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Health Insurance in India – Are you Underinsured?

India is a developing country, and with its increasing populations and impressive rate of urbanization, it is running out of The post Health Insurance in India – Are you Underinsured? appeared first on blog-guru.

India is a developing country, and with its increasing populations and impressive rate of urbanization, it is running out of natural resources. Overly crowded streets and rise in the number personal vehicles are taking a toll on the environment. The population is on the increase in the metropolis, which is why it is imperative to take care of our health. Washing hands regularly, wearing masks, cleaning the streets can only delay the advent of diseases in our lives. But, they can’t stop them ultimately. Sooner or later, you are going to face health problems, and if you don’t take corrective measures at an early stage, then you are taking yourself for granted.

A health insurance policy, also known as mediclaim in India, comes as a saviour to cover your expenses up to a great extent and help you retain the peace of mind. Health insurance plans support you financially in case of medical crisis. 

Nothing makes you happy when you are unwell. External factors such as stress at work, hectic lifestyle, deteriorating environment, etc., contribute to ill health. According to current statistics, there are 45 million patients of coronary artery disease, 50.8 million diabetics, the frequency of hypertension is 25-30% in urban and 10-15% in rural regions in India. It is therefore quite essential to make arrangements that can pay attention to the medical emergencies for you & your family.

Medical emergencies can give shivers to an average middle-class person. Taking the increasing inflation in consideration, the treatment of even primary diseases are becoming out of reach. Fortunately, we have reached a higher level of technology and science where almost every disease is curable. However, any medical treatment can leave a hollow in your pocket. We often get attentive when we meet with such unexpected circumstances. 

There are several critical illnesses like strokes, cancer, heart disease, kidney failures, etc. that needs immediate attention. We feel these diseases can’t reach us until and unless these deadly diseases attack our near and dear ones or relatives. However, the most haunting part about critical illnesses is that the recovery takes a lot of time and money. All these can be managed if you and your family members are precisely covered with a comprehensive health plan with essential add-on covers. In its absence, we inevitably can invite several other additional psychological ailments.

So what should you do to ensure that you and your family are not under-insured? First of all, you should realize that time is changing drastically, and the medical procedures have become exponentially expensive. Hence, it is better to be prepared for any eventuality. If you want to figure out the right amount of health cover, then you should consider the age and gender of your family members and the city that you are currently residing in. You should also check the amount of health cover once every three years and revise it if the number of family members changes. Also, in addition to the coverage provided by your employer, you should buy top-up covers which are cheaper than the general medical insurance policies and increase the amount of coverage.

The post Health Insurance in India – Are you Underinsured? appeared first on blog-guru.

5 Tips to Create Professional Exercise Videos

Are you a fitness freak who is often asked for tips on exercises? That’s great. And the best thing will The post 5 Tips to Create Professional Exercise Videos appeared first on blog-guru.

Are you a fitness freak who is often asked for tips on exercises? That’s great. And the best thing will be for you here is to shoot a movie or video on your best exercises. You can then share the video with your friends. You can also put it up on YouTube for easy monetization. However, remember, there are scores of workout videos around. Thus, you have to ensure a perfect professional looking video to pull in viewers to your video. 

The post below offers top tips to remember while making professional workout videos.

Mind the angle

This is the first thing to remember while shooting your workout video. Remember, an effective workout video always shows an exercise from various angles so that the viewers can get a comprehensive idea on the actual posture. So, be careful of the direction your body will be facing during exercise and shoot accordingly. For example, let’s say you want to show the perfect way to do dumbbell press. In that case, the videographer has to position the camera high up & shoot the scene below.

Be careful of camera stability

Nothing is worse than shaky workout shots. When you launch a workout video, you have to ensure all the postures or movements that you take are clearly visible in the video. Thus, stable shots are a must as otherwise, no matter how great your workouts are- your viewers find it comfortable to watch the video. It’s because, shaky clips won’t make it difficult for them to learn your moves properly. 

Thus, try to use a tripod while shooting the workout movie. In case you don’t have a tripod, ask the camera person to hold the camera against some hard surface to ensure stable shots. The bottom-line is, the camera should not shake while recording the video. 

