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  • Samantha Carter
  • August 09, 2017 10:14:06 AM

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Carused is a car exporting company expert in Japanese second hand cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. We are exporting more than 400 used cars all around the world monthly for over 10 years. We are recognized as one of the most competent vehicle exporters in East Asia. Our giant inventory consists of minibuses, namely Hiace, Bongo, Townace, trucks like Fighter, Dyna, Canter, and buses including Rosa, Coaster, and even more. Futhermore, we provide an exclusive access to Japanese vehicle auctions which let you bid second hand cars with our expertise. Struggled with importing vehicles from the Japanese market? Bored of searching for second hand cars on the web hurricane? Carpaydiem is happy to support you to find & import budget-friendly, quality controlled used cars with our staffs.

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How to Buy Mitsubishi Canter Truck Cheap

Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is very popular all over the world! What are the reasons? “Canter” is a small-sized truck manufactured and The post How to Buy Mitsubishi Canter Truck Cheap appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -...

Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is very popular all over the world! What are the reasons?

“Canter” is a small-sized truck manufactured and sold by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Company (referred to as “Mitsubishi Fuso”). It was launched in 1963 as a cab-over type 2-ton small-sized truck and has a history of more than 50 years.

The characteristic of mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is that full and minor model changes are made frequently, where it is generally said that model changes are infrequent in the truck industry. It is one of the reasons why it has been gaining popularity for a long time because it has been improving and evolving from the user’s perspective.

No other model of the mitsubishi Fuso brand is sold in Europe. That is why it is gaining popularity all over the world, such as in Asia and North America.

It is also relevant that Mitsubishi Fuso is a consolidated subsidiary of the German automobile company Daimler. Both Japan and Germany boast overwhelming reliability in car making. mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is a small-sized truck with high reliability and excellent cost performance of both Japanese and German car making.

There are many variations and types of bodies since it has had model changes frequently. It has good fuel efficiency and, depending on the model, is equipped with its own safety device and environmentally friendly.

Canter is a variety of small-sized trucks that can be used in a variety of applications. We will introduce how it is actually used!

Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is used like this!

The common features of all mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap are as follows.

  • The engine that achieves low fuel consumption and cleaning performance
  • Equipped with BlueTec® technology with environmental performance in consideration of environment such as reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improve overall safety by installing a lane departure warning device

A wide variety of models and bodies are available for different applications. Let’s look at the specifications of the current model (2019 model) in order.

Cargo / Double cab flat body

A type with a versatile flat truck (for any use).

The driver’s seat (cab type) is a single cab (capacity: 3 people), a double cab (capacity: 6 to 7 people), and You can choose the width of the truck bed is from a standard cab (1,695 to 1,930 mm width) and a wide cab (2,040 to 2,220 mm width).

There are five types of truck bed lengths: standard, semi-long, long, extra-long, and super extra-long. The type of truck bed can be selected from the two types of low floor and high floor at the height from the ground.

There are two grades: the standard grade “Standard” and the advanced grade that adds special CUSTOM (optional) equipment to the standard.

Dry van (Reefer van / Refrigerated van)

The van body is a type in which the truck bed is made of aluminum box. With a truck bed, you can protect your luggage without exposing it to the weather compared to a flat body. The most common truck shape.

Heat-insulated is equipped on the truck bed of reefer vans to reduce the effects of outside air. Used for luggage that needs to be transported at low temperatures. A truck with a cooler and refrigeration unit is called a refrigerated vehicle. Useful to transport frozen and fresh foods.

mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap aluminum corrugated vans and aluminum flat vans have a sealed structure that uses a single-panel aluminum panel for the roof. Aluminum corrugated van adopts JIS special grade aluminum panel.

You can choose from the following types depending on the type of luggage you want to carry.

  • Reefer van: Insulated structure is adapted to maintain the initial temperature of the cargo, no refrigerator is loaded
  • Refrigerated van: Equipped with a freezer in the refrigerated van, and it can control the temperature up to 0 ° C
  • Freezer vans: The insulation of the refrigerated vans is made even thicker, allowing temperature control down to -20 ° C

There is also an economy type dry pack that installed popular equipment. The side of the truck can be fully opened like a wing, and the optional setting of D WING, a wing-body that is convenient for unloading, is also available.


Despite being a small-sized truck, Canter EX has achieved a maximum loading capacity of 4.45 tons (ultra-long body, flat body). Generally, a truck with a loading capacity of 4 tons class is called a medium-sized truck, and it can carry a lot of luggage, but the weight will inevitably increase. While utilizing the lightness of a small-sized truck, the load capacity was increased and consequently, efficiency was also improved. The lineup includes flat body D WING, cranes, aluminum corrugates, vans, and freezer vans.


A convenient dump truck that can incline the truck bed and unload the cargoes at one time. There are many types of canter dump trucks with many options.

The standard cab uses a 3.2-meter thick deck panel and has light mobility. You can choose the type of support from the low floor or the high floor, with or without a column to support the flame to prevent falling.

  • Reinforced dumps: Equipped with a 6mm thick deck panel to enhance the truck bed. A truck that can handle severe tasks.
  • Multi-purpose reinforced dumps: only with total low floors. You can choose from with or without support columns.
  • Ultra- reinforced dumps: Equipped with a super-reinforced 9mm thick deck panel. You can choose either a total low floor or a high floor.
  • 4WD dumps (standard, reinforced [with support columns]): This is a dump truck equipped with full-time 4WD and also has horsepower.

In addition, there are useful options that can be selected according to the purpose, such as a reinforced dump with an interlocking rear gate that fully opens the rear gate, a ship’s bottom-shaped reinforced dump that can transport wet gravel and clay, a widened reinforced dump with a truck bed width of 1,750 mm, etc.

Car carrier

A car carrier is a truck for transporting vehicles. The lineup of mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap is as follows.

  • S-RIDE: The angle of inclination can be freely adjusted from about 2 degrees to about 10 degrees. Work can be done smoothly with a single-cylinder body incline mechanism.
  • Super Self Loader: Body length is top class. The inclination angle is 10.5 degrees or more.

These two bodyworks are done by Tadano. In addition, the following two are made by Unic.

  • Canter Neo Five: The feature is that the inclination angle of the body becomes 5.8 degrees or more.
  • Carrier: The incline angle is 8 degree. Speedy work can be performed at a loading speed of 24 seconds.

As described, Mitsubishi Cancer has a truly diverse lineup to meet user needs. There are various combinations such as car models, body types, and power depending on the usage. Dump and cargo (flat body) are particularly popular among the constantly evolving Mitsubishi canter truck buy cheap, equipped with the latest technology. We’ll explain why these two models are so popular later!

The post How to Buy Mitsubishi Canter Truck Cheap appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -

How to Buy Mitsubishi Fighter Truck Cheap

Until purchasing Mitsubishi fighter cheaply A truck indispensable for carrying luggage. There are various types and manufacturers of trucks, and you may be The post How to Buy Mitsubishi Fighter Truck Cheap appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -...

Until purchasing Mitsubishi fighter cheaply

A truck indispensable for carrying luggage. There are various types and manufacturers of trucks, and you may be wondering which truck is most suitable. We would like to recommend Japan’s world-famous “mitsubishi fighter”. mitsubishi fighter will surely sort out the issues.

This time, we will introduce the great points of mitsubishi fighter and how to purchase it safely and cheaply.

