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You can check on the status of your blog submission using this form below! Just enter the URL of your blog and hit the check blog status for the details.

The URL Submitted:

Blog Status Legend

Blog Approved:

The blog has been approved by the Blogging Fusion Staff and can be found in the following 'New Blog Section' or check the category you chose at submission.

Blog Pending Review:

The blog is still pending review by the Blogging Fusion Staff. You will receive an email on the status of your blog no matter what the reason whether it was approved or declined. If it was declined please check the following rejection reasons to fix any errors before re-submitting again.

Blog not in Queue:

If the blog was not found in the email verification queue or pending review queue - it could be for one of three reasons.

1.) You did not confirm your email upon submission from the email we sent therfore it never made it to the pending queue for review.

2.) Or the blog was declined so please check the following rejection reasons to fix any errors before re-submitting again!

3.) Or for the following: None Payment, No Link Back Found which is required for all free blog submissions!

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