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    Why Are Harley-Davidson Motorcycles So Popular?

    What makes Harley-Davidson motorcycles so popular? Explore the reasons why Harley-Davison motorcycles are so special to motorcycle riders everywhere. The post Why Are Harley-Davidson Motorcycles So Popular? appeared first on Biker Report.

    In 2018, Harley Davidson sold over 228,000 motorcycles. Over half were sold in the United States alone. 

    Today, their motorcycles are still considered some of the best on the market.

    Why Harley Davidson? Because they’re more than just motorcycle manufacturers. Harley Davidson represents a culture, a community, and a way of life.

    Read on to learn about the history, culture, and desirability of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    Who Is Harley Davidson? A Brief History

    To clarify, Harley Davidson was not one man with a cool name.

    Walter and Arthur Davidson joined ranks with William Harley in 1903. What began as a single-cylinder motor attached to a sturdy frame became 50 and then 150 motorized cycles.

    Motorcycles were a symbol of leisure until Walter began competing in races. After winning a 175-mile race, Walter transformed motorcycles, specifically Harley Davidsons, into a symbol of freedom and speed.

    The Harley Davidson brand saw many improvements in manufacturing throughout the years. It survived the Great Depression only to become a huge asset during WWII. A change in ownership and practice led to massive strikes in the 1980s, and still, Harley-Davidson persevered. 

    Their rich history shows Harley Davidson to be not only a symbol of freedom but of resilience and loyalty. These associations are apparent in the popular culture surrounding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    Harley Davidson in Popular Culture

    Over the past century, Harley Davidson motorcycles have been associated with lawful justice and rebellion. This in part accounts for the widespread love of the Harley Davidson brand in American culture. 

    By 1908, police forces began buying and using Harleys due to their high quality and respectability. To this day, police officers in America use primarily Harley-made motorcycles

    In fact, the look of Harley Davidson law enforcement motorcycles has become iconic. Tons of Harley fanatics go searching for vintage models to add to their private collections.

    Of course, that’s not the only association people have with Harley Davidson bikes. 

    In 1969, the film Easy Rider brought Harleys to the big screen, showcasing one of the most iconic Harley Davidson’s in the popular imagination. With this film came the tie between Harley hogs and the rebellious nature of searching for oneself outside of the “norm.”

    Harley Davidson motorcycles continued to pop up in film and television. Motorcycles have long been featured on the big screen, and Harleys, in particular, became a mainstay in American cinema.

    Films like In the Line of Fire, 1993, and Robocop 2, 1990, depict Harleys as the rightful companions of the law. Films like Rocky III, 1982, Ghost Rider, 2007, and Machete, 2010, depict Harleys as the ride of choice of cool outcasts and justified rebels. 

    Whether a film or TV character was on the side of the law or working outside of it, Harley was there. Answering the question, “Why Harley Davidson?” from a cultural perspective is easy: because Harleys are cool. 

    However, Harleys aren’t just for cops and rebels.

    Harley Davidson and American Veterans

    Harley Davidson motorcycles were often used by American troops in combat in the 20th century. This bound their history with much of American military history. There is also a distinct relationship between Harley Davidson motorcycles and the veterans who have returned home after serving their country overseas. 

    Harley Davidson offers discounts on motorcycles and gear to veterans all over the country. They’ve also recently partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project. (The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity geared towards helping veterans readjust to their life back in the States.)

    Many veterans struggling with PTSD have built communities with other Harley riders around the country. Many veterans have reported that getting out on the open road has helped ease some of the symptoms of PTSD. 

    From veterans to police officers to all-around motorcycle enthusiasts, community-building is important and has been a huge part of the resilient Harley Davidson popularity. 

    The Harley Davidson Community

    What’s more American than the sprawling picnic tables, sound stages, and the shining, parked motorcycles that mark Harley Davidson community events?

    There’s more to the Harley Davidson community than supposed outlaw groups like Hell’s Angels, founded in California in 1948. Hell’s Angels sometimes hung around with celebrities like Hunter S. Thompson, Allen Ginsberg, and even rock legends like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. It’s easy to understand why these groups come to mind.

    More often than not, however, Harley-based community groups aren’t outlaws. They’re more committed to their brand, their bike, rallies, and rides than to building a reputation of mystery and danger. What every Harley rider knows is that Harley Davidson is a way of life, and it’s one worth sharing with like-minded people.

    Whether you’re new to the world of motorcycles or a seasoned rider, there are always events and rallies to attend. No matter where you live, you’re bound to find something nearby. And if not, the open road calls!

    It’s not hard to stumble across a Harley Davidson event even if you didn’t know it was scheduled. Why? Because they have an easily recognizable logo that many Americans could spot from a mile away.

    The Harley Davidson Brand

    One thing business experts can agree on is that Harley Davidson did a great job of branding their company.

    As far as Harley Davidson in the cultural imagination, that may have been a lucky coincidence. The company founders didn’t necessarily expect that an association between a motorcycle and freedom would turn into an association with respectability, strength, and all-around coolness.

    What the company has done is take the Harley Davidson logo and put it on other products besides bikes. You can find the Harley Davidson logo on motorcycle gear, of course, but also on blankets, teddy bears, t-shirts, and more.

    There’s also the distinct look many riders, and their regional Harley chapters, have developed. It allows the public to immediately identify them as bonafide Harley riders. The look is actually an adaptation of the so-called “one-percenters” like Hell’s Angels.

    The look consists of leather vests and jackets with huge patches identifying their community stitched on the back, and of course, Harley logos.

    Why does this branding contribute to their popularity? Printing that logo on all sorts of merchandise brings more than just seasoned riders into the community. It gives friends, family members, enthusiasts, and even children the opportunity to feel some kind of personal connection to the brand.

    Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all these Harley-branded products contribute to the business’s financial success. Plus, it generates walking and talking advertisements for the company. It would be difficult to find a single American who couldn’t identify that logo! After all, it belongs to one of the most successful motorcycle manufacturers in the world. 

    Reasons to Buy a Harley Davidson

    Harleys didn’t become a huge part of popular culture just because they look cool. (Although, that probably helped.)

    Harley Davidson motorcycles are also built well. They’re built to last, and when a part or two needs replacement, they’re built to be worked on. 

    They’ve also gained an honest reputation as cross-country travelers. Harleys are heavyweight bikes and have greater rake angles and longer wheelbases. What that means is that Harleys have great stability, and while they may not be as agile as some other makes and models, they’re more reliable on long rides down the highway.

    Harley Davidsons are also highly customizable. This, in part, goes back to how easy they are to work on.

    Wondering where the name “Chopper” came from? This is it. For decades, motorcycle enthusiasts have loved how easy it is to strip a Harley down, chop it up, and put it back together as a whole new bike.

    For anyone who loves a good DIY fixer-upper or customization job, Harleys are a great option. It’s easy to track down the parts necessary to do the job, whether they’re to be found in the closest Harley shop (and it’s probably not far) or from a third-party or independent dealer. 

    Harleys also keep their value, so there’s no need to worry about money down the drain. Between their longevity and the lengths to which some collectors will go to track down unique or well-preserved Harleys, Harley Davidsons can be considered a valuable investment.

    Harley Davidson: Not Just a Motorcycle Manufacturer

    Harley Davidson is much more than just a motorcycle manufacturing company. It’s more than a company that’s worth a ton of money.

    Harley Davidson changed the face of American history and culture. It created a new kind of “cool,” and put motorcycles at the center of that coolness. 

    What started as a motorized bicycle became the colorful, shining motorcycles of the 1960s and then the darker, tougher bikes of the 1980s. It’s easy to appreciate the nostalgia for those older models while looking forward to what the future holds for Harley motorcycles. 

    To stay updated on the future of Harley Davidson, keep an eye out for news and information on new model releases right here on Biker.Report.

    The post Why Are Harley-Davidson Motorcycles So Popular? appeared first on Biker Report.

    Shut Up and Take Our Money: 2020’s Best New Motorcycles

    If you're set to buy a new motorcycle (or more) next year, you need to know the best ones to get. Here are the best new motorcycles you'll love to ride in 2020. The post Shut Up and Take Our Money: 2020’s Best New Motorcycles appeared first on Biker...

    A motorcycle is a motorcycle is a motorcycle … right? There are different types of models and manufacturers, but the basic concept hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years.

    That’s going to change in the near future. There are some concept bikes we’re dying to see made in real life and some new motorcycles you can get as soon as next year.

    Keep reading to learn what’s so different about these new models and what we can look forward to in the semi-distant future.

    Futuristic Updates

    We all know and love classic motorcycles, but there’s always room for improvement. Here are some things scientists and tech companies are working on to make more futuristic rides.

    1. Lighter Composite Frames

    The frame of your bike, whether you ride one with a frame exposed or not, has a lot to do with the weight of the bike.

    And some materials are lighter than others but harder to work with. That leads to lower weight, but higher prices. So what’s technology working on to make lighter frames more accessible?

    3D printing! Three major companies already have prototypes for 3D printed bike frames.

    They’re more efficient to manufacture, but they’re not yet on the market. We’ll see if they hold up to testing and if they do – look for them on the market in a couple of years.

    2. Haptic Warnings

    If you’ve driven any luxury-model new cars, you’ve probably felt them give you haptic feedback. Like the wheel vibrating if you leave the lane or letting you know when someone’s in your blind spot.

    Damon, a developer, and manufacturer, is working on haptic feedback for bikes. It would work by sending vibrations through the handlebars.

    They’re even looking into live-stream cameras on the back of the bike, so you know the safest move to make (or can provide video evidence in the case of an accident).

    3. Self-Balancing Bikes?

    Self-driving vehicles still aren’t a day-to-day reality, other than some Tesla models that can do small tasks, like pulling themselves out of the garage.

    And self-driving motorcycles? You’re probably thinking “no way Jose”. And you’re right – self-driving motorcycles won’t be on the market in the next five years.

    But you may see some advances in self-balancing technology. Honda and BMW tested a bike that could navigate a closed driving track by itself.

    So as far as self-driving motorcycles go, that’s still science fiction. But we’re getting a little closer to bringing them to reality.

    Let’s talk about the less distant future – 2020 bike models we can’t wait to get our hands-on.

    2020 Bikes You Can Buy Next Year

    Aside from futuristic concept models, here are some bikes you can actually spend your money on. 

    2020 BMW S100RR

    If you’re a fan of the RR models, you’re going to love this upgrade. Not only is it strong and sleek looking, but it’s also strong and sleek driving.

    It has over 200 horsepower and 83 pound-feet maximum torque. It’s going to do about a 74 on average when you’re not maxing it out.

    The designers at BMW are trying to give you a really “all-in-one” feel here. They want you to get a hot looking bike that’s a 10/10 on performance.

    It has all the modern necessities, like LED headlights, an ergonomic seating position, and even newer, lighter suspension technology. We’re talking 25 pounds lighter than the 2019 model – which is an accomplishment.

    If you want to bike to ride even lighter than that, you can opt for the M package – but that’s up to you and your powersports dealer.

    Safety reviews are praising it for its newly designed review mirrors, which give you a boost of visibility.

    Don’t want the added weight or wind drag of the visibility mirrors and the led light-enabled license plate holder? Take them off and you’ve got a perfect racing bike.

    We can see some big wins in your future with this 2020 model.

    2020 BMW R1250RT

    If you’re looking for something that rides a little less like a racing bike and more like something you could take a friend out on, check out this model.