What kind of truck should you buy?

When buying a truck, you first need to know what truck is right for you. Once you decided “which truck you want to buy”, but you are still wondering which model to buy, check out the Mitsubishi fighter.

Let’s take a look at the good points of Mitsubishi fighters which is very popular overseas.

For what purpose do you buy a truck?

Imagine how you want to use the truck.

Considering when you need a truck, for example, there are times when you need to load a lot of luggage or when carrying work tools. The key points will be the ability to carry more luggage and tools, and the ride quality to reach the site more comfortably.

Next, what kind of performance is required of the truck is also important. Whether you want a truck that is durable to drive for a long time or want to carry your luggage safely, the required performance will vary depending on the type of usage. Once you have the image of the truck you want, all you have to do is choose a truck, but choosing the right truck is the hard thing to do.

That’s why we want to recommend on mitsubishi fighter. It will surely be useful as a commercial vehicle with its loadability, safety, and durability.

The reason why it is popular overseas

Before we talk about the good points of Mitsubishi Fighter, let’s look at the types of trucks.

The types of trucks are divided by size,

  • Small-sized trucks with a total length of 4.7m, a total width of 1.7m, and a total height of 2.0m or less
  • Medium-sized trucks with a total length of 12.0m, a total width of 2.5m, and a total height of 3.8m
  • Large-sized trucks with a total length of 7.9 to 11.95m, a total width of 2.1 to 2.4m, and a total height of 3.5 to 3.79m. This size is the most common for large-sized trucks.

The three are the main lineup.

In addition, depending on body type,

  • Flat body
  • Crane truck
  • Dump
  • Aluminum van
  • Wing body
  • Tractor

And so on. Overseas, light and medium-sized trucks have become popular and are characterized by the ride quality and all-round performance.

Why Mitsubishi Fighter?

“Fighter” sold by Mitsubishi Fuso is, as the name suggests, very popular because of its toughness like a fighter.

Under the concept of improving the transportation environment, it runs powerfully in any scene. Ideal for those who want to use a truck, whether in the city or on unpaved work sites.

There are other good points of fighters other than having high durability. It is equipped with advanced safety functions and capable of achieving excellent safety. Equipped with the collision avoidance system, lane departure warning system, and vehicle safety control devices that prevent accidents before they happen, so that you can drive safely.

It is a nice point that the interior of the truck is substantial. The multi-function monitor that allows you to check vehicle information, a hand-operated steering switch that allows you to perform various operations, and a fully automatic air conditioner provide excellent comfort. It is a versatile truck that has Bluetooth compatible audio, and you can refresh and relax while driving.

If you want to drive a truck fashionably, Mitsubishi Fighter is suitable. In addition to basic white, there are abundant color variations such as red and blue, and you can choose from 11 color options. While having both performance and functionality, you can also be very selective about the contour of a car.

The all-round Mitsubishi fighter will fulfill all your wishes, such as loading a lot of luggage, traveling to the site comfortably, having a safe commercial vehicle, and enjoying driving comfortably. If you don’t know which truck to buy, this is one of the models you should check first.

Why Japanese cars?

When foreigners choose a truck, the first choice is a Japanese car.

The reason is that it is hard to break down, and you can keep a car for a long time.

Compared to a foreign vehicle that frequently breaks down, repair costs can be reduced, and it is unlikely that it will suddenly break down and disrupt work.

The next good point is safety performance. It is also called the safest car in the world and has outstanding safety not only for everyday use but also as commercial vehicles. If you want to use your car safely and comfortably for work or everyday life, it is better to choose a Japanese car.

Another important point is that the after-sales service is based on a Japanese polite style. When importing cars, the quick supply of parts will support users. Even though Japanese cars have relatively high durability, if it breaks down, you can always drive a safe car with good after-sales service.

What will be the safe and cheap way to buy a car?

If you decide on a Mitsubishi fighter which has many advantages of “made in Japan”, you might want to buy it now, but don’t forget to choose a purchase method. You need to be careful because there are cases where you might be deceived by some methods. Let’s take a look at the main purchase methods.

Purchase a new car, purchase at a dealer

A common way to purchase a car is buying a new car at a dealer. Dealers have plenty of warranty and support after purchasing a new car, so regular maintenance will keep the Mitsubishi Fighter for a long time.

However, prices tend to be higher because they are new cars and receive excellent services. If you want to buy a commercial vehicle at the lowest possible cost, the cost will be a problem. If you want to continue driving Mitsubishi Fighter without worries, even if you spend a certain amount of money, consider purchasing a new car at a dealer.

Local used car shop

You can buy a car at a used car shop at a lower cost than buying a new car at a dealer. Depending on the shop’s inventory, there are used cars that are as good as new cars, so it is possible to get a cheap and good car.

Note that the differences between shops are larger than dealers. Since prices, services, and after-sales service will be different, it is important to carefully consider and select a shop.

Purchase on auction site

An auction site is characterized by its ability to be purchased at lower prices than dealers and used car shops. If you can successfully bid the car you want at an auction, you may be able to save a lot of money.

This method is most likely to be able to purchase at a much lower price, but there is a disadvantage that purchasing procedures and maintenance need to be conducted by yourself. The procedure can be unexpectedly expensive, so be sure to keep track of the purchase price. It is also important to note that it takes time to purchase and takes time to use.

Also, depending on the auction partner, there may be a risk of trouble. In some cases, the car has arrived with completely different conditions from what explained, or that the car hasn’t arrived. So, it is important to decide to purchase after researching if the partner is reliable or not.

Imported directly from Japanese websites for personal trading

When importing a car for private sales, the Japanese website can be purchased cheaply depending on negotiations, but you have to be careful about troubles. If you decide to make a purchase without choosing a reliable company, you are most likely to lose money or receive a bad conditioned car. As there are many cases of being deceived by personal trading, please be carefully selecting a car as well as choosing a dealer.

Contact if you have any questions about purchasing!

“Once you know how to buy, but you don’t know how to buy it?”, please consult Here are some of the reasons why you want to leave it to

365 Days at Best Prices! sells cars at the best price 365 days a year. The price of a used car changes depending on the condition and timing, so depending on the shop, the price may increase depending on the timing. You may be disappointed the price was much cheaper than what you paid.

You will not be disappointed at Since the best price is always available all year round, we will sell cars such as Mitsubishi Fighter at prices that are best for customers to purchase.

Professional maintenance staff who are accustomed to commercial vehicles! has a wide range of more than 5,000 models in stock. Above all, we are strong in trucks, we have specialized maintenance staff, and truck inspectors will inspect and sell. You can purchase a commercial vehicle with a sense of security for maintenance failures and breakdowns when importing used vehicles.

Safe and reliable quality!

When looking for a used car shop, it is important to be safe and reliable. has been providing import services for more than 10 years and has a track record of exporting over 400 used cars every month to over 50 countries. We are committed to honest service and do not use any odometers, but only provide reliable vehicles.

We provide high-quality vehicles with multilingual support such as English, French, Spanish, and Tagalog, and speedy and careful responses are made for inquiries. If you are not sure how to purchase or if you are worried about choosing a shop, please consult

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How to buy rosa bus cheap –

Until you buy Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus cheaply Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus is a very popular car. Why is that? How can I The post How to buy rosa bus cheap – appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -...

