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  • June 06, 2017 06:01:44 AM

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Ride into the New Year With The 10 Best Motorcycle Buys for 2019

Start the new year off right with the top 10 motorcycle buys for 2019 The post Ride into the New Year With The 10 Best Motorcycle Buys for 2019 appeared first on Biker Report.

There will be 2 million new riders joining the motorcycle world over the next 10 years. What types of bike are they going for?

It’s official, retro is in. New rides are embracing the lighter and more affordable designs that manufacturers are producing.

These bikes have an old-school cool feel about them.  Think back to when it was about the ride, and not how souped up the engine is, or how much chrome you have.

So what’s the best motorcycle to channel your inner easy-rider? We’ve got 10.

1. Kawasaki Z900RS

This Z900RS is going to give the ultimate in retro looks and modern performance combined into one affordable package. Coming in at around $10,000, this retro cool bike is a fresh take on Kawasaki’s classic Z1 from the 1970s.

If you’re looking to ride in comfort, you’ll appreciate the ergonomic positioning of your body and the thickly padded seat. Performance wise you’re looking at a 948cc inline four-cylinder beast of an engine.

It also comes with ABS brakes, dual on the front and single on the back. This will give you plenty of stopping power and control.

Plus you can’t forget that iconic and instantly recognizable Kawasaki green coloring. Don’t fret though, if green isn’t your color it also comes in a red/black color combo.

2. 2019 Honda Monkey

Honda is looking to duplicate the success they had with the Rebel by introducing the Monkey. If you’re familiar with Honda, you’ll know the Grom, a staple in the minibikes market. Think of the Monkey as the Grom’s retro brother.

It’s incredibly affordable at under $5,000. Those who have been riding for years may remember the Z50 “monkey bike” from Honda.

It comes with a 125cc engine and four-speed transmission. There are small 12 inch wheels and the whole bike only weighs 231 pounds. You have two colors to choose from, Banana Yellow or Pearl Nebula Red.

If you’re only looking to race about the urban jungle, then the Monkey will allow you to do it in retro style. If you’re looking for more of a long distance adventure, then keep moving along, this is not the bike for you.

3. Harley-Davidson FXDR 114

It’s no secret that Harley has struggled in recent years, even lowering their shipments in 2018 to 231,000-236,000. For 2017 their shipments were 241,498.

Harley hopes to capture that new rider market by producing tough looking powerful bikes. The FXDR is a perfect example of that.

The bike isn’t cheap coming in just over $20k. But for your money, you are getting the iconic Harley name and performance.

Harley took the Softail frame and made it tough with some lean angles, inverted forks, and a more forward leaning riding position. The motor is a 114 V twin with an impressive 119 lb/ft of torque.

4. Suzuki SV650X

If you are shopping for your first bike ever, then this is one of the best bikes for you to be looking at on this list. It’s a fun ride and manageable for someone at any skill level.

With the SV650X, Suzuki went for more of a cafe racer look. Now if you ask us, it isn’t the most authentic cafe racer look, but there are some elements that make it lean that way.

The clip-on handlebars were moved forward to make your position feel sportier. The seat is more cushioned and has the classic crossbody stitching that you typically see in a cafe racer. There are also new fairings and graphics for that final visual touch.

Suzuki left the performance of the bike alone though. It has the same 649cc twin engine, performance suspension, and ABS brakes.

5. Can Am Ryker

There’s a lot of debate over whether the Can Am bikes are truly motorcycles. Whether you are for or against, you can’t deny the rise in their popularity over the last decade.

The latest in the trike builder’s line is the Ryker. This stripped down sporty model is about half the cost of the previous Spyder model.

It has a lower stance and improved handling, so feel free to take it through those twisties with your fellow two-wheeled riders. You’ll be able to keep up with the 600cc twin engine from Rotax. If that isn’t enough power for you though, there is also a 900cc model.

Be sure to check out the Rally Edition. This model beefs up the Ryker’s performance stats for those who want to ride something badass. It’s got a raised suspension and off-road ready tires.

6. BMW G310GS

When you think of BMW, affordable isn’t usually the first thing you think of. Prepare to have your assumptions proven wrong. BMW is bringing you the G310GS for just over $5,000.

This smaller stature bike continues the legacy that BMW has built in the adventure bike market. Its seat height will appeal to those who are shorter in stature with a 32.9inch seat height.

If you want to get off-road but aren’t looking for a long distance touring bike, then you’ll want to check this bike out.

7. Yamaha YZF-R3

The Yamaha R3 is another bike that is perfect for those beginner riders that are looking for their first bike. The purchase price is super affordable at around $5,000. plus the 321cc twin cylinder engine isn’t too powerful for someone still learning.

This little bike got a redesign to give it a much tougher look so that it better matches its big brothers in Yamaha’s sport bike line. The gas tank also received some reshaping to help riders tuck in to give you a more aerodynamic shape.

There are two color options for you with this bike, and they’re pretty boring. You can go with the classic Yamaha blue or black.

8. Indian FTR1200

This is not like the bikes you are familiar with coming from Indian since their explosive relaunch in 2013. This sporty and mean looking option is perfect for chasing those sport bikes into the curvy mountain roads.

Everything about this bike is based on performance, from the huge inverted forks to the Brembo brakes, to the 1203cc twin engine with 120hp.

It has a stripped down naked look with the exposed frame reminiscent of the Ducati Monster or the Kawasaki Z650.

You won’t be putting fringed leather side bags on this bike.

You have three color options, and they are all dark and tough. Pick from Titanium Metallic over Thunder Black Pearl, Indian Red over Steel Grey, or Race Replica.