    It boasts a better engine displacement, improved shifting, and some serious power, at 136 HP.

    That means you have more power and fewer shift changes, making each subsequent mile a little better than the one before.

    The good people at BMW are even giving you choices for wheels when you choose a finished package. You can get some classic tour wheels or “sport” wheels.

    If you’re looking for a touring bike but want it to have a little bit of an edge, opt for the sport wheels.

    Another feature on this model that we love, for riders that live in hilly places, is the Standard Hill Start Control. They’re trying to make starting hills easier for you, with a rear brake option you don’t need to hold a foot/hand brake for.

    If you often ride in places with hills and get on and off your bike often, this is an essential feature.

    Speaking of brakes, they’ve even improved the emergency brake on this model. You could say it’s safe to stop here (get it?).

    2020 Harley-Davidson Streetfighter

    This model isn’t named “streetfighter” for nothing. It’s named that for the way it can zip across city streets and around sharp turns that no one sees coming.

    This model is a step in the right direction for Harley-Davidson, who hasn’t had much input in the futuristic bike market or discussion lately.

    This bike brings them into 2020 with a fierce competitor.

    We don’t have that many details about it yet, but we do know it’s a middleweight model with some sleek black style anyone will love.

    If you’re looking for a bike that’s mostly for transportation and a little bit for fun – keep an eye on HD as they roll this out next year.

    2020 Harley-Davidson Pan-America Adventure

    Are you more of a touring rider? Not a fan of sitting with your eyes practically level with the handlebars?

    Harley just put out their new Pan-America adventure model just for you.

    This bike isn’t just a plain old touring model. It’s an adventure-touring model, which means you can go offroad, and we think you should.

    What’s so new about this model is that its shaped more like a Sportster, but you’ll ride it more like a touring bike. You get comfort and the bike gets more speed.

    It’s a novel concept, which is probably why they made it. Does the idea of a sit-up-straight tour/Sportster appeal to you? Or will you stay with your couch-on-wheels that can carry the whole family?

    2020 Ducati Panigale V4 25 Anniversario 916

    While not technically a new bike, this is a souped-up bike model to celebrate the 25 years the 916 has been on the market.

    This fast and light sports bike has been a favorite the world around, though in the early days it was difficult to get it in the States.

    If you’re a fan of the Ducati 916 and you have some serious cash to spend – this bike may not be one you ride, rather, one you keep safe and sell for a profit.

    Why? They’re only making 500 of this anniversary edition. Collectors will be paying out the nose for it in a few years.

    If you can get your hands on one of the five hundred and it’s not for investing and reselling – you’ll love riding it too. It’s mostly a speed/racing edition that’s got things like the Ducati Quick Shift EVO 2 and predictive traction control.

    You can sign up for release updates on the Ducati website if you’re interesting in bagging this 1,103 cc model. Pricing still isn’t out – but we’re sure Ducati will let you know as soon as they’re ready to go public.

    2020 Honda CBR300R ABS

    Of course, there is not much that Honda can do to improve one of their best selling models, the CBR. There’s not much structurally different or aesthetically different about this model – it’s just faster.

    Introducing a new color this year, called pearl blue and we’re seeing a stronger engine.

    Brakes are better on the 2020 model too, thanks to some better brake disks.

    You have to like a naked, let-me-see-the-hardware type of look to drive a CBR and that’s still true with their 2020 model.

    If you don’t have a bike – this model isn’t so different that you should be paying model-year-new prices. Maybe trade in an old bike to get this fresh model, to save some cool cash.

    New Motorcycles in 2020: What to Expect

    A lot of manufacturers are still showing concept models, and the few we listed here are some of the only 2020 bikes you can buy next year.

    We’re sure that will change as the year goes on, but don’t expect to have a concept model in your garage next year.fhar

    While you’re waiting, make sure you go check these new motorcycles out at your local dealership – and watch our news page for any updates. 

    The post Shut Up and Take Our Money: 2020’s Best New Motorcycles appeared first on Biker Report.

    Best of the Best: Top Motorcycle Riding Gear You Need to Get Your Hands on ASAP

    If clothes make the man, then the right gear makes the biker. But don't buy just any gear. Here are the top motorcycle riding gear worth splurging on. The post Best of the Best: Top Motorcycle Riding Gear You Need to Get Your Hands on ASAP appeared first on Biker...

    In 2016, motorcyclists were 28 times more likely than car passengers to die in a car crash per vehicle mile traveled.

    That statistic is scary, but many thrillseekers choose to gamble and become avid motorcyclists. Because the sport is so dangerous, it’s vital that riders take the time to research the best protective gear.

    If you don’t have the right gear, can you really call yourself a biker?

    If you are looking to purchase a new motorcycle, keep reading for a guide on landing the best motorcycle riding gear.

    Why You Should Invest in Motorcycle Riding Gear

    Riding on the highway in or on any moving vehicle is dangerous to a certain degree. But if you’re in a road accident on a motorcycle, you’re likely to sustain major injuries.

    High-Speed Impact

    Your body wasn’t designed to withstand impacts at high speeds. In the right conditions, you can die falling off of a horse traveling less than 50 mph.

    Think about how fast a motorcycle travels. You can easily hit speeds of 45-55 mph without being on the highway, where you’re more likely to be traveling 70-80 mph. Your bones, skin, and insides don’t stand a chance at those speeds without protective gear.


    Even if you do survive the initial impact, you’ll have to survive abrasion. On average, motorists lose one millimeter of flesh for every mile per hour you travel over 30 mph. A light jacket and pair of jeans aren’t going to put up much of a fight against the pavement.

    If you’re traveling at reckless speeds, you could lose over an inch of flesh. Losing that amount of flesh is life-threatening.

    Weather Conditions

    Motorcyclists must also consider the weather conditions before going for a ride.