Until you buy Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus cheaply

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus is a very popular car.

  • Why is that?
  • How can I buy safely and cheaply?

Today we will focus on those two.

What kind of bus should I buy?

There are many types of buses, so you may not know which one to buy. In such a case, let’s decide on the purpose of use and the type of bus.

What is the purpose of use?

First, clarify the purpose of the bus. What are you planning to use?

Is it a community bus? Or a hotel pickup? There can also be used as school buses and rental cars for excursions.

In any case, it would be nice to be able to accommodate a lot of passengers and also has high durability, fuel efficiency, and ride safely.

There is such an ideal car. It is Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus.

Bus type

Rosa bus cheap is roughly divided into three types.

Large-size type: The seating capacity for approximately 50 passengers. Estimated price for new vehicles is approximately 30 to 40 million yen

Medium size type: The seating capacity of about 40 passengers. The price of a new car is approximately 20 to 30 million yen

Small-size type: The seating capacity is approximately 29 passengers. The price of a new car is approximately 20 million yen

The popularity is overwhelmingly medium and small.

Because it is easy to drive and the price is lower, many people would like to own it.

Rosa bus cheap which people in the world wants to own

The reasons why we recommend Rosa Bus are,

Frankly speaking

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Ride comfort
  • High level of safety

Rosa buses have many features that people around the world would like to have. Let’s take a closer look.

Fuel efficiency

Speaking of cars, isn’t it fuel efficiency? The Rosa bus uses a highly efficient “4P10” engine and a dual-clutch automatic transmission “DUONIC” to achieve efficient driving. Powerful and smooth running, which is highly regarded as professional drivers, has earned a reputation.

Fuel efficiency is about 7 to 9 km per liter. Users are also very satisfied with this performance level. A car that runs for many years while keeping the cost as low as possible will meet the wishes of many people. In order to keep it economical, fuel economy has never been better.

It is comfortable to ride in

Rosa bus adopted the DUONIC automatic transmission as the first bus in the world. It is usually mounted on motorcycles and sports-type passenger cars.

The latest electronic control alternates between the two sets of clutches and gears, reducing shock during shifting. In addition, it has a creep function that makes it easy to start on hills and run at low speeds, providing a comfortable ride without stress.

Since DUONIC’s wet clutch does not require replacement, running costs can be greatly reduced.

Has a high level of safety

It’s best that any problems would not occur, but you may have to think about what to do in advance if problems happen. In that respect, Rosa bus is safe because it has a high level of safety.

First, all regular seats have a 3-point seatbelt with ELR that meets the ECE regulations, the international standard set by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE). ELR stands for Emergency Locking Retractor and is a device that improves safety by locking the seatbelt when the car has an accident such as the impact of the collision. The auxiliary seat is equipped with a two-point seat belt. The seats are fixed firmly so that they can stand severe damage.

The major concern is that when the car has a front-impact car accident, passengers may hit their heads against the front seat. In order to prevent injuries, the seatback is designed to reduce the impact. Rosa bus, used to carry infants, have a protective cushion behind the backrest. In addition, the height of the backrest is higher than before to increase safety.

The DUONIC automatic transmission minimizes sudden starts. When you step on the accelerator, the safety level is enhanced by accelerating the controlling system of the bus which is different from the truck.

Only when the gear is in the P (parking), the door automatically opens and closes. When the door is opened, the shift lever is locked to the P. This prevents a false start when the door is open.

There is more equipment for safety. I think there is a moment when you have to suddenly step on the brakes while driving … In such a case, “Power-ABC” is installed to assist the brake so that the tire is locked and does not slip. When the driver tries to stop suddenly, the driver has some control over the car, it increases the possibility of preventing a collision.

What do you think about this advanced safety equipment? We manage safety from all directions and protect the passengers. There are no other vehicles that you can trust more than Rosa Bus.

Other reasons are as below:

Clean exhaust gas

Rosa bus has clean exhaust gas. That’s because it uses an exhaust after-treatment technology called the BlueTec system, which is usually used for trucks and large buses. It collects and burns particulate matter PM, which is a cause of air pollution, contained in the exhaust gas and decomposes nitrogen oxide Nox into water and nitrogen. Therefore, it can have clean exhaust gas.

Also, thanks to the BlueTec, engine efficiency is improved. As fuel efficiency increases, Co2 can also be reduced. Rosa bus is environmentally friendly.

It received Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is an award given to products with excellent design in Japan. It is operated under the concept of improving living and society.

When it comes to good design, it’s easy to think that a fashionable design will be awarded, but that’s not all the cases. Rosa bus is recognized as a useful design for people and society.

The bus has an unusual 4WD

2WD is enough for normal roads, but 4WD is indispensable for snowy and frozen roads. With 2WD, you can slip off when you start, but with 4WD, you can easily move the bus.

Don’t worry if you need a microbus, but 2WD isn’t good enough…. Rosa bus has a 4WD. Even roads in snowy and cold areas, you can drive without problems.

It is designed to use at ski resorts, share-ride, and welfare facilities. Of course, if you need to drive on snowy or frozen roads for anything other than those purposes, Rosa Bus will be the best choice.

Why are Japanese cars good?

Rosa bus is a Japanese car. Japanese cars have many good points. First of all, it is well-made. The makers are particular about the details that you can actually see the details when you drive the car. It is designed to be user friendly. Once you drive a Japanese car, you will not be able to forget how comfortable it is.

High quality is also an advantage of Japanese cars. If it breaks down immediately, it cannot be helped to have running costs, but if it has high durability, you can reduce costs and save time.

You will not be able to drive a Japanese car unless it passes a quality test set by the Japanese government. Only cars that have passed the rigorous tests will be able to drive on public roads. Therefore, Japanese cars are usually very high quality and have excellent durability.

It is also highly evaluated for its fuel efficiency. This is a very important part of maintaining a car. Even if you drive the same distance, there is a big difference between 3 km and 10 km per liter. Not only you can save cost but also you will also save time and effort in refueling.

Excellent functionality, high quality, and good fuel economy. Japanese cars have many advantages like the above points. It is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas. The fact that many people want it is proof that it is a good car. If you purchase Rosa Bus, you will surely be satisfied.

How to buy a car safe and cheap

When you want a Rosa bus, what is the best way to buy it? First, let’s check four methods.

1. Purchase a new car at a dealer

The safest and quickest way is to buy a new car at a dealer. If it is a new car, there are not many risks that unexpected failures are hidden, and maintenance is not going to be a big issue in case of emergency.

There are many benefits, but the price is high because it is a new car. This may be the best option if you have plenty of money, but it’s not the best option if you want to buy less money as possible.

2.Purchased at a local used car shop

If your local used car shop has a Rosa bus you like, you might want to buy one. You can see the bus directly and check it, and it takes less time to deliver. It is possible to purchase at a relatively low price.

However, such used car dealers sometimes import Rosa buses from Japan and sell them, which may cost a lot because of intermediate margins. Even if you find a good car, you need to consider carefully whether the price is reasonable.

3.Purchase at auction site

How about purchasing at an auction site? It seems that it is often cheaply exhibited. “If I can buy Rosa bus so cheaply …”, you might want to join it.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t check the actual car before you buy it. In some cases, the seller hides the breakdown or accident history. There are many people who are deceived, and it is continuously happening.

