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Small Business News and Reviews Here you can learn how to start your own business, grow that business, set up accounting software and find the best software, website builders and SBA business loan information for you, the entrepreneur, to succeed.

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    Why You Need Automated Document Scanning Software for Business

    Data is critical in any business. In fact, it is an asset that can give a company the edge over its competitors. This means it needs to be managed and stored in a way that facilitates business growth. Until very recently, paper files met the basic requirements for storing data, making it easy to keep [...] The post Why You Need Automated Document Scanning Software for Business appeared first on...

    Data is critical in any business. In fact, it is an asset that can give a company the edge over its competitors. This means it needs to be managed and stored in a way that facilitates business growth. Until very recently, paper files met the basic requirements for storing data, making it easy to keep crucial documents within reach and organizing them in a way that made the data easy to retrieve. But while manual files provide a simple way to store data, they do not make accessing it easy.


    Digitizing the way you store data allows you to improve your data management processes significantly. Businesses that utilize huge amounts of data need to consider automating their document scanning processes using specialized software. And compared to manual document processing, automation makes the process of scanning and classification of documents easy for businesses, leading to better organization and management of data.


    A business that automates its document scanning processes reaps many more benefits than the one that doesn’t. If you are wondering whether this is the best route for your business, here’s why you need to take the bold step and invest in document scanning software for your business:


    1.  Information is easily accessible every time it’s needed.

    Manual processing of data means using a lot of papers to store information, meaning overstuffed folders and filing cabinets that significantly reduce productivity over time because accessing information requires search manually. This is a cumbersome, time-consuming process. Automated document scanning makes it easy to search for data stored in servers. When this information is needed, users can access it quickly using search tools and retrieve it within minutes.


    1. It increases employee productivity.

    Processing huge numbers of documents every month is time-consuming. With the technology that we have today, it really isn’t the best way to spend employee time or organizational resources. At the same time, manual processing of thousands and thousands of paper documents is prone to human error. When an error occurs, it forces the people who are doing the job to backtrack and process the documents again.


    Automation of document processing helps address these issues in that errors can be corrected without having to reprocess all the documents. Also, document scanners are designed to minimize errors through a pattern system that processes and classifies data as it is received. This single feature enables businesses to save time and maximize employee productivity.


    1. It enhances data protection.

    Every industry has its own data security standards that need to be strictly adhered to. In manual data processing, customer data safeguards are reduced and company information is prone to abuse. Document scanning technology is designed to protect corporate data through encryption. This makes it possible to store information in secure locations while limiting access to only those people who are duly authorized. The business2community has shown some valuable information over data protection.


    At the same time, under privacy laws such as FACTA and HIPAA, businesses should be in control of their private information. When documents are stored in electronic formats, controlling and protecting sensitive information becomes easy because businesses can ensure the security of their entire information chain all the way to the document level. Access can be changed or removed as soon as employees either leave the company or change roles. It also becomes easy to monitor what every employee accesses or looks at.


    1. It prepares your business for the future.

    In the past, businesses stored their documents in different formats, including printed, microfilm and microfiche. In today’s business environment, these formats are no longer convenient and are less favored as digital formats take root. As the world advances technologically, digital formats are taking precedence over manual data and other traditional formats. Old business records stored using traditional formats are now being converted into digital formats. Automated document scanning provides an easy way to store documents in digital formats and clearly prepares your business for the future.


    1. It enhances collaboration among employees and vendors.

    In today’s business environment, collaboration has been enhanced significantly by technology. Rather than spending a lot of time and resources delivering documents physically, people use technology such as email to share data and innovations quickly and with ease. Document scanning enables you to convert physical documents into digital documents that can be shared over the internet. It makes it possible for business documents to be modified, accessed and uploaded concurrently by teams. This enables people to work on the same project from different locations as employees access the information they need when they need it.


    1. It makes data recovery possible and fast.

    The risk of floods, fire and burglary are very real for many businesses. Imagine the damage that would happen to your business if you lost all your records. The consequences would be catastrophic as most businesses only have a single copy of each document. Recovering from the loss of key documents is almost impossible where backups don’t exist. This is where document scanning comes in handy. Having your documents in digital format makes it possible to regularly back them up to a remote server. This makes it easy to recover them fast in the event of a disaster. I suggest you read this blog and get some ideas about how to recover in the situation of disaster.


    1. It helps your business go green.

    Across the globe, businesses are being encouraged to be cautious about the environment and go green. Embracing document scanning helps with this by enabling businesses to reduce their use of ink and paper. At the same time, businesses cut down their energy consumption levels because digital records require low amounts of energy in storage compared to record storage facilities whose climate has to be controlled.


    1. It reduces the space that documents consume in the office.

    Storing physical documents requires a lot of physical space. The files that are used to store the documents and the cabinets that hold those files take up a lot of space in the office, which can be costly. Converting those documents into digital versions can help solve this problem as a single server can hold thousands, even millions, of documents in scanned formats. In paper format, a business would need many rooms to store the same amount of information. I found an interesting article on Peernet about how digital version can reduce space and boost workflows.