Good lighting is important

Your workout video must be shot in strong light to assure each step that you take is vividly visible to the viewers. Any misunderstanding here can lead to wrong postures and unwanted body pain in turn. Thus, you have to ensure proper lighting for each step you take. Now, if you are shooting inside your gym, you can bring light from your home. In that case, you have to choose a spot which have got maximum lights in the gym. 

Length of the video

You should remember people are busy these days and shorter your video is, the better. The video must not be longer than 2 minutes. So, there is no need to show your stretches, warm-ups or other preparations you need to take to get into the actual workout mode. You video will start with a warm “Hello” and a small introduction of the video. Then, you will go straight into the exercises.

Edit the video

You should not release the video before editing. You will find movie maker for Mac programs today to enable you to get that professional touch on your video. If you want expert recommendations for video editor programs, Movavi Video Editor for Mac will be a great option for you. It enables you to crop out unwanted parts, add text, add special effects and so on. 

The post 5 Tips to Create Professional Exercise Videos appeared first on blog-guru.

Tips To Save Money In Grocery Shopping

Tips To Save Money In Grocery Shopping If you belong to a large family, you very well know the high The post Tips To Save Money In Grocery Shopping appeared first on blog-guru.

Tips To Save Money In Grocery Shopping

If you belong to a large family, you very well know the high numbers that make your monthly grocery bills. The major expenditure of every household is into grocery and if you have children with special needs, the costs are only going to rise. If you simply try to break down the cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will realize that the entire expenditure is quite high. However, there are different tricks you can use to save money on food.

Coupons: The most convenient way to save money is through coupons. However, you need a lot of organizational skills in order to make the most of the same. If you know how to get your hands on the best coupons and how to use them, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars in no time. There are coupon apps which allow you to find the ones that are perfect for your needs. You also do not need to cut or organize the coupons and can use them through your phone only. 

Plan well: If you plan your meal in advance, it will save you hundreds of dollars from the bill. When you begin ton plan the meals, you manage to avoid the impromptu trips to the restaurants and you can also ensure that your children are a part of the cooking process. This will save your time from shopping and eating out. You can plan an entire week’s meal in advance and it will be cheaper than purchasing fast food or opting for the meal delivery plans. 

Opt for generic products: It is best to switch from the branded products to generic products so as to save money on the purchase of groceries. When it comes to grocery products, you will not know the difference between the two and if the change is not well received by the members in your family, you can return to the original product. 

Buy in bulk: You might be aware about the fact that buying groceries in bulk will help you save a huge amount of money. If you spend a lot on groceries, it is best to make a list of all the things you need each month and then purchase it in bulk. This will need a lot of planning and the buying should be done very carefully. You need to master the art of buying in bulk and if you receive foster care pay, you will be able to save the same through bulk purchases. 

Store Ads: Every store places different products on sale every week and this allows you to afford groceries that you could not buy otherwise. This will also help you with meal planning because you get different varieties at a lower cost. When a specific product is on sale, you can plan a meal around the same. It is important to remain flexible with it comes to buying products through store ads.

Buy in season: Products are more expensive when they are purchased out of season. However, this will seem difficult if your kids love a particular product. This is why it is best to make purchases when the products are in season. When the best fruits are available in season, purchase them and expand the palates for your children so they do not crave the same foods in off seasons. 

Loyalty Program: A large number of grocery stores give rewards for winning loyalty. Hence, the best is to pick a few stores closer to you and understand their customer reward systems. Once you understand the same in depth, you will be able to build purchasing habits in the store so as to gain discounted products through the same. 

There is a constant rise in the cost of living and it is important that you use your money wisely. If you are a foster carer, you will have to keep the expenses at a minimal by keeping the number of children in mind. You might have to make additional expenses like clothing, medication and toys. If you spend all on the grocery, there will be nothing left for the remaining expenses. It makes sense to spend your money on food instead of anything else. It might seem like a task to shop for a large family but it does not mean you cannot save money. You need to plan well in advance and remain patient at all times. Try your best to bring down the grocery bills in every possible manner. 

The post Tips To Save Money In Grocery Shopping appeared first on blog-guru.

Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas

Sixteen is a sweet and somewhat magical number in a lady’s lifetime. Celebrated with some ceremonies that vary across cultures, The post Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas appeared first on blog-guru.