Even if it is cheaper than the market price, it is not a price that you can easily purchase, so you need to make sure that there is no problem with the exhibited Rosa bus. If you can’t trust it, you should not buy it.

4, Imported from Japanese websites for individual trading

Importing directly from the website of a used car company in Japan is the cheapest way to get Rosa bus. There’s no middle margin, so you don’t have to pay extra.

However, if you do not choose a reliable company, you may get into trouble, for example, you may have paid but it never arrived, or you may have received a different car than the one you purchased. When using this method, choosing a used car exporter is the key to success. is highly recommended!

There are many used car export companies in Japan. If you don’t know where to choose, you can’t decide which company you can trust. In such a case, we recommend has the following good features.

  1. Sells at the best price 365 days
  2. There are professional staffs who are familiar with commercial vehicles
  3. Safe and reliable quality

If you are unsure of which used car company to choose from, please feel free to contact us. You will probably feel comfortable and want to consider purchasing it with this company.


Did you fully understand the good points of Rosa Bus? It is a 40-year-old model with excellent functions and facilities. Various measures have been taken to transport people comfortably, and they are still evolving. Be sure to search for a reliable Rosa bus at

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How to buy Isuzu truck cheap –

Until the purchase of Isuzu truck cheap What is the purpose when choosing a truck? The requirements that you are looking for trucks The post How to buy Isuzu truck cheap – appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -...

Until the purchase of Isuzu truck cheap

What is the purpose when choosing a truck?

The requirements that you are looking for trucks can be listed as follows; being able to carry a lot of luggage, working efficiently, having durability, and being safe, etc.

The only truck that meets these requirements is Isuzu truck cheap, which has the longest history in Japan.

Therefore, we will introduce the types of trucks and why Isuzu truck cheap is so popular in Japan and overseas.

Types of Truck

 Small-sized trucks Medium-sized trucks Large-sized trucks
 Less than 5t 5.0〜11t 11t or more
Total length: within 4.7m

Total width: Within 1.7

Height: within 2.0m

Total length: within 12m

Total width: within 2.5m

Height: within 3.8m

Same as medium-sized trucks

In the transportation industry, truck types can be broadly divided into three types: small, medium, and large.

In Japan, taxes such as motor vehicle tax and insurance premiums such as liability insurance have a great effect on the size of trucks as shown in the table above.

For example, light-duty trucks such as Isuzu’s “Elf” fall under the law of the Road Transport Vehicle Act in Japan as small-sized trucks. The maintenance cost is low among trucks, and it is mainly used for transportation such as courier.

Also, trucks can be divided into various types depending on the body part.

There are four main types: “flat body”, “with a crane”, “dumps”, and “refrigerated trucks”. Small-sized trucks are popular not only in Japan but also overseas, and many people import these types of trucks directly from Japan.

Flat body

A truck in the shape of a carriage that can be said to be the root of the truck.

Although the truck bed is exposed, the loading and unloading of luggage can be performed efficiently, but the cargo is exposed, so it is easily affected by rain and wind.

With a crane

Trucks with a flat body and a crane can efficiently load and unload cargo.

There are two types of trucks with cranes: front storage the crane in front of the cabin, and storage the crane in the upper part of the truck bed.


A dump, which means to unload cargoes at once, is a truck that can uplift the truck bed and unload cargoes at once.

In general, rear dumps are used to unload cargoes to the rear of the vehicle, but there are various types such as side dumps that can be unloaded to the side, and three-turn dumps that can be unloaded backward and left and right.

 Refrigerated vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles means that a truck equipped with a cooling device called an aluminum van with heat insulating material.

By setting the temperature of the refrigerated vehicles higher, it can also be used as a chill car.

Why is Isuzu truck cheap required all over the world?

With so many different types of trucks, why is Isuzu truck cheap so popular in Japan and overseas?

Isuzu’s trucks were founded in 1916 and have the longest history in Japan. Isuzu has loved as a popular car maker of small, medium, large, bus, and pickup trucks.

While a wide variety of Isuzu trucks are on sale, one of the lightest trucks, “Elf” keeps its top share.

Here are four reasons why Elf is popular not only by Japan but also by the world.

1. Large selection

1: Elf 100 Excellent mobility in narrow and small road conditions.

It has a simple structure and is excellent in durability and cost performance.

2:Flat Body 4WD models also have a large selection of bodies, from standard to super long, including standard cabs, high cabs, and wide cabs.
3:Doble cab 2WD / 4WD standard body with a total width of 1,695mm. A cabin with a long 2WD body and a total width of 1,890 mm.

Suitable for various uses such as high cab, long body type, and dump type.

4:E Cargo The equipment required for a dry ban is packaged as standard.
5:Diesel hybrid It is equipped with Isuzu’s unique hybrid system.
6:CNG series Elf CNG-MPI is an eco-car powered by natural gas and environmentally friendly.
7:Van Aluminum corrugated (sinuate corrugated aluminum) is standard equipment to protect cargoes from any weather.
8:Camping cars There are two main types; 1.5t standard body and 2t wide body.
9:Dump cars There are various types of dumps available for different purposes, ranging from standard dumps to reinforced dumps with a front panel, side gate, and rear gate with a thickness of 6mm, agricultural dumps, and double cabs.

The biggest feature of the Isuzu Elf is its large selection.

With the high technology cultivated over a long history and the trucks for various purposes, you will be able to find the truck you want.

2. Good fuel economy

Equipped with the new generation engine “D-CORE”, the fuel efficiency of the engine has been greatly improved.

As a result, not only it has a good fuel economy but also clean technology, and the designation of eco-car tax reduction vehicles in Japan has increased the popularity of Elf.

3. Good safety technology

Normally, trucks will lock the steering wheel in the unlikely event that the brakes are suddenly stepped over, but Elf is equipped with ABS that enables steering operation, ASR that stabilizes by controlling the drive wheel when the road surface is frozen, and HAS for slope start assistance equipment.

In addition, it has been selected as a safer truck due to its extensive preventive safety technology such as collision avoidance assist devices.

4. High operability

In addition to the 5-speed transmission, the adoption of the “Smoother Ex” 6-speed sequential transmission allows disguises to be performed simply by operating the shift lever up and down.

This allows for more convenient and smoother shifting and also reduces the burden on the driver because it is operated using only the accelerator and pedals.

Why Japanese cars are very popular such as Isuzu truck in the first place?

Why is “MADE IN JAPAN” trusted?

Japanese trucks that carry a lot of luggage, such as Isuzu truck, Mitsubishi Canter, and Mitsubishi Fighter, have a high level of safety and have an attractive lineup and good operability.

So why are Japanese cars so trusted worldwide? Here are three reasons.

  1. Excellent in downsizing and weight reduction
    Compact cars are also produced from many countries and can be seen among European and French cars and Italian cars, but in Japan, there is a vehicle category called “minicar” that specializes in compact cars.

    Minicars are particularly popular in Japan because they excel at making vehicles smaller and lighter, and are not only cheaper than ordinary cars but also have lower maintenance costs such as taxes and insurance premiums.

    The same applies to trucks: “There are small trucks, which can be purchased at a lower price and have low maintenance costs and are widely accepted by the Japan Transport Association.

  2. Excellent hybrid technology
    Since Japan is an island country with its limited territory, there is a tendency that traffic congestion tends to occur in urban areas.

    For this reason, many Japanese people do not drive long distances and use cars only for short distances for shopping and commuting.