    1. It is cost-efficient.

    Adopting a digital method of storing information can save your business money and time both in the short and long run. Businesses that adopt document scanning are able to reduce the number of staff they need to retrieve and maintain records, reduce the cost of storage facilities and improve the productivity of their staff.


    1. It scales data storage to your needs.

    Businesses have varying data storage needs. With physical files, businesses have to weigh the cost of buying or leasing physical storage space, which can cut into profits. For businesses that adopt document scanning, this ceases to be a concern because digital storage can be scaled to meet its growing needs with ease. It makes it possible for a business to purchase the exact space it needs at a given time and upgrade the space as its storage needs increase.



    Document scanning is the future of managing data within organizations and businesses. The world is increasingly becoming a global village and more than ever before, businesses are operating across borders. Businesses across the globe are also waking up to the effects of global warming and the need to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. Document scanning positions your business to operate in this highly competitive space in a manner that protects the environment and connects to the outside world.


    It also makes it easy for your business to digitize data storage so that you can share it across geographical locations and use less space to store huge volumes of data. Beyond storing data, document scanning software comes in handy in enabling fast retrieval and use of data. The business environment is changing rapidly, and business executives are increasingly relying on information to make decisions. Failure to access information quickly could mean a loss of business opportunities. This makes top-notch digital storage and management systems a must-have for businesses so they can leverage information for their own benefit.


    New Business Failure Percentage Rates – SBA Statistics


    5 Factors to Consider When Taking Over an Existing Company



    The post Why You Need Automated Document Scanning Software for Business appeared first on

    How to Hire an SEO Consultant for the First Time

    If you are considering hiring an SEO consultant for your online business, and it’s your first time doing so, it can be a daunting experience. There is no shortage of self-titled “SEO experts” out there, who use ambiguous language and broad claims to sell you their service. On the other hand, there are legitimate SEO [...] The post How to Hire an SEO Consultant for the First Time appeared first on...

    If you are considering hiring an SEO consultant for your online business, and it’s your first time doing so, it can be a daunting experience. There is no shortage of self-titled “SEO experts” out there, who use ambiguous language and broad claims to sell you their service. On the other hand, there are legitimate SEO consultants who can deliver fantastic results for your brand.

    internet businesses

    How do you find the latter? What can you do to ensure your SEO consultant is on top of their game? In this article, we’ll give you several key tips for hiring an SEO consultant for the first time.


    How much should an SEO consultant cost?

    This largely depends on the consultant’s level of expertise, your project scope, and whether you’re hiring an individual SEO consultant, or an agency / digital marketing company.


    The average to expect is between $80 – $150 per hour for expert SEO consultants, and around the same for an agency. With many agencies, you’ll also pay a monthly retainer, somewhere between $750 – $1500 per month.


    Freelance SEO consultants can typically be found for much less, usually in the range of $50 per hour. They may or may not charge a retainer.


    This is only the cost of hiring for SEO consultation. There may be additional investment costs depending on the project.


    If you’re looking to hire an in-house SEO professional, the costs will vary depending on their experience and skill level. Interestingly, however, SEO analyst salaries don’t appear to vary too much depending on location. The debate between hiring in-house or using an agency has persisted for years, with the feeling that an agency provides you with more flexibility and a cost-effective solution.



    Weeding out the SEO villains

    To find the best SEO consultant for your project, you need to know how to weed out the bad ones. If you’re not knowledgeable in SEO, you can’t exactly grill them on the best SEO practices. There are some questions you can ask to know if your SEO consultant really knows their stuff, however.


    “How fast can you rank my website on the top listings?”

    This is a trick question because there’s no good answer. An SEO consultant cannot guarantee search engine rankings. Google does not publicly disclose its algorithm for ranking websites and updates the algorithm frequently to keep SEO experts on their toes.


    If an SEO consultant claims they can get you a top ranking in X amount of time, they may not be telling the whole truth. SEO is unpredictable, especially considering Google constantly changes the algorithm. So if an SEO consultant promises a guaranteed ranking, it’s likely they’re using some kind of black hat seo practices that might get you temporarily ranked highly, but your website will be penalized (and perhaps even blacklisted from Google).


    “What is your link building strategy?”

    Your SEO consultant should be transparent in how they’re building 3rd-party links to your website. The last thing you want is a consultant who simply sends poorly spun articles to bottom-ranking guest blogs. Sure, you’ll have a ton of links pointing to your website, but they’ll be from bottom-of-the-barrel websites. Which, in Google’s eyes, will associate you with the bottom-of-the-barrel.


    Ask for examples of content they’ve had published on other websites. Is the content engaging and well-written? Is it on a reputable website, or some fly-by-night WordPress blog?


    “What is your process?”

    While a digital marketing company may not like to give away their trade secrets, they should be reasonably transparent with how they will achieve the results you expect. An outline of their SEO strategy for your brand should touch on these topics:


    • Audit of your website/brand for SEO and user experience.
    • Their roles and responsibilities in the project.
    • Researching your competition.
    • Organic backlink strategy
    • Conversion rate optimization


    There may be more to address for your SEO project, but the above are the core processes your SEO consultant should be upfront with you about.