Sixteen is a sweet and somewhat magical number in a lady’s lifetime. Celebrated with some ceremonies that vary across cultures, the Sweet Sixteenth Birthday marks the transformation of a girl into a young lady. A once in a lifetime event, make sure you give her a gift that is fitting for this event and something she’ll enjoy.

Below is a list of some gift ideas for sweet sixteen birthday celebrants.


A memory scrapbook is a very personalized gift perfect for her birthday. It’s a compilation of photos, tokens, and mementos that will make her extremely sentimental. Include important phases of her childhood such as some pictures from grade school or her first school ID. Aside from photos, you could include messages of encouragement from friends, school teachers, and loved ones. You may need to as the help of the celebrant’s parents and friends to collect the mementos.

Mobile charger or power bank

Today’s teens are constantly hooked to their electronic devices, and mobile charger or power bank is a very practical gift that she’ll surely love. This is perfect if they spend so much time on their gadgets.

Driving lessons

Getting a car is a popular gift to sweet sixteen celebrants. And to ensure that she is safe while driving her own car, you can enroll her on a driving lesson. This something she’ll definitely be happy about.

Car gifts

If she already knows how to drive and already has her own driver’s license or learner’s permit, car-related gifts would be greatly appreciated. You can give her vanity license plate frames, stylish steering wheel covers or seat covers, a set of car deodorizer, car audio accessories, etc.

Clothes and accessories

It’s quite tricky to give clothing to sixteen-year-olds. It’s an aspect where they can showcase their personality and feel freedom. When giving clothes and accessories, make sure to pick wardrobe pieces that are ‘safe.’ Varsity jackets from Varsity Base, neutral or pastel-colored shirt, a pretty Boxhill dress from NZ, and a pair of jeans are timeless wardrobe pieces of teenage girls. Better yet, you might want to give her a gift check from her favorite clothing brand so she can pick the one she likes.

Fine dining gift certificate

Sweet sixteen is a time to explore the ‘adult stuff’ and fine dining is something they would definitely want to try. An evening at a fancy restaurant with their friends is a truly enjoyable experience. It’s a night they can get dressed up and look fabulous.

Selfie stick

In this generation of selfies, a teenage girl will surely want to own one of these selfie accessories. They surely enjoy using it on events such as this birthday.

Chic room décor

More than anywhere else, a teenage girl would love to stay in the comfort of their room. It’s their haven. Help the celebrant add life and new details in their room by gifting her some chic home décor items. Floor pillows, pendant lighting, wall hangers, and hammock chairs will surely add beauty to their favorite spot.

Ticket to new adventures

Many teenage girls love to explore and try new experiences. Perhaps you can schedule a trip with her to an outdoor destination. If there are nearby adventure parks or activities, you can give her several tickets or passes. This way she can bring some of her friends as they try new adventures.

Action Camera

Speaking of adventures and experiences, gifting her with an action camera such as GoPro Camera is also a good idea. An action camera can help capture every moment in her adventures. She can even start her own video blog using her action camera.


A book is a universal gift that can be given at any age. Life-changing or self-help books are a good pick for sweet sixteen celebrants. Choose a book that will leave an impression on her. You can check reviews online or read bestseller lists. You can even gift her with a book that you find personally moving. Include a heartfelt message about the reason why you chose to give her that book.

There you have some popular sweet sixteen gift ideas. Other possible gifts to choose from:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • College gifts
  • Headphones
  • Jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace
  • Jewelry box
  • Video game console
  • Concert or movie tickets

The post Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas appeared first on blog-guru.

Men’s Rings: Everything You Need To Know

From historical times, rings have been worn by men of all ethnicities to accentuate their manliness and to also add The post Men’s Rings: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on blog-guru.

From historical times, rings have been worn by men of all ethnicities to accentuate their manliness and to also add a dash of elegance and class to their attire. You may be familiar with the idea of a signet ring which carries a family’s crest on them which are passed down generations. Even with the evolution of the idea of men’s jewelry, rings have always been fashionable for men. 

Most people of today hate a mark of patriarchy and insist on wedding rings as well as engagement rings for men. The so-called “management ring” for an engaged man is not just the only trend that has come up for men’s rings. There are a variety of fashions and trends that exist in different metal set with precious stones and designs. 