    From this point, Japanese cars have excellent hybrid technology, and fuel efficiency is excellent even for short-distance driving by the Toyota-type hybrid system “THS” that was developed by the Japanese carmaker “Toyota” as a pioneer in the development.

    At the same time, the Japanese government has adopted policies such as “Eco-car tax reduction”, and many cars with good fuel consumption and eco-friendly features have been released.

  3. Have high safety
    The non-profit organization “Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ” established by the US insurance industry lists the safest cars from 2019 models, and the models certified as “Top Safety Pick + ”. Most of the cars that were listed were from a Japanese manufacturer called Subaru.The reason why Japanese cars are so safe is that as of 2018, about 1,180 traffic accidents occurred daily in Japan, and about 10 people died in traffic accidents a day.  One of the reasons is that elderly people who are older than 75 years old often drive.

    Therefore, Japanese cars are not only excellent in performance but also in safety.

How to buy a car such as Isuzu truck in a safe and cheap way?

There are four ways to buy a Japanese car, for example, Isuzu truck.

What are the safest and cheapest ways to buy a Japanese car?

  1. Buy a new car
    Purchasing a new Isuzu truck has the advantage of receiving support such as warranty and maintenance after purchase.

    However, there is a disadvantage that the purchase cost is higher than the purchase methods described below.

  2. Buy Isuzu truck at a local used car shop
    Buying a Japanese car at a used car shop in your country that handles Japanese cars can be cheaper than buying a new car.
    You can find a Japanese car that meets your requirements, such as a Japanese car with a short mileage, but there are differences in prices and services depending on the used car shop.

    In addition, there is a disadvantage that extra money must be paid because the intermediate margin such as import costs is included in the price.

  3. Buy Isuzu truck at the auction site

    By using Japanese auction sites, you can purchase Japanese cars cheaply through CtoC trading, which are transactions between consumers.
    However, since CtoC trading is a transaction between consumers, there are many troubles such as demanding a higher price than the market price or receiving a car worse than the condition you explained, and it is said that the risk of being deceived is very high.

  4. Import directly from Japanese websites for private sale

    So where is the cheapest and safest to buy? The idea is to buy and import Isuzu truck from Japanese websites directly in private trade.

    By importing directly from the Japanese website, you can get Isuzu truck at the cheapest price because you do not have an extra intermediate margin.

    In addition, by purchasing a Japanese car Isuzu truck from a company that specializes in exporting in Japan, it is possible to obtain a well-maintained and good Japanese car.

“I want to buy a car but what should I do?” Please consult

One way to buy Japanese cars cheaply is to buy and import Japanese cars Isuzu truck directly.

However, since there is a high risk in CtoC transactions, which are transactions between consumers. You will have a high possibility to be deceived, so importing Japanese cars directly from the Japanese website through individual trading is the safest and cheapest way to buy Japanese cars. is a Japanese export-used car sales company that has exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

In addition to offering the car you want at the best price at any time throughout the 365 days, in addition to being particularly strong in commercial vehicles such as trucks, the staff specialized in the maintenance of these will sell after firmly maintaining. You will have a high chance to get a reliable and reliable Isuzu truck.

”If you want to buy a Japanese car Isuzu truck but don’t know what to do”, please consult

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How to buy a hiaceminibus cheap

Let’s diagnose a hiace that you are planning to buy here There are more than 20 types of Toyota Hiace. You need to The post How to buy a hiaceminibus cheap appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -

Let’s diagnose a hiace that you are planning to buy here

There are more than 20 types of Toyota Hiace. You need to choose the best model depends on your country and application. Let’s diagnose the Hiace you should buy.

What is the purpose of using Hiace?

First, let’s clarify what the main purpose to use. There are three choices below.

  1. Cargo
  2. Passenger use
  3. Bus

1. For the use as cargo

If you use Hiace as cargo, choose Hiace van such as hiace van custom, hiace van GL, and hiace van DX. The half-size of back is a luggage compartment, so you can carry a lot of luggage. It is durable enough to withstand severe conditions such as long-distance driving.

Recently, in Japan, there are many people who customize the luggage room as they like and use the hiace van as a camper to enjoy camping and surfing.

2.For the use as passenger use

If you want to use it for passenger use, hiaceminibus buy cheap such as hiace van wide and hiace wagon is recommended. The spacious interior, which can accommodate up to 10 people, is popular. Hiaceminibus buy cheap is the best model when transporting a lot of passengers.

3.For the use as a bus

If you want to use Hiace as a bus, choose Hiace Commuter or hiaceminibus buy cheap. Since it can accommodate up to 14 people, it can be used as a microbus. Because it has a high roof specification, it is possible to be inside a car without bending over in the last row.

hiaceminibus buy cheap is often used as a pick-up car. Although hiaceminibus buy cheap is often used for business, of course, you can use it for personal use. For example, if you want to use hiaceminibus as a camper or sleep in a car, you will be able to relax in a large-sized space of a car.

Next, let ’s check the fuel type

Once you find the best Hiace model, the next thing you want to check is fuel type whether you want a gasoline or diesel car. This is because fuel efficiency changes depending on which one you use. However, unlike in the past, Hiace has recently become less dependent on the type of fuel.

However, there may be differences in weight. Diesel vehicles produce horsepower (power when the car starts moving) even at low engine speeds, so they can exert a lot of torque (power to move forward). It does not depend much on weight.

Gasoline cars, on the other hand, gain horsepower by increasing their speed. If you have a lot of weight, you will have to use the engine to get started, which will increase fuel consumption. In other words, the heavier the car, the worse the fuel consumption.

Looking at this alone, isn’t a diesel car better? The highest speed is much higher for gasoline cars. Vibration and sound are also quiet.

We must also mention the fact that differences in fuel consumption are often influenced by how you drive.

For gasoline-powered vehicles, it is a good idea to change the acceleration moderately and frequently. For diesel vehicles, you need to change the shift early and drive and try to avoid high rotative speed.

If you are looking for fuel consumption plus driving power, you should choose a diesel car. If you are looking for comfortable driving, a gasoline car is better. Prices are generally higher for diesel vehicles.

Find out what grades are available for each Hiace

Hiace has different grades for each model. Let’s check what they are.

  • Van
    There are two types of van Hiace, “Super GL” and “DX”. Super GL is the highest grade and well-equipped. There are many types of DX, so you can select the one that suits you according to the purpose.

  • Wagon, hiaceminibus buy cheap
    Wagons suitable for passenger use include “GL”, “Grand Cabin”, and “DX”. GL is the highest grade. There are facilities such as armrests and space-up seats that are equipped only for this grade.

    The Grand Cabin has the largest body in Hiace. The high roof makes it easy to move inside the car. Driving may be a bit difficult. Prices are also likely to be high. DX, a basic grade, has simple equipment and specifications. Rather than driving, it is more suitable for commercial use.

  • Commuter, hiaceminibus buy cheap
    Commuter grades are “GL” and “DX”. GL is a 2700cc gasoline car and fully equipped. DX is a 2800cc diesel car with simple specifications.


Do you have some ideas which Hiace is right for you? There may be many types and you may be confused, but if you focus on the three points, purpose, fuel type, and grade, it will be easier to find.

Recently, many people buy hiaceminibus, and it is very popular because used cars can be purchased cheaply.