9. Royal Enfield Continental GT

Most riders aren’t familiar with Royal Enfield, although they should be, as the company has been building motorcycles for over 100 years. In fact, it was one of the first companies to start building motorcycles.

The British founded company that now resides in India has struggled recently to capture the American rider’s attention. The build quality just hasn’t been there and their lineup has been lacking.

This is changing though as the company gets serious about upping the quality. That’s where the Continental GT comes in. This 650cc engine bike is showing promising performance.

The styling is straight out of the 1970s. If you want the most authentic retro one of a kind bike out there, this is the bike for you. Since they aren’t huge in the US, you probably won’t run into anyone else with the same bike as you.

10. Ubco 2×2

The final bike on our list is probably one that you’ve never heard of, and you might think looks more like an awkward bicycle than a traditional motorcycle. We chose it though because of its affordable innovation.

This little bike from New Zealand is more about utility than performance and style. It’s electric with a range of 75 miles. What’s impressive though, is that the company claims you can conquer a 25% grade with up to 220 pounds aboard.

Almost anyone can ride the bike thanks to the super light weight of 140 pounds and low seat height of 31.5 inches. That light weight comes from the fact that the framework is minimal and there are no fairings to speak of.

We hope you like white because that’s your only color option.

Which One Is the Best Motorcycle for You?

So now that we’ve gone over the best motorcycles that are coming out in 2019, all that’s left is for you to check them out. Before you buy any motorcycle, you should look at it in person.

You’ll want to sit on them, see if it feels comfortable. Then when you’ve narrowed down your choice to one or two take them for a test ride.

Pick the bike that you feel most natural on. Remember that your motorcycle is an extension of you, so while these retro looking bikes may look like your style, they may not fit your riding style.

Is this your first time buying a motorcycle? Check out these beginner’s buying tips.

The post Ride into the New Year With The 10 Best Motorcycle Buys for 2019 appeared first on Biker Report.

11 Most Epic Motorcycle Movie Scenes of All Time

There have been more motorcycles in movies than we can count. But only a handful of the scenes have been so epic that we can’t ever forget them. Some are from old Hollywood classics while others are from modern day blockbusters. There are the ones most memorable for breakneck action sequences. And then there are […] The post 11 Most Epic Motorcycle Movie Scenes of All Time appeared first on Biker...

There have been more motorcycles in movies than we can count. But only a handful of the scenes have been so epic that we can’t ever forget them.

Some are from old Hollywood classics while others are from modern day blockbusters. There are the ones most memorable for breakneck action sequences. And then there are the ones that are just plain funny.

Curious which motorcycle scenes made the list? Read on for our top 11!

1. Pulp Fiction

“Zed’s dead baby!” Bruce Willis has just escaped a dungeon of sadists, a killer crime boss, and is now trying to hurry his wife into leaving. But she’s busy asking about the chopper he’s on, as it clearly wasn’t his.

The 1986 Harley Davidson Super Glide was christened with the name “Grace” across the tank. There were actually two different versions of the chopper used in the film. Each has a custom tank and dual air intake covers.

2. The Great Escape

Steve McQueen will always be the ultimate rider when it comes to rebel motorcycle riders pushing the limit. In the 1963 film the Great Escape, he plays a prisoner of war in WWII.

He eventually makes an escape attempt where he rides a motorcycle to freedom. He starts by speeding through town attracting the wrong kind of attention.

This leads to an all-out chase across the countryside. He eventually realizes that he must make an epic jump over the wood and barbed wire fence.

Unfortunately, he didn’t escape as he and the motorcycle slid into a second barbed wire fence. Ultimately, he must accept defeat and surrender once again to his captors.

3. Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

The last crusade is a favorite in the Indiana Jones franchise. Not just with fans, but also the director Steven Spielberg and the lead Harrison Ford.

The scene where Harrison Ford and Sean Connery escape the Nazis wasn’t even supposed to be in the movie. Thankfully Spielberg thought the film needed more action.

Which means viewers are now treated to a motorcycle chase with Ford astride the motorcycle and Connery in a sidecar.

Bonus Film

Shout out to another Indiana Jones movie, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While not as loved, it too features an epic motorcycle chase scene. In this one, a Springer Softail has been customized to look old and used.

Shia LaBeouf rescues Harrison Ford and proceeds to race across the campus of Marshall College. He then braves the wrath of the librarians by riding the bike through the library.

4. Jurassic World

Chris Pratt, motorcycles, and dinosaurs, what isn’t to like about this movie?! The Triumph Scrambler isn’t the coolest of bikes, but it tried hard to keep up with Pratt’s rugged manliness.

It also wasn’t realistic in the role of a bike that an island theme park would buy for daily use. There are plenty of other crossover bikes that would have performed the job much better.

At one point the raptors get released and Pratt is on the chase through the forest. He eventually catches up to them, bobbing and weaving obstacles as he goes.

Don’t hope to buy a movie scrambler though. Triumph custom built the one from the movie. So you’ll only be able to get hold of their standard stock version.

5. Terminator 2 Judgment Day

When it comes to one of the ultimate movie bad asses, only the most bad ass bike will do. When the movie was first released, that bike was a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Apparently only a Harley could handle a killer cyborg from the future.

Be sure to not miss the scene where he jumps canals while using his 12 gauge shotgun to fire at a semi truck. That canal jump was almost real, thanks to cables. A real Harley Davidson Fat Boy is far too heavy and doesn’t have the suspension to make that jump.

So movie makers suspended the bike by cables. This helped remove about two-thirds of the weight. This let them film the bike actually making the jump while not destroying the bike.

6. Ghost Rider

There isn’t anything more epic than a movie where the main character is a motorcycle stuntman. In Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage plays Johnny Cage.