    Read the contract fine print!

    Specifically, make sure they aren’t using artificial backlinks in a private blog network. Shady SEO companies can operate their own blog network to prop up your brand. They can just as easily delete your backlinks if you sever the contract with them. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, because your website would probably be eventually penalized by Google once the PBN is discovered by Google.


    Signs you’re negotiating with a legitimate SEO consultant

    There are a number of green flags to look for when hiring an SEO consultant for the first time. You should look for:


    • A proven track record: Ask the SEO consultant to show proven results. What brands have they worked for, and what were the results of those projects?
    • They offer reputable case studies: It stands to reason that an SEO marketing agency should be doing good for themselves in their own industry. So what’s their own website ranking? Do they have case studies that are cited or referenced in SEO industry articles? Of course, great SEO consultants can simply fly under the radar of the industry at large, but our point remains.
    • A focus on conversion: While SEO stands for “search engine optimization”, a legit SEO consultant knows search-engine rankings are a fairly unpredictable thing. They should be transparent about that and mention how they convert traffic, whether its from search engines or website links, into customers for your brand.
    • Service tailored to your project: If an SEO consultant offers only tier-based service packages, be a bit skeptical. Unless that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Generally speaking, treating SEO like “X amount of $ for X amount of links” isn’t always advisable – it’s a bit robotic. It doesn’t make them a bad company, because sometimes, that’s all clients want. However, it’s worthwhile to go with a company that can tailor their services to your goals. It’s like shopping for a custom-made guitar, but the store you go to only sells Gibsons and Fenders. Gibson and Fender are great guitar brands, but they’re not the custom-made experience you were looking for. Basically, know exactly what you’re shopping for.
    • Strategic keywords and engaging content: Keywords are important of SEO, but not as important as you might think. Years ago, many SEO people thought filling articles with keywords was a viable strategy. For a while, it actually was kind of. In 2019, however, keywords are a small part of the strategy, not a core focus. When you’re done reading this article, read through it again – what are the keywords being used? You don’t know. Did we even target any keywords? If we didn’t target any keywords, what was the point of writing this article? It turns out, writing good content for human readers is a better strategy than writing keyword-laden content for search engine bots.


    Final advice

    Becoming knowledgeable about SEO yourself would be immensely beneficial in choosing your first SEO consultant to work with. You can read SEO for beginner articles or sign up for SEO industry newsletters on websites like Moz, and even read Google’s Webmaster blog for the latest SEO tips, directly from the horse’s mouth. Armed with a bit of knowledge, you won’t feel like a fish out of water when sitting down with an SEO consultant.


    Read the home page for the latest articles.


    The Role of AI in Modern-Day Business


    Top 20 Online Businesses to Start Today

    The post How to Hire an SEO Consultant for the First Time appeared first on

    Email Marketing Mistakes that Will Crash Your Campaign

    Email marketing is a fine art of turning subscribers to customers which many marketers and bloggers find hard to master. Lack of experience or knowledge is the reason why their campaigns fall short of initial expectations and fail to bring in more sales.   The state of sinking ship is not uncommon in the marketing [...] The post Email Marketing Mistakes that Will Crash Your Campaign appeared first on...

    paperless billingEmail marketing is a fine art of turning subscribers to customers which many marketers and bloggers find hard to master. Lack of experience or knowledge is the reason why their campaigns fall short of initial expectations and fail to bring in more sales.


    The state of sinking ship is not uncommon in the marketing business, and luckily, there are countless ways to get away with this crisis. The following are the top 4 marketing errors which undermine the power of email campaigns, plus practical solutions that’ll help you fix them once and for all.    


    1. Lack of Personalization


    One of the critical blunders marketers make during their marketing campaigns is sending emotionally drained emails. It is a huge mistake which makes most potential clients not interested in the content of the received e-letter. The net effect of such an approach is fewer opens and click-throughs, and ultimately, a significant loss of customers.


    Personalized emails, on the contrary, show that readers matter to the brand, and also bind active users to the offer. Besides, such emails help to establish trust with clients, maintain communication, and encourage them to use the product or service.


    To create customized letters that stand out, your email marketing should align with the content that outlines relevant stories to the targeted users. For example, a customer-oriented email can tell the company story, describe its competitive advantages and strengths, or share interesting facts about the brand that only subscribers will be aware of. Long story short, email customization is a broad field to play on, so you will need to use it smartly to make your emails readable.      

    1. Emails That Are Not Mobile-Optimized


    If you want to create an email marketing campaign that rocks, think about mobile users. Mobile optimization is king of any campaign that provides readers with convenient and easy access to your emails. According to Internet Retailer, as much as 66 percent of e-commerce time is being consumed on smartphones. Which leads to the logical conclusion that people appreciate mobile browsing experience more than ever. So why not optimize emails for mobile to increase customer awareness and boost online sales?