Benefits Of Wearing A Ring

Being taken is simply an exquisite feeling and a moment to remember. Having something material to cherish that moment forever is simply mesmerizing. A ring can also be a reminder of another significant moment of your life such as being part of your football team. Here are some added benefits to wearing a ring on your finger. 

A band on your ring finger is an easy way to express the fact that you are taken and very much in love. This can aid during a friendly night out and ward off unwanted attention.

It can add an unarguable air of pride and authority to your attire and appearance. They say that the first impression is the best and nothing can communicate your aura better than a well-worn statement ring. 

You can further personalize a ring by choosing a gemstone that is unique to your personality and taste, and bring out colors as well. 

You can show your love for a particular team or institution by wearing a ring on your pinky finger. 

Another benefit of wearing a ring made in precious metal is that it can give off a wealthy vibe as there is no way to display being well off than by sporting a fistful of bling.

Which Finger Should You Wear Your Ring?

There is no specific rule to follow while choosing a finger on your hand to sport the ring of your choice. Exceptions are engagement and wedding rings which are predominantly worn on the left hand. However, some cultures follow the reverse of the system. There is a lot of symbolism associated with the finger you wear your ring on. 

These are some general concepts that can vary with cultures and regions and hence the ultimate decision always rests in your hands. Jewelry is one of the most symbolic and meaningful accessories you can have. So it is integral that you understand the significance of the jewelry you wear. Here are the meanings associated with each finger.

Little finger: The first choice of a finger for a man to sport a statement ring is the little finger. The main advantage of wearing a ring on the pinky is the freedom from the shackles of religion and culture. Unlike the ring finger which holds specific meanings, rings worn on the little finger is not specific to any cause. The exception is only for signet rings which are family heirlooms mostly worn on the little finger. 

The other advantage is the fact that the little finger is far from the heavily used pointing finger and hence do not interfere with your day to day tasks. 

The fourth finger or the ring finger: It is a well-known custom to associate this finger with eternal bond and commitment via marriage. You can also wear a heavy ring with a precious metal embedded in it on this finger as people will not associate such a ring with commitment as opposed to a simple band. 

This is also the only finger that holds the artery that connects it to the heart directly. Hence is the reason why this finger is strongly associated with life and an eternal bond. A common ring used here is a diamond one which is minimal and classy. As this website shows, these rings are elegant and timeless. What better way than a diamond ring to tell the world about your love and commitment.

The Middle finger: This finger is the boldest and tallest finger on your hand. Rings worn here is however uncommon as it is in close proximity to the index finger and hence can interfere with your day to day usage. So if you wish to wear a ring here, it is best to keep it minimal. 

The thumb: This is a rebellious way of portraying a ring and is common among the younger generation. It is reasonable in terms of function as it does not interfere with any manual tasks and is also a sign of influence and wealth. People also tend to wear an expensive and bulky ring on this finger. 

Types Of Rings

Rings like all forms of jewelry carry a certain meaning and significance to it. While there are no limits to styles on rings, here are a few prominent ones you can wear on your hand. 

Culture and religious rings: Religions that require its believers to wear a ring are rare but they often encourage wearing them for relationships of specific roles. A prime example of this is the Christian wedding ring. These rings are a matter of personal choice and hence can be simple or extravagant according to you. 

Affiliation rings: This piece of jewelry has been used to denote a membership in a family or society throughout history. Examples of these include class rings, fraternity rings, and signet rings. Veterans are also known to occasionally wear rings that signify their branch of service while they were in the navy, air force or marine academy. 

Family rings: Men who wear a ring that bears the crest of their family will consider the ornament to be of utmost importance. It is a family heirloom which is handed down through generations till it reached him. They do not hold a specific design and can be of almost any design and appearance. 

The purpose of this ring is to create a sense of pride to the wearer and to remind him that he belongs to a family of such origin and history. Sometimes such rings are made from a specific rare metal and set with rare stones. 

Art and design rings: This is a rare kind of ring that is worn by men. However, with change in perception of men’s jewelry, this can be said to be true no more. It is a unique accessory and adds a certain sense of boldness to the wearer. The selection in this field is vast as well. 

The biggest advantage of this type of ring is the fact that you have complete freedom of choice as there are no barriers of culture or religion to stop you. 