When he was younger, he made a deal with the devil and sold his soul. Thanks to that deal he became a famous motorcycle stuntman. But now he must fight for the life of a loved one.

Then the end of the film culminated in an epic ride across the desert with wheels ablaze. Obviously, a bulk of the Panhead Chopper is CG, but does that really matter?

Rumor has it the skull tricked out chopper was a remake inspiration of Peter Fonda’s bike from Easy Rider.

7. Wild Hogs

Okay, so all of the other scenes on this list show expert riders successfully maneuvering their bike at high rates of speed. Well, not this movie.

The most epic scene from this movie is when William H. Macy loses control of his motorcycle. He looks right while the Harley Davidson XL1200C Sportster goes left.

He bobs and weaves on the grass center median of the road and thinks he’s safe. Then mid-celebration a sign gets the better of him and he’s on the ground.

8. James Bond Skyfall

Daniel Craig doesn’t disappoint as Bond in Skyfall with an epic race through the city on a Honda CRF250R. This motocrosser makes sense as it traverses the city rooftops, streets, and buildings.

There were actually two bikes used in the movie. There was Craig’s street merchant bike, and a “police bike”.

Honda later donated the Bond motorcycle from the movie to BBC’s annual fundraiser to raise money for children in need.

9. Mad Max Fury Road

One of the newer movies on this list, Mad Max delivers non stop action wrapped up in a sci-fi film. Fury Road is about a woman who rebels against the post-apocalyptic ruler in Australia.

Max gets involved and things get interesting. All of the bikes look like they have seen better days, but isn’t that to be expected?

This is the first movie in the franchise where Max gets aboard a motorcycle. About time right? Sure it was fleeting but it was totally worth it to see Max race through the desert on the Yamaha R1.

Viewers shouldn’t feel bad if they didn’t recognize it though. It was covered in carpet.

The entire movie played true to life with bikes from all walks of life. Viewers will see Honda, Yamaha, and BMW. Though most people probably won’t recognize most of them.

With their post-apocalyptic makeover, you may not want to mod your bike in this style, but there are plenty of other mods that you can get inspired to do.

10. Tron

Most people think of that iconic “motorcycle” with the hollow wheels. But that isn’t a motorcycle, and those scenes don’t compare to the epic Ducati Sport Classic 100 scenes.

These scenes are some of the most beautiful motorcycles cinematography produced. The imagery is of a Ducati being used to evade a motorcycle cop. But it’s a hypnotic experience as viewers become entranced into the serene cinematography.

Too bad Ducati totally botched the marketing opportunity of it all. The scene was one of the best commercials for Ducati out there.

Yet by the time the movie came out, Ducati had stopped production on the Sport Classic 1000. So moviegoers weren’t able to buy the machinery that inspired them.

11. Matrix Reloaded

Picture this, a Ducati is on a transport truck, just riding down the highway. Then to the beat of throbbing techno music, Trinity hops onto the truck and starts it up.

Soon she’s flying over the front of the truck and the wild ride starts. She evades police while weaving through traffic heading in the wrong direction.

Ducati was smart with this film, releasing a limited production special edition motorcycle to coincide with the movie. The bike featured a dark green paint to match the movie version of the bike.

To make the scene, a crew had to build 1.5 miles of fake freeway. They chose a decommissioned Naval Air Station for its old runways.

Motorcycle Movie

These movies are all about fantasy, so of course, they have epic heart stopping motorcycle scenes. Some scenes are epic for their speed, others for their unbelievable jumps. While others just make us go “ouch!”

While it’s fun to watch these scenes, don’t try them at home. Most of them were accomplished through the help of a little motorcycle movie magic.

If you are ready to get out there and ride your bike, you need to check out the 10 best roads in the United States.

The post 11 Most Epic Motorcycle Movie Scenes of All Time appeared first on Biker Report.

13 Best Biker Bars in America You Have to Check Out

Get the scoop on some of the most iconic biker bars in the US. The post 13 Best Biker Bars in America You Have to Check Out appeared first on Biker Report.

Who knew riding a motorcycle could open up a whole culture of people, places, and events? This is what bike culture is all about. From Sturgis to Biketoberfest, there are many ways for bikers to connect and ride.

One of the most common ways for bikers to meet and have a good time is meeting at biker bars.

These bars serve cheap drinks, have great food, and even offer entertainment. With so many biker bars in the United States, only a few can make the cut as the best.

If you’re traveling around the U.S., be sure to visit the 10 biker bars the country.

1. Full Throttle Saloon – Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis is the biggest bike fest in the country. Every August, bikers from all over the country gather in the small South Dakota town to have fun, look at bikes, and even ride with the mayor throughout the beautiful countryside.

It’s no surprise that Sturgis offers some of the best saloons. Whether you’re attending Sturgis or are just passing by on an off-season, you have to go to Full Throttle Saloon.

This saloon is completely historical. It’s the first biker bar ever in the country.

Every biker makes their way to Full Throttle Saloon some time in their life. Full Throttle Saloon offers more than just drinks. They always have live shows and even motorcycle stunt shows.

2. Pat’s Roadhouse – Muskegon, Michigan

Pat’s Roadhouse isn’t the traditional biker bar. But many bikers still flock here because it’s awesome!

This place is actually more of a restaurant than a bar. They’re known for menu favorites such as breaded chicken salad wraps, inferno wings, and catfish and chips. They even offer breakfast from 7 AM to 11 AM.

For entertainment, Pat’s Roadhouse offers billiards and even keno. For cold nights, go on their patio where they host bonfires.

But what makes Pat’s a motorcycle hangout? Even though they also offer food, they have a full bar and bikers constantly meet on their patio and party.