    The best way to make mobile emails work for your audience is to include simple text that communicates a clear message and images to spice up the content with visual elements. Also, pay attention to fonts and images. They have to be of optimal size and be easily readable on a small screen. And don’t forget to fill your emails not only with enticing visual envelope but also with meaningful content that brings value primarily to readers. Then, test your mobile-optimized emails on mobile apps to make sure that they open correctly. And if you wonder how to create an email marketing campaign, there are ample email marketing services that can do this for you.  


    1. Not Including a Call to Action


    In the framework of marketing, there’s nothing worse than emails that don’t reach a specific goal. Without clear directions, your letters are just pointless, failing to answer readers’ questions and meet their interests. Any piece of information should bear the message which tells potential buyers what to do with the content they received. Otherwise, your email campaign will turn into a fair with nothing to display.


    To make sure that your time and resources are not in vain, you need to include a call to action. This powerful marketing instrument is a must for creating a holistic email campaign that evokes an immediate response and motivates subscribers to buy products or use services now. A secret ingredient of calls to action that hook lies in effective CTA buttons. They should be visible, distinguishable, and placed at the bottom of the email so that readers could know when to take action. If you want to know more about other marketing topics, or need one for practical purposes, you can order a custom essay and get the required paper done at the time of convenience.


    1. Email Send Frequency Fluctuations


    Another terrific flaw that has to do with email marketing is sending online letters without any coordinated flow. Having potentially successful emails in their arsenal, many marketers mistakenly send high volumes of messages to segmented audiences without planning the right time to deliver them. Obtrusive email is the last thing your readers want to get, so you’ll need to think of a robust email marketing strategy and set proper email delivery intervals to augment prospects’ engagement.


    For this, we recommend asking subscribers which time is the most convenient for them to receive emails. Alternatively, you can send letters every two weeks, which is perfect timing if you don’t know when to distribute the content.


    And take into account this hint: open rates of emails increase Tuesday through Thursday. If you bet for weekends, you lost. Surprisingly, only a few users check their emails on Saturdays and Sundays, according to studies. So take notes, go ahead, and use this advantage to your benefit.  


    We’ve shared some of the burning email marketing mistakes with you and offered some email marketing tips that will hopefully help you take your own business to new heights. In the long run, successful email campaigns will bring you more clients, some decent profit and freedom from the endless competition in the demanding marketing landscape.

    The post Email Marketing Mistakes that Will Crash Your Campaign appeared first on

    IncFile vs. LegalZoom: Which is Better for Your Business?

    Compare IncFile vs LegalZoom to determine your best LLC formation choice.  LegalZoom is the leading online legal service site and Incfile specializes in legal business startups and those who want to incorporate online. Let’s get ready for your LLC formation, INC incorporation or DBA set up and launch your company legally.  This in-depth incFile website [...] The post IncFile vs. LegalZoom: Which is Better for Your Business? appeared first on...

    Incfile vs Legalzoom

    Compare IncFile vs LegalZoom to determine your best LLC formation choice.  LegalZoom is the leading online legal service site and Incfile specializes in legal business startups and those who want to incorporate online. Let’s get ready for your LLC formation, INC incorporation or DBA set up and launch your company legally. 

    This in-depth incFile website review includes a side by side comparison with LegalZoom, feature and legal services package list plus advice on which to choose is the best choice for your unique legal situation.

    As a seasoned business owner, and verified LegalZoom customer, and small business writer I am impressed with their excellent combination of affordability, quality and customer service. also has many good qualities and can sometimes be a better choice in a particular situation. Read on to determine your best choice of a legal service provider.

    Save 10% with discount coupon code BEST4B19

    Incfile vs Legalzoom Review

    Read on to discover your best LLC formation service:


    Incfile vs LegalZoom

    Comparison of legal services offered by these online legal providers.
    LEGAL SERVICES IncfileLegalZoom
    New Business Formation – LLC, INC and DBA
    Patents, Trademark & Copyrights
    Tax Returns
    Business Compliance
    Registered Agent
    EIN & Business Licenses
    Legal Forms – Custom
    Attorney Services
    Wills & Estate Planning
    Power of Attorney
    Name Changes


    Side by Side Comparison: Packages & Pricing

    Details about Incfile and Legalzoom packages and prices with a list of features included in each package for business formations.
    Incfile PackagesLegalzoom Packages
    Level 1Silver - $49 plus
    state fees
    Economy - $149 plus state fees
    Level 2Gold - $149 plus state feesStandard - $329 plus state fees
    Level 3Platinum - $299 plus state feesExpress Gold - $349 plus state fees
    Includes: Business name search, LLC paperwork preparation and state filing, one year of Registered Agent service to accept mailed notices on your behalf, business tax consultation, next business day processing and online access to incorporation documents.

    Higher level packages include EIN Employer Identification Tax ID Number, operating agreement, corporation bylaws, banking resolution and business contract templates.
    Business name search, LLC paperwork preparation, and state filing, articles of incorporation, LLC next steps guide with business startup advice, financial account authorization letter to open your business bank account, lifetime customer support and a Peace of Mind review done by a trained individual.

    Higher level packages also include deluxe organizers, official certifications and corporate seals, VIP processing and rush processing with Secretary of State and express shipping.

