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Crazy cat lady (by accident) writing about, observing, and participating in life over 50. It ain't always pretty.
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The World is on Fire .. But Life Goes On

SO many things happening out there, SO many things I would love to write about, lament, grieve, rage about.  But today I will refrain. Because it's true, while the rest of the world is crazy, most of us are still going about our everyday lives, including me.My most recent foster is a beautiful tortie named Twix.  I call her Weezy as if she were one of the dwarfs but really it's because she's got a chronic condition that causes her to sniff and snuffle and generally have trouble...

.. and then I went grocery shopping ..

Normal day today, coming in from work I call down the stairs "Hi Andy!" to my son.  Continuing into the kitchen my purse, lunch tote and keys are deposited on the counter between the fridge and the stove.  Moving into the living room I see something odd - "Hey guys!  There is a spider here missing a leg!  Okay, well the leg isn't missing, it's sitting right next to him.  If you guys are going to kill spiders, can you at least eat them?"Heading back to the kitchen to get...

Does Your Cat Do This??

No, I don't sleep with my glasses on.  But I doneed them to take a picture!Emmett loves me.  I know this.  He has turned out to be a scaredy cat, spends a lot of time under my bed or out in the living room if I am home, but not if anyone is visiting. At night he believes he is Casanova.  Or something.  He climbs on my head and sucks on my hair.  He licks my face and tries to lick inside my nose. No, not allowed, Emmett. He flops his whole body across my neck or...

.. and cats.

My life.I work.I have cats.Okay, so there are a few other things in my life like a man friend, a son who lives with me a a daughter who is PREGNANT!!!  I'm going to be a grandma!But beyond those things.Cats.My last foster Meatloaf, did indeed find a special home.  A young couple with one cat adopted him and it looks like Meatloaf has especially bonded with his new dad.  I am SO happy for him.GraceSince then I have had 2 other fosters, little Grace who is not more than a year and...

Let me tell you about Meatloaf (also known as Moose, Tank, and Mr. McFloofy-Pants)

No, not the food - Meatloaf is a cat.  He is my foster cat and he is lovely. Even when I used to write regularly, I never had a big readership here.  But now since I write once or twice a YEAR, I can expect 2 or 3 people to MAYBE read what I post.  For Meatloafs sake, I wish I had one of those fabulously popular blogs where all I had to do was post something and a cause would go viral.Alas, that isn't my blog.  But I'm going to talk about Meatloaf anyway.  Because I...

Sorry not sorry

I am tired of feeling like I need to apologize for being a conservative.  For being a republican. GASP!!  The narrative is that conservatives are among other things, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, ignorant, out of touch, backward folks from fly-over country that don't have the intelligence to know what's good for them.  Oh wait - I forgot intolerant.  That's a big one.Racist - nope.  Not.  Liberals see everything through the prism of race, conservatives don't....

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