3. The Hideaway Grill – Cave Creek, Arizona

If you’re a Harley rider, there’s no better place to party than The Hideaway Grill.

This is a bar favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts. Their tagline is even “there are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met.”

Their logo even looks similar to the Harley logo, if that tells you anything about this place.

Hideaway Grill is more than just a biker hangout. This place attracts some of the most famous names in the motorcycle industry. This includes famous biker personalities and custom motorcycle builders.

The Hideaway Grill has everything you need. They have drinks, good people, and an awesome menu.

They own a second location called Roadhouse that offers food. Menu favorites include hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, and salads. But they’re known for their incredible pizza.

Hideaway Grill also hosts biker events and giveaways.

4. The Broken Spoke Saloon

Are you planning on going to Sturgis and want more bars to check out? Do you like bike rallies, sunshine and the beach? Or do you live in New Hampshire and are looking for a new biker bar hangout?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, check out the Broken Spoke Saloon.

This is a world famous biker bar with three locations: Sturgis, South Dakota; Daytona Beach, Florida; and Laconia, New Hampshire.

You can choose to go in and have some drinks. This saloon is also unique because it offers a campground where you can party with friends all night and watch some quality entertainment.

But be sure you leave the kids at home. This is one of the rowdiest and craziest biker bars in the world.

5. The Busted Shovel Sports Pub – Meridian, Idaho

If you want a good ol’ classic biker bar, The Busted Shovel Sports Pub should be your pick.

There’s no family-friendly nonsense. You don’t go here to relax, have some food and a couple of overpriced beers. This is the classic example of a biker bar and they stay devoted to it.

This is why The Busted Shovel attracts their regulars. They offer cheap drinks, happy hour specials, and some appetizers for grubbing.

But The Busted Shovel offers more than your neighborhood biker bar. They offer fun events such as karaoke, billiards, and even bowling tournaments. If you’re a wine aficionado, they even offer plenty of wine tasting events.

If you’re more on the religious side, you can attend church every Sunday at The Busted Shovel. They host Common Ground Biker Church to get your weekly fix of faith.

6. One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon -Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis is popular amongst this list, and for good reason. When mentioning biker bars at Sturgis, you can’t go without mentioning One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon. One-Eyed Jack’s goes crazy with many events and specials during Sturgis.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t attend One-Eyed Jack’s on a normal day. They have an awesome bar, plenty of food, and a friendly staff that’s ready to serve you.

7. The Cabooze – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Would you rather your biker bar come with music and other events? If you’re in Minneapolis, there’s no better place than The Cabooze.

This venue and bar hosts a variety of music, everywhere from classic rock to hip-hop.

But what makes The Cabooze so appealing to bikers? It’s the general vibe the venue gives. Even though the venue tailors to all genres of music, it’s a very hard rock and bluesy kind of place.

8. Crook’s Corner – Trabuco Canyon, California

When you get far away from the California glamour in Orange County, you come across a town called Trabuco Canyon. This is a small town deep in the California forest.

And in this town lies an awesome biker community with an awesome bar and restaurant called Crook’s Corner.

This place offers everything. You can wake up early and go in for breakfast. You can also go back later for some killer drinks.

9. Double Down Saloon – New York, New York

When you think of a biker bar, what do you think of? Today, many biker bars changed their vision to appear to a family-friendly environment, much like the modern baby boomer bikers.

But there are biker bars that never lost their edge. Double Down Saloon in New York City is one of them.

This bar only has one rule: if you puke, you clean it up. If that tells you anything about this bar.

In addition to bikers, this saloon attracts punk bands and other underground entertainment.

10. Poopy’s – Savana, Illinois

Even though this place has a funny name, Poopy’s is no joke. It’s most famous for being the biggest biker bar in Illinois. In general, it’s a famous destination for bikers. Poopy’s offers an awesome bar, good food, and plenty of entertainment.

They also offer plenty of events. Biker Fridays is a popular one. Every Friday night, they offer a campground with live entertainment.

11. The Knuckle Saloon – Sturgis, South Dakota

Another Sturgis biker bar that deserves praise is The Knuckle Saloon. This bar is a hybrid restaurant and bar. They’ve been voted to have some of the best food in Sturgis year after year.

The Knuckle Saloon is famous for its Knuckle Sandwich. This is one of the biggest burgers you’ll ever eat!

In addition to food, Knuckle Saloon is also a brewing company and offers some fresh beers on tap.

12. Shady Jack’s Saloon – St. Louis, Missouri

If you’re a biker exploring downtown St. Louis, make a stop inside Shady Jack’s Saloon.

This is a popular bar and restaurant but local enough to give you an idea of the local biker scene in St. Louis. They’re popular because they offer many drink and food specials, and even breakfast.

When you enter Shady Jack’s, you can tell they accommodate to bikers. They offer plenty of motorcycle parking, plenty of entertainment, and biker apparel.

13. Froggy’s Saloon – Daytona, Florida

If you like your bike mixed in with some sunshine, Daytona is the city to visit.

And if you plan on stopping at a biker bar, Froggy’s Saloon should be the one you pick. Froggy’s is located in the heart of Daytona.

Froggy’s is one of the world’s most famous biker bars and is where all bikers go when they want to party. It’s a popular stop for all major Daytona motorcycle events which includes Biketoberfest and Bike Week.

Make a Trip and Attend All of These Biker Bars

If you’re a serious motorcyclist, you must love biker bars. And the U.S. has plenty of biker bars all over the country.

Rather than settling for your hometown biker bar, hop on your bike and make a trip around the country. Visit all of these bars and make some new friends!