    You have to calculate windchill before you embark on a ride. The drop in temperature on a motorcycle is often extreme. You may leave the house comfortable in a light jacket and then find yourself needing a down jacket on the road.

    There is even gear that will help you cool down when it’s hot by accelerating your body’s evaporative cooling effect. With the right summer jacket, your body can use sweat to cool itself as it was designed to do.

    Selecting the Best Motorcycle Riding Gear

    While all gear should be stylish and comfortable, it should also include a certain amount of added safety for the rider.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of gear that will give you the look you want and the protection you need.


    The law requires you to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Only those with a Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker are considered safe

    While not required by law, if you’re on a motorcycle, you should be wearing a full-face helmet. This is because most injuries to the face in motorcycle accidents occur in the areas not covered by three-quarter- or open-face-type helmets. 

    You should invest money into your helmet, as you will probably have it for at least five years. Whichever you choose, inspect it regularly to be sure that the layers of material are not degrading or breaking down.

    Always do your search and purchase a helmet from a reputable retailer. Here are a couple of the highest-rated motorcycle helmets currently on the market:

    Icon Airflite Helmet

    The Icon Airflite helmet is affordable at $250 and is designed for riders of all types. If you’re just starting to bike and don’t know which style you’ll stick with in the long run, this is a good helmet for you.

    Don’t let the threatening style fool you, this helmet is comfortable and functional. It meets and exceeds all safety standards. In addition to a removable, moisture-wicking liner, it has a chin vent to allow functional air flow and intake vents to suck in fresh air. 

    Other features:

    • Supervent cooling system
    • Injection molded polycarbonate shell (for strength)
    • Fog-free sun shield
    • Quick-change fog-free face shield
    • Removable side plates

    Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

    The Shoei RF-1200 helmet is priced at a premium ($485.99) for a reason. It is a leader in comfort, performance, and protection.

    It is known as one of the safest helmets on the market, but also the most comfortable. The compact and aerodynamic shape of the shell is wind tunnel tested. It reduces noise, buffeting, and weight. 

    Other features:

    • Multiple shell sizes
    • Superior ventilation
    • Secure chin strap
    • Breath guard and chin curtain (for increased ventilation)
    • Four shell sizes
    • Emergency Quick-Release System
    • Dual-density, moisture-wicking EPS liner


    After you purchase a helmet, you should look into a quality motorcycle jacket. The type of jacket you choose will largely depend on the climate you’ll typically ride in.

    Jackets are designed to protect your skin, arms, ribs, back, and organs. It’s important that you purchase a jacket that is designed for safety, not style or comfort. However, there are some pretty awesome jackets that offer all three attributes.

    When trying on a motorcycle jacket, you should make sure that it fits snug while still allowing you to move. Test the jacket in different positions (sitting straight up or hunched over) to get a feel for how it would affect your ride.

    Here are a few of the most popular jackets to consider:

    Alpinestars GP Tech Leather Jacket

    Don’t let the $999 price tag scare you away, because the Alpinestars GP Tech jacket is full of features. 

    It offers a removable windbreaker, which means you can wear it in any type of weather situation. The washable inner liner contains 3D inserts for comfort and ventilation. 

    The GP Tech jacket’s sleeves are pre-curved, which helps reduce riding fatigue in your arms. 

    Other features:

    • Soft 3D mesh collar and cuff
    • Velcro and D-ring waist adjustments
    • Interior waterproof wallet pocket with Velcro
    • Internal waist connection zipper to use with pants
    • Reflective detailing

    First Gear Kathmandu Jacket

    The First Gear Kathmanu jacket is a textile jacket designed to provide riders with ample storage and easy access to the things you need.

    It is lightweight and comfortable with a removable insulated liner and underarm vents.

    Other features:

    • 300D high-density nylon shell
    • Abrasion-resistant impact panels
    • Two vertical chest pockets
    • Waist and cuff adjusters
    • Removable hydration pack with reservoir
    • Underhelmet rain hood stows in collar
    • Reflective accents

    Pants are also protective gear that is worth purchasing, but you should probably purchase ones that are made by the same manufacturer. You can often buy them as a set.


    A sturdy pair of boots is an essential asset to your riding gear.

    You’ll have to support the weight of your bike with your legs, ankles, and feet. This is especially true in hazardous weather conditions such as rain or unexpected snow. 

    Bikes weigh hundreds of pounds, so you should protect your vulnerable ankles in a crash. When searching for a riding boot, select a shoe with a sole that won’t twist. Think about it: whatever happens to that shoe when it twists is what will happen to your foot and ankle in an accident.

    If you’re considering a motorcycle boot, make sure it laces above the ankle. You should be able to pull the laces tight so that the boot won’t fly off in an accident. 

    Here are a few fan favorites that are guaranteed to protect your ankles and feet in an accident:

    Harley-Davidson Men’s Brake Light Boot

    Harley-Davidson has been a leader in the motorcycle industry since the beginning. No wonder so many people prefer their Brake Light Boot.

    The Brake Light Boot offers a rugged look but doesn’t skimp on quality. They are waterproof and abrasion resistant and made of full-grain leather. These boots will set you back $150-200.

    Other features:

    • Oil-resistant
    • Full-length cushion sock lining
    • Goodyear welt construction to bond sole to boot
    • Locking twin zippers (to keep your boots zipped)

    Bruno Marc Men’s Stone Motorcycle Combat Boots

    These affordable boots are only $35, but they offer supreme comfort and a non-skid outsole. These combat boots are stylish while providing the support your ankles require when operating your motorcycle.

    Other features:

    • Non-skid, rubble sole
    • Stylish platform heel
    • Faux fur lining
    • Flexible comfort


    The last item that should be vital to your motorcycle riding gear kit is a good pair of gloves. 