    LegalZoom vs Incfile Comparison by Feature



    LegalZoom wins.

    Compare Legalzoom’s 16 years in operation and has served over 3 million customers to IncFile’s shorter time in the industry of 13 years.  Incfile has served over customers. LegalZoom has more experience with LLC formation with different types of customers and legal situations.



    Price and Value

    IncFile and LegalZoom tied on price, but LegalZoom wins for value.

    Usually, IncFile packages are cheaper than LegalZoom, $30 less for the base package, HOWEVER, since you can use our exclusive promo code BEST4B19 to save 10% the prices are nearly identical for you. There is not an Incfile coupon nor promo code available at this time.


    LegalZoom wins for the value of legal services because they include the all-important, often state required operating agreement in their packages. IncFile charges extra for these documents, which depends upon your state, are legally required to file.

    IncFile tries to stay competitive by offering a free year of Registered Agent services. While this is nice, it is not as critical as the state-mandated operating agreement in most legal cases.


    Remember regardless of which legal service provider you select, your costs are all tax deductible as a legitimate business expense. Remember to track all your expenses and retain your receipts – in digital or paper versions.


    incfile vs legalzoom compared for business formation LLC


    Customer Reviews

    LegalZoom wins.

    Based on the 30X larger volume of legal service customers the percentages of negative reviews for LegalZoom are substantially lower than IncFile.


    Small business review site, FitSmallBusiness only has 26 reviews for LegalZoom and 47 reviews for IncFile. Based on the percentage of users LegalZoom should have over 1400 reviews to be a direct comparison.


    To me, this means that only a few people have had a negative experience at LegalZoom of their legal services that they wanted to post as a review. Compared to a larger percentage of Incfile customers who shared their negative experiences online as posted reviews. 


    It is a statistical fact that customer is 66% more likely to leave a review if they had a negative experience.  Read my LegalZoom review detailing 15,000+ verified customer reviews.



    Yelp Reviews – Incfile vs Legalzoom


    Read IncFile reviews on Yelp

    Read LegalZoom Yelp Reviews


    Complaints filed with BBB (Better Business Bureau) – Incfile and LegalZoom

    Read IncFile 20 complaints on BBB Better Business Bureau

    Read LegalZoom complaints on BBB Better Business Bureau website



    Verified User Legalzoom Reviews – Positive and Negative (Voted Most Helpful)

    customer reviews by incfile and legalzoom verified users


    Positive Reviews

    2/26/19 – Harry, Elmont NY – Consumer

    I called a lawyer for the last will legal service. He wanted 1300$. We spoke for 15 mins then I brought up online legal servies and he hung up on me. I said to myself, “Wow I can’t believe how I was just hung up on by a lawyer” It was obvious he was mad inside. Everyday citizens like myself have access to a wealth of information online. I paid 69$ and I basically saved 1200$. YouTube is the best for everything. From plumbing to electrical work to cooking and now free legal advice. God bless YouTube and god bless LegalZoom.



    2/15/19 – Chris, Jacksonville, FL – Consumer

    About 5 years ago, my wife and I decided on an LLC formation with the goal of making mobile games. Seemed like a fun way to pass the time and possibly lucrative, but we knew absolutely nothing about starting a company nor which legal services we needed. If we had, we might not have felt the need to use online legal services, but honestly, we were the exact demographic they were looking for: we had all the knowledge of the product, and we needed someone else to provide the knowledge and assistance in starting the business.



    2/13/19 – Larry d. – Site Jabber

    Amanda was knowledgeable and helpful. The Legalzoom website was a bit confusing but the legal help was excellent. Time and money well spent on legal services.



    1/16/19 – Donald C – Site Jabber

    Kris, really awesome. Walk me through some things that I would be having a lot of trouble with and made it really easy to understand. If you guys had an entire team of people like Kris you will be really special.



    6/18/2015 – Bryan H –

    They were a huge help in starting my company and providing all of the legal help that I needed to navigate the space. The attorneys in their network were able to answer all of my questions and even told me what to expect in the future with issues that may come up. Absolutely loved working with them on my LLC formation and getting the legal advice I needed without spending a fortune!




    Negative Reviews


    2/22/19 – Adam, San Mateo, CA Consumer Affairs. com

    I used them to get the correct paperwork for LLC formation and my wife and I started using their legal services Economy package and state filing for $204. Then I noticed on my credit card statement that they charged me $249 for using their Registered Agent Service which I do not want.


    NOTE: This issue of charges has been mentioned a few times. It is up to you, the buyer to carefully read the order form and be sure that you do not accidentally click and order services you do not need!  Remember it is not the companies fault if you do not complete the order form correctly. 🙂


    8/15/18 – Stephen S – Site Jabber

    The Operating Agreement they created was a total of 15 pages and the last two pages were Exhibit’s A and B with literally no documentation. It was created in July and I needed to make some adjustments.


    6/29/16- Jennifer Gold, Camp Hill, PA – Best Company 

    The website advertises entity name checks prior to filing LLC papers, and advises that these take 10-15 minutes during business hours. 4 hours later, Customer Service says they haven’t started those today, and it will likely be 24-48 hours.