Do you want to get on your bike and have some fun? Check out the latest motorcycle events.

The post 13 Best Biker Bars in America You Have to Check Out appeared first on Biker Report.

How to Choose a GPS System for Your Motorcycle

Don't get lost out there! Learn how to choose the perfect GPS system for your motorcycle. The post How to Choose a GPS System for Your Motorcycle appeared first on Biker Report.

It can be a lot of fun to spend an entire afternoon riding around on your motorcycle and getting lost. One of the best parts about owning a motorcycle is that it gives you an opportunity to explore areas you wouldn’t necessarily explore otherwise in a car, truck, or SUV.

But if you’re one of the roughly 8 million motorcycle owners in America, there are also going to be times when you need to get your motorcycle from point A to point B as quickly as possible. And in those instances, you’ll want to have access to a motorcycle GPS to keep you on track.

Would you like to add a GPS unit to your motorcycle today? Before you do, you should learn how to choose the right one.

Here are 10 tips that’ll make it easier than ever to pick out the best motorcycle GPS.

Ask Your Fellow Motorcycle Owners What They Use

The easiest way to find a great GPS system for your motorcycle is by checking with your fellow motorcycle owners to see what they use when they’re out on the road.

Ask around and see if you can get some kind of consensus on which motorcycle GPS system your fellow riders think is best. This is an especially effective approach for those motorcycle owners who don’t have the slightest clue as to which system might be right for them.

By talking to different motorcycle owners, you can see which systems they trust the most. You can also ask specific questions about individual systems to give yourself a good overview of each one.

Learn About the Different GPS Brands

While you’re speaking with your fellow motorcycle owners about the GPS systems they like best, you’ll start to hear some brand names come up over and over again. When you do, you should write them down and make an effort to do your homework on the brands that specialize in building motorcycle GPS units.

Some of these brands include:

  • Garmin
  • TomTom
  • Trail Tech
  • BMW
  • And more

When buying a GPS for a motorcycle, it’s typically best to stick with a brand you know you can trust. Big brands will often offer the best GPS coverage and updates that will make your GPS more useful to you down the line.

Read Reviews for a Bunch of Different GPS Systems

One of the other great ways to learn about the different motorcycle GPS systems on the market today is by using the internet to your advantage.

Search “motorcycle GPS systems,” and with just seconds, you’ll find long lists of the “best” GPS systems in the business.

You should be cautious about relying on just one list to tell you which GPS systems are worth considering. But as you sift through different lists, you’ll likely see two or three GPS systems showing up on multiple lists.

Those are the GPS systems you’ll want to seriously consider. Just make sure you scroll through some reviews for them first. You can learn almost everything you need to know about GPS systems by analyzing the various reviews that are available for them.

Keep the Durability of GPS Systems in Mind at All Times

At this point, you should have a few motorcycle GPS systems that you’re considering for your bike in mind. Whether you’ve learned about them from other motorcycle owners or on the internet, you like what they have to offer.

Now, it’ll be time to take a look at some specific features that are important when trying to choose the right motorcycle GPS system.

One of the first features you’ll want to consider is durability. A GPS for a motorcycle has to be extremely durable.

Your GPS is going to be exposed to everything from the vibrations of your bike to the debris that you encounter when you’re out on the road. It should be designed to stand up to whatever might get in its way while you’re riding your motorcycle.

Find GPS Systems With Large Enough Screens

Screen size is another important feature when it comes to your motorcycle GPS. What good is your GPS going to be if you can’t actually see the screen while you’re riding?

Motorcycle GPS systems come in a wide range of sizes. Some of them have screens that are only 3 or 4 inches, while others have screens that are upwards of 7 or 8 inches.

Your screen should be large enough for you to see based on your individual eyesight. You don’t need to splurge on a super large GPS system if you have excellent vision, but you also don’t want to select a small GPS system to save money and end up regretting it later when you can’t see it.

Make Sure GPS Systems Are Easy to Mount

Are you planning on taking your GPS system on and off your motorcycle on a regular basis? There are some motorcycle owners who will buy one GPS system for multiple bikes and move it around.

If you’re going to do this, you want something that will be simple to mount whenever you want to use it. Different GPS systems rely on different mounting systems to keep them in place.

You should choose a GPS system that’s going to go on and off your bike without a problem. Even if you’re not going to move it around much, it’s still important for your GPS to be as easy to mount as possible.

Try to Find GPS Systems That Are Waterproof

At some point, you’re unfortunately going to get caught out in the rain while you’re on your motorcycle. You need to be very careful when riding in the rain.

You should aim to:

  • Use your brakes and your throttle sparingly
  • Finish up all your turns before you begin accelerating
  • Steer clear of putting yourself in positions where you’ll have to make last-second movements

You should also make sure your motorcycle GPS is up for the challenge of riding in the rain. The last thing you want to do is be fiddling around with your GPS and trying to put it away when it’s pouring out.

Search for a GPS system for your motorcycle that is completely waterproof. It’ll give you one less thing to worry about when it starts raining while you’re on your bike.

Test Out Different GPS Systems With Your Motorcycle Gloves On

Just about all GPS manufacturers claim that their motorcycle GPS systems will work great for those wearing motorcycle gloves. But that’s not always the case.

If possible, you should test out different GPS systems while wearing the motorcycle gloves that you wear when you’re on your bike. See if systems are as responsive as companies say they are while you have your gloves on.

Check the Battery Life of GPS Systems

Your motorcycle GPS system isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good if the battery inside of it is dead. Therefore, you need to find a GPS system that offers you excellent battery life.

There are some GPS systems that will only provide motorcycle riders with about an hour of life. That’s not going to be nearly enough for those riders who enjoy spending long afternoons getting lost out in the world.