    Operating a bike safely requires the use of your hands. They guide your experience, but they are also the first body parts to suffer an injury in an accident. 

    Your hands are fragile. Protect them with gloves meant for biking that cover your skin and support your wrists with retention straps.

    Search for gloves that are made out of tough, abrasion-resistant material that will slide easily across pavement. Above all, make sure you’re comfortable operating your bike while wearing the gloves you choose. 

    An added plus: gloves are good for riders with sweaty hands.

    Here are a few popular glove options for motorcyclists:

    BMW Rallye Gloves

    The BMW Rallye gloves are considered some of the best summer weight gloves to buy. 

    They are made of a mix of leather, goat’s leather, and spandex, so they keep a grip on anything. They’re also impact-resistant, making them perfect for offroad touring. 

    Other features:

    • Kangaroo leather palms for abrasion resistance
    • Mesh material at the base of fingers for ventilation
    • Special seems to prevent pressure points on fingers
    • Cowhide pads with foam padding in fingers

    Safety First

    If you’re serious about biking, you should add this motorcycle riding gear to your wish list.

    Other items to consider are eyewear protection (if not offered by your helmet), long underwear, earplugs, and body armor. 

    Yes, motorcycle riding gear is an expensive investment, but your safety is vital! Plus, most gear comes with a warranty should anything go wrong. You should factor in the cost of gear into your budget when purchasing a bike.

    So, which motorcycle riding equipment are you purchasing next? Comment below and let us know!

    The post Best of the Best: Top Motorcycle Riding Gear You Need to Get Your Hands on ASAP appeared first on Biker Report.

    It’s Not Too Late: All the Biker Events You Could Still Go to This Year

    Did you miss Bike Week? Don't worry, it's not too late for you to participate in other biker events. Here's a list of motorcycle events to put in your calendar. The post It’s Not Too Late: All the Biker Events You Could Still Go to This Year appeared first on Biker...

    In 2017, American consumers bought 472 million motorcycles.

    But for a lot of people, having a bike means way more than having a new means of transportation. It’s a whole lifestyle.

    A big part of this lifestyle is about getting together in rallies and biker events and celebrating the history of the subculture and everything that makes it what it is today.

    If you’ve been a biker for long, you probably know all the motorcycle events that happen every year. If you’re a newbie, you might not be so familiar with the calendar.

    Either way, there’s still a lot of time in 2019 to unite with people who love bikes just as much as you do. The eleven events in this article are our top choices!

    Biker Events You Can Still Go To

    Half of the year is already gone but that doesn’t mean that you’ve missed all the opportunities to attend awesome bike events. In fact, you still have plenty of them to choose from!

    Ride for Kids

    Where? 27 different locations

    When? July 13, 2019, until October 20, 2019 (dates vary according to location)

    How much? $40 to ride

    Since 1984 that fun meets generosity at the national event Ride for Kids.

    You can register online to ride at your local event, on routes that typically go for 40 to 50 miles. Even those who don’t bike can get involved, by volunteering, planning a fundraiser and more.

    The $40 you pay are worth the registration, as well an official t-shirt, a ride pin, and food. That money, alongside other donations, goes to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, an organization that helps children with brain tumors.

    Besides that, the money that’s raised also helps fund the education of young people who survived a brain tumor.

    42nd National Bikers Roundup

    Where? Gulfport, Mississippi

    When? July 30, 2019, until August 4, 2019

    How much? $30

    The National Bikers Roundup is organized by African American motorcycle clubs and it has become the biggest camping bike rally in America.

    In 1977, the first year of the event, 49 riders attended. Now, as a 5-day long event, it receives around 30,000 riders every year (and nearly 50% are black women).

    At the event, you can see exhibitions, stunt shows, drag racing, parades and more. The location of the event changes every year, but the 42nd edition will be in Mississippi.

    Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2019

    Where? Sturgis, South Dakota

    When? August 2-11, 2019

    How much? Information not available on the website

    2019 is “The Year of the Ride” for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, so there will be at least 6 different rides for everyone to try.

    You’ll also get to participate in Poker tournaments and tours, do a pub crawl and show off your facial hair in a Beard & Mustache contest or your ink in the Tattoo Tuesday contest.

    Obtain the right marriage license and you can even get married at this rally. Is there anyone you can’t do in this event?

    41st Annual Wing Ding 2019

    Where? Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee

    When? August 27-31, 2019

    How much? 

    • $50 for the general public
    • $40 for GWRRA members
    • $20 for life members

    At Wing Ding, bikers can suggest their favorite rides around Nashville, where participants are sure to find “the most beautiful scenery and best restaurants”.

    One of the biggest trade shows organized for Gold Wing and Touring riders in the world happens at Wing Ding. There you can take part in demo rides and see the work of several apparel designers and custom artisans. If you’re looking for new gear for your rides, this is definitely a good place to buy it.

    Plus, there’s a kickoff party to start the event on the right foot, GWRRA recruiting booths, old-fashion bike games, a bike night with music and a light show, and more.

    2019 Roar to the Shore

    Where? Wildwood, New Jersey

    When? September 5-8, 2019

    How much? Free

    The Roar to the Shore stands out from bike events we’ve mentioned so far for two big reasons: its location, in such a central city, and the fact that you don’t have to pay to participate.

    So even if you’re on a budget, there’s an authentic motorcycle bike you can take part in!

    At 2019 Roar to the Shore there’s a Rubber Duck Ride around the Cape May County. This part of the event includes a raffle where you can win a mystery prize. Although there’s a price to participate (1 ticket for $15 or 2 for $25), the money is donated to charity organizations in the Wildwoods.

    Capital City Bikefest – 15th Annual

    Where? Raleigh Convention Center, Downtown Raleigh

    When? September 20-22, 2019

    How much? $10

    The Capital City Bikfest is a 3-day family-friendly event.

