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John Turner Prime Minister From 1984 1984

Canada Prime Minister John Turner From 1984 to 1984 Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

John Napier Wyndham Turner, PC, CC, QC born June 7, 1929 is an English-born Canadian lawyer and politician, who served as the 17th Prime Minister of Canada from June 30 to September 17, 1984. In his political career, Turner held several prominent Cabinet posts, including minister of justice and minister of finance, under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau from 1968 to 1975. Amid a global recession and the prospect of having to implement the unpopular wage and price controls, Turner surprisingly resigned his position in 1975. After a hiatus from politics from 1975 to 1984, Turner returned and successfully contested the Liberal leadership.

Turner held the office of prime minister for 79 days (the second shortest tenure in Canadian history after Sir Charles Tupper, as he advised the Governor General to dissolve parliament immediately after being sworn in as prime minister, and went on to lose the 1984 election in a landslide. Turner stayed on as Liberal leader and headed the Official Opposition for the next six years, leading his party to a modest recovery in the 1988 campaign; he resigned as Liberal leader in 1990 and stepped down as an MP at the 1993 election. Turner was Canada's first prime minister born in the United Kingdom since Mackenzie Bowell in 1896.

John Turner Facts

Prime Minister: John Turner

Wife: Geills Turner

Children: 4

Born: Richmond, United Kingdom

Elected: 1984 to 1984

Political Party: Liberal Party

Left Office: Retired

Date of Birth: June 7, 1929

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