    Verified User Incfile Reviews – Positive and Negative (Voted Most Helpful)


    Positive Reviews

    8/31/2018 – Virginio Trevisan – Fit Small Business

    I had no experience and I wanted to create a LLC. IncFile made it really easy, and they are very fast and responsive! Wish that Incfile told me that the bank might require the statement of information, and this is an additional document to be filed.


    7/17/2018 – Quan S, GA, United States – Incfile

    I was comparing between incfile and traditional lawyer legal services. Incfile won out because of price, clarity, and free introductions to services that I will need to figure out later- so I appreciate easing me into this new adventure learning curve.


    6/13/2018 – Jonathan Nunez – Fit Small Business

    Simply perfect, their prices are real without any hidden price. IncFile website is very clear and easy to understand the process, just perfect, support staff answers my emails practically instantly, it’s fabulous. Thank you incfile for making my first experience of creating my LLC easy. Legal services solved!




    Negative Reviews

    5/3/2019 – Scott B, DE, United States, Incfile

    Service is made things easy and nice to know that’s done properly and not worry that I may filed it wrong. Just think $88 is a little pricey for something that it seems like it takes seconds to do? Maybe there more to it then I’m thinking? Either way, I do enjoy that E-file makes things easy to do.


    3/19/2019 – Lew Miller, Salt Lake City, Utah – Best Company

    What a pack of clowns. I used IncFile to file articles of incorporation for one of my clients. It turned out that the entity they use for a registered agent in CA had been suspended, so the filing was rejected – a fact I only learned by contacting the CA Secretary of State. They resubmitted, but CA is notoriously slow, so although I paid for expedited service, it will now take over six weeks to simply get articles filed. No offer to refund my payment or even a simple apology. Find someone else for this “service”.


    12/19/2018 – Yang Beth – Fit Small Business

    They expect you to know what legal terms you are referring to rather than guide you on what selections you should choose. They guide you to purchase additional worthless services for notices, not advising that this will cause more legal issues in the future. In purchasing the highest service package with all the bells and whistles, I still had to amend the forms to list me as the owner. IncFile stated that they are well aware of this issue and that I basically should have read all of the forms correctly. I’m assuming that if I’m paying for additional services, it’s a benefit, not a headache. READ, RE-READ, and RE-RE-READ before selecting options.


    Packages and Features Comparison – Incfile vs Legalzoom


    LegalZoom wins.

    They win because they include more features in all of their packages as opposed to IncFile which offers fewer features.

    This why IncFile is lower priced – and I see it as a lower value for business formations.  

    Important business-building features in the Legalzoom LLC service packages include:

    • Business name check availability
    • State business filing
    • state certificates
    • article of organization
    • LLC next steps guide
    • Peace of Mind review by legal professionals
    • lifetime customer support
    • financial account authorization letter to authorize you to open a bank account for your business
    • Deluxe organizer
    • official stock certificates
    • 20 company membership certificates plus three (3) expeditating options
    • VIP processing to Secretary of State
    • Express shipping



    IncFile and LegalZoom tied.

    Both companies sweeten your deal with extra services; LegalZoom with a custom Operating Agreement and IncFile with a year of Registered Agent service.



    Turnaround Time

    IncFile and LegalZoom tied.

    While IncFile says they ship overnight, that is ONLY if you purchase the higher level,  and more expensive, packages.  Standard processing time for LegalZoom and IncFile is 7-10 business days.



    Ease of Use and Ordering

    LegalZoom wins.


    I tried both companies to set up an LLC and found easier to use. Beginning with the name search to check availability and ending with my state specific questions it took me about 10 minutes to order my new business LLC!

    All along the way, there were helpful links and pop-ups anticipating my questions and answering them. Nice 🙂

    InFile was a bit more confusing. First, made me decide what type of business formation I needed – but I was not sure 🙁

    Then the Incfile ordering screen was cluttered with too much information about complex topics such as annual compliance and document publishing.

    I found the website at Incfile was a bit intimidating and not user-friendly!

    Thus I preferred the simplified ordering process at LegalZoom which asked me simple questions and lead me, by the hand, through the LLC, INC and DBA process.



    Operating Agreement

    LegalZoom wins.


    They include a customized operating agreement, personalized for your business, meeting all your state requirements, in their packages at no extra charge.

    IncFile charges additional fees for these vital business documents.  In fact, most states require that you file an operating agreement, so, if you use IncFile for your LLC formation you will need to purchase this additional service. Keep this in mind as you compare prices.


    Company History & Background


    About Incfile

    Founded in 2004, in Houston Texas USA, they have helped start over 150,000 businesses for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In 2018, they were given by Entrepreneur magazine a 360 Best Company award.


    About Legalzoom

    Founded in 2008, by three friends from law school, Brian Liu, Brian Lee and Eddie Hartman, whose mission was to help people better access affordable legal services. After 10 years they have serviced over 1 million customers legal needs including starting a business, LLC, DBA, INC, trademarks, patents, copyrights and personal legal needs such as estate planning, wills, living trusts, and divorces.