    The program includes a bike show, stunt shows, rides, a car show (which you can apply for by sending a photo and build specs of your car), a motorcycle rally for the entire family and live music.

    There’s also a tattoo fest within this motorcycle festival. In order to get inked at the event, you must schedule an appointment with the artist of your choice. Once again, the proceeds go to charity, in this case to the USO of NC and the US Veteran’s Corps.

    19th Annual Thunder Beach Autumn Rally

    Where? Panama City Beach, Florida

    When? October 23-27, 2019

    How much? Free

    Thunder Beach organizes two annual bike events, on during the Spring and the other during Autumn.

    At this rally, there are free concerts, Miss and Ms. Thunder Beach contests, poker runs supported by charities and a welcoming party on the first day.

    This is another free rally, although the organization encourages participants to buy merch and shop at their official vendor villages. This way, they are able to keep the event free for years to come.

    Lone Star Rally

    Where? Galveston, Texas

    When? October 31, 2019, until November 3, 2019

    How much?

    • $99 for Platinum VIP (all weekend)
    • $75 for Gold VIP (all weekend)
    • $50 for single day VIP ticket

    The Lone Star Rally organizes a bike show where the winner gets $500 and a full feature in the Cycle Source Magazine. Besides that, you can take part in Rodeo Games and win the 2019 Rodeo Championship Belt, or in the Perewitz Pain Show and win custom painted prizes.

    But this event is about more than bikes: you can see both a drive-in car show and a truck and jeep show.

    Additionally, the rally holds the Miss Lone Star Rally contest, where the winner receives $10,000 in cash.

    Roscoes Chili Challenge 2019

    Where? Lakeland, Florida

    When? November 7-10, 2019

    How much? Information not available on the website

    This one is for those of you who love chili just as much as you love riding bikes.

    The main attraction at this event are the cookoff and the chili challenge – hence the name – that’s been going on for over 30 years and where the winner can get $2000. But there’s also a lot of events for bikers: a bike show sponsored by Born to Ride, a Slow Ride and mini-bike races.

    Like many others, the Roscoes Chili Challenge raises money for charity: all the money you spend on beer is donated to the Polk County Christmas Angels.

    Progressive International Motorcycle Show – New York

    Where? Javits Center, New York

    When? December 6-8, 2019

    How much?

    • $22 for adults
    • Free entry for children

    Is your love for bikes rubbing off on your kids? Then you need to take them to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. There’s a closed ride dedicated to the little ones, where they can experience for the first time the thrill of riding their own bike (safely, of course).

    For the adults, there’s… pretty much anything you could imagine.

    Massage, tattoos, barbers and braiders, live art, sweepstakes for an all-expenses-paid bike trip, a contest for bike builders, and more.

    Get Your Bike Ready

    With the number of biker events we just listed, we know that at least one or two caught your attention. So what are you waiting for? Go get those tickets. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

    If you have questions about these bike events or any other motorcycle-related topics, you can always hit us up. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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    Top 6 Best Motorcycle Roads in the U.S.

    You deserve to ride on the best roads in America. So what are the best motorcycle roads in the U.S.? Keep on reading to check out our top 6 picks! The post Top 6 Best Motorcycle Roads in the U.S. appeared first on Biker Report.

    There’s nothing like the open road. There’s little better than the feeling and freedom of traveling around the country. The ability to see the sights and soak in the pleasure of a long, uninterrupted ride is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

    But when it comes to a great motorcycle ride, you can’t settle on just any old slab of asphalt. There are certain stretches in this country that are nightmares for bikers and bike enthusiasts, and then there are stretches that are an absolute dream.

    We’re going to go ahead and bet that you would be interested in the latter. And why wouldn’t you be? You deserve to ride on the best motorcycle roads the U.S. has to offer. Read on, and we’ll walk you through the twelve you should know about.

    1. Blue Ridge Parkway

    When it comes to the best motorcycle roads in the country, there’s no better place to start than with the stretch of road that is literally known as ‘America’s Favorite Drive.’ 

    That’s right, the 500 mile stretch of Blue Ridge Parkway has quite a reputation. The road stretches through both North Carolina and Virginia, starting and ending in two different national parks: the Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountain National Parks. That means you have the option of starting or ending your great big ride in some of the most scenic locations in the country.

    The road itself is a gorgeous display of nature and natural scenery. You’ll be making your way through the Appalachian region, and that means countless hiking trails, orchards, and rivers will spring up along your route from A to B. If you’ve ever wanted to make a trip through this region of the country, you’d be hard pressed to find a better route than the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s truly one of the best motorcycle roads the country has to offer. 

    2. Pacific Coast Highway

    If there’s a most famous road on this list, it’s probably the Pacific Coast Highway that stretches from Southern to Northern California. It’s most notable stretch, through Big Sur, has been featured countless times in movies, television, and in commercials. 

    It’s been filmed so frequently for good reason: the Pacific Coast Highway is simply one of the most beautiful and scenic rides anywhere in the world. Much of the drive will put you thousands of feet above the gorgeous and crystal-blue California waters. 

    A drive down the PCH, also known as State Road 1, is a great ride for beginners. The speed limit is kept comparatively low here, and the stretch of road is so popular that you can’t go more than a few short miles without running into new towns, shops, restaurants, and attractions. 

    The popularity of the Pacific Coast Highway might mean you’ll run into a bit more traffic here than you might on some of the other routes on this list. But if you don’t mind a little touch-and-go driving, it can be well worth the once in a lifetime scenery. 

    3. Tail Of Dragon At Deals Gap

    Many of the routes on this list are quite long and can take days of traveling to get through. Some of us don’t have that kind of free time available to us. Need a shorter ride, one that you can get through in one day? We’ve got you covered there too. 