If you find Hiace that “is right for you!”, we recommend importing directly from a reliable company. Let us introduce this company. Carpaydiem

There are many export companies in Japan, but some are unreliable. If you want to import without taking risks, we recommend The company is founded in 2009 and has had business with more than 90 countries.


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How to buy Hino Truck cheap –

How to buy a Japanese car “Hino Truck” from abroad cheaply? There are many Japanese cars that have durability and perform well. In The post How to buy Hino Truck cheap – appeared first on Expert Maintenance and Buying tips - Blog -...

How to buy a Japanese car “Hino Truck” from abroad cheaply?

There are many Japanese cars that have durability and perform well. In particular, commercial vehicles such as trucks are strong and easy to use. Introducing how to buy “Hino Trucks” produced by Hino Motors, one of the four major truck manufacturers.

What kind of car is Hino Truck?

Hino Motors, headquartered in Hino City, Tokyo, is a manufacturer that mainly manufactures commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Known as the four major domestic truck manufacturers, their high technology has a reputation for being highly regarded. Separated from Isuzu Motors, which is the same organization as Isuzu Motors, and currently manufactures commercial vehicles as a consolidated subsidiary of the Toyota Group.

One of the major features of Hino Trucks is its extremely high durability. Participating in the Dakar Rally, a world-class race in a harsh environment is because the Hino brand creates strong cars. The technology is also applied to trucks, and despite being a large vehicle with a large body, it has a comfortable traveling force with less shaking.

Due to its high durability, it is a truck with the least amount of damage. It is an advantage that the maintenance costs are reasonably reduced because there are many dealers because it is a leading manufacturer in Japan.

It also has a reputation for engine horsepower and has the advantage of a good fuel economy. The needs of drivers are high, and the market is expanding overseas such as Indonesia and Thailand. Hino trucks are excellent and have strong support from professional drivers, such as being ranked first in large and small trucks in terms of customer satisfaction.

If you buy Hino Trucks at a good price, the personal import is recommended

Hino trucks have good performance and are popular among long-distance drivers, so it seems difficult to buy them at a reasonable price. Let’s find out a method that can be purchased at a reasonable price.

  1. Buying a new hino truck cheap
    This is the most orthodox method, but still expensive. You can just buy a new model and do not have to worry about breakdowns. Maintenance costs are also low at first.
  2. Using a car sharing for hino truck cheap
    This method is widely used overseas and is gaining recognition in Japan. Above all, its cost-effectiveness is attractive. On the other hand, the place to rent a car and return is fixed. Advance reservations are required and may not be available when you want to use them. This is a method with low flexibility.
  3. Making a lease contract for hino truck cheap
    The advantage of a lease contract is that you can choose a new model at a reasonable price rather than buying a new car. However, some companies have limited mileage, and the higher the mileage is, the higher the cost of leasing. There are many cases where the total price is higher than buying.
  4. Importing used hino truck cheap
    If you get a car at a good price, directly importing used cars is one idea. It may be difficult to get a new model, but you can choose the best one from various models. Choose a car with high resale value when you replace it and save money on your next purchase. Private imports that eliminate intermediate margins can save even more on used cars.

C-to-C transactions that can cause some troubles

Since personal import is a service between individuals, no traders are involved. So that you can buy and sell at a reasonable price. This exchange between individuals is called C to C or Consumer To Consumer and is common in the purchase of daily necessities.

C to C service is easy to use, affordable, and convenient. So, we want to use it proactively, but in fact, there are many problems involved in this service.

In some cases, fake goods are sold as if they were genuine, or bad goods are delivered. In addition, troubles such as the product not being delivered even though the money has been transferred, or the exhibitor missing. These can often happen among individual transactions.

However, BtoC (Business to Consumer) has established rules as a system. Even if trouble occurs, you can deal with a sense of safety because compensation is usually guaranteed. In addition, B2C transactions are subject to laws and regulations in each country.

C-to-C, which is an exchange between individuals, is free, but self-responsibility matters a lot. The drawback is that it has lower reliability than BtoC services.


We explain that buying used cars individually is the best way to buy Hino Trucks at a great value. As a method of buying and selling used cars by individuals, there is a direct import from overseas EC sites.

However, the C to C service has many troubles, and you might be worried to use it for the first time. In addition, it is true that it is very difficult to trade successfully without specialized knowledge and high expertise, such as what kind of used car at what price it is advantageous.

Therefore, consider purchasing a hino truck cheap purchase from a reliable agent. If you have knowledge of car quality and condition and have a lot of experience in dealing with auctions, they can be your reliable partner. The benefits of C to C will be the same, but you can get guarantees for transactions and cars.

Then, what is the specific communication or steps when requesting an agent or actually purchasing a used car? We will explain the details from next time, so please take a look!

Can Individuals Import “Japanese Used Cars” Directly from Abroad?

Personal imports are a great way to get strong, high-performance Japanese cars at a great value from overseas.

In recent years, personal imports of various products have been made, and the hurdle is not so high. But what about cars? Entering the car market, particularly the used car, it seems not so easy.

We will explain if it is possible for an individual to import used Japanese cars from overseas, and how to import them.

I want to participate in a Japanese auction from overseas and purchase a Hino truck

Japanese cars are known for their high quality, but one of the most popular models is Hino Trucks. It has high durability and a high-performance engine that can be used in the Dakar Rally, known as one of the toughest races in the world, making it a popular commercial vehicle both in Japan and overseas.

In order to get popular Hino trucks at a great price, we have recommended purchasing used Hino trucks. In addition, we also explain that participating in auctions is a shortcut to buying Japanese used cars from overseas. Therefore, the conditions and qualifications for participating in the Japanese auction are listed below.

  1. Have a secondhand dealer license and have passed a certain number of years
  2. Can prepare a joint guarantor
  3. Possible to prepare a place to buy and sell cars, such as stores and offices
  4. Can pay a fixed amount of entrance fee and security deposit (about 50,000 to 100,000 yen)

The above are the general factors of participation in the auction, but referrals from members may also be added to the conditions. Conditions will vary slightly depending on the venue and the organizer of the auction, so you need to check each time.

It is very difficult to join the auction directly

As introduced above, individuals can participate in the auction if certain conditions are met. But let’s be realistic here. Not many people can set up a store or office immediately.

You must also apply for a secondhand dealer license required for buying and selling used goods to the local public safety committees via the police station. You must wait for a certain amount of time after applying for permission and will need to prepare a separate application fee. In addition, preparing a sales office is indispensable.

In addition, it is a prerequisite that you must pass a certain amount of time after acquisition to participate in the auction. And securing a joint guarantor can be difficult. If there is any trouble, not only yourself but also the guarantor will be involved. Not everyone is willing to undertakes it.

In other words, the hurdle for direct auction participation is actually higher than expected.

There is a way to import directly through Japanese EC sites

I want to buy a used car at a good price from Japan. For that purpose, I want to participate in an auction and personally import from overseas. There are other ways to realize that than just joining the auction. This is a method of importing personally through an online shop such as an EC site.

However, there are various forms of personal imports. Even if you use the EC site as a point of contact, the degree of trust varies depending on whether you are dealing with an individual or a corporation. Interaction between individuals is called C to C or Consumer To Consumer and can be exchanged easily.

You can also request an individual import agency to undertake import-related procedures such as ordering and paying for individual products.