Check for a GPS system that will set you up with at least a few hours of battery life, if not more.

See If GPS Systems Offer Any Special Features

A great motorcycle GPS system should do more than just point you in the right direction when you turn it on. It should also be able to provide you with a bunch of other features that will help you navigate when you’re out on the road.

There are some GPS systems for motorcycles that can give you updates on the weather and help you find shelter before you find yourself riding in the rain. There are some other GPS systems that can give you traffic reports and help you avoid traffic jams that might be up ahead.

There are even some motorcycle GPS systems today that come with satellite radio included in them. You can keep yourself entertained when you’re riding through a particularly boring stretch of land on your motorcycle.

Many of these extra features aren’t necessary for all motorcycle owners. But you might find that they come in handy once you start using your GPS system every time you ride your motorcycle.

Purchase the Right Motorcycle GPS Today

In addition to considering everything else that’s been mentioned here while choosing a motorcycle GPS, you should also keep the cost of GPS systems in mind.

A motorcycle GPS system could cost you anywhere from $100 to as much as $1,000 in some instances. It’s why it’s best for those searching for GPS systems for their motorcycles to create a budget before they do it. It’ll prevent you from spending too much on a GPS system for your motorcycle.

Would you like to put your new GPS system to the test as soon as you get it? Read our blog to learn about some of the incredible cross-country motorcycle trips you can take.

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10 Best Motorcycle Books Every Motorcyclist Needs to Read

10 Best Motorcycle Books Every Motorcyclist Needs to Read The post 10 Best Motorcycle Books Every Motorcyclist Needs to Read appeared first on Biker Report.

Despite the best efforts of your mom, you’ve fallen in love with motorcycles. And you’re certainly not alone: there are over 8.4 million motorcycles registered in America alone.

It’s not just the riding that draws people in. It’s the entire culture. From the history to restoring classic bikes to old-school biker gangs to the leather jackets and more.

Becoming a biker is truly entering a special community bonded over a mutual love. If you just can’t get enough of biking, then you’re probably already browsing biking blogs, catching up on the latest bike news, and scouting around for your next sweet ride.

But are you reading motorcycle books? Diving into some of the best motorcycle books will help you stay connected to the community you love even after you have to put your bike away for the cold upcoming winter.

We’ve compiled this list of the 10 best motorcycle books. From manuals to epic journeys to motorcycle romance books, you’re bound to find something you love.

1. Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well by David L. Hough is widely recognized as one of the best general motorcycle guides available. While the only way to truly learn how to ride is to go out on your bike and ride, reading this can’t hurt.

And it isn’t just for beginners who have never gotten on a bike before, either. David Hough is one of the most famous motorcycle journalists in the game. He uses both his writing skills and his photography skills to craft this guide that is educational and informative.

The best part about this is it isn’t dry as 100-year-old wood like many other motorcycle manuals out there. The images and descriptions make it dynamic and easy to follow.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know, give this a read. It teaches you how to stay safe on the road, how to deal with other drivers and more. This is important: over 5000 people died from crashes in 2016. Read this book to give yourself the best safety precaution against a horrible crash.

2. Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Even non-bikers have heard of the legendary Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang. In this nonfiction book, the author Hunter S. Thompson traveled and rode with this gang for over two years.

He then created this book documenting his time with the Hell’s Angels. He details the absolutely brutal and horrific violence, organized crime, sex crimes, drug dealing, doing drugs, and extortion.

If you’re interested in learning a first-hand account of one of the biggest and most dangerous motorcycle gangs to ever exist, then this book is for you.

3. Jupiter’s Travels: Four Years Around the World on a Triumph

Hunter Thompson’s time with the Hell’s Angels can be seen as a motorcycle journey, but it isn’t as heartwarming or formative as Ted Simon’s many adventures on his beloved bike.

Simon got on his Triumph to go for a ride, and he didn’t stop until he had ridden 78,000 miles around the world. This trip took him four years; he traveled to over 40 countries alone on his bike.

This is a dream that almost all bikers have. To hop on your bike and ride with the wind in your hair, no true destination in mind. Simon says that even though this book is technically a retelling of his own adventures, it’s also designed to inspire your own dream adventure.

If you’ve been craving an escape from your everyday life and have dreamed of life on the open road, Jupiter’s Travels will satisfy your need to roam (at least until you plan your own motorcycle adventure).

4. Running with the Moon: A Boy’s Own Adventure: Riding a Motorbike through Africa

We’ve come upon a classic theme for motorcycle books: adventures on the open road. Similar to Jupiter’s Travels, Running with the Moon follows Jonny Bealby’s solo motorcycle adventure throughout Africa.

However, as with most travel literature and odyssey-like tales, there’s more to the story than just traveling on a motorcycle. A sudden loss of his fiance triggered Bealby’s need to leave the life he knew behind for a solo adventure on the road.

The solitude, travel, and adventure helped him through some of the toughest grief he would ever experience. The result? A poignant and touching tale that shows you that moving past grief is possible even though it might be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done.

5. Ride Free Forever: The Legend of Harley-Davidson

Motorcyclists and “regular people” alike have heard of the famous Harley-Davidson brand. In fact, it’s easy to say it’s the most well-known and beloved name in motorcycles.

But how much do you actually know about this iconic brand? Ride Free Forever: The Legend of Harley-Davidson is basically an official Harley-Davidson bible. It’s huge: gorgeous pictures and smart commentary fill the pages.

This not only will teach you a lot about the brand, but it also makes for great decor, especially if motorcycles are your passion. Use it as a display on your bookshelf or as a “coffee table book” to prominently display what you’re passionate about without having to wheel your bike into your living room.

