies are designed to be warm on the body while not tightening around the neck or the head. The majority of French Bulldog hoodies are also two-legged, which means like the arms on a human hoodie, the “arms” only cover the front legs. The end of each leg is usually elasticated to prevent the material from slipping down over your dog’s feet.

    There are three parts of your French Bulldog you should measure for a hooded top – the neck, chest and length.

    To measure the neck, take a tape measure and measure it around the neck. include a few inches for movement and take note of the result. For the chest, measure around the widest part of the chest. This is usually a few inches before the front legs. Finally, measure the length of your dog. This is often the end of the neck and along the top (back) of your Frenchie.

    Once you have these measurements, you can compare them to the sizing charts provided by manufacturers before ordering. If you find your Frenchie measures between two different sized (e.g. small and medium) it’s recommended to go for the larger of the sizes.


    We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best hoodies for French Bulldogs. There are plenty of cute clothes for French Bulldogs out there, and hooded tops are not only a stylish choice but good for keeping them warm during the cold weather.

    For more French Bulldog apparel and other dog clothing – don’t forget to check out our apparel section. Also, let us know your feedback in the comments section below on our Facebook page.

    The post 9 Adorable French Bulldog Hoodies – The Best in Style for your Frenchie appeared first on Collar and Harness Magazine.

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