Precautions not to be deceived by personal import agents

If you ask a personal import agent, you can do it without worrying about the following points.

  1. There is no problem if you are not familiar with Japanese
    Buying a used car in Japan requires some knowledge of Japanese. However, if you ask a personal import agent, you do not need to know Japanese.
  2. You can consult even if you have little internet knowledge
    Even if you are unfamiliar with the operation on the Internet and you can use it, but you are not good at searching, a personal import agency will find the car you want.
  3. You are familiar with Japanese law
    Naturally, they are familiar with the legal rules set in Japan, and they can also handle procedures.

On the other hand, individual import agents have no particular restrictions on sales. Anyone with a little knowledge can claim a trader. If you don’t choose a reliable company, there are many cases where you get in trouble. Basically, the product price and settlement fee are paid in advance, so even though you paid for the product, it is possible that the goods may not be delivered.

In addition, the following troubles have been reported.

  • The actual price is different from the initially offered price (additional charges such as shipping fee will be added)
  • If you use it many times, the response will be slow
  • Terms of service and transaction rules may be subject to be changed in the middle

To identify a reliable personal import agent, please note the following:

  1. Choose a company that is acting as a corporation, not an individual
  2. Whether the rules and regulations clearly indicate goods (forbidden goods) or tariffs that are prohibited from being exported, imported, or sold, transferred, loaned, etc., and that they are operating in accordance with the law.
  3. Descriptions other than the product price (such as fees)
  4. Whether a certain period of time has passed since the personal import agent’s site acquired the operating organization and domain

In addition, you should check the word of mouth such as the Internet. However, there are cases where the word of mouth is not reliable, so it is better to keep it for reference only.


There is nothing you can do to import a used car. However, it will be smoother if you leave it to a personal import agent. In that case, it is important to choose a reliable company.

Where is a good place to buy Hino truck cheap for sale without been deceived?

 Many people want to buy used Hino truck for sale, which is popular not only in Japan but also overseas, at a low price.

However, importing Hino truck cheap for sale overseas from Japan involves the risk of being deceived, so you need to be very careful.

Therefore, we will introduce the risks of being deceived in C to C and B to C transactions of personal import, and where to buy Hino Trucks without being deceived.

What are examples of being deceived when performing personal import?

The best way to get Hino truck cheap for sale is to import trucks from Japan personally.

You can get Hino Trucks at the lowest cost because direct imports do not require fees such as intermediate margins.

There are two major ways for individuals to directly import Hino truck cheap for sale; “C to C trading” and “B to C trading”.

However, these two methods are easy to carry out, but there is a risk of being deceived. So, what are the risks?

Risk of C to C trading

C to C transaction is an abbreviation of “Customer to Customer” and refers to a transaction between consumers.

In the age of the Internet, trading is often called “C to C-EC”, which refers to the way to do C to C trading on the Internet, such as a flea market app or an Internet auction.

The advantage of C to C trading is that you can purchase Hino truck cheap for sale, which is a very popular car, at a low price, so you may be able to purchase Hino trucks cheaply.

However, C to C trading has the following risks.

  • You did not know the market price, so you were required to pay a considerably higher price
  • There was poor maintenance that we did not hear
  • The engine did not work because it was not maintained
  • Hino truck cheap for sale did not arrive even though I paid the money etc.

C-to-C transactions, which involve transactions between consumers, have a high chance of being deceived due to the fact that the information provided by the exhibitor is not enough or the procedure is not performed properly.

Risks of B. to C trading

So, if there is a high chance of being deceived in C-to-C trading, what about B-to-C trading where companies and consumers trade?

You may feel safe if the trading partner is a company, but there is a risk that the partner will be deceived even in a company’s B to C transaction.

  • It was a stolen vehicle in an organizational crime
  • Meter was broken or tampered
  • The condition of a car was worse than I heard
  • It was a manual car even though I was explained that it was AT
  • In the photo, the light was not broken but it was actually cracked, etc.

In particular, an odometer-tampered vehicle is a common technique used by unreliable used car dealers in Japan.

In Japan, people think that the shorter the mileage of a used car, the better the condition of a car, so buyers tend to find it.

Taking advantage of this tendency, unreliable dealers try to deceive customers by alternating a meter. They make a car as if it has low mileage, even though the actual mileage is so much higher.

Others believe that they will not be found out it a car is shipped overseas.

Therefore, we can’t guarantee that you will never be deceived by B-to-C transactions to buy Hino truck cheap for sale.

How to choose a reliable company that you would not get deceived

If C-to-C transactions between consumers are at high risk, and B-to-C transactions between companies and consumers have also a high risk of being deceived. So, where should we buy Hino truck cheap for sale?

Choose a company that has been selling and exporting used cars for more than 5 years. Those companies are usually quite reliable.

In exporting used cars, it is also important to be a member of “JAPAN USED MOTOR VEHICLE EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION, JUMVEA”, which aims to export high-quality and safe used cars.

JUMVEA sets the participation conditions and has strict examination standards. So, only companies that had an actual visit and investigations by JUMVEA members can join.

This membership in JUMVEA is a testimony of a trusted used car dealer and exporter.

Besides the company has been established for more than 5 years, whether it is a member of JUMVEA, there are other factors that you can check if the company is reliable or not. For example, if the phone number is on the homepage and works properly etc, word-of-mouth reviews such as Google Maps are high, and they respond well to inquiries such as e-mails. Those are the standards of a reliable company.

Buy Hino truck cheap for sale from a reliable company.

Hino trucks are popular not only in Japan but also overseas, so some unreliable vendors take advantage of it and engage in deceitful conduct.

To get the Hino trucks you want without being deceived, purchase Hino trucks from a company that meets the following “conditions of reliability.”

  1. The company has been established for more than 5 years
  3. The phone number on the website works properly
  4. High reviews of Google Maps
  5. Give a sincere response to inquiries such as e-mail

By purchasing Hino truck cheap for sale from a trusted company that meets these requirements, you can get a good quality truck.

What is the cheapest way to buy a Hino truck?

Hino trucks with excellent durability and horsepower which suffer from very little failures. The cheapest way to buy this popular car is to buy it directly from Japan via the Internet. Asking local dealers is easy but not always the cheapest. Let us explain the benefits of importing directly from Japan.

This is the cheapest way to buy Hino trucks!

The cheapest way to buy a Hino truck is to buy it from a used online car dealership in Japan because you do not have to pay any intermediate margins.

Some local dealers buy and sell from Japan online. Such companies place an intermediate margin to make a profit. Therefore, it is natural that the price will be higher than the price of direct purchase from Japan. You can see why it is cheaper to import directly from the Internet.

They will check and maintain the conditions before shipment.

Japanese used car dealers are responsible for checking and maintaining the condition of Hino trucks and also take responsibility for arranging the shipment.

Specifically, we perform mileage checks and road qualification tests. In the mileage check, we will check the vehicle condition and meter. In road qualification tests., we check whether the car will be used without any problems.

Unlike passenger cars, maintaining Japanese Hino trucks overseas is a challenge. Therefore, purchasing a properly maintained vehicle in Japan is an important point.

You can start a business with a sense of security because you have insurance.

No matter what you buy from an export company, you don’t know what will happen during transportation. For example, a ship may sink, stay stalled, or have a fire. Cars may not reach due to wars and strikes.

