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Deborah Carrington Mugshot

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Deborah Carrington Mugshot

Deborah Carrington Mugshot Arrest Photo March 23, 2018 Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

Deborah Carrington, an actress and stuntwoman who appeared in 'Men in Black' and 'Total Recall,' died on March 23 at her parents’ home in Pleasanton, Calif. She was 58. The cause of death has not yet been determined. Carrington, whose stage name was Debbie Lee Carrington, may be best known for her performance as Thumbelina in 1990's 'Total Recall,' where she played a prostitute. In one of the film's more violent scenes, she stabbed one of the villains before shooting at police with a machine gun. As a little person, she often played a stuntwoman for child actors, including in 'Titanic' and the 'Child's Play' series. Carrington also took on a number of costumed roles across film and TV, from characters in several 'Star Wars' films and 'Men in Black.'

Arrested Date

Arrested: March23,2018

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