6. Rebuilding the Indian

If rebuilding or building custom bikes is one of your favorite biking hobbies, then Rebuilding the Indian is an awesome read for you. And even if you’ve never tackled a biking project like that before, this book by Fred Haefele is more than just a “how to” manual on rebuilding a classic Indian motorcycle.

Similar to Running with the Moon, this book follows a man on a personal journey. While Running with the Moon followed a man on a travel adventure dealing with loss and change, Rebuilding the Indian follows a man pouring his heart and soul into a bike rebuild as he rebuilds his life.

Haefele had his novel rejected for publication, a baby on the way and had his marriage fall apart all within a very short timespan. The book itself is written with a series of diary entries that show his struggle rebuilding the 1941 Indian motorcycle along with the struggles in his personal life.

7. Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World

The travel motorcycle books we’ve mentioned so far have been solo adventures. But there’s something special about a buddy trip, and that special quality is perfectly captured in this book.

Actor Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman decided to pack up their motorcycles and have an almost 20,000 mile trip from London to New York traveling through Western Europe, Russia, Canada, and the United States.

One part emotional, one part funny, and one part exciting, this book will keep you flipping the page to see their next obstacle or adventure. From dangerous off-roading, intense injuries (think gas spraying in your eyes), and traveling through weird and interesting parts of the world, this book is a must-read.

8. One Man Caravan

We’re clearly on a travel lit train, so why not throw in one more option? Robert Edison Fulton Jr. was an inventor, journalist, and adventurer who wanted to take a motorcycle trip around Europe after he graduated college, which was right after the end of World War II.

He got a customized bike and took off without looking back. His adventures were as wild as they could get: getting shot at, nights in jail, chased by bandits, and more.

The book is a great travel adventure that also sees the history of a post-WWII European landscape from a personal and intimate perspective. And if you ever wanted to learn more about one of the most interesting men in the world (a.k.a Robert Edison Fulton Jr.), this is a great way to do so.

9. Reaper’s Property

This book option won’t be a crowd pleaser like most of the books on this list, but the fact is that motorcycle romance books are an entire genre within themselves. And of all of the hundreds of options out there, Reaper’s property is the number one motorcycle romance book on, so it made our list.

This fiction book follows the main character, Marie. She just went through a nasty divorce from an abusive husband when a bad boy motorcyclist from the “Reapers” gang named “the Horse” shows up where she’s staying and demands she come with him on the back of his bike.

This is a sexy, exciting romance that takes the “motorcycle bad boy” stereotype for all it’s worth. While it isn’t for everyone, this juicy and steamy story will certainly be a fun read, even if you’re just reading to make fun of it.

10. The Total Motorcycling Manual

Let’s end with a practical book. This manual is truly the total package. Author Mark Lindemann goes over everything from maintenance to safety tips to buying advice to what accessories you need and more.

This is great for beginners and vets alike, especially if you live and breathe motorcycle info.

10 Motorcycle Books to Keep You Riding When You’re Not Really Riding

Any one of these 10 motorcycle books will immerse you into bike culture. This is especially great as we approach a time of the year that’s the bane of many bikers’ existences: the winter.

Read these books and start planning your summer bike trips. As you plan, check out our tips on the best rides and routes you can find around the world.

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11 of 2019’s Hottest New Motorcycle Models

New Motorcycle Updates for 2019 Some of these bikes reflect a change in riders’ concerns. See the electric models we mention as examples of the increased interest in environmental friendliness. Other entries are purely aesthetic or power updates to existing models for those who just want to stay on the cutting edge. Whatever your priorities […] The post 11 of 2019’s Hottest New Motorcycle Models appeared first on Biker...

New Motorcycle Updates for 2019

Some of these bikes reflect a change in riders’ concerns. See the electric models we mention as examples of the increased interest in environmental friendliness.

Other entries are purely aesthetic or power updates to existing models for those who just want to stay on the cutting edge.

Whatever your priorities in shopping for the latest motorcycle models, we think you’ll find something you like below. Take a look for yourself.

1. Ducati Scrambler Line

Ducati is bringing heightened aesthetics, a cornering anti-lock brake system, and better ergonomics to its 2019 line of Scramblers.

The full line of Scramblers that will receive these updates include the Icon, the Full Throttle, Cafe Racer, and Desert Sled. All of them also feature the following:

  • Auto-off LED turn signals
  • LED Daytime Running Light, or DRL, headlight
  • Matching aluminum teardrop gas tank and side panels
  • Engine painted black and with brushed cylinder heads
  • LCD menu with fuel level and gear indicator

The differences between these specific bikes have to do with function as well as formal inspiration.

The Full Throttle is a bike with a dirt-track competition vibe thanks to its funky paint scheme, low-slung handlebar, and dual-silencer exhaust.

The Cafe Racer is more of a sports bike, with sleek silver and blue accents that scream speed. This motorcycle also takes inspiration from the classic 1960s bikes found in Great Britain, with its 17-inch spoked wheels and aluminum bar-end mirrors.

The Desert Sled taps into the lineage of American off-road bikes. It even includes an Off-Road Riding Mode in which the rider can disengage the anti-lock brake system to really dig into the dirt on off-road trails.

These bikes range in price from just under $10,000 for the Icon to just under $12,000 for the Desert Sled and Cafe Racer, with the Full Throttle splitting the difference at just under $11,000.

2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR

These are the first updates to the manufacturer’s Ninja ZX-10R line since 2016. Jonathan Rea won the Superbike World Championship on variations of these bikes. He rode the ZX-10R to glory in 2015 and 2016 and the ZX-10RR in 2017 and 2018.