    The Tail of Dragon At Deals Gap is a surprisingly short road located in the heart of Tennessee. But don’t let the length fool you: this is also one of the most challenging roads to navigate in the country. There’s a reason it has such an eccentric name, after all.

    The Tail of Dragon is a mere eleven miles in length, but in that distance, there is an intimidating three-hundred and eighteen different turns and curves. If you decide to take on this motorcycle road, you’ll have your work cut out for you. But if you can handle the challenge, Tail of Dragon can provide quite an enjoyable and adrenaline-pumping experience. 

    Despite the twists and turns, this road still crosses some of the more gorgeous regions of Tennessee, working its way through lakes and small mountains. If you’re a novice or even average rider, you may want to save this path for later on your bucket list. But if you’ve seen the world of biking and want more, taking on the Tail of Dragon might be the right move for you. 

    4. Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

    Want a little bit of a history lesson along with your bike ride? You could do worse than the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, which follows more or less the exact path initially forged by Lewis & Clark

    Yes, that means you can take your motorcycle down through Idaho, Montana, and Washington and see what some of the earliest English explorers first saw in the new land of America. In a sense, taking a trip down this long stretch can serve as the best possible history lesson, literally allowing you to step back into an earlier chapter of American history. 

    And if that wasn’t appealing enough to you, there’s a huge number of other attractions that fill the area and towns off of the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway. Want to go whitewater rafting, camp out, or go hiking? The Byway will give you plentiful opportunities to do just that. All of this combined makes it more than just a great and beautiful trail of asphalt: it makes the byway one of the most quintessentially American roads in all of the country. 

    5. Beartooth Highway

    No list of the best motorcycle roads in America would be complete without chronicling a path that cuts through the Rocky Mountains. And king among such paths has to be the Beartooth Highway. 

    The Beartooth Highway is the highest elevation paved road in the Rock Mountain region. That means you’ll have the combined benefits of a smooth ride and incredible views and scenery. At it’s highest peak, the highway reaches 11,000 feet above the ground. 

    The zigzagging road passes through both the Custer and Shoshone National Forests and provides some of the most jaw-dropping views anywhere on the planet. At the very end of the road? The entrance to Yellowstone National Park, positioning Beartooth Highway as kind of the ultimate yellow brick road for nature lovers. 

    Downsides to the path? The elevation can make it difficult to traverse for many months of the year. Higher elevations mean lower temperatures, and the roads of the Beartooth Highway can get icy, snowy, and deeply dangerous very quickly. If you’re planning to make a trip out to ride this road, you’ll need to plan ahead.

    There are a few weeks within the fall and spring where the weather can be perfect for it. But wait too long and you might find that long portions of the highway have been shut down entirely, for the safety of the public. 

    6. Going-To-The-Sun Road

    This gorgeous road in Montana has to have our favorite name on the list, grabbing extra points for capturing the transcendent experience that such a trip can provide. This incredible motorcycle riding road is the only paved path that cuts through Glacier National Park, one of the most notable and popular reserves in the country.

    Going-To-The-Sun Road has an amazing reputation, mostly thanks to its natural scenery and incredibly smooth and well-paved roads. There’s enough twists and turns to keep experienced bike riders interested, but not so many that it should prove too challenging to more novice riders. 

    The pathway itself also isn’t too long: from beginning to end, it reaches just about 50 miles in total. That means you can get through it in a day fairly easily, or split it up over a few days if you want to spend more time exploring or hiking around.

    Montana is one of the few states left in the country to have a plethora of natural beauty still untouched. As such, visiting Going-To-The-Sun Road should absolutely be on your motorcycle trip bucket list. 

    The Best Motorcycle Roads In The United States

    As a biking enthusiast, we probably don’t need to convince you of how amazing a few days spent on the open road can be. But what we can do is point you in the direction of some of the most amazing motorcycle roads in the country. The above routes, roads, and highways boast some of the best scenery and smoothest rides in the world. 

    If you’re a serious biker, you owe it to yourself to spend some time riding down these amazing stretches of asphalt. Want to learn more about the best rides and routes? Check out our blog for more. 

    The post Top 6 Best Motorcycle Roads in the U.S. appeared first on Biker Report.

    The Gold Coast: Top 5 California Motorcycle Tours

    California offers a wide range of scenery across the state. Read the top California motorcycle tours and ride the Golden State today. The post The Gold Coast: Top 5 California Motorcycle Tours appeared first on Biker Report.

    There is no better state than California to take your motorcycle out for a ride. Whether you go out for the day, a week or longer,  there is a breathtaking variety of terrains and entertainments both on and off the beaten path.

    Here is a sampling of five of the best California motorcycle tours. 

    1. Pacific Coast Highway

    One of the most spectacular road trips in the entire United States, the Pacific Coast Highway runs all along the state’s picturesque shoreline from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. While it is awe-inspiring in a car, it is even better on a bike. 

    If you start in the North at San Francisco, you can get started with a drive through that famous bastion of the sixties’ counter culture. Now a hotbed of tech giants and real estate, the city still holds its bohemian charm with lovely parks, an active street life, and music everywhere.

    Continue south of the city towards Silicon Valley, and you can stop at San Jose to see the infamous haunted Winchester Mystery House. Built by an eccentric member of the wealthy gun making family, the estate has over 150 rooms, with lots of architectural curiosities like dead-end hallways, and staircases that run up to the ceiling.

    No trip down Route One would be complete without seeing Monterey. The road is challenging for a motorcycle, with lots of curves along steep, craggy cliffs. Be safe and stop on a lookout point to observe the crashing surf, majestic rocks, and seals along the coastline.  

    Take a detour to Big Sur, and camp under the stars in this arty, hippy-like community. Indulge in a nude dip in the natural hot spring baths at the Esalen Institute to soothe sore muscles from your ride.

