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How many times, when growing up, were you told practice makes perfect.

It’s true. The more you do something the better you get at it. The same goes for blogging.

You can’t become a famous blogger over night, no matter how good your writing skills are. It takes time to hone your skills, find your voice and discover what your audience really want.

Here are 8 things you need to refine if you are to create a strong and popular blog.

1. Find out what your readers want

This is paramount. If you don’t give your readers what they want they won’t come back.

At the beginning you’ll probably write about loads of different stuff (within your niche). As time goes by, you’ll start to notice which posts and topics go down best so you can begin to fine tune your writing to suit the needs of your audience.

2. Mix it up

When you think blog, you naturally think of written posts. But different people like to get their information in different ways, so it’s best to mix things up a bit by adding video, infographics, audio and presentations.

It’s also a good idea to add a great image with every post to catch the reader’s eye.

3. Headlines

The headline, or title of your blog post, will be the thing your reader sees first, so it’s got to grab his attention.

Headlines that incorporate numbers are very powerful, as are those that address the reader directly and those that offer tips and advice.

Again, a mixture of these is the best recipe for a successful and lively blog.

4. Consistency

I don’t mean consistency of content because as I’ve already said a mixture of post types is the best way to go. In this case, consistency refers to your writing style, font, approach and design.

Readers will come back if they like your information and your writing style. So write from the heart and let your personality shine through.

5. Review

Writing blog posts is always the task that gets squeezed in amongst other “more important” stuff. Make sure you give yourself time to think about what you’re writing and to create something that’s well written and error free (as far as humanly possible).

A rushed blog post is a poor blog post.

6. Optimization

Blogs are there to inform, inspire and attract traffic to your website. That means they have to be found in the search engines.

You already know the nature of SEO so you know there are no guarantees, but by using relevant key terms, tags and titles you’ll increase your chances of being found. It’s also important to make sure you include relevant social buttons to make it easier for your readers to share and like your posts.

7. Time

When you schedule your posts is also important. Think about your audience and post when they are most likely to see them.

8. Promote

If people don’t know about your blog they can’t read it.

Make sure you push links out through all your social channels when your posts are published. Put a link to your blog in your email signature and on the bottom of your newsletters. If you spread the word readers will come.

As you develop your blogging skills each of these 8 elements will become easier. Gradually, you’ll learn what your readers want and produce more of it to boost your readership.

Just remember things won’t happen immediately.

Sally Ormond, Briar Copywriting, is a professional copywriter, SEO website copywriter and advertising copywriting with extensive experience in both B2B and B2C markets.

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