With its speed bona fides in the books, Kawasaki is refusing to sit on its laurels by choosing to update these bikes for 2019. One of these changes is finger-follower valve actuation designed by engineers at World Superbike. Another is a new cylinder head, which will increase high-RPM performance by providing clearance for high-lift racing cams.

The ZX-10R and ZX-10RR both come in the classic lime green colorway. The former also offers models with gray and black accents.

3. Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and 1200 XE

Here are a couple of other Scrambler models from a different, no-less-classic company, Triumph. While the company is traditionally an aesthetics-first brand in the minds of consumers, the updates to these Scramblers put a priority on performance.

The XE is the dirtbike of the two, but both of these new Scrambler 1200 models will feature re-tuned 1200cc engines capable of creating 7400 rpm. They will also include fully adjustable rear suspension from Ohlins with piggyback reservoirs.

These bikes include five separate riding modes: Road, Off-Road, Sport, Rain, and Rider. Each mode has a different throttle, traction control, and brake setting. The XE adds a sixth mode, Off-Road Pro, that turns off the anti-lock brakes.

Here are a few other highlights of these updated Triumph Scrambler 1200 models:

  • Cruise control
  • Keyless ignition
  • Heated grips, which come standard on the XE and optional on the XC
  • USB charger

The looks of these bikes are classy, with blacks and greens dominating the color palette.

4. Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro

Ducati isn’t the only company on our list to get two entries, but it is the one that appears first. We’ve talked so much about racing bikes and off-roaders that we wanted to get a multipurpose motorcycle in as early as possible.

Like many of the bikes on our list, the Multistrada features an engine update. This one comes courtesy of the all-new 1260 Testastretta Ducati Variable Timing, or DVT, engine. It is designed to give a smoother and stronger ride across the entire rev range of the bike.

Some of the Multistrada’s standard electronic components include:

  • Cornering lights
  • Eight settings of wheelie control
  • Eight optional settings of traction control
  • Vehicle hold control
  • Cruise control

5. Yamaha “Hyper Naked” Lineup

The three bikes in this line include the MT-10, MT-09, and MT-07. These three MT, or “Masters of Torque,” bikes leave their engines intact in the 2019 models. Their major updates come in the form of cosmetic changes, which are no less impressive.

Yamaha chose to strengthen the brand identity of these bikes with an Ice Fluo color scheme available for each. The color scheme includes an “ice-gray” body, bright red wheels, and black engine, forks, frame, and headlamp.

This Ice Fluo color scheme, designed to symbolize the edginess of street riding with the aggressiveness of racers, is available exclusively for this Hyper Naked MT lineup.

6. Arc Vector

We combine these two models together because they both represent the trend toward electric vehicles. The difference is that Vespa is an established company, while Arc is a much newer company. Both are looking toward the future with these new models.

It might sound like cheating to include a Vespa on our list, but cafe racers and scooters are part of the two-wheeled landscape too. That’s why we show them love.

The Elettrica is a purely electric vehicle rather than the graduated hybrid model some expected from the company. True to Vespa form, it zips through standard city traffic with ease.

The Arc Vector is perhaps the more revolutionary of the two bikes. Early images were shrouded in shadow and darkness, but the design is anything but fly-by-night. Engineers and backers have been working on it for years.

Most impressive about the Vector is its HMI, or Human Machine Interface. This technology places sensors in jackets, helmets, boots, and gloves that allow the rider to interact with the bike and the environment. The future is now.

7. Honda CRF450L

Honda is going bold with this 2019 dual-sport model. The company offers one trim level and one color because it believes fully in the power of this bike. The CRF450L’s peak performance is just under 40 horsepower and over 7,000 rpm.

With that much power underneath riders, Honda expects the bike to sell itself. We do too.

8. Suzuki RM-Z450 Dyno

This Suzuki 2019 model is a few thousand dollars less expensive than the Honda update at just under $9,000 as opposed to almost $11,000. However, its power numbers are even more impressive than Honda’s.

The RM-Z450 Dyno produces over 50 horsepower at peak performance, with more than 8,000 rpm.

9. Norton Commando 961 Street

Some readers may hate us for including this limited edition bike, but it’s too tasty to pass up.

The bad news is it’s limited to an edition of just 50 bikes. The more bad news is that it’s one of the most expensive bikes on our list at the equivalent of more than $20,000.

The reason for the price has to do with the rare beauty of the bike. It’s a classic 1970s street bike with a smooth ride and a sleek-yet-tasteful black finish with copper-colored accents. It would be the perfect bike to see the world.

10. BMW S 1000 RR

This superbike from BMW is blowing up social media – for good reason. When BMW unveiled this bike initially, it shocked the world with its speed and design.

BMW is continuing to push the envelope by making a bike with more than 200 horsepower. We’ll just let that sink in for a second.

The manufacturer is also updating its lopsided headlights in favor of a more symmetrical look. We suspect riders will accept any aesthetic change if it comes on top of that much power.

11. Triumph Street Twin

Our final entry is the second from Triumph. Fittingly, it’s the update to just one of Triumph’s biggest sellers.

The new Street Twin features an updated engine, with new dead shafts, balance shafts, and crankshaft plus an updated clutch cover and a magnesium cam cover.

Along with these changes, Triumph has added new riding modes, Road and Rain, both of which alter traction control and throttle mapping. The bike also features new tech features, like a USB charger and LED lights.

Hit the Road

There are plenty of motorcycle models to get excited about in 2019. These are just a dozen of the ones we wanted to highlight. We hope this has made your search for a new motorcycle easier and not harder.

Once you’ve got your new bike picked out, take a look at the events and rallies where you can ride it.

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