    Your Best Choice for Your Business LLC, DBA or INC


    When LegalZoom is the best choice for your business

    I recommend LegalZoom for the majority of businesses because of their extensive experience, a full range of legal services (including trademark, patents, legal plans, and estate planning, combined with reasonable prices.

    Remember to use LegalZoom promo code BEST4B19 to save 10%



    When IncFile is a good choice for your business

    Here are the situations for which IncFile is a good choice for your business:

    1. Tight budgets and low capital funded startups can benefit from saving some money
    2. Companies with straightforward ownership and simple business models
    3. Firms that can generate their own operating agreement and other necessary documents in-house




    Legal Services Alternatives

    Explore your options and read this list of  LegalZoom Competitors

    Read about these other legal service providers:

    Legalzoom vs LegalShield

    LegalZoom vs Nolo

    LegalZoom vs Swyft Filings

    LegalZoom vs MyCorporation

    LegalZoom vs Rocket Lawyer to get the most comprehensive reviews to make your decision and find your best business LLC service provider



    Additional Legal Services for Your Business


    Now that you have chosen the right business formation legal services for you, you may need additional legal advice and assistance for filing for a Patent, read Patents Review.


    To protect your business name, logo design and product brands you should seriously consider reading about how to search for your name availability and how to register for trademark protection here Trademark Reviews.


    Don’t forget the importance of having a valid, last will and testament in place. As a small business owner, you own substantial assets that you will want to legally give to your heirs when you die, so read this Wills Review


    It is also wise to have a properly prepared Power of Attorney in place, assigning the individuals that you want to handle your affairs if you incapacitated.



    Choose the LLC filing package that fits your needs at LegalZoom!

    Incfile – Form an LLC for just $49! Plus State Filing Fees!


    Read the latest headlines and newest entrepreneurial advice on our home page


    Next Steps:

    What Does INC mean in Business?

    Legalzoom Business Legal Plans Review

    Entrepreneurs Guide to EIN and FEIN Tax ID Numbers

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    Business Owners Need to Know How Termination Can Spiral into Alcoholism

    The loss of a job can be both emotionally and financially devastating. As a result, a professional might be tempted to pick up a bottle of alcohol to cope with their overwhelming emotions. You can find out how wrongful termination can spiral into alcoholism below. Alcoholism Doesn’t Discriminate People in all professions and from all [...] The post Business Owners Need to Know How Termination Can Spiral into Alcoholism appeared first on...

    faq-registered-agent-servicesThe loss of a job can be both emotionally and financially devastating. As a result, a professional might be tempted to pick up a bottle of alcohol to cope with their overwhelming emotions. You can find out how wrongful termination can spiral into alcoholism below.

    Alcoholism Doesn’t Discriminate

    People in all professions and from all walks of life can struggle with alcohol addiction. Pressure and stress can occur in every industry for every age, which can make people tempted to consume alcohol to numb their emotions or lift their mood each day.

    Eventually, the source of comfort can manifest into an unhealthy addiction, which can affect every aspect of a person’s life, such as their future career, relationships, finances, and, of course, their health.

    The Link Between Stress and Alcohol Abuse

    According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there is a link between stress and alcohol abuse. When a person is struggling to cope with stress, they might seek comfort in alcohol, as it can lead to temporary positive emotions and can encourage relaxation.

    As a professional will be struggling with continual stress following an unlawful job loss, they might continue to seek out alcohol to enjoy its short-term effects. However, over time, alcohol abuse can lead to various psychological and physical health issues, while increasing a person’s dependency.

    Enter an Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

    It is vital for those dependent on alcohol to realize that help is available, and it is possible to return to a sober lifestyle. While it might be initially difficult for a person to accept they are living with alcohol dependency, an inpatient addiction treatment program can help them to experience lasting recovery.

    Plus, not only does a program help people to overcome an addiction, but the experienced medical and clinical experts will provide various therapeutic coping skills and new life skills to help them effectively rebuild their life.

    Consult Wrongful Termination Lawyers

    For business owners, having to let go of an employee due to being intoxicated on the job or neglecting to show up for work, is not easy. Often times, employees that were recently let go due to addiction have a misconstrued reality and try to fight back by saying that they were wrongfully fired. If that’s the case, it’s likely that the business owner or company will seek legal assistance from experience wrongful termination lawyers to help them navigate the issue.


    Wrongful termination cannot only destroy a person’s career, but it can have ripple effects in a hard-working professional’s life, as it can impact a person’s ambition, finances, relationships, and health. As a result, they might be tempted to seek comfort from alcohol to emotionally cope during this difficult time.

    If, however, you are struggling with an addition, you must embark on a treatment program to make a full and long-lasting recovery. You also should seek justice by consulting a reputable lawyer with a proven track record in employment law.