In order to prevent such risks, marine insurance can be separately provided as an option. If you subscribe to insurance under the condition of Cost Insurance and Freight called CIF, it is safe. You’ll be paying the cost which includes insurance, so you don’t have to make any arrangements and avoid risks.

Also, when importing cars, the car has never arrived. This can happen quite often. Despite paying the money, no matter how long you wait, the vehicle will not arrive…

However, many companies in Japan deliver a car to customers with a policy of being responsible. In particular, is recommended. It is a company that has a good reputation for being responsible to deliver a car when imported from overseas.

4 benefits of purchasing at, a used online car sales company in Japan, has many benefits. Here are four good things you can get when you buy it here.

  • They handle large number of cars
    The company participates in all auctions in more than 150 locations across Japan, including local ones. Therefore, you can choose the car you want from 150,000 cars each week. Since they have a partnership with 2,500 dealers, it is most likely that you will find the Hino truck you want.
  • They respond quickly has exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. With a wealth of experience, they respond immediately to inquiries from many different countries.They have two offices in Tokyo, one in Kanagawa, and one in Osaka, with a total of four offices. At least 20 staff members are on standby at all times. So even if you have a lot of questions, they can respond immediately.It takes about two weeks on average to ship Hino Trucks after payment. Unfortunately, some Japanese vendors do not ship even after two months. If you use, you can import a car without worrying about it, so you can avoid dealing with unreliable dealers.
  • Highly skilled Japanese staff will respond with a responsibly.
    The owner of is from a leading Japanese company such as Rakuten and Softbank. Being Japanese, Japanese style hospitality is the basis of customer service.The staff has a background of working at companies such as city banks, foreign hotels, major apparel companies, and major advertising agencies with a high level of education. Above all, each one is responsible and polite, so you can buy a car that is safe and satisfying.
  • They have a route to buy at the lowest price has a variety of ways to purchase cars, including auctions between used cars, bidding for rental and leases, and trade-in of dealers. As for Toyota Hiace, it can be purchased directly from end-users and cheaper than other export companies.There are many other types of vehicles besides Hino Trucks, so you can enjoy finding your favorite car. As you can see, there are many great benefits to purchasing a car from


The best way to purchase Hino Trucks cheaply is to import directly from Japan. However, choosing the correct import company is crucial in order to avoid any risks., which has a good reputation of being quick and polite when they respond, you can ask them to help you without worrying. Get your Hino trucks at safely and cheaply.

The diagnosis of trucks’ year model according to customers

Japanese trucks are divided into small, medium, and large depending on the standard and application, and the trucks that are suitable for the desired application differ depending on the manufacturer.

So, this time, let’s check which truck is most suitable for you from the three sizes of trucks and the three types of trucks of hino-truck-cheap that are used frequently as refrigerated vehicles, dump trucks, and flat bodies both in Japan and overseas.

Find the truck you want to buy by the truck size

To put it simply, Japanese trucks can be roughly divided into three types based on the total length, total width, total height, maximum load capacity, and vehicle total weight.

Let’s take a look at the details and features of light trucks, medium trucks, and heavy trucks to see which one you should buy.

1. Small trucks

Details of small trucks
Total length less than 4,700mm
Total width less than 1,700mm
Total height less than 2,000mm
Maximum loading capacity less than 3,000kg
Vehicle total weight less than 5,000kg

The smallest truck is characterized by its compact body in Japan.

2-3t trucks are popular overseas are called small trucks and are stipulated as standards in the table above.

2. Medium trucks

Details of medium trucks
Total length less than 12,000mm
Total width less than 2,500mm
Total height less than 3,800mm
Maximum loading capacity less than 6,500kg
Vehicle total weight less than 11,000kg

Medium trucks are intermediate between the small trucks as mentioned earlier and the large trucks are written below and mainly refer to 4t trucks that are popular overseas.

This medium-sized truck is used not only for delivery but also for transporting building materials, sand, and stone, etc. under the standard conditions shown in the table above.

3. Large trucks

Details of large trucks
Total length less than 12,000mm
Total width less than 2,500mm
Total height less than 3,800kg
Maximum loading capacity less than 6,500kg
Vehicle total weight less than 11,000kg

The largest one is the large truck, which has the largest standard as can be seen from the table above, so it can carry many or heavy objects.

In Japan, it is often used to carry building materials and goods over long distances, and driving requires a special license called License for special large size vehicle.

Find the truck you want to buy from the type of truck

There are many manufacturers that manufacture and sell trucks in Japan, and one of the most popular makers is Hino.

Hino has been a popular manufacturer that manufactures and sells various popular trucks since its independence from a diesel car manufacturing plant in 1942.

Here, let’s take a look at three most popular Hino trucks: Dutro, Ranger, and Protea.

Hino truck dutro

The light truck “hino truck dutro cheap” was launched in 1999, is a popular truck that has revived the production and sales of light trucks that were temporarily abandoned.

hino truck dutro cheap has a wide variety of engine types and body replacements, and you can choose the one that suits your desired application, so make it a popular refrigerated / frozen car or flat body-dump overseas Is also possible.

The current hino truck dutro cheap is the second generation, and the hybrid engine equipped with five types of diesel engines, gasoline engines, and LPG engines are also available. A hybrid vehicle equipped with an LPG engine has also been set up, it is the model with improved fuel efficiency that is environmentally friendly.

2t class trucks can be close to pedestrians, so from the second generation hino truck dutro cheap has a millimeter-wave radar and display in distance recognition to warn the driver. When there is a high possibility of having accidents, they support the brake to react automatically to avoid accidents.


Hino truck ranger

The medium truck “hino truck ranger cheap” is one of Hino’s popular trucks that gathered attention in 2017 after being completely improved for the first time in 16 years.

In Japan, they often drove as aluminum vans or wing trucks, and are used for transportation and for carrying construction materials.

It is a beloved model that has been around for 20 years since the launch of the first hino truck ranger cheap, has a long model cycle, and maintains the largest sales volume in Japan.

The current model of the hino truck ranger cheap has the same support as the hino truck dutro cheap introduced earlier, such as a collision avoidance system.

In addition, while improving fuel efficiency by reducing the weight of the engine, it is also gaining a reputation as a clean and earth-friendly truck that complies with the fuel efficiency standard of + 5% and Japanese emission regulations.


Hino truck profia

The current model of the Hino Profia hino truck profia cheap is a large truck released by Hino as a two‐wheeled truck for the first time after the war and is the third generation.

In Japan, it is often used as a flat body or aluminum van dump which is popular overseas.

A second-generation Hino truck profia cheap has been a long seller for more than 13 years and was fully remodeled and released in 2017. The current model, Hino Profia, is the world’s first cargo dump mixer to have two intercoolers. Three types of engines, 9L type, E13 type, and A9C type are adopted.

These engines adapted to Japanese emission regulations in 2016, resulting in clean, earth-friendly heavy trucks.

The truck has also attracted attention for its improved operability and safety performance, with support for detecting pedestrians and stopped vehicles, as well as an ICT service function that sends vehicle information to Hino.


Where should you buy Japanese trucks?

Trucks are more difficult to maintain than passenger cars, so initial conditions are very important.

So, make sure to buy Japanese trucks from a company you can trust. is a car importer that handles a lot of commercial vehicles such as trucks and is one of the few companies that participates in almost all of the used car dealer auctions of more than 150 in Japan.

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