How To Buy A Ring?

The choice of a ring may ultimately rest with you. It can be confusing and intimidating to choose your perfect ring. Here are a few tips to help you with the selection process. 

Have an idea about what you want, to help you pick the right ring. 

Size: It is necessary to ensure that the ring you choose is neither too tight nor loose as it can be uncomfortable. 

Pick your materials: There can be a variety of choices regarding metals, stones, and designs. It is a great idea to pick your materials before you select the design to make the selection process easier. 

Another integral factor is the price. It is advisable to fix a budget for yourself before you do the actual shopping. Rings are available in a wide variety of price ranges and hence it is best to fix the range to ensure you do not overspend or go above your budget. 

The post Men’s Rings: Everything You Need To Know appeared first on blog-guru.

Finding Harmony With Life

The aim of life can be different for each individual. The things that make them happy, that help them find The post Finding Harmony With Life appeared first on blog-guru.

The aim of life can be different for each individual. The things that make them happy, that help them find meaning to life remain unique. The core of this concept is the existence of a moral compass that is wired differently for every person in the world. Some choose charity, empathy, generosity and self-awareness over material wealth, high standards of living and good careers alone.

However,the complete harmony of the human mind with the soul it holds is what completes a person and makes him or her, who they are meant to be. A truly rewarding and fulfilling life can be lived only by those who have achieved true harmony according to the esoteric world.

This should be the ultimate goal for you in this life if you want to find true happiness and to stay away from the temptations of the materialistic world and concentrate on the world within you.

The World Of Today

We live in a society that puts its faith in the rat-race and remains highly competitive resulting in a generation who are forced to cope with high levels of stress. People drive themselves insane over the demand, rules, and traditions set by unknowns. The ultimate human super-power, the power of instinct is ignored and put aside for these superficial demands. We tend to use the word gut-instinct as a figure of speech and nothing more.

The Power Of Instinct

Instinct is a highly undermined term that once used to be the essence of survival- one’s ability to sense danger. It is simply a natural connection to the wisdom that leads you away from danger to true happiness. Instinct can help you set aside the predetermined so-called goals of life and help you derive its true potential from within and maximize it. 

In today’s busy and uncertain world, people have found it normal to detach themselves from these natural survival instincts, the key to happiness to relyon just the thinking power and physical needs of the body. Logic and reasoningare kept at the highest pedestal without any space left for the power of within or the power of the body.

The Consequences Of Forgetting Instinct

When you forget your instinct and the raw power of the human mind, you tend to make the wrong choices for yourself and the ones around you. When logic is the only parameter that is involved in the process of making decisions, compromises are born and compromises are sometimes the number one reason for lingeringun happiness of a wrong choice.

This can lead to increasing problems. People suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and live in constant fear of the future as a result. You should do what you truly desire and not what others deem right for you. Your happiness is unique and no one else can judge what you truly desire for fulfillment and true happiness.

The wisdom of the divine

What if there existed a way to connect to the divinity within, to understand what you truly want amidst all the chaos and a way to be truly happy? All the questions of the mind, the reasons you cannot comprehend, all lie within the human mind. All you need is an expert who can foresee your true destiny, your future and help you walk the right path.

Meditating for psychic help is a practice followed by many to achieve this true peace. Meditation is a very powerful tool that can help your body connect with the soul and nourish the instincts. Being in a deeper sense of awareness can help you make the right decisions for not just materialistic happiness, but for the happiness of the body, mind, and soul.

Other benefits of meditation

Meditation is literally the refresh button in the human body and mind. If your automobile is serviced regularly in fixed time intervals, why ignore the body? Your body and mind need proper care as well. Not only does meditation help you get in touch with your innerinstincts and power, but it also wards away diseases such as anxiety,depression and high blood pressures. Taking a moment amidst everything to breathe, to beaware and to find peace should be a process practiced quietly for a few minute severy day. It also removes any trouble sleeping, troubling headaches and many other ailments caused by stress and worry. Meditation helps you realize your true destiny and the fire you hold within in order to understand the purpose of life. Every individual who wishes to find true happiness and harmony should involve themselves in regular meditations and follow a truly peaceful life.

The post Finding Harmony With Life appeared first on blog-guru.

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