    Keep up with the latest article on our home page.

    nolo or legalzoom which is best
    More Legal Information for Entrepreneurs

    Compare online legal services – Incfile vs Legalzoom

    Side by Side Comparison of Legalzoom vs LegalShield

    Want to save money – Check out this list of Legalzoom Competitors


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    Logo Maker: A Step-to-step Guide to Create Logos Using Artificial Intelligence

    John, what’s the temperature today? Alexa, play the latest songs. Hey Google, call Domino’s Pizza. All these terms are quite common to hear these days. Even, Google Home and Amazon Echo help users easily activate their appliances in their home.  It shows the penetration of AI (artificial intelligence) everywhere. From chatbots to virtual assistants, companies [...] The post Logo Maker: A Step-to-step Guide to Create Logos Using Artificial Intelligence appeared first on...

    John, what’s the temperature today? Alexa, play the latest songs. Hey Google, call Domino’s Pizza.

    All these terms are quite common to hear these days. Even, Google Home and Amazon Echo help users easily activate their appliances in their home.  It shows the penetration of AI (artificial intelligence) everywhere. From chatbots to virtual assistants, companies are relying on AI to ease their processes for the end user.

    Believe it or not, but AI is gradually and steadily becoming a part of our lives and evolving itself to do that. Based on the capabilities of artificial intelligence, some businesses like Designhill have introduced smart tools like a logo maker.

    A logo maker creates a logo by taking relevant design decisions based on the user’s inputs. It smartly analyzes inputs to identify appropriate colors, font, layout, and other elements. The result perfectly matches your needs and brand identity.

    Want to see how Designhill’s AI-based logo maker creates a logo in minutes? Here we bring you a step-by-step tutorial for your reference.

    1. Launch the logo maker

    The first step starts with launching the logo maker. Go into Designhill’s tools section and pick logo maker. As and when you click on this tool, an interface appears.create a logo for your business


    1. Enter your brand’s name

    You might have had thought of a good name for your business, right? The second step involves entering that name into the text box given on the logo maker’s interface. Once you have entered the name, hit the ‘Generate Logos’ button. We have entered “Pippa Fashion” as our brand name.

    Note – In case you want to have a general idea of how the logo maker works, click on the ‘How It Works’ button given at the bottom of the company name text box.

    1. Choose your preferred styles

    The third step is to pick various design styles. You need to choose a minimum of five styles out of an extensive library of pre-made design templates. This allows the AI-based logo generator to know what type of logo design you really need.

    Once you are done with the selection, click the “Continue” button to move ahead. However, if you want to get quick help, use the chat option to talk to the support team in real-time. You will find the chat window on the right side of the interface.

    logo style selection

    Note: For better options, pick at least five design styles.


    1. Choose colors relevant to your business

    Now, it’s time to tell the logo creator the colors of your choice.  The fourth step takes you to a rich library of pre-set colors. Choose the colors you want your brand’s logo to be presented in. The color palettes include the meaning of each shade you pick. Go for the one that signifies your brand’s message. Once you have picked the suitable color, click the continue button.

    Note- If you can’t decide which color to pick, click the ‘Let the System Decide’ option.

    color palette for logo design

    1. Enter your brand’s details

    The next step will prompt you to enter your brand’s name, slogan if you have any, and pick your industry. You will also be asked to set your budget, which is optional. We have put our brand’s data. Let’s see the next step.

    Note: In case you can’t find your relevant industry, go for the other option. You will get a new box that requires you to specify your industry type.

    1. Pick industry-specific symbols and icons

    The next step includes picking symbols and icons relevant to your brand. There is a library of hundreds of symbols arranged in different categories. Designhill also included a local search engine in this section to help you find symbols related to your business with ease. You can choose a maximum of five symbols only.

    1. Create the logo

    Once you are into this step, you will be asked to create an account or log in first. Once it’s done, Designhill logo maker will provide you with the designed logos. You can click on the load more option to get all the generated logos.

    1. Customize and download

    This option will take you to the customization and editing tool. You will find “edit logo” option given at the bottom of each logo that’s been created.

    The section allows you to change color, logo size and customize it as per your requirements. This tool is easy to use by which you can customize your chosen logo. You can customize the following options—

    • Name & Slogan
    • Symbol
    • Colors
    • Container
    • Variations
    • Background

    You have to choose each option individually to do the changes.

    1. Check your logo’s appearance on your products

    Unlike others, you can feel your logo’s presence on various products using Designhill’s logo maker. You can check how it will look on business cards, t-shirts, bags, and other items.

    1. Download the final version of the logo

    Once all the editing work is done, go ahead and download the logo. The download option gives you the flexibility to save it in various formats. Keep in mind that the file will be zipped to make it easier for you to download the logo.

    You will find different files in every folder. This means you can use the logo for both online and printing purposes.


    There are many online logo makers out there that would cost you a fortune. But Designhill’s Logo Maker is free to use. You will only be charged if you choose to download the logo. Creating and downloading a logo shouldn’t be expensive; this is what Designhill believes in. And, the site has adopted this idea in its pricing as well.

    Bottom line

    Designhill’s AI-powered logo maker is here to help you create a suitable logo for your brand. Whether you are someone with great designing skills or someone having no idea about designing, still you can use this tool to generate impressive logos.

    The price is also affordable. You can have a brand-specific logo in your budget.

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    The Role of AI in Modern-Day Business

    Designhill Crowdsource Logo Designs

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