    Continue South to Southern California, soaking in the sun and sights at such hot spots as Santa Barbara and Malibu. If you go off the beaten track in Orange County, you may stumble upon one of the country’s most famous biker bars, Crook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon.  

    You can keep going to San Diego, and –  if you have your passport-  continue right on through to Tijuana. 

    This is an over 500-mile drive, so take your time and plan out places to camp along the way to really sample the freedom of the wild, wild west. 

    2. Mulholland Drive 

    If you can only do a day trip on your chopper, Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles is one of your best bets for an exhilarating experience.

    This well-known blacktop winds through the Santa Monica mountains and is the home of the notorious stretch of road called “the Snake, ” otherwise known as the most-crashed corner in SoCal. 

    Hollywood types in fancy cars crowd this stretch of highway ever since Steve McQueen made it cool. But motorcycle aficionados have a special love/hate relationship with it, mostly due to the 180-degree hairpin which attracts all kinds to test their prowess.

    Considered a “skatepark for motorcycles,” many inexperienced riders crash along the Snake (otherwise known as Edwards Corner). It’s not that hard if you do what the good riders do: lower your speed before the turn, lean in, and roll on the gas after the apex. The hot doggers who hit the corner way too fast tend to slam into the guard rail.

    Despite the thrill- or maybe because of it?- many bikers put Mulholland on their bucket list. Just don’t forget your own bucket- a helmet is required by law in California. 

    3. Far From the Maddening Crowd 

    A mid-length motorcycle trip which will take you beyond the big cities is to follow Highway 1 from San Francisco to Fort Bragg. You will be struck by the awesome natural beauty, the sleepy little beach towns, and the cool vibe of the people in the northern part of the state. 

    Cross the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito and Marin County, still a hippie haven. Take some time to hike into the Muir Woods and see the massive redwood trees.

    Continue north along dramatic cliffs and check out the beaches of Point Reyes National Seashore. You can find lots of quirky towns like Inverness, which boast art galleries and old style Western saloons.

    Speaking of saloons, not far from this neck of the woods lie the vineyards of Napa Valley and Sonoma. If you are going to drink, make sure you leave your bike at the campgroundsand get a ride back. 

    Other cool sights on the way to Fort Bragg include the charming town of Mendocino, MacKerricher State Park where you may catch a glimpse of a migrating whale, and Glass Beach, which looks like it’s covered with jewels.

    4. Joshua Tree 

    Maybe you like the desert more than the coast or the forest. Then you should check out Joshua Tree, located about an hour from Palm Springs and about two hours from Los Angeles. 

    The park is amazingly beautiful and you can access a lot of it from paved roads. You can also find campsites and hiking trails, plus cools places to eat, drink, and spend the night. 

    From LA, it’s mostly freeway riding – and you know, there is often a lot of traffic in the LA area, so be patient. Then you get off on the 62, which takes you almost to the park gate. Inside the park, you will find a two-lane road with limited passing and low-speed limits.

    Motorcyclists love Joshua Tree because of all the paved roads which give you great views of the desert and mountain vistas. The park is open all year round.

    Note that there is no cell service in the park area and no services or facilities in most places. You should also be prepared for extreme weather and changes in temperature: there may be snow at the higher elevations in the winter. Under the summer sun, on the other hand, it can get up to 120 degrees! 

    If you don’t want to camp, stay at the Joshua Tree Inn Motel. If you would rather have a swimming pool to dunk into after a long dusty ride, there is a Best Western. You can also find a lot of private homes on Airbnb along the road leading to the park or on its border. 

    Pioneertown is an old movie set made to look like an old fashioned Western town. There you can find Pappy & Harriet’s, a fun roadhouse bar. You might also want to check out The Joshua Tree Saloon to wet your whistle.

    5. LA to Las Vegas, Via Death Valley 

    Although the fastest way to get from Southern California to Las Vegas is via Route I:15, the most scenic way will take you through God’s most forsaken landscape, Death Valley.

    It may take five hours and it goes below sea level. Be warned, you may need cooling suits because the temperatures here can rise way beyond any human comfort level. 

    There are all sorts of fun things to check out along the way, from funky diners to ghost towns. You can cool off in Panamint Springs at a motel or the saloon with a bar made out of a giant redwood burl.

    In Death Valley, you can zoom past sand dunes, rock formations, and places like the Funeral Mountains and the Devil’s Cornfield. Furnace Creek is another place to stop and cool off at a cheap roadside motel or the elegant Furnace Creek Inn, which boasts a swimming pool fed by natural warm springs.

    From Death Valley Junction, heads towards Vegas through Pahrump, where you can check out the laundromat owned by “Madam to the Stars” Heidi Fleiss. The infamous Chicken Ranch is not too far from here either.

    From Pahrump, you are an hour away through the mountain roads to Vegas, baby. This route takes you through the dramatic moon-like natural landscape past some of humanity’s most unusual specimens.

    California Motorcycle Tours: Hit the Road and See It All 

    California motorcycles tours are a great way to see one of the nation’s most diverse and amazing states. From the beaches of Southern California where the stars hang out through deserted mountain towns, a trip on a motorcycle will expose you to sights and experiences beyond your wildest dreams.

    Make sure you have the right equipment, clothing, and provisions for whatever ride you choose. Keep your bike in tip-top condition, and learn how to perform basic maintenance so you don’t break down in a desolate area far from assistance. 

    Seeing the world on a motorcycle, whether with your better half, your friends, or by your lonesome, is an incomparable way to rediscover your connection to the land and the road. Feel free and fast as you experience the road under your wheels and the wind in your face. You will never forget it. 

    For information on buying a bike and keeping it in running order, plus tips on the best rallies, routes, and motorcycle-related products, plus the latest legal developments impacting motorcyclists, check out our site. We’ve got everything you need to ride and to live free. 

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